Proceedings of the AASRI International Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (2015)

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Synthesis of Ultrafine Copper Oxide Powder with Plasma-dynamic Method in the Coaxial Magneto-plasma Accelerator

Golyanskaya Evgeniya, Kruchkova Maria, Sivkov Aleksandr
One of the most promising trends in modern physics is the high-temperature superconductivity. Analysis of high-temperature superconductors revealed that almost all of them are complex copper-based oxides. Studies have shown the possibility of using them for the synthesis of coaxial magneto accelerator....
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Surface Modification of Cucr25 Alloy with Cr Coatings Treated by High Current Pulsed Electron Beam

Zhou Zhiming, Xiao Hongmei, Huang Weijiu, Tu Jian, Chen Yuanfang, Xiao Zhipei, Luo Tianxing, Wang Yaping
CuCr25 alloy samples in this study were coated with Cr and irradiated by high current pulsed electron beam (HCPEB) with intermittently increasing pulse numbers from 1 to 100. The results indicated that with HCPEB treatment, initial Cr particles and coated Cr layer remelted and distributed nonuniformly...
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Research on the Influence for Stability of Surrounding Rock between Two-Step Method and CRD Method

Hu Jun, Jin Lingling
In the subway tunnel engineering, using different methods of tunnel excavation, the different influence on the stability of surrounding rock above class IV. Therefore, this paper is based on the specific engineering example. A subway tunnel in Dalian using FLAC3D software respectively adopts the CRD...
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The Thermal Performance of a Phenolic Resin Blend Modified by Silicone and Nano Al2O3

Qin Yan, Li Yunxia, Rao Zhilong, Zhang Xi, Mei Qilin, Huang Zhixiong
This paper adopts the melt blending method for organic silicon resin/nano Al2O3 and PF. The organic silicon resin in the blending resin cures and forms interpenetrating network structures to improve the heat resistance of PF plastics. TG, DSC and FESEM analysis characterize the changes in heat resistance...
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Hydrothermal Process Synthesizing of LiFePO4 with High-rate Capability and High Tap Density

Lou Xiaoming, Hu Bonian, Huang Jiali, Li Tanping
LiFePO4/C microspheres were synthesized by a rheological phase method using nanoplates assembled quasi-microspheres of FePO4·2H2O as raw materials, and the FePO4·2H2O precusors were synthesized via a hydrothermal process. The FePO4·2H2O precursors were characterized by XRD and SEM, and the LiFePO4/C...
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The Analysis of Key Competence of Industrial Cluster of Rare-Earth in Gannan

Liu Shanqing, Xiong Zhenyu, Zhu Xiaodan
The thesis comprehensively apply on the study of literature and the way of comprehensive analysis. It focuses on the key competence of industrial cluster of rare-earth in Gannan. The thesis holds the view that industrial cluster of rare-earth in Gannan had formed the dimension nowadays, but it’s key...
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Rapid Solidification Characteristics of Highly Undercooled Liquid Ni-Cu-Mo-Ge Quaternary Alloy under Electromagnetic Levitation Condition

Chang Jian, Wang Haipeng, Wei Bingbo
The dendritic growth characteristics of undercooled liquid Ni-5%Cu-5%Mo-5%Ge quaternary alloy were investigated by electromagnetic levitation method. The measured dendritic growth velocity of -Ni phase increases with undercooling according to a power law relation, which attains a value of 28 m/s at the...
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A Study of Reflectance of Sandblasted Tile with Different Colors

Yan Bin-Feng, Lee Soen-Han, Lin Yu-Hsin
This study discussed the reflectance of outdoor compressed concrete paving units. The research samples were basic square ground tiles, including sandblasted tiles with secondary treatment of surface, iridescent crystal sandblasted tiles mixed with waste glass, and rustic tiles. The ASTM E1918A method...
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Reflectance of Gray and White Compressed Concrete Paving Units with Different Surfaces

Yan Bin-Feng, Lee Soen-Han, Lin Yu-Hsin
This study aims to measure the reflectance of outdoor compressed concrete paving units. The samples are in common size of compressed concrete paving units which is 20cm * 20cm * 6cm. The first cause of gradually worsening environment is that most of artificial pavements and building shells in the cities...
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Analysis of Drop Impact Behaviour of Eggs with Different Drop Height and Cushion Materials

Zhang Jianguo, Wang Fang, Yang Shugang, Zhang YiNong, Song Haiyan, Li Maoting
In this study, the drop tests of eggs had been performed at different heights and different cushion materials, to assess the dynamic behaviour of eggs and to compare the cushioning performance of materials. Expandable polyethylene, expandable polystyrene and triple wall board were chosen as cushioning...
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A New BIST Scheme with Encoding Logic to Achieve Complete Fault Coverage

Zhang Ling, Mei Junjin, Wang Guan-zhong, Li Tonghan
Built-in Self Test(BIST)has been proved as one of the effective design for testability techniques, where on-chip test architectures are designed to test the digital circuits themselves. To reduce test application time and improve fault coverage, A deterministic Built-in Self Test(BIST) technique that...
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The Role of Bis(p-Sulfonatophenyl)Phenylphosphine in Stabilizing Gold Nanoparticles

Jin Ping, Dai Zhao, Chang Tianrui
This study investigated the role of bis(p-sulfonatophenyl)phenylphosphine (BSPP) in stabilizing gold nanoparticles in 0.5×TBE aqueous solution. Gold nanoparticles were made by the method of reduction of tetrachloroauric acid by sodium citrate, and then they were coated with BSPP. After centrifugation...
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Preparation of Magnetic Fe3O4 Microspheres Using Different Surfactant and Silica-coated Magnetic Particles

Yang Qiufeng, Dai Zhao, Yang Kun, Li Yihong
Magnetic nanomaterials have received tremendous attention in the past years due to their unique magnetic responsiveness and corresponding wide applications in many fields. Herein this paper presents several methods to prepare monodisperse magnetic microspheres through a facile hydrothermal technique....
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Discussion on Effect of High Strength Concrete on Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge

Ren Guojie
High strength concrete materials have been widely used in bridge engineering. Combined with a high strength concrete girder bridge in Texas of U.S, this paper analyzes the impacts of high strength concrete materials in bridge design. Based on analyzing the economic benefit, it clearly shows the high...
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Structure Optimization of Plastic Part Based on Moldflow

Wang Jie
Product structure and forming scheme of seeder’s typical part were analyzed and optimized in this topic, which affecting the warping deformation of plastic part using Moldflow software, ultimately the best solution was determined. The defects of mould design and plastic parts manufacturing injection...
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Investigation on the Aluminum-alloy Surface with Micro-pits Array Generating by through Double Mask Electrochemical Machining

Qian Shuangqing, Ji Feng
For the status of low precision during micro-pit machining on the aluminum surface, a double mask electrochemical process is proposed. Pitting corrosion could be eliminated with higher current density and the lateral etching could be decreased with NaNO3 solution. Using optimized machining parameters,...
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Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Degradation in Plain Weave CFRP Composite Laminate

Ai Su-Ping, Xu Chang-Hang, Chen Guo-Ming, Li Guo-Rui
The failure process on the plain weave CFRP composite laminate under three-point bending test was monitored by acoustic emission (AE). Failure process was divided into stage I, II, and III based on the energy distribution along with the mechanical results. Moreover, various failure modes in every stage...
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Effect of Cold Plasma Treatment on FRP Surface: The Behavior of FRP/Wood Interfacial Adhesion

Yuan Hui, Shen Shijie, Qiu Chen, Zhao Shuping
In this work, FRP panel surface was treated by 12 plasma techniques formed by a pairwise combination of four power consumptions (300W, 400W, 500W, and 600W) and three transmission velocity (2.5m/min, 5.0m/min, and 7.5m/min) respectively, and then adhere to timbers. According to delamination test dates,...
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Application of Nano Antibacterial Materials in the Passenger Seat of the City Bus

Yang Xiaojing, Wang Kunqian
The danger to public health and safety caused by the timely sterilization failure of harmful bacteria on the seat of the city bus due to frequent movement of the passengers is explored in this paper. According to different types and different materials of the passenger seats, combined with the advantages...
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Research on E-shape Magnetic Core Based Self-differential Mode pick-up Coil and Its Application for Fine Crack Non-destructive Testing

Xu Xiaojie, Zhang Zhanbin, Jia Yueling
Remote field eddy current was proved to be an effective non-destructive testing method for tubular structure such as tubes and pipes. Further applications of remote field eddy current testing were restricted by disadvantages such as weak signal, over-long sensor, and poor ability to detect fine crack...
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Ignition of HTPB-based Fuels Loaded with and without Micron-sized Metals

Qin Zhao, Tang Yue, Paravan Christian, Colombo Giovani, Shen Ruiqi, DeLuca Luigi T.
Hybrid propulsion is becoming more and more attractive in both military and commercial fields for its safety, low cost, and throttability. Most of the works on hybrid propulsion so far carried out is connected with the understanding of the combustion of hybrid fuels. However, the ignition of hybrid fuels,...
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The Application of High and New Material in Sports

Song Xiangqin
Sports are based on the progress of science sports, and it relies on the development of materials science. Modern information technology and new materials is changing the human production and way of life. High and new materials in sports play a vital role in the process of development.
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Thermodynamic Properties of New Superconductivity Type I Clathrate Compound Ba8Si46

Zhang Wei, Chen Qingyun, Li Bin
The ground state properties and equation of state of the silicon clathrate Si46 intercalated by Ba atoms are investigated by first-principles calculations based on the plane-wave basis set with the generalized gradient approximation (GGA) for exchange and correlation. Some thermodynamic properties including...
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Study on Preparation and Properties of Enamel Material

Wang Shenhai, Zhang Junhao
Reference to the domestic and foreign relevant technical data, the paper design and manufacture enamel materials with a temperature resistant shock resistance and acid resistance excellent chemical stability, research on microscopic morphology of the enamel surface by scanning electron microscope, the...
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Two Designs of Thin Film for Cooling Buildings based on Photonic Crystal

Li Zhiyuan, Qin Zidong, Tan Lun
Nowadays, air conditioning, a relatively energy-intensive method, is still the main way to cooling buildings. This paper proposes two designs of thin film which uses photonic crystal and is based on theories of black-body radiation and electrodynamics. By different designs, the two thin films have disparate...
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Analysis of Shop Cold Water Stability of Asphalt Concrete Composite

Li Weijie
He cold asphalt concrete is laid composite that combines the advantages of rigid cement concrete and asphalt concrete flexible pavement materials and new waterproof materials, and it is also known as semi-rigid concrete or semi-rigid waterproof concrete. Cold paved asphalt concrete composite retains...
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Optimization of Prestressed Anchor Blocks with Arch Cavity

Si Jianhui, Fan Rong, Jian Zheng
This paper presents a new structure form of prestressed anchor block with arch-shaped cavity used in spillway pier structures. With the arch-shaped cavity, the problem of excessive tensile stress associated with the rectangular-shaped cavity can be resolved. Five different finite element models with...
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Research on Hysteresis-band Current Tracking Strategy for Modular Multilevel Converter in DG System

Ji Yu, Mei Jun, Du Xiaozhou, Ma Tian, Zheng Jianyong
Modular multilevel converter(MMC) can be used in DG system. The double closed-loop control strategy including dc bus voltage outer loop and current inner loop is adopted in the control system, which makes dc bus voltage stable even when active power changes. The current inner loop has a new control strategy...
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An Assessment of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Semi-empirical approaches for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Analysis

Bah Elhadji Alpha, Sankar Lakshmi N., Jagoda Jechiel I.
Vertical axis turbines have many attractive features and are well suited for extraction of wind and hydrokinetic energy. At low angular velocities, the rotor blades momentarily experience high angles of attack and move in and out of stall. This gives rise to unsteady aerodynamic loads that may cause...
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High Voltage DC Breaker Requirements for Radial HVDC Network Applications

K. Tahata, S. Ka, K. Kamei, K. Kikuchi, M. Miyashita, D. Yoshida, Y. Kono, H. Ito
High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission has been expanding due to rapid development of power electronics technology and by the need for connection of offshore or remote wind farms and / or large hydro power generators. HVDC transmission has several benefits such as lower transmission losses,...
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Transient Recovery Voltage Requirements in 550 kV Transmission Systems in THAILAND

H. Kajino, K. Kamei, H. Ito, K. Anantavanich, N. Paensuwan, S. Chareonsrikasem
Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) requirements for UHV and EHV circuit breakers were investigated with the simple radial and meshed network models by CIGRE WG A3.28 and it was confirmed that the CIGRE network models could provide the TRV behaviours effectively using the system and equipment parameters...
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Micro-grid Inverter Parallel Droop Control Method for Improving Dynamic Properties and the Effect of Power Sharing

Zhu Xiaohong
Parallel operation control is one of the key techniques for high performance inverters with the features of excellent regulation, modular, high reliability, and redundancy. Through theoretical analysis of multi-inverters parallel operation model, the paper derived the conventional droop control method,...
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Study and Design on Self-diagnostic Based Safety Pressure Transmitter

Song Yan, Li Jinli, Xu Aidong, Wang Tianran, Wang Kai, Yang Zhijia
A functional safety pressure transmitter (SPPT) which was based on self-diagnostic is introduced. Challenge in safe communication is discussed, too. SPPT’s hardware design, software design and diagnostic design is given. Furthermore, the safety communication design of SPPT is introduced, too. At last,...
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Study on Out-of-step Oscillation Based on Oscillation Energy Flow

Chen Yanbo, Wang Yangzi, Ma Jin
With the scale of interconnected power systems becoming larger and larger, asynchronous oscillation occurs increasingly frequently. Under this circumstance, the identification of out-of-step oscillation along with corresponding separation strategy plays a vital role in preventing catastrophic black outage...
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Development and Analysis of Variable Rotational Speed Transmission System for Large Wind Turbines

Chiang Mao-Hsiung, Wang Ching-Sung, Chen Yi-Chang, Chang Chia-Ming, Liu Jui-Hung, Chen Jien-Chen, Wu Meng-Ru, Peng Chih-Hsun
Gear boxes and direct-drive systems are commonly used in the transmission of large wind turbines. The components such as blades, rotor, gear box and the generator should be set up coaxially in the nacelle. Thus, the total weights of the nacelle increases with the size of the wind turbines. This research...
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A High Precision Stray-immune Weak Capacitance Measurement System for Gas-solid Two-phase Flows Detection

Song Feihu, Hong Hui, Liu Shuai
A novel weak capacitance measurement system is proposed to measure the gas-solid two-phase flows. The system is mainly consist of capacitance sensor, Micro-programmed Control Unit (MCU), Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS), operational amplifier, analogue multiplier and low-pass filter. Since the stray...
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Study on a Novel STATCOM with LC Series Filter

Zhang Xinwen, Tong Xiangqian
In order to effectively restrain the high-frequency harmonic components in compensation current and reduce the reactive power compensation claim to the dc voltage amplitude, we present a new topology of Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM). This method changes the property of impedance by connecting...
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Battery Management System for Electric Vehicle and the Study of SOC Estimation

Yuan Xueqing, Zhao Lin, Li Bo, Liu Naiming
The SOC (state of charge) of the Li-ion battery cells in a pack are different because of the property differences, which would lead to over-charging/over-discharging the battery pack and as a result the service life of the battery pack would be reduced. In this article, we designed a battery management...
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Implementation and Research of Bootloader for Automobile ECU Remote Incremental Update

Zhang Ji, Zhu Xiangyu, Peng Yong
This paper is based on the application of automobile ECU remote update in order to facilitate automotive remote update. At first, related technology of Bootloader was introduced. System design project of automobile ECU Bootloader was completed according to the design requirement. Then “incremental update”...
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The Development of Accommodation System to Faults of Navigation Sensors of Underwater Vehicles

Filaretov Vladimir, Zhirabok Alexey, Zuev Alexander, Protcenko Alexander
In this paper, a new approach for synthesis of the accommodation system to faults of navigation sensors of underwater vehicles (UV) is developed and investigated. Proposed system is synthesized by using kinematic model of UV and data fusion of sensors signals. The results of performed simulation have...
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Seismic Performance of a Souring Sluice Considering Foundation Characters

Zeng Cong, Hao Dongxue, Hou Liqun, Liu Chuncheng
To study the seismic performance of a souring sluice, a 3D finite element model was established by considering the foundation characters. Mode-superposition response spectrum method was used to precede the seismic calculation. It is concluded that the seismic performance can satisfy the specification....
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Seismic Performance of Non-overflow Gravity Dam Considering Dam-rock Coupling Effect

Zeng Cong, Hao Dongxue, Hou Liqun, Pan Wen, Su Hexian
Theoretical profile stress and displacement of a certain non-overflow gravity dam in a key water-control project was studied in this paper. Plane finite element method and dam-rock coupling effect were both considered. It is concluded that the tensile stress concentration was appeared at the heel and...
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Reservoir Classification and Evaluation Methods Based on R35 Pore Throat Radius

Li Yangfan, Cai Hua, Cheng Chao
Reservoir Classification and Evaluation is an important section in the process of the research for reservoir development. Based on the analysis of core capillary pressure data, this research proposed: The relationship between R35 (Mercury enters the saturation of 35% corresponding to the pore throat...
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Development of Rotary Piston Engine Worldwide

Chen Hu, Pan Cunyun, Xu Xiaojun, Zhang Xiang, Xu Haijun
Energy and environmental problems are more serious at present and people realized that the development of traditional engines is limited, and all countries in the world began studying all kinds of new piston engines. In history, there have been various types of engine to replace the traditional ones....
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Study on Performance and Scheduling Strategy for Lift-sliding Solid Garage based on Queuing Theory

Zhang Min, Fan Shidong
With the continuous development of urbanization, solid garage is playing a more and more important role in city infrastructure. In this paper, a mathematic model on queuing theory for lift-sliding solid garage is constructed, and some important performance parameters are analyzed base on the quening...
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Study on Control Theory of Landslide Based on the Evolution Process

Tang Huiming, Lu Sha, Hu Xinli, Wu Yiping, Li Chengren, Xiong Chun, Zhang Ying
Current researches on landslide prevention are mostly based on time-displacement curve or some other corresponding characteristic parameters rather than landslide evolution. But landslide varies a lot from different mechanisms and evolution stages, it is necessary to study it from aspect of evolution....
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Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Ice

Meng Wenyuan, Guo Yingkui
In order to solve the problem of determining the value of mechanical parameters of ice in the prevention and cure of ice flood disaster, on the basis of experimental methods of classical mechanics, through improving the test equipment and controlling test conditions ,we obtain the strength, deformation...
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Application of PLC in Computer Numerical Control Machine

Xu Shuqin
At present, in the industrial production, have a high request for the reliability of the control equipment, to be able to in the electromagnetic interference, power voltage fluctuation, mechanical vibration and so on under the harsh environment and reliable work, and has strong anti-jamming ability....
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The Reason Analysis of the Resistance Degradation of Steel Gates Components

Liu Jiangchuan, Liu Zhenghui, Ji Wei
The hydraulic steel gate, due to its specific operating environment, the corrosion is a major factor that causes its degradation. In this paper, by the sem and Tensile testing machine, according to the experimental study on the material of existing hydraulic steel gate structure, its chemical composition...
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Long-term Unit Commitment Combined Optimization Method of Equilibrium Generation Scheduling and Load Ratio

Cheng Haihua, Zheng Yaxian, Xue Bike, Gen Jian, Cao Shuai
The article proposed a combination optimization method of load ratio and equilibrium power generation scheduling in long-term unit commitment base on the traditional long-term unit commitment method, which can satisfy the equilibrium generation scheduling needs, and improve the unit load rate as far...
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Numerical Analysis on Anti-galloping VED of Transmission Lines

Liu Chao-qun, Sun Na, Zhu Kuan-jun, Liu Sheng-chun, Liang-hu Jiang, Xu Ling-zhi, Xu Zhao-dong
A 2-DOF model with the coupling of vertical and torsional motions is considered to study galloping of transmission lines in this paper. Based on Lagrange equation, the equation of motion is established. dynamic analysis is obtained by using Newmark- method in an example. Finally, anti-galloping VED is...
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Technology on Frequency Tracking Study of High-frequency Induction Heating Power

Zhou Jun, Zhang Yemao
For the current full-bridge series with the load-frequency induction heating power of the resonant frequency automatic tracking problems, analysis of the series resonant inverter load waveform changes in the work process, this paper designed a whole based on the frequency tracking circuit analog circuit,...
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Dual Autocollimators Reading Type High Accuracy Zero Position Variation Detection Method

Zhang Haipeng, Wang Jinsong, Wang Feng, Hu Mai
In this paper, in view of the influence of shimmer sights detection in mirror installation on the adjusting frame position and shape, Research on high-precision zero detection method can eliminate shimmer sights chucking errors. The method uses a CCD camera to measure the total of zero change, dual autocollimator...
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Experiment Study on Yield Stress Using Curve Extension Method and Vane Method

Lyu Fuyan, Zhang Ningxiao, Zong Kai, Ao Chengdong, Di Haoxue, Wu Miao
The yield stress is a key rheological parameter of thick paste and critical design parameter of the high pressure pipeline system. Take coal slurry as an example, whether using vane method or curve extension method, the yield stress both exponentially increase with concentration increasing, but the data...
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Research on Construction Process of Steel Box Girder Bridge and Its Stress Analysis

Kang Cheng
The paper introduced the construction method of large segment hosting and its difficulty, and drawing up the corresponding plan of liner and stress monitoring. The paper gives the calculation method of shear area for such a big cantilever thin-walled steel box girder section, namely the shear coefficient...
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Research of bidding Control Strategy for Multi-agent Based Microgrid

Luo Jian, Shi Jihong, Yu Jiang, Xie Yingli
As a kind of power system, microgrid integrates the distributed power, the energy storage system and the controllable loads being connected to the low-voltage power grid. It can operate in the island-mode and connected-mode. In this paper, we focus on the study of the control strategy, take the reasonable...
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Image Processing for Virtual Histology of the Vestibular End-Organs

Tanioka Hisaya, Kaga Kimitaka
The living anatomy of the vestibular end-organs is still unknown, complex, and studying them is a challenge for researchers in basic science and in clinical medicine. This main reason is the fact that we cannot observe the vestibular end-organs in the living subjects by any modern diagnostic facilities...
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Theoretical Research on the Reactive Power Compensation Converter

Feng Lin, Shi Lingyan, Huang Xiangsheng, Fan Zhirong
The article proposes a novel form of reactive power compensation converter, which adopts an inverter consisted of up and down symmetrical basic units and bidirectional switch. In this work, we have studied the working principle and operation characteristic of this circuit. According to the experimental...
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Study of Intelligent Online Monitoring System for Smart Grid Base WSNs

Cheng Dawei, Gao Qiang, Geng Baohong, Han Yue, Guojin Song, Yu Miao, Li Yandan
The substation equipment status monitoring system as an important means to ensure the safe operation of the electrical equipment as well as to enhance the level of production and operation management of substation equipment, and which has become s hot spot for Smart grid researching. In this paper, Through...
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Hallucinating Facial Image Based on Adaptive Neighbourhood Selection

Liu Fang, Deng Yu
In most manifold learning based face hallucination algorithms, the nearest neighbourhood metric is often adopted to describe the face subspace, which could not accurately capture the local geometrical structures of the samples. In this paper, a novel face superresolution approach based on adaptive neighbourhood...
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The Research on Supportive Policies of Electronic Information Industry Cluster Development in Long Nan County

Liu Shanqing, Zhu Xiaodan, Xiong Zhenyu
This paper studies supportive policies of electronic information industry cluster development in Long Nan county by applying the method of literature research and charts, analyses the affect the supportive policies have on Long Nan electronic information industry cluster development . This paper argues...
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Information Processing and Application System Development

Yang Fan, Dong Zhenghong, Wang Jue
This paper proposed a unified information processing and application system, which can automatically generate C++ codes of math methods, and package the software and method into a standard component. Also, the system integrates different types of method in the unified information processing system with...
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Research of Chinese garment Enterprises Collaborative R&D Platform Architecture

Li Li, Luo Jingjie, Zhang Ying
Apparel products’ R&D was complicated system engineering and there were some problems in the R&D and production process, such as time constraints, poor coordination between departments, numerous miscellaneous details, and prominent contradictions in remote management and so on. So how to improve the...
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Price Decision Models of a Manufacturer-retailer Supply Chain Based on Game Theory

Zhao Na, Chen Like
This paper focuses on the pricing decision problem of a two-echelon supply chain consisting of one manufacturer and two retailers in which the manufacturer acts as a leader. The price decision models are developed by considering the sensitivity of the retail quantity to the wholesale price of the manufacturer...
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Automated Image Identification Method for Flood Disaster Monitoring In Riverine Environments: a Case Study in Taiwan

Wu Jyh-Horng, Tseng Chien-Hao, Chen Lun-Chi, Lo Shi-Wei, Lin Fang-Pang
As the globe undergoes extreme climate changes, disaster events and their disaster scale continue to increase; therefore, it has become imperative to devise disaster prevention measures. Traditional flood monitoring devices, while operating in harsh environments, are often influenced by changes in weather...
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Research of Users’ VOD Viewing Behaviour Based on ARMA Model

Jiang Xi, Wang Yan, Chai Jian-ping
High-definition TV and interactive services bring a new viewing experience for the audience, and services such as video-on-demand and TV of yesterday have began to occupy a certain part of the viewing market gradually. Based on actual viewing records, this paper compares the differences between users’...
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Study on Optimization for Grey Forecasting Model

Li Ying, Tang Min-an, Liu Tao
In order to improve the prediction accuracy of GM(1,1) model, function transformation was applied to improve the smoothness of the original sequence. Considering affecting of the initial value and the background value selection to forecasting precision of the model, this paper puts forward the idea of...
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A Spintronic Memristor Based PID Controller

Dong Zhekang, Duan Shukai, Hu Xiaofang, Wang Lidan, Meng Fanyi
The spintronic memristor was proposed based upon the magnetic theory shortly after the discovery of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) TiO2 memristor. Different from that of the TiO2 memristor, the resistance of a spintronic memristor not only depends on the historic profile of voltage and current through the...
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The Empirical Research on an Instruction Model for Promoting Understanding Supported by Information Technology

Lu Wenjuan
To solve the problem that students do not understand what they learn, and to improve the effect of teaching, the author constructs an instruction model for promoting understanding supported by information technology. To test the instruction model, the author designs and carries out a study which is a...
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Searching Shortest Path in a Network Using Modified A* Search Algorithm

Ghosh Dhrubajyoti, Majumder Saibal, Pal Anita
The aim of this work is to explore the application of Trapezpoidal Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers (TrIFNs) in afuzzy environment to find the least cost path problem of any network. A New Intuitionistic Trapezoidal Fuzzy A* Algorithm (NITFAA) is proposed to solve Intuitionistic Fuzzy Shortest Path Problem...
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A Study of Real-time Simulation Supporting Platform Based on VMIC Model Wrapped

Du Chenglie, Yang Kai, You Tao, Jiang Nan, Zhong Dong
This paper propose the idea of building a real-time package simulation platform in VMIC Reflective Memory network through drawing on the idea of generic HLA Federation, especially for real-time needs of semi-physical simulation. For model complexity, heterogeneity and diversity of the model, it propose...
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Impact Assessment of Party Members and Cadres’ Modern Distance Education Websites Based on Web Metrics

Chen Lei
Nowadays impact assessment of websites based on web metrics has been growing, and is leading a new trend in quantitative analysis. Based on prior efforts in laying theoretical foundations, this study examined 44 provincial party members and cadres’ modern distance education websites in China. In order...
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Research on Congestion Control Algorithm Based on New Network Model and Wavelength Buffering in IONs

Ma Xinxin, Du Li
This paper studied the congestion control algorithm in the IONs and put forward two innovative algorithms. Firstly, designed a wavelength conversion algorithm which based on Partial-sparse-Limited network model (for short PLWC); Secondly, presented another wavelength conversion algorithm which based...
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Analysis and Design of the Client in the Supervision System Based on Android

Wu Shifeng, Zhong Luo, Hu Manli, Song Huazhu
The Supervision for buildings plays the very important role in the period of construction and is closely linked with the life and property. In order to improve the management level of the supervision departments and offer better communication between the supervision departments and the construction side,...
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Exploration Model of Relations between the PM2.5 of the Air and Other Monitoring Indexes Based on VAR

Yu Guo-feng, Liu Jia-bao
PM 2.5, as an important index about air pollution, whose form and composition is very complicated, has a negative influence on humankind. The paper, according to the meteorological data from Wu Han environmental air automatic monitoring station, conducts an quantitative analysis of independence and the...
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ERP Application Research in Small and Medium-sized Printing Enterprises

Li Chunpeng, Wang Yinyin
ERP system of Printing implementation has electronic computing and statistics. The various departments of information sharing and mutual control integrate printing companies in all sectors. It centralized management, saving a lot of resources. Small printing companies urgently need to implement an ERP...
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Spatial-multiplexed Dual-view Three-dimensional Display Based on One-dimensional Integral Imaging

Ren Zhaoxu, Wu Rui
We propose a spatial-multiplexed dual-view one-dimensional integral imaging (DV1DII) three-dimensional (3D) display which presents different 3D images in the left and right viewing directions simultaneously. The DV1DII 3D display consists of a display panel, a parallax barrier and two polarizer parallax...
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Desktop 3D Laser Scanning Technology Research

Lin Jiajun, Hu Daxuan, Chen Hong
This passage puts forward a kind of simple and convenient three-dimensional laser measurement technology for a small volume and complex shape space data acquisition of the object. This technology mainly uses the camera self calibration method for construction of three-dimensional model algorithm and...
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Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm for Chemical Parallel Flow Shop Scheduling Problem

Tang Qi, Liu Peng, Tang Jianxun, Li Xiang
This paper studies the typical problem of integration of chemical batching and scheduling, which is characterized by multi-product, multi-stage, parallel production, production coordination between stages, limit of equipment production capacity and inventory capacity, parallel equipment selection and...
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Research on the Key Technology of RFID and Its Application in Modern Logistics

Liu Lei
The paper studies communication protocol, the structure of the circuit, antenna design of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), and puts forward a scheme based on IOT application: RFID logistics tracking system. Finally, the paper studies the logistics distribution center information management...
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Design and Implementation of Remote Health Monitoring Sensor Network based on the Internet of Things

Zhou Lihua, Lai Qing
From the view of practical application, this paper designs the human body physiology information collection nodes, the coordinator node, wireless transmission system using CC2430 microcontroller, and detailed design information of human body sensor (temperature, heart rate, ECG / pulse) circuit diagram....
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Positioning Study of the Robot Vision based on Geometry

Sun Jun
The robot's eyes through the background difference method were used to find broke into the visual range of a moving object and track and monitor the moving object. On the basis of geometry and according to the distance and deflection angle of the robot eyes positioning, the objects were captured and...
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Discussion on the Application of Complex Power Network to Software Engineering

Song Jiayan
Along with the further development of science and technology, computer hardware and the Internet are in a rapid development, and information technology has been widely used in all fields so that complex problems are simply solved. Because of the needs for the development, software starts to mutually...
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PLC Functional Instruction in Programming of the Application

Song Jiayan
In this paper, the function characteristics of instruction are introduced, and the focus is on contact compare instruction and the characteristics of the transfer instructions. With the traffic lights control as an example, this paper proposes the application of contact compare instruction and transfer...
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Laboratory Management of the Internet based on the Technology of Internet of Things

Jia Chunxia
Laboratory information management based on the technology of Internet of things technology is the development trend of digital and information technology education in our country and the inevitable choice. Through the further study of the current situation of laboratory management in colleges and universities...
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Development of Co-simulation and Analysis by Combination of Aerodynamics, Mechanism Dynamics and Control System Dynamics for Large Wind Turbines

Chiang Mao-Hsiung, Wang Ching-Sung, Tung Tsung-Chih, Lin Jhih-Hong, Chang Chia-Ming, Liu Jui-Hung, Chen Jien-Chen, Wu Meng-Ru, Peng Chih-Hsun
The objective of the paper is to develop a novel co-simulation analytic interface of aerodynamics, mechanism dynamics and control system dynamics for 2MW wind turbines. Therefore, three software, such as FAST, ADAMS, and MATLAB/ SIMULINK, are integrated into one interface to combine with aerodynamic,...
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The Study on Decomposition of Fluctuant Wind Power for Wind Power Suppression

Yu Peng, Sun Shumin, Cheng Yan, Li Guanglei, Zhang Yong
Based on the turbulence model, the volatility of real-time wind speed is discussed, which is composed of the average component and fluctuant component. By deriving the probability density function of fluctuant wind speed and investigating the probability density curve, we decompose the fluctuant wind...
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The Optimization of Fracturing Parameters of Horizontal Well under Different Reservoir Conditions in Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir

Wen Hua, Sun Na
In order to ensure the good fracturing effect of horizontal well in the Sulige gas field, block SuX of Sulige gas field was used as an example, the typical horizontal wells of different fracturing mode were selected. According to the different reservoir conditions, the fracturing mode of horizontal well...
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Experimental Study on Heat Transfer and Resistance Characteristics of H-type Finned Tube

Chen Heng, Zhao Qinxin, Wang Yungang, Ma Haidong, Li Yuxin, Chen Zhongya
The heat exchanger element H-type finned tube has a high enhancement of heat transfer and excellent self-cleaning property and has evident effect in the boiler renovation, especially in the field of flue gas waste heat recovery. In this paper, the heat transfer and resistance characteristics of H-type...
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Comparative Evaluation of Practical and Simulation SV Traffic Streaming Latency Results within Process Bus Network

Mekkanen Mike, Virrankoski Reino, Elmusrati Mohammed, Antila Erkki
Substation Automation System (SAS) performance has been gained great improvements by implementing the high data rate process bus based on IEC 61850-9-2LE. However, these improvements need to be fully assessed within different circumstances before the scheme can be implemented to real SAS. This paper...
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The Application of Integrated Geophysical Exploration Methods in Daqinggou Molybdenum Deposit

Yu Xiang, Luo Zhaohua, Cheng Jinhua, Chen Cong, Ke Dan
Daqinggou molybdenum deposit locates in daqinggou miaozi area luanchuan county, Henan province. It is considered to be a favorable metallogenic area because of the intense tectonic movement and frequent magmatic activities. This molybdenum deposit is a medium-sized deposit and the ore bodies are strictly...
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The Simulation Study of Multicycle Injection-production of the Underground Gas Storage in the High Water Cut Reservoir

Chang Jin, Gao Shusheng, Xu Ke
It is unavoidable of the complex coexistence of gas, water and oil phase in the underground gas storage which is built after the late water flooding of the high water cut sandstone reservoir. This paper does experiments of setting and unsetting pressure of multicycle injection-production experiment using...
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Structure Analysis of Magnetic Coupling Resonant for Wireless Power Transmission System

Zhao Qiang, Wang Anna, Wang Hao
Using magnetically coupled resonators coils in a strongly coupled near field was suggested for wireless power transfer. A circuit model is presented along with a derivation of key system concepts such as frequency splitting, the maximum operating distance (critical coupling). Here, a simple circuit topological...
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On Exploitation Situation and Countermeasures Advice in the Development of Tight Gas in China

Li Wei, Shi Yan, Song Chunli
Tight gas, along with shale gas and coalbed methane, is known as top three unconventional gases. Tight gas development has strategically importance in the development of natural gas and energy structure adjustment in China. It should be considered in priority in the exploration and exploitation of unconventional...
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Forms of City Gas Supply System and Development of Natural Gas Market in China

Ren Zhanying, Yang Renshu
The research paper is going to discuss about the development of the city gas supply system and the natural gas market in China and find out how does the development of city gas supply system and natural gas market can influence the environment of China. Nowadays, China is concerning the environmental...
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Reconstruction and Practice of Coarse Slime System of Chengjiao Coal Preparation Plant

Ren Zhanying, Yang Renshu
In this paper, problems in coal handling system and practice of Chengjiao coal preparation plant is tested and analyzed in detail, and I have put forward solutions for problems in coal handling system. The best production program of Chengjiao coal preparation plant was chose through program comparing....
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Research on Mechanism of Dead-time Influencing APF’s Compensation Performance

J. Shen, X.L. Huang, X.H. Qu
At present, there are many methods to improve the compensation performance of active power filter (APF). However, to improve the reliability of APF, dead-time between two IGBT switches in the same bridge must be set large enough to guarantee the IGBT operating safely, which will impact the output performance...
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Research and Application on Case Representation and Retrieval Methods of Coal Mine Accidents

Pan Wenxia
This paper applies case-based reasoning method to emergency decision-making research field, and mainly researches case representation and case retrieval method. At first, this paper analyzes character of coal mine emergency rescue work, and describes the coal mine accident case using frame representation....
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Application and Research on Shared Ontology Model of Coal Mine Emergency Cases

Cui Yonghong
As the stable operation in coal production is threaten by many kinds of safety accidents seriously, doing research on emergency knowledge in the field of coal mine safety production can provide several for emergency decision, which is of great importance. This paper designed and developed coal mine emergency...
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Productivity Calculation for Fractured Wells in Low Permeability Gas Reservoirs

Cai Hua, Zhang Guohua, Li Yangfan
PH gas field, which located in East China Offshore, has the characteristic: Prematurely Senile Appearance. That means it is currently in the middle period of development, but has many features of the later period of the gas field’s life. In order to compensate the reduction of gas production, the development...