Proceedings of the International Conference on Business and Management Research (ICBMR 2017)

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Corporate Governance Determinants for the Mitigation of the Likelihood of Financial Distress

Hafiz Mahmud Ahmad, Desi Adhariani
This study aims to examine the effect of corporate governance factors on the likelihood of a company being exposed to financial distress. The factors investigated are the nature of ownership (family or institutional), the proportion of independent directors, and the sizes of the audit committee, board...
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The Effect of Decentralization, Task Uncertainty, and Environment Uncertainty on the Managerial Performance: Management Accounting System Dimensions as a Mediation Variables

Alfriadi Dwi Atmoko, Dody Hapsoro
This study aims to empirically examine the effect of decentralization, task uncertainty and environment uncertainty on managerial performance with Management Accounting System (MAS) dimensions that consist of broad scope, timeliness, aggregation and integration as mediating variables. This study was...
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The Effect of Business Strategy on Manipulation of Real Activities

Eva Herianti, Amor Marundha
This study aimed to examine the effect of low cost strategy and differentiation strategy on the manipulation of real activity. Sample selection was done by using purposive sampling at manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) in the period of 2012-2016 with analysis period 2014-2016...
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Industrial Compensation Gap, Family Ownership, and Risk Preferences

Muhammad Ridha Jihad, Vera Diyanty
This study aimed to provide empirical evidence about the effect of industry's gap compensation and family firm on risk preferences. This research observed 1282 data from 299 companies sample from Indonesia Stock exchange (BEI) over 2011-2015. The results show that industry's gap compensation and family...
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Ownership Structure and Company's Risk Taking Behaviour

Sekar Langit, Desi Adhariani
This study aims to determine the effect of ownership structure on risk-taking behaviour among the companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the period 2013 to 2015 with a total of 390 firm observations. Companies' risk-taking is measured through income volatility over five years. There are...
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The Effect of Profitability, Asset Tangibility, Corporate Tax, Non-debt Tax Shield and Inflation upon the Financial Capital Structure of the Manufacturing Companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange

Abdillah Arif Nasution, Ikhsan Siregar, Rahmansyah Panggabean
This study seeks to obtain empirical evidence about the effects of profitability, asset tangibility, corporate tax, non-debt tax shield, and rate of inflation upon the financial capital structure of the Manufacturing Companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The research hypothesis is that return...
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The Effect of Head of Region Characteristics on Local Government Financial Performance: The Case of Indonesia

Endang Sri Rahayu, Doddy Setiawan
This study investigated the effect of head of region characteristics on local government financial performance. The head of region characteristics consists of age, tenure, education level, gender and affiliation of political parties. The sample of the study consists of 1,100 Local Government Financial...
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The Accountability Type of Endowment (Waqf) Institutions in ASEAN Countries

Dodik Siswantoro
This research aimed to analyze the accountability type of endowment institutions in ASEAN countries. Each country may have specific accountability characteristics as affected by its milieu. The research used the qualitative method and is based on the post-positivist paradigm. Data collection is based...
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The Effect of Environmental Disclosure on Cost of Equity

Ledi Okta Virtania, Sylvia Veronica Siregar
The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is significant impact of environmental disclosure on cost of equity. The samples of this study are non-financial companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange year 2013-2014. This study find, contrary to our expectation, that there is positive significant...
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The Equilibrium Analysis of Consumption and Imports of Soybean in Indonesia

Hasdi Aimon, Melti Roza Adry, Zul Azhar
This article aims to explain the influence and equilibrium of soybean price, per capita income and soybean import to soybean consumption in short and long terms in Indonesia. In addition, the effect and equilibrium of real exchange rate, per capita income and soybean consumption to soybean import in...
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Continuous and Jump Betas : Implications for Portfolio Diversification (Evidence from Indonesia Stock Market)

Usman Arief, Zaafri Ananto Husodo
This study aimed to investigate the difference of CAPM beta for both continuous and jump components for constituent stocks market using Indonesia Stock Exchange (JKSE) and overall 45 the most active stocks from the LQ45 index for six months' period from March 2017 to August 2017. The study decomposed...
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Investment Awareness Among Young Generation

Zainal Azhar, Nor Azilah, Amirul Syafiq
Young generation these days are more creative and technology savvy than the older generation socially and financially. One particular question may arise on whether this generation is concerned about and aware of their financial status in the future and investment. This research seeks to examine the awareness...
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Competition Analysis of Banking Industry in Indonesia: Bank Size, Bank Type, and Efficiency Transfers

Achmad Fadloli, Dony Abdul Chalid
The purpose of the research is to conduct an analysis on the level of competition of the banking industry in Indonesia. Using the data from 107 conventional banks which operates from 2005 to 2014, this research utilizes Profit Elasticity Model to measure the level of competition. The results show the...
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Closing Price Manipulation in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Mahmudah Fatluchi, Rofikoh Rokhim
This study examined closing price manipulation in Indonesia Stock Exchange using return correlation, return volatility and volume shifting. The study utilized the data sample during September 2016 to February 2017. From 20 biggest market capitalizations, more than 50% of the sample were indicated having...
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The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Diversification, and Company Size upon Company Value

Erni Masdupi, Ananda Yulius
The purpose of a company is to maximize company value, which is synonymous to increasing the shareholders' wealth. There are some variables that could determine company value such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), diversification of business, and company size. This study examines the influence...
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Capital Structure Determinants of SME Shariah Compliant Companies

Mazila Md-Yusuf
Capital structure covers the components of capital in a company and has implications on the total financing cost of a company. This study examines the capital structure of Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) shariah-compliant companies that are listed in the Bursa Malaysia. The aim of the study...
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Financial Literacy and Consumer Debt: A Survey of Low Income Households in Depok, West Java, Indonesia

Angelica Fadya Noventi, Dwi Nastiti Danarsari
This study aims to examine the impact of financial literacy on consumer debt as measured by debt-to-income ratio, number of lenders, and net worth among low-income households in over-indebted condition. The key components of financial literacy used are numeracy and money management skills. This study...
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Measuring the Impact of Higher Capital Requirement to Bank Lending Rate and Credit Risk: The Case of Southeast Asian Countries

Winda F.K Pratiwi, Sigit S. Wibowo
This study discusses the impact of increasing bank capital against lending interest rate, amount of loans, and banks' credit risk exposure. The study utilized panel data from 18 top banks in 5 Southeast Asian countries during the period of 2008-2015. The findings show that there is no significant relationship...
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The Analysis of Herding Behavior in Indonesia and Singapore Stock Market

Aditya Andika Putra, Eko Rizkianto, Dony Abdul Chalid
This research aims to examine the presence of herding behavior in Indonesia and Singapore stock markets. Using CCK method and daily data of the stock population in both country's stock markets on the period of 1996-2015, this research finds the evidence of herding behavior in Indonesia and Singapore....
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Impact of the Agressive Working Capital Management Policy on Firm's Profitability and Value: Study on Non-Financial Listed Firms in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Rosyeni Rasyid
Effective working capital management policies is crucial to the company's long survival. The working capital policy is concerned with determining the aggregate amount of a firm's current assets and current liabilities is required by a firm. This study investigates the impact of the aggressive working...
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Interest Margin versus Small Medium Enterprises Financing: Does Bank Ownership Matter?

Muhammad Miqdad Robbani, Hasan Ashari, Liyu Adhi Kasari Sulung
The Indonesian government wants to promote small and medium enterprise financing as a type of relationship lending while at the same time reducing interest margins. Otherwise, relationship lending tends to lead into high levels of interest margins. This paper examines the relationship between SME financing...
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Social Construction of Trust in the Investment of "Bodong"

Damsar Damsar, Indrayani Indrayani
This paper aims to explain how trust is constructed in the investment of "bodong" in Indonesia. Investment of "bodong" is the emic concept of Indonesian business community about investment with Ponzi scheme. The growth of "bodong" investment occurred in a legal and socio-political settings where absence...
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The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Achieving Organization Performance Through Business Model Innovation and Strategic Collaboration

Sandra Dewi, Rhenald Kasali, Tengku Ezni Balqiah, Anton Wachidin Widjaja
External environment faced by the firms today shows the uncertainty due to the disruptive change that occurs in all aspects. Impacts of the phenomenon of disruptive innovation, which upset the balance of the market, require all companies to renew themselves in order to maintain their positions in the...
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Why is Gender Inequality Still Appearing in Garment Factories in Indonesia?

Annisa Halimah Imron, Muthia Pramesti, Sari Wahyuni
In Indonesia, since the majority of the workers in garment factory are females, they have a significant role on the succession of the factory. The gap between genders might create problems for female workers, which will lead to gender inequality at the workplace. This study aims to study the working...
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The Influence of Value-Creation on Customer's Based Destination Brand Equity: Case Study Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta and Magelang in Indonesia

Gracia Naomi Hanaka, Agung Nugroho
Indonesian Government has shown an incredible effort to increase tourism sector's productivity by investing on infrastructures. However, to achieve this goal, branding effort needs to be employed because branding added value to its product. Measuring how the destination brand adds value to its product...
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Effect of Institutional Related Criteria in Partner Selection: Case of Logistic Service Provider in Indonesia

Hally Hanafiah, Anton Wachidin Widjaja
The instability of collaboration has long been studied through an understanding of partner selection criteria (Jamali, 2004), but the applied criteria are not yet fully appropriate in determining collaboration partners. Factors related to partner resources and factors that explain relationship stability...
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In Search of Product Uniqueness: Insight From Indonesia

Agung Wahyu Handaru, Marsellisa Nindito
This paper aimed to examine the factors which generate the uniqueness of products. This study developed 26 indicators of product uniqueness. Afterwards, the indicators were grouped using factor analysis. In this research, 250 respondents were participated, which according to Kaiser-Meyer- Olkin's measure...
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The Innovation Performance of State-owned Enterprises in Indonesia

Andreas Pardyanto, Avanti Fontana
State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) play crucial roles in the economy, including in the most advanced ones. SOEs, especially in Indonesia, are facing dynamic changes and need to adapt to rapid environmental changes and high complexities. Internally, they are required to ensure that wealth is created and distributed...
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Will Jakarta Still Have Traffic Congestion after MRT?

Fajar Ayu Pinagara, Sirinna Khamtanet
Traffic congestion has become a common problem in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. In line with the rapid growth of population and income level in Jakarta, the numbers of vehicles are also multiplying. In comparison with the limitation of road construction, Jakarta's roads are choked with traffic congestion....
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The Role of Reputation For Achieving Competitive Advantage

Sri Sarjana, Nur Khayati
Corporate reputation is an assessment of stakeholders based on their existence, leadership, and innovation. This study empirically investigates the effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR), dynamic capabilities, reputation, and competitive advantage in manufacturing industries. An active role...
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Working Condition and Quality of Life for Female Workers in Garment Factories in Indonesia

Aryana Satrya, Permata Wulandari, Muthia Pramesti, Sari Wahyuni, M. Zuhdi
Women are the dominant workers in garment industry in ASEAN region and worldwide. Notwithstanding the creation of jobs for women resulted by garment factories, workplaces employing women are often characterized by harsh working conditions. Their experience at the workplace affects their well-being, not...
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The Governance of Public-Private Ties Model: How to Govern the PPPs Infrastructure Project Effectively (An Indonesia Case)

Krist Ade Sudiyono, Tirta Mursitama, Boto Simatupang, Mohammad Hamsal
Even though the Public-Private Partnerships model in public infrastructure provision has proliferated in the last decade, its effectiveness with respect to the addressed problems has remained very challenging. The purpose of this study is to explore how the public-private ties model strategically managed...
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The Role of Perceived Managerial Discretion on Strategy Implementation and Its Implication on Organizational Performance: A Conceptual Model

Wilsa Theodore, Rhenald Kasali, T. Ezni Balqiah, Lily Sudhartio
The rapidly changing and disruptive environment makes the business competition more hypercompetitive. The fundamental challenge that companies often face is not in the strategic planning process, but rather on how to ensure the formulated strategy can be well-implemented. Currently, the literature is...
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The Effect of Entrepreneurial Marketing on Managing Resources and Its Impact on Innovation Performance

Triyono Arief Wahyudi
Globalization affects businesses all over the world, including Indonesia. It results on an increased global competition. Hence, the Indonesian company must compete with other global companies, which can also be outside the industry. Therefore, managers should have the valuable orientation in managing...
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The Driving Factors And Focus of CSR Implementation: A Comparison of Family Business In Indonesia, Japan and Thailand

Sari Wahyuni, Arif Ario Suryo Hendara Sentanu
The purpose of this study is to understand what are the driving factors and focuses of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implementation by family businesses (Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand). We investigated how three countries differ and alike. By employing qualitative research, we conducted thorough...
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Managing Local Resources to Improve Community Empowerment and Reduce Poverty

A. Wahyuningsih, Husnah
This study aimed to build a model describing the relationships among local resources management strategy, community empowerment and poverty alleviation. This is a conceptual paper describing a key role of local resources to improve the skill of local community which lead to reduce poverty. Well managed...
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The Local Government's Supply Chain Strategy to Empower the Traditional Fishermen in Southern Coast of Java Island

Ni Putu Eka Widiastuti, Asep Kamaluddin
This study aims to investigate how to determine the supply chain system strategy of the price efficiency for traditional fishermen in the southern coast of Java Island, and to find out how to determine the market selling price of the fish to improve the competitiveness of traditional fishermen. This...
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Understanding Gender Inequality Towards The Firm: The Case of Garment Factories in Vietnam 2012-2014

Annisa Halimah Imron, Muthia Pramesti, Sari Wahyuni
This research aimed to explore descriptive study on the working conditions for the garment factories workers in Vietnam based on gender and to find out the causes of gender inequality in the factories during the period of 2012-2014, especially since empirical evidences suggest gender equality in the...
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Emotional Labor and Organizational Commitment among Hospital Nurses: The Mediating Role of Job Burnout

Uliyatun Nikmah, Imbuh Sulistyarini
The increasing interaction between employees and consumers is one of the common phenomenon occurred in the development of service sector which involves certain emotional expression. Emotions at work can be related to job burnout and other work outcomes such as employees' organizational commitment. Emotions...
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Spiritual Crafting: Another Strategy to Transform the Meaning of Work

Missiliana Riasnugrahani, Corina D Riantoputra
Integrating interpersonal sensemaking theory and job crafting, this qualitative study examined responses from 8 workers (consist of three white-collar, two blue-collar and three no-collar workers), to delineate the dynamic process of work meaning, defined as employees' understandings of what they do...
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Determination of Leadership and Spiritual Motivation on The Performance of Employees through the Satisfaction of City Government Employees Batam, Indonesia

Chablullah Wibisono
Batam City's vision "The City of Batam as Bandar World Madani" includes spiritual values that are integrated into performing in the society. In the government office, Batam is a very religious city. However, since there is a change of leader in every five year, the spirituality within the government...
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Analysis on The Impact of Innovation Management toward Employee Engagement Mediated by Teamwork (Study Case at One of Banking Company in Indonesia)

Fahrina Yuliani, Niken Ardiyanti
This study aims to determine the impact of employee's perception of Innovation Management toward employee engagement mediated by teamwork in one of Indonesian banks. The respondents of this study were 106 permanent employees in that company. Innovation system, competitors and technology, and new services...
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The Effect of the Working Cabinet Reshuffle Volume II on Abnormal Return and Abnormal Trading Volume Activity of the Companies Listed in Jakarta Islamic Index (JII)

Fatin Fadhilah Hasib, Dewi Nuraini Rahmi Azasi, Nisful Laila, Achsania Hendratmi, Puji Sucia Sukmaningrum
This study aims to examine the differences of reaction in the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII) before and after the announcement of the Working Cabinet Reshuffle Volume II on July 27, 2016. The study period was 21 days which consists of 10 days before the event and 10 days after the event. The method used...
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Demand for Islamic Pension Funds in Indonesia: An Exploratory Study

Rahmatina Awaliah Kasri, Banu M Haidlir, Mohammad Amin, Muhammad Budi Prasetyo
Pension fund is a financial sector that provides a range of benefits, not only to the participants but also to the country's economy. This applies to both conventional and Islamic pension funds. In Indonesia, although Islamic pension fund has not grown as fast as other Islamic financial sectors, many...
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The Analysis of Market Power and Bank Soundness on Islamic and non-Islamic Bank Behavior

Raihan Mahendra, Muhammad Budi Prasetyo
The objective of this research is to determine the effect of bank market power and bank soundness on the behavior of Islamic and non-Islamic bank to collect and channel public funds during periods of 2011-2015. Using Lerner Index to measure bank degree of market power, and CAR as a measure of bank soundness,...
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Analysis of the Readiness of e-Government Implementation at the Ministerial Level of the Republic of Indonesia

Sarika Afrizal, Nashrul Hakiem, Dana Indra Sensuse
Implementation of e-Government is a form of change that is in developing countries, due to the growing development of information and the rapid advancement of ICT. This kind of change is expected to be good as it is highly desirable within the community. The President as a fiduciary issued Presidential...
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An Analysis of Technology Acceptance Model with Extensions in Affective Components and Anxiety for Village Financial System (Siskeudes), A Case Study in Tangerang District, Indonesia

Roby Syaiful Ubed, I Gede Agus Ariutama, Ambang Aries Yudanto
The purpose of this study is to measure the predictors affecting the acceptance of a new system, Siskeudes, intended to assist villages to administer village fund. It was designed by State Development Audit Agency (BPKP) to be applied in Indonesian villages in 2016. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)...
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Successful Information Technology Adaptation Process to Enable Business Agility

Siti Yasmina Zubaedah, Benny Ranti, Jos Luhukay
Business agility is reflected on the firms' ability to adjust effectively to the changing environment and maintain consistently good performance over long periods of time. In today's information era, Information Technology (IT) solutions become the main pre-requisite to ensure firm evolution leading...
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In a Social Capital Perspective: The Effect of Branded E-Stickers (BES) Usage on Brand Attitudes and Brand Purchase Intentions (Study on LINE Social Messenger)

Salsa Andiani, Yeshika Alversia
Branded E-Stickers (BES) is one of the brand new and innovative tools to promote brand using an interactive way that enables social messenger users to chat more attractively with other users. To examine the effectiveness of this new marketing tool, this study investigates the effect of Branded E-Stickers...
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The Effects of Green Brand Positioning, Green Brand Knowledge, and Attitude towards Green Brand on Green Products Purchase Intention

Lendy Aulina, Elevita Yuliati
This research is based on Huang et al. (2014), and aim to analyze the influence of green brand positioning, green brand knowledge and attitude towards green brand to green purchase intention. While Huang, Yang and Wang focused on green cars purchase intention, this research focuses on personal care and...
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A Comparison Between the Application of Brand Functional Value and Brand Experiential Value Toward Consumer Evaluation on Local - Foreign Branding: An Experimental Study

Asysyifa Azzahra, Tengku Ezni Balqiah
Considering the growing number of local products in Indonesia, as well as the increasing number of media types to market the products, it is important for local businessperson and organization to understand the strategy in managing their brands to compete with local and foreign brands. Hence, this study...
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Analysis of team engagement and physical servicescape perception effects on branch service quality and customer engagement

Jessica Dharmaputra, Daniel Tumpal H. Aruan
Service-profit- chain is a theory that connects the interaction process between internal service quality (i.e. employee satisfaction) and external service value (i.e. customer satisfaction and loyalty). The theory addresses that satisfied employees are more likely to be more productive at work and loyal...
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How Product Arrangement and Quantity Influence Consumer's Intention: The Role of Disliking Disorderliness and Scarcity Effects

Andang Fazri, Adi Zakaria Afiff, Tengku Ezni Balqiah
Previous research claimed that disgust and contamination fears mediated the relationship between touch and purchase intention. Disorganized product display used as a contamination cue and a limited quantity of product used as a cue that the product has been more touched. Contrary to that, several studies...
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Which is the Stronger Influence of Voting Intention: Candidate Credibility or Party Credibility?

Sri Rahayu Hijrah Hati, Gita Gayatri, Rambat Lupiyoadi, Anya Safira
This research examines the influence of the political party credibility and presidential candidate personal credibility on voting intention in the presidential election setting. The dual credibility model which is taken from the marketing communication fields is tested with structural equation modeling...
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The Role of Newspaper as Political Marketing Tool during Indonesian Presidential Election of 2014

Maslina Warnie Hutasuhut, Indiana Ngenget
This research was conducted to determine the role of newspaper in implementing political marketing during Indonesian presidential election of 2014, by utilizing news contents of the presidential election from Kompas, Republika, and Media Indonesia, during campaign period. This research was conducted...
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Annual Traveller Demand from Advertising and Word of Mouth

Saisomphorn Larhsoukanh, Chengzhang Wang
To acquire an information regarding the best travel destination, there are two main sources which can be used: advertising (books and magazines, TV, radio, and travel agencies) and word-of- mouth recommendations (WOM) via the Internet and friends. This study employed two research questions. First, how...
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Market Penetration Concept : Indonesian Product Competitive Advantage Toward Export to Taiwan

Deni Danial Kesa, Cheng-Wen Lee
This paper examines the role of competition in market penetration of Indonesian products to Taiwan. It also explores the possible strategy facets of market penetration from Indonesia that are different from those of other ASEAN countries. Statistics findings indicate that political condition is not a...
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The Influence of Sharia Compliance and Marketing Mix on Satisfaction and Intention of Muslim Tourist to Revisit Sharia Hotel

Nurdin Sobari, Hardius Usman, M. Zainul Wathani
This research aims to analyze the influence of sharia compliance and marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidences) on satisfaction and intention of Muslim tourists to revisit the sharia hotels. A total of 159 local muslim tourist who had stayed at sharia hotel...
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Project Portfolio Management Capabilities of Strategic Initiatives and PMO Practices In Strategy Implementation: A Perspective of Dynamic Capability in Banking Industries in Indonesia

Mohammad Ichsan, Bahtiar Saleh Abbas, Mohammad Hamsal, Jimmy Sadeli
Current business uncertainties in dynamic environment drive the banking industries to keep on in shape of competitive in the market. The organizations are forced to formulate and implement their strategic initiatives in a form of projects. Some of the project initiatives require prioritization, and we...
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Materials Inventory Management To Reduce Holding Cost And Backlog (System Dynamics Approach: A Case Study)

Pantas Marihot Lawrentsius, Fajar Ayu Pinagara
This study discusses the material of inventory management to produce automobiles in PT XYZ using system dynamics methodology with a case study design. The object of this study is an automobile brand, X Type 1. It is selected as the sample because this type of automobile has a highly competitive segment...
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The Use of Lean Six Sigma to Improve Key Performance Indicators on The Plant Division of PT. PPN

Widhi Setya Wahyudhi, Athor Subroto
This paper is aimed to analyze the applicability of the Lean Six Sigma in term of its capability to support efficiency and performance in the maintenance division of a coal mining contractor. The data collection was done in 5 months, from October 2016 until February 2017 taken from the company data base-computerized...