Proceedings of the 2016 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics and Information Technology

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Research on Software Composition Algorithm for Antenna Arraying Based on Data of Chang'e

Juan Gao, Fei Cai, Xiaojun Cao
Lunar exploration data of Chang'e-3 is collected using two measurement & control stations 60 kilometers apart. The data is synthesized by Sumple algorithm and simulation experiments are carried out using Matlab. The synthetic efficiency is higher than 90%, which verifies the applicability of the composition...
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Inequalities On Generalized Trigonometric Functions

Baoju Sun
The Sharp Cusa-Huygens inequality involving the generalized trigonometric functions are established.
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A design of IGBT with the hole current bypass structure

Ge Zhao, Yaohua Wang, Mingchao Gao, Jiang Liu, Rui Jin, Jialiang Wen
IGBTs modules have the characteristics widely used in industry, electric power, smart grid and other fields. But the IGBTs modules in the current working state, the device performance and reliability are facing severe challenges. This paper provides a new design of forming hole current bypass and integrated...
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The Research on over current switch-off simulation of IGBT level in parallel connection

Ge Zhao, Mingchao Gao, Yaohua Wang, Jiang Liu, Rui Jin, Jialiang Wen
IGBT chips are basic structure of power electronic devices in the power grid system. The IGBT module with high current capability needs multi chips parallel connection. Because there are different performance parameters of the IGBT chips in the Wafer, it is necessary to select the parameters of the IGBT...
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Dynamic trust measurement model based on random number simulation

Songsen Yu, Jiantao Zhang, Yuechi Zheng, Zhicong He, Mingfeng Lin, Zhibin Cao
The study of dynamic trust measurement is a hot spot in the current field of trusted computing. In this paper, aiming at the shortcomings of the chain in the trusted measurement model, we try to dynamically measure the data security of the current entity with the extension of the data check on the trusted...
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The Research And Application of Online Rate Promotion on General Packet Radio Service in The Online Charging System

Ying Wen, Changxiao He, Tao Wang, Jiajia Zhou, Jiayi Huang, Jiang Yang
Based on Online Charging System in one communication operator, the paper analyses some reasons for low online rate of General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) in this system. It is out of balance load and has low resource utilization. Some optimization schemes are proposed in this paper. It optimizes the...
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Fire Image Detection System based on SOA

Tongmiao Huang, Zhenbo Bi, Shenming Gu, Jun Ye, Shuyou Peng, Jianzhong Xu
Fire image detection is a kind of important means of early prevention of fire, which has important application value in the important energy base in the island, harbor or other large space. The current fire image detection is focus on the feature extraction, the concrete algorithm, etc., but fire detection...
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Step-tracking Algorithm of DDoS Attacks Based on Advanced Marking Scheme

Xueqin Yang, Xuehui Yang, Chaobo Chen
In this paper, a new scheme is presented. This scheme is based on Advanced Marking Scheme (AMS), and it works with Autonomous System (AS). In autonomous systems, routers are divided into two categories-borders- routers and internal routers. It can reduce the number of routers involved in marking and...
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Modified Models Design for Surveillance Radar Electronic Counter-Countermeasure Interaction Training System

Xiaojun Wang, Shusheng Yan, Kangying Yin, Xiaoyong Lu, Peng Zhao
On the purpose of radar operators ability improving, for a man-in-the-loop training system a radar interaction training logic (RITL) model is proposed obeying the entity-action-task-interaction (EATI) military concept modeling rules. The radar interactive training space in RITL model consists of entities,...
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Improvement And Research of Group Signature Scheme Based on Chinese Remainder Theorem

Ai-Qin Qi, Yong-Jun Shen
Based on the analysis of the group signature scheme based on the Chinese remainder theorem, it is found that the existing schemes have shortcomings in anti fake, anti- frame, anti - joint attacks and non - connection. Tthis paper puts forward an improved group signature scheme that apply RSA signature...
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Blind Recognition of (2,1,m) Convolutional Code Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Jianxiong Wang, Limin Zhang, Zhao-Gen Zhong
For the blind recognition problem of convoluntional code, a new method based on simulated annealing algorithm is proposed. Firstly, the mathematical model is given based on code features. Then the basic principle and realization process is described in details, also the method to choose parameters is...
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Research on advanced programming based on DLL and API

Yurong Guan, Fen Zhou
In the visual development environment, skilled call API and DLL function, combined with the Windows system kernel, in order to make the user experience Windows API function programming ability strong. In this paper, we first introduce the DLL library and API function about the basic knowledge, followed...
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Android-based non-contact elevator overspeed governor speed measuring system

Xu Chen, Xiangdong Li
With the rapid development of technology, intelligent mobile phone hardware performance improving. Meanwhile, the openness of Android system is also conducive to the development of software.Therefore this paper proposes a elevator overspeed governor speed measuring system based on Android Smartphone,...
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Application of ID3 Algorithm in Customer Management about Online Bookstore

Ming-Jun Zhang
ID3 algorithm is one of the most important algorithm of decision tree classification method, Because of its simple, easy to implement, has been widely applied in various fields. Based on introducing the basic principle of ID3 algorithm, this paper has deeply analyzed the practical application of ID3...
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Pre-stack and post-stack seismic for detecting oil and gas based on dual-phase medium theory

Huixing Zhang, Peng Wang, Yang Sun
It is observed that oil and gas reserviors exhibit high seismic wave attenuation. Through extracting the attenuation of seismic wave can detect oil and gas. On the basis of Biot's poroelastic theory, through formula derivation and analysis, we proposed a hydrocarbon detection method based on dual-phase...
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Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor loss Analysis Based on The Time Stepping Finite Element Method

Chunhong Deng, Li Tian, Meng Wang
Based on the study of radial magnetized magnetic gears of permanent magnet synchronous motor, put forward a new type of Halbach magnetic composite gear motor to improve the efficiency of the composite motor driving system. Build finite element analysis model, based on the analysis of the distribution...
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Design and Realization of Intelligent Warehouse Based on Bluetooth Communication

Jingnan Ma, Chao Shao, Jia Li, Shaohong Lan, Tao Yang
With the development of computer technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, life and production management more intelligence and information . The design of intelligent warehouse consists of three parts, the entrance guard control, the temperature and humidity control, the fire...
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Research and Application of the Electricity Information Collection SystemBased on Cloud Computing

Qi Qian, Guang Chen, Yu Han, Tao Liu
With the increasing huge amounts of data, there is a high requirement on the electricity information acquisition system. In this paper, a platform for the electricity information collection system is proposed to solve the problems in the current electricity network by employing the cloud computing technology....
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An efficient soft de-mapping algorithm for APSK signals

Wei You, Daoxing Guo, Xu Yi
In this paper, we present an efficient soft de-mapping method for M-ary APSK modulation based on hard decision thresholds (HDT), which significantly reduces the computational complexity compared with the maximum likelihood detection (MLD). Furthermore, bit error rate (BER) performance of several soft...
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A Novel Interference Suppression Algorithm Based on Irregular Wavelet Packet Transform in DSSS Satellite Communication System

Yanghui Tong, Fangjun Liu, Daoxing Guo, Heng Wang
In recent year, the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology has been introduced as an attractive approach to guarantee anti-interference capability in satellite communication system. However, due to the limitation of the DSSS, the system performance has been greatly deteriorated while a strong...
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Research on Brand Value Evaluation Methods of Catering Enterprises

Fang Wu, Huali Cai, Jian Kang, Qi Duan
Brand reflects the comprehensive competitiveness of an enterprise and even a country. Brand value evaluation is a very important work in every country. There are three perspectives, namely financial affairs, brand based market power and consumers. We made a comparison of the three perspectives. We put...
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FMECA for LRM based on Degradation Data

Ran Chen, Guangyao Lian, Mengxue Geng, Baochen Li, Liying Cai
Failure Mode Effect and Critically Analysis(FMECA) is one of the key technologies in testability verification test that based on plenty of failure samples.Line replaceable module(LRM) is the core of the new generation avionics system and military equipment electronic system. Failure data of LRM is difficult...
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A geometric representation method using independent coordinates of the same control points

Zhenwei Wang, Fang Fan, Shuangyin Liu
B‚zier curve is one of typical nonlinear splines, which is of importance for geometric representation, such as edge, contour. Generally, all control points are dealt with based on the same blending functions, regardless of the effect of every independent coordinates on geometric shape. Therefore, current...
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3D Reconstruction of Weak Texture Surface Based On Binocular Vision

Fang Fan, Zhenwei Wang, Shuangyin Liu, Ye Tian
With the rapid development of computer science and image processing technology, 3D reconstruction and measurement of surface based on computer vision have become a research trends. However,for the weak texture surface,it is difficult to extract enough key points through general corner detection algorithms....
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Effects and Research of Electric Vehicles Integration Into Power Systems

Yan Li, Yusheng Zhou
Future electric cars (plug-in electric vehicle, PEV) large-scale access, will bring to power system planning and operation can not be ignored.This article first introduces the research status of electric vehicles, including its development scale, technical characteristics and power supply mode, and points...
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Improved Fitness Proportionate Selection-Based Genetic Algorithm

Fengrui Yu, Xueliang Fu, Honghui Li, Gaifang Dong
Genetic algorithms are typical swarm intelligence techniques based on the mechanics of natural selection and natural genetics , which combines artificial survival of the fittest concept with genetic operations abstracted from nature. Since the genetic algorithm has good global search capability, as well...
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The research of Q-ary LDPC codes in the navigation system

Xu Yi, Daoxing Guo, Wei You
In navigation system, due to the long distance between earth and satellites, the external environment noise may affect the service quality of information transmission system. To improve the capacity of anti-jam satellite communications, in this paper, an efficient construction algorithm for Q-ary LDPC...
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Control System Modeling And Solving For The Multi-objective Level Balance

Jinlin Huang, Keliang Zhou, Chen Wang
During the production process of metal hydrometallurgical based on the Multi-objective Level Balance Control System, advantages such as ensure the production, improve production efficiency, reduce the cost can be made if the level can self-balancing. This paper around the problem of the level balance...
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RB scheduling and power allocation in Carrier Aggregation Systems

Jia Yu, Shinsuke Konaka, Masatake Akutagawa, Yi Yang, Ye Wang, Qinyu Zhang
Carrier aggregation (CA) technique is introduced by 3GPP to support higher data rate transmissions over up to 100 MHz frequency bandwidths in LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) systems. However, the use of CA brings new challenges to radio resource management (RRM). In this paper, we propose RRM algorithms, involving...
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Research on the determining method for the relationship of armament combat capability simulation model base on SEM

Xin-Hua He, Wan-Lin Lu, Qiang Qu, Juan Liu
It was the base of the model which accurately determined the relationship of each part of the armament system combat capability simulation model. In this paper, structural equation modeling method (SEM) was used to determine relationships between the various components of the armament combat capability...
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LDPC Anti-Cycle-Slip Analysis and Design for BPSK System

Wang-Chun Lei, Jian Cheng, Jian-Hui Xu, Xin-Xin Ge
Carrier phase often suddenly change while receiver PLL unlock at PSK modulation communication system, it lead to likelihood information sequence which input of LDPC decoder not accurate and decode fail. This paper analyzed the regularity of LLR information after Cycle-Slip happened and combine with MS...
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Decentralized Power Allocation for Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Game Theory

Yu Yang
Current studies demonstrate that cooperative communication between secondary users (SUs) can improve spectrum diversity in cognitive radio (CR) networks. However, any selfish SU in decentralized networks will not help other SU relay information with its otherwise wasted spectrum holes for nothing because...
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Relay Selection and Power Allocation with QoS Support for Secondary Users in Cognitive Radio Networks

Yu Yang
In this paper, we study the problem of joint relay selection and power allocation in a cognitive radio (CR) network. Different from conventional algorithms that only aim at maximizing source node utility, we also take into account the utility of the SU which acts as the relay. On the premise of meeting...
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A method of operational effectiveness analysis for aerocraft base on L1 regularized logistic model

Tao Lin, Ke Zhang, Nai Gang Cui, Zhen Biao Tu
A method of operational effectiveness analysis for aerocraft is proposed based on L1 regularized logistic model, for the problem of the operational effectiveness index is not easy to quantify analysis .The operational effectiveness of aerocraft is affected by many factors which relationship are complex,...
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Towards Multi-account Users Detection and Connection Based on Telecom Data

Zhongshun Hu, Fei Chen, Chenhao Xie, Yanghua Xiao
Internet users tend to have a number of different types of Internet accounts, and yet there does not exist a perfect Internet account association approach. The telecom network operators use DPI technology can detect the part of user's Internet records, which makes it possible to realize the connection...
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Electromagnetic Guided Factory Intelligent AGV

Xiaoyu Chen, Wenping Lin, Jian Liu, Lichao Guan, Yipin Zheng, Fengqiang Gao
In order to realize the automation of factory transport materials, improve the automation level and production efficiency of factories and enterprises, the factory intelligent AGV based on electromagnetic guided was designed and developed. This factory intelligent AGV has tracking guide, RFID communication,...
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Bio-magnetic systems for fish behavior studies developed from Helmholtz coils

Shuo Zhang, Zhen-Xing Han, Xiang-Hong Kong, Yunpei Wang
As the development of economic construction, China has paid more and more attention to electrical energy, especially in the requirement and development of clean energy. Wind power, as a supplying channel of clean energy, has been developing rapidly in China's coastal waters recently. However, with the...
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Chinese Rural Household Biogas Utilization Analysis Based on the Regional Risk Assessment

Hang Zhang
as one of the important means to solve rural energy and environmental problem, construction of rural household biogas is of great significance to promoting rural sustainable development and socialist new countryside construction. In USA, Greece, Sweden and some developing countries, it is extensively...
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Design of a SoC for Intermediate Frequency Digital Receiver

Lintao Liu, Jun Deng
With the development of CMOS technology, the integration and miniaturization have become the trend of electronic devices. This paper proposes a scheme of system on chip (SoC) that realizes the monolithic integration of the intermediate frequency digital receiver based on CMOS technology, which integrates...
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Accelerating Call Route Query of Multi-domain SIP System via P2P

Jing Gong, Qing-Guo Shen, Huan-Sheng Shen
Large IP Telephone system may contain multiple domains, and the delay of DNS query across domains may be large. In this paper, the efficiency of call routing in multi-domain SIP system is improved by employing P2P technology. The P2P-SIP system architecture is designed and a no-worse-than-two-hop query...
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Design and Optimization of Bus Route Query Algorithm

Quanzhou Huang
The bus route search algorithm is the key technical problem of bus route query system. This paper analyses the basic needs of passengers and design requirements of the transfer algorithm, and analyses the realization conditions and influence factors for effective running. It introduces the shortest path...
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Design and Implementation for Multi-station Rotary Robotic Polishing System

Dongjing Li, Chao Yun, Qilong Wang, Daxian Hao
In order to improve productivity and to solve the Potential shortage of skilled workers in polishing manufacturing, a new type multi-station rotary polishing robot was proposed. This robot mechanical structure was discussed in some detail. The kinematics of this robot was analyzed and the approximate...
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Real-time system design for object tracking

Chong Liu, Zhenhao Li, Yang Sang, Qinglong Ba
This paper describes the realization of a system capable of tracking objects. The whole system design includes lower control system design and upper control system design. The rotation of the camera was controlled by an MCU in the lower control system and the tracking algorithm mean-shift was performed...
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An Automatic Building Reconstruction Method from Airborne LiDAR Data and Maps

Jing Li, Siqi Xu, Wei Zhang, Yin Huang, Ping Gao
To the problem of poor efficiency and low accuracy of building reconstruction method, an automatic building reconstruction method from airborne LiDAR point clouds and building outline from GIS maps is proposed. This article discusses the key steps of building reconstruction such as the buildings extraction,...
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Study on Routing Protocol Used for Underground Coal Mine WSN based on Energy Cluster Head Election

Lei Zhang, Xin Wang, Shu-Guang Miao, Duan Zhao, Chun-Xu Chen
For underground wireless sensor networks with limited energy problem, this paper proposes a method based on AP cluster head routing protocol (EDAP). By computing energy consumption between both node to node and note to sink node, get the competition degrees W that is a cluster basis. Use the W to select...
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The Very Deep Multi-stage Two-stream Convolutional Neural Network for Action Recognition

Xiuju Gao, Hanling Zhang
In this paper, we consider the very deep multi-stage two-stream convolutional neural network for action recognition in videos. The challenge of action recognition is to capture the appearance and motion information to describe various actions efficiently and to classify different levels of difficult...
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A novel method of medical image registration based on resample and wavelet transform

Chengxin Lin, Yunfeng Yang
Medical image registration is a very important technology in the field of medical image fusion, in order to meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment. This paper presents a registration method of medical images based on contour features and multi-scale information. First, the resample operator...
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Design on Alcohol Concentration Detector Based on STC89C52

Fulin Xiang, Cheng Yu, Xiaolei Shen
An alcohol concentration detector based on STC89C52 is presented. The detector, adopting a single chip microcomputer, STC89C52, as its controlling unit, collects samples of alcohol concentration via a gas sensor MQ3 and ambient temperature via a temperature sensor DS18B20, displays the results on an...
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A Combination Method of Improved Grey Relational Degree and AHP for Effectiveness Evaluation

Guo-Qing Huang, Wei-Bin Zhao, Shi-Hong Xu
Aiming at the shortcoming that the calculation of the gray relational coefficient is influenced by the number of schemes and distinguishing coefficient, which causes inconsistency of the evaluation results in the traditional gray relational degree, an effectiveness evaluation method is proposed, which...
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Casting Defects Diagnosing System Based on . NET

Xiong Yong
By comparing the existing casting defects diagnosis methods, a set of .NET-based casting defects expert system has been developed which analyzes the causes and countermeasures. By storing the defect classification knowledge, coding defects in the SQL database, and using guide form programmed in .NET...