Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Economics, Management, Law and Education (EMLE 2018)

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Regional Economic Development and Creative Class on the Example of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Stepanov Alexey, Yurzinova Irina
This article presents a brief analysis from the work of a researchers’ group of the Institute of Regional and Structural Researchers at the Niederrhein University about the influence of the creative class on the development of the regional economy on the example of the German state North Rhine-Westphalia.
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Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in the Eurasian Economic Union

Rudakova Elena, Dmitrieva Olga, Morkovkin Dmitry, Kuleshova Lidiya, Kosolapov Yury
The article deals with various aspects of the enforcement of intellectual property in the territory of the member States of the Eurasian economic Union. The systematization of areas of cooperation in which the member States implement law enforcement measures to ensure effective protection and protection...
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Risks of Unregulated Use of Blockchain Technology in the Financial Markets

Nataliya Amosova, Anna Yu. Kosobutskaya, Olga Rudakova
The article is devoted to the analyses of the risks of civil society, financial organizations, regulators, law enforcement agencies that are associated with the unregulated use of blockchain technologies. The authors proceed from the fact that new technologies applied in the financial markets produce...
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Study on the Influence of Bank of Russia on the Banking Sector Liquidity

Morozko Nina, Morozko Natalia, Didenko Valentina
An attempt was made to assess trends in the development of liquidity of the banking sector in the context of the needs of the national economy based on an analysis of the evolution of the banking system. The paper reveals the content of liquidity of the banking sector and the formation of the legislative...
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Digitalization of Industry as a Key Factor in the Competitiveness of the Socio-economic System

Tolkachev Sergey, Sharkova Antonina, Morkovkin Dmitry
The paper analyzes the impact of digital business on the formation of competitive advantages in the socio-economic system in the Russian economy. The article substantiates the position that the government of the Russian Federation could significantly support the digitalization of the Russian economy...
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Development of Innovative Banking Products and Technologies for People with Disabilities

Travkina Elena, Grishina Ekaterine, Kurdyumova Gyuzal
The article substantiates the need to take into account the features of the segment of people with disabilities in the development of marketing policy of commercial banks and identified barriers to banking services in this segment. The role of the Bank of Russia in the creation of high-quality service...
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Regulating Systemic Risks in the Banking Sector

Gospodarchuk Galina, Suchkova Ekaterina
The article examines the problems of improving the regulation of systemic risks with regard to the specific features of national economies. The aim of the study is to develop a conceptual platform for the correction of instruments for regulation of institutional systemic risks and its testing in Russian...
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Accessibility of Financial Services for Customers with Disabilities in Russia: Challenges and Prospects

Rudakova Olga, Amosova Nataliya, Sokolinskaya Nataliya
The development of information technologies provides an opportunity for banks to introduce a new category of customers to the financial market that are the persons with disabilities. The emergence of innovative remote banking services allows creating their barrier-free entrance to the market. Despite...
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The Research on the Effectiveness of Budgetary Instruments of the Regional Socio-economic Systems Development

Starikova Tatiana, Filimonova Natalia, Zaitseva Irina
Budget is a significant instrument of regional development, which helps to solve social problems, align the level of different regions economic development and encourage the most meaningful life support projects of the state. However, it is possible to single out a number of problems constraining the...
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Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment for Persons with Disabilities in the Strategy of Socio-economic Development of Voronezh

Treshchevsky Yuri I., Kosobutskaya Anna Yu., Nikitina Larisa
The article examines the formation of the barrier free urban environment for physically challenged people. The authors share the opinion that people with limited mobility should have equal access to the results of implementation of main city functions, such as essential services, entertainment and recreation,...
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Anti-crisis Measures for Improving the Functioning of Commercial Bank

Bondarenko Tatiana, Zhdanova Olga
The article specifies that the process of anti-crisis management in a commercial bank should be an integral part of the accounting, customer, interest and credit policies of the bank, containing strategic directions of banking activities in the field of its active and passive operations, especially determining...
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Statistical Evaluation of the Impact of Lending on the Consumption of Russian Farms in the Context of Macroeconomic Shocks

Nivorozhkina Ludmila, Toropova Tatiana
The article proposes and implements an integrated approach that allows to identify the specifics of the socio-economic situation of households paying out consumer loans, including loans to pay for education. Analysis conducted taking into account periods of macroeconomic shocks. A mechanism for intervening...
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Monetary Policy, Investors’ Attention and the Dynamic Evolution of RMB Exchange Rate

Du Xiuli, Ye Zhenzhen
In recent years, the development of behavioral economics pointed out that the premise of investor behavior is investors' attention. Therefore, investor attention is an important channel through which monetary policy affects exchange rate. Consequently, it is necessary to study the relationship between...
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Study on the Optimization and Adjustment of Professional Structure of Higher Vocational Colleges in the Pearl River Delta Under the Background of Constructing Modern Economic System Based on the Perspective of the Functional Urban Specialization

Lin Hailong
At present, China is in the process of transforming its development mode, optimizing its economic structure, and transforming its growth momentum. The national and regional economic development models and development directions are all dynamically adjusted. From the perspective of functional urban specialization,...
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New Ideas on Regional Economic Development and Industrial Transformation Under "Jinjiang Experience" A New Logistics Model Based on the Establishment of Three-port Linkage

Cao Feng, Lu Shuming, Zhou Zihao, Li Zhiying, Ye Chong
In 2002, Xi Jinping, the secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, investigated the Jinjiang River seven times and summed up the "Jinjiang Experience" that reflected the laws governing the economic development of Jinjiang. As the top ten of China's top 100 counties and cities, Jinjiang's development...
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Analysis on the Obstacles of Private Capital Participating in the Construction of Municipal PPP in China A Case Study of PPP Project of Underground Utility Tunnel in a New Airport Area of a City

Shi Mengnan
This paper focuses on the PPP model with Chinese characteristics, and takes the PPP project of underground utility tunnel in a new airport area of a city as an example for analysis. Starting from the requirements of pre-qualification standard, it explores the obstacles of private capital participating...
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A Discussion on Whether Financial Contagion Exists Between US Financial Markets from 2006 to 2011

Qiao Han
Financial crises have a devastating impact on the worldwide economy. They can not only spread across different countries, but can also be contagious across different financial markets within a country. This paper will use the financial risk data from 2006 to 2011 to investigate the financial transmission...
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The Impact of Cross-border Migrant Employment on Workers' Income in Border Areas An Empirical Study Based on the Micro Data of Yunnan Border Areas

Yang Jie, Luo Renjuan
Based on household survey data of the national social science fund research group in Yunnan border area, this paper examines the marginal effects of cross-border mobile employment on the wage level of workers. We use the census register's household register and whether there is someone going abroad for...
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Research on the Influencing Factors and Paths of Non-performing Loan Ratio of Rural Commercial Banks in China Qualitative Research and Investigation Based on Grounded Theory

Jiang Minghui, Zhang Xin’ge
As a unique commercial bank in China, rural commercial banks play an important role in implementing policies on agriculture, rural areas and farmers and narrowing the urban-rural gap. However, its non-performing loan ratio is much higher than the average level of commercial banks, which seriously affects...
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Research on Marx’s International Trade Theory and the Practice of Open Economy in Shaanxi

Liu Junxia, He Jun
In the development process of the open economy of China, western international trade theory has been extensively spread and applied in China. However, significant problems in the development of open economy have made the western international trade theory doubted increasingly. Shaanxi serves as the bridge...
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Game Research on Internet Finance Innovation and Supervision

Wang Qian
Building a new relationship between financial innovation and supervision is the key to the reform of regulatory system in China. In recent years, financial innovation represented by Internet finance has developed rapidly, but the blank of supervision has made the financial industry “barbaric” growth....
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Evolution Mechanism of the Urban System Spatial Structure in Qinba Mountain Area Taking Shanyang County as an Example

Ju Hong
Taking Shanyang County in the south of Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi Province as an example, this paper elaborates the evolution mechanism of the urban system spatial structure in the county. It is found that it has experienced three main development stages: dual core structure, single center structure...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Household Financial Asset Selection Empirical Evidence from China Financial Survey (CHFS) Data

Yang Jie, Jin Mengyuan
This paper describes the development of family finance in China and the "mystery of limited participation" of family financial risk assets, and analyzes the characteristics of family asset selection with Chinese financial survey data and the factors influencing residents' participation in the financial...
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Analysis on Evaluation of Inclusive Finance Development and Influencing Factors in Hubei Province

Deng Xiaocui
The paper selects the relevant data of Hubei province from 2009 to 2017, evaluates inclusive finance development index of Hubei province, and from seven aspects of economic development level, deposit resources utilization level, urbanization level, urban-rural income gap, informationization level, transportation...
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The Impact of Financial Development on the Substantial Economy Development and Its Mechanism of Action

Li Wenjing
This paper uses the panel data of 31 provinces in China from 2001 to 2015 as a sample to construct a semi-logarithmic model of substantial economy development. Finally, the mediating effect model is adopted to test the transmission mechanism between financial development and real economic regional differences....
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Brief Analysis on the Causes of Audit Risk of Listed Companies

Sun Mohan
Recently, financial fraud of listed companies has triggered the re-evaluation of audit risks of them at home and abroad. Audit risks of those companies mainly form the subjects related to the generation of audit service chain and interest groups, including listed companies themselves, regulators, policy-making...
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Relationship Between Population Quantity and Economic Growth in Mountainous Areas of Northern Guangdong Based on the Empirical Analysis of Urban Panel Data from 2010 to 2017

Li Xiaona
Guangdong Province, as a big economic province in the whole country, has an unbalanced regional economic development. The Pearl River Delta has a large population and a high economic volume, while the mountainous area of northern Guangdong has a small population and a low economic volume. This paper...
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Study on the Effect of Liaoning Free Trade Area on Regional Economy

Zhou Xiangjun
In this paper, the monthly panel data of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China are used to evaluate the economic impact of Liaoning Free Trade area from the aspects of import and export of goods, economic growth and investment in fixed assets. By comparing the difference between...
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Research on the Development Trend of China’s Port and Shipping Modernization Under the Background of “the Belt and Road” Initiative

Ma Jiancui, Zhong Jing
The development of port and shipping industry is a strategic requirement under the background of "the Belt and Road" initiative. This these analyzes the necessity of the development of China's port and shipping industry from the strategic level of the port and shipping industry in serving the country,...
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Research on the Influence of Path Dependence on Sharing Economy

Li Dandan, Pei Yilei, Li Liwei, Sheng Xiaojuan
Currently, sharing economy is one of the fastest growing economic forms in China. Technological capacity and technology catching-up become very important issues for its development. A technology catching-up model of technological capacity and path dependence is proposed based on Verspagen mode in this...
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The Countermeasure Research on the Agricultural Supply-side Structural Reform in Liaoning Province

Zhou Yanbo, Shi Wen, Wang Qizhe, Zhang Fangwei
In 2017, the No 1 Central Document promoted the agricultural supply-side structural reform as the main line of current agricultural and rural work and carried out the top-level design at the national level, clarified the main objectives, main direction, key tasks and specific measures of the reform....
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In-depth Analysis of Tax Policy for Encouraging Enterprises to Increase Investment in R&D

Wang Zilan
Science and technology is the weapon of a country and the important force for the development of a country and a nation. Innovation is the first driving force for development and the strategic support for building a modern economic system. In recent years, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration...
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Cost-benefit Analysis of Corn Production in China

Wan Chunli, Shi Wen, Chen Luyi
This paper studies the changes of corn production cost and benefit in recent 20 years through specific data in China. And it analyses the effects of fertilizer costs, mechanical action cost, indirect cost, labor cost and government policy on the changes of production cost of maize in China. In view of...
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Government Subsidies, R&D Investment and Innovation Performance

Xu Yu
Taking the listed companies in China in 2012-2016 as a sample, the relationship between government subsidies, R&D investment and corporate innovation performance is discussed in depth. The study found that government subsidies can significantly increase the number of innovation output, innovation complexity...
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Analysis of Text Information of Sharing Economy Based on the Information Mining of News Information Data

Li Kai, Xiang Shujian
The rapid development of sharing economy has drawn the attention of all sectors of society. The academic circle has conducted in-depth study on sharing economy from theory to individual cases. However, there are rarely scholars developing discussions on the understanding of the household sector, the...
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Investigation on the Actual Tax Burden of Technology-based SMEs in Dongguan

Tang Yi, Lin Tsung-Te
The tax and fee burden in mainland China has as always been a disputable topic. However, whether the actual tax and fee burden of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises at this level is high or low is actually more ambiguous. This paper takes the actual tax and fee burden of technology-based...
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Creating Conditions for Successful Development of Innovation Projects

Nikonorova Alla, Morkovkin Dmitry, Nezamaikin Valery
The article reveals the questions of creating conditions for successful development of innovative projects in the Russian Federation. Current changes of technologies, digitalization of the most processes and other factors make the realization of unique ideas possible. Creation of innovative ecosystems...
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Modeling Determinants of the Dividend Policy of Russian Companies

Gukovskaya Anastasia, Mikhaylusov Mark
The article is devoted to the analysis of dividend policy determinants of Russian non-financial companies. The article relies on a regression analysis of data for MoEx listed companies, dating from 2013 till 2017. As a result the article identifies five determining factors of dividend policy relevant...
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Quality of Working Life in the Aspect of Human Resources Management

Lyskova Irina
The paper actualizes the main tasks of quality management, substantiates the importance of improving approaches to human resources management of an organization, the formation of effective models of quality management of working life, the quality of human resources in the modern knowledge economy.
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The Japanese Model of Strategic Management of Human Resources Quality in a Modern Organization

Lyskova Irina
The article studies the main tasks of quality management. It emphasizes the importance of human resources quality management in the aspect of modern quality management and strategic development of an organization on the pattern of Japanese quality management strategy.
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Analysis of Innovative Projects Portfolio on the Basis of the Resource Saving Criterion

Malikov Sergey, Nikonorova Alla, Morkovkin Dmitry
The article considers the algorithm for comparing of implementation of innovative projects plans on the basis of change in material consumption and cost of electricity used for production of products. The search for optimal values of the mentioned parameters is conducted. The structural model for carrying...
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RETRACTED: The More Important One: Ideas or Money By the Case of Magnitogorsk State Conservatory

Yakoupov Alexander
This article has been retracted: please see the Atlantis Press Policy on Article Retraction and Withdrawal ( This article has been retracted at the request of the conference organizers. This article was a duplication of a paper...
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Realization of the Right to Employment to the Citizens with Special Needs in the Russian Federation

Blagireva Elena
The paper analyzes social relations associated with the implementation of the right to employment to the citizens with disabilities in the Russian Federation and identifies the main mechanisms of the Russian Federation legislation improvement in this field.
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Dealing with Managerial Conflicts and Resolving Them By the Case of Magnitogorsk Music Houses and Music Community

Yakoupov Alexander
The paper attempts to analyse a problem of managerial conflicts and dealing with them, as well as with conflict people and their appointment to management positions in an organization. It also provides an overview of the history of Magnitogorsk Music Houses and Music Community and their value in terms...
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Analysis on the Status and Countermeasures of the Development of Pension Industry in Tianjin

Feng Meiqi, Yang Yanhong, Yao Cuiyou, Yao Xingjia
Under the background of China’s aging population and the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the development of pension industry is not only an inevitable way to deal with the aging of population, but also an important measure to promote economic growth. Although the proportion of aged...
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Government Subsidy, Research and Development Expenditure and Independent Innovation of Enterprise

Kong Xiaoxu, Zhu He, Yu Yang
In recent years, the government's emphasis on corporate innovation and policy support has been increasing. It is necessary to analyze the effectiveness of government's innovation support policies. Based on the sample of 108 A-share listed companies from 2010 to 2014 and the GMM method of dynamic panel...
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Research on the Reform of Financial Reimbursement Process Brought by Electronic Invoice

Liu Songyue, Xia Lei
Since the first electronic invoice was issued by Jingdong Mall in 2013, the scale of the issuance of electronic invoices in China has been expanding. Compared with paper invoices, the application of electronic invoices for financial reimbursement can effectively save costs and improve efficiency. At...
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Research on Inventory Cost Control of China Resources Vanguard

Li Yangyan
This paper takes the inventory cost control of chain supermarket as the research topic. By reading relevant theoretical knowledge about cost control and inventory management, combined with domestic and foreign scholars' research on inventory cost control, it makes the summary from practical application....
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Analysis of Evolution Characteristics of Provincial Potential Generation Index in Mainland China

Wang Cheng
With the concept on CPGI proposed by Hudman & L.E., and with the calculation method of PPGI to measure PPGI of PLAR in Mainland China, this study comprehensively uses the “Hu line” and Arc GIS 10.1 classification tool to reveal the spatio-temporal evolution characteristics of PPGI of PLAR in Mainland...
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Applied Research on World System Theory Taking the Sino-Japanese Relationship After World War II as an Example

Zhang Lele
This paper complements the three-tier structure of "A• Center State", "B• Quasi-surrounding Countries" and "C• Neighboring Countries" from the perspective of the relationship between economic development and democratic development in the world system. The investigation and analysis focus on the history...
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Discussion on Countermeasures for Improving Environmental Protection Awareness of Rural Residents in Xi'an Section of Nanshan Ring Road in North Foot of Qinling Mountains

Ma Yunchao
The awareness of environmental protection of the villagers in the Nanshan ring road in the northern foot of the Qinling Mountains is not high. The reason is that the income level is low, their education level is not high, and the local government's environmental education is not enough. It is necessary...
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A Study on the Effectiveness of College Students’ Volunteer Service — Taking the Communist Youth League Care for the Children of Migrant Workers’ Volunteer Service Action Colorful Cabin as a Case

Pan Guoling
In order to understand the status quo of volunteer service and explore the basic rules of volunteer service development, based on the evaluation of the development level of volunteer service, the paper analyzes the main influencing factors of college students’ volunteer service, and focuses on how to...
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Research on the Path of Enhancing the Development of University Student's Associations

Fei Lanlan
Colleges and universities are critical places to train builders and successors of socialism. Under the new situation, the goal and positioning of talent development in universities is no longer restricted to coaching traditional knowledge, but putting the improvement of students' ability, quality and...
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The Cultivation of International Business Ability in Higher Vocational College Against the Backdrop of Cross-border E-commerce Along the "Belt and Road" Initiative

Deng Huihui
This paper studied the development of cross-border e-commerce in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative and the demand for talents of cross-border e-commerce enterprises and clarified the development trend of cross-border e-commerce. The author thus understood the urgent need of those enterprises...
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Research on Risk Prevention and Control of Sino-foreign Cooperative Universities — Based on ERM Comprehensive Risk Management Framework

Wang Hao, Wang Jinpeng, Ren Chunwen, Zhang Shiyu
Cooperation between Chinese and foreign universities is an inevitable trend of the internalization of higher education. With the expansion of school-running scale in China, there hasn’t been a complete set of theoretical system of risk prevention and control management of Sino-foreign cooperative education...
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Study on the Development Strategy of Tourist Souvenirs in Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve

Zhao Liguang, Liu Mingju, Jin Yuqiao
As an important representative of tourism commodities, the proportion of tourism souvenirs' income in tourism industry shows the degree of development of tourism industry in a country or a region. At present, the sales revenue of tourist souvenirs in Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve is far behind the...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Special Tourist Souvenirs in Jilin Province

Liu Mingju, Zhao Liguang, Zhao Shuangshuang
This paper expounds the concept of tourist souvenirs by studying existing theories, collating materials and studying relevant cases, and classifies tourist souvenirs in order to find their characteristics and functions for the following research. Then, the author analyses the development status of tourist...
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The Impacts of Organizational Socialization Strategy and Proactive Behaviors on the Adaption of Newcomers

Xian Tianyan, Xiao Linsheng, Zheng Gangxin, Lin Jiacheng, Chen Bi, Chen Dingji
The study aims to explore the impacts of organizational socialization strategy and proactive behaviors on the adaption to the workplace of knowledge-based employees. Taking college graduates as research objects, we have made some conclusions based on the statistical analysis of 428 effective samples:...
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Cultivation of Media Literacy of Financial Practitioners in the Era of “Internet Plus”

Wang Haoyu, Zhao Ziteng, Qi Hanchen, Wang Jiaxuan
With the advent of the "Internet plus" era, the use of media information has become increasingly important for the development of the financial industry. Massive media information makes it difficult for financial practitioners to distinguish between authenticity and fraud, and it is difficult to effectively...
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A SWOT Analysis of Development of Biomass Energy in Heilongjiang Province in China

Hua Zhen, Lu Man
China needs an enormous amount of energy to maintain the future economic developments. Heilongjiang province has the largest forest regions in China so that it has a huge potential of biomass energy resources to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. This paper identifies four key aspects which affect...
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Study on the Dynamic Mechanism and Transformation Path of Xi’an Cultural Industry Innovation and Development Under the New Normal

Song Hongqiao
At present, the innovation development has already become the second big pull factor of the cultural industry development. The present situation and characteristics of cultural industry development in Xi’an are as follows: the proportion of added value of cultural industry rises, the number of cultural...
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Research on Enterprise Comprehensive Budget Management Based on Supply-side Reform Perspective

Yao Jianghong
The proposal of "supply-side structural reform" shifts the focus of economic regulation and management from the demand side to the supply side, and commits to a new balance between high levels of supply and demand. Based on the background of "supply-side structural reform", this paper introduces the...
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Study on the “Four-in-one” Innovative Performance Evaluation System of the Government, Industry, University and Research in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Wu Dan, Ji Chenhui
From the angle of innovation subject, this paper constructs the innovation performance evaluation index system of the government, enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, and then adopts the TOPSIS theory method. This paper constructs a "Four-in-one"...
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Research on Hotspots and Trends of Public Service Coordinated Supply

Liu Yuanfang, Guo Xi, Li Dongxu
The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party stated that constructing and improving public service supply system is an inevitable requirement for the party and the government to improve people's livelihood and to strengthen innovative social governance in the new era." This paper analyzes the trends...
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A Quantitative Analysis of Development of Biomass Energy in Heilongjiang Province in China Based on GRA

Hua Zhen, Lu Man
China needs an enormous amount of energy to maintain the future economic developments while Heilongjiang province has the largest forest regions in China so that it has a huge potential of biomass energy resources to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. This paper identifies the factors which are influencing...
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Countermeasures for Financing Difficulties of SMEs

Li Danyang
As an important component of China's economic system, the key to the steady development of small and medium-sized enterprises is the scientific development of financing. However, from the current financing activities of small and medium-sized enterprises, financing difficulties are still the main problem...
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Evaluation on the Effect of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Policy During the “12th Five-year Plan” Period

Wu Dan, Cao Siqi, Ji Chenhui
The coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei is of vital significance to the coordinated promotion of the strategic layout of the "Four-pronged Comprehensive Strategy" and the realization of the goals of "Two Centenary" and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. For this...
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Development of Influential Factors of Creativity Scale for College Students

Deng Shutian
This study is to develop the Influential Factors of Creativity Scale for College Students (IFCSCS), test its validity and reliability, and explore the effective tools for the study. Total 654 college students were selected. All participants were divided into entry port analysis and exploratory factor...
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Research on Improvement of Inventory Management of Enterprises Based on MRP Taking Diyan Knitting Co., Ltd. in Changle as an Example

Ke Shengjie, Liu Dan, Cai Yiwen
In recent years, the total business sales of the textile industry in Changle, Fujian have grown rapidly. However, the inventory management of textile enterprises is generally poor, and there are problems such as the large proportion of business capital occupied by inventory and the high cost of inventory...
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Trade Dispute on Rare Earths Export from China to the United States

Luo Jin, He Hongwei
The US and China have involved in trade disputes on rare earths resources since 2005 because of China’s restriction on the export quotas. From the US firms’ perspective, this paper will examine the negative impacts as well as benefits, if any, caused by China’s rare earths export policies. Taking the...
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Guide to Success: Foreign Experience and Enlightenment of Rural Revitalization Strategy Taking France as an Example

Li Guangsheng
The strategy of rural revitalization proposed by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out the direction for the work of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” in the current and future period, and also draw a clear road map for the future development of China's agricultural...
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Talking About the Cultivation Mechanism of the Minorities Counsellors’ Occupational Mental Quality from the Developmental Perspective

Wu Bo, Yao Wenjing, Cai Liang
In recent years, ethnic minority counselors have been introduced and set up in various colleges and universities. On the one hand, they can better serve ethnic minority students in colleges and universities, and on the other hand, they can better convey education and ideological and political ideas to...
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Study on the Planning of Airport Logistics Park in a City

Nie Zilin, Duan Dongkun, Yao Jiayi
With the rapid development of the international airport in a certain city in recent years, a city aviation port has emerged. The planning and construction of logistics parks and the rationality of the layout of each functional area are directly related to the horizontal extension of the aviation logistics...
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Research on Innovation Strategy of Small and Medium-sized Logistics Enterprises in Xi’an Based on the Perspective of Proximity

Yan Borui
With a series of measures to reduce cost and increase efficiency, the internal and external development environment of logistics enterprises in Xi’an have changed a lot. Under the current situation that economic entries into the new normal, the transformation, upgrading and innovation of logistics industry...
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Analysis on the Role of Daily Consumer Search Data in Forecasting Monthly Tourist Flow A Mixed Data Sampling Approach

Zhang Binru, Pu Yulian, Hu Rong, Tang Runzhi
In order to evaluate the predictive ability of network search data of daily sampling frequency for monthly tourist flow, this paper predicts the monthly tourist flow of Chongqing, China. In consideration of the inconsistency of sampling frequency of network search data and tourist flow data, an autoregression...
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Comparative Analysis of Ease of Doing Business in Major Cities in China Based on the Comparison Between Mainland China and Macao

Chen Chunchun, Fei Lanfang
The article compares the entrepreneurial ease, ease of starting a business, ease of production factors, ease of trade, tax burden and administrative service guarantee between Mainland China and Macao, so as to absorb the advanced experience from Macao and explore the shortcomings of the ease of doing...
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Vision, Challenge and Path: the “Going Global Strategy” of Chinese Language and Culture from the Perspective of Cultural Confidence

Guo Qijun
In the face of the predicament that the western discourse system still dominates the world and the promotion experience of Chinese language and culture is insufficient, this paper points out that the “Going Global Strategy” of Chinese language and culture is the historical necessity and realistic choice...
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Factors Affecting the Test Results of the National Students’ Physical Health Standards in Colleges

Luo Lei, Xiong Hao
Since the National Standards for Physical Health of Students (hereinafter referred to as the “Standards”) have been implemented in all levels of schools across the country since 2007, they have achieved remarkable results, but as time goes by, the accuracy of the data is affected by various factors....
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Discussion on the Role of Heilongjiang Tourism Crafts in Promoting the Development of Tourism Culture and Creative Industries

Xie Hui, Zhang Yan
Located in the northern China, Heilongjiang is cold in autumn and winter and the temperature difference there changes greatly. Therefore, a unique social and meteorological landscape is formed. In terms of geographical location, Heilongjiang Province is adjacent to Russia, so there are exchanges in culture...
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Analysis on the Economic Space Dynamic Mechanism and Innovation Model for the Development of Creative Industrial Districts

Wang Jiayu, Zhang Xu
Influenced by the economic globalization trend, the enterprises are faced with ever-increasingly fierce competition and the industrial district are also confronted with great competition in the development course. The economic space dynamic mechanism and innovation model for the development of industrial...
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Government Guidance Fund: a New Innovation Mode of Financing in Marina Bay of Dongguan City

Xiao Zengyan
The Government guidance fund establishes a number of special sub-funds in the form of a parent fund through cooperation with domestic and foreign financial institutions, enterprises and other social capital. It can solve the financing problems by using leverage. The Marina Bay New District is the new...
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Culture and HR Integration of Combination — Case Study of Squire Sanders & Dempsey (SSD) and Hammonds

Mao Lijia
Project management is a systematic and methodical approach to planning, implementing and guiding project from the beginning to end. According to project management institute the process are done through five stages: initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing. The review of combination of...
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Research on the Willingness and Demand of Labor Transfer Training in New-type Rural Community Based on Survey Data

Hu Xian’gang, Yuan Julu
Labor transfer training in new-type rural community is an important part of rural labor transfer training and plays an important role in promoting rural labor transfer employment, increasing community residents' income, promoting China's urbanization process and rural revitalization. The current training...
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Research on Measures for Protecting Consumers’ Personal Information Security in Express Industry

Cui Jing
With the coming of the era of big data, the leakage of such consumers' personal information as receiving express services becomes more and more serious, and the number of civil and criminal cases caused for such reason is increasingly increased. This paper analyzes the reasons for leakage of large amount...
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A Review of the Factors Influencing Enterprise Risk Taking

Chen Liping, Xu Jingjing
Enterprise risk taking is a decision-making behavior orientation and an intermediate process of realizing innovation-driven development strategy. In this paper, Francis and Holloway's literature review method was used for reference. By sorting out relevant literature, the internal and external factors...
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Research on the Implementation of China's High-end Women's Clothing Brand ELLASSAY International Strategy

Liu Mengyao, Shan Hongzhong
With the increase of national per capita income and the expansion of middle income group, more and more people have a higher pursuit of clothing, which requires for not only the improvement of comfort and the delicacy of tailoring, but also the design and brand value of clothing. The market development...
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Comparative Analysis of Business Environment in Major Cities of China Based on a Comparative Study of Cross-border Trade Services of the Customs

Yin Rui, Fei Lanfang
Business environment is the basis and guarantee for the rapid and sound development of regional economy. Creating a good business environment and promoting the development of cross-border customs trade will be conducive to enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the city and expanding its international...
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Supply Chain Information Sharing Model From the Persepctive of Structural Holes Theory

Yao Shun, Zou Qianlingzi
Information sharing is one of the important ways to improve the overall level of collaboration and performance in the supply chain. The social network structure of structural holes has an important impact on information interaction in supply chain networks. Based on information sharing theory and structural...
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Employee Empowerment in the Network Era

Fan Xiaojun
Empowerment aims to motivate employees' work enthusiasm and creativity through the sharing of information, choices and resources, and to improve the dynamic adaptability between employee and organizational performance and organization. Based on combing the related literature, the article analyzes the...
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The Necessity of Implementing Smart Power Strategy in Contemporary China Comments on the Achievements of Reform and Opening up in the Past 40 Years from the Perspective of Smart Power

Yang Qizhen, Nie Linghong
Smart power is a new theory of national development strategy born in the early 21st century. It has rich historical and realistic connotations. In view of the universal significance of smart power itself, the author will analyze the concept of smart power in contemporary China from the historical origin,...
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The Function Orientation of New Social Organization in the Construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center

Jiang Rongrong
Shanghai is building a science and technology innovation center with global influence. In this process, a batch of new social organizations, represented by scientific and technological social organizations, have to find their own functional positioning to better play the overall function of the social...
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A Study on Pyramid Scams in China and Its Precautions

Zhang Te
As the communications between China and the rest of the world getting more and more frequent, China’s public security has impressed a lot of foreign visitors. However, when it comes to pyramid scam, it’s a completely different story: today, there is hardly a place anywhere else with a similar situation...
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The Function Analysis of Village Regulations and Agreements in Modern Rural Governance

Hu Teng
Nearly forty years after the reform and opening up, China's urbanization process has made tremendous progress. At the same time, nearly 600 million people still live in rural areas, which make China's rural governance still a long-term task. The phenomenon of dualization of urban and rural legal system...
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Research on Failure and Disintegration in Western Public Management Based on the Perspective of Cultural Theory

Liu Rui
Public management has always been an important part of the management field, and errors and even failures in public management have always been indispensable. As an analytical method, cultural theory is devoted to grasping the public's respective preferences for “lifestyles” and linking these different...
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Research of Luxury Online Shopping Channel Conflict and Coordination Mechanism

Shen Zhengshun
The luxury online shopping attracts more and more attention of consumers, which makes the luxury brands have to pay attention to the influence of the electronic channels, but for the sensitive price system as well as the traditional agency model, triggering a series of channel conflict. In this paper,...
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Research on the Architecture and Governance Mechanisms of a Civil-military Integration Technology Innovation Network

Jiang Tiejun, Zhou Chengjie, Zhang Huaiqiang
The development of a civil-military integration technology innovation network is an effective way to promote civil-military integration technology innovation and boost the deep-integrated development of national defense science and technology industry and civil industry. In the process of civil-military...
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Research on the Problems and Management Methods of Radar Equipment in Training Safeguard

Kong Zihua, Zhang Yunwei
Whether the support for army training is reliable or not is directly related to the win or loss of troops in future battlefield. This paper analyzes and summarizes the problems existing in professional training for troops and equipment support; and deeply explores the countermeasures for constructing...
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Research on the Construction of Urban Community Health Service Chain Model

Wang Li, Liang Liwen
According to the current status of urban community health service, based on the collection of domestic community health service related literature, it uses the grounded theory to conduct qualitative analysis, builds the urban community health service chain model according to the service chain theory,...
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Analysis on the Interactive Relationship Between Honesty Culture Construction and Community Governance

Xu Hongyuan, Yang Liansheng
The moral recessive tension of honest culture and the social governance attribute derived from cultural recessive power are the theoretical starting point for the interaction between honest culture construction and community governance. The logic of reality is honest culture construction to promote the...
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Research on Control of the Clean Governance Risk in University Project Bidding

Li Shuli, Luo Lijun
Through researching on the university project bidding, this paper defines the control of clean governance risk in university project bidding, and identifies three types of risks in respect of the situation in university: bidding environment risk, bidding management mechanism risk, bidding quality risk,...