Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Science

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Research on Online Control for Product Development Process

X.Y. Li
for implementing the online control of product development process in Micro-Plant, an integration control platform is proposed based on web service technology. Professional software such as G2, GAMS, Matlab, are wrapped as web services based on multi-agent technology, and the web service named Data_Service...
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Research on the Problem Model of GUI based on Knowledge Discovery in Database

Wanjiang Han, Tianbo Lu, Yi Sun, Ye Li, Xiao Han, Weijian Li, Chi Liu
In order to improve product quality, it is necessary to summarize, analyze and resolve problems. This paper gives a concept of Problem model, which is essentially the use of Knowledge Discovery in Database(KDD) process. The Problem model derived from problem analysis and summarizing can find problems...
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Computing Platform & Application Service Integrated by Green and Efficiency Method is the Key of Successful Cloud Service

Yue Zhou, Wenchuang Qin, Nafei Zhu
In the vigorous developing period of the cloud application, it is necessary to identify the application services, cloud computing platform and the relationship with the energy efficiency. Application service is the foundation, the cloud architecture is the platform, and the energy efficiency of the combination...
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Challenges to performance testing of the cloud application developing

Yue Zhou, Wenchuang Qin, Nafei Zhu
When we perform a Cloud Application performance testing, traditional performance testing tool and method is limited by many characteristics which are different between Cloud Computing and traditional application. This article descripts the limitation and weak point of traditional tool and method for...
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A Research on High Availability Mechanism of Virtual Machine Based on Ceph

Xiaolin Yi, Jie Sun, Fan Zheng, Deyue Peng
In the computer world, virtualization technology has immersed into the IT world of all levels. The use of the virtual machine increases the utilization rate of physical host resources greatly increased, but how to ensure the high-efficiency and reliable operation of the virtual machine remains an open...
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Petri Nets based Reliability Evaluation of Services

Jiajun Xu, Shuzhen Yao
In this paper, a new method is proposed to measure the reliability of service composition. The service composition is related to structure and interaction associated. This paper first studies structure associated service composition description language BPEL; while to the service interaction, it models...
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Web Service Composition Based on Directed Weight Graph and Services Matching Degree

Xin Luo
In recent years, web service composition provides a new solution to the comprehensive application. During the web services composition, directed graph provides credible choice for the composition process. At the same time, the web service matching degree is an important parameter during the composition....
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A Component-Based Software Reliability Growth Model Considering Differences in Components

Qishun Xie, Jun Bai, Ce Zhang, Fanchao Meng, Gang Cui, Hongwei Liu
In the light of the problems in reliability modeling and analyzing for CBS (Component-Based Software), occurring time-invariant, less attention to debugging process, absence of considering differences in the components, a CBS SRGM (Software Reliability Growth Model) is presented. In terms of characters...
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Goal Oriented Agile Unified Process (GOAUP): An Educational Case Study

Jun Lin, Chunyan Miao, Zhiqi Shen, Wei Sun
We propose a novel goal-oriented method to model AUP software development process. Our method is based on Goal-Net modeling theory, which can be used to model complex process with phase goals and hierarchy goals. Our educational practices of Goal Oriented AUP (GOAUP) for Master of Software Engineering...
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Research on the Implementation Technology of Generic Codec for Web Application Testing

Yongpo Liu, Ping Li, Shuangmei Liu, Ji Wu
This paper presents the design of generic codec for testing Web application. Codec is a necessary part of TTCN-3 test system which transfers from TTCN-3 template data and SUT (the system under test) input data, and from SUT output data to TTCN-3 template data. The generic codec needs to transform TTCN-3...
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The Research on Inducible Strategy to Optimize the Staff Configuration

Weiwei Sha, Zengli Liu, Jingru Su, Bing Chen
In this paper, production-oriented enterprises are used as the research objects. Based on the forward master-slave framework of two-tier decision model, superiors affect even intervene production decisions of subordinate departments, this must be taken into consideration. That is to say, in the inducible...
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Coverage Hole Problem under Sensing Topology in Wireless Sensor Network

Nan Qu, Xiangjun Xiong, Fangming Shao
In wireless sensor networks, one of the fundamental issues is the coverage problem. This is, whether a given region can be sufficiently covered by sensing disks of sensors? In this paper, we discuss the coverage-hole problem by using a sensing topology. From the sensing topology, we figure out the relation...
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An Elliptic Curve Based Authentication Scheme for RFID

Changsheng Wan, Lin Zhou, Jie Huang, Juan Zhang
To solve the problems of consumers’ security and privacy, a new RFID authentication method based on the elliptic curve is proposed. Comparing with other asymmetric cryptography, this method has stronger security, shorter key length, less computation. This scheme makes the reader and the writer being...
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Energy-Balanced Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Xinlian Zhou, Jun Xiao, Sheng Chen
In wireless sensor networks, the wireless sensor networks node’s energy is limited, so how to make the node’s energy used with high effective has become the research focus of the routing algorithm. The paper proposes LEACH-EB algorithm that is belongs to clustering algorithm. In the selecting cluster...
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Node Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks by Randomly Generated Tokens

Hussain Ejaz, Zhang Xiong, Chao Li, Ahmed Bugti Sadique
Wireless sensor network is a type of communication which gives a steadfast communication at the minimal expense. This paper highlights one of the fundamental concern namely node localization by using the combined effect of randomly generated tokens at anchor nodes and vector iterative process (RGT_VIP)....
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Modeling and Simulation of Polar Coordinates Seeker Control System Based on Full-Map Plane

Yufu Guo, Ping Zhang
A control system of polar coordinates seeker has been modeled, utilizing an angle instruction solution based on full-map plane and nonlinear PID (NLPID) controller based on tracking differentiator (TD) and extended state observer (ESO). The jump of instruction is solved by rolling the full-map coordinate...

RETRACTION: Emulation of the World Wide Web

Kun Li, Jingchun Zhang, Jinrong Guo, Qintao Dong
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...

RETRACTION: Dobby A Methodology for the Study of Replication

Qintao Dong, Jingchun Zhang, Jinrong Guo, Kun Li
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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Density Based Initial Center Optimization Algorithm

Shengli Sun, Zhigao Zheng, Yu Zhang
K-Means is the most popular clustering algorithm with the convergence to one of numerous local minima, which results in much sensitivity to initial representatives and noise point because of its distance based judgment. Density-based clustering algorithm is not sensitive to outliers and noise data, but...
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TOUGHVISUAL A friendly graphical user interface for building TOUGHREACT models under complex 3D geological environments

Yanlin Yang, Tianfu Xu, Fanting Bu, Hongwu Lei, Yan Shi, Guangrong Jin, Fugang Wang
TOUGHVISUAL is a full Windows-based graphical user interface for the TOUGHREACT program. TOUGHREACT is a general multiphase multicomponent reactive transport simulator, developed by introducing geochemistry into the multiphase fluid and heat flow code TOUGH2. TOUGHREACT has been widely used internationally...
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Analysis of the Time Complexity of Strassen Algorithm

Xiang Wang
Algorithms of matrix multiplication are widely used in software engineering field. Application of Strassen algorithm makes a significant contribution to optimize the algorithm . Therefore, thorough study based on time complexity of matrix multiplication algorithm is very important. This paper talks about...
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Parallel Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem

Ya Li, Dong Wang, Yuewu Yang, Yan Zhou, Chen Wu
this paper presents a parallel ant colony algorithm based on Message Passing Interface (MPI) for vehicle routing problem (VRP). At the beginning of the algorithm, a sub-colony is simulated in each processor which independently computes to ensure population diversity. In order to overcome the shortcoming...
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Simulation of the Global Routing Protocol based on NS-3

Keng Ye, Jinhe Zhou
NS-3 (Network Simulator version 3) could construct a network environment to simulate protocols in computer network. The purpose of this paper is implementing global routing by using the NS-3 with modified OSPF source code. The processing of simulation had been described with C++ code. Furthermore, the...
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A Study of Particle Swarm Optimization with Considering More Local Best Particles

Yen-Ching Chang, Li-Chun Lai, Chin-Chen Chueh, Yongxuan Xu, Cheng-Hsueh Hsieh
The velocity updating formula of the standard particle swarm optimization (PSO) only considers two particles: the local best particle and the global best particle. The global best particle can be viewed as the optimal one of all local best particles. In order to improve the optimizing performance and...
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Virtual Network Embedding with Virtual Topology Pre-Pruning

Cong Wang, Ying Yuan, Ying Yang
Efficient network resource utilization is crucial in the field of Virtual Network Embedding (VNE). The diversity of virtual topologies belong to various services providers (SPs) severely affects the efficiency of VNE algorithms and fairness between SPs. To achieve high resource utilization of the physical...
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An Improved PSO Algorithm Based on Chaos and Population Core

Zhongyong Wu, Lili Gan
particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is often trapped in local optima and low accuracy in convergence. Following an analysis of the cause of the premature convergence, a novel particle swarm optimization algorithm based on neighborhood explored and chaos is proposed, which is called PCC-PSO. Chaos...
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Approximation of Homogeneous Linear Algebraic Transition Systems

Yi Liang, Hao Yang, Hongyan Tan, Jinzhao Wu
In terms of approximation of labeled transition systems, it is inefficient to simplify system actions. This paper proposed approximation of homogeneous linear algebraic transition systems. In order to extend the system actions, homogeneous linear algebraic programs are applied to describe system actions....
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Relay Path QoS Estimation Method for Overlay Network

Yingzhuo Cao, Weimin Lei, Wei Zhang
In IMS overlay network, real-time media multipath transmission constructed based on application layer relay, is a kind of upgrading method of IMS media transmission technology. In the session establishment process, the merits of path QoS evaluation are needed. The paper presents a suitable path QoS estimation...
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Research on Analogy Cellular Automata Model in Aggregation of Operational Capability

Qiong Wang, Xinhua He, Qisheng Guo
Operational capability aggregation of armaments systems is significant for its future developing, planning, manufacturing and synthesis using. Holistic avalanche character of armaments systems can’t be represented in traditional linear aggregation of operational capability, which regards the “system”...
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Foggy Images Classification Based On Features Extraction and SVM

Yuanyuan Zhang, Guangmin Sun, Qian Ren, Dequn Zhao
An algorithm of foggy image classification is presented in this paper. First, the RGB images are converted to HSI images and next we analysis the distribution of the histograms of H, S, I plane separately, from which we extract the variance of each plane under different foggy conditions as the HSI model...
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A Jewelry Data QRCode Generation Service Based on Agent Technology

X. Y. Li
for implementing the description of jewelry inspection data with two dimension code, based on agent technology, a QRCode generation service is proposed by encapsulating the two dimension code generation system running in the local network environment. The jewelry cert generation service can calls the...
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Modulation mode Recognition based on multi-class classification of support vector machine

Qian Ren, Guangmin Sun, Yuanyuan Zhang
An analog and digital modulation recognition method based on support vector machine (SVM) is proposed. A multi-class classifier is designed through the reasonable use of SVM multi-class classification method. A comparison for the performances of one-against-all (OAA), one-against-one (OAO) and binary...
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A Unified Framework of Distributed Spatial Database Orienting the Mass Remote Sensing Image Data

Jun Ma, Yanan Wang, Daojun Han
During the process of applying remote sensing image data, how to save the mass remote sensing image data of different times and use them effectively is an important problem. Researches show that the traditional large commercial relational database cannot storage the mass remote sensing data effectively...
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Design and Implement of TCP/IP Protocol Monitor Submodule in Three Screen Protocol Adaption System

Hong Lin, Yajuan Sun, Baohui Wang, Zhirou Zhang
Because of the integration of three networks in China, search requirements with multimedia information will increase. The contents on TV, computer and cell phone are different in format and protocol not to intercommunication and share. When the national policy demand makes the division up, the content...
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Research and Application of Content Collection Control in Enhanced Search Engine

Hong Lin, Yajuan Sun, Baohui Wang, Zhirou Zhang
collecting the content users need safely, accurately and high-efficiently, is a key technique in Enhanced Search Engine. In this paper, for enhanced search engine in complex environment, how to make full use of resource, and improve search quality and response speed, with reasonable control strategy...
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Design of Green Temperature Monitor System for Telecommunication Room Based on Multi-sensor Data Fusion

Zhengping Li, Jinlong Yan, Junning Chen
Telecommunication room always need keep appropriate environment temperature for years. This paper presents a green energy saving temperature monitor system for telecommunication room based on Freescale MCF52259 microcontroller and MQX RTOS, which is consist of three parts: temperature sensor array, controller...
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Mobile Phone Technology Engagement in EFL Classroom

Lili Zhang
Nowadays, it seems mobile phones are used everywhere by everyone, which leads to the obvious questions: Can mobile phones be used in language classes? How can mobile phone technology support the second language learning? The answers are positive: Mobile phone technology can be effectively engaged in...
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Research on DPM Algorithm Based on Abnormal Flow in IPv6 Network

Haixu Long, Shaoqing Meng, Kai Zhao, Kaining Lu, Huili Sun
Distributed denial of service attack has become one of the most serious security threats in the network. This paper researched distributed denial of service under IPv6 network, improved the deterministic packet marking algorithm that existed in IPv4 network and applied it to IPv6 network. Detection of...
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The design and simulation of ISO14443A RFID reader antenna matching circuit based on the MFRC500

Ke Zhang, Hao Wang, Weiwei Zheng, Fuming Zhang
Radio frequency identification (RFID) as a new automatic identification technology has relatively obvious technical advantage. In recent years, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology development in the domestic and foreign is very soon. RFID products are many types, such as TI, Motorola, Philips,...
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Video Capturing and Long-distance Display System Based on Improved H.264

Jianfei Mao, Jie Zhang, Ronghua Liang, Zhirong Liao
A feasible and novel design and implementation scheme of embedded video surveillance system, which is based on improved H.264 and Wi-Fi, is proposed in this paper. A video server, built on an ARM11 platform with a wide range of peripheral interface, is responsible for capturing image data using Video...
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Numerical Simulation of Mining Machine Cutter’s Thermal Spraying Process

Hanwu Liu, Zhiping Zhang, Chao Cao, Si Liu
In this paper, Finite Element technique is adopted to take the numerical simulation of mining machine cutter’s thermal spraying process. First, a FE model of flat particle is built to analyze the temperature distribution during the process of flat particle’s heat exchange with base metal. Then, in order...
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Research on the Method for Computer-aided Pattern Design of Uygur's Headwear Based on OpenCV

Shuxian Liu, Xiaohua Li
Xinjiang Uygur's flower hat is famous all over the world, it leads the world of headwear of various nationalities within China by the variety of styles, the various ways of how to embroider pattern design, and exquisite manufacture. It is unusual even in national costumes art of the world. The purpose...
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The Deft-FEWS flood forecasting system and its application in the middle-upper parts of the Huaihe River Basin, China

Kai Wang, Mingkai Qian, Shunfeng Peng, Shijin Xu, Fengsheng Li, Min Xu
In order to solve the problems of multi-sources data management and multiple models integration, this study employs open source system-Delft-FEWS developed by Deltares in the Netherlands, to conduct flood forecasting in the Huaihe River Basin of China for the first time. The system provides a platform...
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Kinect-based Rehabilitation Training Assistant System Research and Implementation

Huaqiang Jiang, Xiang Jie
A Kinect-based rehabilitation training assistant system was devised aims to improve the posture accuracy in limb-recovery rehabilitation for stroke patient with hemiplegia. Kinect features in capturing user’s limb node data, and together with rule of weighted Euclidean distance, this system compares...
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Modeling applied in prediction and allocation of water resources in vast area

Sunyechu Wang, Kaixi Huang, Jieting Gong
Thepaper mainly discusses prediction of water consumption and precipitation and allocation among areas. First of all, the vast area is divided into smaller parts according to its water resources, measured by precipitation in recent years. Precipitation and water consumption is predicted within each part...
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Design of remote elevator monitor system based on Coldfire microcontroller

Zhengping Li, Weiwei Wang
The paper introduces the design of elevator monitor system, and the system can monitor the running status of the elevator and ensure the safety of the elevator. The system is based on Freescale corporation MCF51AC128 Coldfire microcontroller. We adopted Free Real Time Operating System (FreeRTOS) as software...
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Binocular stereo matching for 3D image synthesizing of coal workface

Shouxiang Zhang, Yan Zhang
3D Video synthesis with multi camera is a safety production foundation technique for realization remote control mining in coalface. The combination of the virtual and real, real-time interaction and 3D registration function are used for coalface 3D dynamic image. Scaling the 3D view of the coalface production...
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The Realization of a Type of Supermarket Sales Forecast Model & System

Fen Cai, Yanmin Luo
This essay solves the problem of supermarket sales forecast. In allusion to that the forecast targets are numerous, as well as the features of high volatility and having evident seasonality of the forecast series, the system adopts combined forecast method, and designs a kind of forecast method selecting...
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Development of 3-Axis Acceleration Data Logger for Non-Wired Sensing and Recording of Wellbore Paths

Tongjun Ruan, Balch Robert
A 3-axis acceleration data logger was designed for non-wired sensing and recording of small diameter laterals where wire or wireless communication with ground/surface is impractical or not feasible. This is accomplished by measuring 3-axis acceleration, storing the data on the data logger, offloading...
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Engineering education Study:Software engineering teaching valuation in Colleges of China

Weizhu Zhong, Chenxuan Song, Lingling Xi
In the basis of empirical research, the viewpoint that is about the old theory of teaching contents and weak experiment teaching in China’s universities is proposed. This leads to the phenomenon that the standard of information graduates is not suited to the development of software industry. The data...
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A Text Categorization Method Based on Improved k-means and BP Neural Network

Rongze Xia, Yan Jia, Hu Li
K-means is a widely used cluster algorithm. It is widely used in text categorization as an unsupervised method. However, it could be easily affected by some isolated observations. BP neural network is usually used for text categorization because it’s superiority in handling non-linear problem. However,...
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Computer–aided method for merger and balance of working procedure in Apparel assembly line

Hongqin Dai, Lili Chen, Guolian Liu
Apparel assembly line involves a set of workstations. It is difficult to attain a perfectly balanced apparel assembly line because of the different production rate of each workstation. In order to obtain a relatively balance of assembly line, it is necessary to make merger of basis working procedures....
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Discussion of Building a Tourist Information Service Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Lianying Sun, Chang Liu, Tao Peng, Qixiu Zhang
With the development of tourism and the Updating of modern service concept, the quality and convenience of information services was paid more and more attention. It is necessary to building diversity, three-dimensional network platform for public Travel Services Platform in order to enhance Tourism service...
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Research and Implementation of the Automatic Detection System of Aggregate Particles Characteristic Parameters Based on VC

Zhaoyun Sun, Xueli Hao, Wei Li, Mengxia Yuan
For the purpose of obtaining the characteristic parameters of the asphalt mixture aggregate particles, this paper put forward a viable method using two-dimensional image. The automatic detection system of asphalt mixture aggregate characteristic parameters is developed based on VC++. A series of processing...
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The Research and Design on the Management System of Laboratory Access Base on RFID

Qiming Zhao, Zhou Xu
For traditional laboratory access, a key was required for a door. To control the access of staffs and record the access manually, there will be a lot of management workload, and always some errors. For staffs, which access to different laboratories frequently, the access becomes very inconvenient. With...
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Application of Radial Basis Collocation Method for Infiltration and Drainage Problem

Xinqiang Qin, Xin Deng, Xiaohong Tong, Yi Wang
The meshless method is a new kind numerical method which does not require the division of the grid. In this paper, a meshless method based on collocation method with radial basis functions is developed for the farmland drainage problems. The method is applied to solve the one-dimensional unstable flow...
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OSGIS & FOSS in LBS Design

Shang Zhang, Tingyan Xing, Liufeng Tao, Fan Zhang
Geographical Information System (GIS) always play an integral role in LBS systems. But it comes with high entry cost. The aim of this paper is to reveal the potential of Free and Open Source Software for GIS in LBS design and practice, with the acceptance and usage of open standards for LBS applications,...
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The Bezier Curve Representation of Binary Phase Diagram

Hong Bao, Tian Hang
The phase diagram is a integrated graphic which represents the relationship among the state of material phase, temperature and composition. It can help the researchers to get the information about the change of material composition phase species at different temperature, the relative amount of each phase...
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An Innovation Performance Evaluation and Decision Model For Computer-Aided-Innovation Projects

Ruihao Wang
Proposed a quantitative model for enterprises to make decision in the investments of Computer Aided Innovation (CAI) projects, based on investigations in 12 cases. The model considered the principle of performance-based budgeting, consisting of three main components: (A) a performance indicator system...
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Two-dimension display and attribute marking of Hainan Tourism Geographic Information based on the WebGIS

Yili Shi, Chengyi Zhang
The geographic tourism system based on Web GIS is of great significance for the development of tourism. This paper discusses the basic structure and management of ArcGIS Server 10.0 as well as its development methods. We design and build the tourism geographic information system of Hainan based on ArcGIS...
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Image super-resolution representation via image patches based on extreme learning machine

Qiuxi Zhu, Xiaodong Li, Weijie Mao
In this paper, aimed at the extensively existing problem of slowness in mainstream image super-resolutions, an efficient approach is proposed for super-resolution based on the extreme learning machine (ELM) for single-hidden layer feedforward neural networks (SLFNs). Features and issues (e.g. parameter...
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Character Recognition Based On Maximum Membership Principle

Yu Liao
Text recognition is one of the key technologies in an intelligent system. By means of highly effective extraction of the 7 typical features of characters, we dramatically shorten the time spent on feature extraction in this research. Then we built a membership function based on multidimensional normal...