Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Electrical, Automation and Mechanical Engineering (EAME 2017)

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Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Preferred Wavelet Packet and ELM

Haitao Shi, Qide Tan, Chenggang Li, Xiangyu Lv
In order to improve the effectiveness of fault feature extraction and achieve the accurate classification of fault patterns in analog circuit, the paper proposed a new analog circuit fault diagnosis method based on preferred wavelet packet and extreme learning machine (ELM). The concept of feature departure...
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Relevancy Analysis of UHVDC Power Transmission and Provincial Power Source Construction

Guangzeng Sun, Linlin Yu, Yongmin Liu, Gengyin Li, Jinghui Huang, Jing Wang
The rapid development of UHVDC power transmission makes the proportion of external power accepted by provinces increase significantly. This paper aims at analyzing the relevancy of UHVDC power transmission and provincial power source construction from two aspects of reliability and environmental protection,...
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The Preliminary Investigation of Needle Plate Electrode Discharge Characteristics in the Oil under Impulse Voltage

Liangliang Hua, Jidong Wei, Jun Zhang, Bo Kong, Mingchang Liu, Jianhong Guo
Partial discharge detection under impulse voltage is an effective method for monitoring the insulating properties and the aging of high-voltage electric equipment. It is of great practical significance for discovering potential safety hazard in time and ensuring the safe operation of equipment. In this...
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Influencing Factors of Load Characteristics of Electric Vehicles

Rongjun Chen, Dezhi Li, Yongxiu He
As the gradual improvement of environmental awareness in recent years, electric vehicles (EV) have made great progress. The paper first analyses the influencing factors of the electric vehicle's load characteristics, and then selects three load characteristic index of electric vehicle, divides the electric...
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Research on the Voltage Stability of Grid Connected Wind Farm Based on STATCOM Technology

Haolin Zhang, Lingyun Wang, Jiaxing Sun, Xingyuan Hu
Nowadays variable speed constant frequency (VSCF) wind power generation system is adopted in the most wind farms. Its parallel operational characteristics will affect the voltage stability of the power grid. Based on the modeling method of the lumped wind farms, the grid connected wind farm simulation...
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A Protection Algorithm Based on Transient Current Spectrum Characteristic for MMC-HVDC Line

Xingguo Wang
When a fault occurs on a transmission line, fault generated high frequency transient components are a series of natural frequencies in frequency domain. This paper proposes a protection algorithm for MMC-HVDC transmission line based on spectrum characteristic of natural frequency. Spectrum correlation...
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Research on Feature Extraction and Classification of P300 EEG Signals

Ye Ma, Guangping Jiang, Tanqing Chang, Libin Guo
For the feature of P300's low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and difficult classificion, in this paper, we use an EEG signal processing method based on independent component analysis(ICA) and support vector machine. First, make the P300 EEG singal to the superposition averaging, according to the requirements...
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Cable Fire Spread in Electronic Cabinet

Lili Kong, Li Tian, Haishun Xu
According to the characteristics of the electronic cabinet fire, several cases of cable fire experiments with different ventilation rate in real scale electronic cabinet have been carried out. Temperatures of the cable flame and fume, as well as different location near the center of the conflagrant electronic...
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Research on 3D Photoelectric Torque Sensor with High Integration

Yuwang Liu, Defu Zhang, Fuhua Wang
For 3D (three dimensions) photoelectric torque sensor with high Integration, there are two problems. One is the optimization of the layout of multi-measurement units, the other is mismatch of stiffness among the dimensions. According to optimize the layout of multi-measurement units, a scheme is proposed,...
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Research on Reactive Power Compensation and Harmonic Suppression of Shield Machine Based on APF

Lin Chen, Chenglong Sun
In the Grid system connected with shield machine, harmonic pollution and low power factor are the two power quality problems that need to be solved. Reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression are two different aspects of the problem, but their common characteristics provide the possibility...
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The Shield Machine Power Supply System Based on SVG + FC Compensation Device

Lin Chen, Tiejun Wu
Shield machine is the large electrical equipment in the tunnel construction, the power quality is directly related to the construction safety and economic benefits of the project, aiming at the shield equipment on Power Grid Reactive Power impact situation, serious harmonic pollution, this paper designs...
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Sheath Induced Over-Voltage Characteristic in 220 kV Power Cable Under Lightning Over-Voltage

Boyi Li, Houkun Cui, Zengjun An, Haoran Rui, Tao Zhao
In order to limit the induced voltage, 220kV high voltage single core power cable needs reliable grounding in the actual operation. Metal sheath will produce induction overvoltage when lightning intrudes the cable conductor. Inductive overvoltages can have a variety of adverse effects on cable performance....
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Core Power Design of High Performance DSP and Its Voltage Ripple Suppression

Xingyue Han, Junhao Ba, Chunwu Liu
Aiming at the low voltage, high current and low voltage ripple demand of 100G DSP, this paper presents a power design using LTM4650 as the core device. Analyzing the causes and influencing factors of voltage ripple, a solution that used multi-phase parallel and the low ESR capacitor was applied, to suppress...
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Wide-Area Synchronized among Big Data Sets of Railway Power Supply Dispatching Center

Zhijian Qu, Ruilin Zhou, Liang Zhao
Delicacy management of railway power supply and the density of trains increased made monitoring points increased and running changes intensify, a large number of fluctuation data need to be synchronized among different databases, but there are two problems need to be solved: (1) Existing various systems...
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Research on Cloud Bus Architecture of Smart Grid

Xuewei Shang, Lin Zhao, Fei Ye, Heng Wang, Zelong Fan, Guangmin Fan, Zheng Mei, Lingxu Guo, Qipeng Li, Ziming Guo, Yi Lu, Liang Guo, Bo Yan
With the construction of UHV power grid, power grid operation gradually presents the integration characteristic. Hence, it is much more difficult for the current intelligent power grid dispatching and control system's bus to meet the needs of data exchange among the different dispatching agencies. According...
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Data Interchange Technique in Future Electric Power Dispatching System

Qipeng Li, Zheng Mei, Yunlong Ma, Heng Wang, Ziming Guo, Jie Ding, Hao Zhang, Bo Yan, Zelong Fan, Yue Wang
In order to fix the defect of large-volume-data transmission and system fault tolerance in the current remote proxy, this paper proposes a wide-area data interaction technology which can be applied to the future power dispatching system by utilizing advanced techniques such as elastic extending, load...
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Study on the Influence of Furnace Arch Structure on the Combustion Characteristics of Chain Furnace

Shan Jiang, Wei Lv, Wenxue Gao, Guoli Qi, Songsong Zhang, Yaqing Li
In order to study the various furnace arch structure and air distribution on combustion characteristics of chain boiler, based on computational fluid dynamics theory, using numerical simulation method, a three-dimensional physical model for QXL1.4-0.7/95/70-AII type hot water boiler is established, and...
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A Novel Integration Forecasting Approach for Short-Term Wind Power

Kailin Zhao, Lingyun Wang, Qiwei Ma
As a kind of renewable energy, wind power energy has the characteristics of randomness and intermittence. The integration of wind farm will affect the safe and stable operation of power grid. Therefore, the accuracy of wind power output prediction is very important for power system operation and power...
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Dead Zone Compensation Method of H-Bridge Inverter Series Structure

Wei Li
Based on the analysis of dead zone compensation principle in H-bridge inverter series structure, an improved average voltage feedforward compensation method of H-bridge inverter series structure is studied. Because the traditional average voltage feedforward compensation method has the phenomenon of...
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Study on the Relationship between Melody Perception and Music Harmonics

Fajiang Ma, Geng Tian, Lan Tian, Xiaoshan Lu, Shuzhong Bai
Melody is the key perception of music. For the heavy sensory nerve deafness, the current cochlear implant (CI) user has the clinical effect on speech recognition, but the music melody and timbre perception is not acceptable, they could not normally perceive music information. Based on CI encoding principle...
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Novel Multi Tone- SPWM Technique (MT-SPWM) Using Reference Window and Frequency Optimization

Mohammed S. M. A. Khesbak, Ibraheem M. Khaleel
Due to the vitality of the SPWM technique in industry of the power conversion devices, this paper suggests a new harmonic distortion minimization technique so far called multi-tone SPWM. This proposed technique aims to inject the modulating waveform with a high frequency component at the low voltage...
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Coordinated Excitation and Speed Robust Control Based on the State Extend and Filtering Estimation

Zhifeng Gu, Changqing Zhu, Chenguang Zhang, Lijuan Liang, Qiaojing An
For the nonlinear robust control difficulty in the MIMO system, which has many uncertain parameters, the state extending and filtering robust control (SEFERC) is proposed. The uncertain nonlinear part of the MIMO is extend to the new state parameter and can be estimated. With the estimated value, combined...
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Analysis of a Signal Preprocessing Method for Blade Tip-Timing without the Once-per Revolution Sensor

Jilong Zhang, Fajie Duan, Jiajia Jiang
Blade tip-timing is an effective method for blade vibration online measurement of turbomachinery. The majority of tip-timing systems require a once-per revolution (OPR) sensor installed close to the shaft to generate timing reference. In this article a tip-timing signal preprocessing method which requires...
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Human-Robot Collaboration Using Industrial Robots

Dario Antonelli, Giulia Bruno
Human-Robot Collaboration aims at exploiting the different but complementary skills of both the human worker and the programmable machine. It requires a high degree of interaction between the two actors and it is accomplished by special devoted robots. The study shows it is possible to redesign existing...
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Simulation of Drive System with Self-Tuning Fuzzy PID Control Application to PMSM

Hui Hang, Bingyi Zhang
A permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drive control system for drive machine tools includes nonlinearities, uncertainties and external perturbations that should be considered in the design of control laws. A quantification factor self-tuning fuzzy PID controller for drive system is suggested by...
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Development of Remotely Monitoring and Control System for Siemens 840D sl NC Machine Tool Using Snap 7 Codes

Bo Zheng, Junjie Xu, Helin Li, Junwei Xing, Huadong Zhao, Guoning Liu
Based on the understanding of the communication methods and the structure and architecture of databases/data blocks of numeric control (NC) system, an open source communication suite designed specifically for Siemens NC system, Snap 7, is used to realize data acquisition from Siemens 840D sl NC system...
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Mattress Overlapping Recognition Based on Markov Random Field

Fengyu Hu, Xianqiao Chen
Mattress overlapping recognition is of great significance in tracing and detecting the quality, and provides reference data of mattress laying. The recognition process includes the generation and image correction of the color sinking sonar image, the image segmentation and the recognition of mattress...
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Adaptive Transformer Inrush Current Identification Principle Based on Second Harmonic

Xinyu Wang, Bin Tian, Liqun Wu, Ling Wang, Hong Tan
In order to prevent the maloperation of the transformer differential protection device affected by transformer magnetizing inrush current and internal short circuit fault current, the device should be able to identify the internal fault current and inrush current. Accordingly, this paper is aimed at...
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The Design of Electric Control System of Proportional Electromagnetic Valve Test Bench

Jie Liu, Weihua Jiang, Yi Li
For high precision detection of hydraulic proportional solenoid valve pressure, sealing properties and steady pressure characteristic performance indexes, independently design a solenoid valve performance testing platform, which has a high level of automation. Its core based on PLC controller and touch...
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Adaptive Sliding Model Control for Passive Electro-Hydraulic Servo Loading System with Backstepping

Geqiang Li, Yongsheng Gu, Yuesong Li
This paper studies the problem of loading torque control for passive electro-hydraulic servo loading system with the external disturbance and parameter uncertainties. The state space model is established based on the nonlinear mathematical model of the system. Based on backstepping technique, an adaptive...
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Research on Instantaneous Power Control Strategy for PWM Rectifier

Yanping Zhong, Yaojun Chen
The voltage and current double closed-loop control strategy is usually used in three-phase voltage-source PWM rectifier control. However the nonlinear characteristic of the voltage equation gives more trouble to design this control strategy. A comparative study of two kinds of linear instantaneous power...
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Research on Intelligent Yaw Control of Roadheader

Renjin Feng, Liangying Hao, Dongmin Gai, Xunan Liu, Jincheng Wang, Yang Zhao, Long Luo
Under actual operating conditions, the yaw velocity of boom roadheader has direct influence on the efficiency and reliability of boom roadheader. The PID control method which uses neural network establish the intelligent control system of boom roadheader yaw, based on the MATLAB surface fitting technique,...
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Improved Design Scheme for the Automatic Monitoring System of Settlement

Haobo Dong, Lan Tang, Ping Wu
This paper introduces the principle of the automated subsidence monitoring system, and pointed out that it is not ideal for the identification of the interference caused by the interference of the external environment and the wide range of environmental temperature range. And then put forward the solution,...
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An Approach to Modify Standard Servo

Yanyan Ji, Jiayu Yang, Jiaqi Wu
The usage of infinite-rotate servos has been pervasive in 3D robot assembling. Hardware companies have been providing expensive infinite-rotate servos for years. But considering limited fund of individual 3D-printed robot project, existing infinite-rotate servos in market are too expensive. This paper...
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A Portable Autonomic Nervous Activity Monitor

Ping Shi, Yankun Xu
A portable system has been designed to enable monitoring of autonomic nervous Activity. The present invention discloses a portable, simple, and cost-effective electronic device containing hardware and software that permit real-time monitoring of photoplethysmography (PPG) waveform. HRV parameters including...
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Study of Planetary Gear Fault Diagnosis Based on Energy of LMD and BP Neural Network

Yong Li, Gang Cheng, Xihui Chen, Chang Liu
Planetary gear box has the characteristics of small volume and large transmission ratio and is widely used in construction machinery. After a long period of operation, the gear fault occurs frequently, which has a great influence on the equipment. However, due to its complex structure, the fault signal...
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Finite Element and Artificial Neural Network Analysis of Thin-Walled Steel Perforated Sections in Compression

Meng Wu, Zhijun Lyu, Qian Xiang, Yiming Song, Hongliang Li
The analysis of perforated members is a 3D problem in nature, therefore the traditional analytical expressions for the ultimate load of thin-walled steel sections can't be used for the perforated steel member design. In this study finite element method (FEM) and artificial neural network (ANN) were used...
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Finite-Time H-Infinity Filter Design for Discrete Jump Time-Delay Neural Networks

Yingqi Zhang, Yang Yang, Caixia Liu, Jiankang Mu
This paper studies the problem of finite-time H-infinity filter design of discrete Markovian jump neural networks with time-varying delays and norm-bounded disturbance. The definitions of stochastic finite-time boundedness and stochastic H-infinity finite-time boundedness are first given. Then, an H-infinity...
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The Application of BP Neural Network in the Thrust Hydraulic System for Shield Tunneling Machine

Geqiang Li, Yinting Ding, Kui Chen, Weifeng Han, Bingjing Guo
This paper studies the problem of the precision of thrust speed and pressure compound control under the uncertain external load condition for shield tunneling machine. An controller about thrust speed and pressure is designed based on the traditional PID control algorithm combined with BP neural networks....
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Multivariate Chaotic Time Series Prediction Based on NARX Neural Networks

Yan Xiu, Wei Zhang
According to multivariate chaotic time series prediction problem, this paper establishes a multivariate chaotic time series forecasting model with nature structure import data based on NARX neural network. The simulation research of Lorenz chaotic time series proves that the forecasting precision of...
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Gradual Change Reliability Sensitivity Design for Components with Arbitrary Distribution Parameters Based on Measured Information

Xingang Wang, Baoyan Wang, Miaoxin Chang, Mingming Yan
Reliability design of mechanical components mostly focused on establishing pure theoretical mathematical model at present, without involving measured information for working components and gradual characteristics of parameters into theoretical model, which caused some error for reliability design of...
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Research on Global Structure for Digital Quality Testing Based on Manufacturing Factory

Mengqing Tanli, Yan Jiang, Xiang Wang, Yulin Wang, Rushu Peng
This paper discusses the global structure of the digital quality testing, and briefly investigates the arrangement of testing equipment and hardware, the composition of software, the responsible branch and personnel, the control structure of quality data and information, and the arrangement of measuring...
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Improvement Method Optimization of Automobile Warranty Quality Issue

Hongliang Du, Junyi Lv, Zikun Ye, Rui Miao
Automotive warranty quality issues from all aspects of quality control. In this paper, through the analysis of the existing automobile warranty problem solving process and the status of project quality management, combined with the current warranty quality problem solving challenges, expounds the current...
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Mechanical Design of a Wheelchair with Multi-Posture Characteristics

Duojin Wang, Hongliu Yu
At present, an electrical wheelchair cannot meet the needs of patients, like paralyzed patients, who spend most of their time on beds. This paper presents a mechanical design of a wheelchair which can transform to a sitting, lying and standing posture. The standing posture can help patients to reach...
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Soft Robotic Hand Exoskeleton Systems: Review and Challenges Surrounding the Technology

Qiaoling Meng, Shichuan Xiang, Hongliu Yu
Soft robotic hand exoskeleton systems are taken into account to solve the problems happened in the hand rehabilitation, such as long-term training for stroke patients and heavy workload for physicians. These systems are one of the hot issues in recent robotic research because that they are not only applied...
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Constraint Solving Order in Position Based Dynamics

Yufeng Gu, Kejian Yang, Cong Lu
In order to solve the problem that the adjustment sequence depends only on the data structure in the process of constraint satisfaction, a method of propagating from the fixed points is proposed. The method analyzes the internal force of fabrics in the real world, sorts the particles in ascending order...
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Model of Torque in Disc-Type Magnetorheological Brake Driven by Shape Memory Alloy

Jianzuo Ma, Baisen Zhao, Tian Fu
A magnetorheological brake driven by shape memory alloy is presented in this paper. The shape memory alloy spring is used to push the magnetorheological fluid into the working gap under thermal effect. Herschel-Bulkley model is used to describe the constitutive characteristics of magnetorheological fluids...
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Hazard Analysis and Error Proofing in Spacecraft General Assembly

Botao Xu, Zhikai Fang, Yugang Liu, Tao Guo, Zhengyi Xiao, Bin Zhang, Weibing Dai
The paper analyzes occurrence of hazardous factors in spacecraft general assembly process, and analyzes the level and effect of hazards in various general assembly units. The methodology of designing error proofing for general assembly is discussed, a database of error control elements is established....
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Study of the Method to Capture the Loose Particles inside the Device Cavity

Xuan Pei, Shanbin Xi, Zhaofeng Gao, Kui Zhang
The paper introduced the method to capture the particles inside the devices cavity in detail. The method included several steps, which were as follows: particles detection, grinding cover plate, cleaning cover plate, holing cover plate, capturing particles and particles analysis. The particles would...
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Experimental Study for Evacuated Tube Solar Collector with/without a Compound Parabolic Concentrator

Xu Jia, Guoxin Wu, Tzer-Ming Jeng, Sheng-Chung Tzeng, Weikai Huang
This paper explored the thermal performance of evacuated tube solar collector with/without a semicircular compound parabolic concentrator (CPC). The configurations of tested systems were: (1) the system without CPC, (2) the system with Model A CPC (3) the system with Model B CPC. This work investigated...
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A Comprehensive Evaluation on Coupling Interaction Characteristics of Generalized Load

Han Shu, Dezhi Li, Yongxiu He
In order to characterize the interaction between the generalized load and the distribution network in the future, this paper summarizes the interactive mode between the generalized load and the distribution network under the environment of smart power supply first. Then, the evaluation index system and...
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Research Status of Steel - Aluminum Joining Technology for Automobile Parts

Kai Xu, Qirui Cui, Guoqiang Li, Shuquan Zhang
Lightweight is an inevitable trend for the future development of automobile bodies. There are several suitable for steel-aluminum lap connection technology, with the application of steel-aluminum hybrid body. Mechanical connection technology, welding technology and adhesive riveting composite connection...
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Linear ODE Based Geometric Modelling for Compressor Blades

Guanying Huo, Xin Jiang, Danlei Ye, Cheng Su, Zehong Lu, Bolun Wang, Zhiming Zheng
Geometric modeling based on physical environment of the objects has been emerging as a powerful modeling technique and started to gain popularity for surface modeling and design. These methods usually allow the geometric objects to be defined and governed by a set of differential equations. In this paper,...
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A Tool Path Generation Method for Sculptured Surface Based on the Vector Field of Maximum Strip Width

Cheng Su, Xin Jiang, Guanying Huo, Danlei Ye, Zehong Lu, Bolun Wang, Zhiming Zheng
For three-axis sculptured surface machining, a tool path generation method based on the feed directions of maximum machining strip width is proposed. We use a B-Spline stream function to reconstruct the vector field of feed directions, and give the initial tool path by one of the iso-lines of the stream...
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Development and Research of the Comprehensive Performance Test Platform of the Spindle Parts

Xiangjuan Bai, Jiyuan Li, Weidong Gou, Zhaoshun Liang
In order to simultaneously obtain the comprehensive performance and mechanical characteristics of spindle parts of CNC machine tools, In this paper, through analyzing the testing technology of spindle parts performance, we designed a testing platform. It considers multiple types of spindle parts and...
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Research on the Sealing Performance of Metal Rubber Material in High Thermal Environment

Hui Yan, Wei Yao, Yalei Zhao, Xiang Bi, Shengbo Li, Hongyuan Jiang
Based on the research on elastomer contact mechanics theory and percolation theory, this paper analyzes the sealing performance of metal rubber from the micro perspective of sealing coupling surface topography. By constructing the function of contacting rough surface height, the leakage model of metal...
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Accuracy Investigation of Features Produced by Additive Technology

Katarina Monkova, Peter Monka
The article deals with investigation of accuracy of shaped features produced by additive technology. Within the study, a complex component was designed so to include many specific geometrical features that represent the most used shaped units of technical parts. During presented research, deviations...
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Large Universe Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Efficient Revocation

Lei Sun, Shuaili Wang, Zuohui Li, Guangbo Wang
In this paper, we propose a large universe ciphertext-policy attribute based encryption (ABE) scheme with efficient revocation. To achieve the revocation, we divide the master key into two parts: delegation key and secret key, which are sent to the cloud provider and user separately. Note that, our scheme...
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RPL: A Robot Programming Language Based on Reactive Agent

Xinyang Wang, Jian Zhang
According to the requirements for robot programmings language, agent oriented programming model-RECA and programming language-RPL based on reactive agent were proposed. It is defined that the dynamic mapping relations from environmental inputs to behavioral outputs. RPL was designed to meet the needs...
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Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Sparse Representation of Cooperative Template

Qisen Lin, Ming Li, Xiaoxu Li
Aiming at the problem that the matching error between the target template and the candidate template. In this paper, a new target tracking algorithm based on sparse representation of cooperative template is proposed. When constructing the target template, the global and local templates were used to set...
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Chaotic Image Encryption Schemes: A Review

Chunhu Li, Guangchun Luo, Ke Qin, Chunbao Li
Image encryption has been a popular research field in recent decades. Chaotic encryption is one of the best alternative ways to ensure security. Many image encryption schemes using chaotic maps have been proposed, because of its extreme sensitivity to initial conditions, unpredictability and random like...
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An Improved Elbows Detection Algorithm for Underwater Blurred Images

Yihui Liu, Lei Wan, Mingwei Sheng, Tao Liu, Yueming Li
In order to reduce the influence of noise pollution, shadow, biofouling and disruptors on elbows detection failure rate, an underwater pipeline detection algorithm was proposed. To improve the detection accuracy of underwater pipeline, two aspects of research were presented. One is the improvement of...
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The Performance of Presented Subpixel Corner Detection Approach in Context of Camera Stereo Pair Displacement Determination

Lukáš Šroba, Ján Grman, Rudolf Ravas
This paper deals with the comparison of the presented approach to the another subpixel corner detectors. The our proposed and considered detection method uses the regular cornerness map obtained from the usual corner detectors as initial step. The main idea is to use the cornerness values from a neighboring...
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Face Detection Algorithm Based on Convolutional Pooling Deep Belief Network

Dandan Wang, Ming Li, Xiaoxu Li
When using a single deep model to solve the problem of face detection, it is easy to have the problem of high false detection rate and low learning efficiency, the mixed model algorithm based on deep learning was proposed to solve these problems of face detection, which is called the CPDBN (Convolutional...
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Adaptive Power Mode Tuning for QoS Guarantee in Cyber-Physical Systems

Wei Zhang, Lihui Pan, Zhaohui Yuan
The Quality of Service (QoS) of Cyber-physical systems (CPS) is inevitably undermined by various physical uncertainties which include the stochastic environment noise and dynamics of the physical phenomenon. Both of those uncertainties might lead to task overload and the power overconsumption as task...
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Research on GPS/INS Integrated Navigation Algorithm

Ming Liu
The GPS/INS integrated navigation system has a strong complementarities among the subsystems. It has a very broad application prospects and an important role. In this paper, the development of the satellite navigation system and the inertial navigation system is introduced, and the current situation...
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Analysis of Edible Vegetable Oils by Infrared Absorption Spectrometry

Lei Shi, Zhilong Liu, Jinhong Li, Zhenxing Qin
In order to explore the more suitable conditions for using the edible vegetable oil in daily life, the peak position, peak shape, peak intensity and peak area detected by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) of four different kinds of edible vegetable oils without heated and heated beyond the...
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Exposure Evaluation Method Based on Histogram Statistics

Wen Chen, Xinglong Li
Aiming at the inadequate or excessive exposure problem existed in the imaging system in a scene where there is no specific background or foreground, this paper presents a histogram-based exposure evaluation method. With analysis of statistics features of histograms in different exposure type images,...
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Three-Dimensional Resultant Vibration Based on Hydraulic Excitation

Huixian Zhang, Zhenmin Dong, Lingxia Miao
For studying a three-dimensional vibrating screen based on the fluid-filled pipe, a vibration testing system based on hydraulic excitation was established. The pressure wave generated from the vibration exciter will stimulate the pipe network to vibrate. The elastic plate served as the vibrating screen...
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Study of EMC Test for Large, Permanently-Installed ME Equipment and ME Systems Measured in Situ

Mengchun Song, Weisong Li, Jaye Chen, Ting Chen, Yaosheng Lu, Renhuan Yang
For large, permanently-installed ME (medical electrical) equipment and ME systems, the EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) on-site test items and the attentions for each test item are introduced. By analyzing the requirements of CISPR 11 and IEC60601-1-2, the On-site test of electromagnetic radiation...
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Hydrothermal Spallation Drilling Technology: An Alternative Method of Geothermal Energy Development

Mingbo Wang, Songyang Zhang, Gouemo Niangui Josue Edwin
Hydrothermal Spallation Drilling (HSD) is a relatively new method suitable for drilling through hard and brittle rocks usually encountered in deep wells and more commonly in geothermal well drilling. Up to 70% of the cost of a geothermal energy project is spent on drilling since today almost all deep...
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The Design and Analysis of a Muffler Based on Virtual.lab

Dongwei Wang
In this paper, we analyzed the muffler acoustic performance by the finite element method and Virtual.lab. We changed the simple expansion chamber muffler size and expansion ratio related, expansion cavity length, and the number of expansion chambers effectively to improve the muffler. Through muffler...
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Research on Bionic Polarization Direction Orientation Algorithm and Polarization Navigation Technology

Yanxin Jiang, Zhaokui Meng, Gongliu Yang, Yajie Chen
Based on the standard atmospheric polarization model, the principle of bionic polarized light orientation is studied, and the formula of solar height angle and azimuth angle is given. Then the calculation method of polarization degree and polarization azimuth angle is studied. The method of calculating...
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Lighting Characteristics Analysis on Sunshine Underground Garage

Wanying Qu, Wei Cheng, Fang Wang
In view of the problems existing in current underground garage, underground garage is considered in the design of Tongcheng Yuli district. The square PC plate dormer window of pyramidal of size 3 x 3 meters is set in the roadway above. After the completion of the building, the field measurement and questionnaire...
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Analysis of Low Energy Static Posture for Hexapod Bionic Robot

Lei Zhang, Fang Yang, Dedong Li, Juncheng Guo, Cechong Liu
According to the workload requirements of multi-legged robots, the standing posture of hexapod bionic robot based on static analysis is proposed in this paper, which aims to reduce the energy consumption. We chose the picnic insects with low speed as the bionic prototype and build the robot model, Through...
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Modeling and Steady Holding Strategy of a Climbing Robot

Fuhua Wang, Yuwang Liu, Liangshuai Guo
Underactuated mechanism is a nonlinear system which dimension of input is less than one of state. There are still some problems to be explorations in underactuated mechanism control, especially in ones with multi-DOF. The model reference adaptive control is proposed to solve the control problem of a...
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Estimation of Body Size by Combining Genetic Algorithm with Human Body Model

Nurbiya Yadikar, Shujing Zhang, Hornisa Mamat, Mutallip Mamut, Kurban Ubul
Estimation of body size using related dataset is one of the challenging tasks in modeling and simulation area. It has a wide range of utilization in many aspects in society including body modeling, designing clothes etc. It is necessary to extract feature data in body size measurement. Except ordinary...
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Interoperability Markers for BPMN 2.0 - Making Interoperability Issues Explicit

Xabier Heguy, Gregory Zacharewicz, Yves Ducq, Said Tazi
Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is being becoming the most used standard for business process modelling. One of the important upgrades of BPMN 2.0 with respect to BPMN 1.2 is the fact that Data Objects are now handling semantic elements. Nevertheless, BPMN doesn't enable the representation...
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The Research of the Design of 3D Information Gene Model Oriented to Machine Vision

Yijie Hao, Shun Zhang, Chunfeng Shen
This paper introduces the concept of genes to the design of the product, put forward and set up product genetic model, aimed at apply the principle of gene expression to implement the product intelligent design, and strengthen the autonomy of product design, reduce artificial participation and related...
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Digital 3D Ecosystem Modeling Oriented to Machine Vision

Yijie Hao, Wenjing Han, Chunfeng Shen, Shun Zhang
This paper introduces the concept of ecological system to the design of the product, put forward the concept of product digital ecosystem and established the corresponding model, designed to draw lessons from ecological system, and apply the mechanism of self-organization and adaptive, when design demand...
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Comparison and Analysis of Calculation Models of Solar Irradiance on Inclined Surface Based on Numerical Simulation Method

Chenglong Luo, Dan Sun, Lijie Xu, Jihai Xiong, Mengyin Liao
The present paper summarized the results of the most commonly adopted calculation models for total solar irradiance on inclined surface. The solar irradiance on inclined surface in Beijing was taken as an example and was simulated using Liu and Jordan, Klucher, Hay, and Perez sky models and the results...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of Linear Loading System Based on Axial-Magnetized Voice-Coil Motor

Zhongliang Zhang, Liang Yan
As an important branch of linear motors, linear oscillating motor with high frequency provides reciprocating motion within short-stroke, which shows high efficiency, large power density and convenient maintenance, and has an important application value in electric vehicles, aviation and medical field....
Proceedings Article

Ethical Leadership and Moral Efficacy: Ethical Climate as a Mediator

Dafeng Peng, Junlong Zhang, Qing Tian
In a survey with 73.56% response rate of 662 employees in 21 work units among 9 industries, across multiple organizations, by using questionnaire with convenience sampling and stratified sampling to get sample data, the relationship among ethical leadership, ethical climate and moral efficacy were examined....
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Spontaneous Combustion of Grain Dust

Li Tian, Linjie Gao, Haishun Xu
Experimental study on spontaneous combustion of grain dust was carried out in a cylindrical combustion chamber with vertical flow. Thermocouples and gas sample analyzer were used to measure the temperature and gas of spontaneous combustion respectively. The influence of ventilation volume, bulk density...