Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Business and Management of Technology (ICONBMT 2020)

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Perception of Millennials Towards the Implementation of Automation Staying in Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya

Lexi Pranata Budidharmanto, Ikhsan Budi Riharjo, Jessica Grace Susanto
The implementation of automation is very much needed for millennials generation because in the middle of year 200, the hotel industry, especially in the city of Surabaya has entered the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, which is shown by the developing digital technology rapidly. This affects a person...
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Impulsive Buying, Post-purchase Regret, and Credit Card

L. Verina Halim Secapramana, Gracia Jason Magdalena, Listyo Yuwanto
Impulsive buying is an unplanned purchase and is coloured by a strong urge that is difficult to resist buying suddenly. It is usually triggered by external conditions when dealing with products, accompanied by the arising of pleasant and passionate feelings with the consequences of anxiety, regret, and...
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Educational Tourism: What Strategies Needed to Develop It? (A Case Study of Baobab Safari Resort)

Agoes Tinus Lis Indrianto, Rean Mitasari, Fidela Perlita Hangga
As one of the notable educational tourism destinations, Baobab Safari Resort has attracted huge number of tourists to spend their time being closer with the nature as well as the locals who live surround it. Aside from recreational aspect, the resort offers fruitful benefits in order to give more experiences...
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Virtual Tourists’ Motivation During COVID-19 Pandemic

Muhamad Muhamad
The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic affects greatly all aspects of life, including the tourism sector. The pandemic affects traveler’s motivation in planning their canceled trip on a chosen destination. This paper aims to give alternatives in tourism using a virtual-based tourist destination in Indonesia....
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Strategies for the Creative Economy Development of Urban Fishermen in East Java: A Multivariate Analysis Perspective

Achmad Yanu Alif Fianto, Candraningrat
This article is one part of research on strategies for developing the creative economy of urban fishermen in East Java Province. The research in this article focuses on efforts to prove the influence of Word of Mouth, Motivation, Destination Awareness, Destination Image, Destination Branding, Market...
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Design of Operational Strategy with Variable-Costing-Based Menu Engineering Information System for Restaurants in Surabaya

Ardhian Heru Saputra, Supangat
Restaurant management is always trying to sell a menu that has a high level of sales with a high level of profit as well. Actually, there tends to be a difference in the level of popularity and the level of profit contribution from each menu. The level of popularity is determined by the percentage of...
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Entrepreneurial Commitments: Study at Woman Entrepreneurs in Surabaya

Denis Fidita Karya, Reizano Amri Rasyid, Candraningrat
This research was conducted to find out how the effect of work-family conflict (WFC) consisting of work interfere conflict (WIF) and family interfere conflict (FIW) factors on entrepreneurial commitment through mediating work motivation on women entrepreneurs in the city of Surabaya. The data collection...
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Implementation of C4.5 Algorithm for Analysis of Service Quality in Companies of PT. XYZ

Supangat, Aji Pratama, Titasari Rahmawati
Currently the world’s automotive companies are increasing and the development of these companies is very fast, various car companies compete in releasing their products. Resulting in competition in the automotive business world. One of the automotive companies examined in this study was PT. XYZ In the...
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Strategies to Increase Travel Attraction of Jaranan Dance Art at Digital Technology Era

Yudiarto Perdana Putra, Bothy Dewandaru, Nindi Vaulia
This research was made to see how much the utilization of the creative industry in the Kediri City and the development of the local economy, especially in the Jaranan art dance, which has become one of the icons of Kediri City. Through the preservation and development of Jaranan art dance, it will encourage...
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The Effect of Consumptive Lifestyle, Beauty Vlogger as a Group of Brand Trust References as a Mediation Variable on the Decision of Purchase of Korean Cosmetics (Innisfree) in Surabaya

Reizano Amri Rasyid, Denis Fidita Karya
This study aims to examine the effect of consumptive lifestyle, beauty vlogger and brand trust on purchasing decisions on Innisfree Korea cosmetic products. This study uses primary data derived from questionnaire respondents using Innisfree products. The sample in this study amounted to 210 respondents....
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E-WoM and Destination Image: How Does It Affect the Revisit Intention at English Village

Muhammad Dian Ruhamak, Nindi Vaulia Puspita, Yudiarto Perdana Putra
Based on current developments on how to attract consumers’ interest in wanting to visit education-based tourism destinations, this study aims to determine the effect of e-wom and destination images on the revisit intention in the English village of Pare - Kediri. Because many migrants take courses from...
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Determinant of Capital Structure of Cigarette Firm Listed on IDX

Nindi Vaulia Puspita, Muhammad Dian Ruhamak, Yudiarto Perdana
This study aims to determine the determinants of capital structure of cigarette companies in Indonesia. The data used in this study are for period of 2015-2019. The sample used was a cigarette company registered in IDX Analysis using partial adjustment model to identify liquidity, profitability, growth...
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The Effect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Entrepreneurship Orientation Towards the Company Performance in Micro Small Medium Enterprises in Kediri

A.N. Rahmadi, D. Djunaedi, N. Nurlaely
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and entrepreneurial orientation toward the company performance both partially and simultaneously on Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in Kediri. The population of the study is micro small and medium businesses...
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Analysis of Competition Reviewed From Consumer Attitudes to Yellow Tofu Attributes in Kediri City

Kartika Yuliari, Dhian Rosalina, Muhammad Dian Ruhamak
In assessing the competitiveness of a product, consumer perceptions play an important role in knowing several potential and superiority of the product. The purpose of this study was to determine the attitudes of consumers towards several attributes in the typical yellow Tofu Kediri City. Respondents...
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Investigation of Vendor Satisfaction Towards Electronic Procurement Website Quality: Case Study of PT. Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk Project of Surabaya-Gempol Branch

Berto Mulia Wibawa, Oryza Na’afidamara, Dewie Saktia Ardiantono
Recently, website service quality is one of the crucial aspects of communicating with partners. Increasingly complicated procedures, administrative, and shorter time, make vendors have a problem when using an electronic website of government instituted called LPSE (Layanan Pengadaan Secara Elektronik)....
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Branding Strategy of Contemporary Coffee Shops in Indonesia

Senja Aprela Agustin
The popular lifestyle of consuming coffee has spread in major cities of Indonesia, especially in the category of milk coffee. The existence of these contemporary coffee shop brands today has become a lifestyle as opposed to the big café brands because it has an affordable value and indulged by youthful...
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Determination of Business Strategy with the SWOT Method on Snail Chips Product at PT. X Kediri

Lolyka Dewi Indrasari, Silvi Rushanti Widodo
This study aims to determine the business strategy used in increasing sales of snail chips at PT.X based on quadrants. The research method used was observation and interviews to get information about the company’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat to the workforce at PT. X. From each item,...
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The Digital Social Capital to Career Success and Its Implication to Industrial Revolution 4.0

Anang Kistyanto
This paper aims to explore the implications of the industrial revolution 4.0 on the development of the concept of social capital. The concept of social capital experienced the evolution of thought. Initially, the concept of social capital was conceived of as social cliques [1], norms of reciprocal [2],...
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Design of Customizable Expressive Jewelry for Generation Z

Natasha Lynn Kusuma, Eri Naharani Ustazah, Hertina Susandari
Generation Z is the latest among the current living and working generations. They appreciate individuality and have their own personal style as a form of self-expression. Currently, they still have relatively low interest and purchase power on jewelry. Therefore, a jewelry that is able to be customized...
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Development of Electric Bicycle Design for Middle School Students with Feminine Concepts

Bambang Tristiyono, Bambang Iskandriawan, Andhika Estiyono, Arie Kurniawan
Cycling to school makes energy drained and tired, especially if the distance to school is quite far approximately ± 7-10 km, this problem becomes important because students should need excellent energy in following the learning process. This is often the reason why students are reluctant to cycle to...
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Can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Enhance Firm Performance

Wahidatul Husnaini, Hidayatul Khusnah
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one way the responsibility of corporations to investors and stakeholders. This study aims to examine that CSR can enhance firm performance. Research observation consists of 79 manufacturing companies listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) and discloses...
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Analysis of Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty of Recommendation Behavior in Digital Payment Applications: Case Study of Gopay and OVO

Rachma Rizqina Mardhotillah, Berto Mulia Wibawa, Moch Afiff Muhggni Labib, Denis Fidita Karya
The development of the use of digital payment is currently very rapid. Gopay and OVO are two of the digital payment service providers that are currently the most widely used by Indonesian people with evidence of data showing 2 digital payment users are quite high, although as we have seen, there are...
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The Influence of Transformational and Transactional Leadership on Organizational Performance in Millennials Generation

Syarifa Hanoum, Muniroh, S Agung Nabawi
Indonesia’s population has filled by millennial generation. This millennial generation has a labor force participation contribution of 67.24% by its total population. It is estimated that research to develop the millennial generation while the leadership style is still rarely found in members of the...
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Satisfaction Levels of Ecotourism Innovations Course During the Global Pandemic

Muhamad Muhamad
Education is one of the most important factors in shaping a nation’s civilization. Education will give birth to new changes and discoveries in the field of science and technology. Factors that have an important role are the existence of a supportive learning ecosystem. The most important objective of...
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IPO Underpricing and Corporate Governance: Evidence from Indonesian Equity Market

Firly Irhamni
The purpose of this paper is to examine whether and how the effect of the board strucure and the ownership structure toward the underpricing of firms conducting initial public offerings (IPOs) in the Indonesia as well as through auditor reputation and underwriter reputation. This research using partial...
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Society Mobility Index Analysis During Transition Period of Covid-19 Pandemic in East Java

Cindy Cahyaning Astuti
Covid-19 pandemic occurred in Indonesia and also almost all countries in the world has a big impact in various fields, both in health, education, social and economic. The government issued a policy to stay at home to minimize spread of covid-19 virus. In early June 2020 the government issued a new policy,...
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Key Performance Indicators for Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Claudia Primasiwi, M. Isa Irawan, Rita Ambarwati
The emerging field of information technology has been going through a drastic shift since social media this decade. Social media has become a new medium to share information and news rapidly. The swift flow of information in social media causes a new phenomenon called ‘social media influencer.’ The marketing...
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Collaborative Governance in the Development of Lusi Island Tourism Sidoarjo District in the New Normal Era

Isnaini Rodiyah, Hendra Sukmana, Monicha Puspitasari
The research purposes were to analyze 1) The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the development of Lusi Island tourism; 2) Collaborative governance in developing Lusi Island tourism in Sidoarjo during the new normal period. qualitative descriptive research, data collection techniques: interviews, observation,...
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Detection of Tax Avoidance Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic with the Tax Aggressiveness Model

Kevin Septiawan, Nurmala Ahmar, Dwi Prastowo Darminto
Tax aggressiveness is an action designed to reduce taxable income. Avoidance is done through tax planning. This study aims to analyze indications of tax avoidance with the tax aggressiveness model. Measurements are made by proxy for the abnormal book-tax difference. The way to measure it is by connecting...
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Factors Affecting the Decision of Buying at the Culinary Tourism Center

Mei Indrawati
The proliferation of culinary tourism in various regions has caused intense competition. It is important for culinary tourism actors to know the factors that influence someone to purchase their products. The research objective is to analyze the effect of product, price, and word of mouth partially or...
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Electronic Word of Mouth During Adaptation Pandemic Covid-19 Towards the New Normal: Cases in Indonesia

Novi Andayani Praptiningsih
In this digitalization era the role of e-WoM is very useful especially during the conditions of the Covid- 19 pandemic outbreak. Electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM) is a form of marketing communication that contains positive or negative statements made by potential customers, customers or ex-customers about...
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Selection of Information System Strategy Recommendations in Information Technology Company

Putu Gede Pakusadewa, Erma Suryani, Rita Ambarwati, Muhammad Ridho Bintang
This study aims to determine recommendations for information systems and information technology strategies and sort the information system’s implementation based on company needs. The research data was obtained from the results of questionnaires, interviews, and official company documents. There are...
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Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Method for Measuring the Dominance of Product Design Against Industry Criteria 4.0

Ribangun Bamban Jakaria, Iswanto, Nurhaizal binti Mat Yaacob Ariffin, Marzuki bin Ibrahim
The ease with which people make transactions in this digital age, poses a serious threat to business people who are still conducting conventional transactions. This applies to the bottled drinking water industry which is still dominated by small entrepreneurs. The study population is bottled mineral...
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Determinants of Accounting Students’ Perceptions of Ethics on Tax Evasion

Santi Rahma Dewi, Talita Ayu Sylviana
This research aims to examine the factors that influence perceptions about the ethics of tax evasion in accounting students. The population in this study were active students of Bachelor degree (S1) 2016 semester 8 of Accounting Studies Program at the Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences, Muhammadiyah...
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Tourism Village and Impact on Labor Absorption in Jombang Regency

Sayekti Suindyah Dwiningwarni, Fitra Mardiana, Erma Tri Wahyuningdyah
The motivation for this research is the success of a program that has been implemented by South Korea, known as Samuel Undong. The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of the tourism village which consists of tourism objects, souvenir trading businesses, hotel and lodging businesses, food stalls...
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Overconfidence and Cognitive Dissonance Behavior in the Pension Fund Investment Manager in the New Normal Era

Sri Utami Ady, Alvy Mulyaning Tyas, Ilya Farida, Aries Widya Gunawan
This study aimed to explore overconfidence and cognitive dissonance behavior in the Pension Fund Investment Manager, both DPPK (Dana Pensiun Pemberi Kerja / Employer Pension Fund) and DPLK (Dana Pensiun Lembaga Keuangan / Financial Institution Pension Fund) in the New Normal era after Covid-19 Pandemic....
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Managerial Innovations in Structure Capital and Important Decisions in Determining the Profit Management of Plantation Company: Empirical Evidence in ASEAN Countries

Sriyono Sriyono, Detak Prapanca, Afif Nursidah
Research on the financial management of plantation company is very important, because it provides different information, especially in ASEAN countries. Several research has been conducted, but none has fully discussed how to manage its profit. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to ascertain how...
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Do the Firm Size, Debt Level, and Liquidity Have Impact on the Hedging Decisions

Wisnu Setiyono, Detak Prapanca, Novita Afelya Pramudita
Hedging is an alternative to risk management in dealing with losses that happened to the company which conducts international trade. This study’s purpose is to analyze the influence of firm size, debt level, and liquidity on hedging decisions in manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesian Stock...
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Tourism Recovery Strategy Towards a New Normal in Yogyakarta 2020

Ardito Bhinadi, Radiani Nurwitasari, Didi Nuryadin, Ardhitama Shaumarli, Gita Astyka Rahmanda
The shocks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have a significant impact on the tourism sector and the economy. Yogyakarta is one of the domestic and international tourist destinations in Indonesia. Unfortunately, the Yogyakarta tourism sector is also affected by the pandemic. The study aims to measures...
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The Influence of Product Innovation, Digital Marketing and Competitive Advantage in Improving the Marketing Performance of Small and Medium Industries in Bali

Ni Made Wisni Arie Pramuki, Ni Putu Ayu Kusumawati
This study aims to investigate the role of digital marketing in strengthening the relationship of product innovation to marketing performance through competitive advantage. The data were obtained using a survey approach to 196 Small Medium Industries (SMI) management respondents throughout Bali. The...
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The Investigation of Purchase Intention in Using Skincare Product Aloe Vera 92% Shooting Gel Nature Republic in Surabaya City

Denis Fidita Karya, Mohamad Yusak Anshori, Syeh Rotul Azizah, Teguh Herlambang
This study aims to determine how significant is the influence of Korean Wave, eWom, and Country of Origin variables on Purchase Intention; Through Brand Image as a Mediation Variable (Study on Purchasing Aloe Vera 92% Shooting Products Nature Republic Gel in the City of Surabaya). The research method...
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Succession in Family Restaurant Business: An Intergenerational Perspective

Rahel Julita, Anastasya Silvana Asali, Serli Wijaya
This study aims at examining the succession process of family restaurants in Surabaya from the perspective of its former owners and successors. It was conducted to determine the succession planning of the former owners and successors to maintain their family business and to investigate the obstacles...
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Pumping Human Resources Model Coach: A Model for Coaching Process

Amir Tengku Ramly
Coaching is a partner of development in which a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by training and counselling. Pumping HR Model is one of the HR development models based on the iceberg theory, which is divided into the areas of the unconscious (unconscious...
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Website Quality and the Role of Travel Perceived Risk in Influencing Purchase Intention: A Study on Bali Tourism Board’s Official Website

Christian Alianto, Hatane Semuel, Serli Wijaya
There has been an increased intensity in the use of the website as a strategic means for marketing a destination. Out of all local tourism government’s official websites, The Bali Bible (, managed by Bali Tourism Board (BTB), is observed to be the most comprehensive tourism website...
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Objective and Subjective Integration in Distribution Center Location Selection: A Case Study of Battery- electric Motorcycle Sales

Sofia Fitri Ramadani, Gita Widi Bhawika, Imam Baihaqi
Determining the distribution center location is a strategic decision for the company to maximize sales and minimize cost. Location decisions are long-term investment decisions. When the demand for products on the market increases but the distribution unbalanced, it can cause high transportation costs....
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Smart City Measurement: Identification of Smart Economy Performance Indicators in Indonesia

Bima Ajie Bahari, Tony Dwi Susanto, Janti Gunawan
The concept of smart city is believed to be one of the solutions to overcome problems in urban areas. Although much research has been carried out, there is still no agreed international standards regarding models, concepts, indicators, ways to measure smart city performance and the characteristics of...
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Is Lombok Really Perceived as Halal Tourism Destination? A Study of Tourist Satisfaction and Loyalty

Nathanael Adi Cahyono, Serli Wijaya, Deborah Christine Widjaja
Indonesia could take advantage of being the largest Muslim country in the world by creating an attractive value proposition as a halal tourism destination. This study aims to determine the effect of how the Islamic attributes of estimation is perceived by Muslim travellers and how such a perception influenced...
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Country-of-Origin Image and Its Effect on Purchase Intention: A Study on a Chinese Smartphone Brand

Ricky Dwi Darmawan, Hatane Samuel, Serli Wijaya
Previous research examining the influence of country-of-origin image on purchase intention have indicated inconsistent results. China, as the largest global business players in the world have secured a lot of its brands as the world’s market leaders. This research aims to examine how China, as the country...
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Red Flags to Detect Fraudulent Financial Reporting in Indonesian Banking Sector

Anggreni Dian Kurniawati
Indonesian banking sector suffer huge loss because of fraud. In some cases, perpetrators attempt to commit fraud concealment by conducting financial restatement, even though the financial statement information was used by stakeholders for decision making. As a consequence, this concealment can reduce...
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Factors Affecting Students’ Intention of Gamification for Learning Model in the Covid- 19 Pandemic Era at Indonesia: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Reny Nadlifatin, Satria Fadil Persada, Gita Widi Bhawika, Gogor Arif Handiwibowo, Lissa Rosdiana Noer, Bima Sakti Prayitno, Mohammad Fadhlur Rahman
The current study explores the measurement of gamification-based distance learning education on campus in the Covid-19 period. Thriving from the regular distance learning during the pandemic Covid-19, the element of interactive study and fun through games will help the students resolve their process...
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Bankruptcy Prediction of the Banking Sector Using Bankometer: Comparative Study Based On Company Size

Felita Bella, Wirawan ED Radianto
This study aims to investigate bankruptcy predictions with the banking sector using a bankometer. This study compares bankruptcy predictions between large, medium and small banks based on its market capitalization on the emerging stock market namely Indonesia Stock Exchange. The research data was obtained...
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Optimization Model of Mariculture in Tuban District

Marita Ika Joesidawati, Abdul Wahid Nurrudin, Suwarsih
Mariculture is one form of an effort to increase fishery production, in addition to capture fisheries. The waters north of Java, Tuban Regency are developing Mariculture using floating net cages with the main commodities of grouper fish. The current problem is the limited supporting industries that meet...