Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics and Industrial Informatics

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Subpixel Edge Localization Based on the Bresenham Algorithm

Weifang Sun, Binqiang Chen, Qi Luo
Precise subpixel edge localization is significant for photogrammetry. In this paper; a new subpixel edge localization and interpolation of still image based on the Bresenham algorithm is proposed. Parameters fitting method is adopted to acquire the subpixel image brim point. After the localization; contiguous...
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Development of an Underwater Robot for Sediment Soil Sampling

Peng Gao, Bin Zheng, Jianhong Liang, Cangsi Ren
An underwater sediment soil sampling robot is presented in this paper. The developed robot is composed of a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), a buoyancy regulator, a sampling corer and other parts. Differ from traditional ROVs and sampling devices, the robot moves by swinging the fins and collects soil...
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A feasible, effective image transmitting framework in WMSNs

Feng Tian, Kun Song, Enyan Sun
In WMSNs, compared with the complicated media processing task the energy of node is very limited. In this paper, we use ROI coding of the image to decrease the requirement of the energy, and propose a feasible, effective framework to prolong the life time of the network.
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Design of fault diagnosis expert system for electronic control system of adaptive optics based on Fault Tree

Guoqing Gao, Luchun Zhou
In view of the complexity of the electronic control system of adaptive optics, combining with fault tree analysis and expert system, we design an expert system on fault diagnosis for electronic control system of adaptive optics based on Fault Tree. After analysis of electric control system of AO, fault...
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The Attitude Tracking Robust Controller for Supercavitating Vehicle Based on Backstepping Method

Chengbin Lian, Xueyan Jing, Yongjun Hao, Xianping Tang
The unique characteristics of the supercavitating vehicles is different from the traditional underwater vehicles. For the supercavitating vehicles with nonlinear time-delay dynamics model which containing unmatched uncertainties, the backstepping attitude tracking controller is designed based on backstepping...
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Echo Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Millimeter Wave Proximity Fuze

Jie Zhou, Quanli Ning, Chunsheng Hu
This Start research on the scattering mechanism of ground object target, the scattering of the far zone and the near region is defined, and the scattering characteristics of the target is analyzed.Using the distance-Doppler method to divide the fuze beam radiation area, the fuze echo model is established...
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A New Method for Multi-channel Audio Transmission Based on AVB Standard

Liming Shao, Chao Chen, Qi Wang
This paper firstly introduces Ethernet Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standard developed by the IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging Task Group, then focuses on AVTP standard which is aimed to transport the audio and video data, next introduces the new multi-channel network audio transmission protocol that we...
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Design of High Performance Disk Storage Protocol

Jinxing Shen
This paper introduces a light weight transport protocol which is referred to High performance Disk Storage Protocol HDSP . Like the zero-copy technology HDSP improves the throughput of networked storage system and reduces the system workload by reducing protocol layers and data copy times and employing...
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The analysis of the different filtering algorithm effects on the fluorescence spectrum data processing

Haiqiang Wu, Jie Sun, Longyang Zheng
Filtering is a main method to eliminate or reduce the noise and is also a basic step to analyzing spectral data accurately in spectral data processing. In this paper, four methods of average value filtering, median filtering, cubical smoothing algorithm with five-point approximation filtering and Savitzky...
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Design of spectrometer based on the Internet of things

Longyang Zheng, Jie Sun, Haiqiang Wu
The features, architecture, hardware connection, application software and the transfer protocol about the spectrometer based on the internet of things are presented in this paper. Applying the technology of the internet of things, it can enhance the real-time and remote control ability of spectrometer,...
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Optimization of S-shaped Bend Waveguide Using Random Orthogonal Axial Gradient Method

Yue-Yu Xiao, Hui-Xiang Yang, Shao-Fan Lu
S-shaped bend waveguides are indispensable in planar light circuits to realize the lateral displacements and connections. High-density integrated optical circuits require S-shaped bend waveguides to be low loss and compact sized. In this paper, the loss mechanism of the S-shaped bend is briefly analyzed...
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The application of BP neural network in the safety warning of gas stations

Qiao Li, Yu Jin
In this paper, we analyze the current situation of gas filling station, find out the risk factors affecting the safety of gas stations, and propose a new algorithm based on BP neural network model. With the historical monitoring data of gas filling stations, BP neural network model can be used to approximate...
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Navigation Mode Study of Mobile Application Based On Eye Tracking Technology

Jiuqiang Fu
Instances in this paper summarize six basic interface navigation modes of mobile application interfaces, analyze these six interface navigation modes’ scenarios and features from information display and interactive operation, and most of the mobile phone interface structures base on and derive from them...
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Realization of Experiment Platform of the Course “Signals and Systems” Based on MATLAB GUI

Sujie Chen, Zhengfei Qian, Xiong Zhou, Xiaojing Shi
Aiming at the weakness of traditional theoretical teaching in the course of “Signals and Systems”, MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI) is used to convert abstract theoretical knowledge into concrete image simulation. The platform can strengthen students’ understanding on important and difficult knowledge...
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Design of Tracking Control System by Closed-Loop Pole Placement

Shengguo Zhang, Shuo Zhang, Guoheng Zhang
This paper focuses on designing the MIMO tracking control system which can achieve zero steady state errors and obtain desired dynamic performances, simultaneously. By using state feedback, the closed-loop stability and desired dynamic performances are guaranteed. By integrating the deviations between...
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Study on the Relations and Differences of Differential Mean Value Theorems

Xin Wang, Shiqin Wang, Cheng Wang
The differential mean value theorem plays an important role in the differential calculus. In this paper, by comparing and analyzing the premise conditions and conclusions of three differential mean value theorems, we discuss the similarities and differences between them at first. Then, according to different...
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Application of Fuzzy Decision-Making Methods in the NBA Team Ranking

Yuanyuan Dong, Chengrong Xie, Cheng Wang
In this paper, a simple decision-making model has been established based on the method of fuzzy opinion centralized decision, and the date about the NBA teams of Weston part has been analyzed. In this model, the Borda number method and weighted Borda number method are presented to rank the capability...
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Improvements on Proxying and Cache Scheme of CoAP Protocol for IPv6-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Ping Wang, Xin Li, Heng Wang, Na Bao
For the IPv6-based Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), there exists a difficulty in applying Internet protocol into Internet of Things (IoT) due to the constrained resources. Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is a lightweight protocol which is proposed and standardized by Internet Engineering Task...
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FEM Design of Virtual Experiments for Mechanical Engineering Education

Jiangang Yi, Ping Xu
Comprehensive experiment design in mechanical engineering education is a key step for creative teaching in college education. In order to solve the problem, Virtual experiment approach based on FEM is proposed. Through modeling, simulation and calculation of the vertical drill, the design process of...
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Simultaneous Optimization of Pump Configuration and Pipe Network in Multi-source Water Injection System

Jianjun Yang, Tangfu Wu, Zhihao Liu
The simultaneous optimization of pump configuration and pipe network can greatly improve the system operating efficiency. Aiming at the new-built and multi-source water injection system, the optimal mathematical model was established, in which the operating energy consumption of pumps and the investment...
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Active contours algorithm with an adaptive gaussian distribution fitting energies and its application to industrial CT image segmentation

Xiao Luo, Yongning Zou
In image segmentation, Local binary fitting model (LBF) is widely used to cope with intensity inhomogeneity. It is insensitive to the initial contour with a large scale parameter and it can make the active contours become smooth and close to the object of the real border with the reduction of scale parameters....
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An Optimized FPN Network Attack Model Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Huilin Wu, Wenjuan Wu
FPN attack model can be widely applied to a variety of large and complex network environments. In this paper, we present an optimized FPN network attack model based on the improved ant colony algorithm. First, We apply the ant colony algorithm to the FPN network attack model to optimize the training...
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Noise Reduction of Communication Signal by utilizing the Adaptive Fuzzy-Fractal Filtering Method

Shuang-Shuang Cheng, Bing Li, Jun Dong, Hui Han
In this paper an adaptive fuzzy-fractal filtering method (AFFF) has been applied to noise reduction of communication signal. Short-time fractal dimension contains the information related to the complexity or characteristic of the time series and it can be used to adjust the value of fuzzy control parameter...
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Design and Implementation of the adaptive CCCII-OTA Filter

Sheng-Qian Ma, Yan-Ping Ji, Zhi-Feng Ma, Li-Rong Zheng
This paper proposes an adaptive filter structure and implementation method which based on operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) and the current controlled conveyor (CCCII). After preprocessing and shaping, it can generate a frequency signal, which be converted into current signal IB by the F/I...
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Cube Attack on Reduced-Round Quavium

Shiyong Zhang, Gongliang Chen, Jianhua Li
Trivium is a notable light-weight synchronous stream cipher submitted to the European eSTREAM project in April 2005. Quavium is a Trivium-like algorithm which is almost as fast as Trivium. In this paper, the security of Quavium is concerned under cube attack, which is one of the best known attack on...
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Research on Mutation Parameters of Cloud Evolutionary Strategy

Ziqiang Luo, Peng Cao, Bin Wen, Yu Zhang
The cloud evolutionary strategy is a novel rapid evolutionary algorithm based on the outstanding characteristics of the cloud model on the process of transforming a qualitative concept to a set of quantitative numerical values. The paper conducts the mathematical analysis of cloud distribution with the...
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Parameter Optimization of Linear Control System Based on Lyapunov Stability Theory

Shengguo Zhang, Shuo Zhang, Guoheng Zhang, Wanchun Liu
This paper aims at optimizing the system parameter of the control system with adjustable parameter. The optimization performance index is represented as a Lyapunov function which is decided by a symmetrical positive definite matrix and system’s initial conditions. This symmetrical positive definite matrix,...
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Genetic Algorithm with Direction Selection for the Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with makespan minimization

Zhixiong Su, Junmin Yi
The regular hybrid flow shop scheduling problem, with m stages, identical parallel machines and makespan minimization, is investigated and served as the natural starting point for the hybrid flow shop scheduling problems. Some properties of this scheduling problem were discussed, and they lead to the...
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A Novel Method for Multiple Agent Formation Obstacle Avoidance Problem in the Complex Dynamic Environment

Jiyang Dai, Junqiang Xiong, Linfei Yin, Cunsong Wang
In order to solve the problem of multiple agent formation obstacle avoidance problem in the complex dynamic environment, the Ant Colony Rotational Vectorial Artificial Potential Field (ACRVAPF) method is proposed. Aiming to improve the global optimization ability of the agents, the obstacle avoidance...
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Research On A Multi-Missile Distributed Cooperative Guidance Method Based On Dynamic Network

Jiyang Dai, Wenhua Li, Baojian Yang, Junqiang Xiong
To solve the problem of multi-missile cooperative control for dynamic networks, a method of dynamic network analysis based on graph theory is proposed, the multi-missile flight states are analyzed with the connectivity of missile network; the variable time is added to the traditional proportional navigation...
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Key Techniques Research in MOOCs

Weijun Dong, Guohua Geng
Massive Online Open Courses(MOOC) which based on the computer technology and network technology integrates many quality education resources. The construction of MOOC curriculum resources platform is more important than the construction of cource resources. Analysising the characters of MOOC, design and...
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Frequency Weighted Model Reduction Based on LMI

Yuan Jiang, Juan Wu, Jiyang Dai
This paper treats the problem of a frequency-weighted optimal model reduction problem for linear time-invariant (LTI) systems. An algorithm based on the LMI is derived to solve the frequency weighted model reduction problem. The aim of the algorithm is to minimize norm of the frequency-weighted truncation...
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Singularity Loci Analysis of the Position and Pose Adjustment Mechanism Used for In-pipe Robot

Han Ni, Yulian Chang, Sheng Gao
A four-degree of freedom (4DOF) spatial parallel mechanism used as position and pose adjustment mechanism for manipulator is designed. By mechanism analysis, the conclusion that the force-influence coefficient matrix of the adjustment mechanism is the transposition of the velocity influence coefficient...
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An iteration method for predicting vehicular trajectory based on car-following models

Fei Teng, Jianqun Wang, Rui Chai
In the recent two decades, the improvement of vehicular network gave momentum to the research of vehicle collision warning systems, which focus on curbing wounded and fatalities in crashes, increase the requirement to uncover the mechanism of driving. Car-following algorithm, a series of methodology...
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Application Of Game Theory in Cooperative Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks

Jing Zhao, Hongfang Lv, Shuaijun Qu
In Wireless Sensor Networks Cooperative communication network,cooperative diversity,a wireless sensor network communication research hot spot, can bring diversity gain. Collaboration forwarding power is a kind of shared resources between the sensor nodes, researchers proposed a program which based on...
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A Mechanical Fault Feature Extraction Method Based on Volterra Series Model for EEMD Decomposition

Kai Long, Guochu Chen, Haiqun Wang
This paper, based on the existed EMD decomposition to extract the fault feature signal, will apply the analytical model named Volterra series model of chaotic time series to the fault diagnosis of rotating machinery. The method of combining EEMD decomposition and Volterra series model is proposed to...
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Research on the Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction in B2C E-commerce Enterprises

Huali Cai, Yawei Jiang, Heliang Song
This paper, by using Chinese customer satisfaction index evaluation model, conducted research on the evaluation of customers’ satisfaction towards B2C E-commerce enterprises and presented the customer satisfaction evaluation results for six enterprises with higher market occupation. The evaluation results...
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Research on Similarity in Software Cost Estimation

Xueli Ren, Yubiao Dai
The collaborative filtering techniques is applied to cost estimation of software projects in the paper, and four methods to calculate similarity in collaborative filtering are introduced which are cosine similarity, Euclidean distance, adjusted cosine similarity and correlation correction similarity....
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Damage Identification of Truss Structure Based on Improved BP Network

Jinsheng Fan, Ying Yuan, Limei Zhang
Based on mode shape, a BP Network improved by using Fletcher-Reeves (FR) correction algorithm was put forward for identifying truss structure damages. Then through finite element analysis and calculating, the training and forecasting samples were got for the network. The trained BP neural network can...
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Application of network technology in building engineering management

Zhineng Tong, Ying Huang
Network planning methods in the construction of a wide range of applications, it meets the regulatory requirements of construction, especially for the organization and management of the project implementation process. At present, China in the application of project management, particularly the implementation...
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Research on Project Management system of Large Complex Construction Projects Based on cloudDB

Jian-Jun Han, Wen-Xia Li, Cheng Yu
This paper begins with analyzing the characteristics of large and complex project management systems and creatively puts forward constructing a large, complex project management system by usingcloud databases. Afterwards, the structure chart and functional diagram of large and complex project management...
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The Traffic Image Is Dehazed Based on the Multi–Scale Retinex Algorithm and Implement It in FPGA

Cui Zhe, Chao Li, Jiaqi Meng
This paper based on Retinex algorithm for image processing go fog, and Retinex algorithm for some optimization in FPGA, in slightly affect image quality while significantly reducing the FPGA resources. Then on the successful implementation of the algorithm in FPGA, and with the effect on matlab found...
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A New Distance Metric Learning Algorithm for Hand Posture Recognition

Qiongli Liu, Dajun Xu, Zhiguo Li, Peng Zhou, Jingjing Zhou, Yongxia Xu
A new distance metric learning algorithm for hand posture recognition is proposed in this paper. By adopting the Fourier descriptor of the hand shape as the sample feature, the algorithm exerts new constrains on the distance of inter-class pairs, and learns a Mahalanobis distance metric matrix by minimizing...
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The Design and Implementation of a Certain Type of Job Control Computer Training Simulator

Quanzhi Zhou, Chuanfei Qiu, Huihua Cheng, Huiyu Nie, Weiqing Tian, Jin Li
In the operation of the control job vehicle of a certain type of job control computer, with a big volume, the job vehicle is complex to operate and moreover, the operational training belongs to security-critical activities, which cannot be carried out indoors. Using computer training simulator to set...
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The Emergency Rush Repair Handling Design of a Certain Type Special Operation Computer

Junxian Liu, Wei Zhang, Dawei Wang, Xiaofang Lou, Hang Xiao
The stereotype and long-time usage of a special operation computer lead to frequent glitches, great difficulty in troubleshooting and maintenance and support, and so on. Because of its key status and role, it is necessary to make emergency rush repair of it. Therefore, in this paper, based on the study...
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Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in prediction of crystallization induction period

Min Yuan, Yujie Gao
The induction period (INT) is a measure of the ability of a supersaturated solution to remain the metastable state, and it is a very important parameter to design and optimize the crystallization process. Due to the highly nonlinear dependence of INT on the process parameters such as supersaturation...
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Spatial Information Grid-based Digital Map Framing Method

Guiling Li, Yongchong Yang
In view of the defects of traditional map framing methods, a new map framing method, not only is which suitable for digital environment but also does that consider the natural features and social characteristics of earth space, is put forward. The resolution and the amount of geographic information are...
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Study on Characterization Method for Monitoring Data Analysis of Plane Displacement

Shiyu Wei, Jun Jiang, Chuan Li
In order to analyze and express the plane displacement vector of deformation monitoring more intuitively, confirm the value of deformation at the main deformation direction, and obtain the stabilization state of deformable body as well as the deformation development, an method named direct projection...
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Design and Practice of Universal Management System in Rural Digital Communities

Mei Li, Ning Qi
Digital services in rural communities is an important part of the rural community construction so that strengthening the construction of rural digital community is significant to accelerate the new rural construction and coordinated development of urban and rural economic. In this paper, through GIS...
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Structural Parameter Identification in Time Domain using Extended Kalman Filter Method with Weighted Global Iteration

Xiang-Jian Wang, Jie Cui
A structural parameter identification method is proposed to identify the stiffness parameters and damping coefficient and to estimate the unmeasured responses in time domain. The unique feature of this technique is that it requires only the displacement responses at all or most of dynamic degree-of-...
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Detecting System Designed for Express Industry

Haoda Gong, Xingzhe Jiang, Xiaoyu Ye
Chinese express industry lacks regulation. Once the parcel is broken during the express journey, it is difficult to determine who should be responsible for the loss because there are lots of steps in express. Hence, our solution is to design a machine that can record the damage the parcel suffering and...
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The Algorithm Improvement of Sealing System Energy Consumption in Side Door Closing Process

Guohua Qiu, Aiquan Yu, Shanshan Wang, Gang Long
The mathematical model is established for energy consumption caused by the compression resistance force, damping force of seal venting hole and air bind resistance between two seals during the side swing door closing process. The energy consumption of a certain vehicle’s right front door sealing system...
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Optimal Parameter Matching for Working Condition of Combine Harvester

Min Liao, Qiang Wang, Huapei Zhang
To improve harvesting productivity, optimal parameter matching for working condition of combine harvester is studied. Interrelationship of crucial working parameter of combine harvester has been discussed. And a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) was presented by making use of feeding rate, grain moisture...
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Analysis of Space-Ground Integrated Information Network Architecture and Protocol

Yong Zhou, Chundong She, Ligang Fei, Kaiming Liu
As the core carrier of information acquisition, distribution, transmission and application in the future, Space-Ground Integrated Information Network SGIIN will play a very important role in the development of national economy and society. Operation environment and the diversity application of SGIIN...
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Comparison of Several Features of Building Detection in Remote Sensing Image

Juncheng Wu, Jingwen Xu, Junfang Zhao, Ning Li, Surong Xiang
AdaBoost algorithm based on Haar features and Local Binary Patterns (LBP features are widely used in machine learning method, and deep learning algorithm is a hot research field in recent years. Remote sensing image recognition meets the needs of human beings in the social development of Information...
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Watershed Algorithm for PCB Automatic Optical Inspection Systems

Ping Feng, Qiyuan Gong, Tao Cheng
The production of the PCB board is related to the development of the electronics industry. In order to improve the quality of the circuit board, Startingfrom the detection of single PCB board and replacing the traditional manual inspection mode through using the methods of machine vision is to improve...
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Design of test Platform for Robot Drilling and Cutting Force Simulation

Ying Xu, Renbin He, Jianqiang Chen, Benshuang Zhang, Zhaolei Li, Yanyu Deng
In view of the requirements of aircraft parts automatic drilling processing, based on the analysis of the working process of the automatic drilling end-effector, through the steady-state design and the system structure modeling with CATIA, design a set of testing, drilling, pressure riveting, suck crumbs...
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The key technologies research of Guizhou minority cultural heritage digital protection

Guixian Zhou, Hongfeng Xu
Guizhou ethnic history and culture as the excellent cultural heritage is a precious. Research on key technology of digital cultural heritage protection, proposed in view of the cultural heritage of minorities in guizhou new method of digital protection way.
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Differentiation of cirrhosis from normal liver based on textural features via T1WI computer-aided diagnosis with a genetic algorithm

Dong-Mei Guo, Hui Liu, Tian-Shuang Qiu, Xiang-Bo Lin
A computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system for classification of liver cirrhosis from MRI is presented. The system consists of feature extraction and selection, classification, and classifier optimization modules. In general, biomedical imaging is based on textural features, visualized via grey level co-occurrence...
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The Design of Intelligent Password Lock Based on SCM

Bang-Qian Ao, Fei-Qiao Xiong
The single chip microcomputer make CPU, RAM, ROM and block PROM, EPROM, EEPROM integrated on a chip of a microprocessor by using a large scale integrated circuit technology. It has multiple I/O port and interrupt system, special function registers, timer, counter, also integrates the driver circuit,...
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Library and University Data Analysis Using Data Detection

Yuqing Shi, Yuelong Zhu
Library data are always hard to analyze because the datasets may be very large, and these data come from unconnected sources. This paper used data detection to identify academic library use patterns and to judge whether students' grade point average correlated to academic library use. All datasets of...
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Coulomb Interactions in a Focused Ion Beam System with a Dynamic Corrected Deflection Field

Wenping Li, Qian Li, Junbiao Liu
Focused ion beam systems complement conventional processing methods and can be used to prototype and modify a diverse range of nano-devices and sensors. Controllable incident focused ion beam is difficult to obtain due to Coulomb interactions among ions. In this paper, Coulomb interactions of a practical...
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Research On The Generation Method Of Test Cases In Fuzzing

Hongliu Cai, Xi Yu, Liuyuqin Deng
Code coverage has always been an important factor affecting the efficiency of Fuzzing, and it is largely affected by Fuzzing test cases, so it is very important to construct efficient test cases. Applying genetic algorithm into the generation of test cases, it can not only reduce the redundancy of test...
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Study and Use of Data Synchronization in the General Equipment Support Information System Based on SOA

Dong Li, Xinyi Xu, Huqiang Wang
In order to solve the problem of how to keep data consistency among application system in the construction of General Equipment Support Information, based on analyzing the function of SDC(Share data Center), and some research on SOA(Service-oriented architecture) and relevant technologies are done. According...
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Multi-channel distribution mechanism based on BP neural network

Xue Ming Zhai, Jia Wang, Jin Ze Li
In order to make better use of wireless channel resources and improve the reliability and throughput of network and reduce network latency, multi-channel MAC protocol is becoming a hot topic to solve the problem. But the existing multi-channel MAC protocols for wireless network have their own restrictions....
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The Automatic Classification Research to Regional Medical Imaging Disease Based on Support Vector Machine

Bishi He, Hangjian Ni, Zhe Xu
This paper proposed an optimized support vector machine method to realize the automatic diseases classification of medical imaging results, which overcome the traditional Bayesian Classification problems. It improved the classification accuracy effectively, and was used to analyze the medical characteristics...
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Study on Group Decision Support System for Bank Loan Project of Engineering Machinery Enterprise Based on Cloud Model

Xuanhua Xu, Zhijiao Du, Ying Chen
Bank loan is an important way of enterprise financing. With an aim at the characteristics of decision about engineering machinery enterprise bank loan, such as multi-indexes and complexity, a kind of structure of group decision support system for bank loan project of engineering machinery enterprise...
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The distributed permutation flowshop scheduling problem: A genetic algorithm approach

Yan Li, Zhigang Chen
We consider solving a distributed permutation flowshop scheduling problem (DPFSP) with the objective of minimizing makespan. The problem has two dimensions: assigning jobs to factories and scheduling the jobs assigned to each factory. We use GA to solve this problem. In the proposed algorithm we employ...
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Research for Application of Mobile Digital Library

Xin Zhang, Dingli Song, Fuxing Yu, Shu Yan
With the rapid development of China's science and technology, information technology has been used widely, especially in the construction of mobile digital library. We usually read with books in the past, each campus will build the library, to facilitate student learning and searching information. But...
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PRFC A New Programmable Router Architecture Providing Flexible Customization for Service

Yan Zhang, Jian-Yang Huang
The current routing mechanism is more and more difficult to satisfy the various service demands due to the rigid structure and simple ability. Aimed at this problem, this paper proposes a new programmable router architecture to support diverse applications and emerging communication paradigms—PRFC. PRFC...
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An Incremental Learning Method for L1- Regularized Kernel Machine in WSN

Xin-Rong Ji, Cui-Qin Hou, Yi-Bin Hou, Da Li
Due to the limited energy, memory space and processing ability on wireless sensor nodes, the batch learning method will be infeasible for larger number of samples or sequence samples. This paper focuses on the incremental learning method for kernel machine by involving L1 regularized, a novel incremental...
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A Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Remote Sensing Fused Image

Jiang-Long Wu, Xiao-Lin Tian
This paper presents a novel evaluation model for remote sensing fused images. Meanwhile, take IHS-RPCA and NSCT-SF-PCNN as an example, the simulation experiments are analyzed and measured by the proposed comprehensive evaluation metric model. In addition, we brief introduce the choice for the weight...
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Service Routing Analysis in Optical Network with Algebraic Decision Diagram

Zhimin Xiang, Yongwei Chen, Jin Liu, Xiaoxiao Wo
The existing research results show that in the network configuration section WC can get close to the performance of the whole wavelength conversion network. The design of optical network backbone should not only satisfy the existing service, but also consider further involved service in the electric...
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Harmonization of Office Document Format and Web Page Format Driven by Separating Presentation from Content

Chun-Yan Fang, Ning Li, Xia Hou
We propose a new type of style markup language to address the need for separation of content and presentation in office document formats, allow the reuse and sharing of styles in a standard way, and attain good interoperability with HTML/CSS as well as good compatibility with the current UOF specification....
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Improvement for IEEE 802.11 PCF Access Mechanism

Ying Huang, Lin Zhou, Xin Li
Nowadays, it is a popular life trend to surf on the Internet, make a phone call and watch video by the portable terminals anytime and anywhere. Especially at the crowded commercial areas, exhibition halls, airports, the number of users are a lot but the wireless access points APs is limited, the traffic...
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A bit-locking binary tree algorithm based on odd-even zone

Hongbin Tang, Shangbo Zhou, Karim Awudu
Along with the constant development and maturity of internet of things (IoT), radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been widely used, anti-collision technology is the core of the RFID technology.This paper presents a new tree based anti-collision algorithm for RFID. The proposed algorithm...
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Research on Network Intrusion Detection Technology Based on Data Mining Technology

Lijun Zhou, Hong Lv, Yuan Zhao
In this paper, the technology of network intrusion detection based on data mining technology is studied. As the conventional BP neural network be used to establish the network intrusion detection techniques has some problems, because the BP neural network is easy to fall into minimum value and the accuracy...
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Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on the Similarity of User Ratings and Item Attributes

Aili Liu, Baoan Li
Collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm is key technologies of personalized recommendation system, as the serious data sparsity of rated items, the traditional collaborative filtering algorithms only depending on users data cannot achieve satisfactory recommended quality, an improved collaborative...
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Local Progressive Iterative Approximation for Triangular Bézier and Rational Triangular Bézier Surfaces

Liping Yan, Desheng Yu
In this paper, a local PIA format for triangular Bézier surface and rational triangular Bézier surface is designed, which adjusts control points of even permutations only. It generates a surface sequence with finer precision and its limit surface interpolates given data points. Examples show that the...
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On Local Fairing Algorithm for Cubic B-spline with the Second Discrete Curvature

Cheng Cheng, Desheng Yu
In this paper, a new discrete curvature-the second discrete curvature is introduced. It is obtained that the curvatures of a cubic B-spline curve at its joining points are “proportional to” the second discrete curvatures of its corresponding control points about the node vector, and the second discrete...
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A Novel Proportional Window based Dyamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm in Optical Network

Jinsong Guo, Zhaoxia Wang
Dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) algorithm for the passive optical networks (PON) is a key issue for network planner. There are always various constraints during the bandwidth allocation process, so that it can be regarded as a multi-object mathematic problem. In this paper, we have proposed a novel...
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Corner Detection Problem and Efficient Methods

Lijuan Song
Corner detection provides a useful start to the process of object location. This paper mainly revolves around the four operators, which include the Harris operator, the Hessian operator, the SIFT operator and the SURF operator. Finally there are comparisons between the various feature detectors. The...
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Digital audio filter design based on YSS920B Mang Zhou

Mang Zhou
This paper introduces the system design of the YSS920B digital audio DSP processing chip based on the Yamaha Corporation. The design of two order variable parameter digital equalizer is studied, and the key problems of the filter design are discussed from two aspects: system structure and variable parameters...
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Efficient Visual Saliency Detection in Video Based on Trajectory Clustering

Man Hua, Ruichun Lin
In this paper, we propose an efficient visual saliency detection method based on trajectory clustering. We group the corner point trajectories using a two stage clustering algorithm. The most stable trajectories are pre-clustered using mean shift in the first stage. Then, we proposed an unsupervised...
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Shockable Rhythm Detection Based on Sample Entropy

Xiaoli Yang, Zhenwei Li, Zhigang Hu
Based on the principle that different rhythm corresponds to different levels of system complexity, study on shockable rhythm (ShR) has been conducted, especially for the sample entropy-based ShR detection method which has been compared with the established complexity method by detecting all data in the...
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A Chinese-English Interpretation Testing Autoscoring System Based on Semantic Analysis

Xinguang Li, Jiyou Xu, Shengbin Zhang, Zhiming He
This paper aims to find out an approach to autoscoring the Chinese-English interpretation testing speech, which is one of the important research areas, meets the demand of computer-assistant English testing and adds value to machine intelligence. We proposed a method to evaluate the semantic similarity...
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Detection of Time Series Change Point of Stock Yield Based on Bayesian Method

Yi Rong Ying, Feng Jie Ying, Su Zhen Li
In this paper we suggest using the method of posterior probability to extend the ICSS algorithm based on the formula of posterior probability ratio. The empirical results of Shanghai Composite Index show that the posterior probability algorithm is convenient and effective.
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Design of Online Examination System Based on Java EE

Xiaoyun Liu, Jian Shen
The online examination system is based on Java EE. The lightweight Java EE framework technology, such as Struts + Hibernate, is applied to implement this subsystem. In order to improve the system ability of concurrent access, the Ehcache is added in data persistence layer as Hibemate second level cache....
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Research on the typical parallel processing algorithm of massive remote sensing data

Jinlin Yang, Dandan Fan, Xiaoshen Xu
With the rapid development of the earth observation technology, remote sensing image data is exponential growth, which has a huge challenge to the existing remote sensing processing system. Because of the limitation of single machine processing capability, the processing speed of single machine algorithm...
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Intelligent Terminal audio encoding research

Taoyang Luo, Zou Long, Zhenrong Zhang
According to the characteristics of our intelligent terminal audio port communication technology, Improving the communication done in-depth analysis and research on the coding efficiency.In HiJack platform to complete the 2 FSK codec and Manchester codec driver development and driver development based...
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Design of Sound positioning system In the complex environment of noise based on STM32

Zou Long, Taoyang Luo, Zhenrong Zhang
We designed a sound localization system based STM32. Information obtained from a plurality of sound receivers for sound source localization. System consists of the sound source module, sound receiver, spectrum detector, narrow-band filter [1] and microcomputer. By looking at the spectral detector, we...
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Irregular object simplify method based on multi-granularity

Xiaoping Liao, Haihua Xiao, Junyan Ma
In order to improve the local space utilization, this paper researches on simplify method for irregular objects. Simplify method based on multi-granularity is proposed. According to the collision possibility of each object in the initial layout, different granularities are set for different objects....
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An improved PageRank algorithm for Social Network User’s Influence research

Peng Wang, Xue Bo, Huamin Yang, Shuangzi Sun, Songjiang Li
In social networks, Micro Blog has become the most widely used social networking platform. Mining valuable customers is particularly important in the large-scale micro-blog user group, and the influence of the user become the main measure to estimate the user's value. Based on the similarity of micro-blog...
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Resource and Role Based Access Control Model

Xingdong Li, Zhengping Jin
Cloud computing's multi-tenancy and virtualization features pose unique security and access control challenges due to resource sharing. Traditional access control models can’t meet the needs of the open, network-connected, heterogeneous and highly distributed cloud computing environment. In this paper,...
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A New Design of the Vehicle Detection System for Measuring Outline Size

Xiaobo Zhou, Yong Zhu, Jianhui Zhu
Vehicle dimensions parameters is an important part of vehicle trafficability parameters and vehicle operation safety testing. In order to measure the dimension parameters accurately, a new vehicle dimensions detection system which based on laser screen, ultrasonic sensor, and upper-computer control software...
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The Performance Comparison of the Channel Estimation Methods Base on Pilots Symbol Interpolation in HF OFDM System

Xinyu Tuo, Wei Cheng, Ruijuan Yang, Hongbin Cheng
In the field of the application of modern HF communication, much more attention is paid to the technology of HF OFDM modulation-demodulation. HF channel is the frequency and time selective fading channel. To reliably receive information, HF receiver must estimate real-time channel parameters to equalize....
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A Model Study of Mobile Applications Stickiness

Jiuqiang Fu
The purpose of this paper is to study the possible forming reason of stickiness about mobile application from the users' perspective and find the sticky influence factors. Research methods of this study include literature research, normative research, empirical research and evaluation research. This...
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A Fast Name Lookup Method in NDN Based on Hash Coding

Shuaibo Feng, Mingchuan Zhang, Ruijuan Zheng, Qingtao Wu
Named Data Network (hereinafter called NDN), as one new content-centered network architecture, which routes and forwards the data in accordance with their names. And it satisfies the users’ demands for efficient access to mass and heterogeneous information in the network. However, for the data name,...
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A Reputation Revision Method Based on the Credibility for Cloud Services

Xiaogang Cai, Mingchuan Zhang, Jiankun Hu, Qingtao Wu
The reputation system has obvious advantages over the traditional technology in solving the trust problem of cloud services. However, there are some problems in reputation system, such as user evaluation lacks enthusiasm, false evaluation and so on, which affect the availability of reputation system...
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Application of Excel in the Operation Management of the Group Company

Hongxiao Zhou, Weifu Tian
In the operation management of the group company, we often need make decisions about production, manufacturing, transportation, investment and other programs based on the group's profit maximization. In other words, we often need solve optimization problems such as maximum profit, minimum cost, etc.....