Proceedings of the 5th Annual International Conference on Management, Economics and Social Development (ICMESD 2019)

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Do Binary Choices Create More Choice Regret

Zi-Fei Song
Knowing how to apply the relationship between choice making under different assortment sizes and choice regret is very significant, to both customers and marketers. Choice overload has been studied widely after Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper’s seminal research on the assortment size with choice overload...
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Research on Intelligent Endowment Service Based on Service Chain Theory——A Case Study of Heping District of Tianjin

Gui-Ping Feng, Wen-Jing Liu, Yu-Hong Xie
China's old-age service is confronted with the problem of poor resource integration and the imbalance between supply and demand. And intelligent endowment using the integration function of technology such as the IoT provides a way to solve it. This paper based on the service chain theory analyzes resource...
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R&D Leap and Operational Efficiency: The Moderating Roles of Environmental Dynamism and Environmental Munificence

Li-Tian Chen, Mei-Mei Zhang
Based on the theory of ambidextrous innovation and dynamic capability, our study investigates into the relationship between R&D leap and operational efficiency. Thus, using panel data of 257 GEM listed firms from 2011 to 2016, we show that R&D leap is negative to operational efficiency. In addition,...
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Business Diversification, Internal Control and Audit Fees-- Empirical Evidence from the Textile Industry

Sun-Lei Yang, Mei-Xin Xu, Jin Dong, Yu-You Huang
The study selected the textile industry in Shanghai and shenzhen from 2012 to 2016 as the research sample, and empirically studied the impact of business diversification and internal control on audit fees by using the data obtained from financial terminals and dibo database. The study found that business...
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A Comparative Study on the “Social Disadvantaged Group” and “Social Vulnerable Group”

Mei-Nan Lv, Xin Li
“Social disadvantaged group” and “social vulnerable group” are intrinsically linked, but the connotations are not exactly the same two concepts. “Social disadvantaged group” refer to the overall weakness of social survivability, including those that are at a disadvantage in economy, power, culture, status...
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A Hybrid Ant Colony Algorithm for Fresh Delivery Route Optimization Considering Quality Loss

Xuan Zhao, Qing-Lie Wu
At present, the penetration rate of cold chain facilities and equipment in China is still relatively low. The purpose of this paper is to develop an optimal fresh food logistics distribution method on the premise that cold chain distribution cannot be meet. Considering the perishability and time dependence...
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A Study of the Impact of Membership System on the Customer Loyalty

Chong Hou, Ya-Xuan Chen
In recent two decades, membership system (available since 1968),one of the most efficient sale promotion approaches, has been favored by an increasing number of Chinese customers and companies. To estimate the factors that affect the customer loyalty degree of a retail store with membership strategy,...
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Research on Management and Construction Strategy of Engineering Laboratory in the Context of New Engineering Education

Li Gao, Bei Jiang, Ming-Qiang Lin
The laboratory is an important base for the cultivation of innovative talents, and also an important condition for the construction and development of disciplines. According to the actuality of new engineering construction, the author analyzed the important role of the construction and management of...
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Application of An Extended Constant Elasticity of Substitution Production Function Model

Guo-Jun Shi, Mao-Lin Cheng
Adopting constant elasticity of substitution production function model to calculate the contribution rate of each influential factor on economic growth when analyzing factors of economic growth is usually a major subject frequently researched. This paper makes an extension under general meaning of constant...
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Evaluation of University Scientific Research and Technology Transfer Efficiency Based on Dynamic DEA Model

Rui-Li Shi, Nan He, Yun Liu
This paper analyzes the efficiency of scientific research transfermation. We clarifies the relationship and difference between the efficiency of scientific research output and the efficiency of technology transfer, constructs the evaluation index system, organically combines the two factors, and takes...
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The Construction and Thinking of Innovative Performance Evaluation System in Innovation-oriented Enterprises

Bing Yu
With the development of The Times, innovation has always been a constant theme in various business circles. Whether an enterprise can survive in such a competitive market depends not only on its products, but also on whether it can innovate. Only with the innovation ability can an enterprise make continuous...
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The Management Reform from the Perspective of Supply Chain Management

Ru-Xiang Zhang, Wei Zhao, Jing-Fang Wang, Bao-Zhen Teng, Fang Su, Guang-Tai Geng
Gas companies face complex and ever-changing environments. There are many problems in the procurement of traditional materials. The search for new material procurement management methods is to improve procurement efficiency, reduce procurement costs, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. From...
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Core Issues of Innovation Achievements’ Patentization Based on Innovation Types

Yun Liu, Xin Gu, Hui Shu
Innovation achievements which are from original innovation, secondary innovation, and integrated innovation would form different types of patents. The study showed that original innovation achievements formed basic patents and core patents, and secondary innovation achievements formed improved patents...
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Study on Air Quality Perception of Residents in Valley Cities

Wen Liu, Hai-Li Zhao, Ya-Li Zhang
As the direct sensor of air quality, the public's perception of air quality is an important basis for the government to make air pollution control decisions. Taking Lanzhou residents as research objects, 521 questionnaires were sent to four urban districts to obtain relevant data on environmental perception...
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Dynamicity of Economic Speed Based on Continuous Variation of Ship Functional Coefficient Factors

Wen Wang
Economic speed of a ship is a fixed value in existing studies, but it is changing. The ship's functional coefficient formula is imported into the economic speed expression to study the actual variability of the ship’s economic speed, and get 5 main influencing factors. Taking a typical ship type as an...
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The Path of Innovation Drive Enterprise Capability Improvement—A Case Study of Haier Group

Hua-Bin Wu, Qing-Rui Xu, Zheng-Rong Chen
Innovation is the first impulse to lead development under innovation driving. Most enterprises face difficult position of weak innovation capacity in China. Through the long-term tracking study of Haier for more than 30 years, this paper takes the development main contradiction as the main line, it analyzes...
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Research on Smart Organization and Retrieval of Government Affairs Archives

Yun-Liang Zhang, Lin-Na Li, Zhi-Hui Liu
Knowledge organization is important in the services of government affairs archives. To provide better archive service, a new approach of smart organization and retrieval with existing and updated archives related Chinese knowledge organization systems are proposed and implemented. With knowledge organization...
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Causes and Countermeasures for Chinese State-owned Zombie Enterprises

Rui-Mei Wang, Yi-Ming Zhang, Yang Yu
Zombie enterprise is one of important factors influencing normal market economy. State-owned zombie enterprises account for a high proportion among the current zombie enterprises in both asset and staff size, and the future disposal emphasis is also laid on state-owned zombie enterprises. Small and medium-sized...
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Research on Text Analysis and Quantitative Evaluation of Mass Innovation Space Support Policies in Jiangsu Province

Zhen-Gang Zhang, Yu-Yuan Wei
Using ROSTCM6 text mining and UCINET data mining software to analyze the keywords, semantic network center and small groups of Jiangsu mass innovation space support policies. At the same time, three policies were selected and the PMC index model was used to conduct the quantitative evaluation of the...
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Research on Internal Control Strategy of Group Company under Financial Shared Service Center Model

Hang Sun, Juan Du
The model of financial shared service center (FSSC) has been developed prosperously and obtained fruitful achievements in China. However, the introduction of this new model into the group company also brings with a variety of management risks. In this paper, the necessity for group company to introduce...
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A Comprehensive Model for Human Factor Risk Assessment: HFACS-FFT-ANN

Yu Liu, Yang Liu, Xiao-Xue Ma, Wei-Liang Qiao
With the development of technology and reliability, the human factors are becoming the most contributing casual for the occurrence of accident. In the present study, a comprehensive human factor analysis model, including Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS), Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis...
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Contextual Embeddedness of Organizational Routines’ Replication ----Perspective on Specificity of Business Unit

Yan-Liang Chen, Nan Ren
Replication of organizational routines, as a kind of value-creating strategy, is getting extensive attention of academe, while “replication dilemma”, which is called the interaction and gaming between new context and existing routines, induces inefficiency or even failure of replication, and then becomes...
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The Willingness to Use Mobile Libraries in Colleges: Cognitive Lock-In

Duan-Wu Yan, Xin-Yue Zhang, Qiong Su
From the perspective of cognitive lock, according to the development status of college mobile libraries in China, the article concerns about how cognitive lock-in affects the user's willingness to use mobile library. 6 variables are defined which include emotional lock-in, material lock-in, perceived...
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A Study on College Students’ Cognition and Attitude towards Global Warming

Jia-Hui Chen, Ya-Xuan Chen
Global warming, a bone of contention in environment research, has aroused wide concern of the government and all walks of life. College students, a special group cultivated by the state, play an indispensable role in the sustainable development of the environment. In order to explore college students’...
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Realistic Group Behaviors Based on Visibility-Voronoi(c) Diagrams

Meng Li, Luo-Zheng Zhang, Ming-Yi Zhang, Tao Wang, Yang Yang, Xiao-Ming Li, Ke-Ming Huang, Dong Wang, Long Cheng
In virtual crowd simulation, group behavior is very important, and its authenticity directly affects the authenticity of crowd behavior. This paper presents a group trajectory planning method based on visual-voronoi(c) diagram(VV(c)-diagram) in which c represents the expected distance between group and...
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Environmental Investment and Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of Distance from Bankruptcy

Li-Tian Chen, Yu-Ting Cao
Based on the stakeholder theory and the prospect theory, our study investigates into the relationship between environmental investment and firm performance. Thus, using panel data of 255 GEM listed firms from 2011 to 2016,we show that there is no significant correlation between environmental investment...
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The Separating Effect of Venture Capital on Patents: Evidence from GEM Listed Companies in China

Xiao-Wei Li
Based on the dataset of the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) listed companies in China, from 2009 to 2016, our analyses reveal the separating effect of venture capital investment on heterogeneous patents, as the supply of venture capital increases, there is a significantly negative linear relationship...
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The Basic Connotation and Theoretical Logic of the Effectiveness of Biological Assets Information Disclosure

Zi Han, Gang Fu
The purpose of accounting information disclosure is to meet the needs of stakeholders for decision-making, which is also the fundamental criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of information disclosure.The specificity of biological assets makes their effective information disclosure complex. The...
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An Empirical Study on the Background Characteristics of Executives and Enterprise Investment Efficiency

Zhen-Yi Wang, Han Zhu, Ying-Qi Wang
The company's various decisions and investment behaviors are affected by the "company personality" factor. This paper selects the Shanghai-Shenzhen A-share listed companies from 2010 to 2016 as research samples, and empirically tests the relationship between management background characteristics and...
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Research of Institutional Environment, Enterprise Market Position and Commercial Credit

Xue-Xia Xu, Yun-Piao Li, Yao-Yu Hong
This paper explores the changes in institutional environment and corporate market position, and how the differences in institutional environment and market position will affect commercial credit. Based on this, this paper selects the listed companies traded in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange in...
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Information and Commnication Technology and International Trade: A Case of China-ASEAN Countries

Shun-Ho Chu, Shi-Yu Guo
In 2000, ASEAN countries initiated the e-ASEAN Framework Agreement in order to build the ASEAN information infrastructures and promote development of e-service and e-commerce in commerce, society and government. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of information and communication technology...
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A Comparative Study of the Efficiency of Chinese and American Housing Markets——Based on the Hurst Index from Fractal Market Theory

Yan Chen, Ya Cai, Cheng-Li Zheng
Based on the fractal structure theory of stock market, this paper applied Hurst index as a measure and then explored the rationality of housing prices and the effectiveness of real estate markets in China and the United States. by using data from several large and medium-sized cities in China and each...
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Research on the Impact of Venture Capital and Executive Compensation of GEM Strategic Emerging Industry Enterprises on Its Performance

Sun-Lei Yang, Yu-You Huang, Jin Dong, Mei-Xin Xu
Based on the data of strategic emerging industrial enterprises in the GEM, this paper attempts to analyze the impact of corporate venture capital and executive compensation on the performance of strategic emerging industries in the GEM through empirical research. The results show that for enterprises...
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MECP Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Cultivation Model in Higher Education of China

Xiao-Ting Han, Li Niu
This paper studies how to break down the barriers between entrepreneurship theory and practice, innovation and entrepreneurship management research and education in higher education. First, this paper comprehensively planned, designed and constructed a systematic, hierarchical and targeted advanced innovation...
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Research on Information Disclosure of Poverty Alleviation Funds of Listed Companies

Shun-Yang Yang, Yun Yuan
This paper takes 372 companies that disclosed the information on poverty alleviation funds in 2017 as the research sample, and analyzes the current situation of information disclosure of poverty alleviation funds in China from three aspects: disclosure level, disclosure of the nature of the company's...
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The Non-Linear Effect of Institutional Distance on the Location Selection of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment

Zheng-Juan Xie
With panel data of 46 countries from 2003 to 2016, the author set up a static panel data model to investigate the relationship between the location selection of China's outward foreign direct investment and the institutional distances of different dimensions. The empirical results showed that there is...
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Research on the High Quality Development Path of Chongqing's Agricultural Economy

Li-Zhen Guo
Accelerating the construction of agricultural products brand is an important aspect to promote the high-quality development of Chongqing's agricultural economy. Chongqing's brand building of agricultural products has a good foundation, such as the formation of a number of very famous agricultural products...
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Study on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Capital Precipitation in State-Owned Enterprises

Bing Yu
Capital is the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises and the soul of enterprises. However, the problem of capital precipitation is more and more seriously restricting the survival and development of enterprises. Enterprises are on the one hand a large amount of capital precipitation,...
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Price Discount Coordination Mechanism for CHR Express Dual-Channel Supply Chain

Yu-Fan Yu, Li Hu, Nan-Hong Li
Under the set of the cooperation that CHR express company treats traditional express companies as its agents, the providers of CRH express service come from two different channels, which are CRC (hereinafter referred to as CRC) and traditional express company. As there were Double Marginal Effect among...
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Research on Environmental Accounting Information Disclosure of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Electric Power Listed Companies

Jing-Jie Wang, Lu-Yi Huang
The sustainable development strategy puts forward the business requirements for economic development, protection of resources and protection of the ecological environment. Under the wave of green environmental protection, the preparation of environmental accounting reports has gradually become an important...
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A Blessing or a Curse? The Impact of Financial Liberalization on Stock Price Informativeness

Qing-Qing Zheng, Li-Yan Han, Li-Bo Yin
This paper assesses the extent to which an emerging economy can benefit from financial liberalization. We exploit the openness of capital markets to foreign institutional investors in China as a natural experiment generating exogenous shocks to China’s securities markets. We provide evidence that foreign...
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Analysis of the Status Quo and Problems of Sichuan Silk Export

Ruo-Tong Lian, Cheng Chen
China has always been a big country in silk production and export. With the strengthening of world economic ties, silk exports have become an important part of China's foreign exchange earnings. As one of China's major silk production areas and one of the important export bases, Sichuan Province has...
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Strategic Analysis of Promoting the Second Transformation and Upgrade of Processing Trade in Sichuan Province

Yu-Chen Li, Cheng Chen
In 2016,Sichuan Province issued the“Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Innovative Development of Processing Trade” and formulated a plan for a new round of processing trade industry transfer. However, the development status in recent years is far from the planning goal. How to effectively promote...
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Does Adverse Business Environment Influence Corporate Innovation Performance?

Chun-Wei Yang, Wen-Juan Sui, Xue-Lin Chen, Yang Zhou
An important question that was ignored in available literature is whether corporate innovation performance is influenced by adverse business environment. In this regard, this paper uses Chinese private enterprises as the example to conduct an empirical study on the relationship between innovation investment...
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The Empirical Research on the Correlation Between the Internal Control and Earnings Management in Private Listed Companies

Sheng-Nan Yan
This paper takes the data of private listed companies from 2011 to 2016 as the sample for empirical analysis, and finds that internal control is an important factor in earnings management. There is a significant negative correlation between internal control and accrued earnings management and real earnings...
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Research on the Impact of the Structural Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem on the Financial Risk of Enterprises

Meng-Yuan Gu, Jun-Ping Yang, Su-Qing Xiao, Zhao-Yang Dong
At present, China's entrepreneurial activities as an important engine to promote economic growth is driving China's technological innovation and social development at an unprecedented rate. Since high returns are accompanied by high risks, it is of research value to clarify the formation mechanism of...
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Comparative Study on National Standards and Economic Indicators from Countries along the Belt and Road

Guo-Peng Li, Jing Li, Yuan-Yuan Teng
Using the methods of literature research, web site investigation, bibliometrics, big data analysis and statistics, the authors make an investigation and statistical analysis on the national standards’ number, ranking, national standardization organization, ranking of GDP, actual growth rate, growth rate,...
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Empirical Analysis on the Political Connection and the Selection of M&A Strategies

Sheng Li
This paper analyzes the relationship between political connections and the M&A strategies of corporate. It can also guides companies to choose M&A strategies or to choose a direction to develop political connections. Based on the data of Chinese listed companies that implemented M&A from 2011 to 2014...
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The Future of the Global Monetary System

Vladimir Grigoriev
The article is devoted to the reasons of global financial instability and the forecast of the development of the world monetary system. The roles and prospects of the United States, the European Union and BRICS countries are considered. Analyzed the role and place of gold in the present and future. A...
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Empirical Study on the Effects of Board Characteristics on Enterprise Value Based on Life Cycle Theory

Rui-Feng Bai, Xiao-Xu Wang
Board structure is a vital part of corporate governance. Efficient board structure will contribute to the long-term development of the enterprises. Recent years, many researchers have studied the correlation between board characteristics and corporate value, but still haven’t got consensus. In this article,...
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Existing Issues of Ride Sharing Company Operation and Sharing Economy in China: Uber Case Analysis

Xing-Yue Zhao, Qin Su
Under the background of the growth of sharing economy, the number of emerging companies increased in the past decade. As emerging companies, the legality and competitions with relevant industries are subject to dispute. This paper analysis potential issues and causes of these issues in the operation...
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Construction of Financial Forecasting Model based on China’s Listed Companies

Meng-Kun Li, Xiao-Yun Shi, Yang Yu
China’s economy has been developing rapidly in recent years. In this background, enterprises are often influenced by various risk factors while seeking rapid growth. This paper sets up index system of financial analysis and constructs a financial forecasting model. Based on financial data of Letv Information...
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Research on the Game of Securitization Based on Blockchain Technology

Qian-Yi Zhao
In view of the advantages of decentralization, reliability and unmodification of Blockchain technology, an incomplete information game model of traditional securitization and a complete information game model of Blockchain securitization are established based on securitization business process and credit...
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Application of Participating Teaching Method in Business English Teaching

Ruo-Yue Zhang
The development of the society has fundamentally changed the demand for talents, but the traditional “teacher-centered” method cannot meet the needs of the market. However, participating teaching method from UK actively stimulates the classroom atmosphere by engaging participants with different backgrounds,...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Physical Education in Colleges on the Basis of Big Data

Xiao-Hua He, Xiu-Yun Shi, Wei Zhang
Based on the implementation of the Internet+ in our country, People from all walks of life have paid more attention to the big data. As an essential part of the education system, the physical education in colleges must be influenced by the development and popularity of big data. This paper will analyze...
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The Challenges and Opportunities Faced by College Financial Management under the Background of "Double Top-Class"

Dan Xia, Guo-Liang Du
As a national key construction project in the field of higher education, the construction of “double top-class” will have a far-reaching impact on the development pattern of higher education in China, which can effectively promote the transformation and development of higher education and promote the...
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Research on University Budget Management from the Perspective of Internal Control

Guo-Liang Du, Dan Xia
In recent years, as the mode of running colleges and universities in China has gradually changed from government-led to independent enrollment, colleges and universities have begun to expand enrollment in order to better adapt to the fierce competition environment, resulting in the continuous growth...
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An Analysis of the Effective Integration of Chinese Traditional Culture Education and the Cultural Self-confidence of Higher Vocational College Students

Xue-Mei Wang
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Chinese leaders have proposed to “enhance self-confidence of culture and value”. Culture is the blood of the nation, and Chinese traditional culture is the foundation of Chinese modern culture and the spiritual home of the Chinese people....
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Does Health Insurance Help the Aged

Zhu Li, Yu-Xue Cheng
This paper discussed the effect of a health insurance program, New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS) from China, on the elderly’s reported health status. Using a Difference-in-Difference strategy, this paper finds evidence that the program has strengthened elders’ daily activity livings and improved...
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Research on Technological Innovation Network of New Energy Vehicles in China from the Perspective of Innovation Ecology

Fei-Fei Li, Sheng-Wen Wang, Zhi-Hao Gao, Ting-Ting Yu
With the gradual development of energy economy, the development of new energy vehicles has become the main direction of the development of China's automotive industry. It is of great practical significance to establish a new energy vehicle technology innovation network. From the perspective of innovative...
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The Influence of Political Factors on the Economic Development Strategy of Northeast China

Hsiung-Shen Jung
Historically, Northeast China has been influenced by political factors for several times to determine its development and construction. "Northeast Revitalization" has given the Northeast region new opportunities for development, but "One Belt, One Road" initiative, which dominates the development of...
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Rural Landscape Design Based on the Inheritance of Local Culture

Yong-Jin Liu
Rural regional culture contains rich and colorful folk customs. Which has profound connotation and far-reaching significance. The reconstruction and design of rural landscape should be established on the basis of rural humanistic characteristics. It relies on the construction of laws and regulations...
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Development Opportunities of China's Private Enterprises in the New Era

Bi-Gang Hong
Since the reform and opening up in 1978, China's private economy has grown from nothing, from small to large and strong, and now has accounted for more than half of China's economy. In this article, the author predicts a promising future for the private sector based on three judgments. First, Top-level...
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Research on the Training Work of Tianjin Women's Federation "New Agricultural School"

Zi-Xuan Wang, Zheng Wang
With the rapid development of economy and society, rural women have become the main force of rural construction and development. More than half of the labor force directly engaged in agricultural production population is female, and the trend of woman in agricultural production population is increasingly...
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Investigation and Analysis of the Demand for the Elderly in Rural Areas in Tianjin

Zi-Xuan Wang, Zheng Wang
Being rich and getting old is a prominent feature of China's social development. China has entered an aging society, and the development of the old-age industry is imminent. In order to actively respond to the aging of the population, we will build a policy system for the aged, filial piety, and respect...
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Research on Problems and Strategies of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Context of Supply-Side Reform

Xiao-Juan Han, Guo-Min Song
Under the new economic normal,China's economy has shifted from high-speed development to high-quality development,and the supply-side reform has achieved phased results.In order to further deepen the supply-side reform,enterprises should actively undertake social responsibilities,improve the coping ability...
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Comparative Research on Defensive Ability of Beijing Ducks and Zhejiang Lions in CBA 2017-2018 Season

Ren Jiang
Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), founded in 1995, has been developing for more than 20 years. From the original 8 teams to the current 20 teams, it has now become one of the most influential and ornamental professional sports events in China and is deeply loved by the public. Beijing Ducks is a...
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Research on Community Elderly Care Service in China

Xiao-Bing Wang
Faced with the accelerated aging process and imperfect system of elderly care in China, community elderly care service stands out from other pension modes and becomes the most suitable pension mode for China's development. Community elderly care service has the advantages of both home care and institutional...
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Research on the Current Development Situation and Countermeasures of Rural Tourism in China

Zheng-Ke Yang, Xue-Mei Zhang
China is a big agricultural country, it is an important mission to solve the problems of agriculture, countryside and farmers. As an important part of modern agriculture, rural tourism has experienced 40 years of development in China, and now has become an important pillar of the strategy of rural revitalization....
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China’s International Energy Cooperation Strategy from the Perspective of the Belt and Road Initiative

Shi-Gang Yan
International energy cooperation under the Belt and Road initiative plays a significant role in maintaining energy security and promoting economic and social development in China. This paper states the important progress made by China’s international bilateral, multilateral and industrial energy cooperation...
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Closed-loop "Recycling + Consumption" Family Life Services Ecological Chain Boosts Used Clothes Recycling

You-Fang Chen
Used clothes must be professionally collected and sorted to be used effectively. Professional recycling can be achieved by placing recycling bins or holding promotional events, but at a higher cost and less efficient. “Mr. Right” has been co-operated with shops where residents buy daily necessities or...
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Research on Estimation of Replacement Rate of Occupational Annuity

Yang Yu, Lin Sun, Yuan Zhang
Occupational annuity is a kind of supplementary measure of old-age security for staff of government organizations which is also an important means of promoting the reform of the pension system for public institutions. This paper quantifies the occupational pension replacement rate and puts forward some...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction and Development of "Luodai" Characteristic Towns

Tong Wang, Hao-Yuan-Yu Huang
“Luodai” town is a key characteristic town in China and a gathering place for Hakka culture in western China. However, in recent years, Luodai Town has experienced problems of large or small in the process of construction and development, such as the lack of attraction in towns, the lack of core competitiveness...
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On the Medical Ethics Thought of the “Great Medical Doctor”

Wen-Li Wang
The “exquisite” in the thought of “Great Doctor” reflects that doctors must have superb professional skills. “Honest” requires doctors to “save the suffering of the spirit”, have a noble moral character and be cautious about words. The thought of “Great Doctor” has practical value in the formation of...
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The Study on Refugee from Shanshan Based on Kharosthi Documents

Jing Zhang
Most of Kharosthi documents unearthed in Xinjiang help to show the general political and economic picture in Shanshan. Until now, more than seven hundred pieces of these documents have been translated, some of which are about refugee. The refugee issue in Shanshan was caused by war, land annexation and...
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Analysis of Clinical Medication Rule of Trigonellae Semen Based on Data Mining

Jing-Yi Qiao, Jing Chen, Jing-Jing Shi, Ming-San Miao
Objective: To further explore the clinical medication rule of Trigonellae Semen and analyze the potential compatibility relationship of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) . Method: The clinical application literature of Trigonellae Semen in CNKI and Wanfang database is screened. Excel 2013 is used to...
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Analysis of the Characteristics of External Treatment of Skin Ulcer with Chinese Medicine

Rui Wu, Xiu-Min Li, Ming-San Miao
Ulcer is difficult to heal. Although it can not quickly endanger the life of patients, it causes great harm to the quality of life and work of patients because it occurs on the surface of the body and has a long course of disease and many complications. By sorting out the literature, this paper explores...
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Discussion on the External Treatment Characteristics of Liu Junzi's Ghost Relics Prescription

Lin-Na Ma, Ming Bai, Ming-San Miao
To explore the types, dosage forms and high frequency Chinese herbal medicines for external treatment of diseases in Liu Junzi Gui Ji Fang. Using Excel 2013 and SPSS Modeler 14.1 statistical software as tools, the external prescriptions in the Song Dynasty block-printed "Liu Junzi Gui Ji Fang" were analyzed...
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Predicting Nurses’ Turnover Intention by Demographic Characteristics and Work Adaptation Disorder in Changchun

Wei Meng, Yu-Jin Liu
Objective To survey the current status of nurses’ turnover intention in Changchun, and to examine the impact of demographic variables and work adaptation disorder on nurses’ turnover intention. Method We investigated 315 registered nurses working in 3 Three-A general hospitals of Changchun through the...
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Study on the Correlation between Self-learning Ability and Life Satisfaction of Undergraduate Practice Nurses

Xin-Li Ma, Xin-Rong Guo, Yan-Ping He, Feng Bai
Objective: To survey the current status of self-learning ability and life satisfaction of undergraduate practice nurses, and research the correlation between them. Methods: We used general demographic characteristics, self-learning ability and life satisfaction questionnaire to investigate 251 undergraduate...
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The Current Situation and Influence Factors of Ophthalmic Nurses’ Practice Environment

Feng Bai, Yan Ma, Yun-Qing Ma, Xin-Li Ma
Objective: To investigate the current situation of ophthalmic nurses’ practice environment, and analyze the influence factors. Methods: The practice environment scale and general demographic characteristics questionnaire were used to survey 185 ophthalmic nurses. Results: The scoring of ophthalmic nurses’...
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Investigation on the Self-supporting Ability of the Elderly in Community

Wei Meng, Yu-Jin Liu, Yu Zhang, Hao-Yu Zhang
Objective: To investigate the current status of self-supporting ability of the elderly in community, and compare the elderly people's self-supporting ability on the basis of different demographic characteristics. Methods: General demographic characteristics scale and self-supporting ability for elderly...
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Design and Implementation of Practice Teaching about Gerontology Nursing

Wen-Jing Sun, Yu-Jin Liu
With the sharp increase in people's average life expectancy and raise the level of social welfare, the number of elderly people increased dramatically, more and more older people will choose to spend old age pension agency, so the rapid development of the pension industry, with pension Skills nursing...
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Study on the Application Status of Hospice Care in Aged Nursing Teaching

Wen-Jing Sun, Yu-Jin Liu
Hospice mainly refers to the premise of fully respecting the life dignity of patients in clinical end-stage patients, and assisting such patients to walk through the last course of life in a peaceful and comfortable life. In this process, they need to get a full range of care from family members and...
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Research on the Cultivation of Tourism Management Professionals under the Background of Informatization

Ying-Hui Wu
Under the background of informatization, with the rapid integration of tourism and information industry, information technology has been widely used in the tourism industry. While information technology has brought profound impacts to the tourism industry, and new requirements have also been placed on...
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Research on the Strategy of Improving the Economic Benefits of Theme Parks under the Background of Smart Tourism

Qing-Hui Guo
The theme parks enter the visitors' horizons through its unique connotation and enrich the content of tourism resources. This paper analyses the problems of the theme park in terms of profitability through economic benefit evaluation indicators and proposes strategies to optimize the profit model, expand...