Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Language, Literature and Media (AICOLLIM 2022)

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Rohmani Nur Indah, Miftahul Huda, Irham Irham, Muzakki Afifuddin, Masrokhin Masrokhin, Deny Efita Nur Rakhmawati
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Scammers’ Identities as Represented in Emails to Indonesian Journal Editors

Deny Efita Nur Rakhmawati, Rohmani Nur Indah, Habiba Umami, Muzakki Afifuddin, Hujuala Rika Ayu
Numerous scam emails received by journal editors with various rhetorical techniques are considerable linguistic phenomena to examine. Certain rhetorical techniques provide information about the email senders’ identity and ideology. Thus, this study employs the transitivity system of Halliday’s Systemic...
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The Phonological and Morphological Variations of the Egyptian Dialect in the Song El-Melouk

Moh Zawawi, Siti Zulfa Hidayatul Maula, Chairani Soleha, Abdul Wahab Nafan
This study aims to analyze the phonological and morphological variations in the song El-Melouk by Ahmed Saad in collaboration with 3enba and Double Zukh. This type of research is qualitative research. Data collection techniques used in this study consisted of reading, listening, and note-taking techniques....
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Social and Affective Meaning of Covid-Related Terms in ‘New York Times’ Online News

Nur Latifah, Safira Machruza Amilia, Masrokhin Masrokhin
The news media has an essential role in providing information and perspective on the issue presented, such as Covid-19, which has become a hot conversation these days. Many media bring their perspective on the hot issues of Covid-19 and make people more selective about the content. Compiling the content...
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The Depiction of Environmental Preservation by Indonesian Media: Study of Euphemism and Dysphemism

Agwin Degaf, Izzatun Nabila, Latif Amrullah
This study focuses on euphemism and dysphemism in news texts on environmental discourse in Indonesia. Three Indonesia mainstream medias which are CNN, Detikcom, and Kompas are chosen as the data. Using descriptive qualitative we discover that the use of euphemisms and dysphemism in a linguistic perspective...
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Semiotic Analysis of the Saviour in Nadin Amizah’s “Bertaut”

Alemina Br. Perangin-Angin, Widya Andayani, Zurriyati A. Jalil, Nurlela Nurlela
Through Roland Barthes’ semiotic analysis, this article investigates the meaning of savior in the lyrics of Nadin Amizah’s song “Bertaut.” The definition presented encompasses denotation, connotation, and myth. Roland Barthes’ semiotic theory is used in this study to explain the denotation, connotation,...
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Forms, Techniques, and Meanings in Abu Al-Aswad Al-Duali’s Poems

Gufron Hambali, M. Anwar Masadi, Moh. Nailur Rohman, Geubrina Rizki, Arfiatul Aliyah
During the Umayyad dynasty, poetry became a complement to the poems of the Jahiliyah era and had many functions. One of the poets who lived during this period was Abū al-Aswad al-Dualī. The formalists claim that literature has a distinctive language raised by the author into a biased work and loses its...
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Entity of God in the Quran: A Semiotic Study

Marzuqi Marzuqi, Akhmad Muzakki
This study is not trying to judge God, but doing reinterpretation on values given by humans to the God’s entity. This study aims to identify the meaning of the God’s entity signs in an ontological relation with humans in Quran. This study uses semiotic approach since it is aimed to study the meaning...
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Style of Language in Imam Syafi’i Poetry “Da’il Ayyamaa Taf’alu Maa Tasyau”

Muhammad Hasyim, Fuzti Nadya Brilian
The purpose of this study is to analyze the style of language of Imam Syafii’s poetry entitled Da’il Ayyamaa Taf’alu Maa Tasyau from various aspects using the stylistic theory proposed by Syihabuddin Qalyubi. This research is a descriptive qualitative research and using library research. The primary...
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Religiuos Forms and Meanings in the Song Huwa Ahmadun: Louis Hjelmslev’s Metasemiotic Analysis

Arif Mustofa, Ahmad Zahrowii Danyal Abu Barzah, Amal Nur Ilmiawan, M. Anwar Mas’adi
Huwa Ahmadun is the one of a song by Maher Zain in Nour Ala Nour’s album. In a song by Huwa Ahmadun, the impact of worshiping Prophet Muhammad SAW is emphasized. The metasemiotics analysis model developed by Louis Hjelmslev is used in this work. This study is depending on Louis Hjelmslev’s Metasemiotics,...
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Women’s Emancipation in Hanung Bramantyo’s Kartini Film: Naomi Wolf’s Feminist Perspective

Dien Nur Chotimah, Mellinda Raswari Jambak, Moh Zawawi, Munjiyat Munjiyat
Women are closely related to the word feminism. Women are very interesting to study, because women have a very important role. Likewise with documentaries that talk about emancipation. This study aims to describe the reality of women’s lives during the Dutch colonial period, as well as their relationship...
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Miranda’s Hierarchy of Needs Illustrated in Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth

Hafidhun Annas, Bunga Citra Fredia, Asni Furaida, Bendzamin Dzozef
In order to be human, we must satisfy our needs, which include well-being. People’s level of contentment with their lives is influenced by these needs. The study’s first goal is to learn about Susan Beth’s Life as We Knew It novel, regarding Miranda’s hierarchy of human needs. The second goal is to learn...
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The Meaning of Love, Regret, Sadness, and Confusion in the Jwaidah’s “Lau Annana Lam Naftariq”

M. Anwar Masadi, Fika Burhan Tajalla, Nurul Alfiah Kurniawati, Nur Illiyyin Setya Mufti
New criticism is a literary movement that counters historical, biographical, and impressionistic approaches. This study aims to contribute views to those focusing on a scholarly and critical study of literature, especially in the study of poetry form, to interpret “Lau Annana Lam Naftariq” poetry by...
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Individual Interests in Novel Sebelas Patriot by Andrea Hirata Based on Perspective of Comte’s Rasionality

Abdul Basid, Amanah Ayu As’sa’idah, Fakhrur Razi
This study aims to determine (1) the form of individual interests in novel Sebelas Patriot by Andrea Hirata based on the Perspective of Comte’s Rationality; (2) the cause of individual interests in novel Sebelas Patriot by Andrea Hirata based on the Perspective of Comte’s Rationality; and (3) the impact...
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Cultural Discourse of Migrant Workers in Mahfud Ikhwan’s Dawuk: Kisah Kelabu dari Rumbuk Randu

Mundi Rahayu, Deny Efita Nur Rakhmawati, Mediyansyah Mediyansyah, Muammar Nur Islami
Being a migrant worker is a complex experience that is differently represented from one to another, which is well represented in Mahfud Ikhwan’s novel, “Dawuk: Kisah Kelabu dari Rumbuk Randu”. This novel narrates the life of people living at remote area. Poverty due to generational conflicts of forest...
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Prophetic Spirit in the Turkistan Laayali Novel by Najib Al-Kailani

Arief Rahman Hakim, Saiful Milal, Moh. Zawawi, M. Faisol
This study tries to describe the prophetic spirit in the novel Layali Turkistan by Najib Kailani with the tools of literary sociology. The main focus of this research is to dismantle the dehumanization process that occurred to the Turkistan people due to the Chinese and Russian communist invaders. The...
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Santri’s Concern for Ethics and Morals in Indonesian Pesantren Novel: El Shirazy’s Kembara Rindu

Sri Muniroch
As one of pesantren novelists, Habiburrahman El Shirazy consistently conveys pesantren tradition in his novels, including in his new novel, Kembara Rindu. Through the main character, he specifically shows the santri (pesantren student)’s concern for ethics and morals implemented in their life. This article...
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The Struggle of Princess Sultana Against Patriarchy in Jean Sasson’s Princess

Muhammad Edy Thoyib, Mega Miranda
The relationship between men and women cannot be separated from people's lives, and various problems continue to develop, one of which has become a phenomenon, namely the dominance of the patriarchal system in the society and family. Women are victims of male domination in every aspect of life,...
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Motivations of Safety Needs in Wilson’s The Piano Lesson

Muzakki Afifuddin, Putu Zahra Amalia Atiyoti Jwalita
This paper explores motivations in meeting the needs of every human being can arise because of the differences in each individual in a literary text. The selected text is a play from August Wilson entitled The Piano Lesson. The study aims to explore the motivations of the characters’ safety needs. This...
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Discrepancy Content of Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Al-Kabir's Alice fi Biladi Al-Ajaib

Misbahus Surur, Robi’atul Ukhrowiyah, Efri Anzani
The writing of literary works cannot be separated from the text that influenced it. The relationships that influence each other are called intertextual. The intertextual approach has the view that a text cannot stand alone, since the text is a mosaic of quotations from other texts. This qualitative study...
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Environmental Conservation Movement in Sundanese Short Stories: Literary Ecocritic Perspective

Laily Fitriani, Nushrotun Nida
The environmental preservation movement arises as a result of environmental damage that occurs everywhere, so it is important to preserve the environment for the sustainability of all living things on the earth. This environmental conservation movement is represented in the Sundanese short stories Akibat...
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Film Genre Analysis on Nussa Animated Films

Moh. Mahrush Ali, Isytifana Yaquti
The animated film Nussa is a drama, adventure, and comedy released in October 2021. This study will identify the characteristics of the Nussa animated film genre as a drama, adventure, and compatible genre film. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The theory used in this research is...
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Distortion of Women’s Rights in Nawal El-Saadawi’s Suquth Al-Imam: Naomi Wolf’s Perspective

Khafid Roziki, Suhaeni Rahmawati, Abdul Basid, Dien Nur Chotimah
Distortion of women’s rights is a difficult problem to eliminate due to the patriarchal culture in society. This study aims to: (1) describe the forms of distortion of women’s rights in Nawal El-Saadawi’s Suquth Al-Imam based on Naomi Wolf’s perspective; (2) describe the form of resistance to the distortion...
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Cosmopolitanism Represented in 33 Postcards Film

Whida Rositama, Michael Fadlan Abdillah
People nowadays are currently living in a globalization era that is indicated by a condition in which a person moves easily from one place to another. It obscures the meaning of one’s identity and citizenship. Then this study raises the current issue with a cultural studies approach, especially cosmopolitanism....
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A. J. Greimas’ Narrative Structure in the Animated Film Turning Red

Abdul Muntaqim Anshory, Bening Nuha Nirmala, Nur Latifah
This study discusses the narrative structure in the animated film Turning Red using Algirdas Julius Greimas’ narrative theory. The purpose of this study is to find the actantial form and functional model of the story in the animated film. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The data source...
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Gender Inequality in the Novel Tumūḥāt fī Al-Waḥl by Hassan Salih Barram: Helene Cixous's Perspective

Nety Novita Hariyani, Wildana Wargadinata, Abdul Muntaqim Al Anshory
This research aims to: (1) describe the forms of gender inequality in the novel Tumūḥāt fī Al-Waḥl by Hassan Salih Barram; and (2) describe the factors that perpetuate the practice of gender inequality in the novel Tumūḥāt fī Al-Waḥl by Hassan Salih Barram use Helene Cixous’s perspective. This research...
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The Diversity of Multilingual Communities

A Case Study in Eight Regions in Indonesia

Joni Endardi, Mundi Rahayu
This study investigates language attitudes and accommodations. The data collection utilizes a questionnaire and interviews with native speakers in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, DKI Jakarta, Bandung (West Java), Bangka Belitung, South Sumatra, Bali, Lampung, and Banten. The data is obtained from speakers...
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From Individual to Social Identity: Shifting in Women Travelers’ Blogs During the Pandemic COVID-19

Vita Nur Santi, Rifqi Bachtiar
This study aims at exploring how women travelers shift the way they construct identities in the blogs during the pandemic COVID-19. As a meaningful activity for the travelers, travel blogging is a form of expression to share travel experiences, personal thoughts, travel tips and reviews, which represents...
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The Construction of Moral Symbols in Murwakala Text and Its Entanglement in Javanese Community Order

Siti Masitoh, Miftahul Huda
The study aims at scrutinizing the construction of moral symbols in the Murwakala text of Ki Suprapto, H.S., the designated successor of Ki Panut, one of the best Indonesian Dalangs (shadow-puppet artists). He was cordially invited to perform ruwatan (traditional Javanese ceremonies conducted to release...
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The Relevance of the Feminism Movement in the Arabic Quotes

Tamim Mulloh, Habil Abyad
The movement was born as a form of sympathy from some community groups for the discrimination against women. However, the reality of this movement cannot bring about significant changes. Even discrimination against women is increasing yearly, so the relevance of this movement is questioned. Therefore,...
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Portrait of Arabic Grammar and Power Relationships

Lum’atul Choirot, Muhammad Noval Haidar
This paper tries to present a portrait of the relationship that exists between Arabic grammar or nahwu and nerves and power. The power referred to here is political power and scientific power, both of which are very important factors in the growth and development of a science. The science of nahwu and...
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Salawat Nabi: Praise in Tanjungsari Village as a Means of Dakwah in the Digital Era

Halimi Halimi, A’yuni Sabila Khusna, Muh. Sabilar Rusydi, Achmad Yani
Praise to the prophet can be one of the means of easy da’wah that can increase the faith of his listeners. In this digital era, almost every human being has a gadget in his hand every day. This can be one of the new da’wah strategies that can expand the area of da’wah by making digital recordings of...
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Teacher Identity Construction in English Language Teaching: Learnt from Indonesian Novice English Teacher

Finda Muftihatun Najihah, Roviqur Riziqien Alfa, Agwin Degaf, Irham Irham
Teacher identity is one of the most vital components in the practice of language teaching and classroom nowadays. Yet, novice language teachers have no firm identity in their early teaching experience. Their identity construction process depended on their experience. The purpose of this study is to examine...
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Students’ Experiences on Chain Story Telling

Galuh Nur Rohmah, A’i Mulyani Az Zahra, Asmawati Muhamad
In learning English, the students need interactive techniques to develop students’ skill. Students frequently faced problems such as pause filler, stopping for a long time, and stammering, then the researchers applied the Chain story technique in order to solve the problems. Also, this technique is used...
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Online Learning in the Time of Crisis

Technologization of Higher Education During Covid-19 Pandemic

Muassomah Muassomah, Nabila Nur Khonsa, Hidayatun Nafisah, Anwar M. Radiamoda
The spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has moved educational spaces from campus to home, has forced the reorientation of the teaching and learning process from lecturer-oriented to technology-oriented. Educational technologization is becoming a new chapter in the relationship between lecturers and...
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Critical Period Hypothesis on Foreign Language Acquisition: A Case of Indonesian Learner of English

Ulil Fitriyah, Truong Thao Uyen, Nur Alfiana Isnaini
This essay aims to investigate and further scrutinize Lenneberg's crucial era hypothesis theory (1967). This research presents the findings of an investigation of CPH's work on foreign language acquisition rather than looking into its efforts to learn a second language. The objective is to...
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Turn-Taking Strategies of Classroom Interaction Case Study

Rina Sari, Sofiatul Karimah, Nur Latifah
Turn-taking occurs when the speaker offers or allows the listener to speak. The next speaker will respond in various ways, including commenting the previous speaker statement and accepting and rejecting the argument. The issue is that taking turns in class is not always smooth. The teacher-student interaction...
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Postgraduate Students’ Perception of the Language Varieties on Dialect Among Their Classmates

Widya Andayani, Alemina Br. Perangin-Angin, Irma Juwita, Mutia Olivia Indriastuti, Vivin Agustin
Language variety can be something beyond a single language and something less than a dialect. A specific variation of a language is a unique collection of ‘linguistics items’ or human speech patterns-sounds, words, and grammatical features related to external factors- a geographic region or a social...
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Improving the Reading Comprehension of the Eight Graders by Developing Think-Pair-Share Strategy

Laily Khotimah, Jawari Muslim, Sunengko Sunengko, Siti Mattarima
This research is developing a Think-Pair-Share (TPS) strategy to improve the students’ achievement in reading comprehension. In applying TPS, there were three sequential cooperative activities. First, the teacher gave questions related to the reading text, and the students had to think about the answer....
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Regular Music Exposure and Vocabulary Recognition of ELT Sophomore Students

Dian Eka Safitri, Toyyibah Toyyibah, Siti Maria Ulfa Mattarima, Nuril Habibatus Sa’idah
It has been broadly asserted that the getting used to the activity of listening to English songs is a recommended method to enrich students’ vocabulary. However, further empirical studies are still needed to relate that with adult EFL learners. Therefore, this study examines the correlation between regular...
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Philosophical Studies on Arabic Learning Problems of University Students

Iffat Maimunah, Sutaman Sutaman, Zubaidah Zubaidah
Learning Arabic should pay attention to elements closely related to Arabic linguistics and the stages of its teaching. In addition to learning Arabic, it is also important to pay attention to technical elements that strengthen the teaching process to be effective and achieve optimal results. If the most...
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Pedagogy of Multiliteracies in Arabic Learning Curriculum for Young Learner in Indonesian Contexts

Mamluatul Hasanah, Harir Mubarok
Minister of Religion Decree (KMA) number 183 of 2019 is a document set to guide the Islamic and Arabic Language Education curriculum in School (Madrasah). A state legal document on education should also be in line with the direction of national education policy, one of which is literacy. This study aims...
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Contextualizing the Integration of Islamic Values Through English Module for Islamic Junior High School

Lina Hanifiyah, Ulil Fitriyah, Galuh Nur Rohmah
English class is very potential space to build students who are spiritually, intellectually, emotionally matured. Teaching is still seen as mechanical activity where the teacher is busy giving assignments, correcting and assessing. It also focuses on the surface learning not holistic/deep learning which...
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Hybrid Arabic Learning Based on Constructivism Theory for Higher Education

Iffat Maimunah, Arina Haque, Wildana Wargadinata
The development of Arabic learning is an ongoing effort to accompany the educational transformation process, which cannot be separated from the influence of information technology development. This study aims to find out the practice of hybrid Arabic learning that is carried out in universities. The...
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Arabic Learning Challenges

Student Experiences in Islamic Higher Education

Muassomah Muassomah, Arief Rahman Hakim, Eva Laily Salsabila
Arabic as a means of communication and the language of Islam, it is also an international language. Arabic has not yet become an official language for the Indonesian people, but it is one of the mandatory lessons for Islamic educational institutions. In line with that, this study aims to map students’...
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Lecturer Strategies for Developing Student Creativity in Higher Education

Rahmat Aziz, Ali Maksum, Adi Atmoko, Fuad Nashori
Developing creativity in students is necessary throughout the learning process in higher education. Correspondingly, this study aims to elaborate on the role of lecturers in developing student creativity. This study was conducted through a qualitative approach with a case study design to identify the...
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Development of Multimedia Interactive Learning Media Using Articulate Storyline 3 on Social Studies Themes at Primary School

Waluyo Satrio Adji, Abdul Bashith, Lingga Saniman Derajat
This article provides an overview of the development of learning media using articulate storyline 3. The development of this media is based on the needs of the social studies learning process at the elementary school level, especially during online learning. The purpose of this research is to develop...
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Consumption Pattern Irrationality of South Malang Coast Society: The Islamic Reflection for Local Wisdom-Based Policy

Wisam Nusantara, Burhanuddin Susamto
Indonesia is one of the largest maritime country in the world. Historically, Indonesian maritime superiority has been recorded since centuries ago, with notable example during Majapahit kingdom. Within its 5.8 million square kilometer ocean area, Indonesia has an extensive 95,181 km of productive coastline....
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Sustainable Development and ‘Deep Ecology’ Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Much. Maftuhul Fahmi, Eko Suprayitno, Aunur Rofiq
Environmental problems have become a global urgent issue that needs to be responded to immediately. Islam as a religion of rahmatan lil ‘alamin certainly has a relevant ecological concept to respond to this problem. This study aims to present the thoughts of Seyyed Hosein Nasr as one of the Islamic thinkers...
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Problem-Based Learning and Discovery-Based Learning Models on Student’s Metacognitive Ability Based on Self-efficacy

Nizlel Huda, Jefri Marzal
Problem-solving is an essential basic skill which requires metacognitive abilities. In fact, there are many students who experience metacognitive failure in solving mathematical problems. This study aims to discover the effect of applying Problem-Based Learning, Discovery-Based Learning and Conventional...
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Implementation Design of Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka

Yuniarti Hidayah Suyoso Putra, Fadlil Abdani, Dyah Febriantina Istiqomah
Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) policy is implemented to improve student competencies so that they are relevant to the needs of the world of work. MBKM gives students the right to study outside the study program, one of which is through internships or work practices. The students of UIN Malang...
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Children’s Self-esteem Crisis During Indonesian Post-pandemic

Esa Nur Wahyuni, Ali Maksum, Alfiana Yuli Efiyanty, Baharuddin Baharuddin, Ulfa Muhayani
Although the pandemic is starting to subside, the impact still leaves problems threatening children’s development. This study aims to explain that in the transition period to the new normal, children experience impaired self-esteem development as an important element that supports child development....
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The Influence of Internal and External Factors on Learning Achievement

Totok Chamidy, Muhammad Ainul Yaqin, Suhartono Suhartono
This study presents an analysis of several factors related to Indonesian student achievement. The sample consists of one hundred and eleven students in the second semester at the State Islamic University of Malang in Indonesia. The sample represents 74% of the student population for the even semester...
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Positive Emotion in Muslim Fashion Mediating the Impact of Islamic Promotion and Hedonic Motivation on Impulse Buying

Raka Malik Azid, Vivin Maharani Ekowati
This study tries to comprehend how positive emotions in Muslim fashion products act as a mediator between the impression of Islamic promotion and hedonic shopping motivation on impulse buying. This research focuses on Generation Z consumers in Banyuwangi Regency who have shopped at e-commerce. Explanatory...
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Indonesian Covid-19 Pandemic Trends: Sentiment Analysis and Stock Return Connectedness

Kholilah Kholilah, M. Tojibussabirin, Eris Tri Kurniawati
The study aims to analyze the causality relationship of investor sentiment and stock returns during a pandemic. This research is important because the massive impact of the pandemic in various sectors has caused changes in investors’ financial behavior, including an increase in covid 19 keyword searches...
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Female Workers During Post Pandemic: Gender and Investment Decisions

Maretha Ika Prajawati, Basir S. Basir
Investment is an effort to balance needs, expenses and sources of income. Women are required to have basic knowledge of finance, such as controlling expenses, to setting aside money for investment. By looking at the gender perspective, this study aims to identify how investment decisions are made by...
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Pluralism in the Qur’an: Critical Analysis of Surah al-Baqarah 2: 62 Interpretation in Indonesia

Muhammad Muhammad, Syarifatul Marwiyah, Ainur Rohmadani
Pluralism is an actual and interesting discussion to be examined both from the point of view and any discipline by world scholars, especially in Indonesia. There is basically a difference between Indonesian Muslim scholars in defining pluralism. Some interpret tolerance and others mean all religions...
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Applied Resistivity Method to Investigate Ngawonggo Archaeology Subsurface at Malang Indonesia

Rusli Rusli, Evi Susanti, Abdul Basid, Asni Furaida
It is necessary to carry out further research to determine the mapping and distribution of buried archaeological objects in Ngawonggo Village, Tajinan, Malang Regency. The geoelectric resistivity dipole-dipole configuration method is one of the appropriate geophysical methods to be used to find the existence...
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Hadith Interpretation of Religious Moderation Among Students and Its Implications for the Radicalization Inversion Movement at UIN Jakarta

Nasrulloh Nasrulloh, Ahmad Muhammad Sa’dul Kholqi, Siti Zulaikha, Faridatus Suhada, Wirayudha Mahendra, Muhammad Handika Suryanto
Many studies have cited the massiveness of radical understanding among students in universities. Not only students from public universities, but also come from religious colleges such as UIN and IAIN. Therefore, this study aims; first, to analyze the hadith interpretation of Islamic moderates among students....
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Women’s Menstruation is a Dirt

The Application of Ma’na-cum-Maghza Approach in Qur’an

Irwan Ahmad Akbar, Ahmad Izzuddin, Jamilah Jamilah
This article aims to reveal the primary messages in the Quran (2: 222) by employing a ma’na-cum-maghza hermeneutic approach. This descriptive-analytic study inspired by a particular interpretation of the term adha in the verse; as in some classical literature, it was interpreted as something dirty, disgusting,...
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Understanding Muslim Friendly Destination Attribute Towards Environmentally Sustainable Behavior

Nihayatu Aslamatis Solekah, Tanti Handriana, Indrianawati Usman
This study aimed to examine the effect of Muslim-Friendly Destination Attribute (MFDA) on Environmentally Sustainable behavior (ESTB) and the moderating role of MFDA on the effect of Religious Values (RGV) on ESTB. This research employs a descriptive quantitative method. It involved 313 respondents by...
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Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqah, and Wakaf (Ziswaf) Funds and the Post-disaster Recovery of Mount Semeru Eruption

Eko Suprayitno, Khusnudin, K. Nina Amaliya
The purpose of this study was to find out how the pattern and implementation of the distribution of ZISWAF funds as part of Islamic teachings in the context of regional recovery after the Mount Semeru eruption disaster. This study uses a qualitative approach, with data collection through interviews,...
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Sustainability of Religious-Based Bank: Customer-Centric and Islamic Bank Governance

Ulfi Kartika Oktaviana, Titis Miranti
The study tests the correlation of governance on the sustainability performance of Islamic banks. And is there a correlation of customer-centric Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy with Islamic identity on the sustainability performance of Islamic banks in terms of economy, environment, and...