Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Accounting, Banking, and Economics (ICBABE 2022)

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Chih Wen-Hai, Ali Mursid
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Work-Life Balance, Job Satisfaction, and Work Environment Influences on Educators’ Loyalty

Study on Female Lecturers at the University of Flores

Maria Helena Carolinda Dua Mea, Hyronimus Se
The goal of this study was to see how work-life balance, job satisfaction, and the work environment affected the loyalty of female lecturers at the University of Flores. The purposive sampling method was used in this study, which included a sample of 93 married and or single parents female lecturers...
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Analysis of Community Satisfaction Index for Services at PDAM Ende Regency Office in the First Semester of 2022

Rafael Octavianus Byre, Maria Endang Jamu
This study aims to determine the satisfaction index of the people of Ende city in service at the PDAM Ende office. The approach in research uses quantitative and qualitative approaches. The population used in this study was 14,624. The sampling technique in this study used accidental sampling. The sample...
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Strategy of Woman’s Street Vendors at Ippi Ende Port in Supporting the Family Economy in the New Normal Era

Estherlina Sagajoka, Reyna Virginia Nona
Street Vendors are one of the alternative jobs in the informal sector, where in the employment dimension. The informal sector is able to accommodate workers without a selection process, and does not require large capital and high skills. The Covid-19 pandemic era had a significant and vulnerable impact...
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Analysis of the Effect of Service Quality and Cooperative Image on the Satisfaction of Members of the Obor Mas Credit Cooperative, Ende Branch

Lambertus Langga, Yulius Laga
The Obor Mas Credit Cooperative Branch Ende is a cooperative that serves the needs of its members in doing savings and loans. This study attempts to analyze the quality and image of cooperatives on member satisfaction that occurs in the Obor Mas Cooperative, including: (1) service quality partially affects...
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Food Security Model Based on Consumer Characteristics in East Nusa Tenggara Province

Reyna Virginia Nona, Estherlina Sagajoka
Food is a basic need of every human being in the world, so that the problem of food is a global problem and the responsibility of all parties. This study aims to examine the characteristics of rice consumers who are consumers of premium rice produced by LUPM which is a government establishment. The LUPM...
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The Effect of Government Internal Control Systems and Organizational Commitments on the Performance of Regional Financial Management with Good Governance as the Intervening Variable (Empirical Study at the Ende Regency Regional Work Unit Service)

Iriany Dewi Soleiman, Yulita Londa, Falentina Lucia Banda
This study aims to determine the effect of the government’s internal control system, organizational commitment on the performance of regional financial managers with good governance as an intervening variable at the Regional Work Units (SKPD) of Ende Regency, NTT. This research method is quantitative....
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Community Based Tourism Approach Implements One Stop Services Tourism in the Development of Watuhadang Tourism Village, Umalulu District, East Sumba Regency

Avianita Rachmawati, Santy Permata Sari, Alas Satya Buditomo
The purpose of this study is to map and identify the planning of watuhadang tourism villages in Umalulu district, East Sumba Regency using a community-based tourism approach. In addition, researchers will map whether village resources are able to become the capital for the realization of ons stop services...
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The Effects of Institutional Ownership, Managerial Ownership, Firm Size and Independent Directors on Tax Aggressiveness

Case Study on Construction and Building Subsector Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the 2009–2014 Period

Murfani Umar Djalo, Tobias Timba
The purpose of this study is to obtain empirical evidence about the effects of institutional ownership, managerial ownership, firm size and independent directors on tax aggressiveness of the building construction subsector companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange from 2009–2014. Tax aggressiviness...
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Religious Tourism Destinations Samana Santa: Solutions for Economic Improvement for Tourism in East Flores

Laurensius D. Gadi Djou, Mansyur Abdul Hamid
This study aims to determine the impact of the existence of the Semana Santa Religious Tourism object is usually carried out routinely every year in East Flores Regency. Religious Tourism influences economic actors, income, and Business Opportunities for Traders around the City of Larantuka in implementing...
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Analysis of Expenditures on Neku Traditional Ceremonies in Bajawa District, Ngada Regency

Apriana Marselina, Nuraini Ismail, Maria Emanuella Mariani Dula
This study aims to find out how much expenses are incurred in the traditional neku ceremony, as well as the total costs incurred by each one sa’o and the cost-sharing system for each family in the event. The method used in this research is qualitative research by conducting direct interviews with informants...
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The Effect of Employee Performance and Organizational Commitment on Employee Performance: The Role of Work Motivation

Titi Laras, Fatonah Eka Susanti, Kartinah, Apriyani Yayuk, Bambang Dwi Sukristiyana
In improving the performance of the Regional Government and optimizing services to the community, 15 units of Technical Implementing Units (UPT) in Kulon Progo Regency can provide services to the community in accordance with their duties in contributing to Local Government through Regional Original Revenue...
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The Effect of Budget Participation, Asymetric Information, Budget Employment and Motivation on the Budgetary Slack on Hotels in Batam City During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Catur Fatchu Ukhriyawati, Setyawan Radytia Ghifari, Rahmi Yuliana
This research to test and analyze the effect of budget participation, information asymmetry, budget emphasis, and motivation on budgetary slack at the hotels in Batam city during the covid-19 pandemic. This type of research is quantitative. The sampel of this study is hotel employees with some characteristics...
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Strategy for Recovery of MSMEs Conditions After the Covid-19 Pandemic in Ende Regency

Ernesta Leha, Yustina Paulina Penu
The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the global and national economy. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) noted that the global economy has fallen into a crisis after around 95 percent of the world’s countries are projected to experience contraction or suffer negative...
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The Role of Work Motivation and Affective Commitment to Leverage Work Life Balance on Productivity

Ilok Dhea Provita, Faqih Nabhan
The study begins with a research gap on the effect of work-life balance on employee productivity based on the theory of spillover. This study analyzes the effect of work-life balance in encouraging work motivation and affective commitment to improving the productivity of employees. This study uses quantitative...
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Contribution of Return on Assets, Debt to Equity Ratio, and Book Value to Stock Return

Sri Yuli Waryati, Nurwiyanto, Tiara Nur Anisah, Arfida Venny Zaida
This study was conducted to examine the effect of Debt Equity Ratio (DER), Return on Assets (ROA), and Book Value (BV) on stock returns. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling from a population of 30 Food and Beverage industrial companies and seven companies that met the sample criteria....
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Contribution of Organizational Commitment and Work Culture to Employee Performance with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) as a Mediator (Study in UPT Pemasyarakatan Yogyakarta)

Titi Laras, Kartinah, Della Nanda Luthfiana, Sutino
The Ministry of Law and Human Rights DI Yogyakarta has a Correctional Division which is divided into several Correctional UPTs in Yogyakarta, there are 5 UPT, namely Yogyakarta Class IIA Prison, Yogyakarta Class IIA Women’s Prison, Yogyakarta Class IIA State Detention Center, Class I State Confiscated...
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How Do Market Orientation and Innovation Effect in Increasing Business Performance? Empire Study of MSMEs in the City of Semarang

Kesi Widjajanti, Eviatiwi Kusumaningtyas Sugiyanto
This study aims to analyze the effect of innovation and market orientation on business performance through competitive advantage. This study focuses on analyzing the effect of innovation and market orientation on business performance through competitive advantage. This research was conducted on the...
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Generation Z: Entrepreneurs and Expectations in the Workplace (Case Studies in Some Provinces in Indonesia)

Kusmaryati D. Rahayu, Agnes R. A. Indriyani, Bimo Harnaji, F. Sinurat
This research was conducted because of the curiosity of the researcher about the character, attitudes, and perceptions of Generation Z Indonesia regarding Entrepreneurship and the workplace so that universities are ready to equip them with hard skills and soft skills. Also, the workplace is ready to...
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Satisfaction as a Mediation in the Relationship Between Service Quality and Price Perception to Customer Loyalty in Bantul Retail Store

Eni Andari, Titop Dwiwinarno, Wakhid Anwar
This study aims to examine the effect of service quality and price perception on customer loyalty with satisfaction as a mediating variable in Bantul retail stores. The research data was conducted through a survey by collecting questionnaires. The research sample was taken from 100 retail store customers...
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Quality of Service, Company Image and Price Perception of Satisfaction and Its Impact on Customer Loyalty

Nafida Alfi Faeruza, Euis Soliha
At this time, the competition for business activities of freight forwarding services is getting tighter. By understanding the needs, wants and demands of customers, it will provide important input for companies to design marketing strategies in order to create customer satisfaction. This customer satisfaction...
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Predicting the Risk of Financial Distress Using Intellectual Capital and Financial Ratio

Nabilla Fitri Mellin Timoty, Nurcahyono Nurcahyono, Khansa Yasaputri, Dyah Ekaari Sekar Jatiningsih
The economic downturn was resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic impacted financial difficulties in financial sector companies. Financial sector companies that have negative equity and were delisted from the IDX. So it is essential to know which indicators can be used to identify financial distress early...
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The Dynamic Impact of Intellectual Capital on Firm Value: Evidence from Indonesia

Dina Ermawati, Nurcahyono Nurcahyono, Desi Novita Sari, Iwan Fakhruddin
Increasing business growth encourages companies to increase company achievements, prosper shareholders and grow company value. This study aims to show the effect of the mechanism of Institutional Ownership, Leverage, Profitability, Intellectual Capital, Current Ratio, and Earning Per Share on Firm Value...
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Hexagon Fraud: Detection of Fraudulent Financial Statement in Indonesia

Julia Rachma Handayani, Nurcahyono Nurcahyono, Nailis Saadah, Winarsih
Economic growth has positively impacted companies in Indonesia, as seen from the many companies that register their companies every year to enter the capital market. This phenomenon affects very rapid competition in the business sector and can lead to crimes, one of which is fraudulent financial reporting....
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Financial Ratio and Stock Returns in Indonesia Equity Markets: A Signaling Theory Approach

Rini Agustin, Nurcahyono Nurcahyono, Andwiani Sinarasri, Fatmasari Sukesti
Stock prices that have fluctuated have caused the stock return that investors will receive to be negligible during the Covid 19 pandemic. The decrease in stock prices can result from stock revenues later, which will be given to investors, and whether the financial ratios and mechanisms of good corporate...
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Moderating Effects of Institutional Ownership on the Relation Between Capital Structure and Firm Performance

Azzahra Mufida Rahma, Nurcahyono Nurcahyono, Andwiani Sinarasri, Luluk Muhimatul Ifada
The development of a brisk and competitive business based in the era of globalization on the establishment of companies that want to go public, resulting in companies competing to improve the quality of their companies. With good company operations, the asset structure, capital structure, ownership structure...
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Financial Ratio, Board Diversity and Financial Distress: Evidence from Indonesia

Rifza Fizabaniyah, Nurcahyono Nurcahyono, Angelina Dwi Astuti Argojuwono, Retno Indah Hernawati
The goal of starting a business is to be able to maximize the wealth of the shareholders as well as the value of an institution. A company’s financial condition is critical to be appropriately managed because if the company experiences economic instability, the company will experience difficulties resulting...
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The Effect of Financial Ratios and Good Corporate Governance on Financial Distress: Independent Commissioners as a Moderating Variable

Mega Permatasari, Nurcahyono Nurcahyono, Lauda Khansa Bilqis, Wawan Sadtyo Nugroho
The business world has increasingly fast and competitive business development to compete with each other to maintain or increase the industry’s value. One of the challenges for every industry in competing is always to have ideas that innovate and keep up with the times so that the industry can compete...
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Does Board Diversity and Financial Ratio Predict the Risk of Financial Distress?? Evidence from Indonesia

Nurcahyono Nurcahyono, Ayu Noviani Hanum, Andwiani Sinarasri
COVID-19 caused the world financial crisis, as evidenced by the number of companies experiencing financial distress. This study aims to identify companies in the transportation sector experiencing the financial distress by using internal and external financial ratios and board diversity predictors. The...
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Obstacles Advancing Msmes in Indonesia’s Coastal Areas to Support Economic Growth in the Digital Era

Rani Apriani, Pamungkas Satya Putra, Fety Nurlia Muzayanah, Venni Avionita
One of the ways to improve the economy in the digital era in Indonesia is the involvement of MSMEs. MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) are the most significant part of the economy in Indonesia. Digitalization of MSMEs allows businesses to have a wider marketing reach and even reach remote parts...
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Efforts to Save Cooperatives During the Covid-19 Pandemic to Support the Transformation of Cooperatives for a Sustainable Economy

Rani Apriani, Taun, M. Rusli Arafat, Pamungkas Satya Putra, Venni Avionita
During the current Covid-19 pandemic, cooperatives are looking worse, this is because there are several problems faced by cooperatives. One of them is the high demand for loans coupled with the low ability to repay loans. In addition, the cooperative system is still traditional at a time when the world...
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Cooperative Model Based on Business Innovation of Local Wisdom in Increasing Economic

Wiwin Setianingsih, Nurdiana Mulyatini, Elin Herlina, Mukhtar Abdul Kader, Lia Yulia
The economy of a region has entered a new phase where the sources of competitive advantage have changed. The advantages of an economy are not only derived from technology and resources. One of the sources of competitive advantage is the existence of business innovation by promoting local wisdom. Local...
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Eco-Friendly Based Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Empowerment Model

Christianingrum, Putra Pratama Saputra, Daniyal Ulyana
Green business causes a few negative impacts on the environment, both the natural environment, society, and the economy. People are now thinking about the importance of saving the earth and its ecosystem. Therefore every business sector has a moral obligation to run an environmentally friendly business....
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Demographic Factors of Entrepreneurs as Predictor of Batik SMEs Performance Mediated by Entrepreneurial Orientation

Fitri Lukiastuti, Asri Nur Wahyuni
The purpose of this study was to determine the mediation role of entrepreneurial orientation on the relationship between entrepreneur’s demographic characteristics (gender, age and education level) on business performance of batik SMEs in Semarang city. The questionnaire was prepared using a 5 point...
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Tax Compliance in the Perspective of Behavioral Economics

Taofik Hidajat
Tax is the main source of state revenue which is influenced by the level of public compliance in paying taxes. The more obedient the people, the greater the potential for tax revenue. This conceptual paper discusses psychological factors that influence the level of compliance in paying taxes. The purpose...
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Factors that Influence Purchase Intention Through Customer-Brand Identification of Sharia Products in Indonesia

Aprillia Elly Kusumastuti, Ali Mursid
The trend of moving artists is currently a business field for capital economy players. Hijrah players also participate in promoting new products based on Sharia, from food to fashion products. The trend of hijra that occurred in some Indonesian Muslims has given a new color to the post-modernism Islamic...
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Legal Protection of Brands and Geographical Indications in the Framework of Strengthening Market Size, Market Place and Optimizing Economical Rights for Msme Products from Karawang, Indonesia

Rahmi Zubaedah, Asep Saripudin, Kholida Atiyatul Maula
The unique MSME products from Karawang are an economic potential that can be maximized. Maximizing the economic potential of MSME products from Karawang is an active effort to improve the economic quality of the regions producing these products. Improving the quality of the economy can be conducted by...
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The Influence of Demographic Factors and Financial Planning on Financial Management Behavior with Financial Self-efficacy as an Intervening Variable in Pandemic Covid-19

Putri Dwi Kurniasari, Yanuar Rachmansyah, Himawan Arif Sutanto
The study aimed to determine the effect of demographic factors and financial planning on financial management behavior with financial self-efficacy as an intervening variable. As many as 95 students in the city of Semarang used the accidental sampling technique. The analysis technique is Partial least...