Proceedings of the 6th FIRST 2022 International Conference (FIRST-ESCSI-22)

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Peer-Review Statements

Nyayu Latifah Husni, Wahyu Caesarendra, Martha Aznury, Leni Novianti, Deris Stiawan
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Initial Study of Two-Blade Propeller Design Parameter

Irawan Malik, Sairul Effendi, Soegeng Witjahjo, Muhammad Taufik
All manufacturing processes begin with design steps of a product. This study aims to design the main parameters of two-blade propellers for fishing vessels using computer-aided design (CAD), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software simulations. Through simulation,...
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The Method of Constant Current - Constant Voltage (CC – CV) for SECA Electric Car Battery Charging with Fuzzy Logic Controller

Selamat Muslimin, Renny Maulidda, M. Nawawi, A. Rahman, P. Menyna Kurnia
Electric cars are a solution to overcome the depletion of fossil fuels and environmental impacts. An electric car is a type of electric vehicle that uses a battery as the primary energy source. In charging, the battery is prone to overcharging, so a charging system is needed to maintain battery performance...
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Design Compression Molding Machine with Hydraulic System

Fatahul Arifin, Yusuf Dewantoro Herlambang, Dwi Arnoldi, Eka Satria Martomi, Muhammad Noviadi, Hanif Akbar, Jihan Salsabilla
Seal is a part of the machine that is used by one of the Light Fire Extinguishers (LFE) so that the contents of this tube are kept awake until it is used to extinguish the fire. In the process of making this seal, a machine is used mold to make the seal part. One is as male (upper mold) and the second...
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Manufacture of Food Preservatives from Liquid Smoke as By-Product of Processing Coconut Shells (Cocos Nucifera)

Ida Febriana, Jaksen, Desti Lidya, Irawan Rusnadi, Mega Persada Putri, M. Rahman L, Chm M. ‘Azim Jamaluddin
Currently, environmental issue have become national and even international issues, the first is chemical/ food preservatives that must be avoided because they are detrimental to health such as formalin and borax. One of the latest innovations in this research is the use of liquid smoke as a preservative...
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The Addition of Natural Colour Pigment Brazilin from Sappan Wood Extract (Caesalpinia Sappan Linn) in the Manufacture of Tempeh to Improve Tempeh Product Antioxidant Content

Sofiah Sofiah, Siti Chodijah, Ibnu Hajar, Desti Lidya, Martha Aznury, Wahyuni Sinta Dewi
Sappan wood with the Latin name (Caesalpinia Sappan Linn) is a plant whose wood is used as a colorant in food. Brazillin, is a yellow crystal which is the colour pigment in the cup. Brazillin can inhibit surviving apoptosis inhibitor proteins, so that it is able to cancer. Tannins are components of very...
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Producing Liquid Smoke Results from Pyrolysis of Waste Acacia (Acacia Mangum Wild) and Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis) into Organic Pesticides

K. A. Ridwan, Ida Febriana, M. Anerasari, Andiko Andiko, Ajeng Mawarni Putri
Many problems occur in agricultural products, one of which is the presence of residual chemicals that are still contained in plants so that they can endanger the health of humans who consume them continuously. One of the efforts to minimize the use of this dangerous insecticide, the researchers designed...
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Enriching Methane Content from an Anaerobic Digestion Process of Cow Manure

Leila Kalsum, Rusdianasari Rusdianasari, Yohandri Bow, Yordan Hasan, Aan Ade Putra, Riztamala Diana, Gresita Pertiwi
High use of energy in Indonesia becomes one of issues encouraging innovation to create energy that is easily obtained and can be renewable sources. In addition, the use of energy derived from fossils has a negative effect on the environment such as global warming. Biogas is an alternative energy used...
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Comparative Evaluation of Biofuel Products from EFB (Empty Fruit Bunch) and PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) Based on GC-MS

Rusdianasari Rusdianasari, Leila Utarina, Leila Kalsum, Tresna Dewi, Daya Wulandari
Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) and Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) are potential bioenergy sources because they contain lignocellulosic (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) so that they can be converted into biofuel through the thermal cracking process. This research was conducted in a lab scale experiment using a...
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Separation of Red Palm Oil from Crude Palm Oil Using Ceramic Membrane from Clay and Bentonite

Siti Chodijah, Erwana Dewi, Jaksen M. Amin
Filtration or filtration is a method of separating particles of solid substances from a fluid by passing the fluid through a filter medium; solid substances will be retained. The palm fruit consists of 80% pericarp parts (epicarp and mesokarp) which produce crude palm oil Crude Palm Oil and 20% seeds...
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Study of the Delignification Process of Kelutuk Banana Stem (Pseudostem of Musa Balbisiana) as Raw Material for Bioethanol Production

Erlinawati Erlinawati, Aida Syarif, Irawan Rusnadi
Research on new and renewable energy (EBT) continues to be developed to reduce dependence on fuel oil whose availability continues to decrease. Currently, an alternative energy product that has the opportunity to be developed is bioethanol because it has a high oxygen content so that it burns more completely...
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Hydrolysis Reaction Kinetics of Baggasse and Banana Peel in the Process of Bioethanol Production

Indah Purnamasari, Endang Supraptiah, Rima Daniar, Cindi Ramayanti, Tri Lestari, Eti Nurmahdani
The alternative biofuel that is inexpensive in terms of production and environmentally friendly is the development of bioethanol from agricultural wastes (biomass) which contains a lot of lignocellulose such as bagasse (solid waste from the sugar industry) and banana peel (waste from markets). One of...
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Comparison of Raw Materials for Making Liquid Smoke with Pyrolysis Method as an Alternative to Formalin and Borax in Food

Nurul Izza, Teuku Rihayat, Rima Dhinta Dewi Astuti, Atiqah Aida, Isra Adelya Izzati, Nurhanifa Aidy, Aida Safitri
The manufacture of liquid smoke from the comparison of raw materials for teak and pine wood powder waste is carried out by the pyrolysis method, purified by distillation and filtration which will be applied as a preservative in food. The pyrolysis process was carried out using a reactor with a capacity...
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Utilization of Acid Mining Waste Water as to Alternative Energy Source with Galvanic Cell

Fatria Fatria, Aida Syarif, Ahmad Zikri, Irawan Rusnadi
Galvanic cells are cells that produce an electric current, there are three components, namely the anode, cathode, and electrolyte. The electrolyte can be an acid, salt, or amphoteric compound. Acid Mining Water (AAT) is runoff water produced in Mineral or Coal mining areas. The main composition of acid...
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Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil with Immobilized Lipase Catalyst Using Activated Carbon as Matrix

Nova Rachmadona, Martha Aznury, Sahrul Effendy, Ahmad Zikri, Atika Rahmadini Susangka
Lipase is a biocatalyst that hydrolyses triglycerides (fats) into their component fatty acid and glycerol molecules to produce biodiesel. Due to the benign working conditions, enzymatic techniques enable straightforward biodiesel purification processes with significantly lower energy requirements and...
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Margarine from RBDPO in Stirred Tanks with Cooling Jacked

Erwana Dewi, Elina Margaretty, Taufiquraahman Taufiquraahman, Zulkifli Zulkifli
The use of RBDPO ingredients for margarine has a positive impact on the increasing value of palm oil, margarine is a promising product to be developed on food industry. It is necessary to have a technology for margarine production process. The purpose of this study using the stirred tanks with cooling...
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Biodiesel Production from Tamanu Oil (Callophyllum Inophyllum) with Immobilized Lipase Catalyst Using Activated Carbon as Matrix

Martha Aznury, Ahmad Zikri, Siti Chodijah, Indiana Damayanti, Nova Rachmadona
Energy needs in Indonesia until now still depend on fossil energy sources whose availability in the world is running low. Therefore, the search for alternative renewable energy must be developed, one of which is biodiesel. The raw material used in the production of biodiesel is tamanu oil, which is tamanu...
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Characteristics of Biobriquette Mixture of Char Gasified Coal and Torreffed Coconut Shell as Fuel Co-firing

Sahrul Effendi, Aida Syarif, Irawan Rusnadi
Energy derived from biomass plays a strategic role and ranks third in the national primary energy supply, which is 20.06% or 307,346,838 BOE. The first and second orders are still supplied by oil and coal which are non-renewable fossil energy. Meanwhile, coal production is quite large but has not been...
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Power Generation Characteristics of a Crossflow Turbine and a Single Shaft Coupled of Two Crossflow Turbines

I. Made Wiwit Kastawan, Rusmana Rusmana, Aditya Rahman
This study evaluate the power generation capability of two different configurations of crossflow turbine used on conversion of the hydro potential energy of small river to electrical energy. First one is the 12 blades single crossflow turbine while second one is the 12 blades and 24 blades crossflow...
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Making of Effervecent Tablet Detergent from Hibiscus Leaf (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis L.) and Pineapple (Anenas Comosus) Peel Extract as Solutions to Domestic Waste Problems

Idha Silviyati, Adi Syakdani, Aisyah Suci Ningsih, Endang Supraptiah, Aina Fathiah, Muhammad Izwan
Natural detergents can be an alternative to reduce the use of synthetic detergents that contain active ingredients that are difficult to decompose by the environment. Hibiscus leaf extract contains saponins which can produce foam and the enzyme bromelain from pineapple peel is able to lift protein stains...
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A Further Modification of Squirrel Cage Single-Phase Induction Motor to Low-Speed Single-Phase Permanent Magnet Generator to Generate Sinusoidal Output Voltage

I. Made Wiwit Kastawan, Rusmana Rusmana, Achmad Mudawari, Haris Prasetia
Design of a low-speed single-phase permanent magnet generator obtained from further modification of a squirrel cage single-phase induction motor is proposed. Modification is done for rotor and stator parts of the induction motor. 10 permanent magnets are implanted in the rotor to get a sinusoidal output...
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Effect of Composition of Coconut Shell Charcoal and Char Gasification on the Quality of Biobriquettes

Aida Syarif, M. Yerizam, Indrayani Indrayani, Aria Yopinita
The increasing use of coal fuel has an impact on environmental emissions, in an effort to reduce the impact, the application of clean coal is sought, one of which is through coal gasification. Coal gasification is a pilot project at PT Bukit Asam, in the coal gasification process it will produce a by-product...
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Design and Performance of Savonius Vertical Axis Wind Turbine: A Study Experimental of Blade Models

Ella Sundari, Ozkar F. Homzah, Ahmad Zamheri, Dwi Arnoldi, Tomy Ronaldo
Massive energy consumption and pollution from the environment have emerged as major issues. A new alternative energy sources is a critical solution. Nowadays, the use of air conditioning machine also contains wasted heat energy resulting from the work of the outdoor unit. This research is an experimental...
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Material Substitution for Flexible Pavement Using Waste Material Fly Ash and Bottom Ash from Bukit Asam Electric Steam Power Plant

Mirka Pataras, Joni Arliansyah, Edi Kadarsa, Nyayu Sitti Fatimah, Nindya Adha Kurnia Diningrum
Indonesia is one of the largest coal producers in the world. In 2019, based on Indonesia’s coal production, it reached 565.81 million tons with domestic consumption of 128.38 million tons. South Sumatra Province is one of the provinces that produces the largest coal production in Indonesia through one...
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An Evaluation of Program Education Objectives for Electrical and Electronic Engineering Programme at Politeknik Mukah

Nik Aznan bin Ab. Hadi, Kumar bin Boniface Jubilee, Bong Siaw Wee
Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) are broad statements that describe the general declarations of graduates within three to five years of graduation. This survey is an assessment of the PEOs for the programmes offered at Polytechnic to ensure the philosophy of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) and the...
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Design Wireless Communication System for Kemplang Wine Cutter and Dryer Control

Sholihin Sholihin, Siswandi Siswandi, Eka Susanti
This paper of mixing has found a mixer automation tool that has been made by previous researchers, where the automation of this stirrer is versatile and can be made various kinds of Palembang culinary specialties. Furthermore, the researcher will continue with the manufacture of automatic cutting tools...
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Simple LoRa Protocol as a Communication System for Monitoring Levels of Toxic Gas at Coal Mining in Village Kuripan Mountain Ogan Komering Ulu

Eka Susanti, Siswandi Siswandi, Ali Nurdin, Sholihin Sholihin
Currently, the mineral mining industry and energy sources have been carried out almost all over the world, and currently the process of monitoring gas levels in coal mines is carried out mostly using manual methods such as having someone sent or assigned to check the condition of the mine in several...
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The Feasibility of Agrivoltaic Setting in Palembang; Toward the Implementation of Solar Powered Automatic Agriculture in Indonesia

Tresna Dewi, Yurni Oktarina, Siproni Siproni, Sri Rezki Artini
Implementing energy from the sun to power a digital farming concept in Palembang can significantly benefit agriculture. This study’s objective of digital farming is to develop solar-powered automatic agriculture. Agrivoltaic refers to the combination of agriculture and solar energy generation. This research...
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The Waste Characteristics of Demolition Construction Rigid Pavement as Aggregate’s Alternative on Road Pavement

Ika Sulianti, Joni Arliansyah, Edi Kadarsa
The existence of road building projects will produce a waste, including the concrete waste, which will crash into landfill capacity. The construction waste has been utilized as a raw resource for recycling construction materials, definitely as aggregates. It is vital to do research on the use of construction...
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Analysis of Shallow Foundation Bearing Capacity in Clay Soil Using PVC Pipe Reinforcement with Grid Pattern

Sukarman Sukarman, Dafrimon Dafrimom, Soegeng Harijadi, Nadra Mutiara Sari
The foundation is the lower structural element that functions to lay the building and transmits the load of the superstructure to the subgrade base and is able to ensure its stability both against the weight of the building itself and other loads. In the Palembang city area, it is found that the soil...
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Evaluation of Service at the 4-Way Intersection on Soekarno Hatta Street Palembang City

Yusri Bermawi, Nadra Mutiara Sari, Herlinawati Herlinawati
The four-arm intersection that connects Jalan Macan Lindungan, Parameswara, Soekarno Hatta and Jalan Prawiranegara, is an intersection that requires an evaluation of traffic management, especially in regulating flow and traffic lights. The purpose of this research is to find out whether the current regulation...
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Correlation of Laboratory and Field of Slab Concrete Compressive Strength

Ika Sulianti, Agus Subrianto, Ibrahim Ibrahim, Amiruddin Amiruddin, Aan Sahadi, M. Dimas Agus Prasetyo, Aprilia Meana Putri, Cindi Septi Yandri
Concrete is construction’s material that has been commonly used in the field of construction. To control the quality and quality of concrete, compressive strength of concrete is need for parameter. The aims of this study to determine the correlation of compressive strength of laboratory concrete and...
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Variations of Crushed Stone Sand and Bottom Ash as a Substitute for Sand to Increase the Compressive Strength of Concrete

Zainuddin Zainuddin, Kosim Kosim, Akhmad Mirza, Kiki Rizky Amalia
Concrete is one of the construction structures used in construction, which is made of coarse aggregate like crushed stone, fine aggregate like sand, portland cement, water, and addictive substance like superplasticizers if needed which are mixed. In this study, the designed for concrete is the fine aggregate...
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Custom Acrylic Souvenirs Using Laser Cutting Technology as a Product of Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa Kewirausahaan (PKM-K)

Della Dwi Friatinia, Muhammad Nugraha, Hopay Tamilio, Nina Handayani, Riski Ayuni, Dicky Seprianto
A souvenir is an award or gift that given to a person for the achievements he has achieved which will be used as a memento to remember the moment. Souvenirs are one of the choices and must innovate with technological advances. This study aims to analyse aspects of production, marketing, and business...
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Design and Construction of Corn Crusher Machine for Duck Farming

Ahmad Junaidi, Hendradinata, Indra Gunawan, Dodi Tafrant, Della Dwi Friatinia, Padmarani Minora
Duck farming as one of the pioneers in fulfilling animal protein needs requires good feed. A good feed, for one, meets the amount of carbohydrate needs. The carbohydrate needs of duck feed can be met by providing feed in the form of crushed corn, making it easier for ducks to swallow their food. For...
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Development of IoT Management System in Mathematics, Science and Computer Department, Politeknik Mukah Sarawak

Mohammad Fardillah bin Wahi, Noraziah binti Abu Bakar, Khawarizmi Rafie bin Tahir
The Covid-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) resulted in the closure of all higher education institutions throughout the country to prevent the spread of this contagious outbreak. During MCO staff are directed to work from home only and are not allowed to enter the office without the permission...
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Epoch Tuning Hyperparameter in Fire Image Classification at University Sjakhyakirti

Ahmad Bahri Joni Malyan, Rian Rahmanda Putra, Ema Laila, Agum Try Wardhana, Muhammad Fikri, Indra Griha Tofik Isa
Epoch is a factor that affects the time of training an AI model and affects the accuracy value of the AI model. In this study, hyperparameter tuning of the epoch value was carried out to see the optimization of the resulting accuracy value. The object to be observed is the condition of the fire image...
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Design of Technology Salted Fish Dryer at Salted Fish si Abang Center Palembang Based on Internet of Thing

Sarjana Sarjana, Emilia Hesti, Ibnu Ziad, Eka Susanti, Sholihin Sholihin
One of the existing UMKM industries is the salted fish manufacturing industry at the Siabang Salted Fish Center Palembang. Salted fish are in demand by various types of people ranging from children to parents. Making salted fish is the simplest preservation with low cost. The process of making salted...
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Development Animation 3D in Science and Mathematics Subjects for People with Intellectual Disabelities in Extraordinary Schools

R. A. Halimatussa’diyah, Sholihin Sholihin, Abdul Rakhman, Siswandi Siswandi
Students with mental retardation are students who have intellectual retardation where sometimes when the teacher explains it is very difficult to understand. With the advancement of technology, teaching and learning activities for students with mental retardation can be created so that they are more...
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Design and Developement of Automatic Door Locking and Attendance System Using Vaccine Certificate Based on the Internet of Things

Suroso Suroso, Irawan Hadi, Raisha Anjani
For offline study, State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya still uses a manual student attendance recording system. Nowadays, such a system is less effective because of there are significant increment of student both student’s opportunities to manipulate attendance data and admin’s working is not efficient as...
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Implementation of Appropriate Technology for Bird Pest Removal to Replace Scarecrow with Solar Cell Based on Internet of Thing at Usaha Tani Mandiri Kertapati Palembang

Suzan Zefi, Siswandi Siswandi, Emilia Hesti, Ciksadan Ciksadan
There are several ways to increase rice production, in order to meet the ever-increasing food needs. Every effort is made to improve, however, there are always many disturbances in the form of abiotic and abiotic stresses. Abiotic stresses such as drought, flood or poisoning. While biotic is the attack...
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Finding Recommended Feature on Student Enrolment Dataset of University XYZ Using Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Zulkarnaini Zulkarnaini, Indra Griha Tofik Isa, Leni Novianti, Febie Elfaladonna, Suzan Agustri
One of the success of a modelling is the quality of the analysed data. Exploration Data Analysis is a technique used in understanding data to explore which data has quality which will be used in modelling. The case raised in this study is the student registration dataset at XYZ University, where the...
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Webgis Application for Dengue Fever Infectious Disease Mapping

Hetty Meileni, Desi Apriyanti, Meivi Kusnandar, A. Ari Gunawan Sepriyansah, Miftahul Jannah, Adhitia Cahya Nugraha, Rahmat Zaki
The city of Palembang has cases of infectious diseases that continue to increase due to worsening environmental conditions, while the use of maps by agencies in the analysis of the health sector is still limited to maps that do not meet cartographic rules. The aim of this study is to offer information...
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Implementation of User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) in Rational Unified Process Methods in DevelopmentE-Commerce System

Nita Novita, MAris Ganiardi, Indri Ariyanti, Delta Khairunnisa
One of the most widely used software development methods is the Rational Unified Process (RUP) method. The reason for using this method is because this method uses an object-oriented paradigm that more closely models the actual state of the system, is iterative and focuses on the needs of the user. Usually...
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Google Chart Integration for Constructing Business Intelligence Dashboard

M. Miftakul Amin, Adi Sutrisman, Yevi Dwitayanti
This study aims to develop a business intelligence information system dashboard by integrating google charts into the system to present information in graphic as data visualization. The information presented can be in the form of graphs with percentage values, summary values, and other aggregation values...
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Enhancing Deeper Layers with Residual Network on CNN Architecture: A Review

A. Supani, Y. Andriani, Indarto, H. Saputra, A. Bahri Joni, D. Alfian, A.Taqwa, A. Silvia H.
The Convolution Neural Network (CNN) architecture is well-suited to performing both detection and classification tasks on image data. The inclusion of layers in the CNN improves its performance whilst training. Adding a lot, on the other hand, will cause the architecture to lose or explode gradients...
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Detection of Flood-Prone Areas Using Geospatial Data with Deep Learning Method Approach

Leni Novianti, Ade Silvia Handayani, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Darma Prabudi, Hetty Meileni, Marlina Sylvia
The flood problem that happens in Palembang City occurs due to seasonal tidal floods and flooding as a result of inundation caused by rainwater which results in the overflow of the Musi River. The Musi River that flows through the City of Palembang canon accommodates the increasing flow of water and...
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Automatic Charging Design on Single Axis Solar Tracking Based on IoT

Ali Nurdin, Ade Silvia Handayani, M. Zakuan Agung, Hairul Hairul, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Ciksadan, Rahma Alya Balqis, Jihan Chairani
Solar energy is one of the most popular renewable green energies since it produces less pollution than conventional sources. This paper describes the design and testing of an active solar tracker with a single axis. The term “solar tracker” refers to devices that can track the sun’s movement and direction....
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Movement Controlling for Air Quality Monitoring Robot in Pediatric Cancer Patient Shelter Using Google Assistant

Yeni Irdayanti, Nurhaida Nurhaida, Faisal Damsi, Abdurrahman Abdurrahman, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Ade Silvia Handayani, Deva Markinashella, Kgs. Dzikrirrahman, Dini Yono Pitasari
Cancer will cause big impact to the psychological and physical condition of patients, especially for children. Social support for pediatric cancer patients is very necessary. Various ways can be conducted to support them to move on from the adversity of their illness, including by providing a comfort...
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Moslem Prayer Monitoring System Based on Image Processing

Niksen Alfarizal, Iskandar Lutfi, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Evelina Evelima, Ade Silvia Handayani, Sri Maryani, Wahyu Caesarendra, Seyed Amin Hosseini Seno, Astriani, M. Sobri
The research has purpose to monitor the movement of moslem prayer and count the cycles (rakaat). This is conducted because of Majority of Indonesia religion is Islam. Even though moslem prayer is an obligatory act of worship, however, most people often forget the count of their prayer cycles. Therefore,...
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Activity Monitoring Systems for Children with Cancer Using the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Method

R. D. Kusumanto, M. Nawawi, Ekawati Prihatini, Yessi Marniati, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Ade Silvia Handayani
Cancer is one of the killing diseases. Cancer is a condition triggered by the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a specific body part. Childhood cancer is a diagnosis of cancer that occurs in children up to the age of 18 years, including children who are still in the womb. Community Care for...
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Volunteer Robot Technology in the Pediatric Cancer Community

Ekawati Prihatini, Dewi Permata Sari, Ema Laila, Tiur Simanjuntak, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Ade Silvia Handayani
Cancer has a significant impact on the mental health of patients, particularly children. Cancer causes significant physical and psychological changes in cancer patients, ranging from sadness and worry to fear of the future and death. When dealing with cancer, these young patients must go through a series...
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Datasets Training and Testing in Littering Activity Classification

Nyayu Latifah Husni, Ade Silvia Handayani, Rossi Passarella, Akhmad Bastari, Marlina Sylvia
The bad habits of the human who always ignoring their environments could affect some problems, such as diseases, flood, environmental damage, and air pollution. One of the habits is littering. This habit cannot be easily removed due to it has been ingrained in them. Therefore, it is needed a device that...
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Advanced of Accident Monitoring System Application

Ahmad Taqwa, Ade Silvia Handayani, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Sopian Soim, Rumiasih Rumiasih, Leni Novianti, Muhammad Dandy Pratama Putra
Smart cities are looking for ways to improve road safety, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are receiving a lot of interest from the academic and business community. As the number of automobiles continues to climb, a considerable increase in road accidents has been reported. Vehicles with...
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Implementation of Smart Attendance at Polytechnic State of Sriwijaya

Alan Novi Tompunu, Azwardi Azwadi, Adi Sutrisman, Annisia Nh Nufus, FakhriHerdiansyah
This project aims to create hardware and software that can be utilized as a security system to enter the Sriwijaya state polytechnic. It uses an RFID Tag that will be used as a Student Identity Card access to join the class. This device utilizes a UHF RFID sensor to read the ID number from the RFID Tag,...
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Innovative Garbage Bank Technology Based on Android

Evelina Evelina, Ayu Octarina, Ogi Meita Utami, Yogi Eka Fernandes, Nyayu Latifah Husni, Ade Silvia Handayani, Sakinah Augustika Sari, Annisa Auliya
In Indonesia, it is general to see the scavengers in shabby clothes move around to various locations to find and collect garbage. Moreover, they have to walk with uncertain goals and even not infrequently, they also get only few results. The innovations offered in this study provide a convenience platform...
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Correction to: Proceedings of the 6th FIRST 2022 International Conference (FIRST-ESCSI 2022)

Nyayu Latifah Husni, Wahyu Caesarendra, Martha Aznury, Leni Novianti, Deris Stiawan