Proceedings of the 2016 International Symposium on Business Cooperation and Development

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Analysis on Technical Efficiency of Regional Listed Agricultural Companies of Economic Nature in China Based on DEA-Tobit Two-Step Method

Youyang You
In this paper, the efficiency of regional listed agricultural companies of economic nature in China is analyzed based on financial data of 39 regional agricultural companies of economic nature listed at Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Markets (A-share) in 2015 in combination with both constant returns to...
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Research on Influencing of New Generation Employee's Future Work Self Salience on Work Engagement

Zilong Cui, Lixin Chen
Drawing upon self-determination perspective, the current study examined the relations of future work self salience, work engagement, occupational self-efficiency and person -vocation fit. Result from 475 new generation employee's valid data showed that future work self salience positively correlated...
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The Impact of Regional Soft Environment on SME Performance in China:Considering the Moderating Effect of Firm Life Cycle

Dongping Yu, Yunlong Duan
Research on the affect of regional soft environment (RSE) influencing and accelerating Small and Medium Enterprises' (SME) performance has been paid great attention to by scholars recently. Based on literature review of relationship between external environment and SMEs, some propositions about RSE,...
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The Study of China Outward Foreign Direct Investment's Location Choice

Zhenli Wang, Ying Hu
To pave the road of pushing China OFDI forward in the right direction, targeted experiments have been in full blossom. Through choosing 70 main recipient countries aging from 2003 to 2014 as research subjects when Chinese overseas investment expanded faster and faster, and establishing multiple panel...
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Breaking through the Institutional Barriers of Private Capital Entering Urban Public Utilities

YanHua Sun, Erbin Li
Urban public utilities are the carrier and the foundation of economic and social development, its development level and the rate of development directly relate to urban economic development and overall social progress. Long-term single government investment has caused various disadvantages such as out-dated...
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Judicial Cooperation and Legal Services between China and Vietnam

Qianqian Yang
China and South Asian countries are close neighbors connected by common mountains and rivers and are bonded by people-to-people and cultural ties. In the overall China-South Asia cooperation, the bilateral relationship between China and a single nation in this region is of great significance and China-Vietnam...
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Comparisons between Hong Kong Arrangement and Macau Arrangement-on Recognition and Enforcement of Inter-regional Arbitral Awards

Xiaojun Yuan, Lan Song
The growth in commercial transactions with Mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macau Special Administrative Region have lead to an increase in disputes. Recognition and enforcement for inter-regional arbitration in China is becoming more and more important. Macau Arrangement came...
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Financing Risks Models of Bus Rapid Transit Projects Based on Hall Three Dimensions Structure

Cheng Peng
Due to substantial investment, long duration, complex interest relationship, and etc., there exist many financing risk factors for BRT projects, and risk disposal without prior meticulous analyses on those factors may possibly lead to project failure. In this study, Hall three dimensions structure model,...
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Comparative Analysis on Service Trade Competitiveness of the BRICS

Jiawu Gan, Jialing Wang, Yurong Zhu
Competitiveness is a kind of comprehensive ability which is reflected by the competition or comparison among the participants. It's a relative index, generally described with "strong" or "weak", but it's difficult to accurately measure out. Paper selects the most suitable index by AHP to analyze service...
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Study on trade openness of China to Thailand-A Case Study of Goods Trade

Ying Li, Chao Fu, Jiachen Liu
Under the strategy of "The Belt and Road", bilateral trade of China and Thailand has rapid developed. Trade openness of China to Thailand also showed a significant change. The article uses 2005-2014 cargo trade volume between China and Thailand, China's GDP as well as Thailand's GDP, quantitative analysis...
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The Identification Study for Influence Factors of Execution Efficiency of SMEs Supportive Policy

Xiangxue Lu, Dongping Yu
Under the background of "One Belt and One Road" and "the setting up of the investment bank", the new emerging business and trade in the southeast and south Asia area begin to explore its management and cooperation mode. This will largely promote the development of small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs)...
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The Idea of Constructing a Service-oriented Government Performance Audit-Based on Balanced Score Card

Mingyue Liu, Qinghua Chen
The performance evaluation is a key link in the process of building a service-oriented government, the most important purpose is to realize the government service performance optimization. Government performance audit is the main tool; the government performance evaluation should conform to the performance...
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A Study on competitive advantage and risk management of trade between Guangxi and Asean-countries

Jun Huo, Ke Zhuang, Dalei Qin
The establishment of CAFTA(China-ASEAN Free Trade Area)and the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative will explore new growth of trade between Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and ASEAN countries. This paper describes the competitive advantages of Guangxi and explains how to avoid competitive...
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The Choice of the Southeast Asian Market Entry Mode: A Performance Appraisal Model based on Fuzzy AHP

Fan Yu, Jianfeng Yao
Many studies have identified several factors that influence the choice of an entry mode for the Southeast Asian market. In this paper, a conceptual model of factors is proposed, research propositions are developed, and misty mathematics knowledge is used. We proposed a generalized model based on fuzzy...
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An Approach to Marketing Implementation with the Perspective of Wu Hsing

Guoqing Zhang
Wu Hsing, five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth), was held by the ancients to compose the physical universe and later used in traditional Chinese medicine to explain various. Marketing refers to the sum of activities involved in directing the flow of goods and service from producers to consumers....
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Russian Financial Crisis

Lin Tan, Wei Zhou, Bingqing Ding
All the countries of the world need a good environment to develop their economy, it is sad to see the recession of the financial crisis in recession. This paper aims to comprehensively study the Russian financial crisis in 2014 and find the reason of the phenomenon. And we hope warning those investors...
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A Comparison of Relations between Transportation and Communication Consumption of China's Urban and Rural Residents and Their Income-An Empirical Analysis based on Data between Year 1994 and 2010

Gang Zhou
Transportation and communication consumption is an important manifestation of consumption structure upgrading. After conducting a statistical analysis and comparison of the relationship between transportation and communication consumption by urban and rural residents from 1994 to 2010 and their income,...
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SWOT analysis of China's outward investment in ASEAN's agricultural industry basing on the perspective of 'One Belt, One Road' initiative

Lidan Zhang
The paper is in purpose of clarifying the feasibility and capability of investment in ASEAN's agricultural industry by using SWOT analysis and meanwhile figure out the investment guidance of ASEAN's agricultural industry basing on the perspective of 'One Belt, One Road' initiative.
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Discussion about Promoting Regional Cooperation and Investment in Transportation Construction with the Countries of Southeast Asia under the Belt and Road Initiative

Yabing Yang, ZiHao Liu, Dan Ma
With the implement of the proactive economic stimulus, as an important maritime line of communication in the world, Southeast Asia has become one of the regions with the most vigorous global economic activities. And at the same time, our country will build a strategic cooperative partnership with the...
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Study on Talents demand and Cultivation Strategy under the "One Belt and One Road"

Yinchun Gao, Keji Ma
"One belt, one road" is the strategic plan based on the current national conditions of China, which greatly increased China's employment opportunities while at the same time the overall quality of talents are put forward new and higher requirements. Under the background of this strategy, this paper carried...
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Strategy of Internet + Agriculture in Kunming under the One Belt and One Road

Menglan Qiu, Yuhui Feng, Fang Liu
"Internet + Agriculture" is a new engine in the development of modern agriculture, the transformation of traditional agriculture to "Internet + Agriculture" is an important measure to promote long-term development of Kunming, is also keep up with the trend of the era of science and technology about "Internet...
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The Influence of Culture on Accounting Practice

Jing Tie, Wenjing Zhao
The international accounting harmonization is an evolutionary process for a wider reorganization of same accounting standards between different countries. However, Stolowy (2005) has examined the pervasiveness of earning management did not refuse after the adoption of IFRS. The recent research has been...
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Analysis on the Farmers' Satisfaction of New Rural Construction -A Case for Siyi Village in Jiayu County

Ling Li, Wenxia Zhai, Lihua Yan
It is of great significance to maintain social stability, promoting rural well-off society construction for analysis on farmers' satisfaction of new rural construction. Satisfaction questionnaire was compiled, which includes basic services to the process of new rural construction, stylistic education...
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Risks Study on Yun Nan Enterprises Engineering Projects in Sri Lanka

Yating Shi, Yan Li
The main purpose of this thesis was to analyze the risk of engineering project of Yunnan enterprises in Sri Lanka. Since the end of civil war, the backward traffic conditions, weak electrical infrastructure and lacking housing supply were severely restricting the development of the economy and society...
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Analysis of Human Resource Integration in the China's Investment in Thailand on the Perspective of Culture

Yan Li, Lin Su
With the deepening of economic globalization, foreign direct investment has gradually become the mainstream. In recently years, with a large number of China's investment in Thailand, the question of human resource integration in the transnational corporation has been highlighted. The cultural differences...
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Development of Commercial Banks in Yunnan along with the "The Belt and Road"

Fupei Gong, Guiying Ma, Xiaohong Cun
"The Belt and Road" strategy is our country's opening up to achieve a strategic change, China's government lead and strongly promote the medium and long-term national strategy, in order to let more and more enterprises to go out, the Commercial Banks of cross-border financial service in the area along...
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Myanmar's Education and National Identity

Ya Zuo, Juwei Yang
For a nation state, education has been seen as a fundamental and effective approach to maintain a sense of national identity for a long time. For most nation states, multi-ethnicity is recognized as the main character; due to this, many scholars begin to show their concern about how to promote the civic...
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The Development Path of transformation and Upgrading of Chinese Manufacturing Industry under the Background of "The Belt and Road"

Xiaoyan Cai
Since the outbreak of the U.S. financial crisis, the annual output value of China's manufacturing plummeted, and exports blocked. What's more, with the continuous reduction of the demographic dividend and the rising cost of manufacturing, making the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry...
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The role of insurance in international trade

Meifang Long, Wei Zhou
At present, the international market demand is still insufficient. Therefore, it is important that we reasonably avoid the risk of foreign trade, so as to effectively promote foreign trade. Insurance is a means of economic compensation, It plays an important role in international trade. In order to support...
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The Research about Internet Financial Development under "The Belt and Road" Strategy in China

Qing Ge
Nowadays, within the development of modern electronic information technologies, Internet Finance flourishes and changes with each passing day. It becomes an vital sector of modern finance for changing the conducting financial activities and leading a new trend.The born and wide use of Internet Finance...
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Empirical Study of Knowledge Management Influence on SMEs Dynamic Capabilities Promotion

Qicheng Lu, Yongjie Wu
Knowledge management is an important angle for understanding and revealing the formation and improvement mechanism of dynamic capabilities. Based on absorptive capability theory and organizational learning theory, this paper investigated 177 enterprises to empirically analyze the influence of knowledge...
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Influence of Leading Enterprises' Upgrade on Yunnan's Flowers Industrial Clusters Innovation

Hao Jing, Qicheng Lu, Xiaotong Yu
As market competition intensifies, Yunnan's flowers industrial clusters are facing unprecedented difficulties in development. It's necessary to promote the innovation and upgrading of industrial clusters to solve this problem. In view of the leading enterprises' core role in clusters, its transformation...
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An analysis of the Legal Environment of Chinese Enterprises' Investment in Laos

ZhiYi Yin, Yang Yang, Yuan Ma, XiaoHong Cun
At present, there are a lot of Chinese enterprises to invest in Laos, and the actual legal environment of Laos is poor, so it is necessary to analyze the legal environment of Laos. In this article, at first, I will introduce current investment situation of Chinese enterprises in Laos, and then introduce...
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Research on the Competitiveness of Foreign Trade in South -East and South Asia under B&R Initiative

Nana Zhang, Bin Hu
First we construct the index system of foreign trade competitiveness evaluation, research the competitiveness of foreign trade in South-East and South Asia under the background of "the Belt and Road Initiative" by principal component analysis. Then we calculate the scores of foreign trade competitiveness...
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The Heat Analysis of Chinese Enterprises in Laos Transportation Infrastructure Investment under the "The Belt and Road Initiative"

Xinran Ge, Ersi Liu, Ke Yan
China and Laos have a very long tradition of trade, in recent years, with the "The Belt and Road initiative" is proposed, the Chinese enterprise investment in Laos has entered a new period of development. At the same time, the development of transportation infrastructure is very poor, which seriously...
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The Development of Sustainable Highway Infrastructure in the Strategy of One Belt and One road

Junjie Zhang, Lund Shaun
Build a green infrastructure helps not only with the 'One belt, one road' strategy implementation, also supports to establish the ecological civilization and promote national development. This paper analyses the characteristic and the impacts of highway infrastructure to define the sustainable development...
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Analysis of the Current Situation of China-Myanmar Bilateral Economic Cooperation

Liujie Tang, Ziye Zou
Building a good partnership with its neighbors is the basic principle of Chinese foreign policy raised by President Xi Jinping. Myanmar plays a significant role in linking Southeast and South Asia. So Myanmar is an important country for China to implement the "One Belt, One Road" opening-up policy. Myanmar...
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Cross-Culture Business Communication by Emoji in GMS

Yuhui Feng, Menlan Qiu, Yan Li, Haiyang Yang
Emoji has developed rapidly on Internet in recent years and plays an important role in cross-cultural communication. But whether it can be adopted in the communication by people in Southeast Asia remains a problem. Furthermore, whether graphical symbols like emoji are capable of working as a pre-trade...
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The Study on the International Production Capacity Cooperation of the China - Indochina Peninsula Economic Corridor

Li Zhu, Jingyi Zhu
This article presents a new exploration of the international production capacity cooperation of the China - Indochina Peninsula Economic Corridor. It provides backgrounds on the international production capacity cooperation for the construction of regional value chains, and analyzed the implications...
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Ancient Philosophy Factors Affecting the Formation of Chinese Students? Learning Community

Xin Li, Yaqing Huang
In order to know why Chinese students learning community is hard to form, Chinese ancient philosophy is utilized to figure out factors affecting the formation. Sato's model has been chosen: the three stands to form a learning community philosophy are democracy, public philosophy and excellence. While...
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The Cultivation of Cross-border Professional Talents in Yunnan Province based on the Neighborhood Partnership Strategy

Ning Yan
In the construction of the China - Indo - China Peninsula and the BCIM International Economic Cooperation Corridor and the implementation of the One Belt and One Road initiative, Yunnan, with its special geographical advantages and regional features, is undertaking an important mission, in which talent...
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Evaluation on Economic Sustainability of Yunnan Province from Energy Metabolism Perspective

Linlin Liang, Liu Yang
Under the strategy of The Belt and Road, the intensified contradiction of energy supply and demand lead to more resource constraints and environmental pressures in the development of economy. It constitutes a big threat to the sustainable development of Yunnan province. Based on the development of sustainable...
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Study on "Carbon Curse" Effect of China under the Belt and Road

Mengchen Du, Linlin Liang
The greenhouse effect is serious in the world. China is a big country of carbon dioxide emissions. In recent years, sustainable development is put forward that China's environmental policy has been changed to green ecology. Under the background of "The Belt and Road", we should bring China's cultural...
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Study on Choice of Pivot Country of China in the Building of "One Belt One Road"

Yang Chen, Hongkun Li, Yongsong Liu, Lisheng Yang, Yunlong Duan
The proposal and implementation of "one belt one road" initiative is of great significance to China. One the one hand, it expands the period of strategic opportunity, plans the new pattern of development. On the other hand, it optimizes the development of internal and external environment, and innovates...
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Analysis on Financial Environment of China Investing in Myanmar's Transport Infrastructure

Wenhong Shen, Guangyu Li, Eris Liu, Ke Yan
With the presenting of "one belt one road" and establishing of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Myanmar's transport infrastructure has become the focus of investment. At the same time, financial risks are also needed to be aware of in the process of investment. After analysis Myanmar's domestic...
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An analysis on Investment and Financing Mode of China- Myanmar Railway Project under the Background of "One Belt, One Road"

Xiaoyu Chen, Ersi Liu, Wenhong Shen, Ke Yan
"One belt, one road" strategy has accelerated the pace of opening to South Asia and Southeast Asia. Transportation infrastructure construction is the priority development area of this strategy. However, Myanmar is a "crossroads" which links China, South Asia and Southeast Asia together, it is also a...
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A Comparison Study of Military's Role in Democratization in Myanmar and Indonesia

Nian Peng
This paper argues that the degree of the cohesion of military is a determined factor in the democratization in Myanmar and Indonesia when they faced similar pressures. The strong cohesive military eventually prevented the facilitation of democratization in Myanmar, while the weak cohesion within the...
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Assessment of the Legal Environment in Lao PDR for Chinese Investment in the Hydropower Industry

Rattana Saithong, Lairu Li
The Legal Environment in Laos for Chinese Investment in the Hydropower Industry is the hot matter in the moment. Lao PDR needs to manage its hydropower development to ensure environmental and social sustainability through developing of the legal, institutional and regulatory environment and strengthening...
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The Troubles of Train Meal

Bingqing Ding, Wei Zhou, Lin Tan
The train into public life increasingly, travel, work and go to school by train become a way of people's choice, but the price and quality of train meal have became an obsession. This article mainly from three aspects which are supply, the balance between demand and supply and the elasticity of supply...
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Study on Relationship between Degree of Internationalization and Business Performance of Resources Enterprise - Based on Dynamic Panel Data of Chinese Listing Resources Enterprises

Honglie Zhang, Yawen Li
Resources enterprises have played significant role in the strategy of 'going out' of internationalization of Chinese business. During the fast pace of internationalization of Chinese companies, there are plenty of successful cases. However, there are also some cases are absent of success with regarding...
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Philosophical Foundations of Research and the Selection of Research Methods-Based on Gallagher-Brett's Research:What Do Learners' Beliefs about Speaking Reveal about Their Awareness of Learning Strategies

Bingbing Ai
Based on a research which talks about students' beliefs about speaking and discusses some underlying learning strategies, the paper analyses: firstly the identification of the foundations of the research from epistemological and ontological perspective, and consideration of the nature of theorising in...
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Connotations and Establishment Countermeasures of Yunnan High Education Radiation Center under "The Belt and Road" Initiatives

Honglie Zhang
To establish a radiation center opening-up to South and Southeast Asia is a new requirement and goal for future development in Yunnan province under "The Belt and Road" Initiatives and leadership of central government. Although there is no direct reference to education in the "The Belt and Road" Initiatives,...
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A Study on the Risk of the Direct Investment of Yunnan Enterprises in India

Yu Liu, Hong Yi, Wen Zhang, Wei Wang
In recent years, the Chinese government has accelerated the pace of "going out", and has pushed Chinese enterprises to do foreign direct investment. But foreign direct investment has the characteristics of high risk, which contains the general risk of investment decision-making, and the risk of business...
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Role of Leadership Competence of the Project Managers for Achieving Project Success in Evaluation

Zebo Sharipova, Ying Zhang
Demand of human are dynamic and to lead or manage them require to be adapted to or be flexible in each situation depending on location, culture and capacity of those managers (Muller, 2010). The purpose of this paper is to explore theoretical relative importance of project managers' a leadership competences...
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Problems of audit quality control in condition of "Uzbekistan Temir Yo'llari"

Abdieva Nargiza
In the report the problems of internal audit are discussed and criterions of internal audit activity and legal principles of audit activities in the republic of Uzbekistan moreover are examined. Two types of internal and external quality control examined carefully. Additionally, there were given recommendations...
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The Effect of E-commerce Trade in China and its Development Path

Yang Huang, Wei Zhou
A prominent feature of the twenty-first Century world economic development is the high-tech industry with the information industry as the focus has become a leading force in promoting economic development. With the acceleration of economic globalization, With the Internet as the carrier of the electronic...
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Research on Modern Agricultural Investment Cooperation between Yunnan Province and GMS Countries

Zidong Zhu, Zhaojing An, Xiaoli Zhu
As China's Regional Center of radiation for Southeast Asia and South Asia, and Yunnan Province has good economic strengths and locational advantages in modern agricultural investment cooperation between China and GMS countries, cooperation is of great significance. This article analyses on the current...
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Study on Chinese Enterprises Creating Value Chain of Commercial Real Estate in Vientiane of Laos

Hao Yin, Jian Xu
Lao PDR has a weak industrial foundation for infrastructure construction, and its high-end commercial real estate mainly depends on foreign investment, especially investment from China. Therefore, commercial real estate in Laos has high construction costs and severe competitions. The thesis puts forward...
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Analysis of Industry Selection for Yunnan Enterprises to Invest in Bangladesh

Yong Yu, Yanfang Chen, Guangyu Li
The relationship between China and Bangladesh has reached a new level. The BCIM Economic Corridor and "the Belt and Road Initiative" will bring many opportunities for bilateral cooperation and exchange. They will bring opportunities for Yunnan enterprises to invest in Bangladesh as well. The paper analyses...
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Analysis of the Utilization of FDI in Yunnan Province

Yueshi Wang, Fangmeng Nie
The aim of this paper is to put forward some suggestions on how to make use of FDI in Yunnan Province. There are three parts in this paper. First, it introduces the situation of the use of FDI in Yunnan Province. Then, the relationship between FDI and GDP in Yunnan province is analyzed, It is found that...
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The Location Choice of Transnational Operation of Yunnan Enterprises

Wen Zhang, Hong Yi, Yu Liu, Yue Yang
Along with the "One Belt And One Road" carrying out in a deep-going way. Yunnan enterprises will get a new opportunity for international business because of its unique geographical location, in which occupy a central position. This article analyzes the status and characteristics of transnational business...
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Review and Analysis of the Projects Logistics of International Engineering Contracting Enterprises

Yingmei Fu, Yong Yu
With the economic globalization trend and China's "going out" and "The belt and Road" proposal, international engineering contracting activities are more and more frequent. However, as the contract of international engineering projects involve a wide range and occupy a huge capital, any link going wrong...
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The Research on Upward Influence Tactics in Organization under the Chinese Cultural Background

Ying Yang, Zhuo Chen
Research on the upward influence has become an important part of the field of enterprise management. It is because that the use and effects of upward influence areÿrelating to superior-subordinate relationship as well as achieving individual and organizational goals. This article, through the method...
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The Study on the Attribution of Urbanization Mass Incidents in China's West National Areas --based on the Grounded Theory

Yiting Luo, Ying Yang, Xinqi Zhang
Because of the unique geographical location and religious custom of Western National Areas, it appears that the group events occurred in urbanization have special status. Informal institution, like sense of family, religion, culture and so on, will take up a large proportion. Based on the collecting,...
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Research on the Border Trade between Yunnan and Myanmar

Yanqiu Xu, Lili Zhang
Ruili, the trial area of Yunnan-Burmese border economic and Trade, the opening of the southwest important international port, international cultural exchange window, This paper has manifested a disjunction in making policy and the need of business, the way of border trade settlement, unreasonable of...
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Development Proposals about China-ASEAN Agricultural Cooperation under"Belt and Road"Initiative

Guang Yang, Ye Jiang, Xiaoli Zhu
Among the six economic corridors in the Belt and Road construction, China-Indo-China Peninsula and BCIM Economic corridors are both closely related with Southeast Asian countries. The thesis holds the opinion that agricultural cooperation can be an important point in expanding economic and trade cooperation...
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Causes of Food Safety Problems in China and Some Countermeasures

Pingfang Yang
First, we review the literatures about food safety research. Second, we analyze food safety problems in China and their causes. Finally, the author proposes some suggestions to solve these problems, such as strengthening the supervision of related departments and their coordination, perfecting the system...
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Research on the Recommendation Impact of WeChat Moments on Consumers'Purchase Intention

Lingling Gao
With the increasing utilization rate of WeChat moments, recommendations of goods and services could be easily found on WeChat moments, which could significantly influence consumers' purchase decisions. By means of questionnaires, this research studies the impact of the degree of relationship, interaction...
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Model of KIBS Embedding Driving Enterprises' Technology Innovation Among Agricultural Industrial Clusters

Jun Chen, Qicheng Lu, Hao Jing
In the Belt and Road strategy, innovation is very important for Chinese agricultural enterprises going out. KIBS Embedding, playing the role of intermediary, has been influencing the current innovation of cluster enterprises by its interaction with these entities. However, the existing research on KIBS...
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The Optimal Regulation on Construction Industry in China

Qifa Jiang
This paper aims to use the optimization theory to analyze the optimal regulation on Chinese construction industry, which is characterized by competitiveness, asymmetric information, and sophisticated regulation system. A model is constructed to prove the necessity of keeping the Minimum Quality Standard...
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Study on the Improvement of Public Participation for Public Works in China

Yiyue Cao, Qifa Jiang
With the rapid development of Chinese economy and the improvement of people's consciousness of democracy, greater participant demands are being placed on public works related to individual interests. In order to deal with the challenges of strengthening the investment performance and quality of public...
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Regional Student Mobility Calls for Convergence of China-ASEAN Higher Education

Qian Zeng, Jing Wang
As an individual's mobility increases, educational competition and cooperation are shifting from the national level to the regional level. Student mobility therefore has become a bench mark to indicate the educational competitiveness of a certain region. In order to facilitate student mobility and enhance...
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China-ASEAN Free Trade Area of E-commerce Development

Molin Wang, Hongkun Li, Yongsong Liu, Lisheng Yang, Yunlong Duan
Create a board upgrade of China-Asean Free Trade Area, e-commerce plays a very important role, its current development still exist many problems, actively explore how to improve the service system, to build the "One Belt, One Road", electricity supplier ASEAN new strategic platform, for the free trade...
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The 1st International Symposium on Business Corporation and Development in South-East and South Asia under B&R Initiative(2016)-Analyzing the Business Case for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Jabin T. JACOB
There are two key issues ignored in the discussion around the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) by analysts from out of China and Pakistan who tend to focus on its so-called 'strategic' or military objectives. The first is of the level of employment that will be generated by the CPEC. The second,...
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Three Religious Movements' Impact on Thai Buddhism

Meiwu Liu, Weilin Chen
As the process of modernization on the part of Thailand continued, changes, division and even conflict took place in different religious movements. Whether in time span or social influence, these three religious movements as Suan Mokh, Dhammakaya and Santi Asoke were significant reflected the transformational...
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Smart Phone Market - Brand Preference Analysis (Huawei as an Example)

Meng Sun, Bingqing Ding, Wei Zhou
Explosive growth in the smart phone market in recent years, the smart phone market competition is intense. Mobile phone brand, type and function rapidly increase, the price generally decline. When consumer is buying goods will evaluate the value of the commodity structure, according to the value of his...
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Impacts to Myanmar with China-Myanmar Oil and Gas Pipeline Project

Yang Yang, Zhiyi Yin, Sen Lei, Xiaohong Cun
In pace with their fast economic development, many countries energy needs keep getting more and more important. Because of its rich oil and gas resources, hydroelectric power, and mineral products, Myanmar's geographical position is seen as highly strategic. It has thus recently attracted growing attention...
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Assessing the Influence of Project Manager's Cultural Intelligence (CQ) on Project Team Dynamics-A Case of China-Kenya Projects

Ngari Peter Gitonga, Ying Zhang
Globalization and international activities of organizations have increased the cross-cultural interaction and business links, which in turn have resulted in the need for knowledge and competence about different culture in a project team. Within such team dynamics, the success of the project managers...