Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Civil, Structure and Environmental Engineering

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Study of gradation characteristicsbased on subgrade filling with weathered phyllite by cement

Wenjie Cen, Qingmeng Meng
This article is based on the practical engineering need of expressway .Study about the mechanical properties of phyllite filler, and then improve the property by using the cement. Testing the original rock phyllite minerals analysis experiment, uniaxial compressive strength test and physical parameters...
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The research of the platform for bridge visual inspection based on quadrotor aircraft

Zhensong Ni, Shuri Cai, Jing Liu
Table view examination is one of an important means and basic steps the bridge structure, however,It found up less than 0.2 mm small cracks in up to hundreds of meters or tens of kilometers long buildings ,It must be close to the observed.However, the modern bridge structure is diverse, the surrounding...
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Researching the Behavior of Pedestrian Based on Social Force Model in Urban Rail Channel

Tianyang Qi, Xiangyong Yin
In order to similar the pedestrian flows in the normal conditions realistically, On the basis of the existing social force model, the phenomenon in the original simulation such as collision avoidance between pedestrian trajectory is too large, the pedestrian path is not smooth, the collision of the pedestrian...
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Study of the Multi-Airport Ground-holding Strategy Model and Application

Xiushan Jiang, Yingyi Xie, Xifeng Li
One of the effective methods in air traffic flow management is ground holding. The Air Ground-holding Strategy can effectively alleviate the air congestion and reduce delays by switching air waiting to ground waiting. This paper use the minimum total cost as the target and the limit of integrated capacity...
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The Appropriate Technology of Vertical Greening of Residential Buildings in South China

Jing Lin
Residential buildings closely relating to people’s life have special design requirements in vertical greening of building elevation. The paper introduced types of vertical greening technology on the basis of studying on the residential buildings in southern China area, and then discussed on suitable...
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Innovation and Reflection on Peter Calthorpe’s New Urbanism

Lei Yan, Weiran Zhou
New Urbanism is a planning and design approach focused on human scale, diversity and conversation. Based on the introduction of New Urbanism and review Peter Calthorpe’s famous books, this paper presents the innovations of Peter Calthorpe’s New Urbanism covering from pedestrian pocket to transit-oriented...
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Passenger Distribution and Waiting Position Selection Model on Metro Station Platform

Zongjie Liu, Dewei Li, Xiaoquan Wang
It is very important to obtain the distribution of passengers awaiting the train, which partly determines the number of passengers in each car and the train dwell time. The aim of this paper is to study and model the dynamic distribution of passengers on metro station platforms prior to a train’s arrival....
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Flexural Performance of Concrete Beam Strengthened with Multi-supports Unbounded Prestressed CFRP Plate

Jinyu Li, Xinsheng Xu
The multi-supports unbonded prestressed CFRP plate reinforcement technology is introduced and ABAQUS finite element software is used to establish a multi-supports unbounded prestressed CFRP plate reinforced concrete beam model.The bending stiffness,bearing capacity and deformation regulation of finite...
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Research on the Strategy of Integrated Development of the Urban and Rural Road Passenger Transport ––Take Guiyang As an Example

Linghong Wei
Since the 16th CPC National Congress, Integrated and coordinated urban and rural development into national strategies. Integration of urban and rural road passenger transport is an important support for the development of urban and rural integration, Promote integrative construction of urban and rural...
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Estimating Suitable Probability Distribution Function of Risk for Different Traffic States

Qian Li
Generally, time to collision TTC is used to quantify traffic risk. In this paper, we aimed at studying suitable probability distribution of TTC under different traffic states. By using maximum likelihood estimation(MLE), the parameters of different states are found. Normal distribution and generalized...
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Comparison on the Antioxidant Activities of Extracts from Six Tropical Fruit Tree Leaves

Liqing Du, Feiyue Ma, Qiong Fu, Yuge Liu, Xiumei Zhang
Phenolic acids concentrations, total phenolic and flavonoid contents and antioxidant activities in extracts from Naseberry, Jackfruit,Longan, Litchi, Carambola and Loquat leaves were determined. The total phenolic contents varied from 4.43% in Litchi to 11.97% in Naseberrys. The Four major phenolics,...
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Time-Variant Reliability Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structure Based on Method of Moments

Tao Fu, Liqun Yuan, Chaobiao Gao
For the influence of corrosive environment, the reliability index of reinforced concrete structure will decrease in design reference period. A method of time-variant reliability is proposed based on method of moments. The resistance and load effect are described as random process. The random process...
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Seismic response analysis of tied arch bridge

Yunping Wang, Dejin Tang
Selecting the appropriate seismic response spectrum function, using the finite element software of Midas-Civil to establish the model of tied arch bridge. At the same time, the internal force and displacement response of the bridge key interface of the vertical is analyzed by using the response spectrum...
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The Method of Inter-Transformation between Horizontal and Space Coordinate

Jianing Zhen, Guodong Yang, Jingyu Kang, Xuqing Zhang, Heng Wang
Realizing coordinates transformation between WGS-84 datum and local datum is the key problems of GPS surveying .It is difficult to obtain the precise geodetic height in the national or local coordinate system which affects the accuracy of 7 parameter models .This paper puts forward a way of transformation...
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Soil Pressure Analysis of Subway Tunnel Across Ground Fissures

Liqun Yuan, Nina Liu, Mi Yang
Based on the similarity theory, the subway tunnel - across ground fissures formation dynamic interaction model test was designed. Through the analysis of the model test results, soil pressure and the contact pressure of different forms of piecewise horseshoe subway tunnel under the train load were system...
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Study on Combined Toe-and-side Grouting Technology for Over-length Friction Piles

Jianfeng Liang, Peikang Zhou, Xinquan Wang, Yunliang Cui, Wenkai Qiao
Combined toe-and-side grouting technology was employed to increase the bearing capacity of cast-in-situ bored piles. A field test was conducted to investigate the combined toe-and-side grouting technology for over-length friction piles. L-shaped injection pipe was used for pile-toe grouting and circular...
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Urban Public Transport Financial Supporting Policies Study in China

Sa Xu
With the rapid development of Chinese cities and economy, public transport demand is increasing rapidly, urban public transport priority development has become the focus of the China's transportation development policy. However, Chinese public transport supply and the huge demand for public transportation...
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The Study on the effect of wave load on the ship hull deformation

Yanwen Wang, Jiahui Chen, Shan Gai
In order to avoid the impact of hull deformation on the shaft and other ship machinery, it is necessary to study the deformation of the ship under wave load. Firstly, The paper uses ANSYS element software dividing mesh of the whole ship, and then the APDL is used to calculate the dynamic pressure of...
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The Study on the influence of the hull deformation on the lateral vibration of the shaft system of different inner shaft

Yanwen Wang, Jiahui Chen, Shan Gai
In order to ensure the normal operation of the ship propulsion system and ship navigation, this paper analyzes the deformation of a bulk carrier with workbench by means of finite element analysis. The relative displacement of the bearings under different working conditions is calculated, and the relationship...
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The Study on the influence of wave load on the vibration of shaft system

Yan Li, Yanwen Wang, Longxian Cui
In order to avoid the vessel deformation affected the safety of the system caused by the wave load. Using the AQWA software to calculate the wave hydrodynamic pressure and using the APDL language to compile the program loading implement wave loads on hull automatically different wave high, researching...
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Research Progress of solar cells with natural dyes constructed as sensitizer

Lan Li, Kunyu Zhao, Yuehua Zhang
Solar energy as a renewable energy source has the advantages unmatched by other energy sources. It is inexhaustible, and widely distributed, low cost, safe and will not cause any pollution to the environment. Convert solar energy is an important form of utilization of solar energy in the past ten years,...
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The influencing factors and mechanism of degradation of hypersaline tobias acid in electro-catalytic oxidation

Bin Zhang, Meng Li
Naphthalene organic compounds are produced and consumed widely in China recently, which has brought about great pressure to the local environment. How to cope with naphthalene organic intermediate wastewater (NOIW) effectively becomes an urgent task in the coming years. Electro-catalysts oxidation (ECO),...
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Treatment of papermaking water by using reed constructed wetlands

Changhai Li, Yuejin Li
Pilot-scale constructed wetlands planted the reed was constructed to treat papermaking water. The treatment performances of the three wetlands with different operation model for COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorous, BOD5 were investigated. The results show that the removal efficiency of all kinds...
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Difference of auxin transport inhibitor treatment on several development processes between Arabidopsis and Nicotiana seedlings

Lijuan Zhou, Erjuan Chen, Shanna Chen, Yougang Zhang
Auxin transport and signaling enforce stomatal patterning as well as the size of their stem cell compartment in Arabidopsis. But it remains unknown whether this regulation is also existed in other species. We use Nicotiana as an example to analysis the function of auxin transport inhibitor NAP and BFA...
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Response of CH4 and CO2 fluxes to simulated nitrogen deposition in a boreal forest in the Northeastern China

Guoyong Yan, Yajuan Xing, Miao Wang, Jianyu Wang, Shijie Han, Qinggui Wang
It is not clearly understand that the effects of changes in nitrogen (N) deposition on soil carbon (C) fluxes in boreal forests. Moreover, little is known about how the temporal pattern (daytime and nighttime) has impacted on soil carbon fluxes. To investigate these effects, 12 plots (20 m×20 m) were...
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Theoretical and Experimental research of prestressed CFRP tendon aluminum alloy beam with double struts

Pengcheng Zhu, Longxing Xu, Chuan Liang, Pengcheng Ai
The external post-tensioning technique has been commonly used in the construction field because it facilitates the analysis of structures and is widely applicable for many types of structures. In this research, the prestressed CFRP tendon was used to strengthen aluminum alloy beam with two struts. Theoretical...
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The Research on Controlling Strategy of Rural Settlement Space in the Area Crisscrossed with Rivers of the Jianghan Plain

Min Wang
The development of rural settlements are facing great challenges because of rapid urbanization.Accompanied by the transformation of social economic structure,the contemporary rural settlement should be based on the comprehensive and coordinated development of the society and break through the traditional...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Impact on Carbon Emissions of China's Urbanization

Hongjuan Zhang, Ming Luo
This paper researches the influence factors of carbon emissions from the perspective of the China’s urbanization. Firstly, based on the STIRPAT model, the paper builds a relational model of carbon emissions and urbanization. And then it uses the China’s annual time series of urbanization, per capita...
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Agglomeration of ultra-fine particles from flue gas in coal-fired power plant using polymeric flocculants

Yi Zhang, Kunqi Li, Haoran Chen, Yuanfeng Pan, Huining Xiao, Hua Guo
The flocculation or agglomeration of ultra-fine particles from flue gas in coal-fired power plant induced by various polymeric flocculants, polyacrylamides (PAM) in particular, was studied using jar tests. Various influencing factors were investigated, including different type, molecular weight and charge...
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Discussion on the Construction of New Countryside in China: A Case Study of Hebei Province

Pengcheng Pan, Shiyao Wang, Jinxin Zuo, Zhiyu Ni
Based on the investigation on Construction of New Countryside in Hebei Province, the current situations about Construction of New Countryside in the Province were analyzed. The problems of Construction of New Countryside in the Province were mainly as follows: officials at the grass-roots level only...
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Research on the color of ancient residential architecture in Southern Fujian and its inspiration for modern urban color application

Fenghua Jin
Study on the color of ancient residential architecture in Southern Fujian, and explore its causes and evolution, hoping to give some inspiration to the use of modern architecture color.
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Primary Exploration on New Chinese Architecture Design Strategy in Ecological Civilization Perspective

Jun Liang
The concept of new Chinese architecture has new interpretation in ecological civilization era. It not only should be rooted in current society culture and traced in historical tradition, but also should be faced to new era of harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature. In the paper, the cultural...
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Research on failure mode and ultimate bearing characteristics of the single pile on different foundation

Bin Li, Ruiqi Zhang
The most common forms of offshore wind turbine foundation are single pile foundation, but the loads and the overturning moment make it different from foundation of offshore oil platforms. The elastic-plastic element of the ABAQUS is to be used to simulate failure modes of pile foundation in soil clay....
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Solid model test on Daijiazhou reach of administering project for improving the channel standard of the section of Yangtze River between Yichang and Anqing

Hui Zhang, Huiyun Li
Daijiazhou reach is located at the section of Yangtze River between Wuhan and Anqing, is important one of the shallow water channels in the middle reaches of Yangtze River. Through analysis of river evolution and the model test of river engineering, change rules of scouring and silting of riverbed, stability...
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Research on Hydraulic Loom Wastewater Using the Combined Process Containing Coagulation- Ozonation- Flotation Treatment

X.F. Zou, Z. Sun, W. Hong, Y.Z. Lv, X. Tan, Y. Chang, F. Ma, Q.S. Sun
In this study, the characteristic of CODCr distribution in hydraulic loom wastewater was investigated. The results show that most of CODCr materials exist in mesocolloid and suspending forms. Suspending and mesocolloid organics accounted for 31.5% and 46.9% of the total CODCr, respectively. The hydraulic...
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Some Suggestions for Classification Criteria of Environmental and Health Hazards Based on the Investigation of Priority Hazardous Chemicals for Environmental Management in Sichuan Province

Airu Yue, Qinghua Tian
Current situation of priority hazardous chemicals for environmental management in Sichuan province is investigated by reference to 84 priority hazardous chemicals for environmental management specified in the Measures for the Environmental Management Registration of Hazardous Chemicals Registration (Trial)...
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One-dimensional periodic metallic structures and its dark hollow lattices by surface plasmons

Yaru Wang, Qingya Liu, Xinzhi Hu, Weiyang Tong, Zhengling Wang
We propose a scheme to generate one-dimensional (1D) dark hollow lattices to trap and guide cold atoms periodically at the nanometer scale by surface plasmons (SP) excited on the periodic metallic strips (arrays) with the blue-detuned light. Intensity and optical potential in the trap are calculated...
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Application and study on the reclamation area of aquatic eco-situ remediation technology

Kaiping Xu
Study on purification effect of different water eco-situ remediation technology on the reclamation area. The results showed that the optimal water quality purification effect was 3# test zone (ecological floating bed+ artificial aquatic mat) and 6# test zone (ecological floating bed + submerged plant),...
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Study on Thermal Performance of Urban Residential buildings in the Zhejiang Region

Jinghui Ma, Weijie Si
The aim of the present study is to clarify the energy saving potential for urban residential buildings. In this paper the impact of energy efficiency of Zhejiang urban residential buildings in china is discussed based on simulation analyses. The results show that the air change rate and the U-value (The...
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Analysis on the Effect of Stair for Aseismic Performance of Base- Isolated Structure under Near-fault Ground Motions

Pingping Fan, Zhongtie Wu
In order to study the aseismic performance of base-isolated structures considering stair under near-fault ground motions, two base-isolated structure models were established in this paper, which one considered the effect of stair and another didn’t. four near-fault ground motions and four far-fault ground...
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The Complex Index System of Water Scarcity Based on the Grey Neural Network Model

Zihao Zheng, Shuxiao Wang, Jiarui Xing
This paper attempts to establish mathematical models to evaluate and predicate water problems in the example of Qingdao.We establish a multi-indexical evaluation system of water resources to access regional water capacity and attempt to analyze the corresponding causes. We use Comprehensive Evaluation...
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On the urban green space system planning of small cities in mountains regions

Wenshi Li
Although research on urban green space system has grown steadily, little research has focused on the urban green space system planning of small cities in mountains regions. The planning and management of urban green space system of small cities in mountains regions is very important to the well-being...
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The Impact Analysis of Seismic Performance of Setting Up the Core Column Strengthening Measures on Short Column Structure

Rirong Fu, Kangning Liu, Guangchuang Men, Li Hui
In a complex high-rise concrete structure design, concrete frame column may become short column.The stiffness of reinforced concrete short column is larger than ordinary concrete column. Under earthquake excitation,the short column shares more earthquake action, and its deformation capacity and energy...
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Interior Space Component Elements Studies of Art Deco Style (Shanghai)

Erde Jiang, Zuo Yan
The thesis is to excavate and reorganize the elements of interior space form, decorative pattern, decorative materials, and space tone elements of Shanghai’s Art Deco style in order to make analysis on the space component protection and utilization value. Moreover, it is to improve the space component...
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Effect of Geometric Nonlinearity on Deformation of Extra-long-span Cable-Stayed Bridges

Hengda Chen, Sisi Yao, Tao Song, Fei Guo
To fully take into account the effect of geometric nonlinearity on the deformation of extra-long-span cable-stayed bridges, a cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 780m was analyzed on the basis of the girder initial erection profile and three calculation modes, i.e., linearity, partially geometric...
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Benefits Analysis of Solar Low-carbon Public Buildings in Hunan District

Yike Qiu, Xiang Zhou
Construction is one of the three big energy consuming industries, energy efficiency in buildings has become a issues that must be considered in the sustainable development of China's economy. This paper takes the low-carbon public building as the main research object, combined with the theory of life...
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Analysis of Brake Material Issues in the Elevator Hoisting Accident

Xiao Liang, Bo Li
Brake is the safety of the frequent use of elevator parts also it is the important basis to maintain the safe operation of the elevator.In this paper, combined with an elevator hoisting accident, the elevator of the elevator brake dismantling, analysis of its internal structure type, observe the damage,...
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Research and Application of Health Monitoring System for Special-shaped Concrete-filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge

Xiaoqiang Ren, Dapeng Gu, Weiming Yan, Yanjiang Chen
Bridge structural health monitoring system is very necessary to master operational condition, ensure safety of structure, detect damage and conduct effective maintenance. Based on the health monitoring system design of a irregular shaped concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge, this paper elaborates on...
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A simplified method of evaluating restraint and reinforcement effect on concrete restrained stress

Jianda Xin, Dahai Huang
In this paper, effects of restraint degree and reinforcement on concrete restrained stress have been analyzed based on the age-adjusted effective modulus method (AAEMM). Based on principle of deformation compatibility and force equilibrium, formulations relating to the stress and strain of reinforcement...
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Research on The Techniques of Dynamic Testing for Taxiway Bridge under Aircraft Taxiing

Xianmin Zhang, Yan Yan, Qian Dong
To resolve traffic conflicts, taxiway bridges are set in major airports. Taxiway bridges are different from highway bridges in load grades and structure types. The traditional test methods are short in two aspects: interrupting traffic, which seriously affects the normal operations of airport. And the...
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Study on Monitoring Problems and Solutions of South China Karst

Zhenzhen Zhang, Kangning Xiong, Shizhen Xiao
As a natural World Heritage site, South China Karst is located in one of the major karst areas in China. Due to the impacts of natural factors and human socio-economic activities, its ecosystem is fragile and deteriorating. It is important to study whether the impacts are affecting the outstanding universal...
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A New Prediction Method of Rockburst in Underground Engineering Based on Elastic Energy Index

SC. Xu, SS. Yu
In this paper, a new prediction method of rockburst in underground engineering has been proposed based on elastic energy index through cyclic loading and unloading test. The calculation formula has been explicitly explained and WET was gained through cyclic loading and unloading test result. Finally,...
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Characterization of flocculation by Halomonas sp. B01

Te Wang, Jian Li, Zimin Chang, Linghua Zhang
In order to improve flocculation activity of microbial flocculants in extreme environments, the resilience protective effect of compatible solute ectoine on the flocculation activity of flocculant was researched in this paper. Moderate halophilic bacterium Halomonas sp. B01 was isolated, screened and...
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Technology on mixed forage nutrition collocation and development of grass-based stockbreeding in the karst rocky desertification area

Yu Zhang, Kangning Xiong, Xiaoyun Shen
In order to study forage mixture skills and solve livestock’s nutrient deficiency for the adaptive development of grassland stockbreeding in the karst rocky desertification areas, this paper chose the alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and rescuegrass (Bromus catharticus) which grow well in the karst areas for...
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The Sustainable Design of City Hanging Gardens

Guoling Qiao
Recent years, with the speed-up of urbanization, especially great population’s moving into the city, urban diseases like city water-logging, waste processing, sewage discharging, traffic congestion, air pollution and city infrastructure backwardness become even serious. Besides, traditional city humanities,...
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High sedimentation rate of Pb in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Ming Wang, Xiuqin Yang, Fengyou Wang
Based on investigation data on Pb in bottom waters in 1985, we analyzed the content, pollution and horizontal distribution of Pb in bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay, eastern China. Results showed that Pb contents were 8.57-36.35 g L-1, and were confirmed with Grade III to IV in according...
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Homogeneity of Cd contents in Jiaozhou Bay waters

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Ming Wang, Xiuqin Yang
Based on the investigation data on Cd in waters in Jiaozhou Bay in April, July and Octber 1985, we analyzed the contents, pollution levels, and distributions of Cd. Results showed that Cd contents in Jiaozhou Bay in 1985 were 0.03-0.44 g L-1, and were much lower than guide line of Cd in Grade I (1.00...
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Vertical migration and sedimentation of Pb in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Danfeng Yang, Zhikang Wang, Xiuqin Yang
Based on investigation data on Pb in surface and bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay, eastern China in 1985, we analyzed the spatial and seasonal variations Pb in waters, and defined the seasonal distribution, horizontal distribution, variation range, vertical variation, vertical transfer process and high...
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Study on thermal deformation behavior of Cu-Zr-Ce alloy

Ka Tian, Baohong Tian, Yong Liu, Yi Zhang, Kexing Song
The flow stress curves of Cu-1.0%Zr-0.15%Ce alloy during high temperature deformation were analyzed by using a Gleeble-1500D thermal simulation machine at the hot deformation temperature of 550 C, 650 C, 750 C, 850 C and 900 C, the strain rate of 0.001 s-1 0.01 s-1 0.1 s-1 1 s-1 10 s-1 , respectively....
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The oxidation of Fe-30Al alloys in 1 atm of pure O2 at 973 K and 1173 K

Yao Chen, Xianchao Xu, Long Li, Honghua Zhang, Junhuai Xiang
The isothermal oxidation of Fe-30Al alloys in 1 atm of pure O2 at 973 K and 1173 K was investigated. Fe-30Al alloy oxidized slowly at 973 K but much faster at 1173 K, especially during the transient oxidation stage. The mass gain of the alloy at 973 K after 24 h oxidation is only about 0.1 mg/cm2, much...
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Progress in Sorghum Head Smut Research

Chunming Bai, Yifei Liu, Xiaochun Lu, Chengguang Tao
Sorghum of the family Peaceae [Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench] is an important crop grown worldwide. Sorghum head smut [Sporisorium reilianum Kühn Langdon & Fullerton] is one of major diseases in sorghum production. That are reviewed from the following several aspects of the problem such as the incidence,...
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Added Mass of Beam Vibration On Fluid With Finite Amplitude

Ping Liu, Wei Miu
As the strong non-linear characteristic of Naveir-Strokes equation, the theory of fluid-structure interaction (FSI) has a slow progress. This paper solves a two-dimensional FSI problem in which a Euler-beam vibrating in fluid. The beam satisfies Euler-Benelli beam assumption and fluid is a non-vertox,...
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MFC aerogel-MNPs composite

Jinhua Yan
MFC aerogel was prepared, magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) were loaded in the aerogel. MNPS were obtained successfully in the matrices without adding any other binders. The aerogel MNPS size was defined by TEM. The thermal-stability was marked by TGA. XRD was examined to define the particles of Fe3O4. This...
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Reinforced MFC aerogel for heavy metal ions separation

Jinhua Yan
Mirco-fibrillated cellulose (MFC) aerogel was reinforced by chitosan. The reinforced MFC aerogel was used as heavy metal ions absorbent. The results showed that the aerogel had good absorption capacity of over 200mg/g for all 4 kinds of heavy metal ions, Cd2+,Zn2+,Pb2+ and Cr6+ in the initial concentration...
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Simulation and Experimental Analysis of the Wind Field inside the Air Deflector of a Sugarcane Leaf Cutting and Returning to Field Machine

Zhenhua Xu, Qianru Wang, Yuxing Wang, Feng Zhao, Jiaxian Lu
This work investigated the self-excited wind field caused by rotating knife rollers inside the air deflector during the operation of the sugarcane leaf cutting and returning to field machine. Based on the arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) method, a fluid-structure interaction simulation of wind field...
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Synthesis of Y2NiMnO6 nanoparticles by ethylene glycol sol-gel method

Ming Lei
Y2NiMnO6 nanoparticles were synthesized via an ethylene glycol sol-gel method. Differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric, X-ray diffraction and environmental scanning electron microscopy were utilized to characterize precursors and derived powders. Single-phase Y2NiMnO6 nanoparticles were...
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An analysis of the influence of design parameters on the resonant frequency of PCB coil

Xiuwei Wang, Yanping Cong, Haokun Chi
With the development of science and technology, the application of implantable biomedical electronic devices which play an important role in biological research and medical diagnostics becomes increasingly popular[1]. For the implantable electronic equipments, long-term, stable and secure power supply...
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3D modeling for as-built buildings

Ming-Der Yang, Chih-Fan Chao, Ho-Ji Chen, Yi-Ping Chen
This paper introduces a low-cost and efficient approach to generate 3D models for as-built buildings. Image-based modeling as a passive is an alternative of 3D model generation without a threat of destructive impact to the modeled object. This paper demonstrates the applicability of image-based modeling...
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Synthesis and Characterization of a Thermo-sensitive Poly(N-propionyl-aspartic acid-co-dimethyl tartrate) with no cytotoxicity

Chang Zheng, Xueying Fan, Zhihui Fan, Jihua Song, Akoda Komlan Elom
In this paper, we used L-aspartic acid, dimethyl tartrate and propionic anhydride as raw materials to prepare a new thermo-sensitive poly(N-propionyl-L-aspartic acid-co-dimethyl tartrate) (PPADT). The chemical structures of the intermediates, monomer and polymer have been confirmed by FTIR and 1H NMR...
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Preparation of a Thermo-sensitive Poly(lysine ester-co-adipic acid) with Excellent Biocompatibility

Zhihui Fan, Ting Jiang, Chang Zheng, Akoda Komlan Elom, Jihua Song
Good biocompatibility or no cytotoxicity is the most important characteristic for thermo-sensitive polymeric material because of its potential applications in the biomedical field. In this paper, a new poly (lysine ester-co-adipic acid) (PLA) with both thermo-sensitivity and good biocompatibility was...
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Synthesis and Properties of Thermo-sensitive Poly(N-propionyl-L-aspartic acid-co-1,3-propylene glycol)

Jihua Song, Meng Wang, Akoda Komlan Elom, Chang Zheng, Zhihui Fan
In this paper, a novel poly(N-propionyl-L-aspartic acid-co-1,3-propylene glycol) (PPAP) was successfully synthesized with L-aspartic acid and 1,3-propylene glycol. The chemical structure of poly(N-propionyl-L-aspartic acid-co-1,3-propylene glycol) was characterized by FTIR and 1H NMR spectrum. The UV...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Thermo-sensitive Poly(L-lactide-co-morpholine-2,5-dione)

Akoda Komlan Elom, Ziming Yin, Zhihui Fan, Chang Zheng, Jihua Song
Poly(L-lactide-co-morpholine-2,5-dione) (PLAMD) was synthesized via ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of morpholine-2,5-dione and L-lactide using stannous octoate as initiator. Poly(L-lactide-co-morpholine-2,5-dione) was characterized by means of 1H NMR, FTIR spectrum and gel permeation chromatography...
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Research of Dynamic Response of Orthotropic Elastic Media under Harmonic Loads

Chunli Zhang, Bo Wang, Yanzhi Zhu, Shunli Xie
Two-dimensional dynamic response of orthotropic media under rectangular coordinate system was studied. With displacement component of the basic unknown quantity, the dynamic equations were drawn for orthotropic media, and the dynamic responses in time domain for orthotropic elastic media under harmonic...
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The research for the receiving technique of iterative joint

Jingpeng Gao, Lihua Yang, Chaoqun Wu
Aiming at the problem that in traditional MIMO-OFDM receiver the channel decoding, channel estimation and signal detection are independent and the error rate is relatively high, this paper proposes an iterative joint receiving scheme, improve it, and gets a modified iterative joint receiving technique...