Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Information Technologies in Education and Learning

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The Teaching Design of Multimedia Web Page Design Based on the Flipped Classroom Mode

Jie Mao
To respond to the issues existing in the teaching of multimedia web page design, this paper has proposed a teaching mode based on the flipped classroom, where teachers provide teaching videos, courseware and other study resources before class, apply task-driven and interactive teaching methods during...
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Study of Instructional Model for Information Technology Fundamental Courses under MOOC Environment

Mingjing Chen
MOOC has several characteristics such as open, diversified, massive and supporting to personalize interactive learning. It pushes high education reform to a new stage. How to improve existing teaching with MOOC has become a hot topic in current research. Both the information technology fundamental courses...
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The Use of Mapping Knowledge Domains in Analyzing Subject's Research Overview and Hot Spots*

Yan Liu, Yingjuan Tang
This paper uses scientometrics method of knowledge mapping domains, on the basis of CAJD database, summarizes and analyses the discipline structure of "Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL)". It introduces the method of knowledge mapping analysis to the research area of Teaching Chinese as a Second...
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Case Studies on the Development of Pre-career Teachers' Information Technology Application Ability

Liping Fu, Lizhen WANG
21st century is the information age. The research about how to develop pre-career teachers' information technology application ability is becoming a hot topic for research at home and abroad. Pre-career teachers should be trained to improve their information technology application ability, which is the...
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Conception of an SNS App for EFL learning in China Based on a Questionnaire Survey

Jun Ge, Caiping Xiong, Yue Zhang
SNSs have been widely used in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learning world-wide. In China, QQ, a very popular SNS, has also been widely used for EFL learning. However, there are some problems regarding the use of QQ in this field. This paper presents a study which tried to find out those problems...
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Practical TeachingMethod Based on MATLAB in AC Speed Regulating System Course

Qian Yang, Jinzhu Gao
Because an AC speed regulating system is abstract and complex, the study on practical teaching method based on MATLAB software is quite necessary in the AC speed regulating system course at our university. The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) vector control system is taken as an example to explain...
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Construction of Smart learning Pattern Based On Micromessage and Identity Path Analysis

Zhihui Jiang, Zhicheng Nie
Smart learning is one of the hot issues in the field of study and research of Educational Technology. Micromessage, as a kind of instant messaging tool, could well provide the corresponding learning platform for smart learning. This paper, on the basis of micromessage, proposes the construction of smart...
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Construction and Application of Virtual Simulation Instrument Analysis System in Experimental teaching

Wei Zhang, Huoying Xu, Baocheng Zhou, Yanrong Jia
Based on the campus network, a virtual simulation instrument analysis experiment system was designed including a procedure of four steps: content selection, script writing, experiment edition, test and evaluation. And its structure was divided into three layers. The effects of the system application...
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Big Data for Individual Education: an angel or a monster?

Shuyu Yu, Xiaoneng Ma, Xin Jing
The rapid development of Information technology has brought the era of Big Data, a buzzword now familiar among most people, which has generated a huge influence on human social lives including politics, economics, culture and so on, which has also transformed the education. With various online courses...
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A novel object detection technique for dynamic scene

Xiu Li, Liansheng Chen, Zhixiong Yang, Wanlu Zhang
Object detection in video streams plays an important role in many computer vision applications and background subtraction is the most popular method which compares each new frame to a model of the background. However, the static background is practically impossible and dynamic background makes the perfect...
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An Approach for Reducing the Numeric Rating Bias

Xiu Li, Huimin Wang, Jian Xu
There is bias in customer reviews and the associated ratings. We propose a method to identify and reduce such bias on the part of reviewers. There are three phases in our approach. Firstly, we conduct Rating-aware sentiment analysis for each review text accompanied with the numeric ratings. Then, we...
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Joint Depth Map Upsampling via Prior Minimum Spanning Tree

Xiu Li, Zhixiong Yang, Lulu Xie
Depth map is the fundamental of various 3D applications. While consumer-level depth cameras have gained much attention recently due to their affordable cost, the low resolution and bad quality of depth maps generated by them have obstructed their applications in practice. In this paper, we propose a...
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Communication Improvement by Analyzing Human Pupil Variation in Online Study

Ritai Yu, Guozhong Zhou, Baixi Xing
MOOC is increasingly popular and widespread in education, however it changes teaching mechanisms, resulting in communication barrier, especially for disciplines which are highly interactive and interdisciplinary. Here we propose the pitfall of MOOCs and would like to discuss the possible way of bridging...
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Research and development on ticketing system based on SQL database

Yuntao Duan, Siping Hu
Currently, all of the transport sectors such as the aviation, rail, highway, marine and other areas' automated ticketing system have been basically able to quickly meet the needs of people-smart, saving manpower and material resources. However, small businesses and individuals need to further expand...
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Reasonable Application of Information Technology in Vocational Education

Qiuqin Yue
This paper focuses on the current status of information technology (IT) application in vocational education. It analyzes the advantages and problems about the informational teaching mode. The keys of reasonable IT application in vocational curriculum are establishing advanced IT teaching philosophy,...
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The Research on the Cultivation Mode of University students' Innovative Talents Based on Innovation Competition

Xiang Chen, Yang Li
Innovation competition has gradually become an important carrier for the cultivation of innovative ability of college students in higher education. This paper expounds the inherent relation between innovation competition and the cultivation of college students' innovation ability, and puts forward the...
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Research on Security Portocol of Scheduled Services on Cloud Computing

Yang Li, Xiang Chen, Xiaoying Lu, Yalin Xing, Chengbin Li
With the large growth of wireless sensor network, the current security architecture couldn't solve the problems. This paper provides a security protocol of scheduled service based on cloud computing. The system consists of three groups that are domain server domain register server domain and functional...
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Toward a joint growing of research and teaching in university based on information technology

Yanfei Liu, Zhiqiang Tian, Yuzhou Liu, Junsong Li, Feng Fu
This paper proposes a mutual reinforcement architecture for improving both teaching quality and rising scientific research level based on modern information and communication technology (MICT). Firstly it poses the existing conflict of research and teaching (R&T) in today's tertiary education system...
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Exploration on the cultivation of Computational Thinking Ability in the teaching of PhotoShop

Tingting Pan, Guohua Zhan, Zhihua Li
Considering the present situation of PhotoShop teaching in Colleges and universities, most attention is paid on the imparting knowledge and skills, but the refined thinking is ignored. In this paper, a new method is introduced by cultivating students' computational thinking in the Heuristic teaching...
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Exploration and Practice of Teaching for Artificial Intelligence Public Elective

Junsong Li, Yubo Jia, Na Zhang, Xianchuang Su, Ning Gui
This paper analyzes the features of artificial intelligence public elective (AIPE) and proposes the teaching objectives for student in terms of these features. By teaching practice, the teaching reform is explored in the teaching content and the teaching mode of AIPE as well as the assessing method for...
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Software Application Teaching Combined With Computational Thinking

Li Jiang, Guohua Zhan, Zhihua Li
The cultivation and training of computational thinking become more and more significant in basic computer education in university. In this paper, firstly the necessity of the computational thinking is analyzed in contribution to the learning of the usage of application software.And then a new teaching...
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A Study on the Effectiveness of TPR and TPRS in Short-Term Chinese Language Training at the Beginner Level

Ming Chang, Jing Chen
TPR and TPRS enjoy worldwide popularity among language instructors. An empirical research was carried out in a Summer Program targeting children and teenagers followed by another study targeting adults. The learning results are productive with the overall development of learners' language abilities,...
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A Team Teaching in Web Programming Course*

Ia Zhang
With the popularization of Internet, this paper proposed a team teaching educational model based on the flipped classroom, which has practiced in Web programming course so as to integrate the engineering training with the needs of the community. The implementation program includes teaching content, teaching...
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Persomalized recommendation system K-neighbor algorithm optimization

Huanming Wang, Ge Yu
This paper mainly discussed the recommended userbased collaborative filtering algoeithm. from the modeling system to generate recommeded to do a detailed discussion of the results, and pointed out the problems in the K-nearest neighbors algorithm. Proposed to the K-nearest neighbors algorithm improvement...
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The Application of Community Question Answering in Course Teaching

Hua He, Bin Zhu
As a knowledge-sharing mode, Community Question Answering (CQA) take full advantage of the power of the users, better meet the needs of the users. CQA also will be applied to specific courses, and applied in specific teaching processes. Practice has proved that CQA not only enriched the course knowledge...
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Voltage Sag Diagnosis Using Big Data Analysis

Bingbing Zhao, Zhongda Yuan, Junwei Cao, Huaying Zhang, Zhengguo Zhu, Senjing Yao
We propose a data-driven approach for voltage sag diagnosis in this paper. Rather than traditional features such as frequency, amplitude and duration, we apply temporal distribution as a new feature to distinguish whether the sag is caused by power system faults or heavy load switching. Sags caused by...
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New Prime Factorization Algorithm and Its Parallel Computing Strategy

Lican Huang
Prime factorization is vitally important for mathematics and RSA security system. In this paper we present a new algorithm to factorize numbers and a new parallel strategy for prime factorization, which may help to find the fault of RSA system and design safer RSA keys, and to arise the discussion about...
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Generating Digests From Educational Articles Automatically Based on Second Order HMM

Canli Wu, Lican Huang
Automatically generating summary of articles is very important when we encounter explosive reading information; computers can help people on text compression, extraction, representation and obtain core text content automatically. However, computer still encounters a lot of difficulties, for example,...
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The Practice of Order-Ciltivation of Talents in Colleges and Universities of Hubei Province

Xianzhu Ke, Fuming Tian, Fei Li, Qian Wang
Order-orientated cultivation of talents is an effective, distinctive school running model, which can help cultivating students' employment ability and solve the employment problem. Some of the problems exposed in the practice of the mode of Order-orientated cultivation of talents in some medical college...
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The commercial value of UC and its application in the management of University Laboratory

Pingping Dai, Weijun Shi
The paper discusses the advantages of unified communication technology and its commercial value. Through the research of Microsoft server Lync 2010, Server EXChange 2010 products, UC system architecture design, operation mode and research plan, build a unified communication management program adapted...
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Labor Law Course Practice Teaching in the Mode of Legal Clinic Aid

Qingdong Zhao
The goal of labor law practice teaching under the mode of legal aid by legal clinics is to cultivate students' practicing lawyer quality. To achieve the goal, terms such as stable source, teachers with rich practice experience are needed, to construct a practice teaching procedure considering handling...