Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Education, Social Science, Management and Sports (ICESSMS 2016)

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Research Progress on Dialectical Treatment of Cold Coagulation Type Primary Dysmenorrhea of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Huifang Zhu, Dongjie Wang, Guifeng Lu, Hang Sun, YuJing Zhao, Lihua Niu
At present, there are few studies on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea of cold coagulation type primary dysmenorrhea with traditional Chinese and western medicine at home and abroad. The study of blood deficiency and cold coagulation type of primary dysmenorrhea are alpine stagnation with qi and...
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Analysis on the Application Value of Full Seamless Service in Rehabilitation Area of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chunxiao Ren, GuoWu Cao
Objective: To explore the application effect of full seamless service in rehabilitation area of traditional Chinese medicine. Methods: The patients were divided into two groups according to the standard of admission time in the rehabilitation area of traditional Chinese medicine in our hospital. They...
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Discussion on the Legal Regulation of Computer Network Attack

Min Zhang, SHuangxi Zhong
Since the 20th century, network technology continues to progress, and is widely used in various fields of society. To the 21st century, network technology has entered all aspects of human life and human beings have entered the information age of the network. But the high-end technology since it can bring...
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Research of Computer Network Crimes Investigation and Legal Supervision Measures

Shijie Zhu
In recent years, the rapid development of computer networks has become an indispensable part of human life, and now, more and more people use mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices online, and mobile phones and other electronic mobile devices are constantly updated and developed in. The...
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Analysis on the Regularity of Gynecological External Treatment

Liya Ma, Zhenghui Chang
This article collects and arranges prescriptions of gynecological diseases in ancient physicians, sums up its rules of prescriptions, uses range of prescriptions, formulas and usage of prescriptions and finds and selects high frequency prescriptions and drugs. In order to better guide the clinical use...
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Epidemiological analysis of infertility in China

Liya Ma, Zhenghui Chang
Infertility is a very complex physiological process, is a special reproductive health defects, it is different from other clinical diseases, due to its physiological and psychological factors coexist, so it often has serious impact on the family, society. Most of the infertility patients are eager to...
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Study on Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for Cardiovascular Diseases

Zhenghui Chang, Liya Ma
The diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease based on integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine is the focus and hotspot of medical research in recent years and it is also one of the main support directions of major disease research projects. Integrated Chinese and Western medicine...
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Investigation on the Current Situation of Martial Arts in Xianning City

Xiaoyun Zhu
This article uses literature method, questionnaire method, expert interviews method and other research methods to study the practice attitude, content, frequency and awareness of 600 martial arts practitioners in Xianning City and analysis the martial arts undertaken current characteristics of Xianning...
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Relationship between Serum Lipid Index, C Reaction Protein (CRP), Insulin Resistance and Coronary Artery Disease in Diabetes Mellitus Patients Complicated with Coronary Atherosclerotic Heart Disease (CAHD) and Correlation Analysis

Hui Li, Zhanhua Li, FanJin Zeng, Shuhuai Guo
Objective: To investigate the relationship between serum lipid index, C Reaction protein (CRP), insulin resistance level and coronary artery disease (CAD) in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) complicated with coronary atherosclerotic heart disease (CAHD) and its correlation. Method: Select 62 CAHD...
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Study on the Framework Construction and Constructive Approaches of Smart Tourism Service System in Liaoning Province

Jianzhu Sun
Constructing smart tourism service system is important to modern tourism industry. It is the key to break through in the progress of comprehensively promoting the development of smart tourism. It can provide guidance and reference for the systematic establishment of smart tourism in Liaoning province....
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Research on Institutional Investors, Free Cash Flow And Idle Funds

Yong Liang, Shengdao Gan
Idle funds show the agency costs of free cash flow. From the perspective of "Institutional Shareholder Activism", this paper studies the question of idle funds by analyzing idle funds raised by listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets from the year 2009 to 2014. The empirical results show...
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The construction quality control analysis of water supply & drainage and hvac engineering

Zhiping Liu
With the deepening of China's reform and opening up and the rapid development of national economy, further acceleration of urban development, urban population is increasing, water and electricity demand is bigger and bigger, grasp the water supply and drainage and hvac engineering construction technology,...
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Application of Plant Dyeing Craft in the Design of Modern Residential Products

Yanrui Mou, Dan Zhang
In 1856, the famous chemist W. H. Pekin successfully created mauveine by synthesis. Since then, humans have entered a new era of synthetic dyes. But recently, people gradually accept the concepts of environmental protection and health preservation, while chemical dyes contain carcinogenic substance and...
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Research on Index System Construction of High-standard Basic Farmland

Fengkui Qian, Weiwen Wang, Jingye Zhang, Xuefeng Zhang
Arable land is the most crucially procreative material in human production and living.It not only provides important necessities for human being, but also can protect the ecological environment, ensure the safety of food, maintain social stability and bring economic, social and ecological benefit.With...
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Analyzing Water-Supply Situation in the Future

Haoxin Tian
In this paper, the water-supply model is established to analyze the ability of a region to provide clean water to meet the needs of its population, the dynamic nature of the factors that affect both supply and demand must be taken into account, the water supply ability in different regions, and predict...
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The Effect of Taijiquan Exercise on Low Back Muscle Strength in Patients with Primary Osteoporosis

Qiang Liu, LongLing Xiao
To study the effect of Taijiquan Exercise on low back muscle strength in patients with primary osteoporosis. Methods: select our hospital in 2013 2015 May 5 months admitted to hospital for treatment and rehabilitation of 80 patients with primary osteoporosis patients, the consent of the patient, assigned...
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The Application of Modern Information Technology in the Training of Aerobics

Deyu Li
Information technology in the educational process is a new perspective in the education process of modernization. Modern information technology combined with aerobics courses, which deepen the teaching reform in aerobics courses and play an invaluable role in the popularity of aerobics and development.
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Design and Implementation of the intelligent management system of large scale sports events

Qingqing Wang
Along with economical and cultural development and strengthen of internationalization tendencies day by day, the par agenesis and the prosperity in many kinds of cultural urges. This purpose of this paper is to identify factors affecting sport event, to use project management knowledge to identify operational...
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Study on the Sports Activities of Rural Children in the Yi Area A Case Study of Leshan City

Changchun Lu, Hongying Jiang
Through field surveys and other research methods, this article analyzes the present situation of rural preschool children sports activities in the leshan yi nationality region. It was found that rural children's sports activities in the region were carried out not well at all: the lack of the content,...
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Application of Critical Path in the Construction Engineering Project Management

Hengji Du
The critical path method is the Internet figure that takes single point of time to assess on the basis of a strict order. The critical path provides great help for construction engineering project management. The critical path, however, was not to conduct a comprehensive solution at this point of scarce...
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Application of Web Browsing Records in Anti Terrorism

Weizheng Ren
Potential terrorist organizations to develop accurate identification of objects is a direction of counter-terrorism work. Wen expounded based on personal web browsing history, human is used to determine the key way by KNN algorithm for text classification, according to browse the document classification...
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Study on the Relationship between Medical Students' Worry Level, Coping Style and Sleep

Zhenzhen Cai, Ming Jin, Tiantian Zu, Panpan Yang
Objective: To explore the relationship between sleep quality and mata-worry level and coping style of medical students. Methods: The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Scale (PSQI), mata-worry scale and coping style scale were used to conduct random sampling survey among Qiqihar medical students. Results:...
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Political Integration and Reconstruction of Chongqing Rural Society in Early Years of Establishment of the Nation

Xiuru Li
In the early years of establishment of the nation, both social environment and peasants' living environment were complex. In the face of severe development situation, Chongqing rural area conformed to the call of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and established political integration and reconstruction mechanism...
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Discussion on causes and accident liability confirmation in public sports injury accidents

Changwei Luo
with the promotion of national fitness activities, popular sports career shows a high-speed rend. But during the process of promoting public sports activities, the probability of injury accidents are increasing. Only through comprehensive control and rectification of its causes and accident liability...
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Clinical effect of applying high quality nursing model in nephrology department nursing administration

Guilan Lv, LiXuan Huang
Objective: explore the clinical effect of implementing high-quality nursing model in patient's nursing administration work in nephrology department. Method: select 130 cases of patients received in in nephrology department of our hospital during Feb of 2015 to Feb 2016 as research object, divided into...
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Research on the Establishment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Key Enterprises Statistical Index System and Reporting system

Jun Song, Kebai Wang
In our country's research and activities carried out for the climate change from place to place at present, because state and local statistical system on climate change is still in constant research and improvement, carrying out activities and research lacks reference and guidance from authoritative...
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Research on the Application of Positive Disciple for 3-6-year-old Learners in English Learning Classroom

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
There's no question that positive discipline has made institutions consider the future of children education in classroom, and many instructors have employed the proven effective strategies of positive discipline to instruct series of learning among young children. The truth is that positive disciple...
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Study on the Teaching Mode of Scientific Foreign Language Course under MOOC Background

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
According to the problem that the intelligence is not high of the soccer robot, using the mechanical theory as a guide, making some mechanical analyses and calculations on the pressure and transmutation states of chip kick mechanics, and conducting optimal design too, then making the structure of chip...
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The Impact of Positive Discipline on English Enlightenment among 3-4-year old Preschoolers

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
Positive discipline has the potential to change children education landscape across the globe, and hundreds of thousands of parents have already used the advice in positive discipline. The fact is evident that positive disciple has gained stream in children education with its unique characteristics and...
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The Influence of MOOC on the Reform and Development of English Foreign Language Teaching in China

Huanhuan Ren, Chi Ma
The influence of MOOCs on the development of English foreign language teaching in China can be denoted in three dimensions, i.e. MOOCs promote reform awareness and actions, MOOCs impact on teacher professional development and MOOCs enhance strategic alliances with multiple partners. It's hoped that this...
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Development Situation and Countermeasure of Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry in Guangxi

Li Li, Jian Sun, Changbao Li, Dongning Ling, Xuemei He, Jinfeng Sheng, FengJin Zheng, Guoming Liu, Fen Liao, Jiemin Li
In recent years, agricultural product processing industry in Guangxi has tremendous opportunities with structure adjustment of national agricultural industry and rapid development of agricultural technology. In this review, current situations and main problems of fruit and vegetable processing industry...
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Research on the Inspection and Optimization of Anti-corruption Criminal Rule of Law in Contemporary China

Mengyuan Sun
Anti-corruption is a common problem and the rule of law issues faced by countries in the world, it is related to the rise and fall of nation and ethnic honor. China's party and government have always attached great importance to anti-corruption work, emphasizing using the rule of law to promote anti-corruption...
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Research on Problems of Hospital Infections after Operation and Nursing Management in Operating Room

Dandan Yang
Objective: Taking the spinal surgery as an example, we investigate the related factors of hospital infections with aseptic operation and strengthen the management of operation room nursing to reduce the incidence of hospital infections in operation room. Methods: The questionnaire was used to collect...
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Expression and Clinical Significance of KISS-1 and TIMP-1 in Colon Carcinoma

Yanxin Zhang, Yan Zhao
Objective: To detect the expression of KISS-1 and mRNA TIMP-1 and protein in colon carcinoma, and to explore its clinical significance. Methods: The application of Realtime PCR was detected in 45 cases of colon carcinoma, adjacent atypical hyperplasia and normal colonic mucosa in KISS-1 and the expression...
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Research on Development Trend of Drainage Planning from the Perspective of Frequent Waterlogging Disasters

Jianhua Zhu
At present, the accelerating process of urbanization in China although promotes economic development at a certain extent, but also highlights a variety of urban issues, including urban waterlogging. It has become the most difficult problem to be managed. In order to solve this problem effectively, it...
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The feminism and gender violence of international relations theory

Zhi Li
during the process of forming traditional western international relations theory, there has been a long time that feminism was neglected, undervalued and excluded from the world of politics. And it was even at the edge of discipline. The main research areas are mostly about wars, conflicts, peace, international...
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Study on the Situation and Strategies of the Elderly People Sports Activities in the Grass-root Communities

XiuLing Zhang
With the rapid growth of the elderly population in China, the living conditions of the elderly people attract increasingly attention. They are eager to rich and colorful cultural life, have a strong spiritual and cultural needs, the development of community culture of the elderly has become the social...
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Research on Species Composition and Flora of Invasive Plants in Changchun Area

Tongbao Qu, Fanyong Meng
In this paper, the species and floristic composition of invasive plants in Changchun area were studied. There are 85 species of invasive plants in Changchun, belonging to 26 families and 64 genera. Compositae, Amaranthaceae, Gramineae, Leguminosae and Solanaceae constitute the main body of invasive plants,...
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The Optimal Model of Refugee Crisis Based on the Shortest Time

Chang'an Wang, Xiaoqian Liu
Europeanrefugeecrisis,whichbeganin2015,hasbecomeaseriousprobleminEurope.Inordertomeasurethecrisis, an optimizationevacuation model isestablishedto address this problem. Considering totalpossiblerefugees needed to be evacuated in the shortest time,GeneticAlgorithmis used tofindtheoptimalsolutionthroughMATLAB.Basedon...
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Study on Duality Creation of Margaret Atwood 's The Blind Man

Xin Li
Duality is one of the important features of Margaret Atwood's overall creation. His novel "Blind Killer" (also translated as "Blind Assassin") makes the duality more complicated and pluralistic through the narrative structure of "Chinese Boxing", which manifested as personal memory and public memory,...
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Democratic Development and Civil Wars: A Quantitative Approach

Jing Qi
democratic development affects the occurrence of civil wars, countries with intermediate democratic development are more likely to experience civil wars than those with strong democratic or strong autocratic regimes
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New trends in the development of Aerobics Competition

Yi Ding
Aerobics, as a newly developed emerging sports project, has been loved and cared by people. In recent years, aerobics is not only a sport to show athletes' wonder in the game, but also a fitness program to help people shape body. Competitive aerobics also makes people understand more about the sport,...
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Regeneration of Industrial Buildings Xiamen Huli District---A Case Study of Huamei Cigarettes Factory Reconstruction

Maole Ye, Bo Lin
With the "retreat into three" to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, Huli district of Xiamen City, regeneration and transformation of industrial buildings is imperative. Huamei Cigarettes Factory as the larger regional warehouses, methods and ways of its transformation directly affects the...
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The Effects of Nutrition Education on Food Habits of the Elderly

Yanfeng Liu
Object: To explore the effects of health education based on the Trans-theoretical Model and Stages of Change for Residents of elderly on food habits. Method: Eighty urban residents with age?60 years were recruited as participants. After baseline survey was carried out with self-edited questionnaires,...
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Analysis of Rural Rubbish Problem Based on PPP Mode and Its Countermeasures --A Case Study of Shandong Province

JiaLin Song, Jianing Liu
Rural waste disposal is related to beautiful rural construction, rural green and healthy development and comprehensive well-off quality and it has got the community's attention in recent years. In this paper, the present situation and existing problems of rural waste management in Shandong Province are...
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Research of Current Status and the Progress of Digital Oral Implant Therapy

Wennuo Chen
However, this method can only provide two-dimensional planar images, and only indirectly through the two-dimensional image to push the three-dimensional structure of the relationship is the so-called "thinking three-dimensional", with the oral dental implant With the development of computer tomography,...
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Study on Graduation Design Teaching Reform Based on Big Data Information for Inter-disciplinary Talent

JianWu Zhang
Graduation design plays important role to improve the comprehensive ability of the cultivation object, whose methods and ways influence the training effect directly. This paper takes the computer professional graduation design based on big data information as the research object, and the graduation design...
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An Impact Analysis Model of Earnings Management from the Difference between Accounting and Tax Revenue

Yan Zhang
The relationship between earnings management and income tax revenue, has always been the focus of domestic and foreign scholars. In this paper, the use of discretionary accrual as a measure of profit, an analytical model is proposed, to investigate the impact of accounting and tax differences on earnings...
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The Status Quo of Zunyi Tourism Industry and Its Development Strategy

Xu Guo, Shanshan Liu, Longjian Sun
Tourism industry is regarded as the engine for regional economic and social development. Hence, Zunyi municipal government regards tourism as important strategy for the development of the second largest city in Guizhou Province, Southwest China. The article, makes an analysis of Zunyi's tourism environment...
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Course Construction of Automation Specialty for Applied technical undergraduate in China's Higher Education Reform

Yihua Liu, Guangzhou Zhao
According to the comprehensive reform thoughts of higher education in China, the resident undergraduate colleges need to transform to the applied technology education. This paper first analyzes the opportunities and difficulties faced by the automation specialty. Then the paper clarifies the relationship...