Proceedings of the 3rd KOBI Congress, International and National Conferences (KOBICINC 2020)

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Analysis of Farming Business Density, Area Density, and Economic Density of Beef Cattle to Supports Human Welfare in the Fulfillment of Animal Protein in 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era in Gorontalo District

Andi Yulyani Fadwiwati, Surya
This study aims to analyze farming business density, area density and economic density of beef cattle to support human welfare in the fulfillment of animal protein in 4.0 industrial revolution era in Gorontalo District. This research uses a literature study and survey methods. The data obtained were...
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The Performance of Water Mobilization and Transpiration in Oil Palm

Choirul Muslim, Rochmah Supriati, Riska Ruswita, Zulbachrum Chaniago, Supanjani, Abimanyu Dipo Nusantara
This study was being elucidated in order to understand the performance of water mobilization and transpiration in oil palm tree at the age of 2, 4, and 22 years old respectively. To gain that, we attempt to collect the data in regard with the large of total leaf surface (meter square), description on...
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Effectiveness of BAP (6-Benzyl Amino Purine) for Buds Induction of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.)

Dedi Satriawan, Steffanie Nurliana, Tutik Pujiyanti
This research aims to determine the most effective of BAP concentration for bud’s induction of nutmeg. The nutmeg plants used are obtained from the village of TanjungAgung, Sukamerindu, Bengkulu. The research was conducted from November to December 2019, at the Biotechnology Laboratory, Department of...
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The Phenotype Characters Stability of Hybrid Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai) ‘Maduri’ and ‘Putri Delima’

Dian Sartika, Alfi Fauzan Irsyad, Rizal Hermawan S. Budi, Wahyu Dwi Soemantri, Budi Setiadi Daryono
Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai) is one of the horticultural crops members of Cucurbitaceae family, which is known to have high economic value and public interest. Since the entry into Indonesia, the application of watermelon plant breeding has grown to produce new superior...
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Effect of Swamp Irrigation Pattern and Sorghum Extract Concentration on Sorghum Seed Sprout

Edi Susilo, Nanik Setyowati, Uswatun Nurjannah, Riwandi, Zainal Muktamar
Sorghum extract has an allelopathic potential to control weeds. Allelopathy is the suppression of a plant’s growth by a toxin released from a nearby plant of the same or another species. One factor determining plants’ contribution to releasing allelochemicals is abiotic stress, such as drought. This...
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Yield Potential and Morphological Characters of Promising Sweetpotato Clones Rich in Anthocyanin and High Dry Matter Content

F.C. Indriani, J. Restuono, W. Rahajeng, M.J. Mejaya
The contribution of sweetpotato to the national economy is quite large with increasing export volume. Sweetpotato frozen were exported mainly to Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Singapore. The role of superior varieties is quite large in increasing the production of sweetpotato. Purple sweetpotato which is...
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The Abundance and Distribution Patterns of Echinoderms in the Intertidal Zone of Nglolang Beach, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta

Laras Nur Janah, Alfiah Niky Rizkyta, Afifah Nur Hidayah, Muhammad Berliando Gavintri, Nadya Salma Salsabila, Salma Dewi Pratita, Zaenab Nurahmah, Rury Eprilurahman
Echinoderms are marine animal invertebrates that can be found from the intertidal zone to the deep sea. Nglolang Beach is dominated by rocky coral basins substrate with the presence of macroalgae which refers to the abundance of marine organisms such as Echinoderms. This research reports a study of the...
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Low Reproduction Success of Calliandra calothyrsus and It’s Implication for Breeding

Liliana Baskorowati, Rina Laksmi Hendrati, Nur Hidayati, Mashudi, Mudji Susanto, Dedi Setiadi
In anticipating the rapid decrease of energy resource, especially fossil fuel, immediate actions are required to fulfil the needs of highly increased population in the world. Innovation to produce renewable energy from easily utilized raw materials should meet society’s needs including renewable raw...
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Growth Variation of Swietenia macrophylla King. Progeny Trial at 18 Months of Age in Trenggalek East Java

Mashudi, Sugeng Pudjiono, Dedi Setiadi, Nur Hidayati, Maman Sulaeman, Liliana Baskorowati, Rina Laksmi Hendrati, Mudji Susanto
Swietenia macrophylla King. as known as wide leaf mahogany is a type of exotic species from Latin America that is common planted in Indonesia. This species is widely cultivated in several regions in Indonesia due to the high demand for carpentry timber. Therefore, to meet the high demand of wide leaf...
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Growth and Yield of Onion as Affected by Mulch Types and Vermicompost Dose

Nanik Setyowati, Debby Nur Aryani, Wilman S. Bilman, Zainal Muktamar
The productivity of shallots could be increased through environmental factors manipulation. Mulching may inhibit the growth of the weed and preserve soil moisture, causing to the improvement of plant growth. Besides, organic fertilizers such as vermicompost could be used to increase the productivity...
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Biometric Diversity of Chondrichthyes Caught by Bengkulu City Fishermen Observed at the Fish Auction Site (TPI) Pulau Baai Bengkulu

Novia Duya, Risma Hurhidayah, Jarulis
Fish is an aquatic animal that has a high diversity. Baai Island Fish Auction Place (TPI) is a fish landing place used as the largest fishing center in the city of Bengkulu. The purpose of this study was to determine the diversity and morphometric characteristics of the different types of Chondrichthyes...
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Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] Yield Variance and Supported Character

Pratanti Haksiwi Putri, Novita Nugrahaeni
Cowpea is an underutilized legume that has been cultivating in Indonesia. But, the availability of cowpea variety is limited. Cowpea breeding program is started with gene source characterization of germplasm. This research aims to study the yield and its supported component variability of cowpea germplasm....
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Application of Bokashi, Vermicompost, and Residue of Coffee Testa Bioconversion by Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) on the Production of Japanese Cucumber (Luffa acutangula)

Ramadhani Eka Putra, Rilvi Abilia Tesa, Mia Rosmiati, Angga Dwiartama
Japanese cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is one of the high-value crops cultivated by farmers at small farms in Sumedang, West Java. The preferences of the customer to health and organic cucumber encourage the development of an organic cultivation system for this crop. One of the most important components...
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Seed Independence Efforts in Mojokerto District, East Java, to Support the Soybean Self-Sufficiency Program

Rohmad Budiono, Handoko, Gatut Wahyu Anggoro Susanto, Kartika Noerwijati
Soybean is an important food commodity that has very large market potential and its needs continue to increase. For the sake of achieving self-sufficiency in soybeans, one important factor is the availability of scatter seeds. Provision of appropriate soybean seeds has a strategic role as a means of...
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The Manglid (Manglietia glauca Bl) Growth Variations at Age of 42 Months in Candiroto Temanggung Central Java

Sugeng Pudjiono, Mudji Susanto, Mashudi, Dedi Setiadi, Maman Sulaeman, Ratna Adji Hartati, Taufik Rahmadi, Aris Wibowo
Manglid (Manglietia glauca Bl) is an indigenous tree species in the Indonesian forest whose existence began to be difficult to find. Wood is the part of the plant that can be used. The development of this plant which is the local genetic resources need to be done with the breeding program. In connection...
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The Study Application of Water Hyacinth Biofertilizer Towards the Existence of Endophytic Bacteria in Maize Plant

Yun Sondang, Ramond Siregar, Khazy Anty
Endophytic bacteria are bacteria that live in plant tissue without destroying the host plant. The presence of endophytic bacteria in plant tissue can produce phytohormones to stimulate growth and increase plant resistance to disease. The purpose of this study is to identify endophytic bacteria from the...
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Analysis of Water Quality from Several Rivers as Habitat of Mungkus Fish (Sicyopterus sp.) in Bengkulu Province

Apriza Hongko Putra, Dian Fita Lestari, Sipriyadi
Mungkus Fish (Sicyopterus sp.) is Gobiid fish inhabiting fast flowing and good quality river in Bengkulu Province. Today, it is rare to find Mungkus fish in the river. One of the extinction threats is the decline of water quality. This research was aimed to measure abiotic factor like chemical and physical...
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Genetic Resources of Katingan Cattle and Effort to Conserve at the Time in Katingan District, Central Kalimantan

Bambang Ngaji Utomo, Ermin Widjaja
Katingan cattle in Central Kalimantan is unique and they were kept only by Dayak community. Local people (Dayak) were often mentioned by the name of the local cattle, but some of call it is Itah cattle or Helu cattle (ancient cattle). Portrait information of Katingan Cattle were obtained through interviews...
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Population and Habitat Use of the Critically Endangered Grey-Backed Myna (Acridotheres tricolor) in the One of Easternmost Protected Area in Java

Bhisma Gusti Anugra, Nurul L. Winarni, Dimas Haryo Pradana, Tom Squires
Grey-backed myna (Acridotheres tricolor) is a critically endangered endemic bird of East Java with populations in nature fewer than 250 individuals. Baluran National Park is one of the last natural habitats of Grey-backed myna. This study aims to determine the relative abundance and habitat use of Grey-backed...
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Abundance and Distribution Patterns of Megadrilli Earthworms at Different Altitude in Kabawetan Tea Plantation, Bengkulu

Darmi, Rizwar, Helmiyetti
Earthworms are an important component of natural and agricultural land ecosystems. The existence of earthworms in agricultural land can increase soil fertility and also support a sustainable agricultural system. This study aims to determine the abundance and distribution patterns of megadrilli earthworms...
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Genetic Resources of Sambar Deer (Cervus unicolor) and its Conservation Efforts in Lamandau Regency, Central Kalimantan

Ermin Widjaja, Bambang Ngaji Utomo
One of the livestock genetic resources in Lamandau Regency, Central Kalimantan Province is the Sambar deer (Cervus unicolor). The existence of this deer is threatened because of the conversion of land into plantations. Conservation of genetic resources of Sambar deer is carried out through ex–situ conservation...
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Analysis of the Quality of Hospital Waste in Bengkulu City

Evelyne Riandini, Dhiatama Tauhida Nisa, Della Septa Sari
Hospital wastewater can contain pathogenic microorganisms and harmful chemicals that could affect the environment and the organism around. Testing the quality of wastewater is necessary to determine the level of pathogenic microorganisms or organic and inorganic compounds by testing with physics, chemistry,...
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Coastal Vegetation Diversity on Baai Island, Kampung Melayu District, Bengkulu City

Fatimatuzzahra, Jarulis, Rochmah Supriati
BAAI Island has a coastal forest formed from various communities and vegetation structures, which have functions including as a tourist area, a source of food, and disaster mitigation. The aim of this research was to find out the composition, structure and diversity of coastal vegetation on Baai Island...
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Composition and Structure of Mangrove Vegetation on Baai Island, West of Sumber Jaya Village, Kampung Melayu District, Bengkulu City

Fatimatuzzahra, Jarulis, Rochmah Supriati
Mangroves have an important role both ecologically and economically, so their existence is very necessary to maintain the stability of the mangrove ecosystem. Therefore, data related to the composition and structure of mangrove vegetation are needed. The observation location is on Baai Island, west of...
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The Effect of Suckermouth Catfish (Pterygoplichthys sp.) Population Explosions on the Effectiveness of Fishing and the Sustainability Status of Sidenreng Lake Waters

Hasrianti, Surianti, A. Rini Sahni Putri, Damis, Resky Amalia Rajab, Abd Hakim Akbar
The suckermouth catfish is one type of fish species which is an invasive species. The occurrence of suckermouth catfish population explosion in the waters of Lake Sidenreng had an impact on the sustainability of marine biodiversity as well as an impact on the production of fishermen’s catch. This study...
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The Species and Abundance of Subterranean Termites (Insecta: Isoptera) in the Area of University of Bengkulu

Helmiyetti, Darmi, Rezan Okto Wesa
A study on the species and abundance of subterranean termites (Insecta: Isoptera) in the area of the University of Bengkulu has been carried out from December 2018 to February 2019. This study aimed to find out the types and abundance of subterranean termites (Insecta: Isoptera) in the area of the University...
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Oral Herbs Based on Serawai Seluma Medicinal Plants

Muhammad Adeng Fadila, Nunik Sri Ariyanti, Eko Baroto Walujo
Local wisdom is a legacy that must be preserved and documented. Using plants as traditional medicine is examples of local wisdom. One of the tribes in Indonesia that called Serawai tribe, are still using the surrounding plants as traditional medicine. Documenting local knowledge in making a drug from...
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The Type and Distribution of Violin Crab (Uca) at Mangrove Forest of Kahyapu, Enggano Island and The Gulf of Muaro, Labu Nawi, Bengkulu City

Novia Duya, Jefri Novriansyah, Rista Noveria, Darmi
Violin Crab (Uca) is type of crab living in mangrove habitat as a detrivore. In Bengkulu, the mangrove forest zone locates in many areas, including Kahyapu, Enggano Island and Gulf of Muaro Labu Nawi, Pulau Baai, Bengkulu City. The objective of this experiment was to investigate the pattern of Violin...
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Ethnobotanical Aspects of Mentawai Traditional Agricultural System (Pumonean) and Its Implications for the Conservation of Local Germplasm in Siberut, Mentawai, Indonesia

Nurainas, Eryscha Dwi Syukma, Chairul, Mansyurdin
Mentawai people have a unique agricultural tradition. The traditional agricultural system (mone) is adaptive, using the plants that are suitable for the landscape. Land clearing is carefully done without destroying the entire forest. We conducted ethnobotany studies to explore the composition and the...
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Feeding Preference and Daily Activities of Deer (Axis axis Erxl. 1777) in the Captivity of Wari Park, South Sumatra Province

Rizwar, Kamilah, Darmi, Syarifuddin, Fenti Ade Nelda, Debi Oktarina
Deer (Axis axis) are often cultivated in captivity of city park because they can be used to add population in natural habitats, beautifying city parks and as regional tourism objects. The success factors in deer breeding depend on the providing of the type of feed they like with a sufficient quantity...
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Study on Maintenance and Utilization of Tamed Sumatran Elephants (Elephas maximus sumatranus Temminck 1847) at the Elephant Training Center in the Seblat TWA Area, Bengkulu

Rizwar, Darmi, C. H. Sukoco
In the range of 23 years, from 1992 to 2015, there has been a drastic decrease in the number of individual tamed Sumatran elephants (Elephas maximus sumatranus Temminck 1847) at the Seblat Elephant Training Center (PLG) from 40 individuals to 18 individuals. Decreasing the size of the tamed elephant...
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Phenetic Relationship of Lichen on African Wood Trees (Maesopsis eminii Engl.) in Tea Plantation of Tangsi Baru Village, Kabawetan District, Kepahiang District

RR Sri Astuti, Tinra Ayu, Rochmah Supriati, Evelyne Riandini, Fatimatuzzahra
Lichens are a mutually beneficial symbiosis between fungi and algae, they’re found from lowlands to highlands. In a-highland Kepahiang Regency, lichens grown on various substrates; one of which is African wood trees (Maesopsis eminii. Engl). The study of the lichens diversity and their phenetic relationship...
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The Adaptability of Six Introduced Shorea spp. to the Community Forest in Sleman, Yogyakarta

Sapto Indrioko, Widiyatno, Birowo Aji Wicaksono
Dipterocarp species dominated tropical rain forests in Kalimantan. Shorea is one of the genera with the highest number of species. It supported the diversity of characters between species, including the possibility to develop outside their natural habitat as exotic species. The prospect of developing...
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Ethnobotany Etlingera elatior (Jack) R.M. Smith (Cikala) in Ethnic Gayo

Saudah, Fitmawati, Dewi Indriyani Roslim, Zumaidar, Darusman, Ernilasari
Etlingera is a genus of medicinal plants originating from the Indo-pacific region. Traditionally, people have used the Etlingera plant as a culinary ingredient, food flavouring, and also as traditional medicine. Gayo tribal people know Etlingera elatior by the name cikala. This study aims to determine...
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Preference of Simpai (Presbytis melalophos melalophos) on Forage Plant Types in Bukit Daun Protevted Forest of Taba Penanjung District, Central Bengkulu Regency

Serly Rahmadinie, Rizwar, Darmi
Sumatran Simpai has a preference for certain forage plant varieties in their habitat. Preference is a result of all factors determining the animals’ interest level in their food. Generally, the preferred food is affected by its taste, smell, and colour. The study aimed to find Sumatran Simpai’s (Presbytis...
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Seed Micromorphology of Orthosiphon spp. and Its Relatives (Lamiaceae)

The genus Orthosiphon in the Lamiaceae or Mint family is closely related to Ocimum and is economically important for medicinal and ornamental plants. Even though the leaf and flower morphology look different, but the characteristics of the seeds (nutlets) are almost the same. This study aims to determine...
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Lichens Diversity of Kabawetan District Kepahyang, Regency Bengkulu Province

Rochmah Supriati, Helmiyetti
Organisms formed as a mutualism symbiotic between fungi as mycobiont and algae as photobiont, Lichens, recently has been world-wide explored due to its uniq characteristcs and its highly beneficial especially in using this creatures as herbal medicine, environmental bioindicator. About 100.000 Lichens...
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Phenetic Relationship of Lichens Grown on Tea Plants (Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze) in Tangsi Baru Village, Kabawetan Subdistrict, Kepahiang District

Rochmah Supriati, Dwi Agustian, RR Sri Astuti, Riandini Evelyne, Fatimatuzzahra
Lichen is a mutualism symbiotic organism between fungi (mycobiont) and photosynthetic symbiont in the form of algae (photobiont). Lichen can be found from the lowlands to the highlands, growing epiphytes in soil, rocks, weathered wood, and on tree bark, such as on the surface of tea plants (Camellia...
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Engkerebai Kayoh (Psychotria malayana) Among Dye Plants of Dayak Iban People in Sungai Utik Village of Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Wahdina, Dede Setiadi, Y Purwanto, Ibnul Qayim
Kalimantan is one of the largest islands in Indonesia, rich in useful plants. People’s local knowledge in managing useful plants is valuable. Sungai Utik Village was one of the villages in Kalimantan where Dayak Iban people living near the forest and was one of the ecotourism destinations in Kapuas Hulu,...
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Jackfruit Seed Extract Exposure on Zebrafish Embryos as Initial Screening Model for Covid-19 Treatment

Atika Ayu Kusumaningtyas, Bambang Retnoaji
The World Health Organization establishes the coronavirus COVID-19 as a pandemic in March 2020. The receptor-binding protein in Coronavirus will bind to ACE-2 found in the heart, lungs, kidneys, and digestive tract, facilitating the entry of the virus into cells target to infect its host. High infection...
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Hematological Analysis of Oreochromis niloticus and Clarias sp. Cultivated in Integrated Fish Farming

Dian Fita Lestari, Fatimatuzzahra
The demand for cultivated fish for public consumption has increased. One of the fish farming methods was a fish pond that is integrated with poultry, especially the types of fish that are easy to cultivate such as tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) and catfish (Clarias sp.). The aim of this research was...
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Difference in F2 Isoprotane Levels in Male Model Mice (Mus musculus L.) in Maximum Physical Exercise Without Supplementation

Elsa Yuniarti, M Des, Pudia M. Indika
Vigorous physical exercise that exceeds the limit of fatigue can increase the formation of free radicals that lead to oxidative stress. One of the biomarkers used to determine the presence of oxidative stress is the level of F2-isoprostane. This study aims to determine the differences in levels of F2-isoprostan...
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α-Glucosidase and α -Amylase Inhibitory Activities of Jambolan (Syzygium cumini (L.) SKEELS) Fruit and Seed

Erny Ishartati, Dyah Roeswitawati, Sukardi, Saefur Rohman, Sudiadi
Jambolan (Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels) is well known as a medicinal plant, this commodity is rich in compounds containing phenol and flavonoid that is able to medicate a lot of diseases, especially diabetes mellitus. This research aimed to investigate antidiabetic potential of jambolan fruit and seed...
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Morphological and Histological Study of White Rats (Rattus norvegicus) Kidney Following the Consumption of Sumatran Wild Mango Extract (Mangifera spp.)

Fitmawati, Agus Saputra, Sri Nur Kholifah, Esi Resida, Rodesia Mustika Roza, Emrizal
The development of medicine requires preclinical testing of experimental animals. One of the potential plants to be developed as a new medicinal source is Sumatran wild mangoes (Mangifera spp.) which are known to have immunomodulatory activity and higher antioxidant value than cultivated Mangifera. This...
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Vaginal Smear and Neutrophil Count as an Alternative Method for Estrous Phase in Female Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae, Pocock, 1929)

Genoveva Kiranaputri, Luthfiralda Sjahfirdi, Ligaya ITA Tumbelaka
Detection of the estrous cycle is essential for basic reproductive aspects in all animals. Both natural mating and assisted reproductive techniques require estrous detection for breeding programs which will assist to maintain the tiger population in captivity. This research aims to explore alternative...
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Seed Collection Time Effect on the Germination Rate and Growth of Rubber Tree Rootstock

Junaidi, Atminingsih, Mochlisin Andriyanto
The bud-grafting method is the most economical technique of Hevea brasiliensis propagation. This technique requires rootstock and scion. The high rootstock demand for the replanting program drives the seeds’ suppliers to collect assorted seeds from cultivated fields, lead to a high variation in the germination...
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Sperm Motility of Brek Fish (Systomus Orphoides) Using Soy Extract as a Supplementation Extender

Marindha Febriani, Abinawanto, Raden Roro Sri Pudji Sinarni Dewi
Brek fish production (Systomus orphoides) is thought to be overexploited, recently. Accordingly, to overcome this problem, so, the broodstock male sperm must be preserved. The present study was conducted to investigate the additional soy extract as a supplement to the extender on sperm motility of brek...
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The Variation of Betulinic Acid Content of Andalas Tree (Morus macroura var. Macroura) in Different Localities of West Sumatra

Nindi Aseny, Erma Nur Atika, Syamsuardi, Friardi Ismed
Recently, herbal ingredients have been utilized as candidate supplements or drugs to increase the resistance of body against diseases caused by viruses. In general, research is focused on plants used as herbal medicine in Indonesia. Sumatran mulberry (Morus macroura var. Macroura) is the native plant...
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Chemical Component of Sengon Tree Digested Xystrocera festiva (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) Larvae

NF Haneda, A Ichtisinii, UJ Siregar, Y Istikorini, A Lestari
Xystrocera festiva Thoms. (famili Cerambycidae, ordo Coleoptera) classified as the most harmful pest in Sengon (Falcataria moluccana) plantations in Indonesia. The larvae of the pest eat the inner bark and sapwood of the sengon tree since the tree are 3 years old. However, the chemical component(s) of...
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Effect of Skim Milk on Sperm Motility of Brek Fish, Systomus orphoides (Valenciennes, 1842) for Short Term Preservation

Rifqi Ramadhana, Abinawanto, Rudhy Gustiano
The purpose of this research was to evaluate the effect of skim milk on sperm motility of Brek fish, Systomus orphoides (Valenciennes, 1842) after 48 hours in 4°C. The method in this research is sperm was collected by hand stripping and was diluted by diluent, which consisted of the fish ringer, skim...
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The Effectiveness of Piper betel L. Leaf Extract as a Natural Electric Mosquito

Safrida Safrida, Fitrah Asma Ulhusna
Mosquitoes are known as insects that interfere with comfort. Mosquitoes are also known as vectors or transmitters of several types of dangerous and deadly diseases for humans, one of which is dengue fever. Therefore, an alternative is needed to reduce this species. The alternative that can be done is...
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The Effect of Carbonate Hydroxyapatite (CHA) Dental Implant Material on the Early Development of Zebrafish Embryos (Danio rerio)

Sandi Fransisco Pratama, Ika Dewi Ana, Bambang Retnoaji
Carbonate Hydroxyapatite (CHA) is one of the bioceramic materials that can be used as dental implants. As dental implant material, the biocompatibility of CHA is an important prerequisite factor. This study aims to determine the biocompatibility of CHA on zebrafish embryos. The zebrafish embryos treatment...
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Morphometric Analysis of Bats (Chiroptera) in the Campus Area of the University of Bengkulu, Using Principal Component Analysis

Santi Nurul Kamilah, Mahesha Rama, Jarulis
Bats are the true flying mammals in the world. Morphological identification based upon morphometric characteristics will needed to determine the type of bat species, particularly the closely related species with the high level of morphological similarity. This study was aimed to determine the distinguishing...
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Effect of Honey Supplementation on Sperm Abnormality in Sperm Preservation of Brek Fish Systomous orphoides

Sri Widiyanti Rahayu Hilia, Abinawanto, Anang Hari Kristanto
Honey is consisting of simple sugar, such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose, that could serve as a source of nutrition for sperm cells during preservation. The purpose of the study was to assess the effect of honey supplementation in the extender on the spermatozoa abnormality of brek fish Systomus orphoides...
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Response of Soybean Lines to Drought Stress During Reproductive Phase

Suhartina, Purwantoro, Novita Nugrahaeni, Made Jana Mejaya
At production centers, soybeans are in a rice-paddy-soybean or paddy-soybean cropping pattern, which is often at risk of crop failure due to drought. Therefore, it is necessary to develop varieties that are more tolerant to drought than existing varieties. The aim of this study was to evaluate soybean...
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Effect of Seed Source Variation on Syzygium cumini (L.) Skeels. Seedlings Growth in Ciamis District, West Java Province

Aris Sudomo, Levina A.G. Pieter
Syzygium cumini included in the family Myrtaceae is one type of plant that is hard to find. The benefits of S. cumini plants include seeds as a cure for diabetes, fruit as an antioxidant and anticancer, fruit skin as a medicine for dysentery and leaves as a reinforcement of teeth and gums. This research...
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Detection Contaminant DNA of a Pig on a Sample Meat Mills in Some City Markets Bengkulu, Using a Genetic Marker DNA Mitochondria Cytochrome B

Choirul Muslim, Iin Isnaini, Sipriyadi
The purpose of the study was to find out if there was a mixture of pork in ground beef samples in some Bengkulu city markets using the molecular Genetic DNA mitochondrial cytochrome b. The research was conducted from December 2019 to May 2020. Sampling was conducted at 10 meat mills in Bengkulu City...
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Genetic Variation of Black Capped White Eye Zosterops atricapilla (Aves: Zosteropidae) Based on Mitochondrial DNA Cytochrome B Gene

Deby Permana, Jarulis, Sipriyadi, Santi Nurul Kamilah
The purpose of this research was to explore the genetic variation of Black Capped White eye Zosterops articapilla using the mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b gene. The blood sample was collected via pectoral vein of bird from Panorama markets, Bengkulu city. DNA genome were isolated and purified from the...
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Antibacterial Activities of Staphylococcus sciuri APD7 Isolate Sponge-Associated Aplysina sp. Against Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus

Delfiani Anggias Putri, Risky Hadi Wibowo, Sipriyadi, Welly Darwis, Choirul Muslim, Salprima Yudha, Hizkia Puspa Pertiwi
Sponges including multicellular animals, do not have actual tissues and organs, and are the simplest animals structurally. Sponges are also a group of marine life that is symbiotic with the microbial community. Microbes that have formed a symbiotic relationship with a sponge will produce secondary metabolites...
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Erythrocyte Immobilisation with Total Protein Extracted from Gnetum gnemon L. Seeds on Variety of Solid Media

Hery Haryanto, Steffanie Nurliana, Syariffuddin Syarifuddin
The objective of this research was to determine the effectiveness of erythrocyte immobilisation with total protein extracted from gnetum seeds on a variety of solid media, i.e., filter papers, doff plastics, and nitrocellulose membranes. Old gnetum seeds were ground to make powders. The powders were...
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DNA Barcode of Black Capped White Eye Zosterops atricapilla (Aves: Zosteropidae) From Bengkulu Indonesia Based on Mitochondrial DNA COI Gene

Jarulis, Ahmat Fakhri Utama, Sipriyadi, Santi Nurul Kamilah
The study aims to determine the genetic character of Black-capped white-eye (Zosterops articapilla) using the mtDNA COI gene. Blood sample was collected from bird market in Bengkulu city and its DNA genome isolation and purification following the Protocols of Dneasy® Blood and Tissue Kit Cat no 69504...
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DNA Barcode of Mountain White-Eye Zosterops montanus (Aves: Zosteropidae) Based on Mitochondrial DNA Cytochrome Oxidase Sub Unit I

Jarulis, Melisa Mayang Sari, Risky Hadi Wibowo
The study aimed to describe the genetic characteristic, single nucleotide polymorphism, genetic distance, and phylogenetic of mountain white-eye Zosterops montanus based on mitochondrial DNA CO1 gene and carried out in March-June 2020. A sample of the bird was taken from Pasar Minggu, Bengkulu city....
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Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica From Beach Sand Using Variation of Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide (CTAB)

Lisna Efiyanti, Wega Trisunaryanti, Syaiful Bahri, Yatim Lailun Ni’mah, Nia Meisa Wulandari, Satriyo D. Sumbogo
The potential for sand in Indonesia is very abundant because Indonesia has a long coastline than other countries. This research was conducted to explore the potential of beach sand as an alternative raw material to replace commercial silica. To obtain the natural silica, the beach sand was prepared and...
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Elicitor Effect of Chitosan on In Vitro Culture of Different Explants of Physalis Accessions From East Java

Retno Mastuti, Jati Batoro, Budi Waluyo
Chitosan is a natural molecule derived from arthropods and fungi that can stimulate many physiological responses in plants. Chitosan had also shown positive effect on in vitro shoot regeneration. Therefore, this research aims to observe the response of shoot growth of in vitro Physalis plant accessions...
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Cloning and Expression of Recombinant Protein MPT63 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Indonesian Isolate as Serodiagnostic Latent Tuberculosis

Rosana Agus, Ian Imanuel Fidhatami, Mochammad Hatta
Indonesia and 13 other countries are included in High Burden Countries (HBC) in Tuberculosis (TB) cases. One of the problems in TB control in Indonesia is detecting latent TB appropriately. Diagnosis of latent TB does not have a gold standard. Some tests to detect latent TB have limitations in TB endemic...
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Phenotypic Variation in Pigmentation of Persons with Albinism in Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu

Santi Nurul Kamilah, Choirul Muslim, Yuniarti Dwi Astuti, Malini DHP Pasaribu
Albinism is a congenital disorder, a group of genetic disorders in which there is a partial or total lack of the pigment melanin in the eyes, skin, and hair. It is caused by one or more enzymes committed to the biosynthesis of melanin, and one of them are a deficiency of the tyrosinase. It is a genetic...
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In-Silico Studies of Antitumor Activity From Red Ginger (Alpinia purpurata Vieill) Bioactive Compounds

Santika Lusia Utami, Yogi Adhi Nugroho, Luthfiana Hardianingtyas, Fatiha Kamilah
Many plants from the genus Alpinia are known to have several bioactive compounds that can act as an antitumor in cancer treatments. However, the potency of the bioactive compounds from red ginger as an antitumor agent has not been reported before. This research aims to study the inhibitory activity of...
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The Analysis of Pork Content in Processed Beef Meatballs at Ketahun, North Bengkulu District Using Genetic Marker Mitochondrial DNA Cytochrome b

Sipriyadi, Hasriany Vellarenza, Choirul Muslim
This research aims to analyze the content of pork in the sold meatballs in the North Bengkulu district. The study was conducted in December 2019-May 2020. Meatball samples were taken from 12 meatball merchant stalls in Ketahun, North Bengkulu district. DNA genome samples were isolated from the meatball...
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The Relation of IGF-1 Genotype with Weight in Etawah Grade Goats at Polewali Mandar Regency

Surya, Andi Yulyani Fadwiwati, Muhammad Ihsan Andi Dagong
A study was conducted to the relation of IGF-1 genotype with weight in Etawah Grade goats at Polewali Mandar Regency. The object of this research used 22 Etawah Grade goats that had been weighed and their blood was taken for DNA and PCR-RFLP extraction to determine the diversity of the IGF-1 genotype....
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The UV-VIS Spectrum Analysis From Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Diospyros maritima Blume. Leaves Extract

Tiara Egga Agustina, Windri Handayani, Cuk Imawan
Research on the biological synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) using plant extracts as reducing agents is growing rapidly because they are eco-friendly and cost-effective. Diospyros maritima Blume. is one of the plant species that had potential in the biosynthesis of AgNPs. In this study, biosynthesis...
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The Role of PDGF Gene in Tissue Regeneration of Digit Tip Mice (Mus musculus)

Titta Novianti, Tazkia Ayu Safitri, Febriana Dwi Wahyuni, It Jamilah, Syafruddin Ilyas
Some genes play a role in the tissue regeneration process and they have specific functions. One of them is the platelet-derived growth factors (PDGF) gene that have a role in the wound healing process because it induces cell mitosis and thereby causes cell proliferation. PDGF protein expression is thought...
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Reduction of Heavy Metals in Squid, Green Mussels, White Shrimp Using Combination of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans

Adolf J. N. Parhusip, Trifena A. Wijaya, Wahyu Irawati
The area of Muara Angke waters, Cituis waters in Tangerang, and Indramayu waters found various activities, such as industry, fish auction sites, and ship ports which are sources of heavy metal contamination. Pollution of heavy metals at sea due to industrial waste can disrupt marine life that lives in...
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The Circulating Level of IL-1β in Patients with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) in Yogyakarta: Characteristics to Disease Activity

Supanji, Ayudha Bahana Ilham Perdamaian, Anindita Dianratri, Muhammad Eko Prayogo, Muhammad Bayu Sasongko, Firman Setya Wardhana, Tri Wahyu Widayanti, Angela Nurini Agni, Chio Oka
Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is leading factors for blindness and impaired visual acuity in developed countries. It is importance to study the dynamic of cytokines concentration during the exudative event of AMD to contribute in the future drugs inventions. This research aims to investigate...
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White Rot Disease on Garlic Crop:

Identification of the Pathogen and Exploration of the Controlling Strategies

Baiq Nurul Hidayah, Nani Herawati, Ai Rosah Aisah, Muhammad Syafwan
Garlic is horticultural commodity which has very high economic value in Indonesia. Garlic is usually used as a cooking spice, for medicines as well as for cosmetic ingredients. However, Indonesian garlic production is very limited and only supplies at most 17.5% of domestic demand. The province of West...
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Exploration of Phyllosphere Bacteria From Andaliman (Zanthoxylum acanthopodium DC.)

Debie Rizqoh, Sipriyadi, Shella Sharon, Indah Dwi Rachmawati, Wulan Okta Kumala, Cintya Nabilla Putri
Phyllosphere bacteria were bacteria that inhabit around the leaf surface. Several studies showed the potential of phyllosphere bacteria in producing bioactive compounds, one of which is antimicrobial compounds. Andaliman (Zanthoxylum acanthopodium DC.) was a plant from the Rutaceae family that was commonly...
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Ethnobotanical Study of Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes sp.): A Medicine for Diarrhea and Gastroenteritis of Dayak Sampit People

Dedy Idamansyah, Ayatusa’adah
The Dayak Sampit people believe that pitcher plant is a medicine for diarrhea and gastroenteritis. This study aims to depict the ethnobotanical study of pitcher plants in the tradition of Dayak Sampit people of Singsingan Hamlet, Tehang Village, Parenggean Sub-district, Kotawaringin Timur Regency. The...
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The Formulation of Liquid Hand Wash Made From Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal

Dian Fita Lestari, Fatimatuzzahra, Dwi Dominica, Risky Hadi Wibowo
Coconut shells are widely used as an ingredient in charcoal for cooking, daily use, and also to make activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has the ability to clean and absorb dirt on the skin, but this has not been widely used. So the purpose of this research is the use of coconut shell-activated charcoal...
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The Utilization of Medicinal Plants for Diabetes Mellitus Dayak Ngaju Ethnic at Tumbang Samba in Central Kalimantan

Helsi Fujianti, Nanik Lestariningsih, Ridha Nirmalasari
The Dayak Ngaju is the largest ethnic in Central Kalimantan whose existence is spread over several watersheds and very close to nature (forests). It has been a long time since people have traditionally used or made use of various types of plants to treat Diabetes mellitus. The utilization of plant species...
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The Potency of Bacillus siamensis LDR as Biocontrol Agent Against Fungal Phytopathogen

Iman Santoso, Qonita Gina Fadhilah, Andi Eko Maryanto, Yasman
Bacillus spp. was recognized as biocontrol agent because could produce antifungal towards many phytopathogenic fungi. In relation to study the potency of B. siamensis LDR as biocontrol, antagonistic activity of the bacilli was evaluated against Fusarium sp., Ganoderma sp., and Chaetomium globosum InaCC...
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Assessment of Phosphate Solubilization and Indole Acetic Acid Production of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria Isolated from Acid Soils, Lampung, Indonesia

Muhammad Asril, Yuni Lisafitri, Ainin Niswati, Suskandini Ratih Dirmawati, Rismawati, Ika Agus Rini, Indah Oktaviani
Phosphorus is the main macronutrient required by plants for growth and development. Phosphorus in the soil in bonds with metals such as Al and Ca, especially in acid soils such as ultisols. This form of phosphate must be mineralized or dissolved using phosphate solubilizing bacteria. The ability to dissolve...
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Identification and Antibiotic Resistance Profile of Bacteria From Fruit Bat (Chironax melanocephalus)

Masrukhin, Sugiyono Saputra, Syaiful Rizal, Pangda Sopha Sushadi, Nanang Supriatna
Antibiotic resistance is one of the most serious health issues in the world which is commonly attributed to the overuse of antibiotics whether in human or animal treatment. The dispersion of antibiotic resistance genes not only found in bacteria from the clinical sample but also found in wildlife animals....
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The Correlation Between Nutritional Status and Physical Activity with Dysmenorrhea Degrees Among Females Adolescent in Bengkulu City

Putri Rachel Valetha Sari, Choirul Muslim, Santi Nurul Kamilah
Female adolescent in their growth phase will experience menstruation. One of the menstrual disorders most often experienced by female adolescent is dysmenorrhea. This research was aimed to determine the correlation between nutritional status and physical activity with the degree of dysmenorrhea in female...
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Identification of Pathogenic Bacteria on Spiny Lobster (Panulirus homarus) at Quality Control and Fishery Product Safety Agency (BKIPM) of Bengkulu

Risky Hadi Wibowo, Welly Darwis, Sipriyadi, Novi Susianti, Kukuh Andias Purbianto, Gustriana, Nadya Rosianti, Della Indah Medani, Gustina Dwi Wulandari
Lobster (Panulirus homarus) or spiny lobster is one of the export commodities of the Indonesian fisheries subsector and an important component for shrimp fisheries in Indonesia. This commodity needs to be further developed because of its high trade value and potential. Lobster enlargement cultivation...
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Early Detection of Body Temperature with Infrared Technology for Prevention of Endemic Outbreaks of Primary School Age Infectious Diseases

Sata Yoshida Srie Rahayu, Dolly Priatna, Zulpi Zulkarnaen
Initial detection of body temperature with infrared technology is currently only used for diagnosis of an infectious disease, but has not been used as a parameter to prevent disease transmission, resulting in an increase in the rate of disease transmission. The use of a device to measure the increase...
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Antibacterial Activities of Endophytic Bacteria Isolate AKEBG28 from Yellow Root Plant (Arcangelisia flava (L.) Merr) Against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

Sipriyadi, Risky Hadi Wibowo, Welly Darwis, Resli Siboro, Sal Prima Yudha
Yellow root plant (Arcangelisia flava (L.) Merr) is one of the plants widely used as a medicinal plant. Yellow root plant stems have secondary metabolites of the Alkaloid groups that have the potential as antibacterial. Antibacterials can be produced by microorganisms such as endophyte bacteria. So far,...
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Activity of Ethanol-derived Fraction of Clove Leaves and Eugenol Compound as Antiaging Agent in the Yeast Model Organism Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Sity Azizah Anwar, Rika Indri Astuti, Dedy Duryadi Solihin
Clove is known to have high antioxidant and antivirulence activity. The antioxidant activity of clove extract presumably correlates with the extension of cellular life span (antiaging activity). Crude extract of clove leaves has been reported to prolong the life span of yeast cells, however lack of information...
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Isolation and Identification of Cellulase- Producing Encophytic Bacteria From Yellow Root Plants (Arvangelisia flava (L.) Merr) From Enggano Island

Stella Reformanda, Sipriyadi, Welly Darwis, Risky Hadi Wibowo, Rochmah Supriati, Resli Siboro
Endophytic bacteria are bacteria that live in plant tissue without causing disease in their host. In general, endophytic bacteria enter through stomata or wounds in plants by producing cellulase enzymes to degrade cellulose in plant cell walls that contain cellulose, one of which is yellow root (Arcangelisia...
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Application of Fermented Rice Bran Using Lactobacillus sp. in Artificial Feed For Survival Rate and FCR of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Surianti, Fitratul Muaddama, Rini Sahni Putri, Hasrianti, Damis, Wahyudi
Rice bran is the result of the process of milling rice plants into rice, but rice bran has not been utilized properly in the Sidrap area. Feeding with the addition of fermented rice bran using Lactobacillus sp. is expected to increase the use of feed in tilapia aquaculture. This research aims to realize...
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Antimicrobial Activity of Pseudomonas fluorescens and Bacillus subtilis on Different Dilution Concentrations Against Various Citrus Post-Harvest Pathogens

Unun Triasih, Yogi Adhi Nugroho, Sri Widyaningsih
Pseudomonas flourescens and Bacillus subtilis are common antagonistic bacteria to various pathogens. These bacteria can produce various antimicrobial substances such as chitinase, siderophore, and antibiotic. This research aims to obtain the optimum dilution concentrations of Pseudomonas flourescens...
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Antimicrobial Activity of Ethanol Extract of Akar Kaik-kaik (Uncaria cordata (Lour.) Merr.) Leaves Against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, and Candida albicans

Vilya Syafriana, Erwi Putri Setyaningsih, Nabilah Rachmawani, Desti Kharisma, Fathin Hamida
Akar kaik-kaik (Uncaria cordata) or known as hook vine is one of the medicinal plants whose leaves are used in traditional medicine as an antidiabetic by the people of Riau. Other than that, this plant also has potential as an antimicrobial agent due to the dominant of alkaloid content possessed by members...
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Antibacterial Potency of Lichen Teloschisthes flavicans From Kepahiang District Against Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Welly Darwis, Rochmah Supriati, Sipriyadi, Risky Hadi Wibowo, Yofaldo Umara Al Siddiq
Lichen is one of the organisms with a high level of biodiversity and rich of antibacterial secondary metabolites compounds. One species of lichenes found in Kepahyang Indonesia is Teloschisthes flavicans. This study aims to find out an antibacterial effectiveness of Teloschisthes flavicans extract against...
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The Influence of Green, Corn, and Rice Seed Media Composition on Mycelium Growth of F2 Main Seeds (Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. Ex Fr) Kummer)

Welly Darwis, Risky Hadi Wibowo, Sipriyadi, Raden Roro Sri Astuti, Lam Way Sitorus
White oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) is a type of fungus wood that has a high nutritional content. White oyster mushroom cultivation begins with the provision of good quality seeds which include 4 stages, namely F1 seeds, F2, F3 and baglog. This study aims to influence the composition of the green...
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Isolation of Seed-borne Fungal Endophytes on Sengon (Falcataria Moluccana)

Yunik Istikorini, Noor Farikhah Haneda, Ulfah Juniarti Siregar, Dhea Amelia Kusuma
Isolation of seed-borne fungal endophytes on sengon (Falcataria Moluccana). The purpose of this study was to compare seed-borne fungal endophytes from tolerance and susceptible sengon (Falcataria mollucana Miq) sampled from Kediri, East Jawa Province, Indonesia. Seed sampled is taken from plants that...