Proceedings of the 2016 5th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Computer Science

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Study on Huge Type of Invasive Pituitary Adenoma through Frontotemporal Orbital Zygomatic into The Applied Anatomy Study of the Road

Cailian Ruan, Tao Xue, Yuanyuan Xie
To explore the type giant invasive pituitary adenomas by frontotemporal orbital zygomatic into the applied anatomy study of the road.Methods: 15 cases of pituitary adenomas in frontotemporal orbital zygomatic into the anatomy of the application of the road.Put the 15 cases of skull in it for fixed and...
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MDP on Improving Refractory Ankylosing Spondylitis Symptoms of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and CRP

Dan Guo, Ping Shuai
To explore the role of MDP to improve analysis of refractory ankylosing spondylitis symptoms of erythrocyte sedimentation rate and CRP. Methods: randomly selected in December 2013~December 2014 in our hospital 60 cases of patients with ankylosing spondylitis,and divided into control and experimental...
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Plasma Exchange Plus Mycophenolate Mofetil, Hormones with Severe Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Serum Autoantibodies

Ping Shuai, Dan Guo
Analysis and Discussion plasmapheresis combined hormone, influence of mycophenolate mofetil on children with severe systemic lupus erythematosus autoantibodies. 80 cases in April 2013-Children with systemic lupus erythematosus in April 2015 in our hospital for treatment,in a random manner which were...
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Improved Weighted Support Vector Machine

WanLing Li, Peng Chen, Xiangjun Song
In this paper, weighted Support Vector Machine was introduced. And the weighted Support Vector Machine was improved. Some methods of determining weight were introduced, and the comprehensive method of determining weight was adopted. Simulation results indicated that the total accuracy rating by improved...
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Research on the Architecture of the Networked Function Interface Based on Component

WanLing Li, Peng Chen, YaoZhou Liu
To resolve using TPS, upgrading and replacing instrument conveniently, referenced from the module with IVI IVI-MSS and IVI-Signal Interface, network function interface module based on module technology was presented in this paper. The method avoided the operation to the detail instrument, and ensured...
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Application of Local Mean Decomposition in Marine Gravity Anomaly Data Processing

Jun Yin
Marine gravity anomaly data interfered with noise impact of the follow-up data processing and analysis. Hereby a de-noising method of marine gravity anomaly data by local mean decomposition (LMD) combined with wavelet transform was proposed. De-nosing of marine gravity anomaly data requires maximum retention...
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The acoustic features based on pitch detection after process analysis

Ying Ma, Chao Chen, Maoshen Jia, Shanji Chen
In the field of speech signal processing, a pitch detection algorithm (PDA) is commonly used to estimate pitch or fundamental frequency. If the given speech signal is clean, the algorithm can achieve better detection result. However, in general, the speech signal would inevitably influenced by the background...
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Extraction Method of Harmonic Signal from Chaotic Background Based on Effective Data Segment

Peili Cong
To further improve the performance of extraction of harmonic signal from chaotic background, an effective data segment based separation method for single channel signal was proposed. The single channel signal is mixed by chaotic signal and harmonic signal, and empirical mode decomposition (EMD) can transform...
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Network Security Situation Analysis of Weighted Neural Network with Association Rules Mining

Jie Du, Hongna Luo
In order to assess reliability of polymorphic wireless sensor networks, specific to characteristics of communication delays, imperfect cover (IPC) and common cause failure (CCF) which are different from general network, a reliability evaluation model of multistate WSN is constructed, which simultaneously...
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Anomaly Detection Combined with Spectral Function Analysis in Hyperspectral Imagery

Xiaohan Zhang, Guang Yang, Yongbo Yang, Junhua Huang
To improve the time performance of hyperspectral imagery anomaly detection, this paper proposes the conception of spectral function. Using the features of spectral function such as the area under spectral profile (AUSP), potential target pixels can be separated from background pixels. Then use the data...
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Multi Constrained Optimization model of Supply Chain Based on Intelligent Algorithm

Juan Han
In order to research the quality coordination mechanism of logistics service supply chain in condition of bounded rationality, based on research method of logistics supply chain optimization model of evolutionary game theory of intelligent algorithm, evolutionary game model for quality coordination of...
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Design of Safety FPGA Optimization Internet of things and Its Reliability Analysis

Lan Luan
Aiming at demands based on abnormal condition detection and warning in welding machine monitoring system of IOT, put forward a burst detection algorithm for multi-population firefly, achieve optimization selection and configuration of sliding window size and improve the processing speed and detection...
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Urban Population Distribution Characteristics Analysis Method based on Mobile Phone Data

DongDong Wu, Ruixuan Shi, Jiachuan Wang, Shuqing Wu
Traditional way of artificial survey statistics for urban population distribution is too time-consuming to adapt to the rapidly changing city traffic flow. In this paper, we propose a method to find out the workplace and residence, according to mobile phone location data and historical trajectory mining....
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Numerical Simulation of Airflow Organization and Temperature Distribution in Bulk Curing Barn

Yong-qiao Wang, Yan-qiong Li, Yan Zhao
The tobacco leaf baking quality can be effectively improved on one hand, and overall baking time can be shortened to certain extent on the other hand by improving temperature in curing barn and uniformity of airflow organization distribution, thereby lowering energy consumption of baking. In the paper,...
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Reusable Modeling of Pulsed Doppler Radar Seeker for Coherent Video Signal Simulation

Jing Zhao, Shenshen Wang, Wanfang Che, Fangnian Wang
A reusable framework of pulsed Doppler radar seeker (PDRS) is established for coherent video signal simulation, which provides an efficient tool to its design and evaluation. General PDRS configurations are described with emphasis on performance limitations. The discussions on the key parts of PDRS are...
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Word Semantic Variation Mining based on Pos-Word2vec and cloud-model

Maoyuan Zhang, Xiaohang Pan, Qiongyao Meng
Words, as the basis of language, have relative stability.But it is also gradually developing. The language variation and change has been an important subfield in sociolinguistics, and has made remarkable achievements.But there is seldom research conducted from the aspect of the natural language processing.This...
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Semantic Fingerprint of Hot Event Acquisition based on Graph Theory

Maoyuan Zhang, Qiongyao Meng, Xiaohang Pan
Now, there are more and more hot event of network. The event itself is complex, and have too much useless information. In this paper, we propose a formal method which uses semantic fingerprint to represent the hot event of network, and it can be very intuitive expression important information of hot...
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Prediction of Transportation Network Based on PageRank Algorithm

Tongbo Zhang, Guangli Li, Yue Xu, Yang Yang, Shuai Lv
As a new research field, network science is gaining more and more attention with the networking of human society. Urban traffic is a kind of typical complex network, the analysis of its property is becoming a hot topic. The research of the urban traffic network congestion is presented in this paper....
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A New and Efficient 2D Collision Detection Method Based on Contact Theory

Xiaolong Cheng, Jun Xiao, Ying Wang, Qinghai Miao, Jian Xue
Collision detection is a fundamental problem in mechanical, robotic, structural, and geotechnical engineering. A new algorithm base on Contact Theory to solve accurate contact problem is proposed in this paper. In this method, two polygons (A and B) and a reference point are defined, where the reference...
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Comparison of Filtering Algorithms for Rock Point Cloud Data

SiDong Liu, Liang Hu, TianXin Shi, Jun Xiao, Ying Wang
Over the past years, laser scanner has been frequently used in rock engineering. Several filters have been developed to extract bare-Earth points from point clouds while few filter for point cloud data of rock which is a special kind of point cloud. To find a suitable filtering method for rock points,...
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A Review of Fine Registration for 3D Point Clouds

Yaru Xian, Jun Xiao, Ying Wang, Mengyi Shan, Chong Zhou
3D registration is an essential step in 3D reconstruction of real objects. In this paper, the fine registration methods for point clouds are classified systematically and analyzed theoretically. For several typical fine registration algorithms, experimental comparisons are also carried out on the effect...
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Aerial Survey and Scanning Point Cloud Data Acquisition & Modeling Technology for Hydropower Engineering

Shangwei Liu, Ying Wang, Hua Jiang, Qun Wei, Jun Xiao
Through a systematic research on the application of methods for acquiring point cloud data concerning aerial surveying and laser scanning of modern water conservancy projects, a kind of advanced aerial photogrammetry and laser point cloud scanning and acquiring technology is proposed and tools are developed...
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Research on Integration of Digital Graphic and Information in Building Information Modeling

Weibo Yin, Shangwei Liu, Qun Wei, Jun Xiao
The currently popular Building Information Modeling technology is substantively a dynamic integration system between digital graphics and related information of structure engineering, where information can be updated with change of graphics. The concept, construction method, description standard, basic...
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The hardware design and analysis of automatic temperature control and water supply of the boiler

Guang Wu, Chuanqi Deng, Min Zhang, Shuai Chen, Jiahui Song
This paper focuses on the design and manufacture of automatic temperature control and water supply of the boiler based on STC89C52RC MCU.The system can achieve the functions are: temperature control, liquid level control, voice broadcast and so on . Through the use of single-chip microcomputer to achieve...
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Influence of Autotransformer with Small Ground Reactance to Fault Current

Rong Zhou, Yuqin Yao
It is an efficient method to improve short circuit impedance that autotransformer is grounded by small reactance. In this paper, the restraining method is analyzed. Firstly, base on zero sequence circuit of autotransformer, it was deduced that the equivalent reactance is increased in this method. Then...
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Optimization of Image Matching Algorithm with Scale Invariant Features Transform

Li Guo, Yuqin Yao
Image exists in many key points, these points to the change of brightness the phenomenon such as scale; scale has the characteristics of stable constant. SIFT feature matching algorithm is based on the key points to complete the image matching. It has the very strong matching ability, as the image illumination...
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Image Segmentation Based on Sobel Edge Detection

Yuqin Yao
This paper aiming at the digital image processing, the system research to add salt and pepper noise, digital morphological preprocessing, image filtering noise reduction based on the MM-sobel edge detection and region growing for edge detection. System in this paper, the related knowledge, and application...
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Voltage Transformer Fault Detection by Wire-Breaking Recognition

Yuqin Yao, YuXin Mo, Qiushi Liu
Voltage transformer may appear disconnection fault at operation time. This will greatly affect the protection devices work properly. Thus the impact of this failure, as well as an accurate method of determining the fault is worth studied. In this paper, based on the actual grid model, the specific effects...
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Finite Element Analysis of Electromagnetic Release in Dynamic Status

Yuqin Yao, YuXin Mo, Qiushi Liu
In this paper, based on finite element method, Ansoft was adopted to study the static and dynamic characteristics of electromagnetic release. Firstly, electromagnetic release was split and made models. According to the actual material properties, the corresponding parameters were set. And after creating...
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Dynamic Simulation of Mini circuit breaker

Yuqin Yao, Cheng Chen
Because the breaking characteristics of contacts decide the reliability of miniature breaker, it is necessary to study it. In this paper, the mathematic theory is firstly elaborate. And the 3D model of contacts is built after that. Based on virtual prototyping technology, the breaking characteristic...
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Research on the Optimal Design of Soccer Robot based on the Mechanical Analysis

Na Dong, Hao-yuan Gan
Aiming at the high complexity and low coverage ratio of existing coverage enhancing algorithms in directional wireless sensor network, a coverage enhancing algorithm based on numerical analysis and greedy iteration is proposed. The proposed algorithm adjusts the sensor direction by way of greedy iteration,...
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Markov-chain Based Lottery Analysis System in Mobile Cloud Computing

Yi He, Rong Fu, Yingqian Zhang, Shuai Wu, Xin Liu, Tian Yuan
This paper makes use of Markov chain to establish predictive model and analyze the historical data of lottery based on technologies of mobile cloud computing and HTML5 in order to predict the number sets with high-winning probability during next issue. It is indicated in the actual application that the...
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Application of matrix eigenvalue and eigenvector

Jixia Deng
matrix characteristic value and are widely used in many fields, this paper mainly studies the the application of two aspects: the first is applied in solving problems for first order linear differential equations. The second is in the recursive relationship in the application.
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Feasibility analysis of the satellite-based wide area differential GPS application in ocean survey

Mingqin Shao
In order to obtain more accurate data of the ocean water depth, this paper is based on the principle of satellite-based wide area differential GPS positioning technology, through a test, positioning accuracy of differential RTK, differential beacon and satellite-based wide area differential GPS are compared...
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Comparison of different precision differential GPS positioning technology

Mingqin Shao
In order to eliminate the influence of errors in the differential GPS positioning process, this paper first introduced the basic principle of differential GPS positioning technology and error source, then introduced the positioning principle and algorithm of differential position, differential pseudo...
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Experiment Development of Control Point Positioning Based on RTK

Mingqin Shao, XueLin Yang
This paper has a detailed introduce on parts of differential GPS system and construction method in control point positioning experiment .This paper also solves some problems, such as excluded from multipath interference. This paper focuses on analyzing the result accuracy of RTK positioning method. This...
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Design and implementation of USB_RS232 interface converter

Haoran Song
With computer of development, especially hardware technology of development, traditional of RS232 serial interface has displayed out increasingly more of insufficient, but large of instrument instrument, and industrial control system, and remote data terminal, equipment still using RS232 serial interface...
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Research of embedded remote monitor and control network based on Internet technology

Haoran Song
Remote monitoring refers to the local computer with the Web as a platform for communication to remote computers or devices to monitor and control. This project is combining the Internet and embedded devices, uses the local computer through the Internet to embedded devices and remote slave monitor. Embedded...
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The influence of Fusen herbal tea for Rhubarb in spleen deficiency rats induced by gastrointestinal tissue

Ting Wang, Mingsan Miao, Bai Ming, Zuhong Wang, Li Huan
Objective: To observe the change ofFusen herbal tea of spleen deficiency rats induced by rhubarb and stomach tissue morphology. Methods: rats were given continuous 17D two times daily intragastric administration of 15% rhubarb powder suspension (5 mL) model, divided into large dose small dose of Fusen...
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Study on Adaptability of RFID Tags in Concrete Structure Engineering by Experiment

Dongsheng Shi, Liang Zhang
In this paper, the adaptability of RFID tags in concrete structure engineering was studied by experiment. 10 types of common RFID tags that were used to distribution management and identity recognition coming from market were tested in this experiment. As results, the communication distances of RFID...
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Black-Hole Numbers of Iteration of Digital Quintic Power Sum

Yao Zhang, Xiaopan Li, Wenliang Wu
For iteration of quintic power sum of digits there are seven fixed points, two 2-circles, one 4-circle, one 6-circle, two 10-circles, one 12-circle, one 22-circle and one 28-circle. The probabilities for natural numbers falling into each fixed point or circle by several times iterating of quintic power...
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Strengthening of bioleaching of Cu and As by Static Magnetic Field with Acidithiobacillus ferriooxidans in tailings

Lili Lu, Dongwei Li, Jiaolian Jiang
Bioleaching was used in this paper to leach heavy metals from tailings; Static magnetic field was used to strengthen the leaching rate of heavy metal (such as As and Cu), under the conditions of magnetic induction intensity separately were 1 m T, 2 m T ,5 m T , 8 m T and 11 m T , The results showed that...
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Analysis on Regional Water Resources Development Threshold Model based on Neural Network

Jianjun Wang
In this literature article, we conduct research on the regional water resources development threshold model based on neural network. With the development of industry and agriculture and the increase of population, water availability will increase, which brings us up out of the water resources characteristics...
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A reformative feature selection algorithm in fall detector application

Yuqi Cai, Zhonghua Zhao
There are many fall detector applications on the Internet, all the applications aim to run more quickly and judge the status more accurate. When meeting masses of fall detector data, it needs to use lots of mathematical or geometrical features to judge the status, which is not benefit for the application....
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Study on Influencing Factors of Sodium Modification of Bentonite

Xiaobing Man, Xuan Zhang, Bo Wang
Bentonite, a new class of layered compounds, displayed a broad application prospects in catalyst supports. The influencing factors of sodium modification on bentonite were studied in this paper. The bentonite obtained the best charater after the 10% bentonite slurry was treated by 3% Na2CO3 at 60ºC for...
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A Novel Compact ACS-fed UWB antenna with Resonators for WiMax/WLAN Applications

Yifan Wang, Long Jin
The design of a very compact asymmetric coplanar strip (ACS) feed printed antenna with resonators for WiMax/WLAN applications is presented. The antenna is simply formed by a U-shaped slot embedded at the center of the asymmetric coplanar strip, rectangular split-ring resonator (SRR) embedded on the radiating...
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Complexity Analysis of the Overall Behavior of the Network based on the Topology Structure

Ying Zhou
One of the main reasons behind complex networks popularity is their flexibility and generality for representing virtually any natural structure. Each complex network presents specific topological features which characterize its connectivity and highly influence the dynamics of processes executed on the...
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Research on the temperature of the bathtub water

Fengli Li
When a person fills a bathtub with hot water and settles into the bathtub,the bath gets noticeably cooler.In order to study the temperature even throughout the bathtub and as close as possible to the initial temperature, we need develop a model of the temperature of the bathtub water in space and time.First,we...
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Migration and solid solution of stabilizer MgO in PSZ ceramic

Liang Zhao, Qunhu Xue
The partially stabilized zirconia ceramic samples were fabricated using MgO stabilizer. The solid solution and migration process of stabilizers in zirconia grains under working temperature was studied by XRD, SEM and EDS. Results show that after 1710 °C×2 h sintering, MgO stabilizer in the sample didn’t...
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Study on Registration Algorithm of Section Profile of Automobile Sealing Strip Based on Angle Histogram

Zhongliang Meng, Lei He
A registration algorithm is proposed based on angle histogram in respect of the inspection of section profile of automobile sealing strip. Firstly, the edge data of image contour will be extracted, on the basis of which the convex hull of contour will be used. Then through the convex hull, the position...
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Study on structure of Pr compound, Pr (C3 H6O9)•2(H2O)

Xue-Wei Peng, Hai-Xing Liu, Lin-Tong Wang
A Pr compound Pr(C3O9H6)•2(H2O) has been synthesized from a hydrothermal reaction and the crystal structure has been determined by means of single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The Pr atom is coordinated by nine O atoms. The Pr compound exhibits extensive O-H…O hydrogen-bonding interactions.
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NURBS Fitting Algorithm of Section Contour Data based on Two-photon Polymerization Process

Yucheng Li, Jieqiong Lin, Baojun Yu, Xian Jing
Two-photon polymerization is considered to be one of the most promising technique, which could achieve the structured process of three-dimensional micro-nano structure fuctional device. In order to improve the machining precision and machining efficiency of formed parts, in the process of two-photon...
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Two-dimensional Vectorial Classification for American University

Ziqian Cai
The Goodgrant Foundation declares that they intend to donate a total of $100 million to higher education. To supply the investment plan to them, we devise a model aim to select a set of schools making most advantages of funding.
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The Analysis of Ceftezole sodium and Cefpiramide sodium by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis

Li-Kun Han, Hai-Xing Liu, Lin-Tong Wang
In this paper, capillary zone electrophoresis method was used for the analysis of ceftezole sodium and cefpiramide sodium. 20 mmol/L borax solutio, 16 kV voltage, 254 nm UV detection wavelength was chosen for electrophoretic analysis.
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Sand body prediction of Fuyu Oil layer in 401 block, Sanzhao Depression, Songliao Basin

Xin Liu, Zhaonian Chen, Shubo Chen
This paper takes Sanzhao Depression in Songliao Basin as the research target, Fuyu oil layer in Sanzhao Depression is an important petroleum exploration field, it is in the 4th member of Quantou formation, Lower Cretaceous. The target layer in research area is mainly a set of shallow-water delta deposition....
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Progress in Bioremediation Technology of groundwater contamination

Erxing Guan, Deshen Liu
Recently groundwater in the world is polluted seriously, threating the health of human directly or indirectly.Therefore the remediation of groundwater has raised people’s attention. This paper introduces the concept and characteristics of groundwater bioremediation technology,discussing the repair repair...
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Numerical Calculation of Energy Between the Sealing Materials and Sepiolite Crystal on the Different Directions

Kun Li, Boqin Gu, Wanfu Zhu
Using Universal field under a NVE ensemble Numerical Calculation and simulations were performed to investigate the interface binding energies between the Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber(NBR) and sepiolite fibers on (-1 0 0) and ( 1 0 0) lattice plane respectively. The result shows that the total force is repulsive...
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Study on preparation and performance of polyacrylate emulsion used as wood assembly adhesive

Xiaoyue Liu, Chao Zhu, Qing Xiang, Liming Dong
A kind of adhesive for wood assembly, which can be used in normal temperature and pressure and shown better mechanical properties, was successfully prepared by emulsion polymerization Methyl methacrylate (MMA) and Butyl acrylate (BA) as monomers, and the polyaryl methene isocyanate (PAPI) as cross-linking...
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Calculation of Surrounding Rock Pressure Based on Pressure Arch Theory

Yuxiang Song
Study on the surrounding rock pressures of rail tunnel is conducted based on pressure arch theory by performing numerical simulation in this paper. Two concepts: the critical burial depth of arching and the boundary calculation of pressure arch, are proposed by analyzing the stress state above the vault....
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Influence of Aggregate on the Mechanical Properties of UP Polymer Concrete

Wenxiu Liu, Jiaming Wu, Heyi Ge
In this study, polymer concrete (PC) samples were prepared with aggregate, standard sand and unsaturated polyester (UP) resin, the optimal gradation and formula were investigated by orthogonal test. Results show that aggregate gradation is the most important factor in PC mechanical properties. The optimal...
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Research on the Multiple Feature Fusion Image Retrieval Algorithm based on Texture Feature and Rough Set Theory

Xiaojie Shi, Yijun Shao
Recently, we have witnessed the explosive growth of images with complex information and content. In order to effectively and precisely retrieve desired images from a large-scale image database with low time-consuming, we propose the multiple feature fusion image retrieval algorithm based on the texture...
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Boundary Detecting Algorithm for Each Cluster based on DBSCAN

Yarui Guo, Jingzhe Wang, Kun Wang
Detecting Detecting the boundary of each cluster in a data set is a tough problem for many existed boundary detecting algorithms. In order to solve that problem, a clustering boundary detecting algorithm based on DBSCAN named BDAEC(Boundary Detecting Algorithm for Each Cluster based on DBSCAN: BDAEC)...
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A New Acid Cleaning Method for Scale Removal in Condensers

Shuxia Xu, Ning Chen, Wei Peng
Condenser scale should be paid more attention with the rapid development of society and industrial need. By hydrochloric immersion and washing with online cleaning robot, the descaling could be done efficiently. When the mass fraction of hydrochloric was 1.7%, cleaning time will be less than three minutes,...
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DFTB-MD Simulation of Shocked Water Cluster

Hongtao Liu, Ping Zhou, Hongjian Li, Anyang Li, Yusheng Dou
Relatively efficient and precise quantum molecular dynamics simulations were performed to gain fundamental insights into the mechanisms for the primary detonation process of water under shock wave loading using self-consistent charge density-functional tight binding (SCC-DFTB) calculations combined with...
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A Method Based on Prior Information of Feature Points Registration for SAR Images

Dekun Li, Pingyan Shi, Xiaomin Tan
The concept of moving target detection is monitoring and detecting the moving target in the target area, achieving the goal of monitoring the target area all-day and all-weather. During the process of monitoring, the multi-frame SAR images which get from the same scenario need to be registered. The Range...
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Probability Optimization Research in Opportunistic Network

Maoyi Xuan
The opportunistic network has the characteristics of node mobility and sparse distribution, which can cause the problems that it is not a stable communication link between the source node and the destination node, the communication is easy to break and the delivery ratio is low. This paper makes use...
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Study on the Removal of Aniline by Plant Assisting Activated Sludge

Yan Li, Wenqiang Jiang, Bo Wang
The enhanced degradation of refractory organic compounds by assisting plant during the activated sludge process has been a hotspot. Aniline was used as a model compound to study the reinforcement degradation of alocasia macrorrhiza during the activated sludge process. With the help of the assisting plant,...
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Compensation arithmetic of envelope based on Keystone Transform

Qiuqi Ding, Zhiyu Jiang, Qifu Li, Gang Fu
Envelope interpolation motion compensation algorithm is considered from the time domain, interpolation of the envelope and shift processing. This article first elaborated the principle of Keystone transform, and then analyzed for the presence of the Keystone transform envelope moving the issue of compensation...
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Analysis and Simulation of LFM Signal Feature

Zhiyu Jiang, Qiuqi Ding, Qifu Li, Gang Fu
Chirp signal is the first study to obtain a pulse and widely used compressed signals. Compared with other pulse pressure signals, a matched filter for the Doppler frequency shift of the echo signal is not sensitive, it is possible to deal with a matched filter having a different Doppler shift signal,...
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Airwake characteristics simulations with different turbulence models

Zhe-Ming Gao, Chang-Meng Liu
Characteristics of flow field on the flight deck for the frigate ship are complex. In order to find an accurate and worthy method to simulate the ship airwake, isolated simplified frigate ship, SFS2, was calculated by CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics). The different turbulence models, SKE, MMK and DES,...
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Interprocedural and Intraprocedural Alias Analysis Algorithms

Shaotao Li, Yong Cai
The quantity and significance of web application increases quickly. Meanwhile, the influence of vulnerabilities in web application grows as well. Automated tools are urgently needed because manual code reviews are inefficient and fallible. However, previous static code detection tools lack of alias analysis...
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Reactive Power Optimization of Distribution Network with Distributed Generators

Dongxin Chen, Shuangyin Dai, Huitan Shi, Chaofeng Wei
Reactive power optimization of distribution network is necessary,because optimize configuration of distributed generators can effectively reduce power loss.A new method was proposed in this paper.Firstly, installation points of distributed power were found with the means of power grid loss sensitivity....
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Rapid Pedestrian Detection Based On Movement Trend

Ruohua Li, Taihong Wang
This paper presents a movement trends based approach for pedestrian detection aiming at reducing the consumption of feature calculation caused by sliding windows. A new approach to predict the location of pedestrian is proposed by combining the movement trend of objects, extracted by improved background...
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A task migration algorithm for power management on heterogeneous multicore

Manman Peng, Wen Luo
The advantages of the increased chip integration for multicore technology exponentially improve the performance of the processor chip. However, with the increased number of cores, the power consumption of the system has become an increasingly important problem. Compared with homogeneous multicore, the...
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Queuing Theory Model of the Optimal Taxi Quantity

Xiaolei Zhang
The major assumption is that the total number of cabs in a city should meet two requirements: a) the average customer waiting time is 15 minutes. b) less than 10% of customers end up waiting more than 25 minutes. Now we take a town named Ithaca as an example to work out the optimal taxi quantity. We...
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Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Feasibility Study of Polymer Aging Test

Kaite Li
Polymers such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are important downstream products of Petrochemical industry, which play an important role in the national economy and the people's livelihood. While, in the process of ageing detection and recycling, there remain something...
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A Theoretical Comparison of Two Maximal Frequent Itemset Mining Algorithms

Haifeng Li
Frequent pattern mining is one of the most important methods in data mining. The maximal frequent patterns are the effective condensed representation of frequent patterns; thus, they can supply a deep understanding of data for users with less storage cost. This paper introduces the concept and characteristics...
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Motion-blurred star image acquisition and restoration method based on the separable kernel

Honglin Yuan, Fan Li, Tao Yu
The star tracker is supposed to have the highest accuracy among different types of attitude measurement devices. However, images taken by the star tracker under dynamic conditions are often blurred, especially in deep space exploration, which limits its high dynamic performance and accuracy. This paper...
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The domain of dependence fusion of low-altitude and slow-speed dim target detection

Hongwei Zhang, Chenyu Liu, Juntao Ma
Aiming at the difficulty that regular single radar is very hard to detect land and sea clutter in echo of low-altitude and slow-speed dim target, it considers about to apply two radars receiving and dispatching respectively for radar echo’s domain of dependence integration. According to the characteristic...
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Investigation of the lower temperature SiO2 surface passivation technology on InAs/GaSb superlattice detectors

Ruiqin Peng, Shujie Jiao, Hongtao Li, Liancheng Zhao
we report on the investigation of effective SiO2 passivated layer deposited at low temperatures. Comparison with the unpassivated photodiodes, at 77 K, the dark current density is reduced by one order of magnitude is achieved by introducing SiO2-passivated layer deposition technology at a lower temperature...
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The Analysis and Calculation of Electromagnetic Field Around Overhead Power Line

HongWang Yang
Distribution network is the connection of the generate system and transmission line, which is at the last stage of the process of the energy transportation. It is complex to judge the direction of the power flow, so that it is significant to study a more effective method to judge the direction of the...
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A Study on Optimization Schemes in Subway Station by Anylogic

Yu Sun
As more and more passengers choose urban rail transit as their travel mode, many subway stations cannot satisfy the operation demand now because of the increasing passenger volume. In the peak hours, passenger crowding problem is serious in some subway station. This paper considers the practical conditions...
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Urban Road Travel Time Prediction based on ELM

Lun Li, Dong Wang, Zhu Xiao, Xiaohong Li
The Travel Time Prediction (TTP) is an important element in the study of the advanced transportation guidance system and control system. In this paper, an advanced method with Extreme Learning Machine algorithm(ELM) has been discussed by analyzing the various travel time prediction method. The feasibility...
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Elastic Maintenance Cycle Model of System Based on Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Zhi-xia Zhang, Hui Li
The failure rate of it will increase with the increase of the system running time, the traditional periodic preventive maintenance can meet system failure characteristics, so improving the safety of gas pipeline and searching the system elastic maintenance period mode have the important practical significance....
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A Conceptual Modeling Method of Simulation System Based on MCM

Bin Liu, Hongqiang Gu, Haiqing Wang
Conceptual model is considered to be essential in simulation development activities. However, there are only a few research studies on how to develop conceptual models, the problems of model’s low reusability and lacking management are presented in the conceptual model’s development of simulation system....
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Fast and Easy Method of Automatic Camera Calibration

Jiang You, Liwei Tang, Shijie Deng
The camera calibration with traditional methods is of low efficiency and big error, and it needs to extract boundary points manually. In order to improve the efficiency and automaticity degree of the camera calibration, a fast and easy method research of automatic camera calibration was presented. In...
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Target Tracking Algorithm Based on HOG Feature and Sparse Representation

Ming Li, Qingsong Fang
In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm to deal with the problem of visual tracking in some challenging situations, which is based on HOG feature and sparse representation. First of all, describe target according to the HOG feature; secondly, construct the appearance model of target with the sparse...
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Multi-view Face Detection under Unconstrained condition

Ming Li, YunYu Xu
Multi-view face detection is the main problem we consider in this paper. There has been significant research on this problem, while current state-of-the-art algorithms for this task leave something to be desired. In this paper, we present an algorithm to enhance the face detection performance. Before...
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Two GM (2,1) Improved Model to Predict Air Quality Index

Qianwen An
At present, air pollution becomes coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area major issues. This paper studies the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional air quality issues. In view of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 13 city air quality data, the data properly filtered, by finding and analyzing data, eventually...
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Lithium battery model establishment

Qinghe Liu, Xueqi Shou, Shouzhi Liu
In this paper lithium polymer battery was regarded as the object and one battery model based on second order RC network battery model was established and the model parameters were identified. The parameters’ identification are verified.
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Prediction of transmission counts by a radial basis function neural network

Ke Cao, Qi Shen, Jie Liao Meng
The microblog as a platform used to serve the communication of the internet, has been developing rapidly. The blog has become an important way to get information and to transmit information [1]. The blog message can be transmitted, and we as consumer can transmit them by a few simple and convenient operation....
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Distribution Network Reliability Assessment Based on User Response

Xi Chen
Demand response can guide the demand side changing power mode, to achieve the purpose of peak load shifting, and load curve changes will inevitably affect the system's reliability. Taking the TOU price as an example, we discuss quantitatively the effects of demand response on power supply reliability...
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A Study Of Iterative-Compression Based Improved AES Key Expansion

Wei Wang, Haitao Zhang, Haiyan Tan, Bin Zheng
AES key expansion algorithm doesn’t have one-way property, and it can’t prevent the sub secret key reverse. So an improved algorithm of AES key expansion based on Iterative-Compression was proposed in this study. The algorithm confused initial key by cyclically shifting, and then the 128-bit key iteration...
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Level Set Sub Pixel Edge Extraction with Corner Constrained

Lei Geng, Wen-chao Liu, Zhi-tao Xiao, Kun Ye
In view of the problem that the traditional sub pixel edge extraction method is obviously deviated from the real edge near the corner. A new algorithm is proposed. In this paper, the corner protection function is added to the level set energy functional, which makes that the evolution of level set function...
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Research and Construction Model of Cyberspace Based on Hypergraph

Cheng Peng
With the increasing number of cyber incidents currently, cyberspace has become a more and more important domain. Lack of suitable models to characterize cyberspace makes it hard to carry on researches in this area. This paper presents a novel cyberspace model based on hypergraph to describe homogeneous...
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The Optimization Design of PID Controller Parameters Based On Particle Swarm Optimization

Zhaosheng LI
In recent years, automatic control system have assumed an increasingly important role in the development and advancement of modern civilization and technology. PID controller is the most popular in the automatic system. The setting and optimization of PID parameters are always the important study topics...
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An Optimization Method of Re-scheduling for Urban Rail Transit

Zhiming Yuan, Qi Zhang, Kang Huang
Urban rail transit systems are often characterized by high traffic density which is very sensitive to the disturbances. A re-scheduling method using routing graph and time interval between two adjacent trains at station as the objective function to minimise the consequences of disturbances is presented...
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The Quantification of Seal Calculus

Hao Bu, Shihong Chen, Rong Zhu, Xiaoqiong Tan
Seal calculus is a kind of tool targeting at the modeling of the mobile system. Since there are some restrictions on the regions and levels, the seal calculus, when compared with calculus, could imitate the actual concurrent mobile system in a more convenient and efficient way. However, in the realistic...
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The Analysis of Water Spray Feed-forward Compensation Based on Desuperheating Model

Sijia Tian
as for larger hysteresis control object, when causing a large fluctuations in output, feedback can't timely effect influence the output of the system, directly impacting on control quality, a better solution to this kind of problem is to introduce the feedforward control system. In this paper, the analysis...
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Thermal control of the temperature control furnace and the upper computer design

Sijia Tian
Temperature is one of the most commonly used parameters in industrial and agricultural production process, master precision of temperature measurement and control technology, has an important significance for practical applications. Furnace temperature control system is mainly to complete the temperature...