Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Arts and Design Education (ICADE 2022)

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Juju Masunah, Tati Narawati, Yudi Sukmayadi, Zakarias S. Soeteja, Trianti Nugraheni, Rita Milyartini, Agus Budiman
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The Jaipongan Creation Dance Festival of Galuh Pakuan Cup During the Pandemic Period 2020–2021

Noviyanti Maulani, Juju Masunah
The Jaipongan Creation Dance Festival of Galuh Pakuan has been held once a year by the Customary Institution of Karatwan Galuh Pakuan Subang since 2017, it was usually held in offline then virtually in 2020. This article aimed to analyze the management of the virtual festival of the Jaipongan creation...
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Recording Songs in the Studio Using a Mobile Phone: Using Dolby on Application

Lareta Stefany, Yudi Sukmayadi
This study aims to awaken the creativity of young people to be more courageous to create, compete, and learn more to make works. Mobile phones are very easy to find and everyone already has a mobile phone, to create a mobile phone is very supportive. Dolby On is a recorder application that can be downloaded...
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Creative Process of Documentary Production The Bakti Purnamasari Traditional Ceremony as a Form of Cultural Resilience

Rivaldi Indra Hapidzin, Tati Narawati, Yudi Sukmayadi
The implementation of the Bakti Purnamasari traditional ceremony which is carried out once a month is a form of cultural resilience carried out by the community, especially if it is carried out in the form of digital media. The purpose of writing this article is to describe the results of research on...
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Android-Based Flute Learning Media

Gilang Ciptadi Mahatkarsa, Yudi Sukmayadi
Learning media has an important role to support the teaching and learning process, with learning media the delivery of information can be easily conveyed. Android-based learning media is a new technology, which is in great demand by young people, Android-based distilled learning media can be used to...
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Putri Binangkit Dance as a Representation of Princess at Keraton Kanoman Cirebon, Indonesia

Sofa Nurhikmah Tesa, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
Putri Binangkit dance is one of the traditional dance repertories at Keraton Kanoman Cirebon, which was created by Prince Agus Djoni Arkaningrat around 1972. It cannot separate the process of forming this repertoire from the classical dance that already existed, namely the Bedaya Rimbe dance. Putri Binangkit...
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Study of Social Values in Dance Performances of West Sumatra

Selvi Rahmadani Pratiwi, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
This study aims to describe the social values contained in the payung Dance performance in West Sumatra. Payung Dance is a dance work that has developed since 1920, this dance is a Minangkabau mainland Malay dance that still exists today. The research design uses the qualitative descriptive analysis...
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Relevance of Bloom’s Taxonomy Hots Theory to the Application of Body Literacy Methods at Rumah Kreatif Wajiwa

Anggilda Kania Dewi, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
Body literacy at Rumah Kreatif Wajiwa is related to the processing of body, feel, thought, and imagination as the initial foundation in the process of achieving the highest intelligence that is useful in aesthetic and life values. Processing the body, feeling, thinking, and imagining is a complex process...
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Review of the Minimax Concept of Slamet Abdul Sjukur in Music Education Praxis

Iwan Gunawan, Tri Karyono
Minimax is the thought of composer Slamet Abdul Sjukur as another option that departs from (minimal) limitations and utilizes them to the maximum. This concept is considered very conducive to developing creativity and sensitivity, especially in the context of music education. Based on musical composition...
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Social Interaction Values in the Jepin Tembung Pendek Dance in Pontianak City

Yurika Azharini Indah Dewi, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
The purpose of this article is to describe the social interaction values found in Jepin Tembung Pendek dance. Jepin Tembung Pendek dance is one of the Jepin dances in West Kalimantan Province, precisely in the city of Pontianak. This dance was created by Yusuf Dahyani in the 1960s. It’s a group dance,...
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Role Playing in the Dolanan Bocah Bengen Dance in Cilegon Indonesia

Eniyah, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
The dolanan bocah bengen dance is a children’s dance that has an element of fun playing where this dance is taken from the movements of children who are playing. The world of children is a world full of joy where children are full of joy. The movements in this dance are moving, swaying, turning and jumping....
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Mirroring of Learning Baris Dance at Sanggar Pusbitari in Bandung City

Syifa Silviana Putri, Juju Masunah
Sanggar Pusat Bina Tari (Pusbitari) based in Bandung City, it has one kind of program study that had organize activity course or training Sundanese dance for general. This Article aim to discuss the result of research about how to process the study of dancing at Sanggar Pusbitari, especially the method...
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The Implementation of Merdeka Learning Flow in Traditional-Based Dance to Increase Junior High School Students’ Creativity

Sally Agustini Widayat, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
This research aims to identify the application of MERDEKA learning flow in Dance subjects at schools and its effects on students’ creativity improvement in dancing. The MERDEKA learning flow is the acronym of Mulai dari diri sendiri (starts from oneself), Elaborasi konsep (concept elaboration), Ruang...
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Effectiveness of Using Digital Media as a Learning Support Media in Elementary School

Bayu Widiantoro, Maya Putri Utami
The purpose of this study is to find out how digital learning media can be effectively delivered to elementary school students in Banyumas, Kebumen, and Banjarnegara areas. The use of digital media as a supporting media for the learning process is something that must be done in the last four years. This...
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Clover Leaf as One of the Innovations of Surabaya’s Typical Batik Motifs in the Village of Ex-Dolly

Indarti, Urip Wahyuningsih, Martadi, Amaliya Lailatur Rizkiya, Li Hsun Peng
The purpose of this study is to develop clover leaf motifs as typical Surabaya batik motifs. Ex-Dolly Surabaya has several creative industries to change its new image as a creative village. The Surabaya city government has tried to establish a batik house in Putat Jaya village as a batik training center...
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Changes in the Form of the Sigeh Penguten Dance at Sanggar Khatua Menangsi Lampung Selatan

Dalila Erna Trisnawati, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
The Sigeh Penguten dance is a traditional Lampung dance that is held when the community welcomes guests of honor, traditional events, and for weddings. This study aims to describe the results of research on the form and function of the Sigeh Pengunten Dance in the Khatua Menangsi studio, Taman Baru Village,...
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Artificial Intelligence Approach in Visual Design Ideation Process

Peter Ardhianto, Ryan Sheehan Nababan
This study aims to see the effectiveness of artificial intelligence in reducing the time for the design ideation process. For visual communication designers, the ideation process is a source of innovation and creativity and is typically used in the early stages of the design process. While some works...
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Production Management in the Design Process of Learning Applications for Elementary School Students

Louis Cahyo Kumolo Buntaran, Agnes Indah Suciani Kristanti, Bayu Widiantoro
Good design must have an objective nature and can be accounted for in all forms produced. Given the design is problem-solving. In making a design that is intended for learning, the designer needs to pay attention to the pattern of order in making the design using design thinking methods. Without rules...
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Virtual Piano Four-Hands Learning Video Design for Learning to Read Basic Music Notation

Nadine Rizkita, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article discusses the process of designing a four-handed virtual piano learning video. The Best practice in making this learning video is based on the experience of researchers while teaching piano instruments, especially in teaching reading musical notation and the needs of students learning piano...
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Buai-Buai Dance as a Symbol of Agriculture in West Sumatra

Muthia Rianti, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
Buai-Buai dance is an art that originally originated from the South Coast and was brought by a community leader to the city of Padang who until now is not known whose identity is. Arriving in the city of Padang, Buai-Buai Dance has undergone many changes and the development of tampa eliminates the character...
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Visual Representation and Its Impacts in Rising Positive Emotions Through Interactive Media: Candy Crush Saga Case Study

Arwin Purnama Jati, Agustinus Dicky Prastomo
The objective of this research is to observe visual elements in CCS as an interactive media that represent objects led to positive emotions and determine well-perceived visual aspects as one of measurement of interaction basic between people and technology-based media. The Covid-19 pandemic that occurred...
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Dance Learning Methods for Deaf Children at Junior High School During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sandi Jembar Wijaya, Juju Masunah
The purpose of this article is to describe the approach to dance learning for deaf children in inclusive classes in limited face-to-face learning or in Indonesian it is called Pembelajaran Tatap Muka (PTM) terbatas, The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the teaching and learning process in education...
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Interactive Learning of Rejang Pakuluh Dance Using Google Sites at the Bali Asmarandana Dance Sample, Bandung City

Sang Ayu Made Diah Sri Anjani, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
This article discusses about results from learning interactive using google sites media on participants educate level intermediate at the Bali Asmarandana dance studio, Bandung. Rejang Pakulu Dance created in 2016 by Ni Komang Sri Wahyuni. This dance is danced by women as a form of devotion and gratitude...
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Branding of Riau Batik Pucuk Rebung Motive to Increase the Creativity of Vocational High School Students

Suprayogi, Tri Karyono
The purpose of writing this article is to conceptualize Riau Batik Motif Branding to increase the Creativity of Vocational High School Students and to create Riau Batik Branding designs. This study uses a descriptive method with a qualitative research process. The research subjects were students and...
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Batujaya Temple Artifacts as Inspiration for the Development of Karawang Batik Motifs

Gita Oktaviana, Tri Karyono, Juju Masunah
Karawang Regency is an area with the largest agricultural land known as a rice city, even though it is a coastal area, Karawang Regency is an area that can produce rice and make characteristics in Karawang. Apart from its natural wealth, historical relics that become one of the icons of world heritage,...
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Best Practice for Making VINOV with the Theme of C Major Guitar Using PowerPoint

Arin Patria Lingga, Yudi Sukmayadi
This paper discusses the author's best experiences or best practices in making educational video games based on visual novels, or what is called VINOV with C Major guitar tones. A game that relies on text diction/narration accompanied by visuals that are packaged in an attractive way. Broadly speaking,...
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Epistemology of Nagham Al-Qur'an a Comparative Study of the Use Bayyati Style and Javanese Style in Al-Qur'an Recitation

Renapa Sri Kandasi, Yudi Sukmayadi
Al-Qur'an becomes a pleasant book to read and listen to, if it uses good and correct rules and tone (style), to present beautiful and harmonious musical strains. Among the ethics of reading the Qur'an agreed upon by the scholars is that enhancing the sound when reading the Qur'an – of...
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Symbols and Meanings of Barong Dress Using Banyuwangi

Nimas Cahyani Mustika, Juju Masunah
This article examines the Symbols and Meanings of Barong Using Clothes. Barong is a mythological animal that is believed by the Javanese-Balinese community to have power and magic so that it is believed by the community to ward off evil spirits. Barong in the Using area of Banyuwangi is used as a performing...
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Composition Music Gamelan with VSTi

Fitrawati Ramdani, Yudi Sukmayadi
The purpose of this study is to describe the process and results of using VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology Instrument) in making gamelan accompaniment. The type of research used is descriptive-qualitative. Data collection techniques with observation, interviews, and documentation. Its data analysis goes...
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Creative Process of Creating Tran.sit Dance by Jesssica Christina at the Inspyro Moves Platform Bandung

Arbi Nuralamsyah, Juju Masunah
The development of dance in the city of Bandung is actually comparable to other cities in Indonesia, although some people or observers think that it is not as vibrant as other cities in Indonesia. Many dance initiators and activists emerge who move from outside the dance environment scheme that has been...
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Experiment of Potential Vegetable Waste as a Natural Dying Media Using Ecoprinting Technique

Imanida Zakiah Zahra, Tri Karyono
Lembang is a sub-district in West Bandung Regency, West Java, Indonesia. One of the main factors most of the population of Lembang make a living, gardening, farming and trading. Good natural potential makes Lembang a center for education and research for agriculture and animal husbandry, as well as Lembang...
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Visual Culture: Reading Digital Collage Art

Zaitun Y. A. Kherid, Zakarias S. Soeteja, Juju Masunah
This article intends to share knowledge in reading digital collage art works from the point of view of visual culture. Digital collage art is created by combining virtual images from multiple sources into a new work of art. For researchers and art education, this article can expand its meaning by reading...
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360-Degree Illustration Based on Virtual Reality (The Cisadane Folktale)

Frindhinia Medyasepti, Darfi Rizkavirwan, Christina Flora
Folktales are a cultural heritage, both in oral and written form, which needs to be preserved because of their significance in the continuity of the cultural identity of a region. The story of the Cisadane Warrior is a folktale valued as Tangerang's cultural identity. The lack of understanding about...
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The Community’s Role in Preserving the Art of Sisingaan in Karang Herang Village, Pabuaran District, Subang District

N. Widiyastuti, Tri Karyono, Juju Masunah
The surround art is a cultural heritage born in the subang district. The accompanying art of art featuring two to four teddy lions now having a great variety of shapes and forms. Tedium is a lionlike figurehead of two countries in the Netherlands and England. The birth of collapse is a close form of...
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Representations of Dance Identity of Urban City

Rahma Syafitri, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
Junjungan Buay Puun dance is a dance that is rooted in the local wisdom of Kebuayan Nuban which is the original clan of the people of the city of Metro. Kebuayan Nuban clan, which is always upheld and praised in various ways according to the perspective of the culture of origin, influences the style...
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Learning Ensemble Music Through Android Apps

Dodi Pranata, Yudi Sukmayadi
Playing music ensemble create happiness atmosphere. Furthermore, it contributes to the development of student’s self-responsibility, discipline, honesty, and harmony of feeling, thought, and action. Unfortunately a lot of school don’t have musical instruments. The aims of this article is to describe...
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Learning Activities Based on “EDU Creative Production Unit” in Visual Communication Design Study Program at SMKN 9 Bandung

Annisa Bela Pertiwi, Juju Masunah, Tri Karyono
This paper aims to discuss the activity of “edu creative production unit” as an industry-based learning tool for students of the Visual Communication Design study program at SMKN 9 Bandung. The “edu creative production unit” is a form of educational business unit managed by students and teachers in the...
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PowerPoint Presentation in Learning and Teaching of Music History

Christ Stanley Khoewell, Yudi Sukmayadi
This research is an analysis of articles that review about PowerPoint media in teaching and learning activities, and then discusses its application in learning music history. To make history subject more appealing for students, more creativity from educators is needed in presenting the material. In today’s...
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Value of Life in Benjang Mask Dance

Supartini Permata, Juju Masunah, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
Benjang Mask Dance is a form of traditional dance that depicts humans as distinguished from the character of the mask they wear. The masks used in Benjang include the Putri Mask, the Emban Mask, the Satria Mask, and the Ravana Mask which play out stories about everyday human life. The characters in each...
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Using the Google Site as a Media to Learn Art Music Chord Online

Jenny Margaretha Silaban, Yudi Sukmayadi
The purpose of this article is to utilize google sites in online learning of Chords for Music. In the learning process. Learning media is the use of computers to deliver material in the form of instructions in the form of drills and practice, tutorials, and simulations. The tutorial is the use of the...
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Utilization of Animakers as a Scale Learning Medium

Gabriela Sabatini Manik, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article aims to see the effectiveness of using the development of digital teaching materials assisted by the Animaker application. In the face of this pandemic era. The use of technology plays an important role in learning. During the pandemic, conditions changed in carrying out learning activities,...
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Utilizing Wordwall as a Learning Media Game-Based Traditional Music Instruments

Richie Gracia Silaban, Yudi Sukmayadi
Gamification applications for online learning are something that needs to be socialized at this time, especially during the pandemic to improve the learning process. To improve the online learning process in this pandemic era, the use of the concept of gamification in the learning process of traditional...
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Utilization of the TikTok Application as Multimedia in Violin Learning

Azra Mahira Ihzadila, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article describes how the TikTok application can provide support for the violin learning process. Learning media in the digital era must be directly proportional to technological developments. Of course, the use of learning media must be able to keep up with these rapid developments. One of the...
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Trend of Vocal Distance Learning

Lanny Karlina, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
Now a day distance vocal learning is widely carried out by formal schools and course institutions. The writing purpose of this articles is to get an idea of how the trend of distance learning is developing during the Covid-19 pandemic. This research uses literature study method. Data collection is done...
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Video-Based Art Culture Teaching Materials at SMPN 3 Soreang, Bandung Regency

Harry Tjahjodiningrat, Zakarias Sukarya Soeteja, Dhisa Aditya Prinera
This research article focuses on providing effective video-based teaching materials for art and culture subjects for junior high school students during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study aims to provide learning solutions for junior high school students and to stimulate teachers to be more active, innovative,...
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Implementation of Cross Culture Learning as Scientific Strengthening in Organizing International Student Film Festival Activities

Nala Nandana Undiana, Yudi Sukmayadi, Agus Cahyono, Erik Muhammad Pauhrizi
The concept of MBKM (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka/Freedo to Learning, Freedom Campus), which is currently applied in education schemes in Indonesia, supports every student to be able to obtain learning materials from various sources. This provides a new learning atmosphere, because in the end the...
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(De)Colonialise Pendagogical on Creating Indonesian Intellectual Cinema

Erik Muhammad Pauhrizi, Salsa Solli Nafsika, Nala Nandana Undiana, Shelvira Alyya Putri Anjani, Nanda Maulana, Wiki Riandi
In almost all ex-colonial countries, signs of colonialization are still visible on all sides, and cinema as popular culture is used by American and European as part of the extension of globalization in creating business relationships that justify or continue colonialism relations. It is no longer a space...
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Utilization of the Instagram Application in Learning Saxophone

Sihab Khoiri, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article explains about an application name Instagram which could help saxophone learning process. Learning media in the digital era should proportionally directed along with technology development, which its utilization must be able to keep up with these rapid development. One of the media that...
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PowerPoint Utilization to Make Android-Based Boomwhackers Learning App

Eccles Rianda Silalahi, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article describes how Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create the Boomwhackers learning app. The rapid development of technology today certainly makes learning media must be able to follow these developments. One of the media that can be utilized is PowerPoint. The method that is used in this...
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Podcasts as Music Learning Media in the Digital Era 4.0

Dwi Utami Ningsih, Rita Milyartini, Diah Latifah
This study aims to collect and analyze articles related to the use of podcasts as a medium for learning music in various countries. E-learning in the current digital 4.0 era creates active, effective and interactive learning, and is able to improve student learning outcomes. Of the many learning media...
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Interactive Power Point for Basic Level Traditional Vocals Learning

Catur Putri N. Utami, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article contains an explanation of how interactive Power Point media becomes a medium that can be designed in such a way as to stimulate the acceleration of students’ understanding of the material being taught as well as allowing students to practice and understand the material anywhere at any time...
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Digital Media-Based Dance Creations

Beben Barnas, Juju Masunah
Online learning of the effects of the covid virus pandemic influencing the tutorial assignments of PAUD-UT (Early Childhood Education-Open University) students. The effect is the completion of practical tasks in the form of videos. Digital media-based dance creation is one of the practical assignments...
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Creative Dance for the Motor Development of Mental Retardation Students

Hilda Jasri, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
This article aims to discuss the result of research on creative dance as intervention for psychomotor and thinking changes of children with mental retardation. Children with mental retardation experience delays in their ability to move, think, and act. The research methodologies used in this study is...
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Utilization of QR Code for Digital Information Media Installation Artwork

Fajar Persada Supandi, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
Sunaryo is one of Bandung’s most renowned sculpture artists. His works are phenomenal. One of them is the Wot Batu installation. Wot Batu is an installation work representing Sunaryo’s spiritual soul in his life journey, so the existing stone installations have various meanings. Explain each meaning...
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Reading Imagination Transfer Behind the Music Archive

Abizar Algifari Saiful, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
Koko Koswara, or Mang Koko, is a well-known artist as a reformer of Sundanese musical instruments. His work in the art world does not only involve creating works, but Mang Koko is active in education and literacy. His concern for literacy is reflected in his awareness of the importance of documenting...
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The Sundanese Kawih Vocal Exercises Based on Digital Media

Wina Lerina, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
The students’ difficulty in singing Sundanese kawih in the right tone motivated the writer to develop a digital-based learning media regarding Sundanese kawih vocal techniques. The purpose of this article is to describe learning Sundanese kawih using digital based media to practice breathing, articulation...
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Cultural Identity in Choral Performance Through Digital Media

Farhan Reza Paz, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
This research was conducted to understand the cultural identity in one of the Papuans (Papua – Indonesia) folksongs, i.e. Yamko Rambe Yamko, at one of Choir Festival. The aim of this study was to understand the use of cultural character in the performance of Yamko Rambe Yamko as well as the relationship...
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Analysis of Nussa Rarra Animation as a Media of Islamic Da’wah

Yuwan Fijar Anugrah, Juju Masunah, Tri Karyono
The development of information media influences all aspects of life man among them the development of the art world is shaped as means to spread religious teachings and values, participate as well as enrich diverse creation art applied in Indonesia in making results creation into the form of animation...
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Types of Projection Mapping on Art and Design Development

Andri Pahrulroji, Zakarias Sukarya Soeteja
Technological developments have a significant impact on innovation, one of which is light projection technology which gave birth to video mapping performance art which has an impact on the development of art and design. This research is a study of video projection which is one of the triggers for the...
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Islamic Art as a Representation of Religious Society

Asti Tri Lestari, Juju Masunah, Tati Narawati
Tasikmalaya Regency, which is popular with religious life, is used as the basis for the formation of performing arts so that art cannot be separated from Islamic religious values. For instance, rudat, terebang gebes, terebang sejak, terebang gembrung, Jingkrung and Bangreng. The purpose of writing this...
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Psychoanalysing Visual Art Creation from the Imagination to Understand the Creative Process

Santiago Paul Erazo Andrade, Dita Oktaria, Tri Karyano
This research aims to understand, analyse and conceptualize a particular creative process of an artist that generates visual images from the imagination. The artist compares his creative process with an archaeologist that finds ancient artefacts inside the soil, in the same way he finds images inside...
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Android-Based Learning Media Development in Lagu Jalan Learning

Maelasari, Yudi Sukmayadi
This paper aims to develop a new media as a support for the learning sekar kepesindenan in the Karawitan study program of the Bandung Institute of Indonesian Cultural Arts (ISBI Bandung). The mastery of the nudge or the melody of the song is the most basic thing. The learning media in the form of the...
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Representation of Local Style in Performance of ‘Cingcangkeling’ on the International Choir Festival

Zakarias Sukarya Soeteja, Susi Gustina, Farhan Reza Paz
This research was conducted to understand the representation of local styles in one of the Sundanese (West Java – Indonesia) folksongs, i.e. Cingcangkeling, at International Choir Festival. The aim of this study was to understand the use of local styles in the performance of Cingcangkeling performance...
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Design of Soundscape Music on Beluk Vocal in Digitizing Audio Archives

Hafizhah Insani Midyanti, Rita Tila, Enry Johan Jaohari, Juju Masunah
Beluk Vocal Art is one of the traditional arts of West Java which is still being preserved from generation to generation. However, this art is scarce to find. Beluk Vocal Art has a unique characteristic, namely a high singing or screaming voice, which is not only used as a means of communication but...
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Visual Design of Packaging at One Pesantren One Product in Indonesia

Harry Atmami, Juju Masunah, Z. S. Soeteja, Rita Milyartini
Each visual design of product packaging for Usaha Kecil Mikro dan Menengah (UMKM) has a characteristic image to be communicated to customers, and there is a visual identity. This article to analyze the elements visual design of product packaging from the One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) Programs. The...
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Packaging of Vocal Teaching Materials for the Batak Toba “Andung” Region Through the Utilization of Google Drive

Vionita V. Sihombing, Yudi Sukmayadi
The packaging of teaching material can be done by adapting the available teaching material and repackaging them in a more practical form. One of the traditional works of Toba Batak’s music is Andung. There are several objectives to be achieved in this research, including 1) Utilization of Google Drive...
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The Creative Process of Dance with Technology in the Era of Super Smart Information 5.0

Ayo Sunaryo
Development technology in the era of Society 5.0 a lot influence various activity people in the world, incl dynamics development creation based dance work technology. In a virtual dance work, there are two elements of art that combine, viz choreography and videography. Dance artists now not only have...
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Implementation of Enriched Virtual Learning Model Through Online Guidance to Create Film Production in Videography Class

Eko Hadi Prayitno, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
Enriched Virtual Learning is a learning model that has been using virtual technology that is implemented in learning with various approaches. This study aims to implement the Enriched Virtual Learning Model through online guidance to create films in the Videography class at the State University of Jakarta....
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Video Tutorial for Kania Tandang Dance: Building the Kandaga Studio During the Pandemic

Heni Komalasari, Tatang Taryana, Yoyoh Siti Mariah
The Covid-19 pandemic that occurred in 2020 to date has paralyzed all activities in Indonesia, one of the effects of which is the abandoned studio in the city of Bandung. During the pandemic, the Kandaga dance studio led by Rd. Yetty Mamat experienced a drastic decline in terms of students participating...
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Two Cases of Dance Composition Learning Using Technology in Dance Education Study Program in Indonesia

Saian Badaruddin, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
The development of technology today is a sign of the progress of modern civilization and the use of technology in learning dance composition is a way not to be left behind with technological advances in the world. This article aims to describe the results of case study research on the use of technology...
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Dance, Poetry and Music: Film Design through Collaborative Learning

Ria Sabaria, Hery Supiarza
This study describes keroncong music and poetry wrapped in a intersection of three aesthetics and then given collaborative learning actions. This research is an effort to synergize the KBK in the Film and Television Study Program with the tridharma of higher education. Keroncong music has experienced...
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A Case Study of the Musical Training of Angklung Padaeng in KABUMI UPI

Saprudin, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
The process of learning or training in Padaeng angklung music is a process of transforming knowledge through a musical experience that involves the trainer and the trainees. Many angklung trainers have a music education background, but not many angklung trainers who do not have a music education background...
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Online Study Problem Survey in Dance Practice Lectures to Support the MBKM Program

Dewi Karyati, Frahma Sekarningsih, Heny Rohayani, Agus Budiman
The problem that is currently happening in the field is that dance practice lecture activities in tertiary institutions are fully carried out online it demands the readiness of human resources and quality artificial resource facilities (learning media devices) so that they can replace the characteristics...
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Use of ICT as a Music Teaching Material Development Tool

Febbry Cipta, Juju Masunah, Rita Milyartini
This study aims to describe the use of ICT as a music teaching material development tool. The research design used a cross-sectional survey with a sample of 112 high school music teachers in Bandung City. Data collection was carried out through a self-assessment questionnaire in terms of, 1) external...