Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Civil, Transportation and Environment

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Study on Consolidation Calculation of the Concrete-cored Sand-gravel Piles Composite Foundation

Yunfei Guan, Yanwei Yang, Xiaomei Li, Wenxuan Li
The new style composite foundation is composed of the concrete-cored sand-gravel pile, the soil between piles and the cushion. According the work condition under the embankment, and considering the annular drainage section of sand-gravel columns composite foundation, the control equation and analytical...
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Synthetic Geological Prediction Method Application in Shallow Buried Large-span Highway Tunnel Based On Geological Survey

Pengfei Jiao, Shucai Li, Shuchen Li
The project was a shallow buried large-span highway tunnel, by means of synthetic geological prediction method before the construction of the advanced geological forecast was an effective measures to ensure the safety of tunnel construction. Based on geological exploration, used high density electrical...
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On-siteTest Study On DefiningLoose Range Of Surrounding Rock Of High-way Tunnel With Multi-measuring Method

Pengfei Jiao, Shucai Li, Xinzhi Li
Determining surrounding rock loose circle of plastic surrounding rock stability evaluation was critical parameters for the rational, economic support designed to provide an effective basis. In this paper, relying on field engineering, integrated embeddedsurrounding rock pressure monitoring and deformation...
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Effect of activated carbon on phenolic acids and microbes in the Rehmannia glutinosa succession cropping soils

Yupeng He, Nianxi Zhao, Hongpeng Yang, Jinlong Wang, Xidong Wu
In this paper, different proportion of activated carbon was added to the Rehmannia glutinosa continuous cropping soils including first and second stubble to adjust the phenolic acids content and microbial biomass and improve the soil environment after continuous cropping. Results showed that vanillic...
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Effect of wormcast on phenolic acids and microbes in the Rehmannia glutinosa succession cropping soils

Yupeng He, Nianxi Zhao, Hongpeng Yang, Jinlong Wang, Xidong Wu
In this paper, different proportion of wormcast was added to the Rehmannia glutinosa continuous cropping soils including first and second stubble to adjust the phenolic acids content and microbial biomass and improve the soil environment after continuous cropping. Results showed that vanillic acid, vanillin...
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Application of different types of forward modeling results in seismic reservoir prediction

Jinlong Lv
There are a large number of transitional rocks (silty mudstone and muddy silty sand) in the Fuyu reservoir, which affect the seismic characteristics and reduce the reservoir prediction accuracy. The lithology P-wave impedance log can be created by the well log interpretation result. The lithology P-wave...
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FTIR Analysis of Liquefaction Product of Long Flame Coal by White-rot Fungi

Kai-Yi Shi, Jian Long, De-Guang Kong, Lei-Xu Xiao
Liquefaction of low rank coal such as long flame coal by microorganisms is one of the most potential ways in coal clean utilization. To promote industrialized application, this paper focuses on structure of liquefaction product by infrared spectrometer. After that, software Peakfit v4.12 was used to...
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High Grade Highway Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Optimization Evaluation

Hongli Zhao, Guangyu Zhou, Shengbing Du
Starting from the existing evaluation system of asphalt pavement, single evaluation index and the comprehensive evaluation index are evaluated respectively. Based on engineering examples, this paper puts forward that the weighted geometric mean generation is to optimize the existing weighted arithmetic...
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Prediction of low-order blade frequency noise of submarine propeller based on surface panel method

Zhonghua Liu
The unsteady loading(dipole source) on the blade surface was calculated by a potential-based surface panel method. Then the time-dependent pressure data were used as the input for Ffowcs Williams–Hawkings formulation to predict the acoustics pressure. The blade frequency noise of submarine propeller...
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Failure Patterns of Reinforced Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (RLAC) Walls after High Temperature

Jen-Hao Chi, Yu-Chang Hsu, How-Ji Chen
This study utilizes and sinters the reservoir sediment to produce high-quality lightweight aggregates. Not only does the recycling of reservoir sediment into useful building material save resources, but it also increases the reservoir capacity, prolongs reservoir life, and is more conducive to environmental...
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Durability of Fly Ash Cement Concrete Pavement in Cold Areas

M. Mandula
Based on the freeze-thawing cycle characteristic of road concrete in cold climatic condition. The objective of this paper was to estimate the practicality of using fly ash discharged from a coal fuel electric plant in Inner Mongolia in concrete pavements. The abrasion resistance of road concrete containing...
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Investigation on the damage of Asphalt Pavement of Urban and its solutions

M. Mandula
With the development of local economy, the increase of urban population and the poor infrastructure in old urban area can’t meet the development of the modern city. Small and medium-sized city traffic problems have gradually become the negative factors which hinder and restrict the city social economy...
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Flood Wave Propagation in Jingjiang Reach with the Three Gorges Reservoir in Operation

Li Chen, Haiyun Cheng, Yinshan Xu
The Jingjiang River is the reach of Yangtze River just downside of the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR), and most oftenly threatened by the flood. In this reach the natural flood normally routed as kinematic wave, but since TGR put into operation the outflow can be changed dramatically once the controlling...
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Research about mechanics theory and damage mechanism of asphalt pavement design

Xiaochun Zhang, Yiqing Liu, Yingzhou Yan
Asphalt pavement is the main pavement pattern in China. There have been a serious of achievements over the past decades in mechanics theory and damage mechanism of asphalt pavement. Based on the above two aspects in asphalt pavement design, this paper provides a detailed overview of the application of...
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Research on the Mechanical Properties of Self-compacting Waste Rubberised Aggregate Concrete

Jianjie Yu
In order to study the changing regularity of rubber particles impact on self-compacting concrete deformation performance, with SCC30 strength of self-compacting concrete as the base, with different amount of rubber particles volume instead of fine aggregate in self-compacting concrete sample, preparation...
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A Model for Urban Road Network Vulnerability Analysis Based on Cumulative Prospect Theory

Biao Lü, Yu Huang
A model for network vulnerability evaluation based on cumulative prospect theory is proposed for more accurate evaluation of the effects of travelers’ behavioral responses on road network vulnerability caused by link closure. In the proposed model, the effects of both demand variations and travelers’...
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Overall budget management in construction engineering budget management

Jianxin Li
Comprehensive budget management is refers to the use of budget of enterprise internal departments and units involved a variety of financial and non-financial resources allocation, assessment, control, easy and effective for the production and operation activities of the enterprise organization and coordination,...
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Emergy analysis of the wetland comprehensive development level

Xinjian Guan, Wenkang Liu, Xueyan Qi
As the wetland ecosystem in the field of research is insufficient, this paper established Effect Evaluation Index System of comprehensive development level of wetlands based on their ecosystem functions and performance characteristics. The entropy method was used to determine the index weight, the set...
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Stability Analysis of Rock Slope Surface with 3D Geomat Under Seismic and Seepage Condition

Guangyue Wang, Tingting Chen, Yan Wang, Yun Gao
This paper discusses the mechanical stability of rock slope with 3D geonet protection system.A damaged 3D geomat slope model under seismic load and seepage condition is established. The paper studies the effect of rainwater infiltration and seismic load to the stability of 3D geomat slope surface in...
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Parameter properties of granite moonstone under unloading condition

Yinghui Lv, Yao Xu
In order to get parameter properties of rock mass, a series of representative unloading tests are carried on hard granite moonstone for that it is indispensable to get mechanical parameters and strength parameters for numerical simulation. In the unloading tests, the stress path of decreasing confining...
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Finite element analysis of failure process for tubular joints in fire by using transient and steady heat transfer methods

Haicheng Zhao, Yongbo Shao, Dongping Yang
Finite element model is presented by using software ABAQUS and used to carry out heat transfer analysis for tubular joints, and its reliability has been verified through comparison with reported experimental tests. Using transient and steady heat transfer theory, the critical temperatures of tubular...
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Finite element analysis of flexural behavior of a new rectangular hollow flange beam (NRHFB)

Li Wang, Yongbo Shao, Yamin Wang
This study presents a new rectangular hollow flange beam (NRHFB). In this new beam, the top flange is designed to be rectangular hollow section. Considering a thin-wall hollow section flange is much weaker in resisting concentrated load, the web is penetrating through the tubular flange to sustain local...
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Strength properties of cement-based composites with CFBC fly ash and coal-fired fly ash

Maochieh Chi, Jiang-Jhy Chang, Kuo-Lien Chen
This study is to investigate the strength properties of cement-based composites with circulated fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) fly ash and coal-fired fly ash. Ten different blended cements were prepared to cast mortar specimens. The compressive strength, tensile strength, and flexural strength were...
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Granite Strain Waveform Curve Analysis in SHPB Experiment

Qingcheng Zhang, Dianshu Liu, Shenglin Li, Shufeng Liang
The damage degree of the rock and its strain has the nature relation, this paper choose the granite which is most common rock in the engineering practice as the research object. It carried on more categories of impact test research about granite specimen of length to diameter ratio is 0.8 times in using...
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Discussion on Fabrication and Lifting of Floatation Tanks of Jacket

Ning Sun, Chao Liu, Chengbao Li, Hongchang Zhuang, Yili Chao, Yuji Shen, Qiang Wei, Zengbo Wang
Floatation tanks are usually designed in gravity jacket, which can provide enough floatation and make sure the accurate location of jackets during offshore installation of gravity jacket. Floatation tanks have the following characteristic: major diameter, thin thickness and there are large of internal...
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Variation Feature and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation about Earthquake-damaged Environment Hazard for Underground Structure

Fengshan Wang, Hui Yuan, Bo Wang, Wanhong Zhu, Houqing Lu, Yuhong An, Minghu Xu
According to subjective deviation and variation characteristics in fuzzy decision-making, one fuzzy reasoning method is put forward on the environment hazard for earthquake-damaged underground structure with the integration of entropy and variation weight distribution. Through identifying such index...
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The study of effect of sand cushion thickness and foundation pressure on earthquake response in the ground

Dongyi Pan
Our country is a place where earthquake frequently happens and where seismic area is widely distributed. With the progress of science and technology, the use of computers and so on, from home and abroad we have achieved great development for the research and application of shock absorption and isolation...
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Spatial Correlation Analytical Method of OD Flow in Freight Transport: a Case Study of China

Wei Wei, Baohua Mao, Shaokuan Chen, Xinmiao Zhao, Yangfan Zhou
Commodity and information interaction between regions are becoming more and more intense. The data of origin-destination flow (OD flow) is the observation of the interaction between paired regions. Each observed value of OD flow is related to an original point and a destination point in space, which...
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Application of Comprehensive Fall Index Method in Water Level-Flow Relation of Main Cross Sections in Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River

Fengming Wan, Lihua Long
The Yangtze River, the longest river in China, is also a famous river in the world. Most regions within its drainage basin are of moderate climate, abundant rainfall, rich resources and dense population, in the meantime, the Yangtze River basin is also a region in which floods frequently happens. In...
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Application of Blasting Compacting Method for Filling Stone in Foundation Construction of Revetment

Baochu Yu, Jiasong Wang, Rongyang Sun
Blasting compacting method for filling stone in dealing with deep silt and soft foundation, has prominent features of quick construction, low cost and excellent effect, etc.. This paper, focuses on paddy rice transfer program in China Grains & Logistics Group North Grain Co. Limited and takes hydraulic...
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Construction Technology for Pavement and Subgrade of Settlement Road and Bridge

Yujian Xie
this paper mainly introduces the harm of road and bridge pavement and subgrade settlement,expounds the causes of uneven pavement and subgrade settlement on the settlement road and bridge,analyzes the structure design of settlement road and bridge and finally discusses the construction technology for...
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Local Interface Formulation for Structural Nonlinear Dynamic Finite Element Analysis

Chao-Jiang Fu
The local interface formulation for nonlinear dynamic analysis of large structures is presented using domain decomposition and preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG) technique. In the formulation, the PCG algorithm is formulated using the unassembled local Schur complement matrices of subdomains. Incomplete...
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Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Calibration of an Earth Pressure Cell and Improvement Measures

Fengjun Liu, Shijie Feng
Earth pressure is usually measured by the earth pressure cell. Calibration parameters from the manufacturer is often obtained conducting calibration in the gas or liquid systematically with a set of pressure, which can not be used in soil test directly. Therefore, in order to find out a well-matched...
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Comparison of Identification of Soil Stratigraphy between Two Code Methods of CPTU Test and Laboratory Test in Shanghai

Lijun Wang, Junpeng Wang
This article presents a comparison between two code methods of piezocone penetration test (CPTU) and laboratory test in identifying soil stratigraphy in Shanghai. In China, stratigraphy for soft deposit is mainly obtained through the traditional code method, in which plasticity index and grain size distribution...
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Risk evaluation and control of EPC hydropower construction project in Vietnam

Sy Hung Mai, Jian Qiong Wang, Hong Anh Vu
In Vietnam, now many hydropower project adopts the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) of the contract. However, in the implementation of these hydropower projects, the EPC general contractors are facing many difficulties, resulting in schedule delays and considerable losses . From the above...
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Study on highway bridge vehicle load standard value*

Yan Dai
According to the data of 107 National Highway Luogang section of Guangdong vehicle load survey, By using theory of probability and statistics, the parameters such as gross vehicle weight, axle load, wheelbase, vehicle spacing and so on, are statistically analysed in this paper so as to confirm the probability...
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Load-out Design of Jacket With SPMT

Maoyao Zheng, Juan Wang
A new load out method with self-propelled modular transporter for jacket of offshore platform is introduced. The requirement of route selection, method axle force check, driving force check, stability check, friction force check and temporary structure design related to SPMT part during load out are...
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Real-time monitoring of the full-scale flate-plate floor subjected to fire by acoustic emission and energy rate analysis

Chongji Zhu, Yuli Dong, Qun Xie
This paper presents test results of mechanical behavior, failure pattern and energy rate of full-scale flat-plate floor subjected to fire. The experimental results show that crack patterns on top surface of the flat-plate floor under fire consistent with those at ambient temperature. The experimental...
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Probability Model Deduction Method for Geotechnical Parameters Based on Normal Information Diffusion Principle

Shang-Qian Hou, Feng-Qiang Gong
In order to reflect the randomness and uncertainty of geomaterials, it is essential to study the probability model of geotechnical parameters. Based on normal information diffusion principle, a probability model deduction method for geotechnical parameters was presented in this paper. Taken a set of...
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Tea garden landscape ecological planning __ take yellow tea garden of Guangzhou Conghua as an example

Yue Zhong
The ecological tea garden landscape design has not formed a relatively integrated theoretical system, our common form of tea garden is tea-picking garden, science and technology demonstration tea garden and multiple integrated tea garden. Taking Conghua district landscape yellow tea garden for example,...
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Application of monitoring technology in deep foundation pit engineering

Zhineng Tong
With the city's high-rise buildings have sprung up, deep foundation pit project is also more and more, more and more deep, nature of the underground soil, load conditions, the construction environment of complexity, simple based on the geological survey data and laboratory soil test parameters to determine...
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Correlation Coefficient Control For Subgrade Settlement Curve Fitting

Ruijun Song, Zhangjun Dai, Shanxiong Chen, Jian Li, Zecheng Chi
The measured settlement curves of high-speed railway are presented with the characteristic of "small scale, large fluctuations", which is difficult to reach the requirements of curve regression coefficient with 0.92 on specification. This was done by adopting the method of mathematical simulation and...
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The location-routing problem under emergency logistics in post-earthquake

Changshi Liu
The location of distribution centers and routing of relief delivery in the available transportation network are two of the most challenging issues in emergency logistics after disasters. This paper presents a stochastic mixed-integer program model that integrates fuzzy demands, time windows, and damage...
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The Preparation of Foam Concrete with Iron Tailings

Jing Xu, Shaowei Yao
In this paper, iron tailings and cement are used as the basic raw materials. Through studying strength and dry density, we explore the feasibility of preparation of foam concrete using iron tailings.
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Computational Theory for Hooping Force of Concrete-filled Rectangular Steel Tube Column

Junming Chen, Hui Chen, Yingbo Chen, Jianfeng Fan
One of the mechanical key problems on concrete-filled steel tube (CFT) structure is the confining effect between the steel tube and the core concrete. The key technology to solve the problem is to accurately describe the interfacial mechanics properties. Based on continuum mechanics theory, by means...
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BIM Technology Application in the Exploration of Super High-rise Office Building Project in Civil Construction

Yufeng Li, Zheng Gao, Xiaofeng Zhang
Guangzhou Pearl River New City J2-5 project east faces Xian Cun Road, south close to the Ritz Carlton Hotel, west close to Guangzhou East Tower, and north close to Global Metroplaza. It uses BIM technology to deepen its work for the construction drawings and construction program to previously find and...
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Research on Road Performance of Chemical Modified Nanning Expansive Soil

Xian-Yuan Tang, He-Ping Yang, Ying-Chun Li
To study on the chemical effects on Nanning expansive soils the lime, cement and fly ash were utilized as modifier to treat three different kinds of expansive soil. The fundamental engineering properties of expansive soil were analyzed to evaluate the improved effects and adaptability. The results indicate...
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Experimental Research on Flexural Performance of High-strength Simply Supported Reinforced Concrete Beam

Ruliang Zheng, Degao Tang, Bukui Zhou, Dapeng Li, Zhen Liao
In order to study the flexural performance of high strength reinforced concrete beam, through the loading test of six groups of specimens, investigate its force deformation characteristic. Test shows that the high-strength steel has very notable significance to improve the bearing capacity of the beam....
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Study on the Formation Mechanism of Commercial Housing Price

Lixin Li, Lele Yang, Wenbo Fan
This article based on the basic theory of the formation mechanism of housing price, it introduced the fluctuations of commercial housing price in our country these years. Then by using the supply and demand theory, it analyzed the process of the commercial housing price formation mechanism and the main...
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Coordination in a two-level supply chain with option

Rajapov Azamat, Ming Jian
Due to poor performance of supply chain members the paper has been studied supply chain contracts based on newsboy model without option and centralized decision-making model. This research paper presents how to coordinate the supply chain in two-level of supply chain. All the numerical part analysis...
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The study on Moisture Damage of the External Insulation Wall of Residential Buildings in Cold Area

Jiu-Hong Zhang, Mei-Xu Fang, Jin Li
Based on the steady state heat and moisture transfer theory, according to the characteristics of climate in sever cold area; they analyzed the heat and moisture state of brick and paint decoration wall of residential buildings in Shenyang area. The main reason for its failure is that the brick wall dampness...
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The Quantitative Research of Regional Hydrologic Drought Driving Factors in Weihe River Basin of China

Wenkun Liu, Zhiping Liu, Yuansheng Pei, Jiaqi Zhai
In previous research, the drought evaluation index did not consider the influence of groundwater resources. This study select the standard water resources index (SWRI), and put the impacts of surface water resources, soil water resources and groundwater resources together into SWRI. A regional drought...
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The Prolongation for Bayesian estimation of Scale – parameter of Double exponential distribution

Yirong Ying, Shiyao Zhao
In this paper, based on the traditional Bayesian risk, aiming at the empirical Bayesian estimation of the double exponential distribution’s scale parameter, through an improved inequality about the LINEX loss function, we reduce the order of the convergence speed of the parameter in Bayesian estimation...
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A PSO based Signal Timing Optimization Approach of Phase Combination

Yuedong Zhao, Wei Fang, Chenchen Qing
A signal timing optimization approach of phase combination on PSO (particle swarm optimization) is proposed in the paper. The objective function is to minimize the number of stops at intersection by combining the less different flow ratio of two streams into a team. The method is applied at the intersection...
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Simulation Research on Multi-user Navigation under the Environment of Real-time Constellation

Wenpu Xu, Xiaojing Du, Huaijian Li
In the general simulation system of navigation, the real-time capability of traditional signal source is not strong, and the unity problem of navigation terminal remains. To solve the problem, the new navigation system is constructed which includes GPS/BDS navigation receiver, signal simulation software...
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The influence of denoising on the subgrade settlement fitting curve

Zhangjun Dai, Shanxiong Chen
High speed railway must strictly control the settlement deformation. It has important significance to explore reasonable methods of noise reduction for the settlement curve, in order to improve the reliability of settlement prediction. Wavelet analysis is feasible to denoise the observation data. The...
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Study on test of Gas-liquid energy conversion efficiency

Rongjun Sun, Yang Sun, Guojian Shao, Mingwei Lu, Yuting Yao
Development of hydraulic power energy with low water head is an effective supplementation for the traditional development of hydraulic power energy. How to effectively utilize the hydraulic power energy with low water head in nature is a problem now and the gas-liquid energy conversion efficiency is...
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Research on Web-based knowledge management system for construction project team

Yun Chen, Jian Zhao
At present, Web technology has fully applied in all walks of life. As a revolutionary development of technology, it will bring immeasurable influence if it is applied to construction project team. Therefore, the use of Web technology for the construction project team knowledge service is imperative....
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Random Error Analysis of Inertial Sensors output Based on Allan Variance

Shaochen Li, Xiaojing Du, Junyi Zhai
With characteristics of small volume, low cost and high reliability, MEMS inertial sensors are developing into one of the mainstream sensors in inertial navigation system, and its output precision has a great effect on the overall system precision. In this paper, the random error of inertial sensors...
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Landslide prediction using aging stability theory of creep

Jingde Liu
The aging stability theory of creep aims to describe simultaneously the steady-state creep and accelerated creep of rock and soil by coupling Kelvin model and Saito model. In the project of Mount Niu-shou tourist district, several landslides have been successfully predicted and forecasted by fitting...
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Mechanism of Nanning Flood Dike Slope Failure Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm Inversion Analysis

Rongyong Ma, Xiaoqing Zhang, Ruyue Pang
A novel method is established to analyze the dike slope failure mechanism research in this paper. First of all, it improves a serial of operations, and boundary conditions for the genetic algorithm, such as the crossover operation, mutation operation, the operation and the convergence condition, then...
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Liquefaction Estimation and Hazard Evaluation Criteria of Sand Soil Foundation of Horizontal Ground

Zecheng Chi, Zhangjun Dai, Shanxiong Chen, Jian Li, Ruijun Song
Sand liquefaction is a common seismic hazard of foundation. In order to investigate the hazard evaluation criteria of liquefaction of sand soil foundation, a research was made to study different methods of discriminating sand liquefaction with the reference of the results of recent related studies in...
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Method of Low-Carbon Energy Saving for Tunnel and Underground Project

Yujian Xie
At present, there exist some problems of energy conservation and emissions reduction in tunnel and underground engineering construction. During the operation period the current situation of the energy conservation and emissions reduction in tunnel and all kind of underground space can not be ignored....
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Hybrid Finite-Discrete Element Method Modelling of Brazilian Disc Tests

Huaming An, Jianjun Shi, Xin Zheng, Xuguang Wang
A Hybrid finite-discrete element Method is introduced to simulate fracture and fragmentation processes of Brazilian disc test. The transition from continuum to discontinuum through fracture and fragmentation is implemented through a combined single and smeared crack model. An integrated development environment...
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Research on the Failure of Brittle Rock-like Samples Based on Its Acoustic Emission Characteristics under the Condition of Uniaxial Compression

Zemin Zeng, Bin Wang, Mengju Zhang
There is less research on the accordance relationship between AE characteristics and failure process including the starting time and duration of failure of brittle rock. The different brittleness rock-like samples made of rosin and grout mortar have been researched by the uniaxial compression test and...
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Influences of Purline Stiffness on the Stability Performance of Portal Frame

Gang Du, Feng Liu, Lehuan Xu
In order to study the influence of purline stiffness in portal frame on the stability performance of portal frame, this paper establishes the finite element model of portal frame-purline-knee bracing system and conducts buckling analysis and ultimate bearing analysis of the system by use of ANSYS finite...
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Sduty on effect of water-fertilizer coupling on water consumption and growth of young grape

Ping Gong, Hongguang Liu, Xinlin He
Soil moisture and nutrients are different under different water and fertilizer conditions, which will affect crop growth and yield. In this study, water consumption, growth index, yield under different treatments were measured and analyzed in order to investigate the effect of coupling of water and fertilizer...
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The Carbonation Model of Concrete Structures and Its Application

Junting Jiao, Bo Diao, Chenfei Wang
Carbonization is one of the main factors affecting the durability of concrete structures in atmospheric environment. According to the theory of reliability and the climate forecast data, using the concrete carbonation prediction model improved, the time-dependent reliability of concrete structures were...
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Research on Heat Conduction Inverse Problem of Continuous Long Downhill Truck Brake

Shun Zeng, Heng Zhang, Yunwei Meng
Brake temperature rise has a significant impact on the braking performance of the vehicle, especially when the vehicle in the long downhill road, and the driver of the vehicle brake operating temperature is particularly necessary to master. Inverse heat conduction problem solving was based on the thermal...
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The Clustering and Sorting in the Programme Management

Bo Niu, Hui-Min Li
With increasing business management projects, managers find incongruities between organization as a whole and individual project which influence the achievement of overall business goals. Objectively, multiple projects of business management need to be clustered into programme for management in accordance...
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Comparative Analysis of dyeing wastewater treatment Technology

Guihong Pei, Feng Yu, Liyin Zhang
Dyeing wastewater complex composition, color large organic pollutant concentration is very high, in the field of wastewater treatment is a kind of low biodegradability, biodegradation of industrial wastewater. Based on extensive research, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment method commonly used...
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Study on Constructing Digital 3D Model of Pumping Station Flow Channel

Gang Zhao, Yin Tao Shi, Mao Mei Wang
Pumping station flow channel is an important part of water pumping station, and plays an important role in the running process. The construction of the pumping station flow channel currently mainly depends on the pre-assembled wooden model, and the construction quality cannot be effectively assessed....
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Parameters Optimization and Energy-saving of Highway Tunnel Stagger Luminaire Distribution Lighting with LED

Shijuan Fan, Chao Yang
A parameters optimization model (POM) of stagger-luminaire-distribution (SLD) lighting for tunnel interior zone was established to acquire the most energy-saving luminaire installation parameters (LIPs) of highway tunnel interior zone, with luminaire installation height, longitudinal installation spacing,...
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Study on the internal defects of concrete slab on the basis of IES

Mingxing Zhang, Yongsheng Zhang
Empty, segregation etc are the common internal defects of concrete slab, positioning the inner defects of slab is the basic requirement of the engineering detection and repair, in this study, the internal detects of concrete slab were studied based on the principle of impact echo method. Different forms...
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Study on Low Ecological Technology Strategy of Qiang Dwellings in Northwestern Sichuan

Ming Gao
Taking Taoping Qiang Dwellings in Li County, Aba Prefecture of Northwestern Sichuan as case, this paper analyzed low ecological technology strategy applied by Qiang Dwellings in Northwestern Sichuan for coping with alpine region, including regional environment strategy, architectural technology mode....
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An Analysis about Reinforcement Effect in Permafrost Preloading Region

Xi-Lei Ma, Xiao-Ming Shen, Hua-Luan Wang
This study is based on an actual preloading project of permafrost region in Dalian, China. In order to obtain the testing results and reflect the reinforcement effect of this project, there are some preparations that are needed to be carried out, such as field monitoring, data analysis and so on. According...
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A Study on Deformation Characteristics of Preloading Project in Permafrost Area

Xi-Lei Ma, Yan-Xiang Liu, Jun-Jian Yi
This article is on the basis of an actual preloading project of permafrost region in Dalian, China. The deformation characteristics of preloading project in permafrost area can be found by the following steps: Initially, do some surveys about the geological characteristics of this project. Then, lay...
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A Method for Optimizing Train Diagram of High-speed Railway with Soft Time-window

Wei Zeng, Xingchen Zhang, Xinmiao Zhao
This paper studies optimization of train diagram with different speed of high-speed railways, and introduces soft time window to construct the optimization model of train diagram, aiming at minimizing the difference between the arrival and departure time of the trains and the expectation of passengers...
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Design of Concrete Frame Structure Based on Engineering Quality

Danxia Luo
The project is a reinforced concrete frame construction office building, which contains 5 floors. Each floor's height is 3.6 meters . The whole elevation is 19.6 meters. In this area, the intensity of earthquake resistance is 7. The basic wind pressure is 0.75 kN/m2.The location type of the constructs...
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Safety monitoring control technique of construction speed of soft groundsill damming in Shuangwangcheng reservoir

Fang Xu, Wang-Lin Li, Fei Yan, Bo-Fan Zhang, Zhan-Lei Liu
Controlling construction speed is a key factor to ensure the stability of dam slope in soft groundsill. In this paper, for the construction of soft groundsill damming in Shuangwangcheng reservoir, a dynamic monitoring method of soft groundsill damming, considering the excess hydrostatic pore water pressure...
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Numerical analysis of influence of deep excavations on metro tunnel

Cong Chen
As metro and urban light railway transit projects are rapidly launched in China, land exploitation projects along the railway are increasing too, and lots of new buildings’ deep foundation pit work are located around metro station and tunnel protection sphere, the metro station will inevitably be influenced...
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Midas /GTS Numerical Simulation Analysis on Influence of Deep Excavation to Adjacent Subway Station

Cong Chen
As metro and urban light railway transit projects are rapidly launched in China, land exploitation project along the railway are increasing too, and lots of new buildings’ deep foundation pit work are located around metro station and tunnel projection sphere the metro station will inevitably be influenced...
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A Framework of BIM-Based Bridge Health Monitoring System

Siqi Wang, Jinsheng Du, Jianyong Song
During the monitoring of bridge health, traditional method of information transmission based on paper mediums can easily cause omissions, delays and errors, and make the information management become burdensome, complex and inefficient. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technology which integrates...
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The analysis of leakage condition for heating network

Yuanxiong Fu, Lijun Zhao, Chao Han
When the pipeline bursts and leaks, the make-up pumps will turn on to supple the network with water. Due to the outdoor heating network is a closed cycle, and equipped with the make-up water pumps, the hot water will leak continually under a constant pressure at the leak point, which causes thermal waste....
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A New Implementation of Dijkstra’s Algorithm on Urban Rail Transit Network

Jimeng Tang, Quanxin Sun, Zhijie Chen
Paths searching is a significant work for urban rail transit network. Because of various time weights included in nodes on this network, the traditional Dijkstra’s algorithm fails to find the shortest paths. In order to still use this traditional algorithm, the general approach is to expand this network,...
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On the diffusion law of additional stress and bearing capacity of interbed foundation in Northern Anhui

Xiu-He Chen, Ze-Cheng Chi, Shan-Xiong Chen, Fei Yu
The shortage of foundation bearing capacity would pose damage to miniature structures on highway, threatening the security of highway. Layered foundations are widely distributed in Northern Anhui, the traditional methods of computing the bearing capacity and additional stress disagree with the situation...
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Study on Calculating Depth of Additional Stress and It’s Influencing Factors in Multi-layered Foundation

Xiu-He Chen, Rui-Jun Song, Shang-Xiong Chen, Fei Yu
For widespread distribution of layered foundation, deformation and bearing capacity are two important elements in engineering project, the calculating depth of additional stress must first be established in deformation computing. For structural features of layered foundation to explore the impact factors...
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Research on the Crack Resistance Factor of Asphalt Mixture Based on the Grey Relation Entropy

Xirong Wu
In order to study the reflection crack resistance of asphalt mixture, using Overlay tester, crack resistance property of five asphalt mixture types were analyzed based on the grey relation analysis. The paper analysis the influence of mixture types temperature and volume index (void ratio) on the anti-cracking...
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Fuzzy Control of Intersection Signal Based on Optimized Genetic Algorithm

Jie Cao, Yi Wang
In order to adapt to the complex traffic and reduce the delay brought by simple traffic model, an improved adaptive genetic fuzzy control method was put forward for intersection traffic signal control. In order to improve the computational efficiency , the population size should be adjusted and the Gaussian...
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Study on mechanical behaviors of interface between gravel soil and concrete with large-scale simple shear test

Zhihua Xu, Guodong Zhang, Wei Liao, Aiming Liao, Quansheng Deng, Xueliang Li
The mechanical behaviors of interface between gravel soil from three gorges reservoir area and concrete structure had been investigated to by using the large-scale simple shear test. The effect of moisture content or stone content on the interface mechanical behaviors was discussed. The results indicated...
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Influence of Curing Temperature on the Deformation properties of Magnesium Oxide Micro-expansive Concrete

Yun Dong, Jianfeng Zhang, Xia Chen, Huaquan Yang
The influence of curing temperature on the deformation properties of magnesium oxide(MgO) micro-expansive concrete were studied.Hydration mechanism and expansion characteristics of magnesium oxide(MgO) in cement paste were analyzed by XRD DSC-TG and SEM. Results indicated.Curing temperature had a great...
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Numerical Simulation of The Time Effect to Rocks With The Fluid-Structure Coupling Condition

Moli Zhao, Wen Wang
The solid and fluid phases are not miscible phases while solid deformation and fluid transport are generally coupled processes. On long time scales, fluids allow stress-driven creep in the middle rock mass with the constant pressure. This paper aims to demonstrate time effect to rocks with the fluid-structure...
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Research of Railway Wagon Flow Forecast System Based on Hadoop-Hazelcast

Xiaodong Zhang, Baotian Dong, Weijia Zhang
The existing railway wagon flow forecast method cannot meet the demand of the actual railway transport organization. The old system is embodied in the slow computing speed and low accuracy. The railway wagon flow forecast system based on Hadoop-Hazelcast is designed to improve the accuracy of the forecast,...
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Research on New Reinforcement for Basic Foundation of Existing Buildings

Xingdong Ma, Yu Zhang
It has become a novel and universal engineering problem that the new construction caused uneven foundation settlement of existing building foundations. This paper relies on the actual project that the tilt of existing buildings caused by a new tunnel. For the uneven settlement of existing building foundation,...
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Experimental study of flooding area characteristics of flash floods under different bedload transport conditions

Jun Du, Chendi Zhang
Based on the large-scale field conceptual solid model experiments of artificial torrents and water-rock flows, this paper studied the changes of flooding areas and cross-sections morphology of river channel in different bedload transport rates, and the results showed that:1) there is a critical point...
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Feasibility Analysis of Seawater Desalination in Urban Municipal Water Supply in Coastal Cities

Boyu Liu, Chengpu Liu, Rongwang Guo, Jinfeng Jiao
China cities are in the state of shortage of water in recent years. Although large scale projects have solved some of the city's municipal water supply problems the linear water supply policy still can’t cover all the small and medium-sized city. In recent years, seawater desalination technology has...
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Research on Hot-side Radiation Intensity of Semiconductor Refrigeration

Yunfeng Pang, Yuhong An, Minghu Xu
The hot-side radiation intensity is an important factor of the semiconductor refrigeration performance. This article first selected three radiation ways: the air cooling radiation, the heat pipe radiation as well as the water cooling radiation, and then conducted the experimental study to the three radiation...
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Influnence of Bridge Deck Pavement and Hinge Joints Damage on Transverse Load distribution of Void Slab Bridge

Junli Liu, Tianhu Jing, Tiaoyuan Qiu
In order to study the influence of bridge deck pavement and hinge joints on transverse load distribution of void slab bridge, this thesis took actual engineering as background and applied the finite element software ANSYS to establish a finite element analysis model of simply-supported void slab bridge....
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Selection of Rigid-flexible Composite Pavement Construction Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Xirong Wu
Summarizing the existing rigid-flexible composite pavement structure types in service, the paper recommends two pavement structures , adopts the method of expert evaluation of index quantification, sets up the quantitative evaluation model for asphalt pavement structure layer selection and works out...
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Land transformations in Hanyang city of Wuhan in Central China 2001-2011

Yan Li
Using the case of Hanyang, this paper provides new evidence of land transformation in China. Together with massive non-urban to urban land transformations, there is an increasing proportion of land being converted from urban to non-urban uses. The results of exploratory spatial data analysis demonstrate...