Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2018)

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Effectiveness of Teaching as the Main Result of the High School Education under the Conditions of Changes and Transition to the Digital Economy

Anna Egorenko, Irina Sheveleva
The article is devoted to the constantly increasing role of the system for assessing the results of teaching work and its influence on teachers’ motivation, the possibility to draw teachers’ attention to certain strategic tasks of the university, the possibility of taking into account different aspects...
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Psychological and Pedagogical Support of the Educational Process in the Conditions of Informatization of Education

Gennady Kiselev, Albina Chervova
The paper is devoted to topical issues of professional activity of psychological and pedagogical education specialists in the informational educational space. This includes the peculiarities of psycho-pedagogical support of the educational process in the conditions of informatization of education. The...
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Mentoring in Development of the Regional Education System

Julia Gnezdovа, Ibragim Idilov
The paper analyzes the approaches to the organization of mentoring in works of foreign as well as domestic authors on experience of the regional educational institution, shows the mentoring role in the development of personnel structure. Methodical approaches, recommendations on the introduction of mentoring...
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Culture in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Lidia Kostikova, Varvara Prishvina, Anna Ilyushina, Oksana Fedotova, Anatoliy Belogurov
This paper examines the use of cultural approach to teaching English as a foreign language to university students who are actively involved in intercultural communication in their professional development. To improve the quality of English teaching, care should be taken in the fostering of multifaceted...
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Study of Religion in Modern Russian Education System: Problems and Prospects

Vladimir Tsvyk, Irina Tsvyk
This paper investigates the problem of studying religious disciplines in the system of modern Russian education. The study of religion in modern Russian schools and universities is noted to be essential for the comprehensive development of the individual. However, this requires a balanced approach. The...
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Management of Scientific and Pedagogical Staff as a Factor of Sustainable Development and Increase of Efficiency of the Educational System in the Conditions of Digital Economy Formation

Yulia Romanova, Irina Sheveleva
The following paper is concerned with the issues of managing scientific and pedagogical workers and increasing the efficiency of the education system. The qualitative indicators of the teaching staff are crucial for the competitiveness of Russian universities in the international market of educational...
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Study on the Cultivation of Teachers’ Professional Quality in Higher Vocational Colleges in the New Era

Xia Lei
The development of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, the development of technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence has also had a major impact on the development of higher vocational education, higher vocational education has also entered a new era with...
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Development of Digital Personnel by Modernizing the System of Education

Julia Gnezdova, Olga Zvyagintseva
The paper gives an assessment of the development of digital economy through the system of education and personnel retraining, which should provide economy with specialists who meet the requirements of the digital age. The Institute of Education is undergoing significant changes. Countries that have managed...
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Analysis on the Barriers and Countermeasures of Internationalization of Young Teachers in Chinese Universities

Xiaojuan Hui, Chao Huang, Beibei Yang
The internationalization of teachers should pay more attention to the domestic internationalization of native teachers. Based on this, the barriers of internationalization of teachers are summarized, including five major obstacles of the cognitive error at organizational level, the deviation of value...
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Exploration and Analysis of the Reform of Cultivation Model for Animation Talent in Colleges and Universities in the Age of Big Data

Hui Xie, Feng Qi
Since the 21st century, the development of Internet information technology has been very rapid. New concepts such as big data, "Internet plus" and cloud computing have entered the public view one by one and raised the frenzy of the industrial revolution. The same is true in education industry. The process...
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Study on the Feasibility of Setting up Archery in Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University

Li Li
This article uses the literature review method and the survey and interview method. The author analyzes the feasibility of setting up the course of traditional Chinese archery in colleges and universities. Finally, it has made the conclusion. And in his opinion, "archery" can effectively promote the...
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Influence of the Art Education System of Russia on the Art Education System in Universities of Heilongjiang Province

Zhongfeng Fu
With the change of art environment in our country, the traditional art education system in universities shows disadvantages. The art education system of Russia serves as a reference for the development of art education in China. This paper briefly summarizes the contents of art education system in Russia...
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A Study of Chinese College English Teachers’ Feedback Problems in English Writing Teaching

Yurong Huang
English writing has been regarded as a bottleneck to constrain the effect of college English teaching in China. Aiming at Chinese students’ writing problems, Chinese teachers’ feedback problems related to students’ writing correction have been analyzed. Then based on teachers’ changing of teaching concept...
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Reflections on Teaching Role Transformation of University Teachers in the New Period

Huihua Liu
With the rapid development of educational information technology in the new era, traditional teaching environment has undergone tremendous changes, and teachers' roles transformation has become an inevitable trend. Based on the new characteristics of higher education in the information era, this paper...
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Analysis of the Factors Affecting College Students' Interest in Badminton Learning and Study on the Optimizing Strategies

Shouwen Wang
At present, with the continuous deepening of physical education reform, badminton becomes an indispensable event in sports. Increase of students' interest in learning it has become a topic concerned by people. This paper analyzes the reason for lack of interest in badminton of college students, and put...
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Knowledge Map: Suggestions for Primary and Secondary School Teachers Training from the Perspective of Supply-side

Ning Wang
Professional training is an important way for primary and secondary school teachers' professional growth and development. From the perspective of supply-side, the current primary and secondary school teachers training focuses on the tools function of external supply. Primary and secondary school teachers...
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Study on Practical Teaching Reform in Vocational Colleges under Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Taking Nanhai District of Foshan as an Example

Nana Shang
With the advent of Industry 4.0, the rapid industrial transformation and upgrading put forward new requirements for vocational colleges. Vocational education oriented to the work system must strengthen its connection with work, and practical teaching directly related to the work process must be reformed...
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Necessity of Offering Photographic Courses to Art and Design Majors

Huiying Wang
In today's digital era, the continuous upgrading of digital technology has played a very good role in promoting the communication and exchange of pictures. Today's digital cameras are used almost at the same frequency as the computers and cellphones used in our daily lives. In many school of arts, photography...
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The Value and Path Selection of the Legal Culture Transmission of the University in the New Era

Shiyong Song, Meng Fu
The nineteenth congress of the communist party of China puts forward "intensify the dissemination, the construction of the socialist rule of law culture" as the moral and cultural construction of rule of law as the core target of ideological and moral construction put forward the strategic guidance....
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Exploration and Practice of Cultivating Innovative Talents in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Education

Mingchao Li
With the rapid development of economy and science and technology, to cultivate innovative talents has become major historical mission for higher education given by the times. In the cultivation of innovative talents, the role of ideological and political education is fully played. It is of great significance...
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To Establish Cultural Confidence in Teaching Reform of Foreign Language Education in Colleges and Universities

Ling Yang, Shuhua Li
Under the guide of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, foreign language education and teaching reform in colleges and universities should strive to create an important window to face the world culture and create an important platform for cultural exchanges with foreign countries. And then, it can...
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A Study on the Psychological Characteristics of the Fluent State of the Skill Learning of the College Students

Ran Liu
The training of special quality occupies a large proportion in the daily life of sports majors. How to improve students' training and learning effect and maintain or achieve better athletic performance is the main goal of physical education teaching in Colleges and universities. The state of fluency...
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Study on the Teaching Effect of School Enterprise Cooperative Education Model In Case of Huafa Class in Zhuhai College of Jilin University

Xinglong Kan, Quanlin Li
With the increase of the number of colleges and universities in China and the continuous expansion of enrollment, number of college graduates have risen year by year and the employment situation of college graduates is increasingly serious. At the same time, there is a serious shortage of graduates who...
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Influencing Factors for Chinese Students to Participate in Tutorial Education and the Impact of Participating in Tutorial Education

Chuang Yan
By investigating the participation of students in tutorial education in four high schools in Changchun and Fushun, the author finds out that individual factors such as family income, education level of father, rank of students, grade of students and type of schools have no significant effects on the...
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Investigation and Analysis on the Present Situation of Children's Latin Dance Training in Pingxiang City

Huirong Xu
In recent years, there has been a fiery wind in our country, and now it has entered the Asian games. With the popularity of sports dance, Latin dance training institutions in Pingxiang have mushroomed, and the training institutions for Latin dance can be seen everywhere, whether in the main cities or...
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The Jewish Spirit of Contract and Its Implications on Chinese Education

Quanmin Xin, Yumeng Xin
China does not lack rules, but lack respect for rules, especially the spirit of law. In contrast, Jews, who value covenant or the spirit of contract to the utmost, can inspire the Chinese people to some extent. Jewish covenant is inherently and closely related to Jewish monotheism, in which there exists...
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Teaching Methods of Modern Lettering

Guicai Fu
Modern lettering art is an emerging art form that has its own independent aesthetic language and can convey unique aesthetic conceptions. Based on the traditional lettering, it incorporates the technical merits and commonalities of printmaking, sculpture, decoration and other arts, cleverly combines...
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Exploration and Practice of the Teaching of Collecting Music in Normal Colleges Based on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Qunying Wang
The collecting music is an teaching platform of art practice based on theory and practice. The music major in local colleges and universities should improve teaching quality and enhance the "service" for the local community and culture. In the teaching arrangements and implementation of collecting music,...
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Research on the Relationship between Classroom Climate and Learning Motivation of College Students: Mediating Effect of Self-efficacy

Chih Huang, Yishan Shen, Sisi Huang
The main purpose of this study is to explore the impact of classroom climate on learning motivation and to verify the mediating effect of self-efficacy on classroom climate and learning motivation. In this study, the author investigated the students in the college of Business of B University. And the...
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The Challenges and Policy Choices Faced by Aging of Population in Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

Shasha Chen, Xingyu Qi
The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (Corps for short) is the largest special organization in China that is in charge of defending the border field and the military enterprise that is owned by the Communist Party. However, the current aging level in Corps exceeds the global average, which has...
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Cultivation of Cross-cultural Awareness in English Teaching in Military Academies

Yanjuan Zhang, Lan Hu
With the rapid development of technology and society, the main stream of world development is the globalization. The communication among people from different cultures has become more and more frequent. So every field is in desperate need of people who are familiar with foreign cultures and capable of...
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Practice of Flipped Classroom in College English Listening and Speaking Based on WeChat

Juxiang Wen
WeChat is becoming increasingly popular and the first choice of Chinese people’s public platforms. Meanwhile, it’s becoming the new learning platform for modern Chinese college students. The reform of College English teaching has been focusing on learner-centered philosophy and improving the student’s...
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Micro-lecture Design & Practice in Marine Engineering English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yanli Zhu
Micro-lecture is “short, small, refined, and effective”. Marine Engineering English is an ESP which is a headache for the higher vocational college students. This paper tries to apply micro-lecture to the Marine Engineering English teaching from the point of its design and practice to activate the students’...
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Application of Blended Learning Method to the Course of English Reading

Guangping Sun
With the help of advanced technology, blended learning is becoming more and more popular in modern education. In this paper, the writer tried to apply blended learning model to her teaching practice. Her empirical research showed the effectiveness and efficiency of blended learning.
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Study on Cultivation of College Students' Intercultural Communicative Competence in Context of Globalization

Aiming Nie, Huiqian Fan
Currently English has become a lingua franca and much importance must be attached to the cultivation of Chinese college students’ intercultural communicating competence in order for them to communicate Chinese culture to the outside world, which can promote Chinese culture to go abroad and enhance the...
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Research on the Education and Training Mode of Innovative Talents of New Engineering in Colleges and Universities

Yan Li
With the launching of the construction plan of "new engineering", the research and discussion about new engineering in China is unprecedentedly active. And practical exploration is already on the way. This paper reviews the literature on new engineering, the characteristics of new engineering and so...
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Computer-aided Off-topic Composition Detection

Qiang Qu, Yahui Zhao, Rongyi Cui
Aiming at the problem that the lack of accurate and efficient off-topic detection algorithm for the current English composition teaching system in China, an off-topic detection algorithm based on LDA and word2vec was proposed in this paper. The algorithm used LDA to model the documents and trained the...
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Study on the Dialectical Relationship between New Media Information Resources and Ideological and Political Education

Bing He
The application of new media information resources in ideological and political education has become an important educational method and content. In order to improve the efficiency of ideological and political education and give full play to the utilization of new media information resources, the key...
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The Teaching Design of Flipped Classroom Based on New Constructivism

Yahong Zhou, Huan Chi
The rapid development of Internet technology has a great impact on all walks of life. Flipped classroom and new constructivism theory emerge at the right moment. New constructivism emphasizes students' self-study, and puts forward that "meaning construction" is further sublimated on the basis of the...
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Research on Regional Cooperative Development of Chinese and Russian Colleges and Universities Based on Common Interests

Lili Qi
In the context of the current economic globalization, international exchanges and cooperation among countries in the field of education are particularly important. With the deepening and expansion of international exchanges and cooperation in the field of education, to a certain extent, the process of...
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Exploration of the Effective Ways of Ideological and Political Education for the Post-90s College Students

Tian Yang, Hongzhi Cao
The paper aimed to integrate the awareness of service and the concept of practice education into the ideological and political education of the post-90s College Students through taking part in volunteer service inside and outside school. Another purpose of this paper is to set up the core idea of people-oriented...
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Research on Solutions of Vocational School Students to Employment Pressure under the Perspective of Psychological Elasticity

Yichen Pan, Wei Wang
Through a questionnaire survey of 430 vocational college students on treatment methods to employment pressure and their psychological elasticity, it is found that the correlation between employment pressure treatment methods and psychological elasticity of vocational college students reaches a significant...
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Optimization of Medical English Teaching in Mongolian Medicine College Based on ESP Theory

Xiaomei Miss, Yuehong Wang, Agula Bo
From the perspective of ESP, this paper discusses the importance of effectively carrying out ESP teaching in Mongolian medicine colleges, introduces the modern medical English teaching mode in Mongolian medicine colleges and puts forward some proposals according to the existing problems and current situation.
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Research on Practical Teaching Reform of Undergraduate Talents Training in Application-oriented Financial Management Major*

Na Wang
The core task of higher education is to improve the quality of talent cultivation and the deepening of education and teaching reform can promote the development of higher education in the new era. Under the background of supply-side reform and industrial transformation and upgrading in China, the cultivation...
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Study on the Time Management and Self-controlled Learning of Students in Local Colleges and Universities in Transition

Jianing Zhang, Hailong Zhang
In recent years, China not only pays attention to the construction of project “double first-rate” but also emphasizes the cultivation of applied technology talents when building the higher education system. In 2014, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China proposed to guide a number...
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The Research on Classroom Teaching of Oral Chinese as a Foreign Language

Lin Zhang
This article mainly analyzes the importance of oral Chinese teaching in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, the practicality of oral classroom teaching, the relationship between the cultivation of undergraduates' qualities in Chinese international education and the training of oral teaching ability,...
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Research on the Problems of Transition from Three-and-two-year Intermediate to Advanced Vocational Education under New Normal State and Its Countermeasures Taking the Applied Electronic Technology Major in Underdeveloped Areas as an Example

Huijing Chen, Jiazhu Lin
Taking the applied electronic technology major in underdeveloped areas as an example, this paper expounds the significance of transition from three-and-two-year intermediate to advanced vocational education under new normal state, analyzes the major problems in the education currently, and puts forward...
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Planning to Improve the Quality of Basic Education

Lina Zhang, Zhiqing Liu
The issue of the quality education is gradually becoming more an area of focus and anxiety to many countries all over the world, especially in the developing ones. This is because many countries in the developing world have realized that education plays a decisive and crucial role in development at national,...
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The Relationship between the Implementation of Parent's Educative Right and the Inheritance of Culture

Jingwen Wang
From the historical development and the view of the world, parent’s educative right does exist for a long time, but in the practice of education in China especially in the minority areas, it is forgotten now. The survey found that education can be internalized into the cultural heritage and the protection...
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Cultivation of College Students’ Cultural Confidence Based on the Construction of Legal Culture in Colleges and Universities

Qinghua Zhang
In terms of strengthening research on the construction of legal culture, from the perspective of the development of the theory itself, it is an important breakthrough and promotion in the research of legal theory and legal culture; from the perspective of implementing the strategy of ruling by law, it...
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The Research of a Staircase Constructed Project-oriented Teaching Method from the Perspective of Total Quality Management

Da Si
In China, many vocational schools attempt to adopt action-based "project-oriented teaching method" to organize teaching activities. However, in the course of teaching arrangement, the problem of "acclimatized" appeared to the method. Therefore, this study proposes the staircase constructed project-oriented...
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The Construction and Practice of the Training Mode in Simulation Teaching for Primary Education Major Taking Harbin University as an Example

Chunyan He
Basing on Skinner's program teaching mode theory, brothers John’s Cooperation theory and Dewey's Learning by Doing theory, and some relevant research results on teaching skills training , we construct several training modes in the simulation teaching which is a part of the course "Primary Mathematics...
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Study on the Training Mode of Professional Competence in the Practice Platform of Accounting Studio

Chunling Shao
Based on the empirical analysis method of the accounting studio project, the mode of practice platform of the accounting studio is constructed from the point of view of combination of learning with working of college-enterprise. On this basis, the paper draws some conclusions some conclusions of long-term...
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Research on Application of Music Games in Class Teaching of Music in Primary School

Na Li, Huihua Liu
The game is a favorite teaching activity for music teachers and students in primary schools. Game teaching is an effective way to stimulate pupils' interest in music learning. This paper is based on the investigation and research of music classroom teaching in primary schools. Aided by the theory of...
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Research on the Cultivation Mechanism of Scientific and Technological Innovation Talents in Colleges and Universities under the Vision of Collaborative Innovation Network

Pingping Wang
As one of the core nodes of collaborative innovation network, colleges and universities play a key role in the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents. The cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents must be systematically built in the logical framework of collaborative...
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The S-CORE Teaching Mode Conducted in the Basic Courses in Higher Vocational Education

Shenghua Zhang, Lu Sun
Higher vocational education has long been confronted with the problem of low teaching efficiency caused by the less-motivated students and the low involvement in class. In order to cope with this problem, based on the relevant research, Beijing Information Technology College constructed the S-CORE teaching...
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Study on Total Compensation System of Independent College Teachers

Weihuang Dai
The instability of teachers is the most prominent problem that hinders the development of independent colleges. Through investigation, the imperfect salary system is the main reason for the instability of teachers. By improving the material incentive mechanism, the long-term development mechanism of...
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Discussion on Establishment of Education Brand of Higher Vocational Art Design

Hui Qin
Based on the characteristics of the times of vigorously carrying forward the spirit of the craftsman and building Chinese brand, this paper aims at the development and current situation of art design education in higher vocational education, elaborates the problems existing in art design education in...
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The Teaching Reform of History of Journalism Based on Communication Effect Teaching Method of Keywords

Xiaorui Li, Xuya Wang
As a special kind of communication activity, classroom teaching activity is one of the means to test the classroom teaching. Rethinking the teaching of news history from the perspective of communication effect will be helpful to the reform of the teaching methods. This paper gives an exploratory summary...
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Research on the College Teachers’ Spiritual Culture Requirement and Culture Construction in the View of Cultural Confidence

Zhengfeng Chen, Pei Zheng
In terms of current college teachers’ cultural self-confidence, combined with the characteristics of college English teachers’ teaching practice, this article, with teachers’ spiritual culture needs as the starting point, conducts an investigation and analysis of the situation of college teachers’ lack...
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Research on Content System Constructions in Postgraduate Entrance Education in the New Era

Ming He
As “the first class” in the whole process of graduate education, entrance education is an important component of innovation education and talent cultivation for postgraduates, and is also the important content and focus for strengthening the ideological and political education of postgraduates. To exert...
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Research on the Necessity and Feasibility of Professional PE Courses in Colleges and Universities

Jing Bao
At present, novel models of PE teaching emerge in large numbers in universities and collegesfrom theview of cultivating students' sports ability, paying attention to the development of students' cognition ability and student's emotional investment.However, with a view to the talent training goal and...
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The Current Situation and Optimization of College Counselors’ Continuing Education

Xianghua Ren
The status of counselors in colleges and universities in China is relatively low, and the continuing education of counselors has not been paid much attention. Therefore, the current situation of counselors’ continuing education is not optimistic. In view of the problems existing in the current situation...
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An Analysis of the Differences in Educational Ideas between Chinese and American Senior High School

Xiaoshun Zhang
Based on the learning experience and educational thought theory in the United States, the author puts forward six differences in educational ideas between Chinese and American senior high schools, namely, test ability and qualified citizens, scientism and multiple intelligences, seeking common ground...
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Analysis on Education Spending Per Student in OECD Main Countries

Lizhen Jin, Rui Chen
Since the 21st century, all countries in the world have continuously increased investment in education, increased spending on education, and adjusted the optimal allocation of educational resources in order to enhance their international competitiveness. This paper selects and analyzes annual spending...
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Reading Survey and Promotion Strategy of College Freshmen Based on the Needs of Readers Taking the Library of China West Normal University as an Example

Ying Zeng
Reading promotion activities for the freshmen are beneficial to the development of reading habits and the development of later reading promotion. It is based on the analysis of the investigation, think for freshman should take a series of reading promotion strategies, including the strengthening of the...
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Analysis on the Reasons for Difficult Employment of College Students and Its Countermeasures

Jun Wang, Xu Liu
The problem of college students' employment is becoming more and more prominent, which has become a hot issue of social concern. This paper briefly analyzes the subjective and objective reasons for the employment difficulties of college students, and puts forward corresponding solutions from the perspectives...
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The Case Study of Independent College Getting out of Its Development Dilemma through Internationalization A Case Study of Bowen College of Management Guilin University of Technology

Ning Li, Jianmei Ren, Jinye Wang
With the rapid development of economy and the "One Belt and One Road" current situation, China has an increasingly demand for talents and international talents as well as the internationalization of education has become an important trend and feature of education development. The Independent college...
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A Study on the Teaching Mode of Advanced Mathematics Based on the Accreditation of Engineering Education

Xiuli Li, Pengcheng Zhao, Hongyan Li
The professional certification of engineering education follows three basic concepts: outcome based, student centered and continuous improvement. These ideas are of great importance for field construction and educational reform, as well as the quality of personnel training in engineering education. It...
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The Study on the Construction of College English Smart Class in Private College

Chunfang Chen
Information technology plays an important role in education and the wise educational concept arises at the historic moment. Thus the smart class becomes the main base to realize wise education. This article mainly study on the definition and characteristics of smart class and how to make use of a new...
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A Research on Countermeasures of College Students' Safety Education from the View of Symbolic Interaction

Jun Meng
Symbol is the foundation of social life by which people interact with each other. Furthermore, by means of symbols, people could understand others' behaviors and evaluate their influence on others as well so that a harmonious social environment could be created. From this point of view, personal security...
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Empowerment Media Literacy Education and Cultural Safety and Cultural Heritage of Ethnic Minorities

Hao Qiu
In the context of the current mediating society, cultural penetration presents a tendency of “hiddenization”. The problem of cultural safety and inheritance of ethnic minorities has become an important issue in the social development of ethnic minorities. The empowerment media literacy education would...
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Discussion on Linyi University’s School-based Curriculum Construction Based on the Subject of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Pengcheng Shao
Intangible cultural heritage school-based curriculum construction is with far-reaching and important significance in carrying out and strengthening the excellent traditional culture education of college students, inspiring the national pride, constructing a harmonious campus, and improving the effectiveness...
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Research on the Development Trend of Canada Education and the Implications to China Based on Philology and Statistics

Lu Zhen
The research into Canada education is of great significance to both construction and promotion of the education system in China. Through the analysis based on the philology and statistics, this paper makes an empirical study on recent-ten-year research literature of Canada education by both quantitative...
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Application of Multivariate Regression Analysis in Teaching Management

Xiuli Li, Pengcheng Zhao, Yuxue Yang
This thesis made multivariate statistical analysis of academic scores of freshmen, sophomores and juniors and constructed a multivariate regression model, with the purpose of revealing the main factors influencing teaching quality management of colleges and universities as well as putting forward solutions...
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Flipped Classroom of Ecological Literature under the Background of Environmental Crisis

Xia Zhang, Jingyuan Xie
Since the establishment of ecological literary criticism, under the background of the global ecological crisis, the teaching and research on ecological literature has been greatly concerned; at the same time along with the development of electronic technology and the improvement of information technology,...
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Study on the “Three Entries” of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on the Governance of China

Shiqing Liu
In the new stage of socialism with Chinese characteristics, young students have great demand for theoretical study and practice of the new situation. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, new concepts, new thoughts and new strategies proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping...
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The Practice of the Modern Apprenticeship Education Model in the Training of Pharmaceutical Professionals in Higher Vocational Colleges

Weinan Pan, Shuixiu Deng
Based on the requirements of the reform of talent cultivation in higher vocational education and the connotation of modern apprenticeship, this paper designs a modern apprenticeship practice model of “full cooperation and education, full cooperation, and full employment” of school-enterprise cooperation...
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Research on Strengthening College Students’ Ideology Security Education

Zhongyi Tang, Fang Song
Under the current background of economic globalization, information networking and social transformation, the ideological field is facing severe challenges.And the ideological safety education for college students is also facing difficulties and problems.Therefore, to understand the current ideological...
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Curriculum Development of College English Followup Courses Based on Need Analysis

Lili Sun
This study conducted a questionnaire survey on non-English Majors in Zao Zhuang University. The purpose of the survey is to understand students' needs for improving English skills, subsequent elective courses, learning objectives and goals after passing College English Test Band Four. Based on the analysis...
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Higher Vocational College English Teaching and Learning Based on Embodied Cognition Theory

Nan Zhang
Embodied cognition holds the view that human beings’ cognition is fundamentally grounded in the body and external environment. In this paper, we summaries the problems in current higher vocational college English teaching and learning, analyzes the relation between embodied cognition theory and higher...
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Study on Student Satisfaction of Sino-foreign Cooperative Project and Its Enlightenment A Case Study of Guilin University of Electronic Technology, China

Fang Liu
This article analyzes student satisfaction in GUET sino-foreign cooperative project via the theory of student satisfaction by survey, the low rate of students’ transferring, the vagaries of studying motivation, learning process feeling, future career planning, IELTS learning experience in included, and...
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Problems and Solutions of College English Education Based on Employment Market Demand Orientation

Fanting Kong
English is the main language in which all the countries communicate in the world. And the gradually accelerating speed of global economic integration currently increases links between countries. Therefore, in the process of English teaching, colleges and universities must adjust their teaching strategies...
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A Study on the Cultivation of Student Cadres' Sense of Belonging to the Organization Taking Huaqiao University as an Example

Yile Dong, Hui Xu, Linfei Zuo, Qianyu Wu, Xujun Mu, Yuanyuan Ma
This paper investigates the sense of belonging to the organization of 295 student cadres in two campuses of Huaqiao University by using a self-made questionnaire ??" questionnaire for the study of cultivation of the sense of belonging to organization of student cadres in colleges and universities. Through...
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Study on Importance of Communicative Competence and Its Cultivation in China’s Context

Caixia Hu
Cultivation of communicative competence is of great importance in language teaching. This paper, beginning with the introduction of its concept, tries to illustrate the importance of communicative competence in language teaching and the practice of cultivating students’ communicative competence in China’s...
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Analysis on Training Modes of Applied Talents of Tourism Management Major in Colleges

Guangming Yang
With the rapid development of tourism in China, the market need more and more applied talents of tourism management major, and put forward higher and higher requirements to them. Under such circumstances, the training mode of applied talents of tourism management major in colleges shall be adjusted and...
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Zoomorphic Culture Code as a Device of Human Appearance Conceptualization in the Bulgarian and Russian Linguocultures As Exemplified in Figurative Comparisons

Radostina Stoyanova
The paper examines the zoomorphic culture code as a device of human appearance conceptualization in the Bulgarian and Russian linguocultures. The comparative study of Bulgarian and Russian figurative comparisons, representing human appearance, has identified the following relationship types: the relationship...
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Evaluating Genre-based Teaching Approach in ESL Writing Class with De Beaugrande and Dressler’s Theories on Text Linguistics

Tiemei Guo
Recent years have seen increased emphasis being placed on the notion of genre in the language-learning classroom. However, based on evaluating genre-based teaching approach in ESL writing class with theories on text linguistics proposed by de Beaugrande and Dressler, some suggestions are proposed. Namely,...
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The Establishment of Ministers of Handling Affairs in Xining

Yangmei Ding
In the first year of the Yongzheng reign, the government of Qing Dynasty put down the rebellion of the Lob Tsangdanjin and implemented the rehabilitation works proposed by Nian Gengyao. These rehabilitative measures strengthened the Qing government's rule over Qinghai, cleared the obstacles for the Qing...
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The Cultural Connotation of Dragon God Belief in the Tao State in Ming and Qing Dynasties

Yong Sha
During the Ming and Qing dynasties, because of Han, Tibetan, Hui nations and other nations in Tao state migrating and aggregating, it constitutes development pattern of the diverse people in the region and religious culture coexisting and interacting. In historical development and social vicissitude,...
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The Development and Narrative Strategy of Internet Adapted Drama

Lili Huang
In recent years, the diversification of economy and culture, the essential features of online fiction, the demand for the development of the TV drama market and the wide spread of the Internet have prompted the organic combination of internet fiction and television dramas. On the basis of clarifying...
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Enlightenment of Confucian Music Education on Improving College Students' Humanities Accomplishment

Qin Zeng, Mengni Fan
This paper has studied the thought of Confucian music culture of Confucius, Mencius and Xunzi. Also, it has explored the connotation of Confucian music culture. And contemporary college students would study and understand the essence of Confucian music culture. The contemporary college students would...
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Analysis on the Intercultural Communication Strategy of Chinese Traditional Culture

Qixin Zhang
Excellent and profound traditional culture of China is the soft power that support Chinese nation in standing in the world. Under the social co-ordination of modern society, it is an important issue to innovate the mode of international communication of Chinese traditional culture and spread the excellent...
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Study on Film and Television Literature Criticism

Xinxin Li
The emergence of film and television literature criticism is inextricably linked with the historical development of film and television. Film and television literature criticism can be said to run through every stage of the film and television development in the world. The establishment of interactive...
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Where There is Light, There is Life Light Symbol in Katherine Anne Porter’s “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”

Li Li, Xiaona Sun
“The Jilting of Granny Weatherall”, one of Katherine Anne Porter’s best short stories, majorly depicts Granny Weatherall’s interior world of the last moment by adopting different kinds of symbols, among which light plays an important role in revealing her love, faith and life.
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Study on Vocabulary Teaching of TCFL from the Perspective of Characters’ Pronunciation, Shape and Meaning

Hongli Ge
It is a new way for vocabulary teaching of TCFL with the help of Chinese characters’ pronunciation, shape and meaning on the basis of inheriting the traditional semantics, which adapt to Chinese characteristics. We can start vocabulary teaching from Chinese characters’ pronunciation. It would solve the...
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Study of Error Analysis on English Composition

Di Fan
Writing ability of Chinese students is one of the core skills emphasized in English teaching, it is also the significant indication to measure the students’ communicative competence. As a result, writing ability plays an important role in English teaching. Writing ability is an integrated reflection...
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Introducing Phenomenology into Fictive Motion

Lihong Shi
This paper aims to introduce phenomenology into fictive motion research. First, the research of Talmy, Langacker, Lakoff and Turner, Fauconnier, and Matlock on fictive motion are reviewed, whose views are popular in this field. Then, it introduces several key concepts in phenomenology to explain the...
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Health-preserving Thought of "Huai Nan-zi"

Guozhe Yang
With the continuous improvement of living standard today, people pay more and more attention to health preserving, and Taoist health keeping is our most well-known health-keeping thought. As a great masterpiece of Huang-lao Taoism, the book "Huai Nan-zi" is compiled by the the king of Huainan in Western...
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Influence of Gender Difference on Language

Bin Wang
Undoubtedly, the sociolinguistics circle has admitted that there is a close relationship between language and gender. This article provides some examples of different languages between men and women. It demonstrates the linguistic difference with strong evidence and presents new ideas and demonstrates...