Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Computer Science (ICEMC 2017)

464 authors
Yaqing, Du
A Study on The EW Effectiveness Evaluation Based on Full Pulse Information Extraction
Yelin, Zhong
Research on Share Repurchase of Chinese Listed Company
Yi, Cheng
The Influence of the Comprehensive Second Child Policy on China's Population
Yi, Cheng
The Path Research of International Education in Universities
Yi, Fang
Thinking and Research of Application Innovation Of Fashion Display Design
Yi, Li
Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer in Bathtub
Yi, Li
Evaluation And Customization of TV Drama
Yi-Jui, Chiu
Structure Design of Pure Electric Car
Yifan, Zhang
Discussion of How to Write Business Letters in English on a Basic Level
Yifan, Zhang
The Inevitable Trend and Challenges Faced by Bilingual Teaching in Management Science
Yifen, Kuang
Research on Occupational Present Investigation of New Generation Migrant Workers
Yijui, Chiu
Vibration Analysis of Turbine Rotor System
Yilong, Wang
Analysis on the reform trend of public hospital in Lanzhou: from the perspective of patients and its influence at the country level in Gansu
Yilong, Wang
The Reform of Value Logic of Minority Areas' Public Hospitals at the County Level: Taking Ethnic Minority in Gansu Province as an Example
Ying, Chen
Prediction of Surface Roughness for HSM Based on BP Neural Network
Ying, Chen
Application Research of Big Data Mining and Decision Analysis System in Colleges and Universities
Ying, Chen
Intelligent Transport Decision Analysis System Based on Big Data Mining
Ying, Huang
The Investigation about How to Protect the Internet Insurance Consumers' Rights and Interests
Ying, Xu
Intelligent Chatting Mobile Robot for seniors and Kids
Ying, Xu
Optimizing the Passenger Throughput at an Airport Security Checkpoint
Ying, Zhang
Research and Practice on Digitization Construction of University Archives
Ying, Zhang
Research and Thinking on Digitalization Construction of University Archives
Yingyi, Cao
Urban Economic Development and Multinational Corporations in Western City of China under Globalization
Yiping, Guo
Research on the University Library Information Resources in the Background of Big Data
Yiping, Guo
Investigation and Analysis on the Status of the Digital Resources Utilization and Reader Services of Local University Libraries
Yiwei, Liu
Research on Characteristics of Nonlinear Analog Devices Based on RBF Neural Network
Yonghong, Wu
Discussion on Innovation of English Translation Teaching Methods in Colleges
Yongjie, Yu
Research and Design of Single - Phase Boost PFC Circuit Based on Current Hysteresis
Yongyan, Song
Correlation Analysis between Gender and Different Anxiety Dimension and CET4 Scores
Youhui, Zou
An Analysis on the Electronic Technology Teaching and the Cultivation of Students' Innovative Ability
Youhui, Zou
Research on the Innovation of Teaching Method and the Cultivation of Innovative Undertaking Talents in Colleges
Yu, Wang
Advice on Effective Teaching Design based on BOPPPS Model
Yu, Wu
On the Necessity of the Development of Jingdezhen Film and Television Tourism from the Famous Japanese Tourist program "Impression of Tokyo"
Yuan, Liu
The Current Situation and Thought of Chinese Teaching of Painting
Yuanyuan, Yang
The Trend of College English Teaching Reform Based on Employment Orientation
Yubiao, Dai
Application in the Teaching of Principal Component Analysis
Yubiao, Dai
The Achievement Evaluation Based on Collaborative Filtering
Yucong, You
An Empirical Study on the Mechanism of Five-Entry Education to College Students' Innovation-Entrepreneurship Intention
Yuefei, Wang
The Experimental Study of the Influence of Yanlingdan Prescription on the Apoptosis Protein Fas/FasL Expression of Ovarian Granular Cells in Mice with Premature Ovarian Failure
Yueling, Xiao
The Research on China Export Trade in Cultural Goods
Yueling, Zhao
The Change Research of Soil Moisture and Temperature in Farm Field
Yufei, Wang
The Development of Small-micro Technology Enterprises in the Platform of National University Science Park - Take Sanya Yunxin Technology Development Co., Ltd for Example
Yuge, Wang
The Experimental Study of the Influence of Yanlingdan Prescription on the Apoptosis Protein Fas/FasL Expression of Ovarian Granular Cells in Mice with Premature Ovarian Failure
Yuman, Zhang
Economic Evaluation and Research of Day-ahead Optimal Dispatch of the Microgrid
Yunying, Wen
Research on Share Repurchase of Chinese Listed Company
Ze-Liang, Sun
Structure Design of Pure Electric Car
Zhanbo, Wang
Nuclear Fission in Fast Breeder Reactors and Its Economic Outlook
Zhanbo, Wang
Nuclear Fission in Fast Breeder Reactors and Its Sustainability
Zhang, Li
A Study on the Strategies of Japanese Literature Teaching Assisted by the Network Optimization in the Information Age
Zhangen, Huang
SIFT based Face Recognition System
Zhaoyang, Xu
Study on Modeling of Local Intelligent Traffic Scheduling
Zhen, Yang
Perfection Measures of the Teaching Mode for Colleges Visual Communication Design Major
Zhengwen, Yang
Prediction of Surface Roughness for HSM Based on BP Neural Network
Zhengyi, Hu
The Research on Key Technologies and Working Process of Modern Industrial Robot Vision
Zhezhou, Kang
Research on the New Direction of Artificial Intelligence Development Writer
Zhihong, Ye
Comparative Research on the Characteristic of Aerodynamic Drag Reducing Between the Projectile with Column and Truncated-Cone Base Cavity Shape
Zhiqiang, Dai
Research on Intelligent Tourism Application Based on Big Data
Zhiru, Zhao
The Effect of CPA and Urea Distribution on Growth of Banana Seedling Stage and Fate of Nitrogen
Zhiyao, Huang
Research on Enterprise Operating Strategy for Digital Library
Zhongfu, Qin
Study on the Influence Mechanism of Urban Residents' Energy-Saving Awareness on Energy-Saving Behaviors
Zhongjian, Wang
Research and Discussion on Bilingual Teaching of software project management
Zhuangya, Zhang
Analysis of Thermal Characteristics for Spindle System of the KSMC1250 CNC Machining Center
Zhuangya, Zhang
Dynamics Modeling and Simulation Analysis of the Vertical Machining Center Dual-drive Feed System
Zongjie, Wang
Analysis of Japanese Intransitive Verb and Transitive Verb Expressions Based on Different Perspectives