Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Environmentally Sustainable Animal Industry 2022 (ICESAI 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Eko Widodo, Vu Dinh Ton, Rugang Tian, Norsida Man, Mashudi Mashudi
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Sustainable Milk Production from a Lactation Biology Perspective

Shinichi Yonekura, Mst Mamuna Sharmin
World per capita consumption of fresh dairy products is projected to increase by 1.0% p.a. and production is projected to grow at 1.6% p.a. over the coming decade (2020–2029). To meet up this additional demand, raising high producing dairy cows with proper nutrition and environment is obvious in the...
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Toward Sustainable Feeding Systems of Madura Cattle: A Case Study in Bangkalan Regency

Kusmartono Kusmartono, Mashudi Mashudi, Poespitasari Hazanah Ndaru
The term “Sustainable farming (SF)” relates to a general approach, a broad production system using methods that involve society (farmers), environment, and economy. This concept aims to support health and well-being of the society and to work with nature, while still aiming for being profitable businesses,...
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Application of IoT Based Smart Farming in Sustainable Production and Improvement of Animal Genetic Resources

R. Rajendran, A. K. Thiruvenkadan, M. R. Kishore
Internet of Things (IoT) is a collective network of real-world objects with sensors and connectivity. Lot of data is obtained through the sensor and networks to analyse the behaviour of the subject involved. Smart farming involves monitoring and managing of animal farms using modern ICT and data tools...
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Sustainable Livestock Practices

Norsida Man, Siaw Shin Yee
Livestock farming is a strategic industry and has very important potential for the further development of agribusiness. It plays an important role in providing protein food for most of the global population besides uplift the rural livelihoods and economies in many developing countries. As the populations...
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Unraveling the Genetic Population Structure of Mongolian Indigenous Cattle Breeds Using Whole Genome Sequencing Data

Rugang Tian, Hojjat Asadollahpour Nanaie, Yuan Li, Xiao Wang, Meng Zhao, Hui Li, Hao Zhang, Jianghong Wu
In the present study, we generated complete genome sequence data from 45 Mongolian cattle. Together with published sequence data from world-wide cattle populations, we explored the genetic diversity and population structure of worldwide cattle breeds. Our findings revealed clustering of cattle populations...
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Inhibitory Activity Test of Essential Oils Made from Pomelo, Sweet Orange, and Lime Fruit Peels Against Pathogenic Fungal Growth as an Antifungal in Animal Feed Ingredients

Riza Zainuddin Ahmad, Bachtar Bakrie, Eni Kusmaningtias, Dwi Endrawati
This study aims to determine the essential oils most effective in inhibiting the growth of pathogenic fungi (mold and yeast) in animal feed ingredients. Comparisons were made to the essential oils made from the peel of 3 types of citrus fruits: Pomelo, Sweet orange, and Lime. The research was conducted...
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GH, GHRH, and PIT Genes Polymorphisms of Local Swamp Buffalo in Pandeglang District, Banten Province

A. Anggraeni, C. Thalib, F. Saputra
The molecular selection of the genes influencing growth qualities can be used to genetically improve the production of native swamp buffaloes. Local swamp buffalo (60 hds.) maintained by smallholders in Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province, were examined for the genetic polymorphism of the growing family...
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Sustainable Wool Production and Management System in Small Enterprise

Mohammad Ikhsan Shiddieqy, Bess Tiesnamurti, Ratna Ayu Saptati, Pita Sudrajad
Sheep are mainly raised to produce meat in Indonesia. Wool from local sheep have not been utilized and become a waste when the farmers shear the wool for sanitation purposes. On the other hand, Indonesia has sheep breed that potential as wool producer. Wonosobo Sheep, crossing of local breed and Texel,...
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The Effect of Using Different Levels of Cassava Flour and Cassava Wastes on Dry Matter and Organic Matter Degradation and Rumen Fermentation Products in Vitro of Cassava-Based Concentrates

Miftahul Hasanah, Kusmartono Kusmartono, Mashudi Mashudi, Poespitasari Hazanah Ndaru
This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of using different levels of cassava flour and cassava wastes on dry matter and organic matter degradation, efficiency of microbial protein synthesis (EMPS) and ammonia (NH3). The seven treatments from this study are P1 = maize stover 20% + cassava flour...
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The Effect of Storage Time on Physical Quality of Vegetable Tanned Goat Leather

Yoga Nurichsanto, Ambar Pertiwiningrum, Nanung Agus Fitriyanto, Viagian Pastawan
The study aimed to investigate the effect of storage time on the physical properties of vegetable-tanned goat leather. We divided the storage time into three treatments, namely P0 (0 months), P1 (3 months), and P3 (12 months). The observation parameters for investigation included tensile strength, elongation,...
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The Performance of KUB Chicken 2–12 Weeks at Agriculture Extension Center of Semarang Regency

Rini Nur Hayati, Dwinta Prasetianti, Restu Hidayah
One of the roles and functions of agricultural extension centers (AEC) is providing and disseminating technological information. The IAARD provides assistance kampung unggul Balitbangtan (KUB) chicken that has higher egg productivity. This paper was made to observe the performance of KUB chickens at...
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Morphometric of Etawa Crossbred Goat in Breeding Stock Development Area in Banjarnegara District

Bess Tiesnamurti, Tatan Kostaman, Anneke Anggraeni, Angga Ardhati Rani Hapsari
Morphometri studies of a livestock breed are generally required to provide an overview of their characteristics, and be useful to recognise their phenotype. Etawa crossbred (PE) goats have been registered as a local breed and the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health assign several location...
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Potency and Strategy for Developing Beef Cattle Business in South Kalimantan

Lira Mailena, Ratna Ayu Saptati, Sara Sorayya Ermuna, Eni Siti Rohaeni
The study aimed to identify the potential and develop a strategy for developing the beef cattle sector in South Kalimantan by maximizing the use of local resources. A mix of survey techniques, focus group discussions, and literature reviews were used to carry out the study. The potential analysis comprises...
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Scarification’s Effect on the Growth of Leucaena Leucocephala cv Taramba

Harmini Harmini, Wisri Puastuti, Endang Sutedi, Dwi Yulistiani
The aim of this study is to reveal a method for accelerating seed germination and raising the growth of Leucaena leucocephala cv Taramba. The research was conducted in the agrostology laboratory of the Indonesian Research Institute for Animal Production (IRIAP) from June to August 2021. The research...
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The Demand of Maize by Feed Mill in Indonesia During the Covid 19 Pandemic

I. Gusti Ayu Putu Mahendri, Ratna Ayu Saptati, I. Putu Cakra Putra Adnyana
Restrictions on maize importation by government in 2016 have resulted in limited stocks for livestock feed resources and stimulate an increase of maize prices in Indonesia. This will impact on the development of feed mill business as well as the sustainability of poultry industry in Indonesia. This study...
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Overview of KUB Chicken Rearing at the Small Farmer Level in Central Java

Subiharta Subiharta, Pita Sudrajad, Rini Nur Hayati, Komalawati Komalawati
The Kampung Unggul Balitbangtan (KUB) chicken is new superior native chicken released by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture that has been developed in various regions across the country, including Central Java. The purpose of this study was to look at how KUB chicken development is performing at...
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Correlation Between Egg Size (Length, Width and Weight) and Hatching Weight of White-Nest Swiftlets (Collocalia fuciphaga) from Buntok, Central Kalimantan

Didik Bagus Saputra, Dedes Amertaningtyas, Hanief Eko Sulistyo, Faizal Andri, Nurul Isnaini
This study aimed to determine the correlation between egg size (length, width, and weight) and hatching weight of white-nest swiftlets (Collocalia fuciphaga) from Buntok, Central Kalimantan. The materials used in this study were 240 fertile eggs of white-nest swiftlets from Buntok, Central Kalimantan....
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Physical Quality and Microstructure of Casein-Sodium Tripholyphosphate Edible Film Making

Imam Thohari, Mulia Winirsya Apriliyani, Ayunitasari Rachmawati, Eka Nur Rakhmawati Ningsih, Putri Masfufah Aminuzzuhriyah
Edible film is a natural packaging that is environmentally friendly (biodegradable) which is strong and elastic, resembling plastic packaging. Cow’s milk has component fractionation capabilities that produce a variety of functional ingredients for applications in the food industry. Cow’s milk has properties,...
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Utilizing Cattle Livestock Waste for Biogas Energy Production in Barito Kuala Regency, South Kalimantan

Lintje Hutahaean, Yogi Purna Rahardjo, Eni Siti Rohaeni
Farmers have traditionally used livestock waste, such as feces or urine, in a limited capacity as organic fertilizer. Biogas can be generated from this waste and used as a long-term source of renewable energy. The research purpose is to determine the use of beef cattle waste as a source of energy via...
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Nutrient Content of Banana Peel (Musa paradisiaca) Fermented at Different Levels of Palmyra Sugar Liquid Addition

Theresia Nur Indah Koni, Yohanes Turu Marambandima, Tri Anggarini Yuniwati Foenay
Kepok banana peel is one of the potential feedstuff because of its availability and eases to obtain. However, the fiber content in banana peels was high and resulted in a limitation of its usage. Fermentation can reduce the crude fiber, and the process requires soluble carbohydrates such as palmyra sugar...
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Productivity Indexes of Sumatera Cross Sheep from Birth to Weaning Lambs

Anita Hafid, Chalid Talib, Anneke Anggraeni, Diana Andrianita Kusumaningrum, Herdis, Supardi Rusdiana, Andi Baso Lompengeng Ishak
The objective of this study was to calculate productivity indexes of Sumatera Cross Sheep (SC) ewes based on performances of birth weight, weaning weight, and daily weight gain. Study used 45 ewes that were naturally bred with a female to male of 7:1, mating three times in two years. Lambs were observed...
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Biological Quality of Horse Manure Compost with the Addition of Azotobachter Culture Based on the Vegetative Growth of Pennisetum purpureum and Glycine max (L) Merill

Nur Cholis, Ita Wahju Nursita
As pseudoruminant animals, horse manure is the most ideal compost material among animal feces due to its high C/N ratio of 25 or more. The addition of decomposers such as Azotobachter microbial culture will accelerate the process of decomposition. The aim of the study was to analyse the biological quality...
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The Effect of Adding Green Spinach Flour (Amaranthus tricolor) on Chicken Liver Nuggets in Terms of Yield Quality, Organoleptic Preference, and Color Using a Color Reader

Lutfiana Retno Chamidah, Dedes Amertaningtyas
The purpose of this study was to know the effect of addition green spinach flour (Amaranthus tricolor) to chicken liver nuggets in terms of yield quality, oraganoleptic, and color using a color reader. The materials in this research are broiler chicken liver and green spinach flour (Amaranthus tricolor)....
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Performance Population of Kacang Goat as One of Indonesian Germplasm in Talawi District, Sawahlunto Regency, West Sumatera

Lendrawati, Yulia Yellita, Mangku Mundana, Hari Sandi
This study was conducted to determine the population performance of the kacang goats as natural resources in Talawi District, Sawahlunto Regency. This study was carried out on 628 small farmers in Talawi district in Sawahlunto for approximately two months, from June to August 2022. The selection of the...
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Powder Milk Fortified with Whey Protein and Meniran Extract (Phyllanthus niruri L.) Encapsulated Casein Hydrolysate

Rischa Amalia Saleha, Abdul Manab, Manik Eirry Sawitri, Premy Puspitawati Rahayu
Meniran plants were wild plants commonly used as herbal medicines, they contained several chemical compounds consisting of flavonoids, polyphenols, philanthine, etc. The use of meniran extract as immunomodulatory can protected from free radical attacks. Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) had role as foam maker...
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Feasibility Analysis of Beef Development Based on Local Resources

Femi Hadidjah Elly, Sintya J. K. Umboh
The development of beef cattle farming is currently an important concern for the government due to its role in supporting the availability of beef nationally. Beef cattle developed by small farmers were expected to support the availability of the meat. The problem was whether beef cattle business was...
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Implementation of Ozonation Technology on Microbiological Quality of Milk: Study of Differences Fat and Protein Percentages Against Pathogenic Bacterial Resistance

Gita Zulfie Ramadhani, Kartika Budi Utami, Djalal Rosyidi, Ria Dewi Andriani, Lilik Eka Radiati
The high level of pathogenic microbial contamination in milk can reduce milk quality. Milk as a source of animal protein is produced by dairy cattle with complete nutritional content. The complete nutritional content causes milk to be an ideal medium for bacterial growth. The bacteria that are found...
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Relationship of Lactation Period Between Colostrum Production and Colostrum Fat on Friesian Holstein Crossbred

Puguh Surjowardojo, Tri Eko Susilorini, Hanum Muarifah, Rifai Rifai
The aim of this study was to determine relationship of lactation period with colostrum production and colostrum fat in Friesian Holstein crossbred in rural area of KPSP Setia Kawan, Nongkojajar, Pasuruan. A total of 37 dairy cow pasca partus consisting of different lactation period (1–4) were observed...
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The Use of Kefir Grains as an Anaerobic Method for Removal of β-Lactam Antibiotic Residue on Cows Milk

Ahmad Khoirul Umam, Lilik Eka Radiati, Ria Dewi Andriani, Citra Nurma Yunita, Millenia Wahyu Ramadhaniarti, Rizky Ramadhan
After mastitis therapy, using the right technology, it was necessary to break down the antibiotics in waste milk. Due to microbial activity, the microbiology approach as an anaerobic treatment presumably successfully removes antibiotic residues in milk. This study attempted to Eliminate Antibiotic Residue...
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The Effects of Valine Supplementation in the Diet on Growth Performance and Giblet Weight of Native Chicken at the Starter Phase

Charles V. Lisnahan, Oktovianus R. Nahak, Lukas Pardosi
The aim of this experiment was to determine the effect of Valine supplementation in the diet on the growth performance and giblet weight of Native chicken at the starter phase. This experiment was conducted in Kefamenanu, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia, from June to July 2022. A total of five...
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Effect of Goat Kefir Utilization on Physicochemical Quality and Sensory Attributes of Ice Cream Probiotic

Muhammad Fajrul Arief, Ria Dewi Andini, Djalal Rosyidi, Lilik Eka Radiati
Sustainable development goal no. 12, to “ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”, include a goal to reduce food waste at consumer level and food losses along the production and supply chains. For dairy, commonly referenced reasons are related to misunderstanding of spoilage before consuming...
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Successful Pregnancy Results from Double Dosage Artificial Insemination in Different Estrous Characteristics in Madura Cattle

Alif Oktavina Nurjannah, Aulia Puspita Anugra Yekti, Kuswati, Sri Wahjuningsih, Trinil Susilawati
This study aims to determine the relationship between oestrus character and the success of double dosage AI at the 2 and 8 h AI intervals in Madura cattle. The research was conducted in Lenteng, Sumenep Regency. The material used was 45 cows Madura cattle which were selected by purposive sampling. The...
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The Quality of Corned Chicken with the Addition of Red Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Flour as Natural Food Coloring

Saskia Amalia Puspita Dewi, Eny Sri Widyastuti, Herly Evanuarini
Corned chicken is a processed meat product that is processed using restructuring technology. Corned chicken is made by mixing meat, sugar, pepper, and flour. This study uses chicken meat as the main ingredient. Processed meat products, especially corned chicken, have several disadvantages such as pale...
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Antibacterial Activity of Sargassum sp. Extract Encapsulated into Chitosan-Tripolyphosphate Nanoparticles

Faizal Andri, Nanung Danar Dono, Heru Sasongko, Zuprizal Zuprizal
This study aimed to evaluate the antibacterial activity of Sargassum sp. Extract encapsulated into chitosan-tripolyphosphate nanoparticles. Sargassum sp. Extract was prepared by maceration using ethanol 96% (1:10) for 24 h. Four nanoparticles formula were synthesized with the chitosan:Sargassum sp. Extract:tripolyphosphate...
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Brahman Crossbred Cattle's Performances Were Extensively Reared Based on the Integration of Oil Palm Cattle in South Arut District, West Kotawaringin Regency

Dwi Kristanto, Kurnia Achjadi, Sigit Sepriadi
The purpose of this study was to determine and show the performance of Brahman Crossbred cattle reared based on the integration of oil palm cattle. The Heifers used in this study were 360 of Brahman crossbred cattle (24 months). The performance of the cattle was observed from postpartum to the age of...
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The Use of Mangosteen Leaf Flour (Garcinia mangostana L) on Weight, Egg Yolk Index and Egg White Index of Layers

Florencia N. Sompie, Jein Rinny Leke, Yudhie Kowel
This study aims to determine the use of mangosteen leaf flour on egg weight, egg yolk index and egg yolk color. 100 laying hens were used, with 5 treatments and 5 replications and filled with 4 tails for each replication. The treatment used was as follows as: R0 = Basal diet 100%, R1 = Basal diet 99% + TDM...
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Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Plant Seeds as Fatty Acids Source on Nutrients Digestibility, Performance, Carcass and Cutting Percentage and Physical Properties Evaluation of Meat of Broiler

Jet Saartje Mandey, Meity Sompie
This feeding trial was conducted to investigate the effects of three kinds of plant seeds as fatty acids source on in vitro nutrient digestibility, growth performance, and physical evaluation of meat of broiler. Two hundred broiler chicks were assigned to 4 dietary treatments for 5 weeks. The birds were...
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Endoparasitic Worms in Timor Deer (Cervus timorensis) Which Are Kept in the Pangandaran Nature Reserve Pangandaran Regency West Java Province

E. Harlia, R. Saputra, S. Sinaga
One of the diseases quite detrimental to animals in captivity is infection with gastrointestinal diseases. Gastrointestinal diseases cause losses by absorbing some of the nutrients in their landlady, leading to anemia, thinness, decreased endurance, and decreased production. This study aims to determine...
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The Effect of Using Milk Sludge in Liquid Waste from Dairy Farming on Organic Soil Ingredients/Soil Conditioner

Ellin Harlia, Amelia Dwi Lestari, Yuli Astuti, Eulis Tanti Marlina, Gina Chynthia Kamarudin Puteri, Oki Imanudin, Mieke Rochimi Setiawati
Milk sludge is a source of carbon that can be used together with the liquid waste of dairy farms into products, namely organic soil reformers. Organic soil-forming products can be used in the treatment of liquid waste from dairy farms and milk sludge from the dairy processing industry. This study aims...
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Macroscopic and Microscopic Isolation and Identification of Cellulolytic Bacteria from Mixtures of Coal and Beef Cattle

Y. A. Hidayati, M. R. Yusra, G. C. K. Puteri, E. T. Marlina, D. Z. Badruzzaman, E. Harlia
Cellulolytic bacteria are bacteria that can hydrolyze cellulose into smaller polysaccharides glucose units. Glucose is used as a source of energy and carbon for bacterial growth. This study aimed to determine the ability of isolates bacteria from feces of beef cattle and coal (bituminous, sub-bituminous,...
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Anaerobic Bacteria and Biogas Volume in POME and PPF Mixed Media with Starter from Buffalo Feces

Gina Chynthia Kamarudin Puteri, Fariz Ramadhani, Eulis Tanti Marlina, Ellin Harlia
The buffalo population until 2018 was recorded at 1,356,390 heads throughout Indonesia. If buffalo feces are not appropriately managed, it will cause problems in the form of environmental pollution. Buffalo feces has the potential because it contains microorganisms that can be used to produce biogas....
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The Effect of Various Additive with Different Level on pH, Total Lactic Acid and Total Lactic Acid Bacteria Maize Stover (Zea Mays L.) Silage

Hartutik, Rey Nando Dewangga
This research aimed to evaluate the effect of addition different additives and level on pH, lactic acid content and total lactic acid bacteria maize stover (Zea mays L.) silage. The research was carried of the Plant Disease Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya. The material consists...
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Production of Crude Bacteriocin and Bacteriocin Activity from Fermented Chicken Egg

Azmi Mangalisu, Irma Isnafia Arief, Andi Kurnia Armayanti, Zakiah Wulandari
Produce bacteriocin which also has antibacterial properties. Different incubation times affect the amount of L. plantarum that can be identified as containing bacteriocins. Chicken eggs were pasteurized at 60 °C for 3.5 min and cracked then sterilized for 15 min and fermented with an incubation temperature...
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A Variant of Insulin like Growth Factor 1 (IGF1) Gene Affects Body Conformation Traits in Madura Bulls

Irida Novianti, Suyadi, Veronica M. A. Nurgiartiningsih, Sri Rahayu
This study aimed to identify the DNA variants located in one of IGF1 gene region and to investigate the association between those variants with body conformation traits in Madura bulls. There were 58 Madura bulls used for this study and chest width; chest girth; body length; body height; hip width and...
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Physical Quality of Halal Propolis Extract Using the Ultrasonic as an Active Drug Ingredients

Indha Fitria Pangesti, Agus Susilo, Khothibul Umam Awwaly, Miftakhul Cahyati, Nurjannah, Dodyk Pranowo
Propolis is currently widely used as an active ingredient in natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs on the skin and mouth. The needs of the times, the extraction process requires the latest method with a shorter time with optimal results. The purpose of this study was to obtain an optimal...
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Physical Quality Duck Jerky with Liquid Smoke Sonication

Nitya Salsabila, Agus Susilo, Djalal Rosyidi
This study aims to determine the effect of adding coconut liquid smoke sonication on pH, Water Holding Capacity (WHC), tenderness, L*a*b* color, and duck jerky aroma. The jerky is made from ground duck meat with additional spices such as salt, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, galangal, and coriander. The...
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Morphometric Characteristics in Local Sheep and Nonlocal Sheep

Sucik Maylinda, Ali Mahmud, S. R. Hidayat
The objectives of the research were to find out the morphometric characteristics (qualitative and quantitative traits) in local sheep, especially Fat-tailed sheep (JFTS) and nonlocal sheep (Texel sheep). The observation was done in 24 FTS ewe and 39 Texel ewe. Variables in this research was the qualitative...
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Effect of pH on Clotting Properties from Moringa Oleifera Seeds with Focused Microwave-Assisted Soxhlet Extraction Method as Milk Coagulant

Aurelia Aprilianty, Rizqi Nuraini, Novia Pebriani, Gita Apriani, Abdul Manab, Khotibul Umam Awwaly, Mustakim, Ria Dewi Andriani
This study aimed to determine the optimal pH for Moringa oleifera seeds extract as a milk casein coagulant in terms of milk-clotting activity (MCA), caseinolytic activity (CA), ratio MCA/CA, and coagulation time. Moringa oleifera seeds extraction was obtained using the Focused Microwave-Assisted Soxhlet...
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Effects of Brown Seaweed Extract Nanoparticles on Liver Enzymes of Broiler Chickens

Faizal Andri, Nanung Danar Dono, Heru Sasongko, Zuprizal Zuprizal
This study investigated the effects of brown seaweed extract nanoparticles on liver enzymes of broiler chickens. The drinking water of broiler chickens were treated with no additive (negative control), zinc bacitracin (0.25 g/L; positive control), brown seaweed extracts (2.50 or 5.00 g/L), or brown seaweed...
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Production Performance of the Broiler Under Open, Semi-closed, and Closed House Systems During Rainy Season

A. A. Hamiyanti, V. M. A. Nurgiartiningsih, M. Muharlien, S. Suyadi
House is a fundamental pillar that directly affects the success of poultry farms. There are three house systems, namely open, semi-, and closed house systems. Objective of the study was to analyze the performance of the broilers, which are raised in open, semi-closed, and closed houses. The study was...
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The Estrus Character of Successful Artificial Insemination in Holstein Friesian Crossbred Cow

Amir Firdaus, Aulia Puspita Anugra Yekti, Achadiah Rachmawati, Nurul Isnaini, Trinil Susilawati
Artificial insemination in dairy cows is for improving genetic quality and replacement so that high pregnancy success is needed. This research was conducted on a smallholder farm in the Pujon sub-district, Malang Regency, Indonesia. The materials used were 100 cows, 100 in AI using a single dose of BCS...
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The Effect of Giving Turmeric Flour (Curcuma domestica) on Performance and Relative Weight of Lymphoid Organs of Super Native Chicken

Adyatma Muhammad Nur, Sri Purwanti, Djoni Prawira Rahardja, Dewi Mutisari
The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of turmeric powder (Curcuma domestica), a dietary supplement, on the function and relative weight of lymphoid organs, a marker of immunological status in super native chickens. 100 super native chickens in total were employed in the trial, which...
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The Chemical Content of Fermented Black Soldier Fly Larvae with Trichoderma viride as an Alternative Protein Source Feed for Native Chickens

Kasmira, Sulistyawati Ayu Ningrum, Sri Purwanti, Wempie Pakiding, Jasmal A. Syamsu
Black soldier fly larvae or maggot flour contains high crude fibre which makes this raw material difficult to digest. High crude fibre content so that the fermentation process can be carried out as an effort to improve the quality of maggot flour using the fungus Trichoderma viride microorganism. This...
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Analysis of Livestock Resources Potential for the Development of Beef Cattle in Mojogedang Sub-district, Karanganyar Regency

Sutrisno Hadi Purnomo, Ayu Intan Sari, Shanti Emawati, Endang Tri Rahayu
This study aims to determine the potential of livestock resources for the development of beef cattle in Mojogedang sub-district, Karanganyar Regency. The research was conducted in June-August 2022 located in Mojogedang Sub-district, Karanganyar Regency. The data used are primary data and secondary data....