Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Engineering Science and Management

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Analysis of Primary and Secondary Schools Information Literacy ResearchSituation in China

Jiasha Zhang, Jing Liu, Min Hou, Jun Han
Today, information literacy has become one of the essential qualities of every citizen. However, the college entrance examination system in China determines the information technology curriculum in primary and secondary schools in the lower position, which makes the information literacy training of students...
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Saliency Detection Based on Adaptive Boundary

Chen Wang, Yangyu Fan, Lei Xiong
Background detection has been successful in solving many vision tasks. However, there is a challenging problem that they usually fail to face the situation that object and background are similar. In this paper, we present a novel saliency detection method to address this issue. Firstly, we estimate the...
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Functional Modeling of Monitoring & Diagnosis System Based on Multi-Agents

Bing Xu, Hongli Wang, Xuedong Xue
Intelligent monitoring and diagnosis is the development trend of diagnosing failures in modern times. This article contrives a method for functional modeling of monitoring and diagnosis system based on multi-agents in the conception of modularization, and expounds the internal configuration of each functional...
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A Method for Diagnosing the State of Electric Actuator Based on Neural Network

Hongli Wang, Bing Xu, Fuli Liu, Yuan Zheng
The article, taking neural network (NN) as the tool and electric actuator as study object, proposes a diagnosis method for electric actuator based on self-organization competitive neural network, by which state diagnosis is realized with discrimination capacity of nonlinear dynamic system of neural network...
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The Pier Foundation Design of the Beijing-shenyang Passenger Line Liaohe Super-large Bridge

Zhao Wan, Chen Chen
In recent years, with the rapid economic development of the China, the railway construction also experiences a fast growth. State Department adopts The Twelfth Five-Year Plan of Transportation in 2012, and plans to build a batch of great railway projects. The construction program of Beijing-Shenyang...
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Design and Development of Science and Technology Innovation Services System Based On Linux Server and SSH

Jinbao Song, Jinhong Song, Jianping Chai, Xing Li
In the modern society, with the rapid development of Internet, the digitization of business will become inevitable. For the enterprise, it is a way to reduce future investment through transforming their business before others. The development of the innovation platform for Communication University of...
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Distribution Network Reconfiguration Approach of Avoiding Infeasible Solutions

Juan Wen, Yanghong Tan
A novel distribution network reconfiguration approach of avoiding infeasible solutions is proposed based on breaking up the whole into parts strategy. In which, the solution space is divided into several subspaces which eliminate the unfeasible trial candidates and reduce search space. An improved quantum...
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Using Contemporary Media as Supplementary Tool to Improve Pharmacology Education on College Synthetically

Ying Song, Yan Xiao, Biwei Song, Hai Feng
Currently, the pharmacology teaching is popularized and becomes one of indicators and important compositions of all curricula initial in medical or nurse's college. But it is very difficult for student, particularly English is not his native language. This article design will take students as the primary...
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Analyzing Jewish Charity and Its Referential Significance

Yinping Ji
Judaism is the religion which is attaching great importance to laws. Among many laws and statutes, the laws about charity are of great importance. Judaism does not mention too much on dogmas or creeds but pay much attention to daily life practice. Charity plays a great part in the daily life of Jewish...
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Research on Influence Factors of Grassland Carbon Sequestration Cooperative Management Based on the PEST Analysis Method

Xiaojie Ma, Jun Ma
There are many problems of grassland carbon sequestration of collaborative management, in the initial development stage. Therefore, this paper based on PEST analysis method research grassland carbon sequestration's collaboration management in four aspects, include: Political, Economic, Social and Technology....
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A Study on the Strategies of College Teachers' Teaching Ability Promotion Based on the Cultivation of Minority Talents

Xinwu Zhu
The quality of the minority personnel training is closely related to the teaching ability of college teachers. This paper firstly analyzes the restricting factors of university teachers' teaching ability. On this basis, the paper puts forward four strategies to improve the teaching ability of university...
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A Study on the TV Commercials of Luxury Female Perfumes

Xiuqin Zeng, Shuo Wang
Audiences are exposed to more and more TV commercials of luxury goods, including perfumes. This paper analyzes TV commercials of female perfumes and fragrances from four luxury brands, namely Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Lanc"me and EstŽe Lauder. By using content analysis method, This study discusses...
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Blind Separation of Radar Signals Based on Time-Frequency Analysis of Short Time Fourier Transformation

Xude Cheng, Xuedong Xue, Bing Xu, Yuan Zheng, Pin Wang
Radar signal sorting is a key part of radar countermeasure nowadays, a blind separation algorithm based on Time-Frequency (TF) analysis of short time Fourier transformation is proposed in this paper, and the problems of underdetermined radar signal sorting can be solved effectively. The proposed method...
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Automatic Set of the Temperature of Spray Nozzle for Beer Sterilization Machine by Considering Control Energy Consumption

Qingyan Yang, Kuibang Zhang
Now the temperature setting value of the spray nozzle in sterilization machine of each temperature zone always depends on experience, lacking of real theoretical basis, leading high energy consumption problem during the beer sterilization process. To solve this problem, the thesis according to the theory...
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A SDN Network Based on VLANs for Data Centers

Fei Xu, Yanwei Xu
The demands for the scalable and efficient network at data centers are becoming more and more intense recently. However, there are three problems needed to be solved, i.e., the ever-increasing number of actual or virtual machines demands, effectively managing these different machines and maintaining...
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Capital Structure and Related Financial Strategy for Circular Economy Corporate

Chang Shu
This paper aims to explore the features of capital structure and related financial strategy of circular economy corporates as well as their inter-relationships. The methodology adopted is obvious of some inventively combined methods, since previous researches have seldom studied this field and few conclusions...
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Research on Crisis Perception Model of P2P Network Lending Platform

Gang Chen
According to the risk characteristics of the P2P network lending platform, the paper summarizes the influencing factors of the perceived risk comprehensively. It extracts the appropriate P2P network lending platform for the perceived risk dimensions. Material capital variables have a direct impact on...
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Research on the Modern Architecture Planning and Design Patterns Under Green and Low Carbon Background

Yanmin Liu
In this paper, we conduct research on the modern architecture planning and design patterns under green and low carbon background. Nowadays, the development of the national green building although there is a big progress, but in order to realize in the true sense of the green building, on the one hand,...
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Dynamic Modeling Method on Space Robot Dexterous Hand Based on Finite Element Theory

Bohan Lv, Shan Liu, Jinshu Gu, Guangshang Zeng
Robot is a complex system consisting of multiple joints and connecting rods with complex coupling relationship between multiple inputs and multiple outputs, making it very difficult to establish the dynamic model of the robot. In order to realize the real-time control of the robot and improve the control...
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Research and Design of Household Load Interaction Control Devices

Zhiwen Zhao, Ziheng He, Songsong Chen, Xuming Song, Jianyi Zhao
A interface equipment's design and application method is put forward, which can be used to guide related equipment vendors to complete the production and transformation of home appliances of power demand response and improve the enthusiasm of the residents participation in demand response.This paper...
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Study on the Minimization Design of Microstrip Line Radiation Field

Jianhua Chen, Ying Li
Based on finite difference time domain (FDTD) method, a monoaxial anisotropic perfectly matched layer was used as absorbing boundary condition, a gauss pulse signal with a bandwidth of 0-10GHz and a peak value of 1V was used as excite source, the impedance of microstrip was 50 , excitation signal source...
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Index System of Agriculture Industrial Cluster Network Innovation Capability Evaluation

Yumei Wang, Wei Wang, Linghui Wang
On the basis of analyzing the elements of the network innovation ability of agricultural industry cluster, the evaluation system of network innovation capability of agricultural industry cluster is constructed, based on resources, network and capability. It selects the 27 original indicators of measuring...
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The Corrosion Influencing Factors and Its Mechanism of N80 Carbon Steel in NaCl-NaHCO3 Solution

Gang Xie, Juan Xie, Haijun Yan, Qingzhen Du, Shuangyan Zhang, Wei Zhang, Zhonghai Qin, Li Han, Wei Meng
The N80 steel corrosion behavior of the produced water in Huabei oil field on behalf of NaCl/ NaHCO3 solution were studied by the corrosion weight loss method,and the fitted chart board involved salinity and anion content was built based on the least squares principle. Results show that influenced by...
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Solving Train Formation Plan Problem in Freight Transportation Corridors

Xinhong Zhang, Liujiang Kang, Wei Liu, Yu Yao
The train formation plan develops the train services and assigns the transportation demands whose optimal solutions are normally difficult to find. In this paper, a new linear programming model for the train formation plan problem is proposed by the use of mixed integer programming methods. In addition,...
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The Application of the Management by Objectives in Construction of the Party Branch of Independent College

Yu Liao
With the gradual popularization of china's private higher education , in recent years, how to strengthen party building work and make full use of the function, so as to better promote the development of private colleges and Universities, Further promote social and economic development, It has become...
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The Balance Strategy of the Accountability and the Fault-tolerant Looks from the "Supervising Politics by TV"

Yu Liao
With the rapid development of China's economics and society, We continuously strengthen the consciousness of democracy, In recent years, The " supervising politics by TV " is in full swing, Its political effects and good social repercussions in the construction of democratic politics explore a new effective...
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The Coupling Relationship between Economic Growth and Energy Consumption of Manufacturing in Tianjin

Tao Ma, Xiaohan Ye
To analyzing the progress of "Green Development" of Tianjin Manufacturing, this paper uses Tapio index to quantitatively analyze the coupling relationship between economic growth and energy consumption of Tianjin manufacturing. By decoupling the concept of elasticity, the different values of elasticity...
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A Study on the Accident Reasonidentification and Reinforcement of the Floated Basement

Yu Zhang
Underground structure cracking and damage caused by anti - float underground space project, which is a hot and difficult problem in the engineering of recent years. This paper is aimed the accident of the floated basement floor, column, beam, and wall cracking due to the precipitation, at the basement...
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Research on Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure Problems of Shanghai A Shares Pharmaceutical Enterprise

Wei Wang
As heavily polluting enterprises prescribed by the Ministry of environmental protection, pharmaceutical enterprises should disclose environmental accounting information timely and accurately. But in practice the frequent environmental accident questioned the quality of the environmental accounting information....
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Influencing Mechanism of Linguistic Network to Animation Performance

Xuesong Chen, Dan Xu
Linguistic network plays a key role in animation design innovation. With a review on linguistic network andmeaning innovation, this study presents a conceptual model about the influencing mechanism of linguistic network to animation performance through meaning innovation processes. The hypotheses are...
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The Design of the Industry Chain Model of Energy Saving Service Based on Energy Management Contract

Juan Du, Junbiao Song
China introduced the Energy Management Contract which is a kind of energy saving service mechanism based on the market to improve the efficiency of energy utilization and reduce the energy consumption. Through the Energy Management Contract mechanism, China can transform the original goverment behavior,...
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Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Regression Performance in CNY Exchange Rate Prediction

Feng Jiang, Wenjun Wu
In this paper, we predict CNY exchange rates in terms of hybrid genetic algorithm and support vector regression with a range of kernel functions. A BP neural network model is benchmarked with the hybrid model and then the hybrid genetic algorithm and support vector regression model are used to examine...
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The Exploration of the University Funded Education with the Guidance of the Socialist Core Values

Hui Liu
Based on the investigation of poor college students in cultivating and practicing the socialist core values, this paper proposes to build cycle paths of cultivating and practicing the socialist core values which mean from consciousness internalizing to behavior externalizing, and then to enhance idea...
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Technical and Economic Analysis on Ground Source Heat Pump Air Conditioning System in the Hotel as an Example

Di Li, Suiqi Han, Songshi Liu, Ting Wang
This essay demonstrate the application of ground source heat pump air conditioning system in a hotel, and also test the performance of heat pump units and the heat pump air conditioning system. According to the test results, to analyze and evaluate the energy saving property and economy of the system...
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Discussion and Analysis of Internet Plus Finance Mode

Wei Hu, Jing Gao
Since then, the Internet finance has entered the golden age of rapid development. This article is based on the above background, introduces concept and connotation of the Internet fi-nancial,development model and challenges syste-matically, and explores the difference between In-ternet financial and...
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Results of a Cluster Analysis of the ICT Sector

Emilia Madudova, Peter Kolarovszki
Even when the ICT industry in the Slovak Republic has been one of few industries in which the employment has grown last years, the socio and economic regional disparities in Slovak regions influence an economic development in Slovak Republic (further SR). The purpose of this study is to analyze clusters...
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Research on Control Strategy of Super Capacitor Energy Storage System in Traction Elevator

Qian Xun, Peiliang Wang, Lidi Quan, Yuxiang Xu
To improve the overall efficiency of modern building elevator, an active regenerative braking converter using a bidirectional Buck-Boost converter is implemented. The converter is connected in parallel to the inverter DC-bus. Energy is stored in a set of super capacitors during regeneration and it is...
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Research and Realization of the Intelligent Automatic Programming System of the Worm Gear Grinding Machine

Kuibang Zhang, Jiang Han, Lian Xia, Qingyan Yang
In order to meet the machine tool could intelligent machining for the new worm wheel gear, a parametric zero programming CNC system is developed based on the modern embedded control technology. The ARM + DSP + FPGA as CNC module hardware platform, and using VS2005 VC + + module development CNC worm wheel...
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Utilization of Regression and Correlation Analysis for Optimal Composition of Factors Affecting Premium Rates of Compulsory Contractual Insurance

Alena Kostalova, Michal Pavlicko
The paper is dedicated to the proposal of optimal composition of factors to determine the premium rates of the compulsory contractual motor third party liability insurance in the selected insurance companies. The main aim of this paper is to find dependence of the premium rates on each factor by usage...
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Numerical Simulation of Fluid Structure Interaction Between Wave and Pile in Deep Water

Wenyue Yan, Fengwu Lv
The k- turbulence model and the VOF method of moving interface tracking have been used to generate the wave. By two-way iterative method,the fluid structure interaction between wave and steel pipe pile platform has also been simulated numerically by using ANSYS Workbench. And a comparison among the results...
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Consumer Perception towards High-quality Red Wine in China

Yukun Li, Feng Tan, Keith Walley, Yang Xu
Chinese consumers have their own choice criteria for high-quality red wine. It is found that food quality, brand, packaging, valuable concern and price impact buying aims. Furthermore, consumer characteristic can affect buying high-quality red wine. It is interestingly proved that the higher the education...
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The Management of Elimination Train Delays and Socio-Economic Impacts in Slovak Conditions

Juraj Camaj, Jozef Danis, Anna Dolinayova
Within the framework of the common transport policy is the quality of rail transport services and customer satisfaction with the services very important. Currently, customers are more educated and increasingly demand higher quality and in the case of unfulfilled requirements they expect compensation....
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Prognosis of Rail Transport Demand in The Slovak Republic

Jozef Danis, Anna Dolinayova, Juraj Camaj
Nowadays modern management cannot do without mathematical and statistical tools. Managers need a variety of market information, but they must have inside information about the company that will make their decisions relevant. This paper describes the possibility of creating a regression model of transport...
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Possibilities of Simulation Tools for Describing Queuing Theory and Operations Service Lines in Railway Passenger Transport

Jan Ponickì, Juraj Camaj, Martin Kendra
The subject of queuing theory is a mathematical analysis system (equipment), which are providing queuing. Queuing system (equipment) are providing the service with a specific type. These system can consist of one or more service points. A typical example of queuing theory in rail transport is a sale...
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Progressive Management Tools for Quality Improvement

Eva Nedeliakova, Michal Panak, Jan Ponickì, Radovan Sousek
Situation in the transport market worldwide is currently characterized by high competition, fluctuating demand and shorter product life cycle. These factors are putting pressure on the managers of railway undertakings towards cost reduction, flexibility in services offer, efficiency of management and...
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Rational Expectations in Two-way Game

Hao Gang
Facing with the private information asymmetry, transaction is successfully delivered and will benefit the bilateral parties who can get maximized utility, but the automatic implementation of trading need to satisfy the corresponding conditions. Model built by strategic game method is applied to depict...
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Simulation Analysis of Flow Field in the Micro Cavity of Sapphire Based on Fluent

Cui Wang, Qiming Qian, Qiang Liu, Yu Sun
When polishing the micro cavity of sapphire with abrasive flow, it is necessary to analyze the state of flow field of polishing liquid in the micro cavity to analyze the effect law of polishing abrasive on polishing. It will also influence fluid parameters and the motion trajectory of abrasive in the...
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On the Construction of Senior High School English Ecological Classroom from the perspective of Knowledge Management

Jia Ruan
As a new paradigm of educational research since last century, ecological classroom has thrown great light on the educational study. Under the background of the harmonious society, ecological classroom has already become the developmental trend of classroom construction, so that the research on measures...
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Innovation Strategy of Tourism Factory - A case on Taiwan Tea Industry

Shao-Chieh Lin, Tain-Fung Wu
Tourism factories are combination of traditional industries, tourism, services and the experience economy. It is an industry innovation and value-added. This study analyzes the value activities of Tourism factory in Taiwan's tea industry. Identification and application of value chain activities and innovative...
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The Scheme Research on Aqueduct with Three -way Prestressed Steel Strand Tension in South-to-North Water Diversion Project

Chen Wen, Xuehao Li, Hui Peng, Ke Jin, Fan Wu, Shaofei Yin
The large aqueduct has the characteristics of large streamflow, heavy load and complicated structure and so on. Different from the high dams, most of the aqueducts are constructed with the thin-walled concrete structures. When analyzing the structure of the aqueduct, people often only consider that after...