Proceedings of the International Academic Conference on Frontiers in Social Sciences and Management Innovation (IAFSM 2019)

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A Wearable Urinalysis Device Based on Inclusive Design Theory

Hao-Tian Zhang, Zhao-Chu Yang, Tao Dong
With the development of the social process, China has entered an age of aging, and the proportion of the disabled elderly is gradually increasing. Therefore, the demand for products of this vulnerable group will gradually increase in the future. This paper proposes the concept and principle of inclusive...
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The Researches Detection Method of Illegal Parking Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Xue-Hong Jiang, Hui-Li Feng, Shi-Yue Li
Violation of parking is a legal term. Our country’s law stipulates that there should be no-stop signs and markings, road sections with isolation facilities between motor vehicles and non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, and crosswalks and construction sites. No parking; Railway crossings, sharp bends,...
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Application of Neural Network in Image Detection of Illegal Billboards

Xue-Hong Jiang, Hui-Li Feng, Yi-Jie Dong
In recent years, urban management is gradually developing towards informationization. There are corresponding processing mechanisms for illegal billboards and illegal parking in urban management, but the method of detecting illegal billboards based on machine vision is still under study. At present,...
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Teaching Method Design in Engineering Bidding Course Based on Integration of Problem Chain and Mind Map

Yu-long Li, Meng-Jia Li, Fan Yang
As a typical course of which contents are full of “text”, “engineering bidding” always exists challenges and difficulties in the “teaching” for the science and engineering teachers and in the “learning” for the students. This paper takes the “engineering bidding” course as an example, and puts forward...
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Research on Multi-Source Information Fusion Technology

Hong-Xia Li, Xiao-Fei Guo
Multi-source information fusion technology has developed rapidly since it was publicly proposed in the 20th century. The article first reviewed the development history of information fusion. Combining domestic and foreign research results and current situation, this paper introduced several classical...
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Research on Chongqing’s Urban Competitiveness Guided by Becoming an International Metropolis

Xiao-Yu Tang, Yuan Fu, Gui Ye
As a municipality and an important western strategic fulcrum of the “Belt and Road”, Chongqing has a position that cannot be ignored. With the deepening of China’s urbanization process and economic globalization, the state has established an international metropolis as the development planning goal of...
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Analysis of Enterprise Safety Production Governance Structure Based on Evolutionary Game

Hong-Xia Li, Ying-Ying Xin
This article introduces the existing research and deficiencies of domestic and foreign scholars in the corporate governance of corporate safety production, as well as the application research based on evolutionary game theory in various fields. Based on evolutionary game theory, from the perspective...
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Regional Differences Between Transportation Infrastructure Constraints and Real Estate Development Investment—Panel Data Analysis at the China and Regional Levels

Jing Li, Yi Yang, Wen-Wen Zhou
This paper takes the provincial panel data of 2002-2016 as a sample, and uses panel regression to analyze the constraint effect of transportation infrastructure on the regional allocation of real estate development investment in China. The estimation results show that the traffic infrastructure has significant...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Population Size in China Mega-Cities

Yu-Wei Gong, Yan-Ming Lv, Meng-Xue Chen
It is of great significance for urban planning and management to identify the influencing factors on population size. We collect the data of resident population and its influencing factors in China four municipalities from 1997 to 2016 to establish a fixed effect model. The urban population size and...
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Executive Power, Social Capital, and Stock Crashes

Zhi-Qiang Liu, Tong Zhou
This paper uses the data of Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies from 2005 to 2015, according to the empirical test examines the impact of management power and the level of social capital in the company’s region on the company’s stock collapse risk. It turns out that the greater the power of...
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Research on Development of Health Tourism Products in Qinling Mountains

Jing-Ting Zong, Jing Sun, Jian-Miao Dai, Fu-Mei Rao
With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the people in the country, the growing awareness of health and the transformation of tourism concepts, health tourism has become more and more popular. As a combination of tourism and health care, physical fitness, leisure and health care, health...
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Analysis of Regional Differences in Comprehensive Performance of Scientific Research Institutions in China (An Empirical Study Based on FA-SFA Model)

Yu-Cen Wei, Hui-Jun Liu
Based on FA model and SFA model, this paper selects data of scientific research institutions of 28 provinces in 4 regions of China from 2010 to 2016, measures the comprehensive performance of domestic scientific research institutions, analyzes the impact of Manpower and capital input and environmental...
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Construction of Evaluating Index System for Management Modernization of Agricultural Water Engineering

Yuan-Ping Cao, Ying Song
In order to reflect thoroughly and objectively the developing level of management modernization of agricultural water engineering, put forward “nine index system” from Chinese conditions and the practice of water engineering. Classify the index system from qualitative and quantitative analysis, define...
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The Research on Design and Application of Blended Learning Mode Based on Smart Vocational Education Cloud Platform

Xue-Feng Zhao, Dong-Tao Sun
Blending learning organically combines traditional teaching with online learning, which has the great significance to improve learners’ initiative and innovation in learning. There are, however, still some problems in the practical application of blending learning in colleges and universities in our...
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Analysis on the Regional Economic Management From Perspectives of Coordinated Development

Shao-Fang Sun
The strategy of coordinated development of regional economy (CDRE) is essential to achieve the update of economic structures and a steady and healthy progress of national finance conditions. In the context of the current focused conduction of regional economic plans, it is urgent for China to discuss...
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Religious Culture and Corporate Agency Costs1

Zhi-Qiang Liu, Zhi-Ning Pan
Solving the agency problem caused by the separation of the two powers is an important part of the protection of investors’ interests, and it is also the only way to promote the healthy development of capital markets and enterprises in emerging market countries. This paper takes the Shanghai and Shenzhen...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Emergency Ability Among College Students

Guang-Li Li, Gang Xiong, Dan Zhang, Min-Jie Ma, Jun-jie Chang
The objective of the paper is to analyze the influencing factors of emergency ability among college student. First, based on literature analysis, the factors affecting college students’ emergency ability are preliminarily determined to include 24 indicators. Then, based on the questionnair response of...
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The Successful Cases of Inland Free Trade Zones and Inspirations to China

Peng-Hao Ye, Hua-Rong Zhang
The free trade zones (FTZ) are developed from the free ports, usually located in the coastal areas. But with the further development of a country’s’ economy, some industries moved to the hinterlands where location are key to a country, this laid the foundation of inland free trade zones. The development...
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Collaborative Control of Supply Chain Risk in Big Data Environment

De-Yi Dai
In the new technology environment, the mode of operation of the supply chain has changed. Big data creates new value for the operation of the supply chain, enhances the efficiency of information transmission in the supply chain, and increases the production profit of the enterprise. This paper analyzes...
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On the Embodiment of “Harmony but Not Uniformity” in Hakka Earth Buildings

Jing Xu
The Confucian Analects: Zi Lu: “The gentleman aims at harmony, and not at uniformity. The mean man aims at uniformity, and not at harmony.” “Harmony but not uniformity” refers to the pursuit of internal harmony and unity instead of apparent uniformity. There are more than 20,000 Yongding Hakka Earth...
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Religious Culture and the Quality of Corporate Information Disclosure1

Zhi-Qiang Liu, Wen-Xuan Han
The quality of information disclosure is a key element in protecting the interests of investors and maintaining the healthy development of the capital market. This paper examines the relationship between religious atmosphere and information disclosure quality by taking samples of Shenzhen A-share listed...
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The Study of Functional Mechanism and Transmission Path of Rural Finance Supporting to “Agriculture, Countryside & Farmers”

Qiu-Lin Chen, Lu-Lin Peng, Gang Fu
Rural finance is an important part of modern finance, and it is also the basic element of advancing agricultural supply-side structural reform and realizing agricultural high-quality development. This paper firstly analyzes the functional mechanism of rural finance supporting “agriculture, countryside...
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The Economic Analysis of the Carbon Emissions: Evidence From China

Yukun Wang, Liming Zhang, Li Zhang, Fangjun Liu
Carbon emissions exacerbate global climate change. As is known, transitioning away from coal is a cost-effective path to a low-carbon economy. In recent years, China faces the challenge of reducing the carbon intensity of its economy while also fostering economic growth. Undoubtedly, China’s CO2 emissions...
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Green Tourism Courses Customized with Digital Maps

Qiang Yang, Jian Li, Xiaohui Zou
This paper aims to introduce map knowledge management combined with personalization and standardization by taking the green tourism course as an example. The method is as follows: Firstly, the digital map knowledge management methods of the map of green tourism course are divided into several categories,...
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Research on Port Integration and Sustainable Development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Xuan-Fei Wang, Zhong-Hao Lin, Shan Liang
As an important foundation and key link in the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, port integration is facing multiple pressures such as internal industrial upgrading and international shipping competition. Building a matching supply chain and accelerating the upgrading of port...
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Study on the Economic Security Evaluation of Healthy Life in Yangtze River Delta Cities

Wei Shi, Yufeng Shi, Huining Guo
Based on the impact of economic security on urban healthy life, the evaluation index system of economic security for healthy life is constructed. The degree of economic security for residents’ healthy life in 26 cities of the Yangtze River Delta is comprehensively analyzed by using expert scoring method...
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Study on Decision-Making of Reverse Recycling Medicine Quantity Under Manufacturer’s Advertising Effort

Yue Tan, Ming Fang
In recent years, the problem of medicine contamination has attracted more and more attention, especially the collection and disposal of unwanted medicines (UMs) in families has become an increasingly important research topic. This paper mainly studies the medicine recycling decision-making to maximize...
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Research on the Development of Urban Tourism Resources Based on Text Mining—Taking Chengdu as an Example

Yulu Fan, Jinchun Kou
In order to promote the development of Chengdu tourism resources, this paper based on text mining, using content analysis method to conduct qualitative research on the network evaluation text of Chengdu tourism. The ROST CM6 software is used to perform high-frequency word analysis, semantic network analysis...
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Validity Test of Implicit Capital Cost Valuation Model—Based on China’s A-Share Market

Hong Luo, Zhiguang Guo
Equity capital cost plays an important role in investment strategies and asset valuation, but there is no recognized valuation model and unified model validity test method in academia so far. This paper measures the cost of equity capital of A-share listed companies in China by using five kinds of implicit...
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Analysis of International Competitiveness of Chinese Textile and Clothing

Jian Wu, An Lu
In this paper, the international market share, trade competitiveness index and revealed comparative advantage index are adopted to analyze the international competitiveness of China’s textile and apparel industry, and SWOT analysis is used to analyze the domestic textile and apparel industry. The research...
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The Research on the Innovative Path of International Talent Training in Local Normal College

Jin-fang Li
With the development of the free trade zone and the Belt and Road, local normal colleges need to cultivate international talents. At present, there are still some problems in the training of international talent for applied majors in local normal colleges, such as the difficulty in choosing cooperative...
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Analysis of Symbolic Meaning and Behavior Characteristics of Fashion Consumption

Yi-Jing Song, Yu-Ling Bai
Under the background of upgraded consumption in China, fashion consumption deserves attention. This paper holds the point that the main demands of consumers in fashion consumption activities are not limited to the usage value of commodities, but the symbolic meaning of commodities is more obvious. Taking...
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Which Factors Drive Firms’ Green Information Technology Practices?—an Integrated DEMATEL–ANP Approach

Lei Wang, Haijian Wang, Jun Wu
Scholars have identified various factors for adopting green IT by organizations from different perspectives. However, the studies about the priority of those factors and the interdependent relations among them are relatively lack. To address this problem, we use the Motivation-Opportunity-Ability (MOA)...
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Analysis of Manufacturing Transfer Characteristics Based on Global Value Chain Reconstruction

Jingyi Yan, Jian Min
Manufacturing is the backbone of an economy. Based on the background of global value chain reconstruction, this paper studies the transfer characteristics of manufacturing industry from the aspects of industrial layout transfer, structure transfer, division of labor transfer and capital flow transfer,...
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The Scientific System of Xi Jinping’s Theory of Women’s Development in the New Period

Ping Mao, Xi Zhang, Meiyu Deng
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has made a series of important statements about the development of women in china.These statements cover the road, goal, theme, guarantee and focus work etc, which form a strict scientific system.The system is of great...
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Research on Residents’ Satisfaction with Government Social Public Services–Based on the Social and Public Service Evaluation Data of Liaoning Province in 2018

Ni Sun, Lei Feng, Ruqing Wei
Public services are basic guarantee and necessity for the survival and development of all members of a society. The research evaluates the satisfaction rate of residents in Liaoning Province towards the government-provided social public services in areas including banking services, insurance services,...
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Study on the Influence of Resource Development on the Soil and Water Conservation and Ecological Environment and Countermeasures

Yang Liu, Jia-Shan Wang, Xin-Ying Huang
Through the influence on ecological factors such as geological features, soil, hydrology and vegetation, the resource development process reduces the ecological service function of soil and water conservation in resource production areas, and the soil and water ecological environment is destroyed. The...
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On Artistic Conception Beauty of Modern Lettering in Colleges and Universities

Guicai Fu, Wenjie Ma, Pengfei Fu
Artistic conception is a common high-level artistic realm in Chinese art, and it is an important form of expression for artists to express their emotions. The pursuit of artistic expression is an important part of traditional Chinese aesthetics. Through the analysis of the beauty of poetry, book and...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Chengdu Residents’ Travel Decision-Making to Thailand: Take the Tourists’ Perception of Thailand Travel Blogs From Mafengwo Website as an Example

Hui He, Heng Yang, Tong Xiang
This paper takes Chengdu residents as the object of investigation, to explore which contents of travel blogs influence their travel decision-making to Thailand. By recruiting 43 Chengdu residents as research objects, this paper analyzes the contents of blogs that affect their travel decisions after reading...
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Measuring of Inequality Using the Household Electricity Meter Reading Data in Urban China

Jihong Zhang, Chufan Luo
In order to overcome the limitations of using the household survey data, the household electricity meter reading data was used to measure inequality in this study. The Gini coefficient, Lorentz curve, Theil index were used in the discussions of inequality which were carried out on the basis of distribution...
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Manufacturing and Producer Services Integration in Empirical Analysis of the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Ling Yang, Pengzhi Xu
As the golden area, the Yangtze River Economic Belt is a strategic area for the upgrade of China’s manufacturing industry. Although Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai as the first ones to implement opening up policies of services and develop advanced manufacturing, the integration between manufacturing...
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The Impact of Acquirer’s Organizational Cultural Intelligence on Innovation Performance in Cross-Border Technology M&A

Ye Ning, Weiqi Wang, Haichao Duan
Based on the related researches on cultural intelligence, cultural distance and innovation performance, this paper proposes the theoretical hypothesis of the relationship between the cultural intelligence of the acquirer and the overseas technology M&A innovation performance, using the cultural distance...
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Study on the Measurement Model of Person-Job Fit Degree Based on Polynomial Regression

Lei Luo, Yuanyuan Liu
Traditional person-job fit degree measurement models such as PSIs (profile similarity indices) or weighted difference scores cannot highlight the role of different competency. In this paper, the polynomial regression method is introduced to construct the quadratic polynomial regression measurement model...
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Research on the Relationship Between Psychological Control Source and Self-Defense Mechanism of Young Teachers in Universities and Colleges

Shoudong Tang
This research adopts the questionnaire of young university teachers psychological control source and its present situation and the characteristics of defense mechanism has carried on the detailed analysis and discussion, and further discusses the young university teachers psychological control source...
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The Relationship Between Commitment–Based Human Resource Management Practices and Employee Satisfaction

Xiaoying Yang, Yuanyuan Liu
In the era of knowledge economy where “knowledge” is gradually replacing “capital”, knowledge resources have become a vital production factor. Knowledge is intangible, but human resources with knowledge and ability are tangible and effective. The effective management of human resources has become a key...
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Analysis of the Indian Government’s Support for the Development of Medium, Small, and Micro Enterprises

Juxiu Huang, Lei Feng, Jingxing Liao
The rapid growth of the Indian economy would be impossible without micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The Indian government enacted a series of supporting policies with counterpart funding in succession and implemented many quality infrastructure development facilitation programs to make full...
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Associations Between Social Support and Professional Burnout in Take-Away Workers

Shanhong Gao
With the intensification of competition among major take-out enterprises, the steady take-away team has become a top priority for all platforms. Numerous studies have shown that if you increase the social support of individuals, their sense of burnout will be effectively reduced, so improve their social...
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A Promotion Mode for the Development of Advanced Manufacture with Legislation in USA

Hang Zhou, Yuanye Ma, Sha Wei
Advanced manufacture has played an increasingly critical role in industry and academic areas. To accelerate the development of advanced manufacture, many countries and researchers focus on enacting different policies and laws. As the country that leads the innovation on advanced industrial, the unit...
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Spatial Analysis of Chinese Residents’ Grain Intake

Fuxin Jiang, Puxiu Yue, Xiaoning Cui
In this paper, spatial exploratory analysis and spatial hierarchical clustering method are used to analyze the similarity and difference of grain intake in China’s provinces and cities. The results of global Moran index show that the grain intake of residents of provinces and cities in China is positively...
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Creating Blockchain Driven Ecosystem Model for Enterprise Financial Management

Quan Liu, Yun-Kui Song
Blockchain technology is broadly used for financial transactions at present in many fields. Technical features of blockchain technology are decentralization, trustworthiness, verifiability, and programmability. Financial management ecosystem is a system model based on natural ecosystems. Financial ecosystem...
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Cross Listing, Bonding, and Earning Qualities

Hong Yue
Using the accounting conservatism, value relevance and earning management as the measure for cross listing bonding effect,this paper tests the existence of bonding effect for cross listing firms. The result shows that bonding effect exists in firms which list in Hong Kong, and the effect significantly...
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The Effect of Education on Residents’ Subjective Well-Being

Chuan-Lu Ge, Yan-Shu Li
Using the 2015 China Comprehensive Social Survey (CGSS) data and an ordered logit model, this article empirically tests the impact of education on residents’ subjective well-being and analyzes its impact mechanism. Sample data show that education significantly improves residents’ subjective well-being....
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Research on Teaching Reform in Swimming Class Under Scenario of Modular Platform

Xing-biao Chen, Rui Xi
The traditional teaching in swimming class has neglected differences of students in swimming foundation, which will prevent individual development. The modular platform of automotive filed that is applied to swimming teaching has created four modules of familiarity with ability in swimming, body control,...
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The Marketing Strategies of IKEA in China Using Tools of PESTEL, Five Forces Model and SWOT Analysis

Yiqiong Wu
The paper is aimed at analyzing the cost leadership strategy and international strategy of IKEA using tools of PESTEL, Five forces model and SWOT analysis. From the analysis, we find the two strategies has there suitability and they benefit to IKEA’s success in the market of China. The description and...
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Study on Opportunities, Challenges, and Improvement of Moral Education in Colleges and Universities Under Information Age

Qi Zhou
With the advent of the informatization era, people’s work, study and life have been closely connected with electronic devices, and data is everywhere today. Under the development of information technology, the thoughts, behavior, morality and belief of college and university students are undergoing tremendous...
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An Analysis of Female Identity Construction in English Advertisements

Xin Chen, Ying-Ling Liu
Advertisement has become an important medium for commercial promotion. The construction of female identity in advertisement has been a controversial topic among scholars at home and abroad. The discrimination in advertisements shows problems in the construction of female identity in advertisements. Although...
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A Study on the Normalization and Institutionalization of “Two Studies, One Action” in Functional Party Organizations in Universities

Qiu-Di Zhao
The functional Communist Party organization in universities is represented by college apartments and student associations, which are important platforms to keep close contact with young student Party members in universities. Making full use of this platform to carry out “Two Studies, One Action”, refers...
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Strategy to Develop Video Platform Under the Perspective of Media Convergence Based on a Comparative Study

Shuyue Li
Under the background of media convergence, a number of television stations respond to national policies to build video websites or platforms to provide video services to audiences. Zhejiang Television Station and Hunan Television Station launched China Blue platform and Mango TV respectively, but their...
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Study on the Development Trends and Models of “Internet + Rural Entrepreneurship Education”

Jing Tian, Zong-ling Zheng
Entrepreneurship education is the key of rural development. It is an important part of speeding up the development of modern agriculture, promoting the construction of new socialist countryside and practicing the innovation of agricultural science and technology. In the era of Internet, the rural entrepreneurship...
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Teacher Evaluation Based on E-Teaching Portfolio—Developing Trend of Teacher Evaluation in China

Zhi Fang
Arising in recent years, e-teaching portfolio assessment is a new mode of teacher evaluation based on computer technology and new media technology. This paper attempts to provide reference for development of Chinese teacher evaluation by analyzing global teacher evaluation practices and connotation of...
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Hidden Space and Segmented Labelling in Text Visualization

Xiaoguang Zhu, Xin Cai, Peiyao Nie
Text visualization can interpret large size documents with various linguistic units and glyphs. Each unit owns its advantages of intuition and precision, which could be visualize under different space efficiencies. For example, histogram of word frequency is an intuitive glyph but not precise, and word...
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Research on Optimization and Innovation Drive of State-Owned Enterprise Debt Structure Under the Background of Supply-Side Reform

Yao Xie
This paper studies the current situation of the imperfect debt structure of China’s state-owned enterprises under the new normal, leading to high leverage, high debts that are difficult to reduce, and the innovation-driven role of supply-side reforms of “three eliminations, one reduction, and one supplementation”...
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Strategy Selection of Multi-Subjects Collaboration in Grass-Roots Society Governance: A Case Study Based on Project of Children’s Sunshine Holiday House in Huzhou, Zhejiang

Langzi Chen
The practice of participating in juvenile safety education and crime prevention, promoted by multiple subjects such as grass-roots public security organs, college and university voluntary associations, primary and junior schools and enterprises, is an active exploration and interpretation of social governance...
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Research on the Transformation and Upgrading of China’s Automobile Industry From the Perspective of Global Value Chain

Yu-Ni Tang
The automotive industry is an important pillar of a country. It plays an important part in China’s economy with its relatively abundant capital and technology, high degree of industrial correlation, and economies of scale. Recent research shows that the automotive industry contributes more than one third...
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Do China’s Manufacturing Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions Enhance Its Management Innovation Capabilities?

Yunyun Luo
In recent years, the rapid growth of overseas mergers and acquisitions of emerging market companies represented by Chinese companies has shown a strong incentive to catch up with innovation. From the perspective of management, this paper studies the impact of cross-border mergers and acquisitions of...
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The Impact of Executives ‘Overseas Background on Chinese Enterprises’ Outward Direct Investment: Based on Data From Listed Manufacturing Companies

Yu-Wei Wang
The development of OFDI is of great significance to China’s manufacturing industry structure and manufacturing enterprises themselves. How to carry out higher-quality foreign direct investment has become a question worthy of attention. This article takes the listed companies of Shanghai and Shenzhen...
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Research on the International Competitiveness of Xiaomi Mobile Phone

Jian Wu, Gang Fang, Liang Liu
Modern communication industry plays an important role in the development of the country. Whether it is from the technical aspects of mobile phones or from the marketing of mobile phone sales, the development is relatively rapid, and there are important breakthroughs in international trade. It also makes...
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Fault Diagnosis Based on EEMD-KPCA-MTS for Rolling Bearing

Weiyu Han, Longsheng Cheng
To improve the accuracy of fault diagnosis for rolling bearing, an integrated fault diagnosis method based on EEMD (Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition), KPCA (Kernel Principal Component Analysis) and MTS (Mahalanobis Taguchi System) is proposed. Firstly, EEMD decompose the non-stationary and nonlinear...
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Inside Information Leakage and Supervision in Private Placements

Xin Song, Zhi-Yuan Fan
Insider information disclosure exists in the trading of capital markets. The private placement of subscribers to manipulate stock prices through insider trading has seriously damaged the interests of small and medium investors, hindered the effective allocation of market resources, and hindered the development...