Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (ICCSE 2017)

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Blind Signal Separation of Unknown Source Number under the Constraint Based on Uniform Linear Array

Jin-de Huang, Bin Liao, Bing Chen
Regarding blind signal separation based on eigenvalue decomposition, when the spatial dimension of signal is wrong in case of unknown source quantity, it will result in significant separation errors. By making use of kurtosis as the cost function, this paper attempts to construct a blind signal separation...
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Design of Analytical Model for Predicting the Remaining Battery Discharge Time

Zhong-hua Ling, Lu-ling Duan, Lei Zhang
Based on the data of voltage, current intensity and remaining battery discharge time, a mathematical model of lead-acid battery discharge curve is established. The model was used to fit the sampling data of the curve about lead battery discharge with different current intensity. The nlinfit function...
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Study on Security Policy of Cloud Service based on Risk Characteristic Analysis

Qing-cong Zhao
Each enterprise has its own unique situation, therefore it is unable to adopt a completely unified security control measures. Thus enterprise should have risk characteristic analysis to determine the appropriate information security attributes as well as the control measures. Different enterprises will...
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Overview of Vehicle Networking Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Qinghui Yuan, Guofang Feng, Qingfei Yuan
The vehicle networking system platform is a high-tech information product that fully meets the information requirements of automobile manufacturers, logistics enterprises and drivers, which has the features of comprehensive function, simple operation, economy and practicability. It is a monitoring platform...
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Study on the Method and Implemention of Face Location

Luqi Pan, Qingwen Ma, Zhenyu Wang, Peijiang Chen, Fusheng Liu
The face recognition technology is to analyze the target image and detect the characteristic information of the face. It is used widely in peoples life and its' basis is face location technology. In this study, several methods of face location technology are analyzed and compared. A face location method...
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Study on Robust Fault Detection For Linear Discrete Time-Varying Systems With Measurement Missing

Chun-peng Wang, Jian Guo
In this study, the robust fault detection problem is investigated for a class of linear discrete time-varying systems with multiple measurement packet dropouts. The missing measurements are modeled as a linear function of the stochastic variable satisfying Bernounlli random binary distribution. A robust...
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Research on Methods of Human Eye Location

Qingwen Ma, Luqi Pan, Fusheng Liu
Because of the poor anti-interference ability of the traditional eye location method, a new method of eye location based on Gabor transform is proposed in this study. The method firstly processes the image by Gabor filtering, and then expands the image so that the area of the face contour is connected....
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The Best Screen Analysis of Small Sample Multivariate Gradation Regression in Statistical Research

Xiaonan Xiao
Gradation regression analysis generally needs adequate samples from which we can obtain more reliable statistical results. However, in some statistical analysis, owing to some practical difficulties, we cannot obtain satisfactory observation numbers of indexes. Therefore, this article makes use of screen...
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Design and Simulation of Image Preprocessor Based on FPGA

Qinghui Yuan, Xiujun Nie, Guofang Feng
With the continuous development of image processing technology, and with the development and application of ASIC, DSP and FPGA devices, image processing has acquired a number of new technology, and FPGA based image processing technology has become the development trend in the field of image processing....
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Study on the Effect of Composite Probiotics to the Intestinal Flora and Serum Globulins of the Meat Chicken

Yanli Chen
In this study, the feeding effects of chickens with composite probiotics composed with different proportion of Bacillus and lactobacillus were investigated. One hundred and twenty meat chickens were chosen as the experimental subject, and they were feed with composite probiotics composed with different...
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Design of Optimal Arrangement Model of Classroom Seating

Lu-ling Duan, Zhen-jie Dai
To facilitate the exchange learning of Taiwanese children in primary schools in Nanning City, in this study, the minimum number of schools selected and the lowest cost for activity room rental was taken into account, two 0-1 plan models were established from economy, convenience, representative satisfaction...
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Study on Fusion Image Based on Discrete Orthonormal S-transform Technology

Tong Shu, Bao-Hai Yang, Ming Hu
A new image fusion technique based on 2D discrete orthonormal S-Transform (known as the 2D-DOST) is introduced in this paper: First, the source images are decomposed by 2D-DOST to obtain the low-frequency sub-band coefficients and the high-frequency sub-band coefficients; second, according to the characteristics...
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Data Analysis on Adhesive Property Testing Methods of Hot-melt Pressure-sensitive Adhesive with Styrene Thermoplastic Elastomer

Ning-bo Huo, Hong-xia Li, Xiao-jing Jia
In this study, the adhesive property testing methods of hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive containing styrene thermoplastic elastomer used in Non-woven material surface bond were studied. The coating thickness, sticking time before test, aging time, peeling rate, angle of initial adhesion test and...
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Optimal Design Based on Finite Element Analysis for Elevating Platform

Xiaoqiang Wu, Ruican Hao
Hydraulic elevating platform has the features of big load capacity, easy maintenance, stable and reliable operation. The kind of hydraulic elevating platform is many, and they can be used in a variety of different working conditions. The stable and load capacity of the elevating platform are the most...
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Explorations and Practices on Course Teaching of Computer Graphics Based on Virtual Reality

Zhi Zhao, Hui-jie Qu, Jin-de Huang
Computer graphics, as one of important courses related computer and related disciplines, attaches equal importance to both theories and practices. It is a highly practical preparatory course for digital image pattern recognition and 3D animation programming. In light of problems encountered by students...
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Network Topology Measurements Research Based on Campus Networks

Hui-jie Qu, Yan Huang, Dan Zhao, Zhi Zhao
With the constant expansion of campus networks, their architectures have become more and more complicated. Thus, effective network management has become critical for normal operations of networks. It is of great theoretical and realistic research significance for effectively measuring network topology...
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Research on Black Box Testing Technology Based on Virtual Reality

Song Tang
This paper is focused on the concept of virtual testing technology based on VR, putting its focus on the systematic study of virtual testing technology based on VR from a macro perspective, so as to establish the basic concept and theoretical model as well as implementation methods, the specific content...
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Hardware Design of Intelligent Management System of Construction Site Based on Internet of Things

Xiao-wen Bian, Zhao-jun Ren
Intelligent management of building construction site based on Internet of things is an inevitable trend of construction site management in china. In this paper, the hardware is designed based on IOT technology. The hardware could realize construction in site management, construction site crane operation...
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Discussion on Full-coverage Technology of Campus Wireless Networks

Cheng Yin, Guanglei Shan, Hui Xi, Wei Wang
This paper first introduces the propagation characteristics of wireless signals and the design principles of wireless networks. Through the analysis of campus wireless network needs, introduced the campus of several typical scenarios of wireless network coverage program. Through the analysis and comparison...
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Design and Realization of Foreign Language Learning System based on Mobile Internet Platform

Weili Chu
The paper aims to develop a set of mobile Internet platform system for the foreign language teaching. The background and purpose of the system design are introduced briefly, the relatively detailed demand analysis is made for the system, including clearing the problem definition and feasibility analysis....
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Design and Implementation of Oil Separator Room Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

Baocheng Lu, Zhaoqiang Li
Based on the IOT technology, the oil separator room monitoring system has been designed and implemented. In the sensing layer, the sensor with ZigBee wireless transmission function is in-charge of the collecting of the parameters around the oil separator. The serial device serves trans-coding and transmit...
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Design and Development of Speech Recognition System Based on HMM Algorithm

Zhengru Xu
This thesis introduces the basic theory of speech signal processing, and reviews the development history of speech recognition both at home and abroad. The thesis also expounds the basic theory of Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm and Markov Model in detail, and studies the method of their application to...
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Research on Dynamic Visualization Teaching Method of Computer Network

Fan Yang, Li-zhen Zhao
According to the problems of Computer Network course, namely,knowledge is abstract, the teaching materials are complicated and ambiguous, the development of technology changes quickly, the learning burden is large, etc.. It introduced a virtual network teaching environment and mind map, so as to show...
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Survey of Network Security Situation Awareness

Changlin He, Yufen Li
With the increasing significance of network space security continues, the research and application of network security situation awareness has gained more and more attention. In this paper, it described the development as well as the concept of network security situation awareness, then analyzed the...
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Design and Development of Photography and Videography Simulation System Facing Multiple Platforms

Dan Zhao, Hui-jie Qu, Yue-fei Gao, Xing Li
Through analyzing present situations of photography and videography teaching, according to problems like expensive equipment damage caused by unfamiliarity in photography and videography teaching as well as lack of professional equipment, the author narrated necessity of applying the simulation system...
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Design and Application of Personalized Recommendation Technology in Research Information Service of College and University

Qing-cong Zhao
With continuous progress and development of scientific research work in college and university, there are more and more scientific research results, including a variety of documents. In this paper, a personalized information service platform for scientific research in college and university was designed...
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Algorithm and Data Research of Computer Aided Course Arrangement System

Weili Chu, Yanmei Meng
In course arrangement, the factors, such as time, courses, teaching areas, classrooms, faculties, classes, teachers, and so on need to be taken into consideration. The conflicts in any period of time in the teacher, the teaching, the class of the teaching, the classroom occupation will be avoided in...
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The Design and Development of Digital Umlaut and Speed Change Learning System of Intelligent Foreign Language

Yanmei Meng, Weili Chu
The intelligent foreign language digital learning system is a set of specialized foreign language teaching equipment and software. It has the characteristics and advantages of digital signal transmission and storage, network sharing of resources, as well as user-friendly operation, etc. This thesis analyzes...
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Analysis and Treatment of High Exhaust Temperature of Marine Generator

Zhaoqiang Li, Baocheng Lu
A fault tree of high exhaust temperature is constructed according to the theoretical and practical analysis of the exhaust temperature of a marine generator. The air system and fuel system are analyzed and judged, and the fault tree analysis method combined with the actual situation is used in troubleshoot...
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Design of Remote Temperature Monitoring System Based on GPRS

Qiang Qi, Bao-hua Jiang, Pei-xue Liu, Li Dong
In this study, a kind of remote temperature monitoring system based on GPRS, used STC89C51 microcontroller is put forward as the host controller design, GPRS network as a remote signal transmission platform. The system can realize the measurement of temperature, also can realize the control of temperature...
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Fault Analysis of Marine Electric Hydraulic Grab Based on Fault Tree Analysis

Baocheng Lu, Jiasheng Li
Analysis of the electro hydraulic grab's not tightly closed fault were conducted by using fault tree, through analyzing of the working principle, establishing the fault tree, gradual layered investigation, so as to quickly find the source of the fault and repair the grab. Practices have proved that the...
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Design of Temperature and Humidity Data Acquisition System Based on ARM

Pei-xue Liu, Yu-jie Chen, Bao-hua Jiang, Shu-mei Liu
With the development of science and technology, the industry demand for temperature and humidity is increasing day by day. In this paper, a design of temperature and humidity collection system based on ARM is put forward. The system is designed by combining a ZigBee technology and GSM technology with...
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The Design of Measurement System on Furnace Top Material Collision Wall Signal

Qinghui Yuan, Qingfei Yuan, Guofang Feng
In this paper, a measurement control circuit is designed on collision information from vibrating rod which is furnace wall collision transmission device. Through measuring the amplitude, frequency and attenuation ratio of the collision, we can preliminary judge whether the material impacts the inner...
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Design of Laser Ranging System Based on Stm32

Yu-jie Chen, Pei-xue Liu, Hui-wei Chen, Shu-mei Liu
Laser ranging is a widely used laser technology. It has many advantages, such as convenient operation, high precision, and the ability to use it anytime and anywhere. In this paper, a portable laser ranger based on STM32 is designed, which can perform high-precision ranging function under complicated...
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Effect of EGR on Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Marine Dual Fuel Engines

Hongliang Yu, Peng Sun, Ji Wu, Jinlong Bian
In this paper, in order to obtain performance of marine natural gas/diesel dual fuel engine on exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), the AVL-FIRE software had been adopted to numerical effect analyze of different EGR on combustive process and emission of the engine. The result shows that numerical simulation...
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Design of Workshop Forklift Dispatching Management Device

Hongqiang Guo, Lijian Zhang, Junjie Wang
In this paper, forklift scheduling management device was designed. The workers can quickly find the right position according to the demand of the forklift, so that the forklift could achieve accurate and efficient scheduling, to prevent sabotage and empty air forklift. And the forklift could work with...
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Numerical Research of Instantaneous Combustion Process In-Cylinder of Large Dual Fuel Engine

Hongliang Yu, Fengshuo Xing, Ji Wu, Jinlong Bian
In the study, the AVL-FIRE software had been adopted to numerical effect analysis on combustive process of the engine. The result shows that numerical simulation results are consistent with the tested pressure, ignition point of ignition diesel is 2 ø CA ATDC, ignition point of natural gas is 2.25 ø...
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Design and Implementation of Automatic Sample System

Hongqiang Guo, Lijian Zhang
In order to adapt to the demand of sample treatment before experiment, this paper designed a three axis based on motion control card and VB sample control system. The system takes the motion control card as the core, stepping motor as the actuator, and VB operating system on the movement control CARDS...
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Research on Automatic Sorting System Based on RFID

Shixian Zeng, Rui Xue, Shaohong Wang
Most of the logistics companies use manual sorting method to complete the sorting work. However, with the rapid development of commodity economy, there is a trend that the demands direction of development towards small volume and species. With the increased species and large quantity of commodities,...
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Empirical Analysis of MACD Based on Cloud Computing of Listed Companies

Pin Wang, Zhong-hua Ling, Hong Li
MACD (Moving Average Convergence and Divergence), as an expert system of software for securities trading, is tested by statistical and empirical analysis based on real data about cloud computing which are publicly available. To realize management objectives of annual net profit margin, rate of return...
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Study on The Optimal Order Quantity of single-period products Returned for Continuous Demand

Fengju Cheng, Jingzhao Zhang, Lili Xue
In this paper, we consider the inventory control problem of single-period product items with a fixed life cycle and short marketing period. Our study expands the classical newsboy problem to consider defective items and returning policy. The single-period model is established, and the optimal order quantity...
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Empirical Analysis of RSI Based on Vocational Education Sector of Listed Companies

Fang Yu
The paper tests the RSI expert system of securities trading software based on the real and open data from securities vocational education sector through the statistical empirical analysis. It makes empirical analysis of RSI anti trend index with annual net profit rate, rate of return and win rate as...
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A Method for University Middle-level Manager Assessment Based on Multi-Objective Attribute Model

Jing Wang, Wei Su
Quantitative assessment for university middle-level manager were affected by a number of factors, it belongs to multi-objective decision-making problem. Multi-objective attribute model based on the analytic hierarchy process and setting value statistic and attribute mathematics for university middle-level...
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Evaluation on the Innovation Ability of Talent Through Extenics Evaluation Method

Lan Lan
Using literature research, expert consultation method, the paper analyzed the elements of the talent's innovation ability, and constructed the evaluation index system including innovation thinking ability, insight, self-confidence and learning ability with 4 first level indicators and 17 second level...
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An Empirical Analysis of W&R Based on Listed Companies' Investments in Vocational Education

Yao Huang, Hai-ping Huang
W&R, an expert system of securities trading software, is tested through statistical and empirical analyses based on true data about vocational education on securities that are publicly available. With annual net profit margin, rate of return and win as management objectives. The non-directional W&R indicators...
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Research on Total Revenue Optimization's Ship Maintenance Selection

Wenchao Li
This paper aims to establish a total revenue optimal model of operating ships when facing a maintenance requirement and cargo shipping opportunity under some limited conditions. In terms of influencing factors of analytical results, total shipping distance, sailing time and maintenance time are the main...
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MA Empirical Analysis Based on the Cloud Computing Sector of Listed Companies

Zhi-heng Lin, Xiao-ming Huang, Pin Wang
With the method of statistical empirical analysis, This study aims to test the MA expert system via securities trading software according to authentic and open securities cloud computing sector data. By taking the annual net profit margin, rate of return and win rate as the management goal, the MA index...
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Comparative Analysis of Cloud Computing Sector Based on Listed Companies

Ni Ruan, Hai-ping Huang, Huan Deng
This paper tested the MACD and MA expert systems of securities trading software with the statistical empirical analysis method based on the real and open securities cloud computing sector data. And it also conducted a comparative analysis of the MACD and MA trend indicators based on the theory of mathematical...