Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Environmental Engineering

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Cast Aluminum Energy Consumption Model Based on Fuzzy Petri Net

Yong Sun, Peng Jiang, Guangyu Li
An aluminum alloy casting process energy consumption model is created, the model to energy activities as the basic activity unit, description of energy consumption by energy conversion device behavior, to fully reflect the constituent elements of the energy system coordinated through the process energy...
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Regular Aligned Porous Waterborne Polyurethane Composite Obtained by a Directional Freeze-Drying Process

Hong He, Jiale Xie, Jianfeng Tang, Tingting Zhou
Regular aligned porous waterborne polyurethane (WPU) composites were simply obtained by a directional freeze-drying process in the study. The morphology of the WPU composite can be tailored with different concentration of the WPU dispersion and freezing rate. Very regular aligned pores along the immersion...
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New Nafion/Conducting Polymer Composite for Membrane Application

So-Jeong Lee, Nallal Muthuchamy, Anantha-Iyengar Gopalan, Kwang-Pill Lee
Membrane separation technology is one of the most innovative and steadily growing fields across science and engineering. The performance of a membrane is determined by several key properties: high selectivity and permeability; excellent chemical, thermal, and mechanical stability under the process operating...
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High Efficiency White Light-Emitting Device Based on Quantum Dots/Polymer Hybrid Emissive Layer

Sang-Hyup Kim, Jun-Woo Lee, Jae-Sun Lee, Sang-Won Lee, Sae-Wan Kim, Ju-Seong Kim, Kyung-Jae Choi, Jung-Hee Lee, Dae-Hyuk Kwon, Shin-Won Kang
We propose all-solution processed white quantum dots light emitting devices (WQLEDs) based on CdSe/ZnS Quantum dots(QDs)/polymer hybrid emissive layer which was red, green and blue (RGB) QDs and blue emitting homo-polymer blending. The proposed WQLED showed higher brightness, external current efficiency...
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Choice and Application of Green Materials in Product

Wei Chen
Based on the basic properties of the green material itself, environmental adaptability and feeling of comfort, analyzes that green materials should follow the basic principles, that are the use of good workability, good processing manufacturability, best economy, good aesthetics, non-toxic harmless and...
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A Kind of Calibration Device for Bitumen Needle Forcemeter

Lu Liu, Hongbo Guo, Yishu Zhou, Genqiang Jing
According to "The vertification regulation of bitumen needle forcemeter for road"(JJG 067-2006), calibration of bitumen needle forcemeter is resolved by measuring indication device and time controller respectively. But this way of calibration can't solve the problem of starting indication device at the...
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Investigation on Microwave Energy Attenuation into the Epoxy Glass Thick Parts with Curve- Shaped Geometry

Lyes Douadji, Weiwei Du, Fethi Benkhenafou, Wen Shi, Siyu Jin
The major problem in microwave processing is attenuation of microwave heating source. This work is investigation by simulation on the microwave energy attenuation into the long and thick parts with curve-shaped geometry. Physical properties of final products to be manufactured, in particular the mechanical...
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Study on Influence of Nitrate on Induction of Denitrifying Phosphate Accumulating Organisms

Xiaoling Zhang, Yanhong Zhao, Zhengqun Li
The enrichment of denitrifying phosphate accumulating organisms (DNPAOs) is the prerequisite for the denitrifying phosphate removal process. This study investigated the effect of nitrate concentration on the enrichment of DNPAOs was studied with batch experiments. The Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) was...
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Optimization of Nipa Sap Preparation for Ethanol Production

Sirinun Puangpee, Sininart Chongkhong
Nipa sap is one of the efficient feedstocks for ethanol production. Response surface methodology with the central composite design was used to design and optimize the sap preparation. The main factors were initial pH (4.5 - 6.5), warming temperature (30 - 60°C) and time (5 - 30 min). The effects of the...
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Effect of Soil Properties on Safety Performance of W-beam Guardrail

Tso-Liang Teng, Cho-Chung Liang, Ching-Yu Hsu, Chien-Jong Shih, Thanh-Tung Tran
W-beam guardrails are the most widely used road safety barriers worldwide. They are used for protecting vehicle occupants on dangerous areas of roadways. The ability of W-beam guardrails to absorb some of the crash energy reduces the risk of injury for vehicle occupants and limits deformation of impacting...
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Recent Progress in High Shear Wet Granulation Process

Ning Zhou, Liangshan Ming, Kai Li, Xiao Cheng, Zhe Li
High shear wet granulation is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, however it is still difficult to predict the results of granulation and explain the relevant results. The paper reviews the three key processes in high shear granulation: wetting and nucleation, consolidation and growth, and breakage...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Uniformly-Aligned MoO3 Nanobelts

Supakorn Pukird, Pitchanunt Chaiyo, Orathai Thumthan, Supon Sumran, Pattanasuk Chamninok, Bok Ki Min, Soeng Jun Kim, Ki-Seok An
We have been synthesized MoO3 nanobelts by thermal chemical vapor deposition. The growth products will be studied by field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM), X-ray photoemission (XPS), Raman Spectroscopy, X-rays diffraction (XRD). SEM images showed the belts-like nanostructures. XPS and Raman...
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Research on Intelligent Tap Testing of Aviation Composite Material

Yanjun Li, Jian Zhang, Jing Zhao, Jiandong Hu
Composite material is fourth largest aviation materials after the aluminum, steel, titanium and has been widely used in aviation. Defects and damages is inevitable in the process of its production and manufacturing, that seriously hazards the aviation security. Tap testing is the simplest and the most...
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Study of Working Medium on the Hydrophilic Surface of Evaporation Enhancement

Shen-Chun Wu, Sin-Jie Lin, Chun-Ko Lo, Wei-Jie Hsu
The main purpose of this paper is using modification of nanoparticle layers to increasing the hydrophilic surfaces and enhancing the evaporation behaviors in stainless steel plate. When the products being made, use three different kind of fluids, acetone, ethanol and water to testing the benefit for...
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Expression and Purification of Recombinant Human Amelogenin Using the Prokaryotic Expression System

Xiaoyun Feng, Jing Yao, Qin Du, Xiaohua Ren, Kun Tian
The amelogenins (Am) constitute about 90% of the enamel matrix proteins and play a critical role in enamel biomineralization. This study aimed to express and characterize recombinant human amelogenin (rAm) protein in the prokaryotic expression system in quantities sufficient for structural and functional...
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Research into the Improvement on Hexagonal Socket by Applying the System Innovation Theory

Ying-Hsiang Lin, Shang-Pin Li, Chien-Yu Lu, Ruey-Gwo Chung, Der-Fa Chen
A socket is used as a handling tool after matching with a ratchet wrench. Its main function is to handle all kinds of screws and nuts and other fastening parts, but sockets are often lost after falling down on the ground or rolling over before and after their use. This research employs TRIZ to improve...
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Research on the Application of Caliper Assembly Line Improvement Based on Work Study

Min Tang, Jijun Xiao, Zheng Qin, Dongliu Tan
The heavy logistics, discrete operation floor, volume work in process, high-intensity operation and informal operational standards are taken as the production problems of digital caliper assembly in the G company. According to the problems mentioned above, the improvement scheme of caliper assembly line...
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Capacity Enhancement of WDM-TDM Next Generation Bidirectional Passive Optical Networks Using DPSK Technique

Baljeet Kaur, Pooja Verma
Passive Optical Network is designed such that it meets the requirements of NG-PON. According to FSAN, the Time and Wave Length Division Multiplexing (TWDM) is chosen as the best solution to implement NG-PON. EDFA amplifier is used in the system to compensate the effects of degraded signal in both the...
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Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution of Dustfall in Xi'an City, Northwest China

Ying Chen, Jianqiang Zhao, Wenjuan Yang, Bo Hu
Air pollution caused by Atmospheric Particulate Matter (APM) and its impacts have become one of the most important challenges for public health and environmental quality in China since 2000s. Here we report a study of heavy metal pollution in atmospheric deposition in Xi'an city. Dustfall samples were...
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The Potential Ecological Risk of Pb for Multi-phase Medium of Artificial Reefs

Yubo Dong, Yuanyuan Dai, Kefeng Liu
Using ICP-MS to detect Pb in the multi-phase mediumin the artificial reef .The results showed that: Pb of sediment is varied from0.138~0.470mg/Kg, mean0.273±0.106mg/Kg,The sediment distribution of Pb decreased in the order: lower> middle> upper layer in each station. Risk evaluation showed that potential...
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Analysis of GHG Emission Verification of the Iron-Steel Industry — Case Study of an Iron-Steel Company in Hebei Province

Jie Huo, Xiuqin Ma, Yunming Wang, Mengyuan Ge, Yanmin Yue, Xin He
The iron-steel industry is a resource and energy intensive industry and results to abundant GHG emissions because of a mass of fossil fuel consumption. In recent years, air quality in North China becomes worse and worse. In order to analyze the GHG emissions of the iron-steel industry, we made the survey...
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The Potential Ecological Risk of Cd for Different Benthos in Artificial Reefs

Yuanyuan Dai, Hong Wang, Yan Gao, Chunqiang Hou, Kefeng Liu
Using Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry to detect Cd in benthos the artificial reef .The results showed that: Cd of benthos is varied from of 0.011-0.541 g/L, mean 0.188 ± 0.220 g/L. The distribution of Cd decreased in the order: gonads> gills> muscle in different tissues. The enrichment regularity...
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CPT-Based Assessment of Wave Induced Non-uniformity Liquefaction in Yellow River Delta

Kexian Li, Zhongnian Yang, Dayong Zhou
Liquefaction has caused significant failures and represents a significant problem for the community and geotechnical engineering designers. The survey in the Chengdao sea of Yellow River Delta showed the presence of a large number of pits, geological disasters gullies, landslides, residual body and buried...
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Study on ESI-based Marine Oil Spill Emergency Response Decision Support

Rongchang Chen, Jing Shi, Chen Liu
On the basis of field coastline investigation and high-resolution satellite images, an ESI database was established for Dapeng Bay and shorelines around it in Shenzhen by applying the Marine Oil-spill Emergency Response Decision Support and Dispatch Command System in this paper. An oil-spill shoreline...
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Free Fatty Acid Reduction for Biodiesel Production in Reactive Distillation Column

Pawarat Thummasaneh, Kulchanat Prasertsit, Sukritthira Ratanawilai, Sirasit Thipkonglat, Thaicom Ongrattana
To treat high free fatty acid feedstock in biodiesel production, the reduction of free fatty acid by esterification in continuous reactive distillation column was investigated. In this work, ethanol and crude palm oil (CPO) which the molar ratio of ethanol to oil was 8:1 were selected as reactants with...
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Microwave Drying Machine for Sea Bass Leathers

Tantiviwat Sugchai, Sudram Arkom, Chanthong Apirun, Kerdthongmee Priwan
Microwave drying is a dehydration process that is often used to preserve a food or material. In this study, sea bass leathers were dried by microwave technique. In order to improve the productivity, the microwave energy was applied to decrease the drying time. The sea bass leathers were dried to the...
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Assessment of Distribution Network Planning Based on Dynamic Weighted Particle Swarm Algorithm with Distributed Generation and Energy Storage

Ming Zeng, Yuanfei Li, Yiqun Liu, Shiyu Meng, Jinyue Dou, Chenjun Sun
The Coordination Planning of distribution network with distributed generation and energy storage is a hot research topic at home and abroad. This paper proposes a multi objective programming model with minimum investment cost and minimum annual operating cost as the objective function; the uncertainty...
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Testing of a New Electricity-Generating TMD by Shaking Table

Dongho Lee, Dong-ho Ha, Jinkyo F. Choo, Minsung Suh
This paper presents the series of shaking table tests performed on a new electricity-generating Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) called to as Tuned Mass Piezo-Damper (TMPD), which intends to harvest electric power using the vibrational energy of the structure on which it is attached. The tests were conducted...
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The Stability Analysis on a Predator-Prey Model with Allee Effect

Dongwei Huang, Dongmei Sun, Jianguo Tan
This paper mainly focuses on the stability of predator-prey model, in which Allee effect is exerted on preys, people's capture of predators and preys in the system, and the demonstration of positive equilibrium point's existence and stability with the help of Routh-Hurwitz stability discriminance. Combining...
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Research on Improving Validity of Public Participation on Rail Transits

Cheng Song, Huan Wang, Jiahong Zhao
The rail transit is playing an important role in solving ground traffic congestion, guiding urban space layout and improving effectiveness of land using. The public are paying more and more attention to its social influences and environmental problems in construction and operation stages. This paper...
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Experimental Investigations of the Radio Wave Attenuation Processes through the Paths Leaving Buildings

Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Boris V. Matveev, Alexey A. Artemenko
We consider the problem of the determination of the radio wave attenuation factor. We show that the attenuation factor can be used for the information leakage detecting due to the side electromagnetic radiation of information facilities. We illustrate the thematic examples of the experimental determination...
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Test and Improvement of Flow Distribution in a Sudden Changed Structure

Xiaozhang Zhang, Bin Chen
In this paper, we describe the work on measuring flow distribution down-stream of a 90 elbow, and on improving the flow to satisfy installation of a flow meter. In the sudden changed flow channel, flow velocity distribution is very irregular. Both asymmetry and swirl exist, which cause severe error in...
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Mechanical Properties of Tire-Rubber Particles Contained Mortar Composites

Deok-hwa Jeong, Jung-ho Cho, Seung-yeon Choo, Choon-Wook Park
In the present study, a preliminary experimental work was carried out to examine the effect of mixing waste tire-rubber particles with cement mortar to develop an impact resistant and sound-reducing mortar composite. Laboratory tests were conducted to determine compressive and flexural strengths for...
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A Study on the Creep behavior of FRP beam-strengthened RC beams

Kim Il Heon, Choi Yeol, Hong Won Hwa, Lee Hyoung Ju
This paper presents the results of creep behavior experimental testing of FRP beam-strengthened concrete (RC) beams subjected to two different sustained loads. The specimen had dimensions of 400 mm(W) × 600 mm(D) × 6,000 mm(L) were used with or without externally strengthened FRP beam. Test results showed...
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Position Analysis of 3-DOF 3-RPS Parallel Manipulator

Khalid Ali Abdelaziz Ali, Ying Liu
A new three Degree Of Freedom (3-DOF) parallel manipulator has been proposed in this study. Because the parallel manipulator has three Degree Of Freedom (DOF), one translation degree of freedom and two rotational degrees of freedom. The model is established by using UG 8.0 and The inverse kinematic analysis...
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Research on the Law of Influence of Bending Force on Strip Crown

Changqing Huang, Xianglei Gu
Plate shape and plate convexity is an important quality index of plate d. In order to obtain the influence law about how roll bending force influence on the strip shape, This paper presents a new and more perfect mathematical model of the relationship between the bending force and strip crown and uses...
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A Numerical Study of Hovercraft Main Hull Structural Response Subjected to Shockwave from Underwater Explosion

Ching-Yu Hsu, Cho-Chung Liang, Tso-Liang Teng, Hai-Anh Nguyen
Hovercraft should be designed to survive in the extreme loading conditions, such as an underwater explosion (UNDEX). This paper used a finite element model based Zubr-class like LCAC (Air-cushioned landing craft) subjected to UNDEX to study dynamic responses of hovercraft main hull structure subjected...
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Evaluation of Biodiesel Tribological Performance under Reciprocating Sliding Conditions

Yuan-Ching Lin, Hung-Shiau Chen
In this work, the distilled biodiesel of waste cooking acids methyl esters (WCME) was blended with petroleum diesel as testing fuels (D100/DB2/DB5/DB20/DB100). The tribological performance of the biodiesel was evaluated using a reciprocating cylinder-on-flat wear test rig (Cameron-Plint TE-77) at various...
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Effect of Obstacles and Horizontal Wind on the Fire Behavior inside Engine Compartment of Motorcoach

Dongmei Huang, Xinqun Wang, Chenning Guo
Engine compartment forms often a geometrical complex and is filled with a variety of combustible materials. In this paper, two groups of half scale fire experiments were conducted to investigate the fire behavior in the engine compartment of a motorcoach under different conditions. In the first experiment...
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Three-Point Bending Behavior of Web-core Steel Sandwich Panel

Xiaoxia Jiang, Liang Zhu, Shangcai Fei, Shuai Zhang, Chunsheng Hu, Guan Wang
Static three-point bending test of Web-core steel sandwich panel was performed. The deformation and failure of the sandwich structure were investigated,together with the finite element simulations, which considered the weld width of the laser-welded T-joint. The results indicate that the initial yield...
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Synthesis and Characterization of TGA-Capped CdSe QDs for Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) Biosensor

Jun-Hee Ye, Eueng-Young Jung, Seong-Ho Choi
In order to detection to low level glucose concentration, an ECL biosensor based on TGA-capped CdSe QDs was fabricated by the immobilization of CdSe QDs after modifying the surface of a glassy carbon electrode (GCE) with 4-aminothiophenol diazonium salts by the electrochemical method. For the detection...
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Thrust Bearing Stiffness Testing Based on Multidimensional Loading Device

Guohua Zhao, Wuyi Chen
This paper presents a composite 6UPS-6SPS parallel mechanism (PM) based on the Stewart platform for the multidimensional loading test toward the thrust bearing (TB). Analysis such as on the degree of freedom (DoF), kinematic, statics and Jacobian matrix is carried out. Meanwhile, a composite continuous...
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The Cavity Image Denoising Method Combined Median Filter with Adaptive Filter

Shan Huang, Cheng Xu, Yaoke Wen
Processing the wound bullet's cavity image has an important value on studying the temporary cavity's formation, evolution and quantitative evaluation of its size. But it is difficult to assure the quality of the image, so the boundary can not be distinguished. This paper proposes a hybrid filter method...
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On-Line Monitoring of Photometric, Colorimetric, Electrical and Thermal Parameters during LED Accelerated Life Testing

Lin Zhou, Yimin Hu, Wenpeng Xiao, Minggao Cao, Hailin Wu, Bing Zhang, Gang Jing, Yan Liu
In practice, one can get luminous flux parameter of LED by off-line measurement method and make prediction of the LED module's service life time. But the prediction results only focus on LED luminous flux, meanwhile colorimetric and thermal characteristics are not involved. Towards to the disadvantage...
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Biomechanical Properties of Fixed Liver

Yubin Zheng, Wu Zheng, Yanli Wang, Feng Wang
Pathologic sampling is the initial stage of the pathological research and forensic identification, if the thickness of samplings can not meet the requirements, observation results will be affected, resulting in a higher rate of misdiagnosis. This paper aims at studying the biomechanical properties of...
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Fault Diagnosis System Identification Based on Impedance Matching Balance Transformer

Yanjun Ren, Xinli Deng
Impedance matching balance transformer is often used as the main electrified railway traction substation transformer. In order to solve the problem that traditional fault diagnosis method could not accurately identify the internal or external failure, it is proposed an identification algorithm of recursive...
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Study of Concrete Aging Effect on the Contact Force and the Contact Time during the Impact of an Elastic Sphere upon a Viscoelastic Beam

Ivan Ivanovich Popov, Ta-Peng Chang, Yuri Alexeevich Rossikhin, Marina Vyacheslavovna Shitikova
In this paper the effect of concrete aging on contact force and contact time during the impact of steel ball upon a concrete beam has been investigated. Three concrete beams were tested at the ages of 7, 14, 28, 56, 91 and 182 days. It was found that contact force increases with concrete age, whereas...
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Comparison of Currently Used Prediction Models for Creep and Shrinkage of Concrete

Alena Zemanová, Petr Tej, Petr Pokorný, Jirí Kolísko
This paper presents a comparison of several currently used prediction models for creep and shrinkage of concrete. Compared models were: EN 1992-1-1 (2004), RILEM Model B3 (1995), MC 2010, GL Model 2000, ACI 209R (1992), AS 3600 (1988) and BS 8110 (1985). The comparison was made on slabs with two different...
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I-Pillars of Noise Barriers Made of Prestressed Steel Fiber Concrete and Prestressed Concrete with Footings Length of 800 mm

Jindrich Cech, Petr Tej, Jirí Kolísko, Petr Pokorný, Alena Kohoutková
This researche examines flexural behavior of I-shaped pillars in noise barriers made of prestressed concrete and prestressed steel fiber reinforced concrete under loading corresponding to their actual loading - effect of wind on the panels. Three specimens of I-pillars were tested in laboratory and calculated...
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The Optimization Design of the Compressor Connecting Rod by using of ANSYS

Xuebin Li, Biao Du, Kun Wang
A connecting rod ,which a part connecting the crankshaft to piston of compressors, does linear reciprocating motion along the center of a piston inside of the cylinder, ensuring that the connecting rod qualifies the periodical changing of load and the fatigue strength and structural stiffness with better...
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The Structure Optimization of T-slots Dry Gas Seal Faces

Xuebin Li, Kun Wang, Biao Du
Numerical simulation method based on CFD simulation soft, Launched a T-slots dry gas seal structure optimization. In the case of only changing the Circumferential ratio of T-slot structure of initial improvements, further optimized on the basis of the initial improvements, conclusion that lug boss groove...
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Study on MnS Precipitation Thermodynamics of DL05 Cable Steel

Qichun Peng, Chunquan Liu, Li Deng, Jingbo Xu, Tianhui Xi, Wei Li
R&D of the DL05 cable steel are briefly introduced, then, the influence of element Mn and S on the electrical conductivity of DL05 cable steel are presented in details. some Key thermal properties and controlled manganese-sulphurratio in steel of the DL05 cable steel have been researched by using the...
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Research and Application of In-situ Measure Device on High-Efficiency Convergence Deformation for the Large Cross Section Roadway

Chunde Ma, Wei Fu, Sunxi Hu, Yesun Wang, Yanan Zhou
In consideration of the disadvantages of the traditional contact-type measure methods for deformation measurement in large section roadway, the in-situ measure method and tool is developed with the theory of laser-based distance measuring. The novel multi degree of bracket set makes a stable connection...
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Research on Design Theory of Cam Type Torsional Transmission Mechanism

Fanbi Wang, Tieshan Zhang, Mingsong Li
Putting forward a cam mechanism, which realize torsion moment transfer. Firstly, establishing the mechanical model of the mechanism. According to the principle of geometry, the corresponding mathematical model is established, which based on the analysis of the mechanical model. Through analysis of mathematical...
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Research on Electromagnetic Induction Signal Transmission Technology of Drilling Coal Sample Collection System

Xiaoliang Zheng, Feng Li, Liang Yuan, Sheng Xue, Zegong Liu
In view of the existing problems in the coal sample collection method of the coal seam gas content, a sampling method of fast sealing and sampling in coal seam drilling is proposed and the method's control signal can achieve the non-contact transmission by electromagnetic induction principle. The equivalent...
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The Effect of Different Gas Mediums on the Reflected Shock Pressure and Temperature in Shock Tubes

Bin Xue, Jun Yang
The choice of gas mediums will affect the reflected shock pressure and temperature during analyzing the shock tube. Different mediums in driver and driven section result in the Mach number disparity in the process of shock wave propagating, adversely affecting the reflected shock wave. Based on the ideal...
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Automation of Spacecraft Onboard Equipment Testing

Ludmila F. Nozhenkova, Olga S. Isaeva, Rodion V. Vogorovskiy
This article suggests an approach to automation of spacecraft onboard equipment testing, basing on a formalized sequence of scenarios determining measuring and control actions. We have developed a technology allowing to automate all stages of testing of spacecraft onboard systems' functional characteristics...
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A Novel Study on the Power Output Characteristics of CT Power Supply

Changtao Chen, Jie Lou, Yuying Zhang, Ruochen Guo, Lei Duan
The power supply based on current transformer (CT) is a good method to provide energy for online monitoring devices. In order to study the power output characteristics of CT power supply, a simulation model is built under Saber software. Find that the output power of CT first increases and then decreases...
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Design of Low Power Spy Type Wireless GPS Tracking Terminal System

Zhenming Bao, Qi Wang, Qiancheng Zhao, Jieyang Ruan
Low power spy type wireless GPS tracking terminal is a positioning device which can receive space GPS signal by the host tracker, through GPS signal analysis, their own geodetic coordinate can be calculated, then the device will report its positioning information to monitoring center by GPRS wireless...
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Hyper Chaotic Colpitts Oscillator for Wireless Power Transmission

Haixia Zhu, Wei Wei, Wenbo Liu
A new type of hyper chaotic oscillator is proposed based on the typical Colpitts chaotic oscillators. The chaotic signal is generated as the excitation signal of the wireless transmission system. Two types of Colpitts chaotic oscillation signals are compared from three aspects. We can find that the hyper...
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Improvement and Application of TF-IDF Algorithm in Text Orientation Analysis

Wei Wang, Yongxin Tang
In this paper, on the basis of traditional TF-IDF algorithm, new and improved method is proposed. By adding the position weight coefficient and weight coefficients of word class, it can calculate the words which rely on high term frequency evenly. Experimental results showed that, the improved algorithm...
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A New Method of Grain Output Prediction Based on R/S Analysis

Teijun Yang, Na Yang, Chunhua Zhu
The grain production data series present some regularity and nonlinear characteristics in time. To overcome the shortcomings of the linear prediction low precision in traditional grain yield, the application of R/S analysis which based on the nonlinear fractal theory in grain output prediction is studied...
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Fuzzy Logic Controller for Enhancing RCS's Lab Measurements

Mohamed Galal, Jianyu Wang
Precise and accurate radar cross section (RCS) measurements, especially for tracking small radar cross section targets (e.g. tracks on Fighters), or RCS reduction and radar absorbing materails evaluation for other targets of interest such as aircraft, tanks, or ships, is a must. As a consequence, the...
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Development of an Encryption Algorithm Based on Nonpositional Polynomial Notations

Rustem Biyashev, Saule Nyssanbayeva, Maksat Kalimoldayev, Miras Magzom
Cryptographic systems, developed on the basis of nonpositional polynomial notations, are called nonconventional or modular. In this paper modelling of the encryption algorithm based on nonpositional polynomial notations is described. The development of the model of block cipher system comprises the construction...
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Robust Stability of Polytopic-Type Uncertain Singular Stochastic Systems with Time-Varying Delays

Yuanqiang Chen
The problems of robust stability for a class of the polytopic-type uncertain singular stochastic systems with time-varying delays are studied. By using a delay decomposition approach and terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), robust stability criteria ensuring globally stochastically asymptotic...
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The Development of a Structural Scheme of National Segment in a Protected Cross-Border Space

Rustem Biyashev, Saule Nyssanbayeva, Yenlik Begimbayeva
A structural scheme of national segment in a protected cross-border space is proposed. Information exchange in the integrated system of cross-border space between interacting sides is provided by the creation and use of national segment and an integration gateway. The scheme of interaction of two sides...
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Research on Evaluation Method of Video Stabilization

Bin Chen, Jianjun Zhao, Yi Wang
In order to accomplish the task of evaluating video stabilization, we divided videos into four classes according to the state of the cameras and moving targets in the monitoring areas. It also analyzed the difficulties of evaluating video stabilization in each condition. As PSNR(peak signal to noise...
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Performance Analysis of Cognitive Radio Network with Primary User Activeness Consideration

Han Zhang, Shouyi Yang
With the development of the communication industry, the spectrum scarcity problem is appearing. Cognitive radio is a popular wireless communication technology. it can solve this problem efficiently[1].In the conventional model .we assume that the occupancy state of the primary user is constant ,which...
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Modified Symmetric Block Encryption-Decryption Algorithm Based on Modular Arithmetic

Rustem Biyashev, Saule Nyssanbayeva, Armanbek Haumen, Nursulu Kapalova
This paper addresses to a variation (modification) of a symmetric block encryption-decryption algorithm based on nonpositional polynomial notations (NPNs). The proposed encryption model includes two stages. The first stage is that a plaintext is split into bit blocks of a given length. Each plaintext...
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A Clustering Routing Algorithm for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks with Multilevel Energies

Huaixiang Zhang, Qingcong Cao, Lu Yin
In clustering algorithm of wireless sensor networks, to solve the problem of excessive energy consumption in the cluster heads with multilevel energies, an improved reactive three level heterogeneous stable election protocol is proposed by combining the reactive routing mechanism and multilevel heterogeneous...
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Detection of Defect Edge of Aluminum Foils Based on Fuzzy Enhancement and Wavelet Transform

Hui Wang, Huanhuan Li, Yongfa Ling, Hongyan Zhang, Xiangxu Xie
In order to accurately detect the defects on the aluminum surface, including pinholes, yellow discoloration, oil stains, and scratches, an algorithm combining local fuzzy enhancement, wavelet transform modulus maxima (WTMM) and multi-scale product was proposed. First, the defect areas with low contrast,...
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An Indoor Positioning Algorithm using Bluetooth Low Energy RSSI

Song Chai, Renbo An, Zhengzhong Du
As the Bluetooth technology evolves to its 4.0 version, great applicational opportunities emerge based on the inquiry of Received Signal Strength Index (RSSI). In this paper, a positioning algorithm using Bluetooth Low Energy RSSI is proposed for indoor application. First in our algorithm, RSSI value...
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Orientation and Development of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information under the Smart City Construction

Xitao Huang, Huaien Li, Lingling Liu, Yu Zhang, Lijie Feng
Along with Chinese urbanization and informatization has become increasingly mature, the traditional urban management problems and drawbacks exposure increased, the smart city construction as a new model of effective management, which at the same time provides a new opportunity for Surveying, Mapping...
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A Risk-Based Topology Control Algorithm in Ad Hoc Networks

Hongbiao Li
In order to protect social network security from malicious attacks, we study the propagation of malicious software in wireless networks by taking on the attacker's perspective. Some topology control algorithms are designed for the development of effective attack strategies by a malicious mobile node...
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Grid Project Cost Control Research Based on Data Mining

Yan Peng, Yang Ding, Yuanmei Yu
As the prevalence of the Internet +and big data, Chinese construction industry, especially, such as grid construction that it is high -investment projects. They are actively reform, strengthen project cost management, to adapt to the new requirements of the times. The paper analyzed and assessed grid...
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Design of RF Attenuator Based on PIN Diode

Xinfa Miao, Xiuhua Wang
RF attenuator has been widely used in analog and radio circuit. Designed a wideband attenuator using a surface mount device that including four PIN diode. The attenuation can be adjusted by the control voltage. The attenuator has good matching characteristic and linearity in 300kHz~3GHz. The structure...
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The Application of Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Secure E-mail System

Xia Lin
E-mail is one of the most popular services on Internet, but traditional e-mail system is transmitted in plain text, which brings a lot of security risks. In order to ensure the security of e-mail, this paper analyses the integrity, confidentiality and repudiation of information. It introduces the protocol...