Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Material Engineering and Application (ICMEA 2016)

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Analysis on Development of Overseas Soldier Power

Yu-lin Zhu, Li-fu Cheng, Jun Wang, Xiao-ming Wan, Hao Zhang
With the growing popularity of soldier information equipment, the requirement for electric power supporting individual soldier combat increases. Now available power sources such as alkaline battery and lithium battery may not meet the demands any longer, and the contradiction between supply and demand...
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Exergy destruction analysis about S-CO2 power cycle applied in marine engine heat recovery system

Na-wei Shen, Guang-shen Shao, Ming-fa Wu, Dong-hui Zhang
The S-CO2 Brayton cycle is widely used in any fields now. It mainly consists of four components: compressor, condenser, evaporator and Turbine. The exergy destruction and irreversibility analysis about this kind of system was presented, which is applied in the marine engine heat recovery system. The...
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The Experimental Study of Heating System With the Prefabricated Solar Heat Collection Plates

Zhi-guo Duan, Li-quan Yang, Qi Wang, Bowen Li, Xue Zhao, Miao Yu
Designed a kind of prefabricated solar heating system, It tested the performance of the heating system. The heating system mainly includes prefabricated solar heat collection plates blower gas transmission pipeline heat accumulator bulk flow device control box. The solar heating system can be effective...
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Preparation of biomass derived porous carbon: application for methane energy storage

Yong Sun, Guang-zhi Sun
The porous carbon with high specific surface area of 3001 m2/g and pore volume of 1.59 cm3/g using corncob was prepared for methane storage. The low and high pressure adsorption equilibria were tested using the prepared carbon. The capacity of methane storage is evaluated using T¢th model with correction...
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Survey on rural household energy consumption-Based on the perspective of poverty alleviation in Hebei province

Bo Gao, Hong-lin Yuan
Poverty alleviation is a core task for building a harmonious society in contemporary China. Based on a survey on attitudes and behaviors of rural household energy consumption, the share of respondents in satisfaction on power supply, attention of energy saving and power bills take on roughly similar...
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Research on the voltage of Hybrid Energy Storage System in Electric Vehicles Charging

Kai Li, Xiang-qun Chen, Jing-bo Li, He-qing Zeng, Lei Yang
Integrated Magnetic structure can reduce the overall size and weight of a converter,decrease the core losses of a converter.In this paper,the aim of studying the magnetic integration technology applied to DC-DC converters of electric vehicles,is to gain futher loss reduction and improve the life of an...
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The Control Strategy of Hybrid Energy Storage System charging

Kai Li, Xiang-qun Chen, Jing-bo Li, He-qing Zeng, Lei Yang
The Electric Car Era is coming. According to the battery charge of car,the optimizal control Strategy applied to DC-DC converters of electric vehicles, it is to gain futher loss reduction and improve the life of an electric car battery. The hybrid energy storage system adopts the combination of current...
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Research on the Development Law of Carbonate Reservoir Cracks in Niuxintuo west Oilfield

Shu-xia Wang
For the geological characteristics of carbonate reservoirs in West Niuxintuo Oilfield, using core description, well logging fracture identification,3DMOVE fracture prediction and other new technology, the inside story of carbonate reservoir is found out under the guidance of geology, well logging, petrology...
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A Intelligent Electronic Device(IED) Used In Active Distribution Network

Hai Huang, Qiu-wei Cao, Wei-hong Li, Xin-xin Gu
The development of active power distribution network control and automation system presents the trend of distributed control. The basic work of the system mainly depends on the information collection, transmission and control function of distributed Intelligent Electronic Device(IED). Protection, control...
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The Synergic Scheduling Optimization and Effectiveness Evaluation Model for Multi-types Generation Resources Considering Emission Constraints

Xue-qin Tian, Tong Xu, Xin-lei Wang, Jia-song Luo, Chong-ming Song, Jing Yan
Optimizing generation resource joint scheduling is of great significance for the economic operation of power system and achieving emission reduction targets. To compare the economic and environment benefits between generation resource scheduling models, which are under different scheduling objectives...
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Water Potential Model of Solar Grain Drying System with Vacuum Glass

Hui Shen, Ji-ping Zhou, Sheng-yong Ye
A solar grain drier with a sun drying system and vacuum glass was developed and the corresponding water potential model was established in this paper. It was shown from the simulation analysis of the grain drying process that the moisture content of grain could increase to14.0368% with increasing the...
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Research on Prime Circuit with high sensitivity for photoelectric detection based on PGTIA

Qi-chao Song, Hai-cheng Liu, Hui Gao, Yan-ping Li, Peng Zhang, Guo-ping Shao, Hong-xia Chu
Photoelectric sensor is widely used in the fields of the measurements of fiber sensor and the chemical parameters. Photoelectric detection circuit based on the photodiode is constructed with transimpedance amplifier. The precision and sensitivity of circuit are adjusted by programmable gain. The index...
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Electronic Conduction Characteristics of Parallel Coupled Triple Quantum Dot System

Chun-guang Yang, Ze-long He, Qi-chao Song, Jing-wei Xing
Electronic conduction characteristics of parallel coupled triple quantum dot system are studied, in which external magnetic field and Rashba spin orbit interaction are considered. Conductance expression of the calculation system is given by using NEGF technology. The effect of Rashba spin orbit interaction...
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Innovative Design of Belt Conveyor Support Roller Based on TRIZ

Qi-li WANG, Yan LI
For now the belt conveyor roller has short service life, high rolling resistance, heavy weight, large noise problems, leading to the roller work effect is not ideal. This paper uses the TRIZ theory for innovative design of belt conveyor roller to simplify the inner structure of the roller, and reduce...
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Automobile Engine Compartment Parameters Optimization Based on CFD Simulation

Yang WEI, Shao-Ning WU, Wei WANG, Yu YANG, Li LU
This paper illustrates how to use the CFD technique to analyze the cooling system of vehicle engine compartment. For the completeness of the research, the study build a wind tunnel, making the research close to the reality, to simulate two working conditions of vehicle and use the MRF technique in the...
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Design and Analysis of On-line Casting Surface Defect Detection System

Jing ZHANG, Zhong-De SHAN, Fei ZHANG, Ai-Ling ZOU
In order to solve the problem of surface defects on line detection in the production of cast iron castings, this paper describe an on-line detection system for casting surface defects based on PMAC motion control card, moreover,it analyzes the factors affecting the acquisition of high quality images,...
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Numerical Simulation of Spinning Forming Process of Major Flywheel on DMFW based on Deform

Qiong-ye LU, Jun YAN, Fang QU
A mechanical model for major flywheel on DMFW spinning is established by means of the method of elastic-plastic theory, and the forming process of flywheel is simulated numerically with the software Deform-3D. The curves of forming by different revolving feed ratio are presented and the distribution...
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Civil Aircraft Maintenance Simulation Technology and Exploration of Application

Lie-Shu LIN, Shuang-Xue FU
The troubleshooting in aircraft maintenance engineering is an important activity. Accuracy and proficiency of troubleshooting directly affect flight safety and economic efficiency. Traditional training methods were in real aircrafts. They need large investment, while poor scalability and lead to largely...
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Optimization Research in Colour Semantics of Smart Phone Interface Icons for the Elderly

Zhi-Zheng ZHANG, Ya-Jun Li
With today's rapidly aging society, there is concern about optimizing designs for elderly consumers. In this research, we perform Spearman's rank correlation coefficient analysis to study the colour satisfaction rate for smartphone interface icons and to determine whether there is a correlation with...
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Migration of Conventional Model Transfer Format on Additive Manufacturing

Deng-Hui ZHANG, Zheng-xu ZHAO, Yi-qi ZHOU, Yang GUO
The STL (Standard Transform Language) file format has been the industry standard for Additive Manufacturing (AM) communities for last two decades. It falls short with the rapid development of AM related hardware and materials technologies. Kinds of alternatives to STL have been proposed. However, Massive...
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The Design of Drive Circuit for Light Source System of UV - LED Green Printing Dryer

Shao-Ru MA, Jin-Yao LI, Gui-Shan ZHANG, Tao MI
UV-LED drying technology in printing is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly green drying technology. Compared with the traditional UV drying method, it can reduce 70% -90% of the power consumption; In addition, the drying device does not produce ozone, no VOC (volatile organic matter) emissions....
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The Design and Implementation of CNC Systemfor Near-field Electrospinning

Chen MEI, Xin CHEN, Xin-Du CHEN, Han WANG, Yuan-Xiang XIA, Zun-Wei WEN, Ze-Feng HUANG, Chuan-Yu JIANG
Near-Field Electrospinning(NFES) is a novel method to fabricate aligned micro/nano structure. At present, the bottleneck of restraints on realizing industrial application for NFES is that direct writing device can't meet its requirements in both stability and precision.This technology is mainly used...
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A Knowledge-based Structural Health Management System Design

Qi CHANG, He-Ming GAO, Xiao-Juan WANG, Qian-Ni FU
Health Management System as a methodology can contribute safety and economics to the modern complex system. According to the OSA-CBM architecture, an open and configurable knowledge management system is proposed in this paper. Through the ontology modeling of the domain knowledge, building the related...
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Green design and manufacturing technology of the Rare earth permanent magnet electrical machines

Ji-Rong YANG, Shi-Wei HU, Gan ZHANG, Zhen-Jie GONG
Green design and manufacture is a kind of sustainable development model in modern manufacture. This paper focuses on green design concept, application and selection of green materials and product manufacturing of the Rare earth permanent magnet electrical machines.
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Radiation Processing of Polymer-based Nanomaterials

Cheng-Fei ZHOU, Wei CAO, Yang LIU, Tong ZHAI, Lian-Cai WANG
In this paper, the preparation of polymeric nanocomposite based on carbon nanotubes or/and graphene by radiation techniques were reviewed. The preparation of polyhedral poligomeric sisesquioxane (POSS)-polymer and montmorillonite-polymer nanocomposite using radiation methods were discussed. And the preparation...
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A Study of the Inspection of In-service Pile Foundation Bearing Capacity at High-piled Wharf

Jing MENG, Feng-Yong ZHENG, Yue-Song LI
In order to adapt to the production demand, it is planned to upgrade the berths of high-piled wharf upper structure of which is severely damaged and adopt static load test to check if the bearing capacity of steel pipes in original structure can reach 6,000kN as required for use in newly built structure...
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Influence of Ag Micro-addition on the Bending Fracture Behavior of Cu-based Metallic Glasses

Ling ZHANG, Xiang-Bin YI, Wen-Chun CHANG, Jian-Chen SHENG
In order to improve the glass forming ability of Cu-based bulk amorphous, improve it's mechanical properties and plasticity, the Cu46Zr42Al8Ag4 alloy rods with 3.0 mm in diameter were prepared by the suspend melting-copper mold suction casting. The structure, thermal stability and flexural behavior were...
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Refining of 2, 2-dimethylolpropionaldehyde and Recovering of the Excessive Raw Material

Sai-Jian SHI, Xin HUANG, Xiao-Yan CAO, Zheng-Gui GU
This study establishes a method of refining the 2,2-dimethylolpropionaldehyde and recovering the methanol and propylaldehyde by continuous side-distillation and distillation, the process was simulated by Aspen Plus software. In addition, the effects of the theoretical stage numbers, feed stage, side-stream...
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Effects of Recycled Coarse Aggregate Reinforcing Treated by Water-Glass on the Performance of Recycled Concrete

Li-Xiang Yang, Yao-Li QIAN, Qian-Qian Fang, Yun-Ting Han
The recycled coarse aggregates were soaked in the water-glass solution with several concentrations for different soaking time. The optimal-processing recycled coarse aggregate was used to prepare the recycled concrete whose basic mechanical property and durability were studied. Tests showed: the water-glass...
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The Antioxidant Effect of Lanthanum Complex in Natural Rubber

Qiang-Guo LI, Wei ZHENG, Si-Zhu WU
Mixed antioxidants composed of antioxidant N-phenyl-N'-isopropyl-p-phenylenediamine (IPPD) and lanthanum (La) complex were added as a filler to prepare natural rubber (NR) composites. By mechanical testing, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and thermogravimetric analysis, a string of data, including...
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Adsorptive Removal of Manganese from Manganese Slag Aqueous Solutions Using Biochars Loaded with Organic Acid-Fe

Zu-Yong CHEN, Fang LIU, Yuan-Sheng LIU, Tong-Da BU, Jian ZHU
Manganese adsorptive removal is an important treatment process in constructed wetlands to deal with considerable amounts of tailing wastewater, many materials have been proposed for its removal. This work is aimed to examining the potential of biochars sorbent materials for removing Mn ions from manganese...
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Increase of Regeneration Efficiency in JATROPHA CURCAS by In Vitro Culture Methods

Ying LIU, Jian-Nong LU, Su-Fang NIU, Hong-Bo ZHU, Lin-Feng LI, Yu-Zhen SHI, Xue-Gui YIN
An effective protocol has been established to induce adventitious buds regeneration from 3 types of explants (petiole, petiolule, cotyledon petiole) of Jatropha curcas L. All the explants were dealt with high concentrations (5-120 mg/L) of TDZ solution for various soak time (5-80 min) with the regeneration...
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Hydrophobic Modification of PP Membrane Coated by Al(OH)3 Colloids

Feng-Xiang GUO, Lei LI, Zhong-Hai ZHOU, Qi-Wei WANG, Yi-Meng HU
By using the hydrolysis of Al3+ salt under near-neutral conditions, Al(OH)3 colloidal solution has been prepared. The polypropylene based ultrafiltration (UF) membrane materials were uniformly coated with Al(OH)3 colloid via hydraulic spin coating technique. It was indicated that the degree of hydrophobicity...
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Electronic Absorption Spectral Investigations and Thermodynamic Properties of Urea Maleic Acid for Nonlinear Optical Applications

Xiao-Jing LIU, Xin SUN, Jing-Hua GUO, Miao-Juan REN
In this work, theoretical calculations have been performed on urea maleic acid (UMA) by using density functional theory (DFT) method at B3LYP/6-311++G(d,p) basis set levels. In calculation of electronic absorption spectra, TD-DFT calculations have been carried out. The calculated HOMO-LUMO energies confirm...
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Influencing Factors of Steel Slag/Blast Furnace Slag Based Solidifying Agents for Total Tailings Paste Backfill

Man-Chao LIU, Feng-Qing ZHAO
There exist synergistic effect between steel slag and blast furnace slag in preparation of solidifying agent for total tailings backfill. By investigating the effect of various activators, the proportioning of the solidifying agent was obtained: steel slag 35 %, blast furnace slag 35 %, Portland cement...
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Study on Synthesis of Maleic Anhydride Grafted Starch

Jian-Jiang SHANG, Li-Na JIANG, De-Qiang LI, Xiao-Yan ZHU
In order to improve the processing properties of starch, maleic anhydride grafted starch prepared by solution polymerization,With starch and maleic anhydride as raw materials. The structure of the material have been characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectrum(FTIR) and scanning electron microscopy...
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Bearing Capacity Estimates of the Parallel Wire Cables of Large Span Cable-stayed Bridges

Bing BAI, Xiao-long LI, Yue-ling LI
As the stay cables are the key members of large span cable-stayed bridges, Accurate calculation of its bearing capacity is the basic foundation of structure design and soundness assessment. Using the statistical theory, 81 7-1770MPa new wire strength test results are employed to investigate the law of...
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Influence of Fly Ash Content and Desert Sand Replacement Ratio on the Static Elastic Modulus of Desert Sand High Strength Concrete

Ning LIU, Tong-Tong YANG, Hai-Feng LIU, Yong-Gang DU
In order to study the influence of fly ash content and desert sand replacement ratio on the static elastic deformation of desert sand high strength concrete, experiments on 28d static compression modulus of desert sand high strength concrete with different fly ash content and desert sand replacement...
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Microstructure and Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage Properties of Ball-milled mgxni100-x+5wt %tif3 (x=50, 60, 70) Composite

Feng HU, Lei-Bo DENG, Qiang MA, Jian-Yi XU
The nanocrystalline and amorphous MgxNi100-x+5wt.%TiF3 (x=50, 60, 70) hydrogen storage alloys were synthesized by mechanical ball milling method. Microstructure and electrochemical performances of ball-milled alloys were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), high resolution transmission electron...
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Modal Analysis of Three Dimensional Numerical Control Laser Cutting Machine Based on Finite Element Method

Yun-Xin CHEN
In this paper, the three-dimensional CNC laser cutting machine as the research object, the finite element analysis software platform, using the related theories of modal superposition of the main moving parts of 3D CNC laser cutting machine for instantaneous modal analysis and the equipment of dynamic...
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Application of Refractory Hematite in Pellets

Li-Li WANG, Hai-Bin KE, Liang-Liang YUAN
With the progress of the beneficiation technology, the problem difficult to separate poor miscellaneous hematite can be solved, iron powder with finer grain size. In order to reduce the import of iron ore powder, reduce the cost of raw materials, and make full use of domestic iron ore resources. Do the...
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Facile Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Uniform Pbwo4: Tb3+ Hierarchical Ellipsoidal Particles

Yan-Shen LI, Wan WEI, Jing ZHAO, Run-Run YAO, Jin-Yu ZHANG, Cui-Miao ZHANG, Guang JIA
Monodisperse PbWO4:Tb3+ hierarchical ellipsoidal particles have been fabricated through a hydrothermal method by using trisodium citrate and SDBS as surfactants. The as-obtained PbWO4:Tb3+ are well-dispersed with narrow size distribution and are assembled by many closely packed nanoparticles. The as-obtained...
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Process and Properties Study of Porous Thermal Insulation Building Materials Based on Walnut Shell

Yingliang TIAN, Si-qi LI, Chang-Wei XU, Jin-Wei LI, Shi-Bing SUN, Hong QI, Cun-Xi MA, Ming-Pu CAO
In this paper, shale and feldspar were regarded as matrix materials and sillcon carbide was added as foaming agent. After a quality ratio of walnut shell was mixed with as pore-forming agent,porous insulation materialswere made through high temperature foaming. The firing curve was developed by studying...
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The Melting Crystallization and Fluidity of SiO2-B2O3-Al2O3-TiO2 Frit for Enamel Glaze

Ying-Liang TIAN, Su-Li ZHANG, Lu ZHANG
The influence of temperature on the crystallization and the melting of the glassy frit was discussed. SiO2-B2O3-Al2O3-TiO2 frits were obtained by melting batches at different temperatures, were investigated by DTA and the crystallization energy was calculated. The fluidity of the frits upon heating was...
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Study on Composite Modified Ceramic Shell of Mineralizer and Short-Cut Carbon Fiber

Xiang-Feng MENG, Yu-Tao ZHAO, Zhi-Hong JIA, Xiang-Feng LIANG
This experiment by using the composite method of the Mineralizer and short-cut carbon fiber to improve the performance of the shell, The influence of addition of mineralizer and the addition and length of short-cut carbon fiber on the high-temperature strength and high-temperature gravitational distortion...
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Synthesis of Poly-Hydrazide from Canola Oil and Use as Flow Improver for Crude Oil

Qiang DENG, Yun BAI, Xue-Fan GU, Gang CHEN, Zhi-Fang ZHANG
In this work, poly-hydrazide (PH) is designed and prepared from vegetable oil, hydrazine hydrate and dichloroethane. Nitrogen atoms are fixed in the main chain of the polymers to modify the polarity. The effectiveness of the PHs on four crude oil were tested as pour point depressants as well as paraffin...
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Studying Relationship of Metal Material Performance

Xiang ZHANG, Yi-Yun HAN
Relationship between loopholes of stress concentrated coefficients and stress consolidate coefficients were illustrated. The relationship between impact value and loopholes sensitivity were found, the relationship between crack forming energy and crack forming life was studied.
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Synthesis of Cyclohexanone Pentaerythritol Ketal Catalyzed by Sulfonated Zeolite

Jing-Fang XU, Jian-Long DONG, Qiang DENG, Xue-Fan GU, Ying TANG, Zhi-Fang ZHANG
In the previous research, it has been found that cyclohexanone pentaerythritol ketal has some bioactivity in the treatment of hurt in sports. In this work, cyclohexanone pentaerythritol ketal was synthesized from cyclohexanone and pentaerythritol by condensation catalyzed by zeolite and modified zeolite,...
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Enhanced Diamond Nucleation on Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools by Employing Electrostatic Self-Assembly Seeding

Tao WANG, Stephan Handschuh-Wang, Chun-Lei JIANG, Song-Quan ZHANG, Yang YANG, Yong-Bing TANG
Nanodiamond seeding is a well-established approach to enhance the nucleation density in chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond growth. However, nanodiamond seeding is highly dependent on the properties of nanodiamond particles, the solvent and the substrate. In this work we present a simple electrostatic...
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In-Situ Temperature Dependent Raman Spectra of Coal

Ying-Fang XIE, Jing-Lin YOU, Li-Ming LU
This paper studied room temperature and in-situ high temperature Raman spectra of coal samples of different carbon content with 355 nm laser Raman spectrometer. The deconvoluted parameters of D band and G band were analysed. The relationship between different carbon content and the Raman spectra characteristics...
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The Influence of Molding Pressure on the Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Borate Whisker Reinforced Aluminum Phosphate Composite Materials

Zhen-Yu LV
Choose the aluminum borate whisker (40wt%) reinforced aluminum phosphate composite material, molding under the pressure of 100 MPa and 200 MPa, and sintered at 1050øC, 1100øC, 1150øC, 1200øC, 1250øC, 1300øC, 1350øC, then test the flexural strength, Vickers hardness and fracture toughness of composites....
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Necessity and Feasibility of Building a New Indsans at Carr

Li ZHANG, Tian-Fu LI, Rong-Deng LIU, Hong-Li WANG, Yun-Tao LIU, Dong-Feng CHEN
China advanced research reactor (CARR) is already critical in 2010 and constructed with three neutron guides. One small angle neutron scattering spectrometer (SANS) has almost finished. This paper introduces the characteristic, application and development situation of SANS at home and abroad. The necessity...
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The Identification of Multi-Vehicle Moving Loads on the Single Lane Based on Influence Line Method

Liang HUANG, Lei WANG, Shun-Yong LI, Chu-Yu XIANG, Heng-Qi GE
The identification of moving loads based on influence line method had defects of uncounted lateral distribution of load, unapparent peak values and a low speed of recognition. To improve these disadvantages, this paper proposes a method to identify moving loads, which identified transverse positions...
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Bridge Safety Monitoring Technology Based on Risk Traceability Mechanism

Yong-Hui ZHONG, Yun-Biao DONG, Lei WANG
As the bridge structure is effected by the environment, the erosion of harmful substances, vehicles, wind, earthquakes, fatigue, and other human factors, plus the degradation of the material properties, parts of the structure suffer varying degrees of injury before reaching their design life. This paper...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Balance Beam in Self-Handling Trailer

Jing-Tao YUE, Li TANG, Dong SUN
Balance beam is the key component of the suspension of self-handling trailer. It is the walking balance mechanism of self-handling trailer and a part of the trailer to realize self-handling (the rear dump).Its reliability determines the reliability of the running and loading and unloading function of...
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Research on Grain Refinement and Homogenization during the Mandrel Stretching Process of a Hollow Steel Ingot Used for Heavy Hydro-Generator Shaft

Min LIU, Qing-Xian MA, Jian-Bin LUO
After sequenced rotation with ordinary shaped anvil, there exist coarse grains and mixed grains in the 20Mn5 hollow steel ingot used for hydro-generator shaft. By studying the dynamic recrystallization behavior of 20Mn5 steel under single-pass and multi-pass compression, the criterion for grain refinement...
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The Vibration Analysis of the Cracked Shaft

Zhen-Bo XIE, Hong-Wei LI, Jing XIE
In this paper, the numerical method is used to analyze the effect of the crack on the vibration of shaft. Firstly, with Patran/Nastran calculate and compare the free shaft mode and the crack shaft mode. Then numerically calculate the natural frequencies and modes of the shaft at different length and...
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An Improved Segmentation Method for Spray Painting Characters on Slab Surface

Chun-Hui HUANG, Qi-Jie ZHAO, Zhen-Nan KE, Xian-Fa LI
In order to improve segmentation of spray painting character in the slab surface, in this paper, we propose to improve the picture quality by image enhancement and filtering, segmenting image from coarse to fine to solve problem in character image segmentation stage step by step. Local dynamic thresholding...
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Research on a Numerical Control Radial Feed Whirlwind Milling Device

Guo-Zhe YANG, Feng LIU
The paper aimed at the problem of machining of fortified drill collar which common turning has the low efficiency. The author design a numerical control radial feed whirlwind milling device on the basis of inner whirlwind milling equipment, the device can be numerical control radial feed in machining....
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Carbon Nanotube Coating on 3-D Nanofibrous PLLA Tissue Engineering Scaffolds by Electrophoretic Deposition

Tao-Tao NIE, Meng HE, Yi-Fu SHI, Wen-Yao SONG, Hai-Yun MA
A uniform CNTs coating on highly porous nanofibrous and biodegradable PLLA scaffolds, intended for tissue engineering, by the electrophoretic deposition (EPD) technique. The morphologies before and after EPD of CNT coating were investigated by SEM. The mechanical properties were also measured and the...
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Gas Sensors Based on Layer-By-Layer Assembled Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide

Jia-Jia SONG, Yan-Yan WANG, Ming YANG, Feng ZHANG, Yan YE, Yan-Hua LIU, Lin-Sen CHEN, Chang-Si PENG
Based on graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide, a novel gas sensor was fabricated with layer-by-layer self-assembly techniques. The negatively charged graphene oxide sheets and the positively charged reduced graphene oxide sheets were layer-by-layer assembled on positive Au electrodes. The gas sensor...
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Predicting Total Energy Consumption with Least Square Method of Legendre Polynomial

Lai-Bin GAO, Bo WANG, Chang-Si PENG
Based on statistical data of National Statistical Bureau of China, and given the least-squares fitting of Legendre polynomial, the data of total energy consumption from 1978 to 2014 is analyzed by least squares method and Legendre polynomial least squares method respectively. The results showed that...
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Electrospun Composite of Fe3O4/Cu Nanocrystals Encapsulated in Carbon Fibers as an Anode Material with High Rate Capability for Lithium Ion Batteries

Meng ZHANG, Jing WANG, Shi CHEN, Feng WU
In this paper, a new composite with Fe3O4 and Cu nanoparticles encapsulated in carbon nanofibers (CNFs) and its electrochemical properties were reported. The composite is fabricated by a simple electrospinning technique followed by heat treatment. At a current density of 100 mA g-1, this electrode exhibits...
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Application of MRTD on Novel Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter

Mu-Jie FAN
A novel compact asymmetrical coplanar waveguide (ACPW)-fed ultra-wideband (UWB) bandpass filter is proposed in this paper, and the application of multriresolution time-domain (MRTD) formulation technique to the modeling of UWB ACPW filter is facilitated. The numerical and measured results demonstrate...
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A Novel Approach to Rejoin the Carbon Fiber Tow by Fiber Splicing Equipment

Md. Kamruzzaman, Md. Eman Talukder, Md. Nahid Pervez, Asif Kamal, Ying-Jie CAI
Carbon fiber tow is used in aerospace, automotive, marine, sports etc. applications with over 20 years' service history due to outstanding processing characteristics. This research work deals with carbon fiber tow mechanical properties improvement by conducting a new device, i.e. fiber splicing equipment...
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Design a New Machine to Improve the Quality of Conductive Yarns for Smart Textile

Md. Kamruzzaman, Md. Nahid Pervez, Md. Eman Talukder, Asif Kamal, Ying-Jie CAI
Because of the recent development of wearable electronic and smart textiles, the conductive yarns, fabrics and electrically heated garments have been widely studied and applied in many fields. This research is primarily concern to improve the conductive yarn quality with designed a new automatic machine...
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Experimental Study on Reaction Characteristic of Lignite CLC with NiFe2O4 as Oxygen Carrier

Yong LIU, Wu QIN
In this work, NiFe2O4 was prepared as oxygen carrier (OC) and its redox performance with lignite was systematically studied by thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) experiments. Surface structures of the fresh and reduced NiFe2O4 were characterized by SEM, BET, and XRD methods. In comparison with NiO and...
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Modeling and study of fracture and delamination in a packaging laminate

De-feng Zhang, Md. Shafiqu Islaml, Eskil Andreasson, Sharon Kao-Walter
In this work, a packaging laminate consisting of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), Al-foil (Aluminum foil) is focused, and failure due to necking in substrates and interfacial delamination under loading are considered. A coupled elasto-plasticity damage and fracture constitutive model is combined. The...
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Dynamic irreducible water saturation and its determination method

Jin-you Dai, Jing Wang, Meng Kong, Hui-xian Zhang, Zi-long Li
The irreducible water saturation, the saturation of water when it begins to flow, is not a fixed value in the development process, whose numerical value is related to specific reservoir production conditions. Based on the integration of relative permeability curve and mercury intrusion curve, the author...
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Punch flanging technology for aluminium alloy plate-wheels rolled lip forming

Yong-cun Pei, Yong-sheng Pei, Li-cong Wang, Shi-song Ruan
Rolled lip is needed to enhance intensity, rigidity and aesthetic feeling of aluminium alloy plate-wheels. The exacting requirements of rolled lip make the forming technology complex. And the forming process is difficult to control. Punch flanging technology adopted to form rolled lip of aluminium alloy...
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Cracking Failure Analysis of T-type Welded Tee in Waste Heat Boiler

Zhen CHEN, Xue-Qing LIU, Kui WANG, Lu-Yi LU, Qing-Ren WANG
In order to solve the crack problem of T-shaped welded tee in waste heat boiler of a LNG power plant, this paper proposed using the principle of fracture mechanics to analyze propagating crack quantitatively. Firstly, the stress distribution of T-shape welded pipe without structure default was analyzed....
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SHPB Test of High-Strength Concrete

Chen LIU, Lan PANG, Wei-Ling CHEN
The SHPB of 120 mm was used to investigate the dynamic mechanical behavior of the high-strength concrete under impact loading.To research the effect of different strength grade (54.82 MPa, 63.75 MPa, 84.00 MPa) and different strain rate (10 ~ 40 / s) for the dynamic mechanical properties of concrete,...
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Study on X60 Micro Alloy Steel'S Solidification Characteristics Based on Linea Contraction-thermal Stress Measuring

Yu-Yuan ZHU, Qian-Kun YANG, Jian-Xun FU, Hong-Gang ZHONG, Qi-Jie ZHAI
Based on the difficult technical defect, measuring the amount of solidification shrinkage and the stress, we use the linear contraction-thermal stress In situ measurement equipment, designed independently by shanghai university, to study the solidification characteristics, such as linear contraction,...
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Effects of Annealing on Structural Evolution and Microhardness of Zr50Cu40-xAl10Pdx (x=0-15) Bulk Metallic Glasses and Composites

Zhi-Ying ZHANG, Ying-Hao SHANG, Luo-Chao HUANG, Jun-Wen ZOU, Jian-An TANG, Hao TANG, Jie YU, Lin MA, Duo ZHANG, Bo-Wen LI
Effects of annealing on structural evolution and microhardness of Zr50Cu40-xAl10Pdx (x=0-15) bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) and composites were investigated using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and micro-hardness analysis. The glass transition temperature Tg and the crystallization temperature Tx of Zr50Cu40-xAl10Pdx...
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A numerical simulation of lng low-temperature pipe pre-cooling process

Xuanyu Sheng, Hong-zhi Zhang, Ling Chen
LNG low-temperature pipe pre-cooling is difficult point of completion and commissioning of LNG project, under the flow rate of 0.2m/s,0.5m/s and 1m/s, FLUENT software is used to conduct simulation of BOG gas pre-cooling technology for 63010mm low-temperature pipe to obtain temperature change regularity...
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Optimization of a Signalized Cell Transmission Model for Network Signal Coordination

Permitted movements in form of lane markings on single traffic lanes can be defined as decision optimization variables at intersection level and can be connected to form a signal-controlled network system. Traffic demand patterns are always given in a OD matrix. It is therefore a new design method to...
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Study on Mechanical Model of the Magnetorheological Fluid

Liang-yong Zhang, Heng Wang
In order to effectively apply the magnetorheological technology into the cutting chatter suppression, the reasonable mechanical model which could properly describe the mechanical behavior of magnetorheological fluid (MRF) is very important. According to principle of rheology, the mechanical performance...
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Simulation Analysis and Optimal Design of Back Clamp Device

Ping Yu, Si-jie Kang, Yan-jiao Li, En-chao Jin
Back clamp device is the key equipment of the top drive, which is required operation reliable and compact structure. This paper introduces the working process and working principle of the back clamp, According to the operation scheme and performance parameters of the back clamp, Dynamics simulation analysis...
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Design of the Hydraulic System for the Rise-fall Device in Power Catwalk

Ping Yu, Si-jie Kang, Yan-jiao Li, En-chao Jin
Performance of the hydraulic system for the rise-fall device has a direct impact on the reliability of power catwalk. According to the working principle of the rise-fall device, the scheme design and mechanical models of hydraulic system are established. And test the hydraulic model of the rise-fall...
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Analysis of Circumferential Groove Casing Treatment on Axial Compressor

Yi Tao, Fang Xie, De-jun Liu, Tian-ye Ji
As an effective method to extend the stability range of axial compressor, circumferential groove casing treatment has always been the focus of researchers. This paper analyze the stall margin improvement of casing treatment and the flow field in axial compressor. Slot type and circumferential casing...
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A study of complete kit oriented aerospace product manufacturing model

Wei-guo Wang
A theory model of Kit-Manufacturing is established to improve the efficiency of aerospace product manufacturing. The definition and algorithmic method of Key Routing and Standard Production Batch is provided. The Kit-Manufacturing coefficient for monitoring product manufacturing process is defined and...
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Characteristic analysis of two levelvibration reduction system for construction machinery

Jian-feng Wang, Dong-tao Wu, Sha Wang
In this paper, the characteristics of the two stage vibration reduction system of construction machinery are analyzed. The vibration characteristics of this kind of construction machinery are analyzed by means of the modal analysis method, which is based on the two degrees of freedom of the suspension...
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Numerical Solution to Singular Ordinary Differential Equations of Lane-Emden type by Legendre collocation method

T. G. Zhao, Y. Wu
The purpose of this paper is to propose an efficient numerical method for solving singular ordinary differential equations of Lane-Emden type. The singularity at initial point of the problem leads to failure of many methods such as Euler method, Runge-Kutta method, etc. The proposed method is based on...
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Parameter driven modeling of planar double-enveloping toroid worm pair

Zhi Liu, Hong Lu, Guo-ming Yu
The parameters calculation, meshing surface and 3 D models construction of planar double-enveloping toroid worm pair are efforts consuming because of complexity of the envelope motion. A parameter driven modeling method of this worm pair has been proposed, the parameters calculation, meshing surface...
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The General Form of Dual Variables Equations for Elastic Waves in General Elastic Media Layers and Its Applications

S.W Guo, J.M Ding
Based on the basic equations of elastic waves in general media, the general form of dual variables equations for plane elastic waves in general elastic media are developed by the transformation of matrix and vector operation. The general form of dual variables equations are generally suitable not only...
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Nonlinear dynamic coupling analysis on gear system of automated mechanical transmission

Qiang Song, Ping-yang Sui
In the process of the automated mechanical transmission operating,one pair of cogwheels are engaged with the other idling.Because both gear pairs are supported on one shaft,the states of them will be mutual coupling.By analyzing the meshing stiffness,mesh damp,support stiffness and coupling state via...
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Research on the inter-partition PID control algorithm of variable mass pitching systems

Zi-Fan FANG, Zeng-Wu MA, Xu-Fu GE, Wei-Hua YANG
The variable mass pitching systems along with load quality and its pitch angle displacement, and the same as its position of the center of the pitching and driving torque changes etc.To design the adaptive control strategy, we put forward the inter-partition PID control algorithm for the driven motor...
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Research on the Control Strategy of Decoupled 3-DOF Joystick for Tele-operation

Ming-De GONG, Kai-Wen CHEN, Li-Juan ZHAO
Joystick is a critical equipment for human to interact with an environment in a tele-operation system. In this paper, a decoupled three translational degree of freedom joystick for tele-operation applying Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) is designed. Then new control strategy based on position...
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A FMS dynamic scheduling optimization strategy and simulation research

Ji-Zhuang HUI, Yun-Xin GUO, Lin-Lin WU
According to the FMS actual production scheduling problems, this paper established a Petri nets scheduling model, And based on this model, we proposed a static scheduling algorithm combined with Petri nets reachability graph and A* heuristic graph search algorithm, Then a simulation experiment of the...
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Cleaning Robot Working at Height Final

Fan-Qi XU
To help people clean the window at high altitudes, we design a window cleaning robot that. The robot should be able to walk on most glass walls according to designated routes. To achieve uniform speed, turning, automatic speed control and other functions, we firstly used C51 programming technology to...
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An Automatic Control Method of Foam Spraying Glue Machine based on DMC

Yu-An HE, Tian CHEN
Memory foam is a kind of Polyether polyurethane foam which possesses low resilience mechanical properties. The foam mattresses are generally consisted of two to six layers foam, and glued by workers manually with Acrylic glue. A DMC (Digital Motion Control) based control system of automatic spraying...
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Research and Development of Mechanically Adjustable Fluid Viscous Damper

Dan-Feng SONG, Yong-Jin LU
In this study, a new type of mechanically adjustable fluid viscous damper is developed for specific requirement. According to its operating principles, the output force of the damper is derived based on N-S equation. As a third-generation fluid viscous damper, the damping coefficient can be adjusted...
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Action Mapping Analysis of Interventional Surgery Robot Based on Master-slave Operation

Xue YANG, Zhao-Cui HAN, Hong-Bo WANG
Minimally invasive vascular interventional surgical robot system includes two parts, the master manipulator and the slave end-effector. With the operation of the system need to map the operation of the main hand to the end effector, to achieve master-slave operation. Based on the graph transformation...
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Study on the Weak Parametrically Excited Mathieu Stability of Submerged Monitoring Platform

Kong-De HE, Xu-Guang XIE, Zi-Fan FANG, Wei-Hua YANG, Xue-Hui HE
Aimed at the heaving pitch coupling stability problem for underwater mooring monitoring platform under the action of a nonlinear flow field, the heaving pitch coupled equations of motion were established in consideration of initial stability height and drainage volume change; The stability transition...
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Research on Dynamic Properties of Crane Boom under the Condition of Accidental Unloading

Zhong-yuan KANG, Ge-Ning XU, Heng YANG, Xin WANG, Jing LI
This paper focuses on the special working condition-accidental loss of the effective load of sub-boom working conditions for combined lattice boom, establishes a rigid-flexible coupled model of the sub-boom system based on ANSYS and ADAMS, and applies multi-body dynamics analysis method to conduct theoretical...
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Nonlinear Stability Calculation Method of Crane Lattice Boom with Large Slenderness Ratio

Ge-Ning XU, Zhong-Yuan KANG, Heng YANG, Xin WANG, Jing LI
Aiming at the stability problem of crane lattice boom with large slenderness ratio, the applicability and practicability of four kinds of design theories and methods (the allowable stress method based on linear theory, the allowable stress method based on nonlinear theory, the limit state method based...
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Simulation of Micro Partial Admission Impulse Turbine

For a micro partial admission impulse turbine design, the present study analyzed the variable working conditions by numerical methods. The results indicate that the impact loss on the blade cascades will increase under off-design rotational speeds; the influence of admission fraction on the inner efficiency...
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Prionace Glauca Streamline Body 3D Printing Technology Research and Application

Qing-Song HU, Wen-Ping CHENG, Xi-Wu LIU
Prionace glauca can cruise long distance with high efficiency. The study on hydrodynamic characteristics of prionace glauca streamline body three-dimensional(3D) model will provide important reference value for the optimization design of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and other marine equipment....