Proceedings of the 2023 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities and Arts (SSHA 2023)

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The Interpretation and Reconstruction of Chinese Traditional Cultural Elements in Contemporary Domestic Animated Movies

Suyu Zhang, Yujun Fang
The release of “Monkey King: Hero is Back” in 2015 not only broke the box office record of Chinese domestic animated movies, but also sounded the horn of the “return” of domestic animated movies. Adhering to interpreting traditional cultural elements is an important concept in creating domestic animation...
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Applicant Background and University’s Impact on Hiring Decisions in China

Xinyue Cui
Making hiring decisions without bias is meaningful for people that have the same ability but different backgrounds to have a fair chance to compete with job opportunities. There were previous studies show there are types of discrimination that exist during the hiring process. This study aimed to investigate...
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Gender Roles and Confrontation

Mengxi Sun
Gender role is known to influence male and female behaviors across cultures and social environments. Yet women are less likely to confront in terms of gender roles and identifies potential covariates that influence the subjects’ likelihood to confront. We conducted online research with 52 participants...
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What Are the Respective Roles of a Nation-State’s Power, Interests, Institutions in World Politics?

Kevin Renheng Xu
In the past two hundred years, the world has experienced an era of fierce competition. During this period, the realism theory was praised as the interpretation of international relations. As a result of globalization, international institutions have been established to promote cooperation and settle...
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The Influence of the Weibo Platform Coverage of Male Violence on Feminism in China in the Past Six Years

Yueyan Wang
Due to the rapid development of the new media industry in recent years, people can conveniently receive any news from the internet. In China, the Weibo platform has become increasingly popular in people’s daily life. Weibo is a social media where people can post photos and articles, and many young people...
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The Causes and the Hindrances of the Development of Interdisciplinary Education

Yichen Jiang
The concept of interdisciplinary education was proposed as early as 1926, and now the interdisciplinary setting of programs has been widely used in universities from all over the world. In recent years, many scholars have conducted in-depth research on the cultivation method of interdisciplinarity in...
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The Relationship Between Arousal Level of Music and Long-Term Memory

Yuzhu Ma
The present study has investigated whether a high arousal level of music will enhance long-term memory performance at the same emotional valence. The research utilized a quantitative method, and research data was gathered from 18 high school and college students. Have the participants remember 15 nonsense...
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The Development and Role of Art Communities in Urban Villages

A Case of Shenzhen’s Handshake 302 Project

Ying Yang
The relationship and connection between art and community is a hot topic of discussion at the moment. Community art intervenes in villages, towns, communities, and other public spaces that are closely related to the daily life of the public using art, and is a relatively popular form of contemporary...
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Cultural Variation in Perceiving Implied Competition

Lu Sun
Various cultures breed different attitudes and interpretations of competition. Previous research tends to associate characteristics such as competitive and self-centered with individualists, while linking collectivists with cooperation and unity. Yet, recent studies indicate that individuals from collectivistic...
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Mathematics Anxiety in School Children

Yiman Zhou
Mathematics anxiety has adverse effects on the mathematical performance of school children. Studies on mathematics anxiety have revealed that school children from primary to secondary levels exhibit mathematics anxiety. The symptoms of mathematics anxiety are similar to those of anxiety disorders, which...
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The Impact of Equality Laws on U.S. Higher Education

Take Affirmative Action as an Example

Jingyi Xi
The United States has led the world in the rapid growth of higher education since the mid-twentieth century. This is due to a series of essential policies introduced at that time, one of which was the Affirmative Action Act. Education is critical to a country’s development, and achieving equity in higher...
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Analysis of the Causes of Human Resistance to Psychological Services in Today’s Society

Kairu Tang
For people who is currently under significant life stressors and suffering from implicit mental illness, mental health services have great significance as it can offer useful guidance and psychological assistance, which could save people’s lives to some extent. Therefore, the degree of recognition of...
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Indoor Plants Increase Employee Job Satisfaction and Help Reduce Employee Attrition

Jaina Zhang
The tendency of modern workers to their job as a temporary place companies in a dilemma with employee development. Employee development that does not meet workers’ growth needs will lead to lower commitment and job satisfaction, and companies will fall out of the competition in the long run. A great...
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A Review on the Development of Adolescents’ Emotion Differentiation Ability

Wenrui Yu
Emotions involve in humans’ daily life and play a key role when individuals respond to important events. When individuals experience complex emotions, they need to first identify and differentiate between these emotions, which helps them find an appropriate method to cope with emotions appropriately....
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The Gender Gap in Leadership is Shrinking-A Literature Review

Bixia Gong
Numerous studies have revealed that men are more frequently leaders than women. The gender gap appears in organizations of all sizes and types around the world, whether in business, education, NGOs, or other settings and industries. This issue is not exclusive to one culture or one particular nation....
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Does Breathing Meditation Reduces Stress Levels for Students Between Late Teenage and Early Adulthood

Yumeng Chu
There is a high prevalence of stress among young adults in their late teens and early twenties. Most of them are high school students or post-secondary students. Therefore, this issue sparked our interest in examining the effectiveness of a new type of stress reduction method that has become popular...
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Effect of Classical Background Music on Attention Level in Adolescents

Sumeng Zhang
Music consumption has been on the rise since the late 1990s. With more and more teens gaining access to a portable walkman or CD player, it can be observed that many choose to listen to music whilst studying or doing other attention-demanding work. This is mainly due to The Mozart effect, which suggests...
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The Feasibility and Implementation Mode of the Power of Consumer Evaluation Right

Qinglong Li
In the “Internet + era”, consumers have gradually formed the consumer rights named “consumer evaluation right” through the needs of their own reasonable and legal information acquisition and the consumption evaluation channels provided by the e-commerce platform. The right to consumer evaluation is based...
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The Social Impact of Education in the USA

Juming Li, Zuqi Su
American higher education began in the 17th century with the establishment of colonies. The establishment of Harvard and other colleges also marked the beginning of early American higher education. Before the beginning of the Independence War, the United States established nine colleges, which became...
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Stock Price Prediction by Using RNN Method

Ao Zhang, Jiaheng Cai, Bo Zhu, Wentao Yu, Yuhan Huang, Lin Zhou
In this essay, we mainly focused on how to predict the price of stocks. Our group studied Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon stock prices. To solve the problem, we started with Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) to predict the stock’s price. Then, we used Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) to grasp the pictures...
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Metaverse: Opportunity, Challenge and Technology

Chengxi Huang
Nowadays, with the global outbreak of Covid-19, people are starting to pay more attention to the Internet and its related products, and the Metaverse has become popular in public discussion. Metaverse aims to use current technologies such as blockchain and extended reality to create a virtual world with...
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The Influence of Diet on the Psychological State of Adolescents

Jiayi Guo
Our emotional and physical health are both impacted by food. For instance, a Mediterranean diet helps slow the progression of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, yet a vitamin D deficiency can cause sadness. There is a ton of information supporting the significance of nutrition for mental health, according...
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Employment Discrimination of Female College Students

Dan Wang
There have been many papers on the employment inequality between men and women, and they have their own reasons and solutions. However, the gender discrimination in the employment of law graduates still exists and has not been solved. In order to tackle the problem, this research is going to study the...
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Differences Between Individualism and Collectivism in Perceptions of Implied Competition

Qingyang Luo
The cultural differences between individualism and collectivism are reflected in people’s perceptions of interpersonal interactions. We suggest that individualism and collectivism can influence the level of competition people perceive from ingroup, intergroup, and outgroup interactions. Our study proposes...
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Women in the Civil Rights Movement: SCLC and SNCC

Xinyang Lyu
This study investigates the participation of women in the Civil Rights Movement, focusing on their roles in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). The author’s goal was to show, through the use of a comparative analysis approach,...
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The Effect of Soft Background Music Without Lyrics on Attention Level of High School Students

Yutong Shen
Previous studies don’t have conclusive ideas on the effect of background music on human attention. Given many high school students study with background music nowadays, this study aims to analyze the effect of soft background music without lyrics on high school students’ attention level. 65 high school...
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The Comparison of the Differences Between Chinese and Western Attitudes Towards Homosexuality

Yuxin Li, Tongtong Peng, Qianzhu Wang, Fan Wu, Wenqian Yang
Homosexuality has been a controversial topic in the world. This article takes the attitudes towards homosexuality in China and the West and reviews the reasons for its formation to study the legalization of gay marriage from the relationship between law and morality. After reviewing previous literature,...
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Nucleic Acid Normalization Testing in China: A Feasibility Analysis

Yang Yu
Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak at the end of 2019, the Chinese government has adhered to the principle of putting people’s lives first and actively carried out pandemic prevention efforts. Several rounds of large-scale nucleic acid testing have been conducted in several regions so far, and normalized...
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Examining the Relationship Between Positive Emotion and Memory Accuracy

Haofei Song
There are many discussions about whether emotions affect general learning abilities, especially the memory part. There are several pieces of research have successfully proved that emotional memories contain more accurate details than nonemotional memories do, especially negative emotions. This paper...
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Research on Organizational Management of State-Owend Enterprises in China - Based on Organizational Behavior Theories

Jiahao Jiang
State-owend enterprises can be abbreviated to SOEs. SOEs are the dominant force in China’s national economy. SOEs are an important force in promoting national modernization and safeguarding the common interests of the people. However, many SOEs in China have encountered various organizational and management...
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The Correlation Between Child and Adolescent PTSS and Parental Interference

Anqi Wang
This paper aims in summarizing existing partial studies relevant to the correlation between child and/or adolescent PTSS and parenting interference through multiple parental aspects as a literature review conducted by analyzing 5 published research using the PubMed database associated with the topic...
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Feelings, Relationships, and Mental Health of Chinese Adolescents and Young Adults During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Jiaxu Hu
The outbreak of COVID-19 first took place in China in 2020 and the Chinese government took many immediate policies to prevent the spread of the virus. All these behaviors are likely to make an impact on people’s mental health, especially adolescents and young adults who are more vulnerable. Thus, in...
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Barriers to Help-Seeking Behavior by Indigenous Women Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence: Colonialism and White Feminism

Wang Yao
Indigenous women in Australia are currently disproportionately victims of Domestic and Family Violence (DFV), and there are many barriers to them seeking reasonable and legitimate help. There are many reasons why they have difficulty accessing appropriate help, and this paper will focus on shame, tight-knit...
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Influence and Consequence of Childhood Abuse

Zhixun He
In this review, we gathered a variety of literature reviews and data reports, carried out an in-depth study on the issue of child abuse, and listed the potential mental health disorders that are caused by child abuse as well as the subsequent effective treatment measures. This was done to make it easier...
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Analysis of E-commerce Development of Tiktok-Before and After the Epidemic

Xinning Dai
With the maturity of Internet technology and the restrictions on traffic control in the context of COVID-19, e-commerce platforms and external media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, and Tiktok are increasingly closely combined to seize the market using contactless transactions to achieve the transformation...
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The Small Program of “Qinling Ecological Cloud Corridor” Based on the Sample of Niubeiliang Beigou Base

Jingyun Li
Under the entrustment of the general secretary “remember the greatness of the country and be a good guard of Qinling Mountains”, the teachers and students’ team of the school of information will carry out practical research on the digital development and application of Qinling ecological environmental...
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Effect of Breath Meditation on Stress Levels for Students Between Late Teenage and Early Adulthood

Yijun Zhao
Meditation is known as a technique to achieve stabilized emotions, mental and physical relaxation. Listening to recorded meditation might be able to achieve the goal of reducing stress and adjusting emotions. Fifty-six 16+ subjects in the experiment were asked to complete a Self-rating Anxiety Scale...
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The Economic Performance of Either China or India with One of Their Smaller Neighbors

Mingyang Deng, Tianyue Lang, Yifan Ma, Yin To Ng
This article will compare India with the South Asian island nation of Maldives. Unlike North Korea, Maldives is more dependent on tourism and services for its economy. China has more frequent exchanges with the international community and is a relatively open country. I think contrasting China and India...
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The Negative Impact of the Rapid Spread of Short Video Apps on Teenagers

Wanying Chu
This paper will discuss the objective existence of teenagers using short video software flooding actual existing problems, fast video application rapid spread of the problem, short video rapid spread of the adverse impact on teenagers, and the external conflicts (teachers and parents, teachers and schools,...
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The Efficient Allocation of Covid Testing Stations

Kaixin Luo
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the normalization of nucleic acid testing (NAT) has become a social phenomenon in China. According to the statement of the State Council of China in June 2022, the normalization of NAT will “help to identify potential risks earlier and implement prevention and control...
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To What Extent Can Affirmative Action Be Considered Ethical in the Gratz v. Bollinger Case

Zhiyao Tang
This essay intends to examine whether affirmative action in the Gratz v. Bollinger case (2003) can be justified as ethical under Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarian perspective. This essay offers an exhaustive case review of this lawsuit and evaluates the economic and educational effects of the University of...
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Childhood Trauma and Physical Violence

Yichen Li
Society pressure has brought not only mental illness and psychological problems to an increasing number of adults but also an increasing number of children with anxiety and behavioral problems. This study will focus on the relationship between childhood trauma and physical violence. The author used a...
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The Application of Orff Teaching Method in Dance Teaching of Colleges and Universities in Shandong Province

Ruicong Ma, Chulan Xue, Zongchen Hou, Tingting Xu, Yaxuan Liu
In the last 20 years, Orff music teaching method has attracted much attention in China and has been widely used in junior high school and senior high school dance teaching. This paper explores the application of Orff teaching method in colleges and universities and finds that the application of Orff...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Students' User Intention in Public Online Education Platform

Zhijun Lv, Nan Zhu, Xueyan Wang
In 2021, China's Ministry of Education launched a public online education platform to serve primary and secondary school students to reduce students' learning burden and promote educational equity. How to get more student users to use the public online education platform has become an urgent...
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Analysis on the Regional Preferences for Marriage of Youth in Chaoshan Area

Jieqiong Tu, Huan Fang, Yanting Zhang, Yiyan Yang
In most cases, the information about the Chaoshan area obtained by outsiders on the Internet is characterized by non-objectivity. Instead, it is the process of subjective opinions formed by Key Opinion Leaders then flowing to the general audience through the media (i.e. secondary communication). Compared...
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A Metaphorical Research on Language – Thought Relationship

Zhonger Wang, Nurliyana Bukhari, Qi Tang
Language-thought relation has been explored in different perspectives, and diverse hypotheses have been proposed concerning this relationship such s the thought-as-speech theory, thought determination, linguistic determination and interaction theory. Metaphor is traditionally viewed as a linguistic phenomenon,...
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Research on the K-pop Value Chain: A Case Study of K-pop Artist Group BTS

Zihan Li
It could be said that K-pop idol group BTS winning Grammy Awards is a signal showing that K-pop has opened the American market. What is more, its history-making success in the whole Korean entertainment industry was made under many restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as a monopolization...
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The Impact of SHRM on Corporate Performance

A Review Based on Visual Analysis

Ruyue Shen
This paper uses the citespace software developed by Li Jie and Chen ChaoMei to download all the literatures from 2010 to 2021 in the web of science database with the theme of "strategic human resource management". The keywords of this topic are analyzed visually and the keyword co-occurrence...
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An Exploration of the Communication Dynamics of the Popular Debate on Versailles Literature in the Context of Self-publishing

Wanshan Qiu, Gaoshan Wu
Article explores the reasons for the emergence and popularity of the term "Versailles literature" on the Internet, analyzing its causes, processes and results through communication theory and other related concepts. Firstly, agenda setting is used to analyse the pre-causes of the emergence...
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Global COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Strategy Study

Qi Shao
COVID-19 has brought untold disaster to human society. Vaccination has drawn wide attention from the international community as an essential method to contain the epidemic. However, how to distribute the limited number of vaccines after the advent of the COVID-19 vaccine? Scholars have proposed many...
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Research on the Countermeasures to Improve the Ability of Community Intelligent Emergency Management

Wenhua Zhang
The community is an important part of urban safety. When the crisis comes, the community is the first scene of all kinds of emergencies and the first scene of disposal. The community is the forward position of prevention and response to emergencies. Due to the low level of emergency management in cities...
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Thoughts on the Construction of Artificial Intelligence Specialty Group in Local Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Modern Industrial Coll

Wenhua Zhang
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence industry, the shortage of compound applied talents is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, in order to combine the supply side of education with the demand side of industry, and find an effective mechanism for the integration of industry...
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Historical Evolution and Characteristics of Villages Based on ArcGIS Core Density Analysis

A Case Study of Shandong Province, China

Yong Fan, De-ke Zhang
The village is the witness of the development of Chinese civilization and the carrier of cultural heritage. The study of the diachronic evolution of the village can deeply reveal the evolution mechanism of the development of Chinese civilization and the laws and characteristics of village development....
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Exploration and Practice of the “Four-In-One” Online and Offline Blended Teaching Mode Based on Superstar Learning Platform

Jiaxue Liu
How to highlight the main and central role of students through online and offline blended teaching design, enhance effective interaction in teaching, and promote students’ deep learning become a topic of great theoretical and practical value. Based on Superstar Learning platform, the “four-in-one” online...
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Research on Global Advertising Standardization and Global Brand Consistency

Tingyan Song
In the context of globalization, it is an urgent problem for transnational corporations to establish and maintain a global brand with a unique image that can be widely accepted by markets in different countries through global advertising strategies. Under the premise of comprehensive consideration of...
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Research on the Application of Text in Print Advertisement Design

Jiahe Ju
With the emergence of commodity production and trading, advertising has also developed. Graphic advertising design is the art form of advertising to convey the needs, wishes and product information of advertisers, so as to enhance people's awareness. Since words were invented and used as a means...
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The Combined Causes of the American Revolution

Xueping Hu
Compared with other European countries, the United States has a relatively fledgling history. However, more than two hundred years of history has been enough to see a country become independent and develop into the number one country in the world. The American War of Independence lasted eight years from...
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Research on Intelligent Design of Community Public Facilities Under the Background of Population Aging

Shuangyi Wu, Fengde Guo, Lijian Liu
With the deepening of the aging degree of the world’s population, the traditional way of pension is difficult to meet the needs of modern pension, community pension has gradually become one of the mainstream pension models. At the same time, the requirements for the design of public facilities in the...
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On the Influence of Image Aesthetics on Lacquer Painting Art

Hanlin Jin
Lacquer painting is born out of traditional art, and the traditional arts and crafts thought of “craft first” is still embraced by lacquer painting creators. With the help of the dialogue between lacquer painting and image, the aesthetics of image is introduced into lacquer painting creation, and a picture...
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Research on Consumers’ Intention to Use and Promote Augmented Reality

Di Zhang, Huili Yao
To explore the factors influencing consumers’ intention to use and promote augmented reality (AR), this study constructed an online furniture purchasing scenario. The study incorporated AR features as an external variable and Word of Mouth as a promotion evaluation dimension with Technology Acceptance...
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On the Motif of “Escape” in Narration

Xinyao Yuan, Jiangang Yang
In the realm of narrative literary works, it is common to encounter episodes of characters escaping. With consideration to the independence of the escaping subject, the motives behind the action of escaping can be categorized into three types: self-liberation, emotional support, and absolute freedom....
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Which Better Promotes Educational Equity, Affirmative Action or Colorblindness - The Case of SFFA V. Harvard University (2019) as an Example

Yongchong He
The SFFA v. Harvard case has once again raised the question of Affirmative Action's “reverse discrimination” in higher education: a 2005 Princeton study [1] showed that Asian students needed to score 140 points more than white students, 270 points more than Hispanic students, and 450 points more...
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Written and Oral Corrective Feedback in Task-Based Writing: A Case Study of Puyang Middle School

Jia Gou
This research probes deeply into the teaching effects of WCF and OCF with an experiment of six junior high school students in a class of Puyang middle school in Dujiangyan City. Through empirical data, charts and diagrams, six questionnaires, findings indicate:1) under this empirical environment, WCF...
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Importance of Restaurant Support in Diabetes Care

Bo Yang, Zian Chen, Ziping Chen
In this work, our research is about how we can possibly support people with diabetes. This research paper is written to show people the current solution of diabetics and provide a better solution to maintain a better health condition. During our research, we have found out that diabetes is a common and...
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How Social Media Can Solve the Problem of “Filter Bubbles” Under the NewMedia Algorithm Recommendation Mechanism the Example of Tik Tok

Siyao Chen
In the age of new media, social media platforms have attempted to deliver accurate information to users through algorithmic recommendation technology. While this has helped reduce the problem of information overload, it has also led to the formation of “Filter Bubbles.” This article explores the concept...
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Exploration on the Display and Dissemination of Archaeological Research Achievements

Taking the Display and Dissemination of Shangshan Culture as an Example

Yuting Wang
In 2000, the Shangshan culture was discovered at the mountaineering site in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province. Subsequently, the academic community named the culture of the new era as “Shangshan culture”, and successively discovered cultivated rice with clear attributes 10,000 years ago, the earliest...
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Maternal Overparenting and Filial Perception in Junior High School Students: The Mediating Effect of Mother-Child Relationship

Yizhan Du, Tsaifeng Kao, Yancai Wang, Biji Fang, Yucheng Shen, Yi’nan Li
A total of 336 junior high school students in Fujian Province were selected as subjects to explore the relationship among maternal overparenting, mother-child relationship and filial perception. The results showed that: (1) There is a pairwise significant positive correlation among the maternal overparenting,...
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Research on the Basic Concepts, Functions and Theoretical Model of Performance Evaluation in State-Owned Assets and Enterprises

Weixuan Meng, Dan Wang, Yingxue Gao
As the basic management system of the state-owned assets supervision system, the performance evaluation in state-owned assets and enterprises is an important part of the state-owned assets supervision system, which provides a institutional guarantee for fulfilling the responsibility of state-owned assets...
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Research on Chu His’s “Five Ethics”

Centered on Four Books Chapters Annotation

Cheng Zhang
The concept of “Five Ethics” for more than two thousand years has had an immeasurable impact on the secular life and spiritual world of Chinese people. From the pre-Qin Dynasty to the Eastern Han Dynasty, its connotation was gradually expanded and shaped. As a master of Confucianism in the previous generation,...
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Research on Key Technologies of Digital Cultural Heritage Combining Virtual and Real

Huagang Li, Wei Sun
The combination of virtual and real digital technology is an important way to activate the cultural heritage. In view of the high cost of 3D modeling of large scenes and the difficulty of integrating with the geographical reality model, taking the digitization of historical and cultural blocks as an...
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College GPA’S Impact on Students’ Learning Initiative—Taking X University as an Example

Xueyu Zhang
Grade Point Average (GPA) was introduced in Chinese Universities as a method to facilitate students to learn and create a more ideal environment for competition to select elites. However, it is causing troubles gradually. In China, GPA system improve the learning outcome dramatically, but also incur...
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How Do Anxiety and Attitude Affect Learners’ English Performance?

Ruihan Yin
After the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, in the face of the epidemic's impact, China's education has received excellent resistance, and the traditional education model has undergone great changes. As many online teachings began to appear, teachers could not communicate face-to-face or urge students...
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Research on the Comprehensive Value Evaluation Method of Research Institutions in Power Grid Enterprises

Xuebin Jiang, Xiaoyong Yang, Fuyan Liu, Qi Ying
With the deepening of the in-depth promotion of the “double-carbon” strategy and the deepening of the market-oriented reform of the power industry, the power grid enterprises increasingly pay more attention to “seeking efficiency from management”, and comprehensively improve the management efficiency...
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The Special Technical Requirements of Promoting the Mixed Reform of Natural Monopoly Enterprises

Hanxiong Xiao, Jianhui Liao
In China, due to the large differences in the development of different natural monopoly industries, and the unique characteristics of these industries such as large asset scale and strong public welfare attributes, special requirements are put forward for the promotion of mixed reform in this field....
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The Dilemma and Countermeasures of Public Crisis Management in the Risk Society of Contemporary China—A Case of the Inspiration of British Public Crisis Management Mechanism

Shi Li
In a global risk society, dangers and opportunities, conflict and cooperation, communication and isolation pose challenges to governance capability. The risks and frequent public crises that exist in all corners of the globe demonstrate humanity the fact that human beings live in an era of crisis. Catastrophes...
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An Analysis of John Stuart Mili’s Feminist Theory and Its Relevance Today

Wenxin Xu
John Stuart Mill was a key figure in the development of early feminism. While keeping the vast majority of Jeremy Bentham’s theories as liberal theorists, he revised some of them. His feminist works set the bar high since they in-depth examined both the historical realities of women’s equal rights and...