Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Innovations in Economic Management and Social Science (IEMSS 2017)

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The Inspiration of Transformation——The Creation and Aesthetic Appreciation of Ice Engraving

Yang Li, Hai Ping Sun
Ice engraving is a special form of prints. Its medium is ice, while it is inherits traditional painting-creation techniques. Ice engravers are also boldly trying new concepts and methods of expression. Their selection of material has completely stepped out from the traditional ways, which enables it...
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The Application of Interactive Teaching Mode in the Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities

Yajuan Li
The ideological and political theory course of the university undertakes the task of systematic Marxist theoretical education for college students, and it is an important way to help and guide students to establish a scientific world outlook, outlook on life and values, which embodies the essence of...
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Research on Capital Structure Optimization and Capital Operation

Xiaoyao Liu
Capital structure refers to the proportion of total liabilities and owner's equity of all capital sources of enterprises and their proportion. Capital structure is the core problem of enterprise financing decision-making and it is an important part of corporate finance. Irrational capital structure directly...
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Study on Land Resources and Land Law Related System

Jin Jin
With the development of the world economy and the growth of the population, the scarcity of land resources is becoming the focus of the whole world. And the legal protection of land resources and the legal adjustment of the legal relationship between lands have become one of the issues that the national...
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Exploration on the cultivation of young teachers' teaching ability in applied Undergraduate Universities

Haixia Wu
Young teachers are an important part of the teaching power of colleges and universities, as well as the reserve force of creativity and development in Colleges and universities. Its teaching ability directly affects the teaching quality of colleges and universities. The cultivation of young teachers...
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"Internet plus" era of audit risk and prevention strategy

Qing Fang, Cong Li
In the context of the Internet era, network technology has been widely used in many fields of society, and the audit work is also affected by the Internet era. Compared with before, the object of audit work and the environment have undergone significant changes, the enterprise audit work is moving in...
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A Development Area of surplus reserve production ratio influence factors

Yakun Liu
The remaining oil reserve production ratio of A Development Area is low,there is a serious contradiction between the remaining recoverable reserves and stable production.Aiming at the analysis of the low remaining oil reserve production ratio of the A Development Area,quantifying parts of the influence...
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The Potential of Remaining Oil and Exploration Methods of the Second Class Reservoir

LiHua Ma
Based on the analysis of the formation of the residual oil in the area , combined with the fine geological and multidisciplinary research results, summed up the main types of remaining oil, combined with dynamic and static data, used some measures such as cyclic flooding, fracturing, profile control...
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Credit Enhancement and Pricing in Financial Innovation- A Case Study of Asset Securitization

Rong Fu, Jingwen Yang
A new financial products is an important result of financial innovation, but in the market circulation it will encounter the problem of inadequate credit, in order to be accepted by the market it should go through credit enhancement.Based on this situation, this paper set asset securitization as an example.Its...
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Empirical Research on the Fault Criterion of ISPs' Torts

ZiWei Xie
To determine the fault of Internet service providers (ISPs)' network information torts is a core issue to judge whether they should bear tort liability. In judicial practice, whether ISPs are at fault often depends on whether they violate the duty of care. However, due to imperfect legislation, judges...
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Transnational Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Based on Academic Subjects: The Patterns and Characteristics of Knowledge Transfer and Innovation by Chinese Scholars Returned from the United States

Jinyu Meng, Xiangdong Chen
The return of overseas talents, in particular high-level overseas talents, could bring advanced theories, knowledge, technologies and experiences back to China, which, therefore, may be deemed an important channel of transnational knowledge transfer and innovation. With emphasis on high-level scholars...
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On the reform of public English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges from the perspective of Vocational Education

Hehua Qiu
The higher occupation education is an important part of education in our country, because of the employment market in recent years is a great demand for talents with high professional quality and vocational education, more and more attention, the education level has been constantly improving fast. However,...
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Recognition of Significance of Painting from Life in Image Era

Zhisheng Yan
Image era is the current visual feature, which profoundly influences the art of painting. Images are the simulation of natural objects. Overwhelmingly depending on images might make us the distance between arts and nature larger and larger. Only by returning to the original nature to paint from life....
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Reform of Physical Education Teaching and Cultivation of Life - long Sports Consciousness in Higher Vocational Colleges

PaLihati Dawuti
With the continuous development of the times, competition among talents has become ever more intense. How to develop close to the needs of the community with a variety of talents, it becomes very important. In this case, we can only college sports education and lifelong sports education combined, can...
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Discussion of Extension and Mutation of Photography in Contemporary Art

BoChen Zhang
With the rapid development of science and technology, and promotion of digital technology, digital technology has been integrated to photography and has deeply promoted the changes of photography in art and contemporary society. More non-professional photography personnel adopt digital technology in...
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The Application of Zen Culture in Space Design

Ming Chen, Kailong Ran
Architectural space design not only pays attention to the practicality, but also increasingly focuses on the design and infiltration of the cultural concept of space. Adding the cultural background to the space design, on the one hand can enhance the connotation of space, and on the other hand, can achieve...
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Study on the Appearance Modeling of Modern Industrial Products

Wenmin Hong, Mengjia Wu
Appearance modeling of industrial products integrates with diversity and systematicness. Appearance modeling of modern industrial products shall adopt rational function thinking to guide personalized design expression thus to form aesthetic concept systems on different cultural aspects. Starting from...
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Research on the Development Situation of Industrial Design Industry and Trend Analysis

Tuo Chen
With the development of economy, human society has entered the Internet era. And people have imposed different requirements on industrial design style. Especially in recent years, industrial design has been developed and become an indispensable part of the modern society. Consequently, the paper studied...
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An analysis of the influence of English language and literature on College Students' language competence

Jinju Tan
English language and literature courses in colleges and universities play an important role in daily English learning. But universities are not well aware of the role of English language and literature on the language ability of college students in the class, the proportion of English language and literature...
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On the aesthetic education in College Physical Education

Xiang Zhang
This paper first introduces the aesthetic teaching in college physical education, and further analyzes the existing problems of aesthetic education into college sports teaching, at the end of this paper, the author combined with the current problems, further puts forward the method of penetrating strategy...
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Research on the development of sports dance events in Hainan Province

Xiaohong Guo, Shuhong Zhang, Dongdong Chen
Since China's reform and opening up, not only focus on the development of social economy, especially for the construction of spiritual civilization. As an important part of the construction of spiritual civilization, sports dance competition plays a very important role in the construction of spiritual...
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On the application of thinking guidance in College Physical Education and training

Xiang Zhang
With the continuous development of China's education reform, how to train students in the teaching of thinking ability has become a common concern of educators. The sports curriculum is an important part of effective teaching system, in the context of the new curriculum reform, the teaching goal is not...
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Research on Application of Chinese Traditional Patterns in Soft Decorative Design of Hotel Space

Tingting Wang
Chinese traditional pattern has a long history, it is very artistic appeal and it is the crystallization of human labor wisdom and the product of people's thinking of different times. In this paper, the application of the traditional pattern design in the soft design of modern hotels in China is discussed,...
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Research on the Mode of Cultivating Football Reserve Talents Based on University

Weiping Xie
The purpose of this research is to establish a scientific and reasonable training model of football reserve talents based on university which is as the main body. The university as the hub and the professional club as the basis explore the feasibility of incorporating the training of competitive football...
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Winter Training Plan and Effect Analysis of Male Juvenile Football Teams

Weiping Xie
By observing the actual training process during U-19 winter training, we can find out the problems in our training and find out what should be solved, and we can know the causes of these problems. We use sports training, pedagogy and psychology knowledge of these reasons, and put forward to solve these...
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Research on the Inheritance Function of Wushu Culture in the Construction of School Wushu Education System

Yong Ding, Shuai Liu
The study of the cultural connotation of Chinese Wushu plays an important role in inheriting and promoting the national culture. Wushu culture can inspire the national spirit in the context of the collision of Eastern and Western cultures and the strong penetration of Western strong culture into China....
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Mechanism and Research Methods on the Integration of Cultural Industry and Tourism Industry

Jinghui Qu
Under the background of economic globalization, the rapid development of high technology to promote industrial integration. The unique creativity of cultural industry and the cultural communication of tourism industry provide a good foundation for the development of the integration of the cultural industry....
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Teaching mode of College English General Education in the mother tongue culture

PinJing Tian
According to the common phenomenon of College English Teaching "China Culture Aphasia", the Chinese culture into College English teaching from the general education theory that college English teaching to do a good job in the English language teaching, humanities education into knowledge, cultivate students'...
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The study on the translation for public signs in College English Teaching

PinJing Tian
Public signs and their translation have appealed to people much more than ever before. However, public signs cover various fields, and translation errors are very common due to the inadequate knowledge of the meanings of public signs in the source language. So, in the tertiary-level EFL education, public...
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Study of intelligent voice teaching aid system in English Teaching

PinJing Tian
with the development of information technology in education, the teaching of various disciplines is trying to apply advanced information technology to teaching, optimize teaching process teaching efficiency. English as a language class, to create the appropriate language learning environment, so that...
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The C-U-C training mode of Applied Innovative Talents Based on scientific research platform

Shidan He, Yaqi Xu
The C-U-C training mode combined with the development needs of local industry and technology, which is from the application of innovative talents training objectives that construct the curriculum system, practice teaching system and quality control system. The C-U-C training mode is promoting the practice...
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Research on the joint training mechanism of graduate students in Collaborative Innovation

Yaqi Xu, Shidan He
Today graduate education as the highest level in higher education plays a more and more important role. China graduate education achievements also exposed some problems, so the research training mode is the key to ensure the quality of postgraduate education. The construction of university high level...
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Study on the Optimal International Reserve Scale in the Process of Currency Internationalization

BaiLing Xu
This paper studies the changing rules of the optimal international reserve size in the view of internationalization of currency. The theoretical model indicates that the optimal scale of international reserves shows the characteristics of the first and the lower stages of the internationalization in...
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Research on Dynamic Cost Control of Construction Project Based on BIM

Yaxi Wang
This paper expounds the necessity of dynamic cost control of construction projects. This paper introduces the connotation of BIM technology and the advantages of BIM software in project management potential. We also discuss the application of BIM technology in construction project, in order to control...
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On the application of case teaching method in Business English Teaching

Yinpin Huang
under the background of economic globalization, social economic development of our country's growing prosperity, foreign trade is more and more frequent, as the status of the world's common language of English in the world is more and more important, business English has become a necessary technical...
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Study on Development of Sports Tourism in Xiang Xi Ancient Villages in"Internet Plus"era

Lizhong Wen, Yanxia Tang
This is an era of rapid development.Because of Internet technology, the speed of the various information transmission quickens, which greatly changes people's traditional ideas. Such a change is a great opportunity of development, so government should seize this opportunity and choose the correct policy...
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Research on Low Carbon Evolution Path of Large Coal Enterprises

Xianmin Jia, XiLian Wang
This paper briefly introduces the connotation and development significance of low-carbon economy, emphasizes the necessity of coal enterprises to develop low-carbon economy and the challenges and problems faced by coal enterprises in developing low-carbon economy. Finally, it is pointed out that adopting...
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Research on the Role of Agricultural Informatization in Rural Economic Development

Xuqi Zhang
The development of Chinese agriculture must unswervingly take the road of agricultural information. In this context, this paper analyzes the role of agricultural informatization in the development of rural economy and the problems it faces, and puts forward some constructive suggestions on further improving...
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Challenges and Countermeasures of College English Teaching from the Perspective of Curriculum Theory

Yixian Lv, Junjia Kou
This study draws lessons from the modern teaching idea in the view of new curriculum, and it analyzes the current situation of college students' learning and the present situation of English teachers' teaching. It puts forward some suggestions on these problems. This study pays attention to practice...
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Research on the Application of TRIMP Method in the Training of Martial arts Athletes

Yong Ding, Shuai Liu
Based on impulse training heart rate, TRIMP has a range of individual standard, through the strength of sports and the movement time to represent the different range of training load. The testing method is simple, and noninvasive, the results of evaluation are scientific, intuitive. TRIMP also helps...
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Research and Construction of Spoken English Graded Corpus for College English Majors

Baiping Huang
This paper briefly introduces the construction of a spoken English corpus including English interactive classification, the specific process of topic selection, data description, data processing and integration. To some extent, this study makes up for the lack of domestic similar research, but also provides...
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Goodness and Love: Murdoch's Exploration in "The Sea, the Sea"

Jingming Chen, Kangsheng Lai
In this novel, the author mainly tries to inqire into the relationship between love, art and moral goodness, by relating a very affecting love story. After the protagonist confronts with the tidal rips of love, also with the help of art, he effaces his "ego", begins to attend to the "otherness" of the...
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The Subjectivity of the Translator under the Influence of Two Cultures

Kangsheng Lai, Jingming Chen
According to Faucult's power discourse theory and Louis Althusser's ideology theory, any activities of the subjects are controlled by the power discourse and certain ideology. In the activity of translation, especially in the activity of literary translation, the subjectivity of the translator is also...
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Effective Use of PBL Mode in College English Translation Teaching

Cheng Zhang
Nowadays with the in-depth reform college education, on the one hand, it has made significant progress in college education reform including curriculum provision, on the other hand, it allows Chinese college education to flourish which improved the excellent developing basis. Of course in China, the...
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Analysis on Traditional Beauty of Korean Folk Costumes

Shuyu Lin
Korean, as an important member of the 56 nationalities in our country, shaped its folk costumes based on the given geographical conditions, folk customs and its specific aesthetic idea. It combined the specific folk culture of Korean with the soul of history, both of which formed the costumes with distinct...
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Humanistic Landscape Construction in City Square Design

LiLing Yi
Since 1990's, with the rapid development of city construction, the visage of city changes with each passing day. As one of the important parts of every city's public space, city square is the important reflection of the historic culture and artistic culture of this city and it is also the crucial place...
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Study on the Model of Entrepreneurial Talent Cultivation in Independent Colleges

Hui He
Under the call of "nation-wide entrepreneurship, mass innovation", the cultivation of entrepreneurial talents is of important significance for the personality development of the students, the reform of higher education and even the development of the overall economy. This paper makes a comparison of...
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Analysis of Academic Social Platform Based on Collaborative Innovation Mechanism

Jiawen Zhou
In the recent years, the higher education of our country has flourished and all the colleges have gradually widen the range of schools, and college financial management has gradually explored the new development way on the original basis. College financial management is still the core of all the college...
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Discussion on the Bionic Design in Children's Garments

Chunnan Cao
The application of bionic design in children's garment can not only develop children's intelligence, but also improve their aesthetic faculties. Mainly focusing on the aspects of color, shape, fabric, the bionic design of children's garments is based on the real condition of children, hoping to improve...
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Study on the Rural Tourism and Construction of Small Towns in Hubei Province----Taking Tangchi Town,Yingcheng City as an Example

XiaoJing Qu
Based on the rapid development of rural tourism and increase of construction of small towns in our country, the promotion of rural tourism on the construction of small towns has become increasingly apparent. It is of vital significance to strive to develop the rural tourism and the construction of small...
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Development and Utilization of Art Educational Resources Based on Carrying forward the National Culture

Min Xu
The development and utilization of art educational resources of colleges and universities is supposed to carry forward the national culture, which not only serves as an important carrier for the reinforcement of the cohesion of the people, but also meets the needs of the achievement of the great rejuvenation...
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Research on College Information Technology Curriculum Teaching Reform Based on Depth Learning

Xu Zhang
As a curriculum which insists theoretical knowledge and practical ability equally, college information and technology curriculum is a great challenge for students' learning ability and teachers' teaching level. How to improve college students' depth learning through the efficiency promotion brought by...
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Guide for Rational Use of Pediatric Antibiotics in Outpatient Clinic

Shiguang Wang
In order to improve the level of using clinical drug, it is necessary to analysis the use of pediatric antibiotics in the clinic and make a guidance for rational use of drugs. Methods Selecting 90 cases of children as the research object, which have adverse reactions after antibiotic treatment in the...
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The Practice of Intensive Nursing Skill Training in Clinical Nursing Teaching

Xuyan Si
To investigate the effect of intensive nursing skills in clinical teaching. Method Selecting 60 students of nursing in our school, randomly divided into control group (30 cases) and observation group (30 cases). The control group uses routine nursing skills, and the observation group uses intensive nursing...
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Research on the Inheritance and Development of Chinese Traditional Martial Arts

Xianming Chen
Chinese traditional martial art is an important symbol in brilliant traditional culture in China with a long history. Because of the impact of foreign culture and non-ideal inheritance and protection, many of Chinese traditional martial arts are gradually lost, only a few can be handed down. Whether...
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Discussion of the Application of Pragmatic Adaptation Theory in College English Translation Education

Xia Yang
In China, pragmatic adaptation theory, which plays an important role in college English translation education, is the key factor of students to establish situational context. As the college English teaching constantly goes deeper, pragmatics has been widely used in translation teaching gradually and...
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Reforms in General English Teaching in Vocational Higher Education Based on the Student Diversity ---Take Solely-enrolled Students for Example

Dongshan Luo
Solely-enrolled students are the typical representative of the admissions from various sources to higher vocational colleges. The investigation shows that the English learning situations of solely-enrolled students are quite dissatisfactory. And they don't do well in such aspects as learning attitude,...
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Internationalization Paths of Chinese Local Colleges and Universities——A Case Study of Yanbian University

Yongcan Jin
Globalization has boosted exchanges in various fields. As an integral part of international exchanges, communication between colleges and universities among various countries has become expansive and profound. As progress continues to be made in China's educational undertakings, colleges and universities...
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Research and Practice of Mechanical Engineering Training Platform Facing the Applied Talents Cultivation

Zhenghao Jian
Cultivation of undergraduate talents needs to strengthen the teaching of basic theory, and at the same time, give prominence to the practice and application ability of exercise and training. Engineering training practice teaching is an important part of higher education, cultivating comprehensive, innovative,...
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Enlightenments of Female Roles Singing in Jingzhou Huagu Opera to the National Vocal Music Teaching

Jun Li
In the traditional culture system our country, the traditional opera art is the essence of national vocal music art. It is also the crystallization of the wisdom of the hard-working people. From the point of our national vocal music art form, its connotation mainly consists of "gas, word, cavity, feeling...
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Analysis of the Innovation Strategy of Civilian Battalion Hospital Financial Management under "Internet +" Environment

Limin Sun
Along with the rapid development of information technology, China has gradually entered the "Internet +" environment, great importance has been given to "Internet +" industry development in our country, the "Internet +" health care is an important development direction. This form of development is popular...
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Introduction and Implementation Study of Punitive Damages in Intellectual Property Law

Wenfeng Xu
With the development of our country economy and the deepening of exchanges with foreign countries, the protection of intellectual property becomes increasingly important. Infringement of intellectual property rights has high social market value; infringement act will not only seriously damage the interests...
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Human Resources Management Research of Enterprise Strategy under the Perspective of Life Cycle

Fang Zhou
Social economy enters into a rapid development stage; the knowledge economy age has come. How to establish scientific development strategy for enterprises in the development process is to ensure that the enterprises play an important role in improving competitiveness in the process of development. Under...
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Color Study of Chinese Traditional Architecture in Sui and Tang Dynasties

Xiaoguang Wang
Sui and Tang dynasties were the important period of the maturity of the architectural development in our country. Color applied in the building design of architectural had a profound influence on future generations. This paper analyzes the external color of the architecture and the interior color of...
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Analysis and Reflection on the overseas expansion of Chinese local hotels

Jinping Xu
Under the financial crisis after the current situation of global economic development, China's economic development and the reality of people's living standards is in gradual improve, tourism has gradually become the key driving force of the new normal economic transformation and upgrading. More and...
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The Existing Questions and Strategies Analysis of the New Times College English Teaching

Dehua Liu
With the development of domestic social and economic progress, our country keeps on advancing in the international community and keeps more closely contact with other countries in the world. Working on the corresponding English education teaching work positively is obviously very important. For a long...
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The Quality Evaluation System Research Of Applied Undergraduate Colleges And Universities Practice Teaching Under The Background Of Transformation Development

ShengJiang Chen, Chunfeng Zhang
This paper tries to eliminate different courses and professional difference, gives a panoramic view of the teachers engaged in teaching activities of the entire process, scientific review of the teaching process, the key point of the quantified evaluation index, compiled with distinctive oriented, scientific...
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Investigations into the Pathogenic Bacterial Infection of Wounds and Its Analysis

Fengxia Du, Yuefei Wang, Shujuan Yao, Junjie Guo
OBJECTIVE. This paper investigates the pathogenic bacterial infection status of wound, and evaluates the effects and effectual time of silver dressings on different pathogens, in order to provide scientific guidance for the clinical treatment of wounds. METHODS. Researchers chose 165 chronic wound patients...
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The Performances of Chinese Peasants' new life -- In Propaganda Poster of China 1949--1976

Yuzhu Fu, Cheng Yan
As a special kind of art in the history of Chinese art, propaganda posters have been the most important form of art in the 1950s to the late 1970s, and have been developed in an unprecedented way. As with other forms of painting, the image of peasants and the expression of peasant life have been important...
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Factors Influencing On-campus Branded Grocery Purchase Behaviours among University Students in China

Ziyin Gao
Tertiary institutions students' purchase intentions and behaviours on the daily necessities are largely affected by a range of external and internal influents, both on line and offline. This article focus on the students' offline brand buying patterns in on-campus grocery stores for necessities through...
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Study on Versions and Circulation of Lu Shan Ji Written by Shunyu Chen

Xiaoyun Ji
Shun-yu Chen, whose style name was Ling-ju, was born in Wucheng, Huzhou. He lived in Northern Song dynasty, but there was no clear record on his birth date. Chen was erudite and knowledgeable. He succeeded in the highest imperial examinations in the sixth year of Qingli, and won the first place in Zhiju,...
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Study on the interacted influence of aesthetic conception of folk and scholar classes on art of the Song dynasty

Chenyang Li
The artistic expression of the porcelain ornamentation and seal art in the Song Dynasty reflects the interaction between the folk and the scholar's aesthetic consciousness, which is the important symbol of social mobility. By contrasting the differences between the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty porcelain...
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Investigation on the current situation of college students' aesthetic values under the background of popular culture

Hua Li, Jie Chen
The popular culture, represented by popular music, TV media, urban literature and life, and network culture, has great influence on college students aesthetic values. To investigate the aesthetic values of college students under the background of popular culture, is conducive to the teaching and teaching...
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Research on Narrative Time in Natsume Soseki's The Gate -- From the Perspective of Social Ethics

Jiao Li
Narrative time now plays an increasingly important role in literary criticism. As one of the masters of modern Japanese literature, Natsume Soseki broke the traditional linear narrative mode, and used nonlinear narrative time, durations combined fast and slow speeds, frequencies alternated with simple...
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Ideological Education Plays An Important Role In The Construction Of Campus Culture

Meiyue Li
With the development of China's higher education, college of education is more and more clear direction. In this case, the universities also gradually realize the ideological and political education and the construction of campus culture to the important meaning of talents cultivation. In this paper,...
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Research on the Countermeasures of Tianjin Financial Service Innovation

Tao Ma
While facing the ever-changing scientific and technological changes and the constraints of the increasingly tightened resources and environment, the international competition characterized by innovation and technological upgrading has become more and more intense. The financing ability of domestic small...
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The research on the spatial effect of the urbanization of China to expand domestic demand

Chaojun Ni
Based on the panel data of China's 31 provincial from 2005-2012 the paper using the spatial panel model to study the China's urbanization impact on domestic demand.
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Study On Tea Culture Industry Clustered Development In Fujian Province

Feng Qu, Xiangrong Jin, Qiuhua Chen, Xiangying Xie
Fujian tea culture has rich connotation, far-reaching influence, and permeates in the whole tea industry chain, and has the cluster development potential. Combing the content of Fujian tea culture, and based on the theory of industrial cluster, it constructed the overall development path of Fujian tea...
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Cross Boundary Phenomenon Analysis: Printmaking Artists' Creation of Oil Paintings

Liang Shang, Xiaofeng Liu
Since 1980s, teachers in printmaking departments of fine arts academies have cultivated a large number of printmaking artists with broad vision. The training on printmaking helps these artists to build up creativity and courage to integrate various resources. Some of them do not stay in the field of...
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The exploration of Problems and Reflections in the Japanese Literature Teaching

Rizhong Shen
Japanese classroom teaching is an important position to improve students' interest in learning Japanese literature and the key to improving the quality of Japanese literature. How teachers teach in the classroom, how students learn in class, has been an important issue for researchers to explore. In...
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Research on the Innovation of the College Students' Ideological and Political Education from the Perspective of Theory of Human's Comprehensive Development

HongLin Tang
Theory of human's comprehensive development is an important theory of Marx. To promote the innovation and development of the college students' ideological and political education from the perspective of this theory is an important part of higher education in the new period. Based on the basic connotation...
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Revision and Application of Questionnaire on Leadership Behaviors of PE Teachers in Higher Education Institutions

Bowen Wang
Teacher leadership behaviors are important in improving teaching qualities and promoting talent training levels. By using methods of literature analysis, in-depth interview and semi-open questionnaire, this paper identifies the leadership behaviors of college PE teachers into 3 categories: teamwork,...
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Study on New Body Mass Index as Criteria to Judge the Degree of College Students' Nutrition

Bowen Wang, Wemin Ma
The aim of this study is to find out decision index standards of college students' nutrition degree. 593 college students between 19-22 years old (224 male and 239 female) were randomly selected and measured from several aspects, including height, weight, waist circumference and thickness of four skin...
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The Predicaments of Independent College P.E Teachers and the Countermeasure

Youfeng Wang, Lidao Li
Under the trend of new curriculum reform, sport teaching has been regarded. As independent college P.E teachers, they not only equip the fundamental P.E subject knowledge, but also break through current predicaments, making sure they could improve the comprehensive quality of P.E teaching. From present...
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Study on the Relationship Between the Development of Forest Tourism and the County's Economic Growth and Third Industry

Xiuhua Wei, Wei Cao, JianZhou Yang
This paper adopts the relevant data of five counties with poor economy in Fujian Province. It establishes a variable coefficient panel data model and analyzes the relationship between forest tourism and the county's economic growth and its third industry. The research results show that the tourism industry...
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On Liability of Joint Dangerous Act

Di Wu
Joint dangerous act is a relative special pattern of tortious act. Different doctrines on liability fixation for specific behaviors of joint dangerous act can lead to the differences in behavioral nature. The uncertain tortfeasor differentiate joint dangerous act from other forms of tortious behaviors....
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Analysis on Application Scope of Mental Damage Compensation

Di Wu
Mental damage compensation belongs to civil damage compensation, and it is different from property damage compensation in several aspects. The essential elements for mental damage compensation are special. Victims are required to submit evidences besides their spiritual suffering. Now in China, there's...
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The Success of "Lao Gan Ma" from the Perspective of Sharing Economy

Longhui Xiang
Sharing economy is also known as collaborative consumption or cooperative consumption, which is the sharing of information and resources. The rapid development of the sharing economy has brought new growth for the vigorous development of the economy. Usually, the relevant experts and scholars in the...
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Personal Pronouns Study in Analects of Confucius

Lirong Xiao
Combined mathematical statistics, this paper investigates the personal pronouns' syntactic functions, addressees, singular and plural forms in Analects of Confucius.
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A Study on Relationship between Dialect and Modern French

Ying Xu
The relationship between dialect and french language is inseparable. They went through a long period of development, both of them can influence each other and rely on each other. In this paper we will compare and analyze the influence of dialect on the formation of modern French from the perspective...
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Suitability Assessment of Karst Rocky Desertification Control Patterns in Karst Counties of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Yan Yan, Baoqing Hu, Deguang Wang
The State Council officially replied the "planning framework of comprehensive controls for karst rocky desertification regions" during 11th Five Year Plan. The counties in Guangxi appointed by the planning framework were taken as the study objects. First, the index system of suitability assessment was...
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A Comparative Study on the New Version and the Old Version of Provisions for Value-added Tax Accounting Treatment

Rongjun Yang
December 2016, the Ministry of Finance issued a new version of Provisions for Value-added Tax Accounting Treatment. The provision makes specific regulation on accounting treatment for change from business tax to value-added tax, and improves the setting of accounting subjects. But there are some problems...
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Study on the Hui People and Islam in Yongping County around Ancient Bonan Route

Rongtao Yang, Lijuan Ding
As a county around ancient Bonan Route belonging to the Southern Silk Road, Yongping in West Yunnan historically was an area of cultural interchanges among Han, Yi, Bai and other ethnic groups. Since Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, Islam has spread in this area with the entrance of Hui migrants. Yongping...
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The Roles of Interlocutor in Second Language Acquisition

SongLin Yang, Yao Zhao
As for the variants cropping up in the output of second language learners, we have the responsibility to explain them, and in return, they will serve as a guide in our teaching practice. This paper attempts to analyze it from the interlocutor's social status, familiarity with the speaker, proficiency...
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The Application Of Multimedia Technology In Computer Teaching

Ying Yu
Interactive computer multimedia technology, the diversity of external stimulation, hypertext and complex features, along with the multimedia technology popularization, the multimedia technology applied in teaching is very common. Here in this paper, the value in the multimedia technology applied in computer...
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Applications and Practice of Blended Teaching Mode Based on Cloud Platform in Higher Vocational Colleges

Chengjie Zhang
In order to improve the classroom efficiency and teaching quality in higher vocational colleges, this paper adopted several methodologies, such as the methods of investigation, literature research and empirical research to analyze the key problems of blended teaching mode design in higher vocational...
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Analysis of Difficulties in Enterprise Income Tax Final Settlement

Xiujuan Zhang
For enterprises, the final settlement of income tax is the most important taxing work which is difficult to adjust, of long duration, and related to multiple tax laws. Especially in recent years, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation have issued a large number of new tax laws...
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An Analysis on the Semantic Difference of the Restrictive and Non-restrictive Attributive Clause

Yao Zhao, SongLin Yang, Chang Liu
The attributive clause is important in daily communication and teaching and studying in schools. The thesis is to analyze the different meaning of the restrictive and non-restrictive attributive clauses based on the semantic triangle in order to enhance the exact comprehension and teaching and studying...
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An Analysis of Self-assessment Model of College Students -- Based on the Innovation Perspective of Independent Academy Student Evaluation System

Yuan Zhou
The reform of student evaluation system in the mode of cultivating applied talents in independent academy is to establish a comprehensive student evaluation system which is mainly open, flexible and individualized. Self-assessment, not only from the evaluation of the main diversity of innovation, but...
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Research on the Combination of Corpus Resources and Micro Teaching Mode in Oral English Teaching for College English Majors

Baiping Huang
As a new teaching form, the micro course brings great impact and challenge to the traditional classroom teaching. In this paper, based on the analysis of the concept and characteristics of the "mini course", the author puts forward the methods and achievements of the introduction of corpus in the design...