Proceedings of the AASRI Winter International Conference on Engineering and Technology (AASRI-WIET 2013)

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A Novel Algorithm for Duplication-Loss Problem Based on NNI Local Search

Hui Wang, Daming Zhu
The duplication-loss problem is to infer a species supertree from a collection of gene trees that are confounded by complex histories of gene duplication and loss events. The decision variant of this problem is NP-complete. The utility of this NP-hard problem for large-scale phylogenetic analyses has...
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Study on Bottom Topographical Measurement in Water Areas

Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Masaji Watanabe, Narisu Chen
Techniques updating bottom topographical data are described. Positional data from a RTK-GPS are transformed to rectangular coordinates by the Gauss-Krüger Projection, and synchronized with depth data from an echo-sounder to generate three dimensional topographical data. A bottom topography over a triangular...
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Attirbute Reduction in Consistent Approximate Representation Spaces For Formal Contexts

Xia Wang
Consistent approximate representation space is a unified model for formal contexts, consistent formal decision contexts and inconsistent formal decision contexts. In this paper, notions of attribute reduction are first developed in a consistent approximate representation space, and then necessary and...
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Finite Element Analysis of Tsunami Propagation

Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Hashentuya, Masaji Watanabe
A tsunami generated in the North Pacific is simulated numerically. A system of partial differential equations derived from equations of a fluid dynamics were solved numerically by a finite element method. Depth data originally given in terms of longitude and latitude are transformed to projected coordinates...
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A Trial Attempt by a Museum Guide Robot to Engage and Disengage the Audience on Time

Madhumita Ghosh, Hideaki Kuzuoka
Social robots may perform a variety of services like conveying information, guiding an audience, providing assistance to troubled customers and so on. In these situations, there might be a number of people who might need such assistance at the same time. Therefore, it is important to engage the audience,...
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Phoneme Generation with Elman-type Neural Networks

Marius Crisan
The paper continues some previous works and analyzes the possibility of phoneme generation with Elman-type neural networks. The vowels are composed of repetitions of the same elemental pattern with certain variations (assumed to be chaotic) of the signal parameters. The Elman-type network proved adequate...
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Design of a Hypervisor-based Rootkit Detection Method for Virtualized Systems in Cloud Computing Environments

Tongwook Hwang, Youngsang Shin, Kyungho Son, Haeryong Park
Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. Many companies utilize cloud computing services to minimize IT infrastructure costs. The popularity of cloud computing has attracted the interest of cyber criminals. As the result, virtualized environments are a valid and attractive target for APT attacks....
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Optimum Power Contribution Ratio of Two Pinion Gears Engaged with Rack Rail for Monorail Driven in Forest Industry

Kazunori Nakamura, Kazuya Okubo, Toru Fujii, Shoji Uchida
The purpose of this study is to find the optimum power contribution ratio defined as the ratio of traction force applied onto rack rail by front pinion gear and rear pinion gear of monorail used in this study.At first, relation between loading weight and applied stress was investigated when loading weight...
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Computer Aided Landscape Design for Freeway “Points”, “Lines” and “Planes”

Bo Wang, Xiangbin Meng
3D and planar design software, as an indispensable aiding tool for the design industry, is widely used in architectural and landscape designs. This paper centered on the CAD-based study of comparatively important issues existing in freeway landscape designs - landscape “points” (entrances, exits and...
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Design of a Softdog based on FPGA

Yulin Zhang, Xinggang Wang
This paper presents a design of softdog based on FPGA and describes hardware and software design. PC applies the CP2103 to transfers data via the USB to the FPGA device without modifying the application. The SPARTAN XC2S200 FPGA is the core of the softdog. It completes acquiring, processing and sending...
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The Research of OFDM System and Software Radio Realizes

Boli Liu, Caixia Liu, Junying Sun
In recent years, there has been a lot of interest in applying orthogonal frequency division maltiplexing (OFDM) in wireless systems because of its various advantages in lessening the severe effects of frequency selective fading. This paper firstly introduces the basic principle of OFDM, then analyses...
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Development and Application of the Bidding Decision Support System for Water Project

Bin Wang, Tiexin Cheng, Yiwang Wang
In this paper, according to current research on tender evaluation methods and bidding systems, the tender evaluation model was established and described in detail, and the framework and functions of the new bidding DSS(Decision Support System) of water projects in Tainjin were designed and illustrated,...
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Constructing Routes of New Software Development Method

Yu Gao
As the rapid development of computer, the quondam software development methods may not meet the requirements, people need constructing new software development methods. In order to construct new software development method, it is necessary to research the "constructing routes of new software development...
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Design of node in Family’s Fire Prevention Based on WSN

Junying Sun, Jiaxing Chen, Boli Liu
At present, wireless sensor network is widely used in sensor technology. While to design the node of WSN which is powerful, good fault tolerance, low power consumption and cheap is essential in wireless sensor network. In this article, A Family’s fire prevention method using WSN was described. Which...
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Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Technology based on CMAC Neural Network

Yan Shen, Lina Liu, Guoqiang Li
A character recognition technology based on CMAC (Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller) neural network was proposed, considering the neural network with the characteristics of stability and high distinctiveness. The handwriting recognition system interface was designed and developed, which provide...
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WikiWinWin: A Wiki Based System together with Win Win Method for Collaborative Requirements Negotiation

Ledan Huang, Xiaobo Wu, Yangu Zhang
It is critically important to define the correct requirements in order to get the success when developing an intensive software system. Win approach is a good negotiation model which effectively enables the interdependent stakeholders to work out a set of satisfactory requirements. The current available...
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The Study of System of Tracking and Positioning Library Books Based on RFID and ZigBee Technique

Tie-jun Chen, Xue-xia Li
A wireless sensor network monitor system is designed based on CC2520 to solve the problem of confusion existing in managment of library books. This method innovativly combines RFID radio frequency technology with ZigBee technology with the goal of tracking and positioning the books wirelessly.The designing...
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Crack Identification of Drawing Parts Based on Loccal Wave Demomposition and Neural Network

Zhigao Luo, Qiang Chen, Xin He
This paper relates to local wave decomposition and back-propagation (BP) neural network.With local wave method, an arbitrary acoustic emission signal can be decomposed efficiently and accurately into a set of intrinsic mode functions (IMFs) and a residual trend. The energy feature parameters extracted...
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Informationization, Pronduction Network Externalities and Regional Logistics

Ying Liao, Ridong Hu, Chunchun Chen
This paper has established a Logistics Information demand model based on information technology network externalities to explain that information technology network externalities has made the logistics firms join the momentum of the information network. And based on the panel data from 1995to 2006 across...
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Improved Error Alignment Algorithm for Multi-arm Mechanical Tracking System

Yang Zhang, Lin Li
To reduce the optimization parameters in error alignment for the multi-arm mechanical tracking augmented reality (AR) system, the improved error alignment algorithm inspired by Denavit-Hartenberg (D-H) convention commonly used in robotics is proposed. To establish new coordinate systems, the plane geometry...
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Design of Disaster Relief Robot Assistant

Chao Liu, Guang-xian Xu, Feng Gao, Nan Xu
In the world, the disasters often occur due to natural disasters, terrorist activity and other reasons, and the rescuers only have a very short time in the ruins to find survivors in disaster relief, or their survived chances are nearly nil. In this dangerous environment, robotics can help rescued workers....
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County Land Resources Management Information System Based on ComGIS

Hai-feng Li, Zheng Lu
Land resources is an important non-renewable resource, using land resources treasuring and rational is the basic policy of our country, so monitoring the land resources utilization real-time, dynamic and managing them effective are the important routines for the land management departments. With the...
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The Research on Evaluation of Areal Sweep Efficiency in Low Permeability Reservoir with Streamline Numerical Simulation Method

Renyi Cao, Yanbin Zhou, Qi Xiong
Since nature fracture develops in the low permeability reservoir, the anisotropy has a great impact on areal sweep efficiency of water flooding, however most of the current methods don't consider and describe the influence of anisotropy. This paper introduces the frontal water equisaturation interface,...
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Simulation and Analysis of 75mm Gas-liquid Cyclone Flow Field

Liang Ma, Pen Qian, Jingping Wu, Zhaoyuan Bai, Qiang Yang
The inside flow field of a gas–liquid cyclone separator with a diameter of 75 mm was simulated with the computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Results showed that a variation of inlet flow rate significantly changes the inside flow field structure and affects separation efficiency. The axial velocity of...
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Decision Tree Analysis of Job Stress and Satisfaction of Foreign Construction Laborers in Korea

Yoonseok Shin
With the aging of the existing construction workforce and the reluctance of young manpower to enter the construction field due to it being one of the so-called “3D” (Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult) industries, the number of foreign laborers employed in Korean construction industry has been on the rise....
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Simulation of Microbial Depolymerization Processes of Polyethylene Glycol based on Degradation Rate after Cultivation for Two and Four Days

Masaji Watanabe, Fusako Kawai
Microbial depolymerization processes of polyethylene glycol are analyzed by numerical simulation. The weight distribution after cultivation of microorganisms for two and four days was used to solve an inverse problem for the molecular factor of the degradation rate. Numerical results are compared with...
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Numerical Study of Gas-liquid Micro-cyclone Separator Flow Field

Peng Qian, Liang Ma, Yi Liu, Yanhong Zhang
Based on Reynolds stress model (RSM), the three-dimensional flow field of a gas–liquid micro-cyclone separator with a diameter of 75 mm have been simulated with the computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The distribution of gas tangential velocity of the inside flow field and its effects on the movement...
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Security in PKI/PMI-Based Workflow Security Model

Zhiqi Xu, Chaohui Jiang
In consideration of simple workflow security model, there are some defects such as simple authentication, inflexible authorization and absent of audit, etc. However, based on the intensive research of security needs of WfMS, and by involving PKI/PMI technology, an enhanced workflow security model can...
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Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Enterprise's Technological Innovation Talent Team by Using Analytic Network Process (ANP) and Grey Related Analysis

Ying Wang, Yan Liu
The source of innovation is the technological talent .This paper established the indicator system of evaluation of enterprise's technological innovation talent team . It used ANP to determine the weight of indicators and grey related analysis to determine the rank ordering of enterprises. It provides...
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Multiple Objects Detection Based on Background Subtraction and Gaussian Pyramid

Liang Jiang, Yong-zhao Zhan
For the multi-object detection problems with complex background, a method which combines background subtraction with Guassian pyramid on objects detection is presented. The method detects the whole object with taking samples from the objects with Guassian pyramid, building background models, extracting...
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Online Optimization of Industrial FCC Unit Based on PSO Algorithm and RBF Neural Network

Yi Deng, Qingyin Jiang, Zhikai Cao
The Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and the Genetic Algorithm (GA) are two of the most powerful methods to solve the unconstrained and constrained global optimization problems. In this paper, these two methods are briefly introduced firstly, and then the online rolling optimization of industrial FCC...
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Tri-plane Representation and Analysis in Transform Coding

Feifei Zhou, Rui Yang, Bo Li
Representation and coding of transform coefficients is a key factor in image compression. In this work, we introduce a coefficient representation model, called tri-plane. The proposed method is able to bring more kinds of symbols and significance states, which deeply develops the correlations among transform...
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Research and Implements of Learning Process Model Oriented Workflow

Linglin Li, Jinpeng Tang
In order to integrate e-learning into the existing work flow management system, we proposed a learning process model oriented workflow. This model is based on WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition) Xml Process Description Language-XPDL standard, combining IMS Learning design specification. The model can...
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Research of Pseudo Random Noise Code and New Code Construction

Ruizhu He, Junxia Cui
The pseudo-random code is an important part of the satellite navigation and positioning signals, its performance directly affects the accuracy of positioning system. Especially, in navigation and communication integrated system, the system's anti-jamming, anti-multipath fading, anti-intercepted, anti-multiple...
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A Simple and Efficient Collision Detection Algorithm and its Implementation

Yanpeng Sun
Border collision is an important function in the game, but the existing methods, like bounding box, octree, etc. are complex and they require extensive scene statistics for support. However, XNA-based 3D racing game achieved a simple and effective collision detection algorithm, which could properly resolve...
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An Improvement on C-V Model

Minggang Jing, Jitao Wu, Xiaotao Wang
C-V model has the advantage of being able to detect boundaries of objects that are not defined by gradient. However, when detecting these types of edges, the C-V model only considers the average value of each region without local information. As a result, its segmentation result may exist errors, when...
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Vehicle Detection in Video Based on the Framework of Kernel Density Estimation

Dan Yang, Yantao Chen, Richen Liu
This paper introduced a method of background subtraction model for detecting vehicles in video, the model was based on the framework of the kernel density estimation. To compute the adjacent frame subtraction on the spatio-temporal by the median filter, when the median value is 0, keep the background...
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Real-time Multi-channel Vision Processing Based on DSP&FPGA

Yu-Bin Zhou, Yu-Ning Yang
In order to realize digital image sequence processing for multi-channel vision in real-time simultaneously, a hardware system with FPGA&DSP is designed. In the system, two ZBT SRAM chips are used as the input and output cache for high data transferring. A FPGA chip is responsible for the core logic controlling...
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A New Early Termination Strategy for QC-LDPC Codes Based on the Layered Message Passing Decoding

Zhejun Zhang, Guanghui He, Jun Ma
Low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes are one of the most popular linear block codes have ever been used in the communication system. The standard two-phase message passing decoding (TPMPD) algorithm and the layered message-passing decoding (LMPD) algorithm are widely used in LDPC decoder. However, the...
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Application of BP Neural Networks to Weigh-in-Motion of Vehicles

Zhifeng Zhou
BP neural networks are employed to estimate the static axle weight of moving vehicles. On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of dynamic tire force, the influence of dynamic tire force is briefly introduced on the weighing accuracy. The three-layer BP neural networks are designed to process the...
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Study of Network Traffic Analysis Model

Xiaoling Tan, Zefu Tan, Weijian Fang
Network traffic analysis model is the base of traffic predication and network evaluation. The model is improving when the knowledge about the traffic features being abundant. According to the different features, the paper introduced the typical models in modern network application, and studied on their...
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Study on Wireless Sensor Network Localization Technology Based on DV-Hop Algorithm

Yong Yang, Xinliang Zhang, Xiucai Guo
DV-Hop algorithm is one of the important range-free localization algorithms. According to the localization principle of the DV-Hop algorithm and the defect of wireless sensor networks, this paper proposes three improvements including the estimation of average single hop distance, generalizing average...
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The Application of Improved Self-adaptive Genetic Algorithm in the Distribution Network Reconfiguration

Siwei Wei, Ruoxi Wang
This paper proposes a kind of encoding method with the loop switch number as gene and the number of branches of the systematic loop as the length of the chromosome, greatly shortening the length of the chromosome. And this paper also takes a kind of effective means in genetic operation, which is eliminating...
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The Game Research of the Public Crisis Prevention

Miangui Cheng
The disposal of public crisis prevention problem was researched, and we established the game model between local government and inspection department. From the point of profit maximization, the operation efficiency of local government and inspection department was analyzed. Through the results, got from...
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State Estimation of the Underwater Moving Target Based on Multi-Sensor Information Fusion

Zheng Tang, Chao Sun, Zong-wei Liu, Di Meng
The Kalman filter has been widely used in state estimation of moving targets. Furthermore, the well-known conventional Kalman filter requires an accurate system model and exact prior information. However, the nonlinearity, dynamic and randomicity in the underwater environment result in uncertainty and...
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Formal Analysis of the Kerberos Authentication Protocol with PVS

Guodong Sun, Shenghui Su
Formal methods are one of the most important technologies to analyze and design authentication protocols. Kerberos protocol is a famous identity authentication protocol and it is widely used in the network. Although some fruitful formal verifications of the Kerberos protocol have been implemented, there...
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A Telephone Speech Corpus of China’s Minority languages for Automatic Language Identification

Xiuhua Zeng, Jian Yang, Libo Zuo, Yonghua Xu
Research in language identification require corpus of multi-languages speech data to capture the distinguishable information within and across languages. In the past few decades, many statistical approaches to language identification have been developed based on two common and public-domain corpora which...
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Suggestions for Graduate Curriculum Reform

Xiusheng Duan, Ganlin Shan
Reform of graduate education has been focus of education sector in recent years. A universal problem needed to be faced is that graduates usually have strong theoretical ability but weak application ability of solving practical problems. In order to solve the problems, teaching method is needed to be...
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A Discussion on Sphygmus-Based Teaching Quality Evaluation

Yun Xu, Biwei Li
Currently,the evaluation of teaching quality is mainly based on the method of combining scores given by students and teaching supervisors after attending classes. This method is based entirely on personal evaluation, which is much influenced by various subjective factors. So, the real effects of teaching...
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Study on Development Patterns of Cultural Industry Park

Xuefeng Zhao, Li Xu
Cultural industry is a rising industry that could speed up the change of economic growth ways, also the cultural industry park is the important carrier to nurse the cultural industry. The western of China has advantaged qualifications and good opportunities to develop cultural industry. Combined with...