Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2020)

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Models of Application of IT in Teaching in the Condition of Transformation of the Education System and Searching for a New Paradigm

Igor Vostroknutov, Sergey Grigoriev, Lev Surat
Humanity is on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution in anticipation of global changes. A global reform of education is expected - from the change of the paradigm itself and the creation of a new teaching methodology to the creation of new forms, methods and teaching methods. However, there are...
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The Potential of the Agile Technology Application in University Education

Natalya Ryazanova, Tatiana Dikova, Anna Semak
The research is devoted to analysing the transformation of the SPOD world (Steady, Predictable, Ordinary, Definite) into the VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) and defining the main features of the VUCA in the education system. The authors of the article consider the feasibility...
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Study on the Development of Critical Thinking in College English Teaching in Application-oriented University

Ying Jiang
The development of critical thinking has become an important issue in the reform and development of higher education. This paper summarizes the research results on the development of critical thinking at home and abroad. Based on the model of critical thinking development in foreign language teaching...
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Application of Defamiliarization Theory in College English Classroom Teaching

Jinchun Zhang, Dongshui Zhang
With the rapid development of Internet technology, English learning materials available to students are becoming increasingly abundant and fragmented nowadays. Before entering the college, students have learned English for several years and become very familiar with the teaching mode in middle school...
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Research and Practice of the Blending Teaching Mode in “Extensive French Reading” Based on the “Zone of Proximal Development”

Sisi Liu
Since the “zone of proximal development” theory was proposed, many Chinese and foreign scholars have continued to deepen it. The introduction of a famous American cognitive psychologist Bruner’s “scaffolding theory” has made this theory widely used in teaching practice. In recent years, the blending...
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Research on the Cultivation of Students’ Cultural Literacy in Application-oriented Universities Against the Background of Informatization

Chunhe Zhao
According to the characteristics of college English learning, students should use information-based learning methods in the self-improvement of cultural literacy. With the development of information technology, especially the arrival of 5G era, the main role of students and the guiding role of teachers...
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Application of Resource Methodology Strategy for College Students’ English Study in Mobile Learning

Jinchun Zhang, Dongshui Zhang
With the rapid development of network technology and the wide use of mobile devices, mobile learning has gradually become the main way for college students to learn English. Mobile learning has its unique advantages in the time and place to learn, but it also has limitations, such as vulnerable to many...
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The Curriculum Setting and Teaching Practice of “Scientific Japanese Literature Reading” in Universities

Feng Li
Under the guidance of the demand for interdisciplinary foreign language talents, many Japanese majors in colleges and universities have also set up the course of scientific Japanese. However, the setting mode of comprehensive knowledge content learning is mostly adopted and there is no separation between...
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Study on Setting up an English Teaching Mode for English Nursing Major in Universities of Chinese Medicine

Yuhui Luo
This paper focuses on the present teaching mode for English majors in universities of Chinese medicine. According to the survey and research, four problems restrict the development of English nursing major, the teaching objectives, the curriculum, the teaching materials and the nursing English teachers....
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Study of the Student’s Role in College English Classroom Interaction

Honglei Wang
According to social constructivism, knowledge is not passively accumulated, but rather, is the result of active cognition by the individual, of social interaction and language usage. It emphasizes the co-construction of meaning within a social activity, and acknowledges the learner’s active role in the...
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Current Situation and Improvement Strategies of Business English Course Teaching Mode in Application-oriented Colleges

Xiaodan Bao
Application-oriented colleges focus on the cultivation of applied talents with professional ability and practical competence. The traditional English teaching mode has been difficult to meet the systematic needs of contemporary Business English major students, and the purpose of talent training is also...
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Reflections on Graded Teaching of College English in Application-oriented Universities: a Case Study of Zhaotong University

Xihong Min
The English ability of application-oriented college students is generally weak and there is great difference in their English proficiency. Graded College English teaching enables teaching students based on their English proficiency, improving the teaching and learning efficiency and facilitating students’...
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An Exploration of Japanese Audio-visual and Oral Course Teaching Based on Flipped Classroom Teaching Model

Ni Jiang
Based on the humanistic theory, this paper makes a detailed study of flipped classroom teaching model through literature research. The humanistic teaching concept holds that the essence of the teaching process is an interaction based on mutual respect, which emphasizes the ability of students to learn...
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Exploration on the Professional Development of Undergraduate International Chinese Education in the Context of Pilot Free Trade Zone Construction

Taking Heihe University as an Example

Bing Liu, Chunyan Lang
Teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages with language and culture as center in local universities and colleges has encountered bottleneck in professional development. The general education model is questioned and challenged. Taking teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages in Heihe University...
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Teaching Model Reform on Applied Translation Based on Parallel Corpus

Hongwei Na
The traditional teaching model on applied translation is teacher-centered and cannot spur students’ learning initiative. This paper intends to explore the teaching model reform on applied translation by compiling parallel corpus on applied texts and applying the corpus to applied translation teaching,...
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Study on the Language Features and the Translation Methods of Commercial Advertising

Ya Fang
As the process of enterprise internationalization continues to accelerate, the promotion of merchandise competition among countries has become increasingly fierce. And as one of the important promotion methods, advertising has been paid more and more attention by people. Whether in China or foreign companies,...
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Comparison of Inner Meanings of Color Terms Between Chinese and English from the Perspective of Sociolinguistics

Fu Zhang, Dawa Pengcuo
There are a large number of color terms between Chinese and English. Due to the great differences of cultures among the history, politics, economy, religion, customs and the ways of thinking, the meanings and usages of color terms are also different between them. In view of this, the article first takes...
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Research on the Teaching Reform Strategy of History of Foreign Literature Against the Background of Big Data

Qian Zhao, Xiaoning Tian
In the era of big data, there are many opportunities for the reform of traditional teaching mode, and teaching model with new pattern can effectively improve teaching effect. Based on teaching examples of History of Foreign Literature, this paper is carried out from the following aspects: micro-lessons,...
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Study on the Connection of Chinese Literature History Course and Chinese Teaching in Middle School

Lin Pan
The most important thing for teacher certification is to require the organic connection of university courses and middle school teaching. This connection requires seamless integration of the two. Therefore, it is necessary to find an entry point to promote middle school teaching to play a role in university...
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Study on the Teaching Strategies of Reading Foreign Literary Classics in the Context of Big Data

Xiaoning Tian, Qian Zhao
There are many shortcomings in the teaching of reading traditional literary classics. Against the background of the development of big data today, the advantages of big data should be used to guide students to read literary classics. Specific methods are as follows: using big data to communicate with...
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The Construction of “Maritime English: Listening and Speaking” Course from the Perspective of Project Course

Jing Wang
“Maritime English: Listening and Speaking” is a core professional course, which has an important influence on the future development of students from marine majors. Therefore, teachers need to pay attention to the teaching effect of the course “Maritime English: Listening and Speaking” in order to improve...
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The Construction and Significance of the Corpus for the Learners of Chinese Inheritance in Central Asia

Huan’gai Zhao
Language talents are an urgent issue for The Belt and Road initiative. Donggan students from Central Asia are not only proficient in Russian, but also familiar with the language of their host country. In terms of Chinese acquisition, it belongs to the acquisition of Chinese inheritance, which shows characteristics...
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Discoursology as the Teaching of Text in Its Formation and Development

Mark Y. Blokh
Presented is the newly advanced linguistic teaching of text based upon the analysis of its structural and semantic unit. This unit was discovered and described by the author of the article in the year 1984, and was introduced under the name “Dicteme” (from Lat. ‘dico-dixi-dictum-dicere’ - ‘to speak’)....
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Lexical Heritage of the Lechite Type in the Czech and Russian Languages

Alexander Shaposhnikov
This article is dedicated to analysis of vocabulary of Lechite origin in Great Russian, Great Polish and Czech language areas. The common “Lechite” lexical fund is numerous. The study shows that prefixal derivatives with prefix wy-/vy- alone make more than 600 cognate lexical units. Only 16 forms have...
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Experience in Developing Socio-cultural Language Competence in Professionally Oriented Foreign Language Teaching

Marina L. Ivleva, Nonna L. Bagramyants, Vitaly Yu. Ivlev
The article considers the role of socio-cultural competence as an important component of the modern job description of a specialist in adapting to new multicultural world. The aim is to show that in the new model of language education, socio-cultural competence helps to solve the problems of forming...
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Changes of Communicative Context in Vocational English Informationization Teaching and Countermeasures from the Perspective of Adaptation Theory

Weirong Li
Informatization is a research hotspot in current vocational English teaching. From the perspective of adaptation theory, compared with traditional teaching, the communicative context of vocational English informationization teaching has changed, which is mainly reflected in the aspects of psychological...
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Explanation of Picture Language by Stratification of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL): tan90° as an Example

Liping Zhu
Language is the main medium of human interaction. Starting from the overall ideographic system of language signs, language is closely related to the construction of social culture. As a form of multimodal discourse, the development of picture language is the common product of the development of social...
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Research on the Construction Strategies of Vocational English Effective Classroom in Higher Vocational Colleges

Weirong Li
This paper points out that with the development of economic globalization, it is urgent to further improve the English application ability of students in higher vocational colleges. However, due to the misunderstanding of efficient classrooms in higher vocational colleges, problems such as rigid teaching...
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Diachronic Evolution and Synchronic Distribution of the Conceptual Field of Speech Act Verb Swearing Language

Mengchuan Zhang
Speech act verb of swearing language serves as a basic category in Chinese language, whether it is ancient or modern language, euphemism, colloquialism, or mandarin. Diachronic method and quantitative statistical analysis are employed to investigate the diachronic evolution and synchronic distribution...
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A Study on Roger Ames’ Interpretation of Confucian Concepts

You Zhang
In the translation of Chinese Confucian classics, the concepts of Confucian philosophy are interpreted variously by Western missionaries and Sinologists in different ages. Taking the English translation of Confucian classics by American Sinologist Roger Ames as an example, this paper explores the translator’s...
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Color Metaphor and Children’s Psychological Trauma in Morrison’s Novels

Liting Wang
“Trauma” is one of the important themes in Morrison’s novels. In recent years, some critics use trauma theory to interpret Morrison’s works, and combine her identity as a black female writer with feminist critical theory to analyze the black women’s trauma in her works. This paper breaks through the...
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A Contrastive Analysis of Synaesthesia Between Sensorial Adjectives in English and Chinese

Ying Zhou
Synaesthesia is both a physiological and psychological phenomenon and a language and cultural phenomenon. Synaesthesia semantic phenomenon abounds in both Chinese and English vocabulary. This paper aims at elaborating the accidental similarities, distinguished differences and the lacking of counterparts...
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The Model Construction of Knowledge Organization System in Terminography — Taking Chinese Linguistic Terminology as an Example

Jie Zheng
Chinese linguistic terminology has the characteristics of a combination of systematicity and hybridity, which brings challenges and opportunities to the research and practice of terminography, and makes the integration of interdisciplinary theories inevitable. Combining the theoretical perspectives of...
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The Grammatical Categories of the Classical Tibetan Verbs

Daojie Ben, Dr. Sangta, Dawa Pengcuo
This paper discusses the grammatical categories of the Classical Tibetan verbs. Morphologically, Classical Tibetan verbs can be categorized into tense, mode, valence and aspect, while the category of Ergative verb VS. unergative verbs are based on syntactical distribution, which should replace the category...
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A Study of Transferred Epithet in Chinese from the Perspective of Prototype Theory

Gangni Chen
The definition of Transferred Epithet (TE) given by Chen in 1930s is based on the traditional categorization theory, which is too absolute and excludes some linguistic expressions from it. Therefore this paper redefines it with the reference to prototype theory. By adopting a corpus-based approach, the...
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Study on the Dictionaries of Alishir Navayi’s Works

Osman Juma
Alishir Navayi is a poet and thinker who has an important position in the history of Chaghatay literature in the 15th century. In the sixty years, he has created and published 29 works related to language, literature, philosophy, history, etc. successively in China and foreign countries. The dictionary...
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Traitor or Rebel: A Translation Problem in Chinese about the Italian Proverb Traduttore, Traditore

Xin Chang
Bitterly criticized by celebrated translators from China and beyond, the famous Italian proverb traduttore, traditore (translator, traitor) has been regarded as a commendation towards translators by some Chinese scholars. This paper attributes this bizarre phenomenon to one main reason: the Chinese version...
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The Evolving Translation in the Changing World

Weimin Yuan
With the increasingly change of the world, translation has been different from that at any stage in its history. The change in its nature needs to be explored in the special era of the combination of globalization and ‘Internet plus’. For the purpose, this paper is presented to delve into the evolving...
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A Diachronic Research of the Development of Foreign Linguistics in China

A Knowledge Map Analysis Based on the National Social Science Fund Project Database (1996–2019)

Yansong Feng
The National Social Science Fund (NSSF) project titles of foreign linguistics (1996-2019) were segmented and processed with CiteSpace. The visualized knowledge map by CiteSpace intuitively displays the diachronic development trajectory of foreign linguistic research and the changing of research hotspots....
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The Search of the East or Apofatic Reality in V.Khlebnikov’s Poem “Shaman and Venus”

Marianna A. Dudareva, Yuliya V. Vel’dina, Rimma M. Mirzoeva, Denis G. Bronnikov
The article analyzes the poem of Velimir Khlebnikov “The Shaman and Venus” (1912) in a branched cultural and historical context. The subject of research is the apophatic tradition in the work. Much attention is paid to the spatial-temporal model and the position is evening - morning, since the main events...
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Serbian Epos as the Reflection of National Self-consciousness

Yasmina Zabolotskaya, Elena A. Osipova
The present article is aimed at studying how Serbian national self-consciousness is reflected in epic songs. The key source for the analysis was the evidence and research by Russian, Serbian and foreign scientists, writers and cultural figures, including N.V. Gogol, I.I. Sreznevsky, P.I. Preys, A.N....
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Effect of “Yearbook of the Imperial Theatres” to Culture of the “Silver” Age Society

Yuliya Guschina, Liudmila Mikheeva
The article reveals the role of the “Yearbook of the Imperial Theatres” as a special type of manifesto magazine, and the official edition of the Ministry of the Imperial Court. Led by S.P. Diaghilev, the “Yearbook” received recognition and distribution among the creative class of Russia. Diaghilev is...
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The Origin and Development of the “Ordinance on Apparel System” of the Republic of China in the Context of Culture

Defeng Song, Jie Wang
The promulgation and formulation of ordinances on apparel system in past dynasties are not only the factors restricting clothing culture, but also the factors promoting clothing culture. The enactment of the ordinances on apparel system of the Republic of China is the inheritance of the Chinese costume...
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Viewing the Mass Communication of Non-mainstream Culture from “The Rap of China”

Lu Wang, Xiaohang Song
With the advent of the new media era, the “non-mainstream culture” that was originally hidden in the mass culture has begun to emerge, and it has spread day by day through rich and broad communication channels. The rise of non-mainstream culture not only maintains the ecology and activity of cultural...
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Analysis on the Dissemination of Internet Novel IP (Intelligent Property) Dramas in the New Media Era

Lu Wang, Senlin Yang
With the development of the mobile Internet, with the aid of new media, the development and dissemination of Internet novel IP (intelligent property) dramas have also undergone corresponding changes. This article will start from the perspective of communication science, and on the basis of the “5W” communication...
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Imitative Writing and Variation of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” in Modern China

Xiaojuan Zhou
In 1922, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was translated and introduced by Zhao Yuanren to China. In the 1930s and 1940s, a series of Chinese-style “Alice” stories appeared. Writers borrowed from the plot structure and character images of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, making it a work rich in...
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A Nietschean Interpretation of John Updike’s Rabbit, Run

Ling Jiang
The paper is on the light of Nietzsche’s interpretation on cause and effect, in which the usual sequence of cause and effect is inverted because the so-called “cause” is in fact the cause of the exploration on the perceptible phenomenon. According to Nietzsche, the perceptible phenomenon should be the...
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Research on the Construction of Sino-Russian Cultural and Artistic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industry Platform of Heihe University, Heilongjiang

Hui Xie, Yuxia Lu
Taking the construction of Sino-Russian cultural and artistic innovation and entrepreneurship industrial platform of Heihe University in Heilongjiang Province as an example, this paper expounds the important role of constructing art industrial platform in colleges and universities for the application-oriented...
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Study on Cultural Promotion Measures in Western Countries in the Lead of American and Emerging Economies

Ziyuan Mi, Kening Ding
Western countries in the lead of American and emerging economies have achieved fruitful results in promoting their own culture, resulting in booming culture and related industries. The paper elaborates approaches to promote cultural development in the process of modernization in western countries in...
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The Hidden Cultural Issues in Postmodernism

Yixiang Zhang
Postmodernism is a complex cultural and artistic trend prevailing in the West since the 1960s. Analyzing the cultural problems contained in postmodernism itself is a key to interpret the complexity of postmodernism. This paper mainly uses literature research method, qualitative analysis method and other...
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Analysis of Polyphonic Style in Disappearance

Haiyan Wang, Hua He
As a polyphonic novel, Disappearance presents a magnificent panorama of the Guyana people after 1966 when they just won their independence from British colonial rule. Almost all the existing literature on this novel is extensive and focuses particularly on broad visions, e.g. colonial trauma, culture...
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An Interpretation of the Spatial Forms of “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”

Lulu Sun
With the help of relevant theories and methods of spatial narratology, this paper discusses Ernest Hemingway’s classic novella “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” from three aspects: geographical space, realistic space and psychological space. With the help of the narrative mode of stream of consciousness, the...
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A Case Study of Ningxia Paper Cuts Culture

Yinping Lv, Rui Huang
The Yellow River, known as the Mother River in China, is ranked as the root of Chinese traditional culture. The Yellow River runs through Ningxia province and has great influence on its culture. Culture in Ningxia is only one little part in the grand Yellow River culture. The Yellow River provides not...
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Research on the Path of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Entering Campus

Peijun Wang, Liang Sun, Zining Chen
Chinese excellent traditional culture is the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Entering campus is an effective way to inherit and develop excellent traditional culture. Through empirical research, this paper uses dual regression model to analyze the influence factors of music, food, monuments,...
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The “Retreat” of the Author and the “Advance” of the Reader: Revisiting The Craft of Fiction by Percy Lubbock

Ling Chen
Percy Lubbock discusses the relationship among author, works and readers in The Craft of Fiction. He advocates that the author should not intervene in the work, and can adopt the first-person narrative and the third-person narrative to avoid the direct exposure of the author in the text. However, readers...
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The Aesthetics of the Sublime in Chinese Thought and in Zhuangzi

Jin Qian
The Sublime is an important concept in Western aesthetics, and many great thinkers from ancient times to the present have discussed this topic. So, in Chinese thought, is there a concept equivalent to sublime? First, through linguistic analysis and comparative study, this essay will focus on chong-gao...
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The Writing Art of Wilde’s Fairy Tales: the Reshaping of Love and Kindness Under the Cloak of Aestheticism

Taking “The Happy Prince” as an Example

Haoyi Wu
Oscar Wilde, the controversial and tragic aesthetician who had been tragically ruined for nearly a century, wore his carefully woven “art for the sake of art” aesthetic coat, and cultivated a fantasy fairy tale garden — beneath the aesthetician’s wild appearance, what is hard to conceal is a pure love...
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Study on Literary Space in the Landscape of “Eight Views”

Li Hou, Jianjun Kang
Poems in ancient dynasties involve relatively typical local landscapes and cultural regions, which can be reflected in the writings of ancient poets many times. With regard to the poems on regions, a lot of contents are related to the study of landscape, so the poetry text will show a certain regularity,...
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The Anxiety Writing in Ode to Marriage

Na Zhao, Junyang Wu
Ode to Marriage, as a valuable piece of oral literary work, is a typically representative narrative poem created by Lisu. It portraits Lisu people’s comprehension towards love and marriage in details and conveys their mode of thinking about marriage. This paper aims at analyzing the reflection of the...
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Ritual as a Means of Intercultural Communication

Denis I. Chistyakov, Olga V. Chistyakova
Rituals of different peoples of the contemporary world are presented in the article, perceived as a universal means of intercultural communication. The authors review some secular rituals of North America and religious ones of the Russian Caspian region. The coming-of-age ceremony of the North American...
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Specificity of Mahayana Buddhism in Vietnamese Intracultural Religious Communication

Sergei Nizhnikov, Le Thi Hong Phuong
The article analyzes the specificity of Mahayana Buddhism (Thien Buddhism) in Vietnamese culture in the context of intracultural religious communication. It reveals its origins and discusses the reasons for its becoming more popular than Theravada Buddhism and no less important than Confucianism, Taoism,...
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Cultural Heritage as a Tourist Resource for the Development of Cultural Tourism in Georgia

Elena S. Bogomolova, Ana Dovlatova
The article is devoted to considering the features of the cultural heritage and cultural and historical values of tourist sites as a tourist resource for the development of cultural tourism in Georgia, which promotes the sustainable development of the country. Per the analysis of the structure of visits...
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Intercultural Communication and Dialogue of Ethnic Cultures in the Context of Digitalization of Society

Vitaly Yu. Ivlev, Vladimir A. Inozemtsev, Marina L. Ivleva
The article examines the influence of cross-cultural communication tools, especially digital technologies, on the dialogue of ethnic cultures, and it analyzes the ethnopolitical concepts of multiculturalism and ethnopluralism. Using the concepts of U. Kimlik, Ch. Kukutas as an example, an attempt is...
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Educational Activity of Cultural Centres as Means for Intercultural Communication

Svetlana Kalouskova, Natalia A. Bondarenko
This article tackles the questions related to the development of intercultural communications in modern society and provides analysis of the notion “intercultural communication” in works of such scientists as E.T. Hall, S.G. Ter-Minasova, and I. I. Haleeva. The article also explores the educational activities...
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European Culture and Identity Between Crisis and Tradition: the Conservative Continental Discourse of the XX - Early XXI Centuries

Philipp Tagirov
The article addresses the contemporary crisis of European culture and identity and focuses on three answers to this crisis that were given by conservative continental discourse during the past hundred years. First, we take a look at the idea of the “Faustian” culture proposed by O. Spengler and shared...
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Study on Dialect TV Programs and Audience’s Cultural Psychological Identity

Teng Zhu
As a niche type of program, dialect TV programs can gain good recognition and audience rating for many reasons. From the perspective of TV programs’ cultural and psychological care for the audience, this paper uses the theories of communication, psychology, sociology and other disciplines to discuss...
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The Enlightenment of the Family Values in the Genealogy Images as the Central Scroll Painting

Jiping Yue
This article takes the genealogy diagrams of ordinary families in Longkou, Shandong Province as the research object, and comprehensively analyzes the images obtained on the spot through field inspections, and takes the most representative image as a typical case, analyzes from the visual image, text...
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Protection and Inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage Based on Children’s Perspective

Taking Daoqing Art as an Example

Zhiying Jiang
The protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage is a worldwide problem, which has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life, and the protection and inheritance based on children’s perspective will be a fundamental measure. This paper takes Daoqing art as a case, compares...
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Study on the Innovation and Development of the Traditional Culture of the She Nationality in Eastern Fujian Province

The Collision of She Culture and Contemporary Culture

Xin Chen
She nationality is a local minority with strong ethnic characteristics. With the continuous progress of the times, the traditional cultural inheritance and development of the She nationality has been lagging behind. Starting from the traditional cultural inheritance and innovative development of the...
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Guangling Ci Circle and Its “Amorous Ci” Chimed Activities

Qinglv Huang, Suxiang Yu
Through the literature analysis, the paper probes into the features of Guangling Ci Circle (ci, a type of classical Chinese poetry, originating in the Tang Dynasty and fully developed in the Song Dynasty) as well as its amorous ci chimed activities, as Guangling Ci Circle has actually become an important...
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Analysis on the Inheritance and Development of Manchu Intangible Cultural Heritage in Changbai Mountain by the Creation of Animation Short Films in the New Media Era

Junbo Dai, Kun Wang, Yingchao Sun
Changbai Mountain is the birthplace of Manchu culture, and is rich and colorful in intangible cultural heritage of Manchu people. Traditional shooting and recording methods can no longer meet the protection and inheritance demands of intangible heritage in the new media era. This article summarizes the...
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Research on Baudrillard’s Advertising Theory Based on the Concept of “Image”

Meng Qin
Different from the traditional research on advertising application theory, Baudrillard once defined advertising as a reproduction field operated by simulacra and code in his media criticism theory. In Baudrillard’s “the system of objects”, the image was used as a visual representation to cover the capitalist...
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Study on the Similarities and Differences of Chinese Culture and Thai Culture from the Euphemism of “Death” in China and Thailand

Zhaoyang Duan
Language taboos are the most fundamental reason for euphemism. Since ancient times, “death” has been the most taboo word for people. Under normal circumstances, people avoid talking about death, and believe that the greatest misfortune for a person is death. Therefore, they always avoid the word “death”...
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Analysis on Character Image in Lu Xun’s Novels and Translation Strategies from the Perspective of Konnektive Struktur

Jie Zheng, Jianli Li, Chunfang Yi
The combination of Konnektive Struktur and Medio-translatology brings the innovation of theoretical perspective and the focus of research object for the study of character image translation in novels. From the perspective of Konnektive Struktur, the character image of the novel as the research object...
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Strategies for Cultivating Intercultural Communication Competence in the Context of New Media Communication

Yiping Xu
This paper studies strategies for cultivating intercultural communication competence in the context of new media communication, and proposes to reform foreign language teaching through new media technology. Micro class, flipped classroom and situational teaching can be employed to integrate foreign language...
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The Influence of Cultural Values on Language Communication Styles in Intercultural Communication

Siyan Guo
Cultural values are highly regional. Eastern societies represented by China and Japan have cultural values of collectivism, high power distance index, and high context. In western society, cultural values of individualism, low power distance index, and low context are the mainstream. Differences in cultural...
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The Narration of “Forgetting” in Blanchot’s Fiction

Wenwen Liu
Blanchot’s forgetting is not a purely mental illness in his writing, but a kind of emotional convergent, which pushes the human experience to a limit. This article mainly uses schizophrenic analysis to examine the narration of forgetting in Blanchot’s fiction, and explores how the strong emotions and...
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Research on Modern Translation of Traditional Auspicious Characters

Dan Chen
Based on the new media perspective of multicultural integration, adhering to the thousand-year-old charm of traditional culture, this paper attempts to integrate traditional auspicious characters with modern design, combine the current consumer society and the culture of the times, as well as the new...
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Research on Acculturation of Korean Students During Chinese Language Acquisition

Lijuan Gao
The “acculturation model” proposed by Schumann (1978) provides a theoretical basis for the study of second language acquisition from the perspective of environmental and emotional factors. The “social distance” and “psychological distance” of second language learners in learning the target language explain...
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Image Reproduction and Expression Reconstruction: Urban Image Communication in the Era of Short Video

Jingyi Su
The booming mobile short video serves as a new carrier for urban image communication and a window for the public to understand urban image and cultivate their own perception towards city. Analysis of short video involving urban image reveals that mobile short video reappears new urban space, urban landscape...
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Analysis on the Evolution of the Four Tropes of Semiotic Rhetoric of Chinese Cigarette Labels

Dongwei Yang, Mingzhe Li
Cigarette labels are the commodity signs. As a form of advertisement, the text of cigarette labels, which is composed of words and patterns, is culturally branded because of its different times and regions, and has obvious characteristics of the times. The cigarette label in China has a history of more...
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Research on Regional Cultural Inheritance Mechanism Under Internet Group Communication

Jianbo Qin
The media culture in the age of Internet Mass Communication is different from that of traditional media in the aspects of communicator, audience, medium, content and effect. The new media, represented by the Internet, has become the main media of mass communication, and the regional culture, as a “consensus”...
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Research on the Development Status of “Non-fiction” Writing from the Perspective of Narratology

Taking the “True Story Project” as an Example

Dan Lu, Xinyu Zhang, Xuefei Tan
This paper mainly takes the tweets of the WeChat official account “True Story Project” from 2016 to 2019 as a case, and explores the current development status of the new cultural form of non-fiction writing with content analysis and narrative theory. The research results show that narrative subjects...
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Research on the Cultivation Mode of Intercultural Communication Competence for Chinese College Students in Local Application-oriented Universities Against the Background of the Construction of “The Silk Road Economic Belt”

Yanqin Cao, Zhaohong Yao
Against the background of the implementation of “The Silk Road Economic Belt”, combining the school running orientation, characteristics of majors and employment channels of local application-oriented colleges and universities to cultivate “application-oriented, localized and internationalized talents”,...
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A Study on the Lyrics of Chinese and English Children’s Songs in International Education

Caicai Feng
Children’s songs, as an important tool for children’s cultural enlightenment, are also an important carrier of cultural heritage. Because of the influence of different languages and cultures, the culture of children’s songs varies from country to country. Because the number of users is the largest, in...
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Quanzhou Maritime Museum: Spatial Production of Maritime Silk Road Culture

Hongbin Xie, Dongjun Chen
Museum is an important representational form of cultural space, which core value is cultural identity. Taking Quanzhou Maritime Museum as an example, on the basis of the spatial attributes of the museum, this paper analyzes the principles, elements, spatial layout and contents of the spatial production...
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Strategies for Chinese Fantasy and Kung Fu Novels to Go Global: Taking Sage Monarch as an Example

Jiangxia Yang
The past five years has seen a dramatic rise of online Chinese fantasy and kung fu novels (hereafter called Chinese fantasy novels), or xianxia novels, both for domestic readers and readers overseas. The novels, characterized by their Chinese flavor, are so popular among foreigners that many English...
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Enlightenment of Early Translation of Pen Tsau Kang Mu on the International Dissemination of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Treatment Protocols

Liyan Wang, Kun Zhong, Ya Liu
To explore the activities and features of early English translation of TCM could enlighten the current translation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The Description of the Empire of China and Chinese Tartary is a great work that comprehensively introduces China. It is known as “one of the three...
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Study on the Transmission of Chinese Traditional Decorative Patterns Along the Silk Road

Li Gu, Yan Gu
This paper studies the Chinese traditional decorative patterns attached to them were spread through the Silk Road. Starting from the significance of the spread of Chinese traditional decorative patterns along the Silk Road, this paper expounds the influence of Chinese traditional decorative patterns...