Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2018)

475 authors
Abuduo, ZaiNahan
A Preliminary Study on the Types of Uygur Mythology
Al-Janabi, Maithem
The Sufi Path of al-Ghazali
Arkhipova, Nadezhda
Actual Problems of Effective Cooperation between Business and NPO as the Factor of Sustainable Development in Russia
Bai, Lirong
Presumptive Q-scalar Implicatures
Bao, Jing
Research on the Necessity and Feasibility of Professional PE Courses in Colleges and Universities
Basova, Maria
Actual Problems of Effective Cooperation between Business and NPO as the Factor of Sustainable Development in Russia
Belogurov, Anatoliy
Culture in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Bo, Agula
Optimization of Medical English Teaching in Mongolian Medicine College Based on ESP Theory
Bondarenko, Natalia
Special Aspects of the Serbian Monuments of the Raska Architectural School of the 12th –Mid 14th Centuries
Borisova, Elena
The Song Cycle: Hermeneutic and Communication Approaches
Cai, Gongtao
Research Report on Quality of Life of the Scattered Ethnic Minorities under the Background of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Hainan Province
Cai, Mianmian
Influence of Cognitive Factors on Interpreters’ Performance
Cao, Hongzhi
Exploration of the Effective Ways of Ideological and Political Education for the Post-90s College Students
Cao, Siqi
Research on the Evaluation System of Science and Technology Innovation Ability in Jing-Jin-Ji Region
Cao, Xiangdong
Study on Farmland Demarcation Based on County Land Management Quality Zoning A Case Study on Cha County
Chen, Chunfang
The Study on the Construction of College English Smart Class in Private College
Chen, Huijing
Research on the Problems of Transition from Three-and-two-year Intermediate to Advanced Vocational Education under New Normal State and Its Countermeasures Taking the Applied Electronic Technology Major in Underdeveloped Areas as an Example
Chen, Jianhua
Demand Analysis and Planning Research on the Construction of Multimodal Transport Center in LD
Chen, Jianhua
Demand Analysis and Planning Research on the Construction of the Power Equipment Logistics Park in a Company
Chen, Jianhua
Study on the Development Strategy and Layout Planning of Agricultural Products Logistics in HH City
Chen, Lili
A Literary Study of the Chinese Version of the Gatha of Buddhist Scriptures
Chen, Lili
A Preliminary Study on the Types of Uygur Mythology
Chen, Rui
Analysis on Education Spending Per Student in OECD Main Countries
Chen, Shasha
The Challenges and Policy Choices Faced by Aging of Population in Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
Chen, Tong
A Study on the Situation and Behavioral Characteristics of "Homebody" of Undergraduates
Chen, Xiaoxiao
The Preservation of Hokkien
Chen, Xin
A Comparative Study of Chinese Sanda and Western Kickboxing from the Perspective of Sports Culture
Chen, Yali
Conceptual Metaphors for “Xin” in Confucianism Based on “Xin” in The Four Books
Chen, Yingqiu
The Preservation of Hokkien
Chen, Zhaohe
The Practical Way of the Community of Common Destiny for All Mankind An Analysis of “One Belt and One Road”
Chen, Zhengfeng
Research on the College Teachers’ Spiritual Culture Requirement and Culture Construction in the View of Cultural Confidence
Cheng, Yanxia
Research on Business Model Innovation Driven by Scientific and Technological Innovation
Chervova, Albina
Psychological and Pedagogical Support of the Educational Process in the Conditions of Informatization of Education
Chi, Huan
The Teaching Design of Flipped Classroom Based on New Constructivism
Chistyakova, Olga
Philosophical-religious Legacy as the Basis for the National Identity and Humanitarian Education of Modern Russia
Chu, Liang
Exploring the Correlation between Phraseological Pattern of the Reporting Clause and Reporting Verb Functions in Citation A Corpus-based Study of Theses in Applied Linguistics
Cui, Jiren
Research on Heze’s Style and Features in the Context of “Urban Double Repairs”
Cui, Rongyi
Computer-aided Off-topic Composition Detection
Dai, Weihuang
Study on Total Compensation System of Independent College Teachers
Dai, Zhiqiang
Research on the Key Steps of Innovative Design of Museum Cultural Derivatives
Danilova, Nadezhda
The Spiritual and Moral Dimension of Modern Theatre The Philosophical and Linguistic Analysis of Rhapsody for the Theatre by A. Badiou
Deng, Shuixiu
The Practice of the Modern Apprenticeship Education Model in the Training of Pharmaceutical Professionals in Higher Vocational Colleges
Deng, Xiangwen
Research on Heze’s Style and Features in the Context of “Urban Double Repairs”
Ding, Fangfang
Figurative Idioms and Culture
Ding, Shuyue
Research on the Artistic Expression of Vocal Music
Ding, Yangmei
The Establishment of Ministers of Handling Affairs in Xining
Dong, Yile
A Study on the Cultivation of Student Cadres' Sense of Belonging to the Organization Taking Huaqiao University as an Example
Dong, Yile
Research on the Psychological Status and Characteristics of “Indoorsy” Undergraduate Students Based on Survey about 1,272 Undergraduate Students Nationwide
Dong, Yile
A Study on the Situation and Behavioral Characteristics of "Homebody" of Undergraduates
Egorenko, Anna
Effectiveness of Teaching as the Main Result of the High School Education under the Conditions of Changes and Transition to the Digital Economy
Fan, Di
Study of Error Analysis on English Composition
Fan, Huali
Study on Farmland Demarcation Based on County Land Management Quality Zoning A Case Study on Cha County
Fan, Huiqian
Study on Cultivation of College Students' Intercultural Communicative Competence in Context of Globalization
Fan, Lijun
Rural E-commerce Two-way Logistics Model Design
Fan, Limin
Analysis on the Freehand Brushwork of Chinese Painting and the Native Oil Painting Language
Fan, Mengni
Enlightenment of Confucian Music Education on Improving College Students' Humanities Accomplishment
Fan, Yong
From Controlling Space to Controlling Time A New Way of City Planning
Fang, Jiajue
Development of On-the-job Internship A Symbiosis Strategy for Student Teacher Preparation and the Construction of Teaching Staff in Rural Area
Fedotova, Oksana
Culture in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Fei, Yanying
Thinking on the Construction of Intellectual Property System with Chinese Characteristics under the Perspective of Marxism Theory
Fei, Yanying
Research on Legal Environment of Independent Innovation
Feng, Jingbo
The Improvement of Two-level Power Disposition Policy of Universities and Colleges in China
Feng, Yujuan
The Cognitive Construal of Chinese Imperatives
Feng, Zhiyong
Discussion on Training of Automobile Marketing and Service Professionals
Fu, Guicai
Teaching Methods of Modern Lettering
Fu, Meng
The Value and Path Selection of the Legal Culture Transmission of the University in the New Era
Fu, Zhongfeng
Influence of the Art Education System of Russia on the Art Education System in Universities of Heilongjiang Province
Gao, Weixia
Study on Creative Design of Bamboo Furniture from the Perspective of Ecological Design
Gao, Yang
J. D. Salinger Studies in North America and in China
Gao, Yang
Artificial Structure and Its Specificity in the Development History of Epistemology
Gao, Yiji
Chinese and Japanese Progressive Aspectual Markers in Comparison with English
Gao, Zhigang
Discussing the Construction of Undergraduate Psychological Crisis Management System
Ge, Hongli
Study on Vocabulary Teaching of TCFL from the Perspective of Characters’ Pronunciation, Shape and Meaning
Gnezdova, Julia
Development of Digital Personnel by Modernizing the System of Education
Gnezdova, Julia
Principles of Organization of Creative Clusters
Gnezdovа, Julia
Mentoring in Development of the Regional Education System
Gong, Weili
Consideration on Promoting Supply-side Structural Reform of Agriculture Taking Zaozhuang as an Example
Gong, Yue
Research on the Applicability of Fama-French Five-factor Model in Chinese A-share Market
Gu, Tiantian
The Research of the Green Management Ability of the Government
Guo, Jing
Design and Strategy of B&B under Sharing Economy Mode
Guo, Tiemei
Evaluating Genre-based Teaching Approach in ESL Writing Class with De Beaugrande and Dressler’s Theories on Text Linguistics
Guo, Tiemei
A Trinity of Reading, Peer Cooperation, and Consciousness Raising for Meaningful Revision under the Guidance of Social Constructivism
Han, Na
A New Exploration into the Innovative Development of Old Care Service in Shandong under the Mode of Combination of Medical and Health Care
Han, Xiao
Confucianism and Taoism Embodied in the Patterns on the Sachets of Qingyang, China
Hang, Jie
Comparison of Zhongnan Culture and Nomadic Culture
He, Bing
Study on the Dialectical Relationship between New Media Information Resources and Ideological and Political Education
He, Chunyan
The Construction and Practice of the Training Mode in Simulation Teaching for Primary Education Major Taking Harbin University as an Example
He, Huaqing
The Correlation between High-frequency Vocabulary Size and College English Test-band-four Scores
He, Linna
Analysis on Evolution Characteristics of Chinese Characters
He, Linying
Analysis on Evolution Characteristics of Chinese Characters
He, Ming
Research on Content System Constructions in Postgraduate Entrance Education in the New Era
He, Yan
The Way to Define the Polysemic Words in a Chinese-English Dictionary An Approach Based on the Generative Lexicon
He, Yongmei
An Analysis of Illocutionary Force in the Diplomatic Language of Zuozhuan
Hong, Que’er
An Analysis and Reflection on Reading of College Students' WeChat Reading
Hong, Xiuqin
Assessment of English Versions of Product Introductions of Alcoholic Drinks From Functionalist Approaches
Hong, Yiping
Research on the E-commerce Development Strategies of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Quanzhou Based on Content Analysis Taking Goldeer Corporation as An Example
Hriptulov, Igor
Principles of Organization of Creative Clusters
Hu, Bing
An Exploration of the Playing Style of Zheng Music Bamboo Rhyme
Hu, Bing
Ah Bing and "The Moon over A Fountain" under the Background of Humanism
Hu, Caixia
Study on Importance of Communicative Competence and Its Cultivation in China’s Context