Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Humanities and Social Science (HSS 2017)

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A Reflection of Comprehensive Evaluation Matriculation in Universities from the Perspective of Educational Equality

Chun-Lan Guan
In recent years, China has paid more and more attention in multiple university matriculation institution, which encourages the appearance of Comprehensive Evaluated Matriculation. Meanwhile, educational equality has gotten increasing attention from Chinese people. On this premise, discuss the educational...
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Constructivism Theory and Translation Teaching

According to the new standard of English teaching reform, Applying theoretical insights from constructivism to reexamination of how translation has been taught, this paper identifies typical problem in the current approach and proposes a new pedagogical model of improving translation teaching under the...
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Word-list-based EAP Vocabulary Teaching to Science Students in China

Yu-Yan Du, Zong-Rong Wang, Pi-Yi Du
Since EAP (English for Academic Purposes) teaching is being paid greater attention to in China, a trend appears that EAP courses are becoming the mainstream university EFL (English as a Foreign Language) courses. This paper looks into science-specific college students in China in the pedagogical EAP...
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Prosodic Transfer in the Beginning-and Advanced-Level Chinese Learners' Production of English Word Stress

Xing-Rong Guo, Xiao-Xiang Chen, Yi-Ming Guo
English second language (L2) learners often experience difficulties in producing native-like English lexical stress. It is unknown which acoustic correlates (F0, duration and intensity) are the most problematic for Chinese learners of different proficiency levels. The present study investigates the prosodic...
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A Discussion on the Innovative Teaching System of Business English in Higher Vocational Education

Hong-Xia Zhao
Taking the cultivation of Business English major as the research object, this paper mainly discusses the effective ways and channels to train students to gain the service capabilities concerning foreign business affairs and professional qualities. On the principle of systematic construction, highlighting...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures for Education of Ancient Chinese Learning in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Internet Plus

Qiu-Fei Ren
In the era of "Internet plus", the media matrix is formed gradually, which for higher vocational colleges to carry out the education of ancient Chinese learning has brought opportunities and challenges. Based on the investigation of five vocational colleges in Dalian, this paper used the methods of questionnaire...
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Exploration of Teaching Reform of Drawing Courses in Chinese Colleges and Universities Based on the Advanced Engineering Education Model

Yong-Gang Dong, Jian-Feng Song, Heng Zhu, Guo-Ling Luo
With the development of AMT (Advanced Manufacturing Technology), the greater demands have been placed on the Chinese higher education system in recent years. Characteristics of drawing courses in Chinese colleges and the advanced engineering education mode---OBE (Outcomes-based Education) were introduced...
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The Innovation and Practice of Way of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Cultivation based on the Internet Plus

Wan-Xin Xue, Yi-Lei Pei
E-commerce specialty of Management College in Beijing Union University, explores the innovation of ways to cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial talents with innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, relying on the modern service industry, the demonstrative innovation practice base in Beijing...
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Research on the Dual Tutorial System Guidance Mode in Graduation Thesis of Application-oriented Undergraduate E-Commerce Specialty

Yi-Lei Pei, Wan-Xin Xue, Dan-Dan Li
With the needs of application-oriented undergraduate E-Commerce specialty construction and development, the role of the practice teaching link for graduation thesis is becoming more and more obvious. According to the talent cultivation goal of application-oriented undergraduate E-Commerce specialty,...
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The Current Status of Medical Education Reform and Medical Goal Deviation

Jin-Guo Wang, Na Wang
Along with the rapid development of society and economy and the new problems in health care system, traditional medical purpose has been challenged and the new purpose of modern medical science has formed. New medical purpose includes preventing illness and injury, promoting and maintaining health, avoiding...
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Analysis on the Predicament of College Scientific Research Team Construction from the Perspective of Game Theory

Wei-Min Ouyang, Hao-Wen Feng
The construction of scientific research team in colleges and universities is an important measure to improve the quality of scientific research in colleges and universities. In this paper, we treated the competition and cooperation in scientific research team as our research object, applying the method...
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Design and Construction of One-stop Virtual Experiment Platform

Nan-Yue Yang
The problems existing in the practice teaching of the current vocational education cause students to make practice difficultly, such as experiment instrument and equipment is outdated and limited in quantity, some experiments involve danger, and experimental process is untraceable and so on. In order...
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Discussion on the Role of Sustainable Sports Training in Talent Cultivation

You-Yun Zhang, Liang Zu
Sustainable sports training plays an important role in cultivating sports talent in improving competitive capability, digging out the potential quality, learning scientific and cultural knowledge and cultivating personal competency for sports talents.
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Research on the Application of Virtual Reality System in Higher Education to Aesthetic Education

Yuan Cheng, Chao Du
With the rapid development of modern media and internet technology, the popularization and application of virtual reality technology and cloud computing technology undoubtedly plays a positive role in promoting the present and future development of human civilization. In recent years, they have expanded...
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An Empirical Study on the Pedagogy of Multiliteracies of Business English Course

Xiao-Si Song
Multiliteracies was coined in response to two significant changes in globalized environments: the proliferation of diverse modes of communication through new communications technologies such as the internet, multimedia, and digital media, and the existence of growing linguistic and cultural diversity...
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Innovation on Mode of General Education of Intellectual Property in Colleges and Universities under the Internet Circumstances

Yu-Hong Wang, Yin Zhou, Yun-Feng Li, Ling Chen, Rui-Rui Zhang
The wide application of Internet technology and its rapid development has brought the general education of intellectual property in colleges and universities many challenges. According to this paper, the general education mode of intellectual property in colleges and universities characterized by modern...
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The Effect of Big Five Personality Traits on Physics Education in Middle School: Evidence from a Chinese Study

Shui-Hua Wang, Yu-Feng Jia, Yi Chen, Hui-Min Lu, John Liu, Ming Yang, Yu-dong Zhang
To explore the correlation between personality traits and physics score, we enrolled 60 students as samples, and obtained their Big Five personality traits by NEO-FFI questionnaire. The average of the scores of the midterm examination and final examination of both Grade 7 and Grade 8 is used as the predictor...
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On Cultivating Undergraduates' Scientific Research Ability in Business English Major

Xiao-Si Song
Nowadays, the research on the cultivation of Business English undergraduates' scientific research and innovation ability is still in its initial stage. How to explore the suitable model for the cultivation of English undergraduates' scientific research innovation ability is of great urgency for the construction...
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The Exploration of the Curriculum Reform in Kindergarten Mathematics Education

Guo-Cheng Li
The mathematics education for children is not only required by the environment adaptation for children, but also by the mathematical logic ability development for children. There are neither kindergarten curriculum standards, nor detailed standard in specific field for kindergarten in China. The enlightenment...
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The Educational Value Study on Regular Script of Chinese Characters

Tian-Chen Song, Fan-Lei Meng
Calligraphy has always been an important element of traditional Chinese culture, and the main practitioners of calligraphy culture inheritance are young students. When we appeal to educators and culture leaders to think about the way of educational demonstration on specialization of calligraphy shills,...
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Research on Methods of Infiltrating Folk Culture into Calligraphy Teaching for Elementary Education Major-----Take the Case of "Writing Chinese Characters of Nine-Strokes" in Winter Solstice for Instance

Fan-Lei Meng
Calligraphy is the traditional culture and art of Han Chinese (the dominant ethnic group of China). To learn from the folk customs of "writing nine Chinese characters that each has nine-strokes", of "drawing nine flowers that each has nine petals" at winter solstice, combine calligraphy and folk art...
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Cultivating Students' Exploring Ability in Chemistry Teaching

Ru-Ling Zhang
One of the important tasks of current education is cultivating students' scientific exploring ability. Combined with the practical status of current chemistry teaching, this article put up with ideas that in chemistry teaching, we should cultivate students' ability of raising questions, of cooperative...
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The Research and Summaries about Some Questions of Learning Style

Ya-Dong Li
The article emphasizes and introduces the researches and summaries on several questions of Learning Style more overall, which includes the concept of Learning Style, the constitutional elements and classification of Learning Style, the determination of Learning Style and cultural factors and the Learning...
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The Analysis of Role of Language in Picture Books on Children's Art Education

Cong Peng
The picture, that means aesthetic language, plays a very important role in the process of children's reading, we can absorb aesthetic language from good picture books, and apply it into the process of children's artistic education. Here I will pick up several classic cases, analyze it, and state it from...
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Exploration & Analysis of Problems in the Cultivating model of Combination of Work and Study for Higher Vocational Education and Suggestions

You-Yun Zhang, Ping-Li Mao
The cultivating model-combination of work and study, is an important orientation for the reformation of higher vocational education under the new situation. In recent years, such model has gaind rapid development and initial achievements in higher vocational education. However, there also exist many...
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Analysis of MOOCs Courses Dropout Rate Based on Students' Studying Behaviors

Fang-Jie Liu, Lu Wang, Yi-Jun Qian, Yu-Jie Wu
This paper investigates course-dropout rate based on users' various behaviors-video-watching, discussion and question-answering behavior in MOOCs. We mainly analyze two problems: one is the comparison of average duration of studying on MOOC among users who either drop out or complete the course, and...
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Heuristic Teaching Method of Discrete Mathematics based on the Mathematical Games

Yu-Ming Ma
Discrete mathematics courses is one of the core curriculums for the computer professional, The content of discrete mathematics is abundant and abstract, some concepts and functions is hard to understand for students. In this paper, we proposed a heuristic teaching method based on the mathematical games...
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Instructional Scaffolding in the Teaching of English Writing Based on the Online Writing Platform

Li Li
Writing is an indispensable part of English learning. However, the present situation of English writing teaching is far from satisfaction. This paper aims at studying online writing teaching based on instructional scaffolding and analyzing how to make full use of various scaffoldings in the teaching...
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Study of a Reading-Writing Project Based on Connectionism in China's EFL Classrooms

Qing Yang, Wei Yao
Under the framework of connectionism, the present research designed a new syllabus - a reading-writing project for EFL students in a Chinese university. The project established a net for connection: reading materials as input units, self-reflection and peer discussion as hidden units, and writing as...
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On the Necessity and Rationality of Teachers' Authority

Ping-Xia Shen
Teachers' authority has an important influence on education. It is necessary and rational. Authority is a universal phenomenon in human being's life. Teacher's authority plays an important role in education and teaching. Teacher's authority is the need of students' growth and the development of teachers.
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Research and Practice on the Construction of Practice Teaching Base Based on the Production and Research Cooperation

Yue Guo, Ting-Ting Shen, Yu-Man Lu
The cooperation and combination of production and research is to combine labor in production, education and scientific research to achieve the best result of the practice teaching. This paper focuses on the effect and development of the construction of the practice teaching base of the integration of...
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Practice and Exploration of Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Independent Colleges

Feng Wang, Liang Dai, Wei-Chuan Ni, Shao-Jiang Liu
As a university priority project, undergraduate training program for innovation and entrepreneurship has been implemented for many years, it is a kind of innovation and entrepreneurship practice project for college students, and promote the development of various types of innovation and entrepreneurship...
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Research on Basic Competence Elements of Undergraduates Majoring in Engineering Cost: A Case Study of Mainland China

Hua Zhao, Li-Feng Zhang, Hui-Jie Jiang
The level of basic competence of college students is an important guarantee for the realization of smooth employment, and it is also one of the important indicators of the ability to a university or a college. On the basis of the literature review, this paper compares the basic competence standard system...
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Integration of Virtual Manufacturing Technology and Course Teaching of Manufacturing Technology

En-Guang Zhang, Li Wang
The fundamental of manufacturing technology is a basic course for the students majoring in mechanical engineering, the curriculum content of which is comprehensive and practical. Manufacturing technology is developing towards automation, and virtualization is one of its specific embodiment. In order...
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The Application of Virtual Manufacturing Technology in the Course Reform of Manufacturing Technology

Li Wang, En-Guang Zhang
According to the fact that manufacturing industry is developing to virtualization, digital, green and intelligent, this paper proposed an innovation course reform of the fundamentals of manufacturing technology, that is to apply the virtual manufacturing(VM) technology to the theory teaching process....
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Research on Ambiguity in English Learning

Shu-Kuan Lu
Ambiguity is a kind of linguistic phenomenon. It is a barrier for English learners to get exact information. It mainly appears in voice, grammar and vocabulary. Many researchers have expounded the phenomenon. This paper lays particular emphasis on grammatical structure, subjunctive mood, polysemants...
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Study on the Teaching Method of CAD/CAM Course in Independent College

Wen-Ju Shan
This paper introduces the importance of CAD/CAM course of mechanical major in Independent College and the reform of teaching content and teaching method of CAD/CAM course. Including the CAD/CAM course and theory teaching, practice teaching, practice teaching integration and task driven teaching method...
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Research on the Cultivation of College Students' Engineering Ability Based on Innovative Training Program

Yu-Feng Lu
How to cultivate the engineering ability of college students is an international problem which attracts the attention of the educational circles. A method based on college students' innovative training project is put forward for the engineering ability training. Several basic quality of college students'...
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The Entrepreneurship Education Courses' Setting of American Colleges and Universities and Its Enlightenment to China: A Case Study of Babson College

Li-Zhen Jin, Yue-Han Yang
The United States is the first country to carry out entrepreneurship education. Improving the curriculum is the key to the development of entrepreneurship education. Babson College is the well-deserved leaders of entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities. It has formed the perfect entrepreneurship...
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Research on the Coordinated Development of Entrepreneurship Education under the Background of the Integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Li-Zhen Jin, Xiao-Li Lin
In the background of the integrated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, innovative talents to drive a crucial role for the development of the core technology industry in regional economy, colleges and universities as human resources and science and technology productivity combination, and delivery...
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The Exploration of PBL Applied in Experimental Medical Statistics Teaching

Ling Qi, Hong-Ling Zhang, Xin Wang, Jing Wang
PBL(Problem Based Learning) is the problem based learning, with the introduction of experimental teaching practice into "medical statistics", it helps to break the traditional experimental teaching exercises class limitations, and using actual source material to stimulate students' enthusiasm and initiative,...
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A Discussion on the Differences between Problem-based Learning and Project-based Learning

Ke Sun, Zhi-Yong Li
This paper qualitatively analyzes the characteristics and implementation process of two different kinds of learner focused strategies, problem-based learning (PBL) and project-based learning (PBjL). By way of comparative analysis, this paper illustrates major distinctions between these two learning methods,...
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Competency-Based Education: A New Perspective on CSL Teacher Training Mode Construction

Wu Cai
Facing the issue of the shortage of qualified teachers, the construction of a more effective training mode for the teachers of Chinese as a second language (CSL) has become a hot topic. Competency-based education provides a new perspective and dimension for the training of CSL teachers. This paper outlines...
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Aerobics Teaching Research in view of Overweight Students

Xiao-Yan Ren
Aerobics has become an important content of quality education and aesthetic education in colleges and universities because of its unique charm of sports. But in aerobics class a small number of overweight and obese students doesn't get enough attention, this part of students are often marginalized. Overweight...
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Discussion on Intangible Culture Features of Mongolian Traditional Furniture

Xin-Hong Zhang
Most of Mongolian traditional furniture is decorated by colorful motifs on surfaces, have the ornament components, and have box-shaped forms. The types of motifs are encompassed animal figures, plant figures, geometrical shape, and other shapes. The decoration style, structures and workmanship of the...
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Perception of English Lexical Stress by English, Beijing Dialect, and Guangzhou Cantonese Speakers

Xing-Rong Guo, Xiao-Xiang Chen, Yi-Ming Guo
This study explored how listeners' L1 dialect affects their weighting of acoustic correlates in perceiving English lexical stress. 20 American English speakers, 20 Beijing dialect speakers, and 20 Guangzhou Cantonese speakers produced nonce disyllabic words. Results showed that the salience hierarchy...
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Revisiting the Cultural Turn in Translation Studies

Lei Dai
This paper critically reviews the existing controversies over the cultural turn in Translation Studies by discussing the three major doubts cast onto this theory. The researcher begins by reviewing the background of the theory before analyzing the nature of the theory with an elaborate discussion on...
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Study on the Origin of Nantong Blue Calico

Bing-Ying Ou, Hong-Guang Ye, Bin Li
The study on the origin of Nantong blue calico can start from two aspects, i.e. the origin of dye and the origin of dyeing technique. From the dye aspect, Nantong began to plant indigo plant (polygonum tinctorium) in late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, which provided the raw materials for the development...
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Application of "Silk Road Culture" in City Square Landscape Design in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, China

Xian-Bin Zhao
By analyzing the current situation of Lanzhou Dongfanghong Square, the article summarizes its advantages and disadvantages in landscape design. According to its existing problems, the solution is put forward and the square design method under the guidance of "Silk Road Culture" . So that the landscape...
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The Study on Intangible Culture Heritage Protection Method by Utilizing China's University Libraries

An-Ding Liu, Xiao-Jing Fang, Hong-Guang Ye, Bin Li
The main method for China's university libraries takes part in the protection of intangible culture heritage. It can be divided into three categories, which are basic service, publicity service, and participation in research projects. Firstly, the basic service is constituted by the university library's...
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The Position and Role of the Culture: SWOT Analysis of Traditional Technological Attack in Martial Arts

Qiu-Ping Zhang
Based on the perspective of the position and role of the culture, taking some groups who learn Martial Arts as the research object, adopting SWOT analysis method of management, the papers peculates and elaborates the cultural characteristics of traditional "Technological attack" in Martial Arts. And...
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Analysis on Importance of Traditional Chinese Culture in Personality Molding among College Students

Lei Wang
The current moral situation is mixed, of which the mainstream is positive and good, while there are also some noticeable problems which has influenced the personality molding of college students. Therefore, the educators must take positive attitude to draw strength from traditional Chinese culture in...
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Analysis on the Artistic Quality of Seventy-two Mesas in Yimeng

Yan-Qing Hou
Mesa in Yimeng has its unique features; it melds historic features, humanity character, folk customs, regional character, naturalness and so on, and then form its own unique artistic style. The article will analyze the inherent unique aesthetic sense of mesa in Yimeng from four aspects, that is, its...
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Brief Analysis of the Spiritual Directions of Yimeng Folk Art - Door Paper-Cuts

Da-Yong Gu
The door paper-cuts of Yimeng, has lent an aura to the local folk customs, also, such pattern of folk culture has reflected the distinct life style, local customs and cultural perceptions. Therefore, the study of the spiritual directions of door paper-cuts, is more than just explore the cultural perceptions...
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The Influence of "Movie Symbols" on Chinese Martial Arts Culture-Based on the Perspective of the CNKI Core Journals (2014-2016)

Xue-Peng Zhang
This paper analyzes the impact of movie communication symbols on the spreading of Chinese Martial Arts culture using the method of literature study, mathematical statistics and logic analysis etc. and taking "the influence of movies on the spreading of Chinese Martial Arts culture" as the research object....
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Glimpse of Body Metaphor of Chinese Martial Arts under Embodied Cognition Theory

Xin Shu
This paper uses the embodied cognition theory, adopts the method of literature study and logical analysis, and takes the Martial Arts body as the research object through the study of body metaphors of Martial Arts, to promote the awareness of Martial Arts body in practice. This paper puts forward that...
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Research on the Guanyin Statues Feminine Appearance in the Tang Dynasty

Jing Zhang
It is based on the influence of Chinese traditional culture and main to analyze the origin of Guanyin bodhisattva statues, reasons of Bodhisattva's feminization from the perspectives of facial features, clothes, posture etc. It is purpose the Tang dynasty is golden age of buddhist images and is important...
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CiteSpace Based Dynamic Visualization Analysis of Domestic Researches on Cross - Cultural Communication 1996-2016

Xiao-Ya Gan, Ying-Xue Huang
The paper has collected data of cross-cultural communication related research papers published on 12 domestic authoritative journals since 1996 and has conducted analysis based on knowledge mapping. By means of CiteSpace, the widely used software in knowledge mapping, the paper has detected hot issues...
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What Makes the Beauty---on The Portrait of a Lady

Yan Sun
Marxist philosophy insists that material comes the first, but consciousness does the following part, and contradiction is the force and motive for things' development. This paper is going to by Marxist philosophy present an in-depth analysis for Isabel's beauty, who is the heroine of Henry James' masterpiece...
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Representation of the Sciences in Julian Barnes' Fiction

Wei-Qiang Mao
Julian Barnes demonstrates a consistent interest in the relationship between science and literature. For him, writing is a substitution of the religious faith destroyed by advances in science. This paper examines how different aspects of science are represented in each of his novels, with an aim to recapitulate...
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A Dynamic Analysis of College Students' Strategies in Establishing Identities from the Perspective of Speech Accommodation

Gao-Chun Men
Based on sociolinguistic Speech Accommodation Theory, this study will take college students as research samples to explore systematically how the interlocutors accommodate to their social identities by adopting various strategies in social communication. Two perspectives will be explored respectively,...
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Research on the Red Sculpture from the Perspective of Red Culture

Jing Zhang, Ze-Hui Lei
It is introduce the background of red culture and the origin of the red sculpture. Mainly discussed the historical of the red sculpture, core values, Subject matter and so on. It is hope to promote prosperity of socialist red culture and the development of red sculpture.
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Several Issues Should be Noticed in Corpora Selection of Pronouns Study in Excavated Documents of the Warring States

Yan-Mei Zhang, Han Ding
The passage points out that the Warring States era is a typical classical Chinese period so that it is worth studying pronouns in this period. Moreover, if the research uses excavated documents of the Warring States and utilizes new theoretical method, it will be of worth and significance. On this basis,...
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The Present Situation and Existing Issues of Monographs Grammar Study of Excavated Documents -- Taking Pronouns Study as an Example

Yan-Mei Zhang, Han Ding
The passage takes an example of pronouns study, discussing the present situation and existing problems of monographs grammar study of excavated documents. It points out that there are mainly three questions lying in monographs grammar study of excavated documents currently. Initially, there is not enough...
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A Study on the Deng's Cultural Identity of Ethnic Group in NyingChi of Tibet

Hui Luo, Qiu-Lian Jin
China is a multi-ethnic country with cultural diversity. In addition to the 56 identified ethnic groups, there is a special ethnic group called the Deng which have not been identified as an official ethnic group until now. Some of them have lived in Nyingchi located in the southeastern part of Tibet....
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On the Reasons of the Tragedy of the Great Poet Li Yu

Zhong-Hua Li
Li Yu was a brilliant poet, and also the emperor of a declined kingdom. In the history of China, there were not many people who have the dual identity of an emperor as well as an outstanding writer. The poet has the character of honor and easy-going, but the emperor usually is good at scheming and calculating....
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The Constructing of Semantic Frame and the Conceptual Integration of Translation Process

Gao-Pan Guo, Zong-Ying Wang
The translation process is the process of conceptual frame shift and the semantic shifting. This article uses "FrameNet" corpus to describe the constructing process of semantic frame, to uncover the basic structure of semantic information and valence patterns with the concept of Frame and syntactic realizations...
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The Analysis of China's Sounds of Aesthetics and "Cultural Soil" in the Basis of "Natural Sound"

Sha-Lin Han, Tao Yu
This paper argues that for thousands of years, Chinese people has shown their musical aesthetic habits and aesthetic psychological structure in the pursuing the nature of sound. This paper has two aspects of detailed argumentation: "analysis from 'the cultural soil' of Chinese people's 'natural sound'...
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Multimodal Appraisal Framework of Intercultural Communication Competence

Xiao-Ya Gan, Sang-Sang Cheng
The modern wave of globalization has created a considerable demand for increased intercultural communication competence (ICC) of college graduates. Despite the wide attention to the concepts and assessment of ICC, there exists no uniform ICC appraisal system although teachers and scholars have made some...
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Application of the Art. 58 of UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG)

Xiang Li
The Art. 58 of UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (hereinafter referred to briefly as CISG) provides the issue that when the buyer is bound to pay to the seller during the performance of the contract. It also provides when the buyer's right to inspect conflicts with his payment obligations,...
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Urban-Rural Conflict over Framework Analysis on Media Discourses of Straw Burning in China

Xue-Ye Wang
In recent years, the phenomenon of straw burning is becoming a typical environmental conflict between urban and rural residents in China. Based on the methods of framework and content analyses, this paper pays attention to urban and rural subjects' media discourses, which are chosen from 1173 pieces...
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A Study on Tourism Development of Cultural and Creative Industry in Metropolis--A Case of Shenzhen City

Jun Yuan
This paper discussed the tourism development of cultural and creative industry in metropolis with Shenzhen city as the study area. Starting with the perspective of integration of cultural and creative industry with tourism industry, it summarized the main tourism development modes of cultural and creative...
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Policy Analysis on Cultural Conflict and Cultural Integration in the Joint Operation

Yun Bai, Da-Yong Jiang
Under the new historical conditions, military operations such as joint operations required the coordination and cooperation of all forces. Due to the existence of certain cultural differences among different units of joint operation, it will result in cultural conflicts so as to affect the volatility...
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Study on Cultural Conflict and Its Integration in the Process of Merger for Military Academies

Da-Yong Jiang, Yun Bai
With the tide of "military reform", the merger of numerous military academies will be inevitable in the future. This not only can realize reorganization and improvement of the military educational resources so that improve the quality and the scale of institutions obviously, but also be conducive to...
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Efficiency Evaluation of Eco-tourism in China's Coastal Cities Based on DEA Method

Yu-Qin Sun, Yi-Ming Guo
This paper studies the efficiency of eco-tourism in China's coastal cities by using the method of Data Envelope Analysis (DEA). Five inputs including the length of coastline, number of employees in the tertiary industry, urban fixed asset investment, tourism resources attractiveness, eco-environmental...
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A Comparison in Transportation Infrastructure between China and Other Countries

Yuan-Cheng He
Comparing 148 countries' z-scores resulting with the Factoring Analysis, the paper verifies that a big gap still exists between China and other advanced countries based on 6 average indicators calculated from CIA statistics in transportation, although China's infrastructure has been considerably improving...
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The Present Situation and the Improvement Measures of Intellectual Property Protection of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China

Jin-Guo Wang, Na Wang
The current intellectual property system in our country has many defects in the protection of traditional Chinese medicine, so it causes expensive loss of intellectual property of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, the absent understanding of the importance of intellectual property rights protection...
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Analysis on the Reform Path of China's Trade Union System

Liang-Shan Li
The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee put forward the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources to the six areas of the CPC Central Committee to deepen the reform and the establishment of a leading group for further market-oriented reforms lay a solid foundation....
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Research on the Countermeasures of Chinese University Graduates' Employment under the Social Security System

Zhen-Yu Yang, Hong-Guang Ye
For Chinese university graduates' employment problem, using literature research, investigation method and comparative research, obtained a linkage by establish a mechanism for college students and the Department of labor. Using the social security to protect the College Students' employment and unemployment,...
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Self-organizing Analysis on the Urban Agglomeration System based on Synergy Innovation

Ai-Jun Liu, Shu-Juan Li
The competition of urban agglomeration is the main form of regional economic development; synergy innovation is an effective form of urban agglomeration development. The self-organization mechanism of synergy innovation system of urban agglomeration was analyzed; the synergy model of innovation subjects...
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Innovation-driven Development and Supply-side Structural Reform in Northeast China

Xiao-Juan Liu, Zhen Guo
This paper studies the interactive mechanism on innovation-driven development and supply-side structural reform, and combined with the problems that exist in northeast China, concludes that the revitalization of northeast China should rely on deepening supply-side structural reform, and by implementing...
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A Study on the Rural Migrant Worker's Citizenization in the New Urbanization from the Perspective of New Normal Development

Yi-Ping Sun, Xiao-Jun Sun
Urbanization, as the main driving force of national modernization, serves as the only way for economic and social development. In accordance with the law of economic and social development, China's economy has entered the "new normal" stage of medium and high-speed growth. According to the law of urbanization...
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Study on Problems and Countermeasures of Collection Storage and Transport of Straw

Cai-Qing Zhang, Guo-Shuai Gao
Straw storage is the key to the use of large-scale straw and the establishment of storage and transportation system is the basis of large-scale use of straw. In this paper, the author summarized the existing models of straw storage and transportation in China, compared the advantages and disadvantages,...
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Research on Countermeasures of Innovation Driven Eco City Construction in Jilin Province

Li-Na Xu
In recent years, our country attaches great importance to the revitalization of northeast old industrial base development, the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly put forward the requirement which is to vigorously promote the development of ecological civilization...
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On Comparison and Enlightenment of the Training System of Civil Servants in China and Australia

Zhan-Tao He
Civil servant training has become the demand and development trend of modern society, only by updating the concept and methods of civil service training constantly, can we adapt to the rapid development of China's economy and the diversification of social needs. The pertinence and validity of the Australian...
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On Sima Qian's Praises to the Ruler

Hui-Juan Zhao
Sima Qian took himself as Confucius' inheritor in His Honor the Grand Scribe's self-annotation. He changed his attitude suddenly to say that his book narrated, but not create after Husui posed the problem. Why Was Sima Qian so inconsistent? As a historian, Sima Qian couldn't make the emperor unsatisfied....
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Study on the Long Term Mechanism for the Revitalization Governance of the East China Sea Fishing Ground---A Case Study of Zhoushan Fishing Ground Governance in Zhejiang

Xiang-Kui Geng, Sen Hu
The East China Sea without fish, all sectors of society is widely concerned and central high level is shocked. Remediation fishing ground has become an urgent task. The author takes the Zhoushan Zhejiang fishing ground treatment as an example, a careful analysis of the main difficulties and problems...
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Time Bank: Exploration on Pattern of Residence for the aged under Shared Economy

Jie-Qian Zhang
Time Bank, like traditional banks, is the service institution which supplies to clients stored and withdrawal service of laboring time. New pattern of old-age care can be explored according to the operation of Time Bank. After analyzing difficulties and troubles in the operation of Time Bank, the article...
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Research of Information Literacy of Chinese Public Security Management Students

Jin Wen
According to the unified evaluation criteria of information literacy lack of Chinese police college and the normalization of evaluation mechanism, this paper puts forward an information literacy evaluation index system that meets a suitable target and demand of the development of Chinese police college...
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Research of Learning Scoring Model for Chinese Police Information Management Course

Liang Hu, Jin Wen, Hong-Mei Yu, Yu-Chi Zhu
This research analyzes the key factors of the learning quality index and the teaching effect of Chinese police information management course and proposes a learning scoring model. The model uses the analytic hierarchy process to compute the weight of each factor index, establishes the index weight coefficient...
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Research on Young University Teachers' Ideological and Political Work under the Influence of WeMedia

Chun-Lan Guan
The development of WeMedia brings opportunities and challenges to the ideological and political work of young university teachers, and WeMedia becomes a significant way for ideological and political works in China. Based on the problems and characteristics of young university teachers and the application...
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Challenges of Mogadishu Local Government Revenue

Abdullahi Ali Mohamed
Local government that has power to self-finance promotes socioeconomic development and it creates an environments where local communities have access to get basic services and it also enhances the responsiveness of government to the citizens. There have been efforts of local government to finance itself...
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Exploring Haidilao Service Creativity: The Perspective of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Yan-Hong Liu, Xiao-Wen Jie
Developing an understanding of relationship between employees and customers is of central importance to enterprise management. In this study we seek to find how service creativity made by Haidilao Hot Pot to its staffs, and then how service creativity made by Haidilao staffs to their customers in return....
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The Problems and Countermeasures of Patent Management in Hospital

Jin-Guo Wang, Na Wang
Analyze the current situation and existing problems of hospital patent management, put forward countermeasures to improve the management of hospital patent, and then enhance competitiveness of hospital intellectual property. On the base of licensed patent statistics combined with the inventors' degrees,...
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Analyzing the Antecedents of Organizational Ambidexterity from the Perspective of TMT and Firm Characteristics

Hang Wu
Organizational ambidexterity is an important strategy for firm's survival. Existing research has discovered that TMT and firm characteristics are two influencing factors of organizational ambidexterity. TMT behavioral integration balances strategic conflicts between exploration and exploitation through...
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The Evidence and Gap about the Relationship between International Diversification and Performance

Hang Wu
There are many scholars who believe that there is a positive correlation relationship between international diversification and firm performance. However, some scholars have found that international diversification has a negative, U-shaped, inverted U-shaped and S-type relationship with firm performance....
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The Exploration of Competitive State in Electricity Retail Company under the Background of New Power Market Reformation

Cai-Qing Zhang, Jun-Jie Yang
With the reformation of power sale side moving forward constantly, an increasing number of electricity retail companies are involved in the competition of selling market, which is contributed by the release of retail side. Aimed at this background, the present paper explored the competition situation...
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Research on the Offensive and Defensive Strength and Competition Pattern of Each Team in the CBA Season 2015-2016 League

Xi-Lai Kang, Hai-Rui Yuan
The authors of this essay adopt methods such as documentary data, video analysis, mathematical statistics, RSR comprehensive evaluation to comprehensively analyze the offensive and defensive strengths of over 20 teams in the CBA season, 2015-2016 League. Studies reveal that at the offensive end the top...
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International Comparison and Reference of Cultivating Internationalized Talent for Human Resources Management of University

Hao-Yu Huang, Jin-Han Zhou
In order to meet the demands of the economic globalization, it is important to cultivate the internationalized talent in the human resource major to cope with different kinds of the internationalized talent. Based on this, the paper aims to analyze the concurrent situation, the main problems and their...
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Study on PPP Model from the Perspective of Game between Government and Enterprises

Wei Kong
In recent years, the application of PPP model in China is in full swing; both the scale and the scope of the region have achieved amazing results, but also a lot of problems. The focus of the issue is the game between government and enterprise operation management in the PPP project. In the game, government...