Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation

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Blind Identification and Digital Calibration of Volterra Model Based on Least Mean Square Method

Peng Liang, Haihua Deng, Ming Chen
Nonlinear distortions and memory effect of broadband receiver’s front-end are canceled out simultaneously using a digital post-calibration technique based on Volterra model. This paper develops a least mean squared blind identification criterion for the measurement of the model parameters without prior...
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Design and Research on Traffic Signal of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Labview

Kuangang Fan, Jianjun Chen, Qingmei Cao
In order to solve the increasingly serious traffic problems in the city, how to achieve effective management and control of the traffic information has become an urgent problem that should be solved in transportation of our country. This paper proposes a design on traffic signal of wireless sensor network...
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Multiple-input Single-output Voltage-mode Universal Biquadratic Filter Uisng URC and CCCDBA

Sorapong Wachirarattanapornkul
In this paper, a new three-input single-output voltage-mode universal biquadratic filter using two uniformly distributed RC (URC) and current-controlled current differencing buffered amplifier (CCCDBA) are presented. The proposed circuit can realize to low-pass (LPF), high-pass (HPF), band-pass (BPF)...
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Three-Way Crossover Network by Using Bernstein Polynomial

V. Chutchavong, S. Poungpayom, O. Sangaroon, K. Janchitrapongvej
This paper presents the design of the three-way crossover network by using Bernstein polynomial. The Bernstein polynomial is applied to the Bernstein filter which has the best characteristics with more advantages. For example, it has a maximally flat magnitude, a linear-phase and a maximally flat delay...
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A 60 GSa/s InP-DHBT-THA with 50 GHz Bandwidth for High Bit Rate Communication Systems

J. Deza, A. Ouslimani, A. Konczykowska, A. E. Kasbari, J. Godin, G. Pailler
A 60 GSa/s THA is designed and realized in InP-DHBT process. The THA presents a small signal bandwidth of 50 GHz. For +4 dBm and -4 dBm input powers, 60 GSa/s spectral measurements give a THD of -37.3 dB and -51.3 dB for input frequency up to 2 GHz and a THD of -30.1 dB and -38.7 dB up to 15 GHz. Temporal...
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Low-Voltage Low-Power Pipelined Input Subsampled Replica Algorithmic Noise-Tolerant Motion Estimation Circuit Design

I-Chyn Wey, Zhe-Yu Lin, Yu-Jie Tian, Sheng-Hong Yu, Pin-Si Lin
In this paper, we proposed a new pipelined ISR-ANT ME design to further shorten the critical path of the ISR-ANT ME circuit [1], which can make it operate in a lower operating voltage. The proposed design is very simple, which only needs to insert the pipelined register to cut the critical path of ISR-ANT...
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IPv6 Functional Test on Mainstream Smartphones

Gang Qin, Can Chen, Baoping Yan
Nowadays, Internet has become an indispensable part of our life. Smartphone has become an important device to access Internet. Hundreds of millions of smartphones need a large number of IP addresses. IPv6 instead of IPv4 can meet the IP address requirement. IPv6 also has many advantages compared to IPv4....
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A Novel Remote Attestation Platform for SOA

Songzhu Mei, Haihe Ba, Jiangchun Ren, Zhiying Wang, Geming Xia, Huaizhe Zhou
Service-oriented architecture is a design paradigm for the larger-scaled heterogeneous enterprise information systems, and it is the enabling technology for remote and cross-organization e-business transaction. Trust and reputation among the cooperating parties are becoming increasingly vital in this...
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Fast Intra Prediction Mode Decision for High Efficiency Video Coding

Haijun Lei, Zhongwang Yang
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the latest video compression standard for high resolution video content. It is said that HEVC promises the significant compression performance improvement compared to the H.264/AVC. However, it comes with the tremendous encoding complexity increase. It is necessary...
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Quantum Query Algorithms for Automorphisms of Galois Groups

Agnis Škuškovniks, Freivalds Rusinš
In this paper we study quantum query complexity of exactly (with probability 1) deciding the parity of n-permutations of numbers (from 0 to n-1). We show that for this non-Boolean problem use of quantum complexity techniques gives quite strong results as it does for other, but Boolean problems. We use...
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Local Binary Pattern Guided Bilateral Spatial Error Reconstruction

Chen Yao, Lijuan Hong, Yunfei Cheng, Jin Huang
In many communication occasions, packet loss or data corruption often occurs. Data incompleteness results in video degradation, which greatly affect visual quality. Error concealment is needed for the robustness of video transmission. In this paper, we introduce a local binary pattern guided bilateral...
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The Study and Implementation of Phong Shading Algorithm Parallelization

Xin Zhang, Jungang Han
In order to speed up operations and improve operational efficiency, The parallel algorithms of phong shading model is proposed and validated by using the simulation system for PAAG(Polymorphous Array Architecture Graphic), the compilation system, the debugging environment and the parameter extraction...
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Fuzzy Inference System for Physical Activity Recognition Based on General Features and PCA

Tongbi Kang, Lian Ying, Jiankang Wu, Yi Sun, Xiaoli Meng
This paper presents an approach of applying principal component analysis (PCA) and fuzzy inference system (FIS) to recognition of activity of daily life (ADL). To overcome the non-intuitiveness of single acceleration signal and difficulties of feature selection manually, 32 common features are computed...
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An Adaptive Partial Differential Equation for Noise Removal

Chao Shen, Changxing Li, Pingping Wang
In order to preserve the image edge feature while removing the noise, an adaptive joint denoising model has been proposed which jointed the second-order and fourth-order partial differential equations (PDE) model. Firstly, improving the traditional fourth-order PDE, separating its diffusion along two...
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The Research of 3D Reconstruction Based on Single Image

Yong Zhang, Li Zhang
Traditional silhouette extraction algorithm is easy to cause disconnection problem, this article adopts the method of threshold segmentation and morphology repair to extract a more complete outline. The conventional SFS minimization algorithm extracted 3D information with a consistent smooth factor will...
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Applying Multisets for Software Design at the Initial Stages

Yulia A. Orlova, Alexey B. Petrovsky
The paper describes how to apply multisets for software design. Developed system for automation of the initial stages of multi-component software design is based on the semantic analysis of text. Automation lead to increasing in the quality of software development. The paper considers an approach to...
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Methods and Models for Identifying Human Emotions by Recognition Gestures and Motion

V.L. Rozaliev, A.V. Zaboleeva-Zotova
The paper describes a methodology, models and automated system for an identification of human emotions based on analysis of body movements, a recognition of characteristic gestures and poses. In the model of person emotions, the typical body movements are formalized with linguistic variables and fuzzy...
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Co-learning of Functions by Probabilistic Algorithms

Kucevalovs Ilja, Balodis Kaspars, Freivalds Rusinš
We investigate properties of an identification type of recursive functions, called co-learning. The inductive process refutes all possible programs but one, and, by definition, this program is demanded to be correct. This type of identification was introduced in [6]. M. Kummer in the paper [9] showed...
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A New Salient Region Detection Based on Biomimetic Information

Zongmin Li, Jinfeng Chen
In our paper, we develop a new method of detecting salient region. It outputs full resolution saliency maps with uniformly highlighted the entire salient region. In our proposed method , we incorporate the traditional low-level features with high dimension biomimetic information geometry theory and priori...
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Reversible Data Hiding Algorithm Using Dual Domain Embedding

Po-Whei Huang, Yung-Kuan Chan, Chia-Yi Chuang, Hao-Cheng Wang
The image data hiding technique can embed the secret message into the digital image. For military or medical applications the reversible data hiding technique is preferred because it offers the advantage to recover the original image after the message extraction, yet it still maintains the reversibility....
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Research on Static Comprehensive Detection Method for Mission Electronic System

Hang Lian, Jianghua Lv, Shilong Ma
In the weapon system, with the improvement of the equipment performance, the system complexity also increases. Functional failure will cause the system to malfunction or even become a disaster. Therefore, system-level comprehensive detection for Mission Electronic System is the urgent issue in the field...
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Study on Day and Night Sighting Device Target Imaging Simulation System

Lifeng Diao, Ming Dai, Cheng Yang, Jilin Wu, Guangdong Zha
Describes the design idea of an airborne day and night sighting device target imaging simulation system, the composition and working principle of simulation system is discussed from two aspects of hardware and software. The experimental result shows that the simulation system is with excellent image...
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Robust Visual Tracking via Parallel Kernel Sparse Representation and NormalHedge

Jinjun Kuang, Cheng Cheng
In this paper, a novel visual object tracking method based on NormalHedge (NH) and parallel kernel sparse representation (PKSR) is proposed to achieve robust tracking accuracy under challenging conditions such as the target and its background sharing similar patterns, occlusion and deformation. Kernel...
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Testing and Evaluation for the Atomic Clock in Different Location

Wei Li, Yongliang Xu, Shifeng Li
The national standard time, UTC NTSC kept by NTSC takes part in the international time comparison for a long time, which has high stability and accuracy. It can test and evaluate the atomic clock in different location through the technology of remote time comparison. In the BPL system, time-frequency...
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Relation Model of Soil Nutrients and Tobacco Quality Based on Principal Component and Regression Analysis

Houli Hu, Jiande Wu, Xiaodong Wang, Kuake Huang
In order to study the relationship of tobacco soil nutrients and chemical indicators, principal component analysis and stepwise regression analysis were used to establish the relation model between soil nutrients and tobacco quality. In the first, discussing the correlation of soil nutrients and the...
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The Realization of TCP Enhancement Technology in Mobile Wireless Network IP Based

Jianmei Dai, Huafang Geng
The transmit control protocol is used more and more widely as the development of mobile wireless network IP based and the need of high reliable data transmission in the unstable environment, but it has a poor performance due to the complex wireless channel and the variable network structure. Two TCP...
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Research on the Application of 3D Dynamic Management System of Airport Earthwork Construction in Mountainous Regions

Bo Li, Junku Xu, Ke Tang, Fengchen Chen
Due to the characteristics of long period and complicated project, in order to display and manage the airport project in a comprehensive and visual way, it is imperative to establish an application system in 3D airport simulation in advance. This system is just based on this theory and developed by adopting...
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Human-Machine-Cooperation Design Methodology for Civil Aircraft Cockpit

Zhili Tang, An Zhang
As far as the safety of civil aviation is concerned, the relationship between pilots and automation systems is always the focus of cockpit design discussed by system designers. Based on the famous “Crew Centered” design philosophy, the human-machine-cooperation design methodology of civil aircraft cockpit...
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A Fine-grained Fault Recovery Strategy for Task Pipeline

Jiantao He, Hong Ning
With the development of space technology, data processing and computational grow exponentially, leading to future spaceflight hardware platform structure changed from the traditional monolithic processor to multicore platforms. Thus the high-performance computing in space should be considered. Flowing...
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3D Face Reconstruction and Dynamic Feature Extraction for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition

Xiaohu Shao, Xi Zhou, Cheng Cheng, Tony X. Han
In this paper, we present a pose invariant face recognition framework leveraged on 3D face reconstruction and dynamic feature extraction. First, we synthesize the virtual frontal face from the probe face based on 3D face reconstruction. In the initialization of reconstruction, a tree-structured model...
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HDE-UITool: A Rapid Interactive Interface Prototype Generation Tool for Aircraft Design Software

Haiyang Bai, Jing Li, Peiyun Zhou, Yi Zhuang
In the requirement analysis phase of software engineering, an interactive interface prototype system can intuitively reflect the results of the current design and bring benefits for further requirements communication. Aircraft design software has the features of high number of input/output parameters...
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Comprehensive Equipment Management System Based on Web Service

Peng Li, Mingrui Shi
A comprehensive equipment management system based on web service is introduced, and design idea is described from the perspective of function scope, main functions and system integration. The key technologies of foreground model and background services are described. The system is integrated in web service...
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Human Prediction of Computer Generated Value Based on Statistical Experimental Approach Intuition in Human-Computer Interaction Research

Radim Brixí
Paper describes statistically significant anomaly in statistical results from test scenarios of human prediction success rate of right button generated by computer. The prediction success rate seems to be slightly higher than the theoretical probability. Paper presents seven test runs with different...
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A Study on Hidden Curriculum of Ability Grouping Instruction in College English Classes

Su-Lien Liao
A lot of colleges in Taiwan apply ability grouping on English instruction owing to the poor English of vocational college students, the huge differences of their English ability, and the large classes in English instruction. Previous studies on ability grouping instruction focus on the analysis of the...
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A New Query Expansion Method for Statements Query Retrieval Based on Event Structure

Bing Li
This paper borrows the idea from the linguistic theories of lexicalism and makes use of event structure to explore how to understand the statement query, so as to eliminate ambiguity and refine the query. It proposes a new query expansion method based on event structure which helps to improve query expansion...
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A New Remote Authentication Scheme for Anonymous Users Using ECC

Dianli Guo, Fengtong Wen
In 2011, Khan et al. identified that Wang et al. scheme could not achieve user anonymity and had many practical pitfalls, In addition, Khan et al. presented an enhanced scheme to eliminate the aforementioned defects. In this article, we point out that Khan et al.’s scheme is incapable to provide user...
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Design of Shopping Guide System with Image Retrieval Based on Mobile Platform

Dibin Zhou, Baokun Hu, Qihui Wang, Bin Hu, Leiping Jia, Yingfei Wu, Lijun Xie
with the continued rapid growth of Smartphone user group and rapid development of e-commerce, shopping guide system with image retrieval based on mobile platform is increasingly attracting attention. The portability and convenient camera feature of mobile phone allow mobile phone to have a natural advantage...
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3D Object Recognition Based on Feature Line Extracting

Zhijia Zhang, Boshi Wang, Wenqiang Li, Dan Zhang
For many practical applications in industrial and medical fields, 3D object recognition based on feature extracting has become an actively investigative field. In general, 3D object recognition system can be completed through two stages. Firstly, we use 3D reconstruction of input data to get object expression....
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An Administrative system of a Software Platform for Cloud Computing and Development of Intelligent Services

Philip Moskalenko, Elena Shalfeyeva, Vadim Timchenko
A concept of a system for support of administrative control is presented. The system supports accumulation and cooperative development of information and software components of intelligent services which are developed and used in IACPaaS software platform.
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Parallel Algorithms for Solving Large Sparse Linear Equations

Jingzhu Li, Peng Zou, Qingbo Wu
To optimize the Block Widemann and Block Lancos algorithm is every important in solving large sparse systems in many engineering computing topic, so the parallel method of these two algorithms is built. This paper designs two different types of data parallel based on the original parallelism level and...
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The IOT of Coal Mine Production of Remote Data Acquisition System Design

Chun-lei Wang
The system described in this paper want to solve several problems such as data safety, clock synchronous and mistake redundancy etc. while the system running on wide area IP network. The system involves the Internet of Things (Hereinafter referred to as “IOT”) technology and data to achieve robustness...
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Enforcing Multiple Security Policies for Android System

Tao Guo, Puhan Zhang, Hongliang Liang, Shuai Shao
The popularity of Android makes it the prime target of the latest surge in mobile malware. Protecting privacy and integrity of information is helpful for Android users. Currently, malicious software often achieve the purpose of privacy theft and malicious chargeback by sending short messages, making...
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SLIMs: Smart Lightweight Indoor Maps

Sathittham Sangthong, Boonchana Purahong, Attasit Laskul
This paper presents a smart lightweight indoor navigation system called “SLIMs”. The system divided into 3 main parts, 1) Indoor Positioning system 2) Indoor Navigation system 3) Administration Management system. SLIMs system takes advantage of the development of short length communication technology...
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Dorsal Hand Vein Image Enhancement for Improve Recognition Rate Based on SIFT Keypoint Matching

Sathaporn Chanthamongkol, Boonchana Purahong, Attasit Lasakul
The important step in hand vein matching is the quality of image that is significance for hand recognition automatic system. The input image is obvious that bring to high recognize rate important for identifying individual person. in this paper, we will enhance quality of input hand vein image by CLAHE(Contrast...
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Research on the Measuring Model of the Website Structure Optimization Based on the Theory of DIT

Cong Liu
This paper investigates a large number of documents and papers on website structure optimization, proposes a measuring model of the website structure optimization based on the theory of Distance of Information-state Transition (DIT), and makes the model more reasonable and practical by introducing the...
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A Novel Noise-Robust ASR Method by Applying Partially Connected DNN Model and Mixed-Bandwidth Concept

Lichun Fan, Hongyan Li, Dengfeng Ke, Bo Xu
In recent years, deep neural networks achieve significant improvements in automatic speech recognition. In this paper, we propose a deep structure used for robust ASR. The model has several partially connected layers which can suppress noise in different frequency bands. In order to recognize the speech...
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Research on the Demand of Community Home-stay Pension Service by the Elderly in Beijing

Na Yu
To ease the deteriorating issue of ageing and to satisfy the daily pension demand of the elderly, the community home-stay pension service is being promoted in Beijing. In order to improve the community home-stay service and understand the demands of the service in details by the elderly, an analysis...
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Predicting Television Ratings and Its Application to Taiwan Cable TV Channels

Hui-Ling Huang, Hua-Chin Lee, Li-Sun Shu, Shih-Chung Lai, Tse-Ming Tsai, Shih-Chun Chou, Bo-fu Liu, Yun-Ju Yin, Hong-An Chen, Shinn-Ying Ho
Using forecast television network ratings, television executives estimate a price to sell time to advertisers. TV rating is an important feedback mechanism because its results greatly affect the immense profits of TV companies, advertisers, and program producers. Therefore, how to select the samples...
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Similarity Measure Using Hausdorff Distance in 2D Shape Recognition System

Rasul Enayatifar, Rosalina Abdul Salam
Shape plays an important role for human to recognize an object. Shape can be recognized easily by human regardless of size, rotation or translation. In this paper a shape recognition system is presented. In this research, authors investigate late improves in shape analysis and shape recognition issues...
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Grey Forecasting Models for Social Media Adoptions of Transnational Enterprises

Hsia-Ching Chang, Chen-Ya Wang
The lack of adoption data posed difficulties for social media researchers and resulted in scant social media studies focusing on forecasting models. To broach the subject, this study put efforts in studying the benchmark transnational enterprises and collecting the first-hand adoption time data through...
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A Clustering-Based Unsupervised Approach to Anomaly Intrusion Detection

Evgeniya Nikolova, Veselina Jecheva
In the present paper a 2-means clustering-based anomaly detection technique is proposed. The presented method parses the set of training data, consisting of normal and anomaly data, and separates the data into two clusters. Each cluster is represented by its centroid - one of the normal observations,...
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Research on VLAN Division of Cloud Data Center Based on SDN

Suyang Huang, Haihang Wang
Network virtualization is an effective way to solve the stiffness, uncontrollability and integration of network, theoretical and applied research on which is the focus of computer science nowadays. In this paper, after exploring several key technologies of network virtualization, based on SDN (Software...
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Design of 3D Visual Reservoir Modeling System Based on VB OpenGL Library

Rui Huang, Ruihe Wang, Xiaodong Wu, Hui Li
Under the condition of VB, the study shows it is easy to realize 3D visual reservoir modeling system with the OpenGL library and grid modeling theory, which has the function of scaling, rotating, moving, multilayer interval displaying. Meanwhile, the research proposed specific ideas and case studies...
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Loopy Belief Propagation Application for Advanced Decision Making Models

Wiboonsak Watthayu
Loopy Belief propagation (LBP) is a technique for distributed inference in performing approximate inference on arbitrary graphical models. In this paper, we propose an extended influence diagram with loopy belief propagation technique to solve the advanced decision making problems, especially the multi-criteria...
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Cybernetic Approach in Building the ICT Project Business Case

Bogdan Lent, Katarzyna Jasi ska
ICT Projects complexity makes their business case an NP-complete problem. Yet, the necessity of business planning demands at least certain approximations. The first, second and third order cybernetic approach with feedbacks on each levels is considered to deliver the best available budget estimation...
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Study on Forensic Analysis of Physical Memory

Liming Cai, Jing Sha, Wei Qian
In this paper we firstly describe the importance of the study on forensics analysis of physical memory. Further we introduce some tools and techniques commonly used in forensics analysis of physical memory. Lastly we present an example of forensic analysis to illustrate how to do physical memory forensics...
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Comprehensive Optimization Method on Navigation Performance of the Planing-Hydrofoil USV

Songlin Yang, Baoming Wang, Qiang Yu, Yiyan Wen
In this paper, a comprehensive optimization mathematical model of the planing-hydrofoil USV performance was established. A hierarchical parallel genetic-complex algorithm is advanced basing on parallel strategy, genetic algorithm and complex algorithm and it is called H-P-GA-C. The new algorithm for...
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Research on Live Forensics in Cloud Environment

Yunting Lei, Yuyin Cui
Nowadays, with the widely use of cloud computing, the traditional forensics is relatively backward. The new forensic model and skills are needed in the new environment. On the basis of cloud computing, we research on the related technology, infrastructure and legal issues of live forensics in cloud environment...
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Language Parsing and Syntax of Malayalam Language

Latha R Nair, David peter S
Parsers are integral components of many natural language processing systems for machine translation, language understanding etc. Parsers need the syntax of the language for creating the parse tree. This paper discusses the derivation of the syntax rules for sentences in Malayalam language. It also discusses...
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Temporal-aware Location Prediction Model Using Similarity Approach

Ghulam Sarwar, Farman Ullah, Sungchang Lee
We propose scalable next location prediction model using temporal, movement behavior and trajectory history information. Most of the existing models use the whole information database and do not consider temporal information for location prediction; lead to scalability and accuracy issues. We consider...
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Image Matching Algorithm Based on an Improved Hausdorff Distance

XiaoHong Li, YiZhen Jia, Feng Wang, Yuan Chen
As for the rotation, scaling, cropping in image matching, corresponding algorithm based on Hausdorff distance is deduced. The proposed algorithm extracts feature points by SIFT operator in original image and target image, and determines whether there is a kind of affine transformation between two images...
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Security Migration Requirements: From Legacy System to Cloud and from Cloud to Cloud

Noor Ibrahim Hussein, Mervat Hashem, Zhiyong Li
Cloud computing became an emerging technology. The benefits have made a lot of institutions and companies looking to use this technology. The process of migration from legacy systems to cloud computing environments is a complex process. The migration process does not represent the movement of data, applications...
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The Application of Evolutionary Algorithms in the Artificial Neural Network Training Process for the Oilfield Equipment Malfunctions’ Forecasting

I.S. Korovin, M.V. Khisamutdinov, A.I. Kaliaev
The paper describes an evolutionary approach to artificial neural network (NN) training, which is used to determine the state of oil-production equipment. A new artificial NN weight coefficient coding method using multi-chromosomes is proposed. The genetic operators of crossingover and mutation applied...
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An Integrated Scheme for Video Key Frame Extraction

Mei Huang, Ling Xia, Jin Zhang, Hui Dong
Key frame extraction is an essential technology of content-based video retrieval and directly influences the retrieval efficiency. In this paper, an integrated key frame extraction method is presented. Firstly, we get three candidate key frames by shot boundary and visual content based method . Then,...
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SOA Distributed Bundles with QoS-aware

Sutheera Puntheeranurak, Aekkawit Chanpen
Service replication is leveraged in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) system for distributing services to different servers. It prevents the system from bottle neck and overload problem to improve the availability and reliability of the system. For this work, we focus on dynamic replication that...
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Time-aware Recommender System Using Naïve Bayes Classifier Weighting Technique

Sutheera Puntheeranurak, Pongpan Pitakpaisarnsin
Collaborative filtering method have been widely used in the recommender system which has problems of scalability and highly time consuming between the process of recommendation and traditional method didn’t concern over the difference of time that a user has rating for an item. In this paper, we proposed...
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Research on Capture of Live Digital Evidence

Ying Zhang, Feng Gao
With the of development of internet, more and more criminals commit the crime via utilizing the information technology, which has aroused the forensic scientists’ interests simultaneously. And the concept of digital evidence has been brought to society consequently. Due to the feature of digital evidence...
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Review on the Techniques and Features of Forensic Examination of Image in Surveillance Video

Xiao Zhang
With the widespread applications of surveillance video facilities, surveillance tape as evidence presented in the proceedings also becomes more and more popular in many cases. However, whether the video evidences forged or altered turns important before being considered as the support of the facts of...
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Analysis of WeChat on IPhone

Feng Gao, Ying Zhang
With the popularization of smart phone, more and more applications emerge especially in the aspect of social network services. Take China for example, WeChat has become the most universal communication applications in recently several years. In the meantime, forensic technicians start to pay attention...

RETRACTION: The Relationship Between Agents and Simulated Annealing Using BottsTrica

Qi Wang, Jun Li, Zhenglong Wu, Yu Zhang
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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CV-SIFT Algorithm for Image Detection

Yuyin Cui, Yunting Lei
With the development of technology, digital image tampering technology is becoming mature. It is difficult to directly determine from the naked eye whether a digital image has been modified. Furthermore, many digital watermarking in digital images cannot be identified, since the importance of it is neglect...
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Agent-Based Social Network Information Management Mechanism

Ming-Chiao Chen, Jen-Min Wang, Jia-Jing Li, Ru-Yu Jian
Social Network Service (SNS) plays a significant role in everyday life; it provides online interpersonal relationship networks for Internet users. With the rapid spread of interpersonal relationship through various social network sites, Internet users seem overwhelmed by mass data, and it turns out that...
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A Software Framework for the Bidirectionally Controlled IoT Gateway and Server

TsuYi Peng
The control of sensors over the Internet has become a reality in the past few years in the IoT (internet of things) field. Numerous SaaS (software as a service) applications for sensors are already provided in the public cloud, but the operations of a dedicated server platform to perform a scalable and...
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A Planar Metrology Method Based on Image Sequence

Hui Zeng, Baoqing Zhang, Zhichun Mu, Xiuqing Wang
This paper presents a novel planar metrology method based on image sequence. Compared with the planar metrology method based on single image, the proposed method can enlarge the measuring range effectively. The main reference planar template and the auxiliary reference planar template are used to achieve...
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Systems Model Analysis for Iterative Concurrent Design Processes and Its Application to Design of Precision Mechatronics

Chee Khiang Pang, Cao Vinh Le, Tsan Sheng Ng, Hoang Long Ngoc Nguyen
We propose a novel methodology of knowledge sharing in mechatronic R&D department by the integration of information repository (IR) using minimal organizational restructure. Through computer simulation and system dynamics, we successfully encompass this concept into a systematic, top-down and inclusive...
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A Novel Two stage Cascading Algorithm for Fingerprint Recognition

Xuying Zhao, Xiaokun Zhang, Huamin Feng, Geng Zhao, Kejun Zhang, Rong Qian
A novel two stage cascading algorithm for fingerprint recognition is proposed combining minutiae based classifier with orientation based classifier. Fingerprint images are classified at the first stage by using the minutiae based method presented in this paper. At the second stage, there is a small probability...
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Virtual Epicenter: Web-Based Real-Time Collaborative Platform for Self- and Project-Management

Razvan Rughinis, Daniela Ene, Mihai Bucicoiu
We present Virtual Epicenter (ViEpic), a simple and easy to use solution for self-management, project-management and computer supported collaborative work. ViEpic combines several features to support effective organization: collecting ideas; workflow planning with multitasking; delegating actions and...
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EmpaTech: Emotion Recognition Using the Perceptual Computing SDK

Razvan Rughinis, Silviu Petria, George Milescu
The ability to identify users’ emotions represents a valuable asset for improving human-computer interaction. Considering that emotions are conveyed mostly through facial expressions, we have devised EmpaTech, a system that allows the recognition of expressions from a live video feed. Features are extracted...
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Lessons Learned from the Design Process of a Learning Management System

Tuncay Sevindik, Ahmet Ba al
Distance education has been spreading throughout the world especially with the increase in ICT. Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most important dimensions of this educational model. LMS is a software application used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery...
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The Mechanism of Spontaneous Order in Online Knowledge Sharing Community: Taking Wikipedia as an Example

Xiaoyu Li
In the background of information explosion and big data problem, online knowledge sharing communities confront new challenge of the mechanism of knowledge organization and sharing. Several of these communities, especially Wikipedia, base the knowledge sharing mechanism on spontaneous order by community...
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Informatization of Shipbuilding Enterprises and Countermeasures

Jishen Zhou, XiaoFang Zu
Informatization of shipbuilding enterprises is the only way to achieve modernization for the shipping companies in line with international standards. This paper puts forward some typical problems existing in the process of shipbuilding enterprises informatization in our country by combining the status...
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Research on Ad Hoc Personal Area Network Application Development Kit

Arvo Sulakatko
In order to empower an individual through personal area network applications a new development perspective is to be introduced. For a long time the developers have been bound to a specific programming language paradigm dictated by the target platform. This is no longer the limitation. In this paper we...
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The Simulation Design of the Microstrip Antenna Based on The New Left-Handed Structure

Zhiliang Song, Chuanfang Bai, Rongtao Gao, Xianfeng Zeng
It is a review of the distinct physical characteristics of left-handed materials. A new idea is proposed that the left-handed materials are applied to the design of microstrip antenna. Two microstrip antennas are designed based on the new left-handed Structure which definitely enhance the directivity...
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Study of ICI Suppression Method Based on Affine Fourier Transform

Zengyou Sun, Xia Ling
The time-frequency double selective characteristic of wireless fading channel destroys the orthogonality among subcarriers, thus generating ICI, which affects the quality of communication seriously. Starting from subcarriers, an ICI suppression scheme based on affine fourier transform was proposed to...
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Research on WLAN Networking Mode Based on Ad Hoc

Zengyou Sun, Chuanhui Hao
To enhance the WLAN data transmission capacity and improve network coverage, with ad hoc relay nodes introduced in WLANS, proposed a network structure, which can construct multi-hop network and realize ad-hoc networking. This paper first introduced network model structure of WLAN multiple hops ad hoc,...
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Channel Allocation Algorithm in Ad Hoc-cellular Network Based on Potential Game

Zengyou Sun, Chuanhui Hao, Xia Ling
To reduce the interference of Ad hoc-cellular network system, and ensure the normal communication of chief users, this paper proposes an improved distributed channel allocation algorithm based on game theory. The algorithmic utility function not only considers secondary users’ interference each other,...
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Applications of TestWizard in the Fibre Channel Test System

Xiucai Zhao, Panwei Wang
As more and more Fiber Channel related products are being used, the needs of a FC test & analysis system are more urgent now. A FC system is a test & analysis system that can test the performance of the network, can capture the Fiber Channel data and can simulate and analysis the protocols. This paper...
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Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Next-generation OFDMA-PON to Improve QoS

Yunfeng Peng, Xiuping Guo
This work proposes a Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) scheme for next-generation OFDMA-PON to accommodate wireless signals. We transform DBA into a multi-objective optimization problem, and Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm is applied to get best-fitted individuals for each Optical Network Unit...
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Modified Algorithm for Medium Length Irregular Low Density Parity Check Code with Low Computational Complexity and Error Floor Rate

D P Rathod, R N Awale, S V Bonde
Performance of medium length LDPC codes is directly proportional to error floor .In these codes, error floor can be mainly improved through elimination of short cycles. Hence, for effective elimination of short cycles, it is customary to use a girth conditioning in random construction process. Various...
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Software Design and Realization of Communication Training Simulation System of Certain Radar

Guanhui Liang, Guizhou Lv, Yafeng Meng
Aiming at the issue of communication training in radar equipment with great difficulty, this paper advances the solution of designing radar communications training simulation system. Researching the simulation system functional orientation, programs the system required modules. Focuses on the modeling...
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Simple and Symmetric U Shape Radiating Patch with Rectangular Ground Wideband Microstrip Antenna

Vijay K. Sambhe, R. N. Awale, Abhay Wagh
In this paper, simple and low profile wideband U- shape radiating structure with rectangular ground microstrip monopole antenna is proposed. Designed antenna has control over the entire ultra wideband. It is suitable for 3.5 to 13.6 GHz by controlling the dimension of U-shape radiating structure and...
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Performance Analysis of Packet Loss Rate and Packet Time Delay of IEEE 802.11 WLANs

Chiapin Wang, Yu-Chun Cheng
The paper investigates the performance of packet loss rate and packet time delay in IEEE 802.11 wireless local area networks (WLANs) with distributed coordination function (DCF). We derive an analytical model to study these performance metrics in terms of the data payload length, wireless channel condition,...
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Maritime Mobile Channel Transmission Model Based on ITM

Yuwei Zhao, Jia Ren, Xun Chi
Aiming to characteristics of transmission path loss in mobile channel which is caused by complex electromagnetic environment on an open sea area, an improved Irregular Terrain Methodology ITM model is proposed in this paper. The algorithm first uses a Two-Path Model to calculate the transmission loss...
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New Weighted Bit-Flipping Decoding Algorithm for LDPC Codes

Zijian Dong, Tiecheng Song
Several Weighted BF (WBF) algorithms are investigated in this paper, and a novel modified reliability-ratio based WBF (MRWBF) decoding algorithm for LDPC codes is proposed. WBF algorithm considers the influence of parity information on the error metric. Based on WBF, the improved WBF (IWBF) algorithm...
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A New Meta-Heuristic Technique for Engineering Design Optimization: Seven-Spot Ladybird Algorithm

Peng Wang, Zhouquan Zhu, Shuai Huang
Increasing attention is being paid to solving engineering design optimization problems which are generally nonlinear and constrained. In this paper, the Seven-spot Ladybird Optimization (SLO) algorithm is developed to obtain the solution of such optimization problems. This paper presents the basic concepts...
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Non-uniform Region Based Clustering Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Gang Yang, Chen Chen, Chunhong Zheng
Considering the energy balance of nodes and “hot spots” in the non-uniform distribution wireless sensor networks in a large region, non-uniform region based clustering routing algorithm(NRBC) for wireless sensor networks is proposed. According to NRBC, the non-uniformly distributed nodes are divided...
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Reconfiguration Analysis Based on Single Function Module Fault for Satellite Sensor Subsystems

Yuehua Cheng, Bin Jiang, Guili Xu
Reconfigurability evaluation in the design stage of satellite attitude control system is effective for building up the ability of disposing fault on orbit. This paper proposes an approach to evaluate and analyze the reconfigurability of the sensor subsystem under faulty conditions. The description of...
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An Integrated Airport Operations Interface Integrating and Automating Airport Operations

Zhexing Yan, Mahroo Eftekhari
Integrating and Automating Airport Operations, the main driver for this research is to decrease any detrimental effects of airport operations upon the environment. It represents a wide ranging multi-disciplinary and cross-institutional initiative to exploit recent research advances in automated search...
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Distributed Rotating Consensus Control of Second-order Leader-following Multi-Agent System with an Elliptical Orbit

Gun Li, Meng-jie Niu
This paper addresses collective rotating consensus problem of second-order multi-agent system. We first define rotating consensus problem of leader-following multi-agent system in a circular orbit, and through the mapping relationship between ellipse and circle, extend rotating consensus problem to elliptical...
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A Novel Composite-rotating Consensus for Multi-agent System

Gun Li
We develop a distributed control policy to achieve composite-rotating consensus around the moving centers whose trajectories form a circle in this paper. It is assumed that the communication topology among agents is undirected network and all agents move on a plane perpendicular to a specified vector...