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Potential of Andalas (Morus macroura Miq.) Ethanol Extract in Inhibiting the Microbial Growth

Dwi Hilda Putri, Violita, Abdul Hafids, Armita Sofani, Try Susanti
Andalas (Morus macroura Miq.) is a West Sumatra, Indonesia mascot plant. This plant is a Moraceae group, which is widely used traditionally as a medicinal plant. The purpose of this study was to determine the potential of Andalas ethanol extract in inhibiting the growth of pathogen microbes. Ethanol...
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Effect of Planting Media and Different Concentration of Wheat Grass Juice (Triticum aestivum L.) on Anemic Male Mice (Mus musculus L.) Leukocytes

Elsa Yuniarti, Afifatul Achyar, Syovia Amimi
Iron deficiency can cause anemia. Changes in iron status in anemia can affect the immune system, making infection easy. When the number of infections increases, efforts made to overcome anemia are one of them by consuming wheat grass containing iron. This study was an experiment with factorial complete...
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Histological Analysis of Gills and Liver of Tambra Fish (Tor tambra) From Batang Gadis River in Mandailing Natal North Sumatera

Yusni Atifah, Ramadhan Sumarmin, Laila Tussifah
Tor tambra is one of the 10 species of fish that found in Batang Gadis River. This fish species has abundance and also the highest dominance at four observation stations in Sungai Batang Gadis. The purpose of this study was to look at the histology of gill organs and liver of Tor tambra in the Batang...
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Effect of Trichoderma spp on Plant Height of Local Rice Varieties in the Early Phase of Growth

Azwir Anhar, Linda Advinda, Dwi Hilda Putri, V Atika, S Amimi
Shoots are important organs in plant growth, because the process of photosynthesis occurs in shoots, especially in plant leaves. Application Trichoderma as a bio fertilizer can increase the growth of shoots of various plants including superior varieties of rice plants. On the other hand, local rice varieties...
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Characteristics of Leaves Anatomy of Some Syzigium (Myrtaceae)

Moralita Chatri, Civil Eka Mella, M Des
In identifying a plant species, anatomical characteristics of vegetative organs such as leaves are needed to complete taxonomic data and increasing group understanding within a taxa. The aimed of this research to determine the cross-sectional characteristics of leaves and stomata characteristics of three...
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Potential of Xylanase Thermophilic Bacteria in the Pulp Biobleaching Process

Irdawati, Nilam Devinda Putri, Syamsuardi, A. Agustien, Y. Rilda
Xylanase enzyme is an extracellular enzyme that has the ability to hydrolyze xylan to xylose. Xylanase can be produced by thermophilic bacteria and is a natural xylanase that is active and stable at high temperatures and alkaline pH, so it has the potential to be used in industrial and biotechnology...
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Psychological Response of Students to the Material and Process of Learning in Biology Instructional Methodology Course

Rahmadhani Fitri, Lufri Lufri, Relsas Yogica, Arief Muttqiim
Psychological responses from students to learning in each course are significant. This psychological response can be in the form of students’ perceptions, interests, and attitudes towards the material and learning process in a course. This study discusses how psychological responses include perceptions,...
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Optimization of Annealing Temperature of HIF-1 A and 18s rRNA in Blood of Swimming Athletes Using RT-PCR

Siska Alicia Farma, Dezi Handayani, Dwi Hilda Putri, Argantos, Syahrastani
Gene expression is the process of reading from DNA into a functional product. Regulation of gene expression through complex mechanisms. HIF1-1α is one of the regulatory genes that regulates the return of homeostasis when there is a lack of oxygen (hypoxia). Hypoxia is often experienced by athletes during...
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Characteristics of Mahogany Stomata (Swietenia macrophylla K.) in Polluted Environments

M Des, Vauzia, Yensi Sri Gusti
One of a plant that is usually used as a green roadside plant in the urban area is mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla K.). The influence of environmental pollution in plants can be seen from stomata in the leaves. This study was aimed to determine the characteristic of the mahogany leaf stomata in a polluted...
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Isolation of Endophytic Fungi from Stem of Andaleh (Morus macroura Miq.) That Produce Antimicrobial Compound

Dezi Handayani, Dwi Hilda Putri, Siska Alicia Farma, Noveli Annisa, Mila Oktaviani, Rahwani
Antibiotic resistance is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. One of solution can be issued is find and develop new potential antimicrobial derived from natural resources. Stem of Andaleh plant (Morus macroura Miq.) is potential candidate of natural resources which has antimicrobial...
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Isolation and Activity of Amylase Enzyme in Isolates of Fungi From Black Rice Lemang (Oryza sativa Siarang)

Mades Fifendy, Periadnadi, Gustina Indriati, Syovia Osnita, Lara Annisa
Black rice Lemang (Oryza sativa Siarang) from Kenagarian Talang Babungo is one of the Minangkabau specialties. Lemang left moldy to get a different taste from ordinary lemang. This fungus occurs in chemical processes that are assisted by the amylase enzyme that functions to break down starch into simple...
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Preliminary Checklist of Herpetofauna of Mount Sago Along the Hiking Trail in the Dry Season

Fitra Arya Dwi Nugraha, Ganda Hijrah Selaras, Rijal Satria
Some pristine habitat in the region of west Sumatera is less-explored due to low number of herpetologists in the area. However, many species were described as new to science based on morphological or molecular approaches. We conducted preliminary study to uncover the diversity of amphibians and reptiles...
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Focusky: What is The Product Validity Level for High School Students

Relsas Yogica, Agatha Pratiwi, Armen, Sa’diatul Fuadiyah, Lufri, Ristiono
The use of instructional media that suits students’ needs becomes a problem in biology learning in high school, especially in protist material. This is because the teacher is not skilled in getting and developing media to support learning that suits students’ needs. Although suitable learning media are...
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Relationship Between Naturalis, Spatial-Visual, and Interpersonal Intelligences with Biology Learning Outcomes of Student Grade X Interest Linguistics at Senior High School (SMAN 1), V Koto Kampung Dalam

Ganda Hijrah Selaras, Rahmadhani Fitri, Rizki Rahman Putra, Rika Andima
This research is a descriptive study conducted in April in grade X language class interest in biology at SMAN 1 V Koto Kampung Dalam Padang Pariaman 2018/2019 academic year. The sampling technique is simple random sampling. The research instrument used MI Questionnaire specializing in three intelligences,...
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Effect of Implementation of the Example Non-Example Method on VII Grade Students’ Natural Science Psychomotor Competence in the Living System Organization Subject

Lufri Lufri, Amrianto Amrianto, Azwir Anhar
Instruction in the 2013 Curriculum emphasizes more in students’ activeness in looking for information and knowledge. However, based on the questionnaire spread in one school which has been implemented the 2013 Curriculum, it is known that students tend to be passive in learning, especially in asking...
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Correlation of Multiple Intelligences With Science Learning Attitude in Junior High School

Ardi, Narada Hana Nurfadhilah
Multiple intelligences is one of the theories of intelligences got a lot of recognition lately. This theory was created by Howard Gardner, a psychologist from Harvard. At first Gardner found seven types of intelligence but then develop it into eight, and discuss the possibility of intelligence ninth....
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Characteristics of Lactic Acid Bacterium Which are Isolated From Pineapple Pickles, Cucumber and Carrots

Indra Hartanto, Resti Fevria, Vauzia
Pickles are made from a mixture of chunks of pineapple, cucumber and carrot with addition of 2.5 percent salt, 2.5% sugar and 2.5% cayenne papper. Pickles are served as a side dish at restaurants, which serve fried foods or meats such as mutton, soto and fried rice. Besides the unique taste of pickles,...
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Isolation and Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria (Lactobacillus sp.) From Sauerkraut

Resti Fevria, Indra Hartanto
Sauerkraut is fermented product based on cabbage with the addition of 2.5 percent salt. Sauerkraut can last a long time and has a pretty acidic taste, this is caused by lactic acid bacteria that form during fermentation. Fermentation is a part of biotechnology that uses microorganisms as the main actors...
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The Validity of Interactive Learning Multimedia on Protista and Fungi Materials for Senior High School

E Wulandari, Azwir Anhar
The difficulties faced by the students in studying protista and fungi materials based on the result of the interview were in understanding the life cycle, finding and observing the species objects. This type of research was a design and development by using the Plomp model. This study was aimed at finding...
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New Distribution Record of Ants Species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) to the Fauna of Sumatra Island, Indonesia

Rijal Satria, Henny Herwina
The Sumatra Island have a high diversity of ants and part of Sunda Shelf. The high diversity of ants in Sumatra Island was recorded in the previous studies. The present study was added more species to the list of Sumatran ants. Five species of ants were recorded from the Sumatra Island and consider as...
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Development of Problem Based Learning Module for Natural Science (MIPA) Grade XI in Senior High School (SMAN 3) Kerinci

D Permatasari, A Anhar
Students have difficilty in understanding the topic of respiration and excretion system because the topics are memorized, altough the topics are very close to life, so students need a module that can help them in finding concepts base on problems that are close to life. The modules had used in the school...
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Improve Student Learning Competencies Using the Problem Based Learning Model in Class VIII Junior High Scool (SMPN 15) Kerinci

Fitri Yuningsih, Linda Advinda
The purpose of this study was to determine of problems in biology learning at SMPN 15 Kerinci. The study was conducted in January 2019. This type of research is quasi experimental research. The population was students in grade of SMPN 15 Kerinci registered in academic year 2018/2019. For the sample because...
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Effect of Bitter Extract (Andrographis paniculata Nees.) to Epididymal Mice Sperm Quality

Ramadhan Sumarmin, Nadyatul Khaira Huda, Yusni Atifah
Bitter (Andrographis paniculata Nees.) used to prevention of various diseases, such as anticancer, anti- inflammatory, and antifertility. Ones of the bitter content is Andrographolide. It has antimitotic agent couse decreased of mitotic cells. The aimed of this research to determine the effects of Bitter...
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Ethnomedicinal Plants Used by Batak Angkola Subethnic of Bulumario Village, Sipirok, South Tapanuli, North Sumatera

Khairissa Trisliani Asmara, Nisyawati, Marina Silalahi
Ethnobotany is interdisciplinary study of human and plants practical use. The study was conducted in Bulu Mario Village in Sipirok District, South Tapanuli. Bulu Mario Village is directly contiguous to the Sibual-Buali wildlife sanctuary. It has an area of about 3000 ha inhabited by 53 householders with...
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Ethnobotanical Survey of Medicinal Plants in Nagari Tuo Pariangan, West Sumatera

Wika Mardiyah, N Nisyawati, M Silalahi
An ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants was carried out among Minangkabau tribe in NagariTuoPariangan, West Sumatera. The survey was carried out to gather information on the use of medicinal plants in order to learn about traditional knowledge of NagariTuoPariangan community. Semi-structured interview...
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Analysis of Requirements for Entrepreneurship-Based Biotechnology Textbooks at Universitas Negeri Padang

M Yusuf, Yuni Ahda
The university has an important role in preparing the nation’s generation to take Indonesia’s demographic bonus in 2020-2035 in the industrial revolution 4.0. The effort needed to take the demographic bonus is to apply biotechnology lectures that are integrated with entrepreneurship education. The lecture...
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Validity of Research Based Bioremediation Text Books

Suri Puspita, Yuni Ahda
This textbook was designed to facilitate readers in obtaining information regarding bioremediation research. Bioremediation is one of the environment-friendly solutions that utilize microorganisms to overcome increasing pollution. The integration of the results of bioremediation research in textbooks...
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Biology Learning Resource Design Based on Guided Inquiry

Yolanda Rezki Amallia, Linda Advinda
Learning is interaction process between student with teacher and learning resources in a learning environment. So, the important factor to push a student to get a success in learning process is learning resources. One example of a printed learning resources that can be used in the learning process is...
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Profile of Science Literacy Skill of Manjushri Junior High School Students in Padang

D M Sari, Violita
This research purpose is to describe the science literacy skill of Manjushri Junior High School students in Padang. This research used descriptive method. This research is conducted at Manjushri Junior High School in Padang with class VIII students as sample that was determined by purposive sampling....
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Effect of Cooperative Learning Model Type of Group Investigation and Entry Behavior on Students’ Biology Cognitive Competence in Senior High School (SMAN 5) Padang

Arini, Lufri, Ramadhan Sumarmin, Syamsurizal
Purposes of the research were to know the effect of cooperative learning model type of Group Investigation and entry behavior on students’ Biology cognitive competence and to investigate interaction between learning model and entry behavior towards students’ cognitive competence learning outcomes in...
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Microbiology Teaching Development in Nutrition Material, Growth and Metabolism of Microbial Based on Community Technology Science (STM) for Students of Biology of Padang State University

Nita Ella Demelia, Dwi Hilda Putri
Initial investigations obtained reference data used by students so far have been taken from microbiology books with a long publication year. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the students felt the benefits of studying microbiology in daily life, but the student references did not support because...
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An Analysis of Student’s Scientific Literacy Skills of Senior High School in Sungai Penuh City Based on Scientific Competence and Level of Science Literacy Questions

Nana Sutrisna, Azwir Anhar
21st century education aims to improve students’ scientific literacy skills. The results of PISA study show that the scientific literacy of Indonesian students is in low category. The low scientific literacy of students is caused by several factors in education system, both from the curriculum, teachers,...
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The Effect of Sheet Powerpoint on Mind Map Towards the Natural Sciences Affective Learning Competency of The VIII Grade Students of Junior High School (SMP 5) Bukittinggi

Welli Sriwahyuni, Azwir Anhar
The results of observations obtained in VIII classes of SMP Negeri 5 Bukittinggi City showed that the students’ affective competence was still low. The efforts that can be made to overcome these problems are to use Sheet PowerPoint on Mind Map in learning. This research aims at determining the effect...
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Preliminary Analysis for Development of Animal Ecology Practical Guide Based on Guided Inquiry

Rivaldi Putra Jamal, Yuni Ahda
Animal ecology is a part of biological science that involves interactions between animals and their environment. In the process of learning it requires correlation with observation activities in the practicum process. in the implementation of the Practicum, a practical guide is needed. The purpose of...
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The Effect Of Somatic, Auditory, Visual, Intelectual and Learning Style Towards Students Knowledge Competency in Junior High School (SMPN 1) Koto Baru Dharmasraya District

Aulia Victorina, Ramadhan Sumarmin
This research is based on students lack of motivation in learning teaching process, learning style, and learning mehod is not quite effective for implementation, teacher-centered learning teaching process, and also students achievement is still low. The purpose of this research is to identify the effect...
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Critical Thinking Embedded Essay Test

Siti Zubaidah, Susriyati Mahanal, Mistianah, Ahmad Fauzi
Critical thinking (CT) is one of the essential twenty-first-century competencies that need to be empowered. The development of students’ critical thinking (CT) can be assessed using the Illinois Critical Thinking Essay Test (ICTE Test). However, due to the constant use of multiple evaluation items at...
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Improvement of Critical Thinking Skills of Students of Class X Natural Science in Senior High School (MAN 3) Kota Padang Panjang Using Animalia Guided Inquiry Learning Model

Yuni Ahda, Refma Dewita
The purpose of this study was to determine the improvement of knowledge competencies, attitude competencies and skills competencies of students by using a guided inquiry model. The research subjects were class X MIA MAN 3 Kota Padang Panjang. The data analysis used in this study is qualitative analysis...
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The Diversity of Ferns (Pteridophyta) at Pundong Japanese Cave, Bantul, Yogyakarta

Zuchrotus Salamah, Hadi Sasongko, Risdianti Novida
Yogyakarta Special Region is one of the regions with many historical relics and strong cultural exposure. These assets are widely used as a tourism attraction as well as education. One of the relics, widely known as Pundong Japanese Cave, is one of the mentioned historical tourism attractions in which...
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Inventory and Characterization of Mosses Diversity (Bryophyta) in Sewu Temple Yogyakarta

Hadi Sasongko, Zuchrotus Salamah, Ulfatul Nurjanah
The Sewu Temple area, which is located in Prambanan Yogyakarta, is a tourism site that has unique environment conditions where stone temple piles are humid and an open area. These conditions make it possible for Bryophyte to grow surrounding the area. This research aims to identify the species of Bryophyte...
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The Development of Microbiology Textbook on the Microorganism Classification Subject for Biology Students of Universitas Negeri Padang Using Science Technology Society (STS) Approach

Putri Islamiah Suci, Dwi Hilda Putri
Initial investigations obtained reference data used by the students so far have been taken from a microbiology book with a long publication year. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the students felt the benefits of studying microbiology in daily life, but the students’ references did not support...
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Natural Science Higher Order Thinking Skills Analysis of Junior High School Students

Rahmawati Darussyamsu, Satri Vani Karisfa, Fitri Arsih, Fatma Rahmadhani
The 2013 curriculum is learning curriculum that emphasizes higher-order thinking skills, besides learning activities also by training students with questions based on high-level thinking skills, namely by Trends in International Mathematics and Sciences Study (TIMSS). The application of high-level thinking...
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The Effectiveness of Multiple Intelligences Based Work Books on Biological Learning Competencies of Students Class X Senior High School

Niken Permata Putri, Yuni Ahda
During the learning process, teachers have not used workbooks, books used in the learning process, namely books borrowed from the library and Student Worksheets (LKS). LKS used by the teacher has several weaknesses such as the images presented are unclear and have unattractive colors. In addition, the...
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Efforts to Recycle the Tofu Waste Through Learning Project Based Entrepreneurship

Sa’diatul Fuadiyah, Ristiono Ristiono, Astuti Muh Amin, Romi Adiansyah, Adi Maladona, Dina Rahmawati
Our research to apply learning project based entrepreneurship to high school students. The research method is weak experiment. The sample used in this study were 1 class taken using cluster random sampling. The instrument used in this study was the assessment of student performance. The results of the...
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Economic Valuation of Mangrove Forest in Muara Village, Indonesia

I P Sari, M P Patria
Mangrove forest is an essential part of the coast area in Muara Village, Teluknaga District, Tangerang City. Research of economic valuation in mangrove forest around Muara Village has been conducted. The aim of this research were to calculate and analyze the economic value of the advantage from mangrove...
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Ethnoecology of Mentawai on Utilization of Plants in Conservation Biodiversity in Siberut, West Sumatra

Fatimah Fatimah, Nisyawati
Mentawai archipelago separated from Sumatra milions years ago. The utilization and management of landscape units of the Mentawai community in siberut, is strategies to maintain their survival. A large sea barrier promotes biodiversity differ from other areas include flora and fauna endemic. The observation...
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An Identification of Students’ Responses Towards the Implementation of Biological Learning to Answer the Challenges of Educators in The Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era

Indah Dewi Sartika, Linda Advinda
Changes in the world are now entering the era of industrial revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) where information technology has become the basis in human life. Based on the initial evaluation, Indonesia is estimated as a country with high potential in facing IR 4.0. Nevertheless, education 4.0 is a response to...
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Utilization of C-Cinnamal Calix[4] Resorcinarene as Adsorbent for Rhodamin B and Methanil Yellow

Sri Benti Etika, Edi Nasra, Abdul Hafids, T K Sari
The purpose of this study was to determine the optimum conditions i.e. pH and concentration of Rhodamin B and methanyl yellow using CCCR absorbent which is the result of synthesis by using the UV-VIS spectrophotometer. The method used was the adsorption method (Batch). Absorption of rhodamine B and methanyl...
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Optimization of Phenol Absorption Using Banana Peel (Musa balbisiana Colla) as Biosorbent

Edi Nasra, Retno Sari, Sri Benti Etika, Desy Kurniawati, Trisna Kumala Sari
Pollution of phenol compounds is a serious problem for the environment. Phenols are toxic and hazardous materials because they have high toxicity in water causing disturbance to aquatic ecosystems and human health. Biosorption is a simple and efficient method to solve the problems caused by phenol compounds....
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A Misconception Analysis of Biology Students of Universitas Negeri Padang in the Microbiology Subject Using Certainly of Response Index (CRI)

Ulima Yafi Ilmisa, Dwi Hilda Putri
This study aims at determining students’ misconceptions in the microbiology subject. The object of this study was the biology students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas negeri Padang (UNP) who took the microbiology subject in 2018/2019 school year. The number of students...
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Identification and Prediction of Potential Drug-like Compounds From Ruku-Ruku Leaves (Ocimum tenuiflorum Linnen) in West Sumatera

Hesty Parbuntari, Sri Benti Etika, M. Mulia
Ruku-ruku leaves are one of the natural resources in West Sumatra. However, the use of ruku-ruku leaves nowadays has only been used to enrich the taste of cuisine such as fish curry dishes. The distinctive odor of the ruku-ruku leaves can eliminate the fishy odor in the fish. This distinctive odor comes...
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An Analysis of Factors Causing Learning Difficulties of Biology Students in the Microbiology Subject, Universitas Negeri Padang

Lasmi Lestari, Dwi Hilda Putri
This research was motivated by the learning difficulties experienced by students in the Microbiology Subject that caused their learning competence to be relatively low. This research aims at describing the factors that caused learning difficulties experienced by UNP biology students in the Microbiology...
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The Effect of Preliminary Test to Cognitive Learning Competency of Biology Students in the Inquiry Learning Model in Class VIII Junior High School (SMP Negeri 12) Padang

Essa Maurisni, Yuni Ahda
This research began with unsatisfactory biology learning outcomes. This is due to students having not mastered the subject matter, there needs to be a solution so that students get good learning outcomes. The inquiry learning model is used by adjusting the 2013 curriculum which gives students the opportunity...
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Ethnoecology Majegan (Tegalan) Local Communities on the Slopes of Mount Slamet, Paguyangan District, Brebes Regency, Central Java

Nabela Fikriyya, Nisyawati, M. Silalahi, H. Helmanto, R.N. Zulkarnaen
Indonesian communities have variety of local knowledge in managing natural resource that are formed form heredity. The threat of modernization that is not approporite with local culture causes degradation of local knowledge, including the Jawa ethnic community on the slopes of Mount Slamet. The purpose...
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Adsorption of Rhodamine B from Aqueous Solution Using Langsat (Lansium domesticum) Shell Powder

Bahrizal, Fransiska Adella, Desy Kurniawati
The potensial of langsat (Lansium domesticum) shell powder to adsorb rhodamine B from aqueous solution has been investigated through bath experiments. The rhodamine B adsorption was found to be dependent on pH, initial rhodamine B concentration. The equilibrium data were described by Freundlich and Langmuir...
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Improve Student Learning Activities Through Out Application of Active Learning Model Using Card Sort Method in Biology Subject

Helendra Helendra, Okti Chairani, Desniwati Desniwati
The purpose of this study was to determine the increase of student learning activities by applying an active learning model using card sort method in biology subjects. The type of this research is classroom action research conducted in two cycles. Each cycle consists of four stages, namely: plan, action,...
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The Potential of RICOSRE to Enhance University Students’ Science Literacy in Biology

Susriyati Mahanal, S Zubaidah, D Setiawan
Twenty-first-century skills encompass science literacy, competencies, and character qualities. Science literacy is one of the basic literacy skills that play a significant role in modern society, where people have to deal with advanced science and technology. Science literacy can be promoted in university...
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Efforts to Increase Learning Outcomes Natural Science (Ipa) Junior Student Affairs 6 Padangsidimpuan by Using the Learning Model Guided Inqury Assisted LKPD

Lamsarito Daulay, Yuni Ahda
This study aims to determine the increase in student cognitive learning outcomes by using the Guided Inquiry learning model assisted by LKPD. The involvement of students in the implementation of the science learning process at SMPN 6 Padangsidimpuan is very lacking. This can be seen from the low average...
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The Development of Guided Inquiry-Oriented Guides for Plant Morphology Biology Education Practicum Students of IPTS Padangsidimpuan

Rosniati, Lufri Lufri
The aims of this study was to describe of effective of plant morphology practicum guide book was oriented guided inquiry at the third semester of students of Biology Department of IPTS Padangsidimpuan. This type of research is the development of research. The development models used in this study is...
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Coffea Sp. as Metabolism of Sugar Agent on Male Mice (Mus musculus) BABLC Albino

Armaita, D. Tohidin, Y. Afriatin
Caffeine was one of main substance which has contained on coffee. It was popular of drinks in this world. The influence of caffeine on blood sugar level has been became a topic by researchers especially about it would be increase or decrease it. The purposes of this research was to know how the influence...
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Needs Analysis of Creation of Biology Module with Characters Nuance Supplemented Concept Maps for Students at Class X

Yuli Dwiyanti, Ramadhan Sumarmin
Based on the observations at class X students and teachers of SMA Negeri 1 Rengat indicate that the teaching materials used in learning biology have several shortcomings such as language that is difficult to understand, topics and assessment instruments that are not in accordance with the indicators...
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Need Analysis Development of Biological Practicum Instructions Based in Guided Inquiry for Students in Class XI

Rilla Elvandar, Ramadhan Sumarmin
In the learning practice process is guided to think scientifically while the guide is used has not directed students to think scientifically, the demands of scientific thinking are expected to improve student achievement. Therefore it is necessary to develop a practicum guide to overcome these problems,...
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Need Analysis Development of High Plant Taxonomic Practicum Guided in Guided Inquiry Approach for Students of STKIP PGRI West Sumatera

Rizaldi Putra Jamal, Ramadhan Sumarmin
Education intends to develop the potential of students into quality human resources, to achieve this goal the government has endeavored through the establishment of various regulations to ensure that every citizen gets a quality education. The application or implementation of the curriculum can be seen...
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Analysis of Validation of High-Thinking Valuation Intruments on Reproductive System Materials for Class XI High School

Lina Yuliyanti, Yuni Ahda
Based on the analysis that has been done on daily test questions, it is found that the level of questions given to students is at the level of C1 to C3. Levels C1 to C3 are still at the LOST level, so it is not in accordance with the demands of the curriculum to analyze. Interviews were also conducted...
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Influence of Guided Inquiry Learning Model and Entry Behavior to the Students Competency in Class X Senior High School (SMA) Laboratory of UNP

Fauzia Mawaddah, Ramadhan Sumarmin
There are still many problems that arise in the learning process, starting from the lack of teacher attention to the entry behavior of students and the lack of selection of the learning model applied by the teacher, so that it tends to be monotonous. Based on these problems, it is necessary to have an...
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The Applying of K-W-L (Know-What-Learned) Strategy Through the Campus Active Bowling Models to Improve Student’S Activities and Achievement in Class VII.C Junior High School (SMP) Negeri 8 Padang

Syafniwati, Yuni Ahda, Ghery Priscylio
This study aims to describe the increase in activities and student learning outcomes with the implementation of KWL (Know-Want-Learned) strategy through the campus active bowling models. This classroom action research was conducted in two cycles. Each cycle consists of 4 stages, namely planning, action,...
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Developing Web Based Modules of Animal Development Course

Fitri Hanifah Afnas, Ramadhan Sumarmin
As many as 78% of students, the subject of animal development is one of the complicated subjects to understand and requires a more detailed explanation in their understanding. However, biology students on 2019 at Padang University there are who still do not have a handbook in learning animal development,...
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Fusion Strategy of Influenza A-H5N1 Virus M2e Epitope DNA Sequence to Hepatitis B Virus HBsAg-S Gene

Afifatul Achyar, Tati Kristianti, Sony Suhandono
In order to make a broad vaccine for influenza-A virus, a conserve epitope must be considered. M2 is a conserve transmembran protein in all strain of influenza-A virus. Therefore, in this experiment we used 69 bp synthetic nucleotides from extracellular domain of M2 from H5N1 as an epitope (M2e) for...
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The Development of Constructivism-Based Biology Learning Modules Equipped With Mind Maps on the Material of Excretion and Coordination System for the 11TH Grade Semester 2

R Anggraini, A Razak, D H Putri
Referring to the data in the preparation stage, students find it difficult to understand the concept of subject matter. The concept can be understood by constructing initial knowledge with newly acquired knowledge. The stages of constructing the concept are in the integrated constructivism approach in...
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Teacher Understanding Towards Teachers’ Competency Standards in the Implementation of Science and Character Education of Junior High School Student in Pekanbaru

Iranita Agmanda, Ramadhan Sumarmin
The objective of education is essentially delivering learners to a change of conduct of both moral intellectual, and social to live independently. Successfull education have depend on the learning process. To achieve educational objectives necessary active role teachers who understand and implementing...
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Need Analysis of Module in Material of Virus and Bacteria Based on Problem Based Learning Model for Students of Senior High School 1 V Koto Kampung Dalam Grade X

Dita Wardani, Ramadhan Sumarmin
Biology topics must develop thoughts, skills, and understanding of students towards concept. In learning the implementation independent concept needed a teaching materials designed specifically that can be studied by learners independently. One way is to improve student ability to solve problems in accordance...
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The Implementation of Scientific Approach in Learning Science Through Problem Solving

Heffi Alberida
Learning is a scientific process, therefore learning should be carried out in accordance with scientific methods, in the curriculum of 2013 known as a scientific approach. In learning, a scientific approach consists of five activities, namely: observing, asking questions, gathering information, associating...
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Validity LKPD Based HOTS on Human Digestive System for Junior High School Grade VIII

The curriculum 2013 requires students to have High Order Thinking Skills. Nowadays, however, The High Order Thinking Skills of students especially in Indonesia are still low. It is caused by many factors, such as the unavailability of HOTS-based worksheet at school. For instance, in SMPN 1 Padang, there...
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Development of Learning Tools Based on Realistic Mathematics Education Aproaches to Improve the Mathematical Problem Solving Skills at X Grade in High School

M Arrahmah, E Musdi
The purpose of this research is to describe the effectiveness of learning devices based on RME approaches, improving students ‘ mathematical problem-solving skills through a developed RME-based learning tools, and student response to RME-based learning devices developed for high school class X learners....
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Development of Problem-Based Mathematical Learning Device on Problem Based Learning (PBL) Models by Using GeoGebra Aids to Improve the Problem Solving Skill of the Students in VIII Class of Junior High School (Preliminary Research)

M Adriani, IM Arnawa
Students’ low ability in mathematical problem solving can still be found by the researcher in the field. This can be seen in the implementation of learning at school, students are not get used to solved the problem appropriately. Some problem solving indicators are not found during students solved the...
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The Impact of Learning Cycle 7e and Student Initial Ability to Student Competence of Grade VIII Junior High School 13 Pekanbaru

Susilawati, Yuni Ahda
Biology learning at Senior Pekanbaru wich dominated by the teachers, less variated method and student initial ability rarely noticed by teachers lead to low of student learning competence. It proved by student learning competence average score still below minimum standard score. One of the ways to solve...
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Preparation of Activated Carbon from Palm Oil Trunk Using H3PO4 as Activating Agent

Delviana Dwi Jaya, Miftahul Khair
Activated carbon has been successfully made from oil palm trunk with carbonization temperature of 200°C, held for 60 minutes, and chemical activation at room temperature by flowing H3PO4 15% as an activating agent. The proximate analysis results are yield of 78.9%, moisture of 1.1%, ash content of 4.1%,...
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Zn Electrodeposition of Titanium Dioxide for the Application of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) with Extracts of Natural Dyes That Were Co-pigmented with Salicylic Acid

Hardeli Hardeli, Hary Sanjaya, A Nurul Fadhilah, Y Lasmi
Dye Sensitizer Solar Cell (DSSC) is a dye- based solar cell which is an alternative to meet energy needs, where these cells will convert sunlight energy into electrical energy. This study aims to produce DSSC using Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) glass as a substrate and extract of red grape skin (Vitis Vinifera),...