Proceedings of the 2023 3rd International Conference on Education, Information Management and Service Science (EIMSS 2023)

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Guiyun Guan, Christian Kahl, Bootheina Majoul, Deepanjali Mishra
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 3rd International Conference on Education, Information Management and Service Science (EIMSS 2023) during July 21-23, 2023 in Qingdao, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Research on the application key technology of AR technology in power simulation training

Chao Wen, Xiaobo Qiu, Yifeng Zhao, Jiaheng Zou, Qi Zheng, Xiao Liang, Xiaoyu Zhang
AR virtual simulation technology is a comprehensive technology that integrates into multiple disciplines. It uses special intelligent equipment and computers as tools to dynamically analyze actual assumptions with the help of system models. Combining virtual simulation technology with power skills training...
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Comparison of International Chinese Education development between Shaanxi Province and Heilongjiang Province

Yumeng WAN
Under the Belt and Road construction, the development of Confucius College is in full swing. As the starting point of the Belt and Road, Shaanxi has not played its due advantage of location, and the situation of "distant relatives are better than close neighbors" has emerged. With the degree...
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Research on the impact of cross domain fusion of patent technology on patent value--Based on propensity score matching method

Ziyan Meng
Technological innovation has become the main driving force for economic and social development, and also the focus of competition between countries or enterprises. This paper uses the propensity score matching method (PSM) in causal reasoning to study and analyze the impact of cross domain fusion of...
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Research on Faculty Manpower Management of vocational undergraduate based on Decision tree algorithm

YanYan Li
The purpose of this paper is to study the problem of vocational undergraduate teacher manpower management, with the decision tree algorithm as the main analysis tool, to explore how to carry on the scientific and effective management of vocational undergraduate teacher talents. The method of questionnaire...
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Blended Learning for Teachers in the Era of "Internet+": From Meta-analysis to Multidimensional Scale Constructs

Lin He, Haili Lu
The Internet+ era has brought changes to teachers' learning styles. Objective: To study teachers' blended learning not only at the theoretical and strategic levels, but also at the practical level. Methods: Using meta-analysis, we explored the characteristics of teachers' blended learning...
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Research on Decision Tree Algorithm in Colleges and Universities Financial Management

Ligang Chen, Yilin Chen
The importance of financial information management in colleges and universities is becoming more and more prominent. How to manage financial information efficiently has become an important issue of financial management in colleges and universities. This paper takes decision tree algorithm as the main...
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Research on Employee Work Behavior Characteristics in the AI Interview and Evaluation System under the Human-Robot Collaboration Mode: Based on the Job Characteristics Model

Yangyang Chen, Xuli Ma, Jing Chen
Human-robot Collaboration (HRC) is the pivotal product under technology development. And AI interviews, as a new human resource product, have certain research significance. Based on the job characteristic model, this article takes human resource professionals engaging in recruitment as the research object....
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Network Agenda-Setting in Contemporary China

Media Coverage and Public Opinion on Anshun Bus Accident

Wen Shen, Yanchao Han
The theory and empirical researches of network agenda-setting are relatively mature, but lack explanatory power in the Chinese context. This study takes the “Anshun bus accident” in July 2020 as a case and conducts an empirical study on network agenda-setting to examine its explanatory power in the Chinese...
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Design and Application of "Vocational Skills+Mandarin" Remote Training Service Platform Based on Web Technology

Tao Zhang, Zhenhong Li
With the in-depth development of language and writing work in the new era, the reform of Mandarin teaching has become a key link in the development of higher education, and the proposal of "vocational skills+Mandarin" plan has pointed out the direction for the development of college students'...
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Construction of Resume Recommendation Model for College Students Based on Machine Learning

Yingjie Bu, Yaodong Jin, Xiaohua Zhang, Zhiyuan Zhan
With the rapid growth of graduates and by the negative impact from the COVID-19, graduates have encountered many difficulties in employment. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to analyze the resume data of college graduates. Based on this need, this paper establishes a resume data extraction model,...
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A Comparative Study on Post-occupancy Evaluation of University History Museums in Xi'an Universities

--The History Museums of Northwestern Polytechnic University and Xi'an Jiaotong University as Examples

Mo Yang, Xiaochao Wang, Xin Chen
In this paper, two representative university history museums in Xi'an, Northwestern Polytechnical University (hereinafter referred to as NPU) and Xi 'an Jiaotong University (hereinafter referred to as XJTU), are taken as the research objects, and the display environment of the two university...
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Research on Intellectual Property Retrieval based on intelligent recommendation algorithm

Dianyong Yu, Yunliang Sun, Vadzim Samaryn
Effective retrieval of intellectual property is of great significance for promoting innovation and protecting intellectual property rights and interests. Aiming at the problems of information overload and low accuracy existing in traditional retrieval methods of intellectual property, this paper proposes...
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The impact of Digital Economy on Green Consumption

Mingzhu Pan, Xufang Li
Based on CFPS 2018 data, this study constructs an OLS model and employs principal component analysis to examine the influence of the development level of the digital economy on Chinese residents' level of green consumption. The main findings of the thesis are as follows: the level of development...
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Research on the Evaluation of Graduate English Writing Course based on iWrite Assessment System

Zhouting Ma, Xiaoying Song
The iWrite writing evaluation system assesses students’ writing from four dimensions: vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and content. This study selected 30 valid samples from the experimental class and compared the differences between computer-assisted evaluation and manual evaluation via data...
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Construction of Teaching Innovation Teams in Higher Vocational Colleges--Taking Information Communication Technology and Application Majors as an Example

Jingjing Wang
In order to improve the quality and level of teaching, higher vocational colleges must build a high-quality faculty team. However, currently there are still some problems in the construction of faculty teams in some higher vocational colleges. In view of this situation, this paper, from set out actually,...
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An Analysis of Subjective Well-being and Individual Comparison under Structural Equation Model

Yiyin Wang, Tianyong Chen, Yun Chen
Objective: To analyze the directional effects of individual comparison on subjective well-being in the elderly in the diachronic data, which aims to provide theoretical exploration for the subjective well-being (SWB) of old age. Methods: Based on the data of the follow-up survey on the influencing factors...
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Analysis of the development trend of teaching application research of big data technology in recent 10 years

Huiyuan Luo
With the deepening of the application of information technology in the field of education and teaching, a large number of educational data can be produced. Based on 611 journal papers related to the teaching application of big data technology collected in CNKI database, this paper makes an in-depth discussion...
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Research on the Evaluation Model of Mobile Application

Fengyang Liu, Honglei Xu, Zhaoxi Wang
With the development of mobile Internet and the peak of user growth, mobile application development has shifted from brutal expansion to refined operation. In order to better adapt to mobile application development and user needs, this paper constructs a comprehensive product development evaluation system...
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A study on the continuous usage intention of an online education system for students of art colleges

A case study of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology based on the model of continuous use expectation of information systems

Yang Xi, Mingxin Tian
The purpose of this study was to investigate factors influencing students’ satisfaction and continued intention to use online learning systems in art schools based on the PST theory. We developed and tested a model extending the ECM-IT model using structural equation modeling. The results showed that...
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Developments and cutting-edge themes in the field of education research since the handover of Macau

-- CNKI-based bibliometric analysis

Hanxiang Gong, Xi Wang, Baoxin Chen, Jinghua Li
The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive understanding of education research in Macao since its return to China and offer guidance and foundations for the development and improvement of education in Macao. Utilizing the CNKI database, a literature analysis was conducted to gain a comprehensive...
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Analysis of Higher Education Teaching Data Based on Data Mining Technology

Wang Zhi Qi
In order to effectively mine and utilize the large amount of valuable data stored in the academic management system of universities, a data mining technology based method for analyzing higher education teaching data has been proposed. This article uses data mining technology to deeply mine and analyze...
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A study on the design of a large unit of teaching and learning for the integration of teaching and assessment with core literacy orientation

Xiaohong Lan, Yufeng Ren
With the development of education informatization and the task of establishing moral education, cultivating students' core literacy has become the primary task of teaching. In recent years, researchers and teachers in various places in China have made certain achievements in the research of cultivating...
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Research of innovation in Retail based on CiteSpace Knowledge Spectrum

Ying Chen, Jia Jin, Zhichao Zhao
This paper retrieves and organizes the literature on the topic of retail innovation in Web of Science from 1994-2023, and analyzes the data with visualization of information such as the number of publications, regions of publication, and keywords. Furthermore, the visual literature analysis software...
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Collaborative Innovation of Engineering Discipline Based on Digital Education Management in Cloud Environment

Xi Zhang, Fangwei Li, Shuang Guo, Chunlian Quan, Baiying Yang, Alex S. Hwang
Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important in providing services and storing data on Engineering Science in higher education. In such a changing technological world, technology integration in learning and education is inevitable, and technology is an integral part of the Engineering Science learning...
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Design and Development of Online Teaching System for Career Planning Based on Web Technology

Yu Zhang
With the deepening of teaching information reform in the new era, the traditional teaching method of college students' career planning course can no longer meet the current educational needs, which seriously restricts the effectiveness of the career planning course. In this regard, based on the...
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A Model for Analyzing the Behavior of Classroom Teacher-Student Interaction Based on Deep Learning

Mingyue Zhou, Wei Pan, Zelin Zhang
In the context of combining education and artificial intelligence, it is important to identify and analyze interactive behaviors in intelligent classroom behaviors. The main contribution of the article is the design and implementation of an intelligent analysis model of classroom teacher-student interaction...
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The Construction and Application of Experimental Course Resources Based on Pan Ya Platform

Taking Computer Operating System Course as an Example

Yan Chao, Shuying Liu, Tao Zeng
Aiming at the problems existing in the experimental teaching of Computer operating system in our school, such as less class hours, students' low learning enthusiasm and low efficiency of pre-class preview, this paper studies and applies the construction of online course resources. Relying on the...
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Digital transmission of cultural heritage. Digital Representation and Reproduction of Pat Chest Dance in Southern Fujian

Jun Zhu, Hua Shao
Faced with the challenges of the digital age, the digital transmission of cultural heritage has become an important issue. This paper takes Pat Chest Dance in Southern Fujian, a Chinese intangible cultural heritage, The objective is to investigate its digital transmission and reproduction, aiming to...
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Online course design and its effectiveness in the post-covid-19 era in higher education: Empirical evidence from China

Qiwei Zhou, Ye Sun, Yunfeng Zhang
The post-covid-19 era has instigated new opportunities and challenges to the construction of online courses and digital learning. Under such context, this paper takes the course “Crisis Management” (CM) as an example and attempts to innovate the online teaching content, mainly including: deeply combining...
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The Research on the Implementation Path of Innovative Talents in Computer Majors Based on the Integration of Specialization and Innovation

Congcong Li, Yuting Zhang, Yanan Li, Wei Yao
Entrepreneurship education in universities can only be truly effective when it is based on professional education and fully integrated into the development of professional education. By implementing integrated education that combines professionalism and entrepreneurship throughout the entire process...
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Analysis of the Laws and Characteristics of the Application of Fresh Drugs in "Puji Benshi Fang" Based on Data Mining

Shun Li, Guirong Liu
Based on data mining technology, the application rules and characteristics of fresh medicine in "Puji Benshi Fang" were discussed. Retrieve and collect the fresh medicine used in "Puji Benshi Fang" and the nature, flavor and chapters of the applied fresh medicine, analyze and input...
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The Construction of Multiple Paths of Higher Vocational Information Technology Teaching under the Integration of Industry and Education

YiLun Wang
This paper explores the construction of diversified paths of information technology teaching in higher vocational colleges under the background of integration of production and education. Through investigation, it is found that there are many difficulties in information technology teaching in higher...
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Strategies for Enhancing the Professional Identity of Teachers in Private Universities in Guangxi

Xaofeng Yang, Yue Peng, Zhijun Lan
This article aimed to research the current situation of professional identity among teachers in private universities in Guangxi, to create strategies for enhancing professional identity of teachers in private universities in Guangxi, and to evaluate the the adaptability and feasibility of strategies...
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Performance Evaluation of Maritime Search and Rescue in Shandong Province

Dapeng Wang, Tengchao Ma, Yining Yang
Maritime emergency rescue has always been a key area of research by experts and scholars. This article draws on the practical experience of performance evaluation in the public domain, selects four dimensions of economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness according to the "4E" theory,...
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Comparison and Analysis of the Composition of the Teaching Staff for Training Master's Degree in Audit

Peiyuan Niu
Based on the focus on the cultivation of Master's degree in auditing, data on full-time teachers from 50 training units nationwide were collected. A comparative analysis was conducted on the full-time teacher teams of different training units from dimensions such as size, age structure, professional...
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Design of an Intelligent Storage Cabinet System based on STM32

Jiahao Zheng, Mou Wu, Liangji Zhong, Guonian Jin, Zhiyong Wang
This paper proposes the detailed design of an intelligent storage cabinet system based on STM32. The system includes a control microcontroller, an electronic display screen, capacitive buttons, a temperature and humidity sensor, and a WIFI module, among other measurement and control components. To enhance...
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Research on COVID--19 Prevention and Control Policies in China--Based on the Quantitative Analysis of Existing Central and Local Governments' Policies Text

Shengchun Ding, Ziqi Lin
The Chinese government had published a series of epidemic prevention and control policy during covid-19. We are able to reveal the emphasis, intention, and diffusion law of those policies published by the central and local government by analyzing them. First, Time-Series Analysis method is used to explore...
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A Comparative Study of Art and Design Education in the Internet + Era Empowered by AI

Yiyi Zhao
Traditional art design education pays attention to the cultivation of traditional skills and individual creativity, emphasizing the uniqueness of art and humanistic care. The education mode under the era of AI intelligent Internet + pays attention to the integration of digital technology and innovative...
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Intelligent platform design of electricity charge recovery business system based on business collaboration

Heng Yue, Cunsheng Xin, peng OuYang
In order to meet the actual business process and customer demand of electricity charge recovery management, this paper designs and develops a electricity charge recovery management system based on J 2 EE. It adopts the latest information management concept in the software development process, and introduces...
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Research on Data Privacy Protection Strategies Based on Artificial Intelligence

Jun Yang, Qiukai Ye, Jiujiang Han, Ming Xian
With the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence, the importance and urgency of data privacy protection issues have become increasingly prominent, making it a hot research area worldwide. However, the future research directions and hot topics in this field are not yet clear. To this...
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Application of Improved Encryption Algorithm in Information Security Protection of Cloud Computing Users

Aimin Niu
In order to prevent the user name and password from being stolen, this paper puts forward the application research of improved encryption algorithm in cloud computing user information security protection. In this paper, the privacy protection method based on face recognition mainly uses Gabor filter...
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Improving Individual Digital Literacy in the Digital Era: From the Perspective of Learning

Qiwei Zhou, Ye Sun, Yunfeng Zhang
Digital transformation, including adoption of various digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, algorithm, information-computer technology, is prevalent in nowadays organizations. Extant research proposes that digital transformation has claimed new job demands and brought up challenges and...
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Design and Exploration of 5E Project-based Teaching Model for Core Literacy

Xiaohong Lan, Wenjing Yao
Nowadays, imparting knowledge is only one of the purposes of teaching activities, but it is more important to cultivate well-rounded and innovative talents that meet the requirements of society through teaching activities. The traditional classroom is often a filler education, which has no obvious effect...
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Synthesis on ESG performance and green innovation Based on Quantitative Methods-Bibliometrix R Package

Jiaxin Zhang
In the context of UN Sustainable Develop Goals of 2030, the ESG performance and green innovation is an attracting field for not only scholars, but also managerial and governors. Yet few scholars have made contribution on synthesizing knowledges of this field. With assisting of R package Bibliometrix,...
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A fusing Transformer and CNN on Interpretable COVID-19 Detection

Zhuohui Pan, Yujuan Chen
Although computer-aided diagnosis has become an important tool for rapid detection of lung diseases, the reliability of algorithm visualization on chest X-ray (CXR) images remains a challenge. This study explores the detection performance of a fusion model combining Transformer and CNN models. A decision...
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Research on university information management based on graph neural network

Caiping Liang, Wumin Huang
University information management plays a vital role in the current digital age, which covers many aspects such as student information, educational administration, scientific research results and so on. However, due to the large amount of information in colleges and universities, the traditional information...
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Research and analysis of an exercise internal load system based on a big data context assessment

Chengjie Ye, Xinna Li, Jingwei Li, Jiachi Ye, Binghong Gao
Objectives To examine how Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and session RPE (sRPE) are used in Olympic combat sports. Along with the quantification of training and competition load, the application effect is explored from the perspectives of reliability and validity. Methodsː Search databases...
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Can the Flipped classroom teaching model really improve students' high-level thinking ability?

——Meta analysis based on 34 experimental or quasi experimental studies

Yu-Xuan Fan, Wei-Xing HU, Miao-Miao Zhao
Cultivating students' higher-order thinking is one of the basic needs of current social development for education. However, the experimental or quasi experimental studies on the impact of Flipped classroom on students' higher-order thinking at home and abroad are quite different, and have not...
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Construction of Network-aided Teaching System of Tourism Management in Colleges and Universities Based on Javaweb Technology

Jing Li, Yu Chen
With the rapid rise of smart tourism industry, the education and teaching mode and talent training system used in colleges and universities can not fully meet the training needs of applied talents in tourism management, which further aggravates the contradiction between supply and demand of talents....
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Design of Radiotherapy Information System

Mengchao Liu, Jian Shi, Da Gong, Luwang Zhou, Muyao Tang, Yuntian Liu, Hong Lu
This paper aims to address the challenges faced by the Department of Radiation Therapy at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in terms of quality control, documentation, third-party coordination, and radiation therapy workflow. Based on the principles of workflow management and personalized requirements...
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Application of Cluster Analysis in the Management of College Students' Mental Health Education

Yuru Sun
Through cluster analysis, the mental health of vocational college students is divided, so as to improve the scientific and targeted work.1300 vocational college students were investigated with scl-90 symptom scale and cluster analysis was carried out. According to the mental health level, the group of...
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Design and Implementation of Credit Banking System Based on Qualification Framework

Xiongping Huang, Yonghua Yang
In order to solve the problem that the learning outcomes of students and the courses of talent training program can not be effectively connected, the credit bank system is developed. The system adopts a typical three-layer system architecture layered design, using Java object-oriented programming language...
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On the application of t-distribution in the estimation of population mean interval

Bin Song
This article introduces the origin of the t distribution, the demonstration of the t distribution on small samples, the advantages of the t distribution, and the reasoning of the application of the t distribution to the estimation of the population mean. The specific application of the t distribution...
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Design and Implementation of a Routing Protocol Based on CPT Simulator

Taking RIP Protocol as an Example

Shuying Liu, Tao Zeng, Yan Chao
In order to effectively solve the problem of students being unable to attend laboratory classes in the classroom due to uncertain factors such as limited location of computer network experiments and the epidemic, this article uses Cisco Simulator to build a network simulation platform and introduces...
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Construction of Three-dimensional Network Teaching Resource Platform in Colleges and Universities under Big Data Technology

Yu Chen, Jing Li
At present, there is a lack of unified planning for the construction and application of online teaching resources in colleges and universities, so that online teaching resources are relatively independent and scattered, and there are problems such as difficult transmission and sharing and low application...
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The construction of engineering training information education platform based on UML modeling

Yunyi Wang, Sihan Liu, Tong Wu, Jinyan Guo
In order to construct the information engineering training practice education platform under the background of Internet + in Jilin University, this paper introduces UML modeling, carries out object-oriented analysis and design, simplifies the complexity of the experimental teaching information management...
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Machine Learning in Home Equity Risk Management: Unbanked Population Credit Assessment

Yitian Zhang, Parsa Moghaddamcharkari
This study leverages an imbalanced dataset provided by a home equity company to assess unbanked population’s repayment ability. The target variable is whether the client has repayment difficulties, and independent variables include demographic information and credit history. Logistic regression model...
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Accurate Recommendation Algorithm of International Chinese Education Resources Based on Knowledge Map

David Sanz Fojón, Honglei Liu
In order to accurately recommend international Chinese education resources, an accurate recommendation algorithm for international Chinese education resources based on Knowledge graph is proposed. With international Chinese education resources as the core, a knowledge map based on the RDF triplet form...
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Application of virtual reality technology in the treatment of depression

Wenjun Qiu, Jian Wang
Virtual reality is a comprehensive technology that allows users to immerse themselves in a three-dimensional realistic image through computer simulation and to interact with the virtual scene through some special equipment. With the help of computer programming, virtual reality technology can create...
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Research on Cluster Analysis of Process Evaluation Integrated into Teaching

Yongjian Wang, Nie Zhou, Pengfei Hu
The process evaluation integrated into teaching is aimed at promoting learners’ development. It takes “efficient learning” as the basic starting point and follows the course learning method of “evaluation methods being various, but not fixed”, to accurately grasp the immediate evaluation in the teaching...
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Design of Russian Vocabulary Phonetic System Based on Cyclic Neural Network

Yumin Xu, Liguo Liu
In order to improve the accuracy of Russian word pronunciation, this paper proposes a design of Russian word pronunciation system based on Recurrent neural network. Firstly, the traditional Russian phoneme set has been improved and designed to better express the pronunciation characteristics of words....
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Research on the Establishment and Application of Russian Examination System Based on AI Technology

Zhu Feng, Axue Li
With the development and application of artificial intelligence technology, the establishment and application of a Russian exam system based on AI technology has become a research hotspot. Such an examination system uses Natural language processing, speech recognition, machine learning and other technologies...
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Online Resource Library in Mechanical Drawing Teaching Base on SQL Database

Yunlu Gu, Haixia Li, Xiang Zhang
This study has constructed an online resource library for mechanical drawing on the Chaoxing SQL Server database. Chaoxing database is a cloud database SQL server provides comprehensive API interfaces and SDK, allowing users to develop based on their own needs. The resource library is a high-quality,...
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Research on the Key Links of Blended Teaching in Applied Colleges under the Digitalization of Education

Yi Zhang, Feng Zhang, Xingji Hu, Yutao Qiu, Jianguo Mo, Xiahui Xie
It has become a global consensus to accelerate the Digital transformation of education. Based on the characteristics of application-oriented undergraduate talent construction, this paper first analyzes the development direction of digital education and blended teaching, and draws on the OECD model framework...
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Research on the Digital Competency Improvement Path of Higher Vocational UAV Application Technology Professional Teachers Based on AI Technology

Jian Wu, Zhifeng Mao
With the rapid development of UAV technology, the digital competence of UAV application technology professional teachers in higher vocational colleges has become a key element of educational reform and development. This paper analyzes the current situation of digital competency of UAV application technology...
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Research and Exploration on the Integration of ChatGPT in High School Information Technology Assisted Personalized Teaching

Taking "Enumeration Algorithm" as an Example

Jingqiu Gan
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, integrating AI-powered tools in the field of education has become a promising research direction. This paper discusses the advantages of using ChatGPT in teaching high school information technology courses, including learning diagnosis,...
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Research on the Information Literacy Evaluation System of College Students under the Background of Smart Campus

Xi Yang, Hongbin Gu, Kongpeng Wei
In the context of smart campus construction, the enhancement of college students' information literacy has become a focus of attention in the education field. This study aims to explore the evaluation system of college students' information literacy in order to better understand and assess...
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The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Teacher Education in China

Shuai Yang
In recent years, the application of artificial intelligence in the field of education has become increasingly profound, injecting enormous potential into the development of teaching and learning. This trend is also evident in teacher education. In the context of China, how is artificial intelligence...
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Research on the Application of Three Exponential Smoothing Models in Spare Parts Consumption Prediction

Jian Ren, Kun Li, Qiuhong Tan, Feng Guo
In response to the problem of large data storage capacity and limited prediction in recent years in the moving average method, this article uses three exponential smoothing methods to establish a primary exponential smoothing model, a secondary exponential smoothing model, and a tertiary exponential...
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How Does Digital Traceability Impact the Innovation Behavior of Food Firms Based on the Marketing Perspective?

Xinxiang Gao, Jianhua Liu, Shiran Wang, Thillai Raja Pertheban, Kim Mee Chong, Jiawen Yu
Marketing is the vital force behind business growth. Meanwhile, innovation serves as the fundamental safeguard for effective marketing strategies. And whether booming digital technology can foster and promote the innovative behavior of food enterprises has received extensive attention from a variety...
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Teaching Quality Evaluation Model of University Teachers Based on Neural Network

Bin Tang, Changbo Wang, Haibing Cai, Xiaohu Liu, Zhenyu Liu
Considering the structural characteristics and the adaptive and self-learning functions of neural networks, a teaching quality evaluation system for high-level teachers was developed using the BP neural algorithm. The system's mathematical model was established, with each evaluation index serving...
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Teaching Quality Evaluation Method of Higher Education based on Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network

Bin Tang, Haibing Cai, Changbo Wang, Xiaohu Liu, Fenglin Zhang
In order to address the shortcomings of traditional teaching quality evaluation systems, researchers have implemented PSO neural network technology to develop a teaching quality evaluation system for colleges and universities. This system utilizes PSO neural network technology, with teaching evaluation...
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Application of Campus Big Data in the Field of Student Physical and Mental Health

Yin Bai, Zhixian Zhang, Lina Tang, Kairui Yang, Ruiting Yang
This work presents an innovative application of a student physical and mental health monitoring system based on campus big data. The paper highlights the implementation of this system by China Mobile in major universities. The system incorporates emotion intelligent analysis technology using image recognition,...
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Research and Application of Virtual Reality Techniques in the Field of Education: A Bibliometric Analysis Based on Web of Science via VOSviewer

Long Liang, Zhirong Yang
Virtual reality technology in education is a vibrant research field. This study employs VOSviewer software to conduct a bibliometric analysis of 1595 relevant publications in the Web of Science database. By analyzing the existing literature, this study examines the quantity of publications, research...
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Analysis of classroom teaching innovation characteristics of science and engineering teachers

Jingnan Jiang, Ling Luo
Classroom teaching is a key factor affecting the quality of teaching in colleges and universities. This study adopts a qualitative research method, using NVivo11 software, to analyze the teaching strategies in the final debriefing video of the National College Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition...
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Data Mining for Intangible Cultural Heritage education: Lingnan String Puppet Show TikTok comments analysis

Bifeng Wang, Xiaohe Liu, Xiaojun Zheng, Qian Liu
Data mining methods show advantages in the Public Education of ICH(intangible cultural heritage). Taking Lingnan String Puppet Show as the research object, this study analyzed the TikTok comments using LDA topic modeling method and found 20 topics and five main themes: Inheritance and development(30%),...
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Construction and Empirical Research on the Design Model of "One Course with Multiple Teachers" for Applied Universities under the Industry-Education Integration + Digitization

Guiling Fan
Applied universities bear the important mission of cultivating high-quality applied and innovative talents adapted to industrial needs and exploring the design of "one course with multiple teachers" mode under the digital technology of education is of great significance for promoting its teaching...
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Use Large Language Models for Named Entity Disambiguation in Academic Knowledge Graphs

Shaojun Liu, Yanfeng Fang
This study investigates the application of large language models (LLMs) in disambiguating homonymous named entities in academic knowledge graphs. Current state-of-the-art methods rely on supervised learning techniques that often necessitate extensive annotated datasets, which may be scarce in specialized...
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Research on Enterprise Risk Prediction Path Based on Knowledge Graph

Zi Ye, Shengchun Ding
Identifying risk information from enterprise big data is the top priority of enterprise risk management. Based on the literature research of enterprise risk early warning, the task of risk identification and risk evaluation in early warning research is summarized as enterprise risk prediction, and its...
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Study on the airflow signal model of voiceless plosive in Xiahe Tibetan based on Glottal MS110

Jing Zhang, Yonghong Li
This paper takes Xiahe dialect as the research object, writes a Matlab program to extract the airflow signal parameters of the voiceless plosive initial, and establishes the airflow model of the plosive on the basis of more than 200 monosyllabic corpus, and describes the characteristics of different...
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Lightweight YOLOv7 Real-Time Insulator Power Equipment Defect Detection Based on Attention Improvement

Tao Wang, Jingfeng Xiao, Xinxin Meng, Wenzhong Yang
efective faults in insulator power equipment can affect transmission equipment's normal operation and electricity consumption in the service area. To reduce or avoid transmission faults caused by defective insulator power equipment failures, structural defects of insula-tors need to be detected....
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The Impact of Agricultural Product Traceability Information on Consumer Online Purchasing Behavior

——Mediating Effects of Perceived Environmental Information Transparency

Xiaolin Li, Yilun Xie
The purpose of this study is to investigate the quick trust generated by traceability information of agricultural products in consumer purchasing behavior and its impact on purchasing behavior. The results show that traceability information promotes consumers' perception of environmental information...
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Sematic Search Augmented Conversation for Enhanced Dialogue Generation

Yibo Yao, Azlan Mohd Zain, Kai-Qing Zhou
Although advanced conversational models like ChatGPT are capable of generating rich and coherent content, the generated responses often contain fictional facts and knowledge hallucinations. A mainstream approach to addressing this problem in the past has been fine-tuning or retraining models by injecting...
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Influence of Empathy Fatigue on Medical Students' Implicit Absenteeism in Ethnic Minority Areas

Lei Lei, Bin Chai, Hong Li, Xinggui Xu
With the arrival of the post-epidemic age, many new aspects of the influence of empathic fatigue on covert absenteeism among medical students have surfaced. In this paper, we investigated the data of 600 medical students in schools in minority areas of Yunnan using the Social Connection Scale Revised...
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Analysis of the ways to improve the teaching effect of live marketing courses

Mandan Cao, Zhihua Gan, Juan Cheng
Based on the current situation of live broadcast marketing course, this study takes teachers and students in vocational colleges as the survey object, and uses principal component analysis (PCA) method to analyze the key factors affecting the satisfaction of live courses in higher vocational colleges...
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Design and implementation of microwave transmission courses based on virtual reality and oriented towards future education

Wei Liu, Huaijun Zhou, Han Liu
"Fundamentals of Microwave Technology" is a compulsory course for undergraduate majors in Electronic Science and Technology, playing a connecting role in the microwave series of courses. The course aims to face future education, and is designed and implemented based on virtual reality systems...
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Research on the construction of role playing experiential teaching mode in TCM medical record training teaching based on virtual simulation technology

Huaxing Cai, Yunlong Xu, Qi Wen, Ying Liu
With the help of virtual reality technology, the role playing experiential teaching mode is applied to the practical teaching of TCM medical records. Through the immersive role experience in virtual reality environment, students are physically and mentally involved and feel the sense of career mission....
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Research on Optimization of Organizational Training Efficiency under Multiple Training Objectives Based on AHP-GA Algorithm

Min Cao, Ping Luo, Ying Du, Yao Niu
This paper proposes a solution that combines Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) to optimize the training duration of training institutions with multiple training objectives by establishing a mathematical model for optimizing organizational training benefits under multiple constraints....
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Construction and Application Analysis of Information Model for Automotive Industry Test Equipment

Jun Zhu, Jia Zhao, Yang Liu, Ran Bo
Experimental data is an important resource for detecting and evaluating the performance and safety of automobiles. The current experimental equipment has a wide variety of data types and a large amount of data, which can be effectively managed and used through information models. Therefore, this article...
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An improved color image watermarking algorithm based on DWT

Zhaoting Wang, Hongqin Wu, Yuying Ma
Aiming at the poor robustness and transparency of color image watermarking algorithm, this paper proposes an improved color image watermarking algorithm based on DWT. The watermark image and the original image are transformed by DWT, and the embedding position of the watermark is adjusted according to...
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The Important Value and Path Optimization of Empowering Precise Ideological and Political Education in Universities with Big Data Technology

Chuanhui Chen, Aimei Yang
Higher education ideological and political education is a complex and long-term systematic project that needs to keep pace with the times and apply the latest technological means. The use of big data technology can help achieve the goal of accurate ideological and political education in universities....
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Design and Application of Online Teaching Platform in Colleges and Universities under the Background of Internet Plus Vocational Education

Zhe Zhang, Youwen Zhang, Liling Xu, Jian Fang
At present, the mode of "Internet Plus Vocational Education" has become an important engine to promote the high-quality and characteristic development of vocational education. In this regard, this paper takes the current educational model of higher vocational colleges as the research object,...
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Exploration and application of a coordinated development index system based on the Pro-Liv-Eco coupling equation

Bin Yan, Zhaoxin Lin, Qingqin Li, Jiahui Xun, Ziyang Li
The main purpose of this paper is to explore in depth the policy documents and actual situation of rural development in Zhejiang Province, while using semi-structured interviews and data collection means, including manual research, drones, official statistical yearbooks, NSMC, etc., GIS-based data mining,...
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Using software platform to simulate the application of case teaching method of "party role substitution" in law teaching

Wen Wen, Lei Wang, Ruirui Sun
This article aims to explore the importance of using software platforms for simulation teaching in the context of technological innovation, and point out that this new teaching model can fully leverage the advantages of multimedia technology, enhance the modernization level and diversified characteristics...
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Research and analysis on the optimization of vocational education learning platform based on the background of artificial intelligence

Liangyan Wang, Yin Dai, Lanxi Jia
The learning platform model of vocational education is characterized by openness and sharing Openness is reflected in the fact that the learning platform is a collection of resources, absorbing various forms of high-quality resources, while providing universities and related institutions with better...
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Research on the News Industry in the Age of Big Data

Yaotao Zhu
In the digital age, the competition focus of the news industry has shifted to the monopoly and competition for news resources, big data, and user groups. Traditional media monopolizes news resources based on the accumulated historical resources and credibility, while building content brands based on...
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Construction of Network-aided Teaching Platform for Economic Management Specialty Based on Web Technology

Jun Yao
In the era of educational informationization 2.0, the advantages of online teaching on the Internet have become more and more prominent, and it has become the core element to promote educational innovation and reform in colleges and universities. In this regard, this paper will build a Web-based network-aided...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Data Structure Course for the Cultivation of Application-oriented Talents

Yan Ren, Yong Ren, Wei Xu
The data structures course, as a fundamental course in applied undergraduate computer-related majors, bears the responsibility of imparting algorithm knowledge, cultivating logical thinking, and conducting programming practices based on the disciplinary background. It also expands innovation and establishes...
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Synergetic Effect Mechanism of Knowledge Work Productivity- An Empirical Study Based on Coaching Techniques

Min Xiao
In sharing knowledge economy era, technological innovation brings the change of production pattern, focus on the process structure of knowledge work productivity, value creation and collaborative innovation to provide new technology paradigm and technical path of knowledge work productivity improvement....