Proceedings of the 2018 International Symposium on Humanities and Social Sciences, Management and Education Engineering (HSSMEE 2018)

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Exploration and Practice of Teaching Reform of Computer Public Courses in Colleges and Universities under Big Data Environment

Xiangbin Gao
The 21st century has fully transited to the computer information age, in order to meet the needs of various professions, to adapt to the pace of information society development, universities have generally opened computer public courses. Firstly, this paper analyzes the current situation of computer...
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Strategy Study on Primary School English Game Teaching

Yong Wang
English games teaching in Primary School integrates teacher’s morals, education notions and teaching skills into students’ activities. In game teaching, students and teachers are dual subjects in the process of interaction and mutual promotion. In preparing lessons, teachers should consider students’...
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Inquiry into the Permeation of Moral Education in Primary English Teaching

Qiutan Yu
Moral education in English teaching refers to the moral education infusing in the process of the instruction of English language knowledge, the cultivation of English language and communicative ability in the way of permeation; it also refers that English teachers interpret and expound English teaching...
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Study on the Virtual Value Chain of Civil Aviation Transportation Industry under E-Commerce Environment

Dong Lu
With the development of society and the continuous progress of science and technology, the business environment is constantly changing. Among them, the civil aviation transportation industry is a relatively special case. In the traditional value chain, the civil aviation transportation industry is not...
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Exploration of the Redevelopment Strategy of Traditional Handicraft Industry under the Background of "Intangible Cultural Heritage" Protection

Xiaolin Jia
At present, the state vigorously pursues various policies on the protection of "intangible cultural heritage" protection, which injects vitality into the re-development of traditional culture. Based on the research, starting from the perspective of craftsmanship and people's livelihood, the economic,...
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An Exploration of the ‘Eco museum Ideal’ for Living Heritage Management under the Context of Rural Revitalization in China

Jie Han, Corsane Gerard, Liangliang Wang, Xiao Cheng, Yufeng You, Yali Gao
Integrated heritage management has become increasingly important for both urban and rural areas, and has now been frequently used as both a philosophy and an approach to revive the decayed areas under various transitional contexts such as rapid urban expansion, economic restructuring, industrial relocation,...
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Design of Crime Spatio-temporal Analysis System Based on the Police Workflow

Dong Cai, Man Lin
According to crime spatio-temporal analysis application requirements, this paper researches on the key technology of crime spatio-temporal analysis. With the key technology, crime spatio-temporal analysis system based on the police workflow is designed to provide various analysis functions, such as crime...
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Empirical Study of the Influence Factors of the Servitization Strategy Performance of High-tech Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Industry Classification Data

Li Wei, Huijun Chen
There is a strong marginal substitution effect on service input to technology input for service strategy adopted by high-tech manufacturing enterprises during technological bottleneck period, and a new way to profit growth points. That’s why many high-tech manufacturing enterprises choose it. However,...
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Study on Accounting Internal Control in Oilfield Enterprises

Qingbin Wang
the standardization and refinement development of financial management require enterprises to establish a sound accounting internal control system. At the same time, there are problems and loopholes in the accounting internal control of oilfield enterprises, which will affect the future economic development...
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Research on Quantitative Index of MOOC Quality Based on Data

Guochang Zhou, Jianping Li, Zheng Xie
With the rapid development of MOOC, how to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum has gradually become the focus of attention of educational scholars. Based on the data provided by Icourse, this paper explores a set of quantitative index system for evaluating the quality of MOOC from two aspects...
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The Influence of Science and Technology Revolution on the Development of Modern Chinese Historiography

Sanfeng Di
Under the influence and influence of the scientific and technological revolution, the development of modern Chinese historiography has distinctive characteristics of the times. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the historical research thoughts with scientific spirit such as Lanke historiography,...
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Research and Review on the Public Policy Process of Internet Financial Supervision—Taking P2P Online Lending Platform as an Example

Zihao Ye
As a new type of financial business mode combining Internet technology and financial industry, Internet finance has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, wide range and high risk. On the one hand, Internet finance plays an indispensable role in promoting the vigorous development of the financial...
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The Influencing Factors of Labor Force Wages in China-Based on Empirical Analysis of Mincer Wage Equation

Yuyang Zhu
Based on the extended Mincer Wage Equation, the thesis uses OLS method to conduct concrete regression analysis of the factors influencing wages. It also uses the data from the follow-up survey report carried out by China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) in 2014. The estimated results suggest that compared...
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Research on the Influence of Exchange Rate and Monetary Policy on RMB Internationalization

Han Liu
The change in exchange rate and monetary policy is closely related to RMB internationalization. Based on the background of RMB internationalization, this paper empirically analyzes the influence of RMB exchange rate and monetary policy on RMB internationalization by establishing VAR model. The empirical...
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How Today’s Libraries Can Help to Address Information Gaps for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises: Li Ka Shing Library as an Example

Yi Zhou, Xiaozhu Ma
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be considered as the backbone of a country’s economy in general, which have been connected with the development of economy in both developing and developed countries directly. Meanwhile, libraries have been an important source of information in modern society....
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Struggling for Identification: Female Identity and Queer Representation in Li Yu’s Films

Yinan Li
This article aims to provide a historical analysis of the cinematic representation of female identity and queer sexuality based on Li Yu films (Dam Street and Fish and Elephant) in comparison with Urban (Sixth) Generation film directors. This article provides a detailed clarification on the ambivalent...
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Plasticity Cultivation and Risk Aversion in Children's Development Process

Jiaxin Rang
Children are in the first stage of growth and development, and they have not yet formed a set of personality, habits and thinking concepts, so they have great plasticity. Theoretically speaking, we can mold children into any kind of characters, such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, policemen, artists and...
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Study on the Construction of Gu Cheng's Isolated City Field

Tingting Zhou
Gucheng Life with poetry for life. He is the main representative of "Misty poetry" and the only fairy poet in China. Jiangxi Normal University students in 2018 year 8 months in Guangdong Meizhou held a "Gucheng Gu City Vision" of the symposium, the meeting belongs to the exchange between student’s discussion,...
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Knowledge Management in PhD Students’ Information Seeking Behaviors

Yi Zhou, Siyi Chen, Mengshi Xu
This article discusses how to apply knowledge management strategy to PhD students’ academic information seeking behavior. It reviews the definitions and relations of information and knowledge, personal information management and personal knowledge management, and knowledge management and information...
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Research on the Relationship between Work Behavior, Personality Traits and Team Performance

Yongdong Chen, Yongxia Bao
Based on the “Big Five Personality” theory, this paper is willing to investigate personal traits, work behaviors, and team performance of five research team members. The analysis process is based on the team-level overall traits and overall performance, and uses statistical analysis methods to analyze...
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Research on the Sustainable Development of Family Enterprises in China from the Perspective of "Home Culture"

Yuan Zhang, Yongjun Guan
For family enterprises, which are an important part of China's economic life, how to realize the sustainable development of family business and successfully complete intergenerational inheritance is a difficult problem faced by many family businesses. Improving the life expectancy of family businesses...
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Whole Process Engineering Consulting

Shumin Li
The whole process engineering consulting is to carry out project management with planning as the guide, investment management and control as the main line and value-added as the goal. Traditional construction mode is to design, construction and supervision of construction projects, such as phase separated,...
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Research on the Satisfaction of the Elderly of the Public Transport System

Yuzhao Du, Zhuangzhuang Shao, Wenqi Lu
This paper takes the satisfaction of the elderly people on the service quality of public transport system in Xi'an as the research object, and makes an evaluation and analysis. The purpose of this paper is to find out the problems existing in the transit system under the trend of aging population in...
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Application of Factor Analysis Method on Teaching Quality Satisfaction

Jixia Cao, Yuanda Hou, Qinzhen Li
A survey on teaching quality satisfaction in 3 types of universities was carried out in this paper. Using Factor Analysis Method, raw data were calculated and analysis. Study conclusions were made: firstly, university teaching quality evaluation index system can be divided into a certain dimension; secondly,...
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Study on Social Psychological Factors of Property and Violent Criminals -- Based on the Investigation and Analysis of Criminals in City A

Guan Wang
Objective: to explore the social psychological factors of violent crime and property crime, so as to provide a basis for effective crime prevention. Methods: 51 criminals qualified for violent crimes and 52 criminals qualified for property crimes were selected in the jail of city A. Meanwhile, according...
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Risk Evaluation of Fresh Products Supply Chain under New Retail Mode

Hua Gao, Xiaopeng Wang
The risk of Fresh Products Supply Chain includes supplier risk, retailer risk, customer demand risk and the e-commerce platform risk from the perspective of supply chain depot under new retail mode. Based on the analysis of these risk factors, we established a risk evaluation index system, built an unascertained...
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Exploration of Industrialization Road of Folk Dance Fanshanjiaozi

Zaidong Wang
The folk dance Fanshanjiaozi in the eastern region of Sichuan is in the plight at present, it is necessary to emancipate the minds, build fine products, make good use of Internet functions, follow the marketization laws, develop music bases, work industrialization road, and then better inherit and develop...
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Foot Pressure and Gait Analysis of Children's Shoes

Cong Li, Yanzhen Wang, Daomiao Zhang
Shoes are indispensable daily necessities in life. Good shoes not only prevent foot damage, but even adjust walking posture. A pair of comfortable children's shoes can prevent children's foot distortion and help them correct walking gait (purpose). Using the Trigno Lab wireless electromyography acquisition...
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Postcolonial Uncanny Narrative in Heart of Darkness

Yang Yang
In the postcolonial context of Heart of Darkness, abject is the result of westerners’ binary opposition to non-westerners and also the cause of their colonial career. Western civilization is full of the abject discourse about non-west and barbarism. Since the abject is part of or the result of those...
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Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Military and Civilian Integration Equipment Maintenance Support Task Distinction

Xianming Shi, Dunxiang Zhu, Xing Song, Rudong Zhao
in view of the problem of the task differentiation of the integrated maintenance and maintenance units of military and civilian equipment, this paper, based on the analysis of the influencing factors of the task differentiation, establishes the cost and effectiveness model of the contractor and the force...
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The Research of Railway Transportation Business Intelligence Based on Ontology

Shangyan Jiang, Lei Huang
In the 21st century, the world's rapid economic growth brings with it an increase in railway transportation throughput continued year after year, in order to improve the quality of its railway enterprise information management efficiency, business intelligence technology for enterprise operations management,...
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Quantitative Research on the Impact of Inquiry Learning on English Teaching Effectiveness

Ying Lu
Inquiry learning methods continue to play an important and positive role in English teaching. Classroom teaching is the main channel for implementing quality education in schools. With the continuous deepening of education reform, the reform will inevitably fall into the classroom teaching. In order...
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Review on Operation Management Mode of Urban Underground Utility Tunnel

Huixuan Liu, Dongfu Zhao, Guohua Li, Jun Dong
This paper reviews the origin and development of urban underground utility tunnel at home and abroad through literature review, analyzes the research status of the operation management mode of urban underground utility tunnel at home and abroad, and probes into the problems to be solved in the current...
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Supply Chain Quality Control Model under Symmetric Information

Haibin Kang, Peiyu Zhu, Jinling Sun, Hongbin Wang
This paper establishes the basic model of supply chain quality control, and discusses the optimal quality effort level under their respective symmetrical information. The main research subjects are risk-neutral supplier and manufacturer. In this paper, the production process of both sides has a common...
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Industrial Decomposition of Regional Economic Differences in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Metropolitan Area

Songlin Li
Using the method of decomposition of Theil index and the Gene coefficient of the industry, according to the GDP data of Beijing Tianjin Hebei metropolitan area of 2005-2015 years of each county unit, discusses the effect on industrial structure, regional difference of county economy unit of the metropolitan...
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On the Father-Son Confrontation in Henderson the Rain King

Aoshuang Yang
Henderson the Rain King which tells the story of a WASP millionaire called Eugene Henderson is one of Saul Bellow’s best-known works. This paper will have its focus on the father-son relationship, or more precisely, the father-son confrontation, which is a significant clue to comprehend the major theme...
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Analysis of EPR Policy Effect under Different Charging Modes

Yanyan Shao
The paper explores the impact of charging models and its environment on the effects of EPR policy from the perspective of promoting the recycling industry based on system dynamics research. The dissertation sets up three kinds of charging modes: "government non-intervention mode", "charging mode" and...
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Research on the Relationship between Financial Insurance and the Real Economy Development

Chengcheng Zheng
The real economy sector is a significant part of national economic development. It is a main channel for creating real wealth, realizing full employment, and promoting economic growth. However, in the current reality background of economic development “turning to virtual economy from the real economy”,...
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Children's Relative Appellations Acquisition in the Framework of Prototype Theory

Liusheng Shi
Relative appellations are the earliest acquired nouns of children, and their acquisition principles are analyzed and understood by prototype theory in this paper, and judgment experiments are designed to test the concrete prototype of kindergarten children on relative acquisition. This essay will firstly...
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Utility Function-based Consumption Model under Continuous Time

Huawei Zhao
The model of the portfolio distributing wealth to different assets in a certain proportion maximizes the expected utility function. The classic mean variance model proposed by Markowitz cannot meet the current demand for investment, while the dynamic portfolio model can more accurately describe the current...
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Study on the National Supply-side Structural Reform Based on Improving the Quality of Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment

Zhuohang Lv
Improving quality is the foundation of promoting national strength, as well as the foundation of establishment and enterprise transformation. In the13th five-year plan period in China, China's petrochemical industry pay attention to improve the service level and create more social value, vigorously improve...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Urban Residents' Income in China

Guoran Zhang
With the rapid development of China's economy, influencing factors of residents’ income have become one of the research hotspots. This paper selects several factors that affect residents’ income and uses the income data of urban and rural residents in China to conduct empirical analysis. It is found...
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Family Function Deficiency and the Substitution Model for the Underage Children of Female Prisoners——an Exploration of 100 Example Cases of Women’s Prison in L Province

Xizheng Shan
Through the investigation of 100 female prisoners and their families and children, I found that the underage children of prisoners are generally surrounded by factors such as a lack of care, parent-child isolation, difficulties in life, etc., which result in psychological difficulties, emotional inferiority,...
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Exploring the Way forward for Chinese Creative Design from the Viewpoint of Cybernetics

Qianyu Wu
This paper discusses some current problems of creative design in China, and introduces the development of cybernetics and its influence on other disciplines. Based on the method of analogy and guided by cybernetics, this work studies the corresponding relationship between cybernetics and creative design,...
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Research Review on the Basic System of Real Estate Registration

Mengdi Wang
The basic scope of real estate mainly includes connotation of real estate registration errors, the nature of damages and liability forms, the doctrine of liability fixation and other aspects belonging to the registration scope of real estate rights, the types of registration and the false registration...
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Study on Chinese Care Service Support System by OECD Database of Children Aged 0 - 6

Xiaoju Shen, Shangchun Wu
Based on the study of early childhood education and care system in OECD countries, the current situation of preschool care and education in OECD countries for children aged 0-6 years is analyzed, and the characteristics of the support system of children care provided by governments in terms of time,...
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Intelligent Evaluation System for Cross-culture Communications Competence

Xiaojuan Peng
Nowadays cross culture-communications is a primary objective in order to build a medium for communications. Although, it can be reviewed that due to different inhabitants most of the personalities faced impacts upon the communications, while the person is travelling or transferred to another region for...
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Library Book Recommendation System of Tianjin University of Technology

Zishuai Yang, Yingchun Wang, Yanquan Liu
This paper makes a systematic and in-depth study on the functional module design of the book recommendation system in the library of Tianjin University of Technology. In order to ensure the standardization and scientificalness of the research and development process and meet the needs of library use,...
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The Weighting Algorithms for the Landweber Method in Electromagnetic Tomography

Guanghui Han, Gangrong Qu, Ze Liu, Pengfei Zhao
Due to ill-posed of the image reconstruction in Electromagnetic tomography (EMT), the condition number of the sensitivity matrix is high and the reconstructed results are sensitive to the measurement errors. In this paper, two weighting matrices are proposed to improve the condition number and two modified...
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Research on the Impact of Different Amount of Subsidy with Regard to Overcapacity: Evidence from Steel CO. in China

Xinxiang Mei, Xi Peng
Government subsidy have an important impact on the production capacity of steel enterprises, it is yet unclear whether they reduce or aggravate enterprises’ overcapacity. We take the firm-level data of steel enterprises from 1998 to 2014 as a sample, the methods of Propensity score matching (PSM) and...
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The Impact of Technological Innovation on China's Economic Level

Yue Shan
Based on the Cobb-Douglas production function, this paper studies the impact of China's domestic technological innovation on China's economic level from 1992 to 2016. Considering the lag of the impact of technological innovation on economic level, this paper input the time series data into the Cobb-Douglas...
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Investigation and Research on the Selection of Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable Intelligent Express Delivery Boxes

Hua Gao, Lele Zheng
With the rapid development of e-commerce, the express delivery industry is also increasing day by day. At the same time, the waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by express packaging have also appeared. Therefore, in the current era, environmental protection and intelligence are the...
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VR Technology and Its Application and Prospect in the Field of University Education Technology

Huanxin Yang
Virtual reality (VR) technology is a harmonious human-machine environment with three kinds of perceptual integration, such as sight, hearing and touch, which is generated by modern high-tech with computer technology as the core. Virtual reality technology combined with college education and teaching....
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Metaphors in English News Headlines

Bei Chen
The essay introduces metaphors in English news headlines. The essay collects data from authoritative American newspapers The New York Times. In accordance with the classification of Lakoff and Johnson (structural metaphors, orientational metaphors and ontological metaphors), the essay analyzes the specific...
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Research on the Corporate Strategy’s Influence on Enterprise Development

Maike Zhou
Corporate strategy is a strategic goal that a company develops in the face of a large and complex market situation and in accordance with its external business conditions, which determines the company’s overall development in a long time. It’s a guide to the business operations’ direction and the backbone...
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Challenge and Countermeasures on Application of Block Chain Technology in Library Decentralization Problem

Junbo Zhu
With the emergence of new technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data, the means of information dissemination and information acquisition are becoming more and more diversified, and the development of libraries has shown a trend of decentralization. As a decentralized way of thinking,...
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Application of Value for Money in Engineering Consultation in the Whole Process of Construction Project

Junjie Qiao
With the rise of PPP, value for money has been well known in recent years. Its original intention is: in order to satisfy the goal of maximizing the value of the project, according to the value engineering V = F / C model, the implementation plan of each stage of the project t is continuously improved,...
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Prediction of the Number of Speakers of World Languages by SVR

Shengqi Yuan
The number of speakers of World Languages is an important figure to analysis the language. Support Vector Machine Regression Model can find a function to minimize the distance between each sample and the hyperplane, this function can be used to predicted the number of speakers precisely. To predict the...
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Investigation and Research of Smart No-Smoking Reminder

Tong Li
There are 350 million smokers in China and more than 500 million people are injured by second-hand smoke. Nowadays, smoking has become the pain of more and more families. The intelligent anti-smoking supervision system combines anti-smoking reminder devices with APP to achieve intelligent tobacco control...
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Newsprinters: Transformation Amplifies the Original Advantages

Yuxi Yang
Newsprinters is the main supplier of printing the newspaper and it has printed millions of copies daily supplying newspaper publishers including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sun and The Financial Times. Newsprinters has gained the three plants which have...
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Hainan’s all-for-one Rural Tourism Development Path Analysis under Public Policy View — Taking Three Villages in Qionghai, Hainan as an Example

Hongyu Su, Cheng Wang, Di Zhang
Rural tourism has played an irreplaceable role in enabling tourism industry to become the substantial endogenous for economy development in Hainan province. Under the all-for-one tourism construction plans, it’s a significant mission to make demonstration villages. At present, rural tourism in Hainan...
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Study on the Threshold Effect of China's Manufacturing Agglomeration on Energy Intensity

Shan He, Jing Dang
Based on the panel data of 20 industries in China's manufacturing industry from 2005 to 2015, with the degree of industrial agglomeration as the threshold variable, the relationship between industrial agglomeration and energy intensity is studied using the threshold regression method. The empirical results...
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Future Home Exploration Based on Artificial Intelligence

Tong Li
As a new industry, smart home is at a critical point in the period of introduction and growth. The concept of market consumption has not yet been formed. However, with the further implementation of the promotion of the smart home market, consumers 'usage habits have been cultivated. The consumption potential...
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The Problem of Unbalance and Inadequacy of Scientific Research Evaluation in China’s Universities

Jianli Wang
At present, our country is undergoing a transformation from a big nation of higher education into a powerful one, the achievement of which requires the realization of high quality and innovation in scientific research evaluation. Unbalanced and inadequate development consist in quality and quantity,...
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Exploration on the Transformation Path of Financing Platform Company under Risk Prevention

Minghao Li
The financing platform, as the hidden borrowing subject of local government, plays an important role in the process of local economic construction. However, this kind of borrowing mode not only has the concealment, but also has the characteristics of blind expansion and even raffish borrowing, which...
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Research on the Innovative Teaching Method of Chinese Language and Literature Major under the Open Education Mode

Hui Zheng
The Chinese language, literature and literature majors have sent a number of applied high-level talents that inherit the Chinese language and culture, the comprehensive development of morality and intelligence, and the teaching of Chinese language at the grassroots level. They are also called "humanities"...
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Application thinking of Associated Data in Library

Jiliang Wang
Associated data has broad application prospects in library service work, including the release, discovery, integration, knowledge retrieval, data access, and academic exchange of library resources. The article analyzes in detail the practical significance, specific methods and main problems that should...
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Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Garage Design Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Wenjue Zou
With the emergence of parking problems, the design and development of garages is increasingly important. This paper studies the comprehensive evaluation of design schemes in garage design steps and establishes a comprehensive evaluation model of garage design scheme based on analytic hierarchy process....
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Cultural Globalization from the Perspective of Post-colonialism

Chenyingzi Li
This paper views the cultural globalization from the perspective of post-colonialism, and mainly introduces two views of cultural homogeneity and cultural heterogeneity in the context of globalization. On this basis, it interprets and criticizes the above two viewpoints from the perspective of post-colonialism,...
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Research on the Balance of Local Cultural Imprint and Western Centralism in Films in the Background of Intercultural Communication: A Case Analysis of a World Cinema Baraka

Wenjia Tang
In the process of cultural globalisation, world cinema has emerged as a new genre of film. It generally attempts to break the limitations of today’s film market and expand the horizon of audiences. World cinemas prefer to place the objective expression in the background of a non-European and Hollywood...
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Research on College Physical Education Curriculum Reform Based on College Students' Health-related Physical Fitness Improvement

Yongjun Zhao
With the continuous development of science and technology, the mechanization levels of all professions and trades have also been continuously improved, especially the rapid popularization and development of the Internet cause the modern people to have less and less physical activity in their work and...
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An Empirical Study on Vocabulary Memorizing Method based on the Processing Level Theory in College English Vocabulary Teaching

Yijing Liu
This study took 62 students majoring in new energy scientific engineering and 57 students in applied physics as the subjects, and they are two non-foreign language majors of grade 2016 students. The subjects in the experiment have received college English courses with the same teaching time and curriculum....
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Sequential and Tonal Markedness in Zijin Hakka Tone Sandhi

Jingyi Chen
This paper examines two complex tone sandhi patterns in Zijin Hakka by using rule-based generative model, and Optimality Theory. The first sandhi pattern involves both assimilation and dissimilation processes. Assimilation forces adjacent tone contour features to agree, while dissimilation forces adjacent...
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Discussion and Research on the Professional English Reform of Automotive Major in Vocational Colleges Based on Ability

Yan Hu
At present, the country popularizes higher education, and higher English education has accounted for 52% of higher education. Higher vocational students feel the importance of higher education thus education reform is very important. Higher vocational graduates are showing an increasing trend every year,...
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Innovative Design and Research into the Talent Cultivation Mode of “Level Certification” under School-Enterprise Cooperation

Yong Wang, Jun Zhou
At present, vocational education is sparing no effort to promote “industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation”. However, the school-enterprise cooperation has problems such as low degree of participation by enterprises and schools, etc. Therefore, beginning with the practice of talent...
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Internet Operators Dominate the Treatment of Food and Drug Rumors--Taking WeChat as an Example

Huimin Yu, Xiaoya Wang, Han Sun, Shuangyan Yu
This paper discusses the effective means for the network operators to deal with the online rumor of food and medicine. Analyzing the complaint function of WeChat, WeChat's small assistant of refuting rumors and joining the National Monitoring Center of Public opinion. The effect of WeChat on the treatment...
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Unconditional Basic Income’s Prospects in China

Yuexin Pang, Chi Zhang
The rapid development of robots and Artificial Intelligence poses a challenge to the employment of low-level workers and even all human beings, which makes the policy of basic income necessary. China, as the most populous country in the world, should be more cautious in confronting this shock. This paper...
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Social Anti-corruption -- A New Idea of Anti-corruption Governance in China

Yuhao Feng
Since the reform and opening up, with the drastic economic and social transition, the problem of corruption in China has deteriorated in both width and depth. After brief examination of current major approaches of anti-corruption governance, we put forward a new idea of “social anti-corruption” of the...
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Image Expression and Aesthetic Theory in Hogarth 's Satirical Moralizing Series

Liwen Wei
As an 18th-century English artist, the grandfather of satire, William Hogarth painted Marriage à-la-mode and A Rake’s progress, which are the representative works of his satirical moralising series, ironically criticized the humanity and social issues appealed in 18th century England. In the satirical...
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A Foundation of Trust: The Key to China’s Domestic Cosmetic Companies Earning Their Share of the Rapidly Expanding Chinese Cosmetics Industry

Xinyue Zhang
China is now the second largest consumer of cosmetics in the world behind the United States, and is continuing to expand rapidly. However, 80% of the cosmetics sold in China are imported from foreign companies — local Chinese cosmetic companies are finding it very difficult to gain market share in their...
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Research on Optimization Design Model of Computer Classroom Teaching Model based on Motivation Theory in Colleges and Universities

Yixin Chen
The famous American psychologist Keller put forward the motivation theory of giving the four elements of ARCS (attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction) by integrating various motivation theories, aiming at stimulating students' attention and establishing student learning information. It gains...
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Research on Core Competence Construction and Evaluation Index System for University Teachers Based on Modern Education

Xuelian Lu
Teachers are the core resources of education, and teachers' abilities directly affect the quality of talent cultivation in universities. With the characteristics of open and innovative lifelong education, modern education has put forward new requirements for the ability of university teachers. The core...
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Dual-channel Supply Chain Integration Model Based on Double-helix Stability Structure of DNA Molecules

Hui Ye, Mei-e Xie, Xiaolan Hu
The purpose of supply chain integration is to improve the operating efficiency of supply chain, enhance the competitive advantage of each node enterprise, and constantly provide higher value for customers. Based on the basic theory of dual-channel supply chain operation, this paper constructs a dual-channel...
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Exploration of Private Information Pricing Structure

Wenjun Zhang
In the Risk Function, we use AHP calculating the weights of social popularity of the information owner ( ), subversion of the image of the information owner ( ),importance of information domain to other people ( ) and the extent of damage to the public interest ( ).Then, in order to ensure the accuracy...
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Research on the Influence of Self-consciousness on College Students' Interpersonal Relationship

Zhimei Yang, Wen Li
With the rapid development of economy and the acceleration of social pace, college students are faced with challenges and pressures from all aspects; whose mental health problems have become increasingly acute, among them, the interpersonal relationship problem is the most serious, more and more researchers...
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Application of Layout Design Theory in the New Media Era

Jinxia Wang
Under the impact of new media on traditional media, the layout design has undergone new changes. The application of visual psychology in the layout design of new media is focused on. Through the knowledge of visual psychology combined with the excellent cases of relevant layout design, the methods and...
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Oil Painting Creation Based on the Subject Matter of Miao Nationality Settlements in Guizhou

Xuemei Zhang
In order to study the oil paintings of Miao nationality settlements in Guizhou, the development, changes and performance characteristics of the oil paintings of Miao nationality in Guizhou are systematically combed and summarized. Moreover, the influencing factors and ideological connotation of the oil...
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Exploration of Private Information Market Mechanism

Wenjun Zhang
In the paper, we present supply model, demand model and the pricing structure under the condition of equilibrium market. Firstly, we define the supply model and demand model being related to the risk extent through analyzing the quantity of the same private information for the same demander is only one...
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Role of Political Trust in the Rise of Populism

Anqi Li
Explanations on the rise of populism focusing on the public demands for populism have largely been confined to the discussion of economic and cultural factors, while paid little attention on the interaction between economic and cultural factors, and the interaction between the demand-side and supply-side...
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Analysis of Regional Economic Development Differences and Causes in Guangdong Province

Juntao Song
In this paper, ESDA and difference index are used to explore the spatial difference characteristics and evolution trend of the urban economy in Guangdong, and the main factors influencing regional economic difference in Guangdong are measured by using spatial error model. The conclusion shows that the...
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The Political Representation of Time in Museum

Yan Jiang
In exploring the history of museum, people usually trace back to the “cabinets of curiosities” as its origin, which however is only one of the many possible perspectives. The historian Fernand Braudel designates his approach to the study of history with “the long term”, “the medium term” and “the short...
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The Research on the Relationship between University Students' Employment Abilities and Social Demands in Jiangsu Province

Chunyan Wang
There is a close relationship between the employment abilities of college students and social needs in Jiangsu Province. This paper uses the method of empirical research and uses SPSS21.0 for questionnaire analysis. The research results show that the employment abilities of college students in Jiangsu...
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States Fragility Assessment Model Based on Climate Change

Yixuan Liang, Hailei Lan, Yan Zhan
Various climate changes, including global warming, etc., have different impacts in different parts of the world and even lead to an increase in the fragile of social and governmental structures. Timmerman P proposed the concept of vulnerability in 1981 firstly. The Fund for Peace (FFP) started publishing...
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The Quality Analysis and Exploration of the Examination Papers of Occupational Safety and Health from the Perspective of Empirical Analysis

Dongping Shi, Chengyu Xie, Hao Lu
The quality analysis of safety engineering major "Occupational Safety and Health" paper is carried out, which provides the basis for further improving teaching quality and teaching reform. EXCEL and SPSS software were used to analyze 50 test paper samples of safety engineering specialty. The contents...
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Exploration and Practice of Teaching Reform of Fire Engineering Course under the New Form of College Teaching Reform

Chengyu Xie, Hao Lu, Dongping Shi, Xinfeng Wang, Xiaoqiang Zhang, Guojun Liu
Fire prevention and disaster reduction in daily life is closely related to college students. As an elective course, fire engineering should be gradually established for the whole university. The disadvantages of the current teaching methods for fire engineering under the new form of university education...
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Discussion on Financial Analysis Service Based on Big Data

Yixin Zhang
To explore the financial analysis service in the environment of big data, a financial big data analysis service model is established. First of all, the characteristics of financial big data are described and the financial big data analysis service model is introduced. Then, the application of financial...
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A Study on Pragmatic Failures in Verbal Communication of Non-English Majors

Jia Kou
Non-English majors often have pragmatic failures in cross-cultural verbal communication, which leads to failure in smooth communication. Therefore, how to improve the pragmatic competence of non-English majors and avoid pragmatic failures is a serious challenge for current college English education....