Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Business, Economics, Management Science (BEMS 2019)

225 authors
Zhang, Zihao
P2P Default Risk Prediction based on XGBoost, SVM and RF Fusion Model
Zhang, Xiaoli
Risk Assessment and Management System of Financial Product Portfolio based on VaR
Zhang, Zehua
Research on the Evolution of Supply Chain based on Complex Adaptive System Theory
Zhang, Chaomin
Study on the Construction of Performance Evaluation Index System of School-enterprise Cooperation Project in Higher Vocational Colleges
Zhang, Zehua
Economic Efficiency Measurement of Guangzhou Airport based on Stochastic Frontier Analysis Model
Zhao, Weihong
What’s "He" Culture and its Effects on Foreign Consumers' Preference in the Context of Chinese Brands
Zhao, Yingfang
Productivity in Relation to Culture and International Business
Zhao, Zhiyong
Economic Development Strategy based on AHP-SWOT on the Background of Trade War
Zhao, Jing
SWOT Analysis of the Development of Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone
Zhao, Qing
Research on Employee Happiness and its Influence Effect
Zhao, Wenbao
Application of Data Mining Algorithm in Tax Source Management
Zhao, Guohua
Research on the Human Resource Management of the Local Application University
Zheng, Yu
Research on the Determination of the Calculation Date of Bankruptcy Debt Interests with Real Right Guarantee
Zhou, Dahui
Study on the Impact of Population Aging on Regional Economic Growth: A Case Study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei
Zhou, Peilin
Study on the Development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Logistics Service Industry
Zhou, Dahui
The Impact of Population Aging on Regional Economic Growth: A Literature Review
Zhou, Qiming
An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Resources and Entrepreneurial Competence
Zhou, Xudong
Research on the Influence of Data Analysis on Movie Box Office under the Big Data Environment
Zhou, Xiang
Research on Location Problem of Distribution Center based on Coverage Location Model
Zhou, Xingju
What Drives Post-disaster Traveling: The Interaction Effect of Time and Emotion
Zhu, Ning
Feasibility Analysis of Digital Currency Market ——Taking Bitcoin as an Example
Zhu, Jian
A Review of the Research on Sustainable Development of Social Enterprises in China
Zhu, Jingyi
Research on the Business Strategy of Qingyi Book Bar under the Internet Environment
Zhuang, Qimeng
What Influence Chinese Rural Migrant Workers’ Opportunity Identification Level in Tourism Industry
Zhuang, Li
Application of Standardization Management in Information System Project Research