Proceedings of the 2016 3rd International Conference on Management, Education Technology and Sports Science (METSS 2016)

232 authors
Yang, Weixia
On Building SSR Teaching Model of the Logistics Professional Based on Cultivating the Ability of Innovation
Yang, Yanjia
Analysis of US Agriculture Market with a New Fama-French Three-Factor Model
Yang, Zhendong
QSB application in LP teaching of operational research
Yi, Shuyan
Exploration of the College Teaching Reform with Students as the Main Body
Yuan, Zhe
Translation Methods in the French Version of The Story of the Stone
Ze, Qian
The Impact of Financing Constraints on Chinese Enterprises' OFDI
Zeng, Xiuye
Curriculum Teaching of English and American Literature under the Guidance of Constructivism Theory
Zhang, Chunrong
The Influence Factors of Agricultural E-commerce Mode Selection Analysis
Zhang, Fei
Structure and Geographical Distribution of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Yunnan
Zhang, Hengjia
Analysis of US Agriculture Market with a New Fama-French Three-Factor Model
Zhang, Hui
Research of College English Test Knowledge Points Association Analysis and Implementation of Table of Association Rules
Zhang, Jiawen
Review of Traditional Economic History Research Methods
Zhang, Manlin
Development Tactics for Farmer Specialized Cooperative in New Period
Zhang, Peng
Design on Micro Video English Teaching Resources Platform
Zhang, Yajie
Social Pragmatic Failure and Its Enlightenments to the Japanese Teaching
Zhang, Ying
Reflections and Exploration of Internet Entrepreneurship Educational Modes for University Students
Zhang, Ying
Research and Practice of Practical Teaching Management System In Institutions of Higher Learning
Zhang, Ying
Teaching Reform on Art Design Major by Taking High Simulation Management as Standard Project
Zhao, Dingtao
Constructing the best supply chain process model of logistics for Free Trade Port Zone
Zhao, Huimin
Application of intercultural communicative competence in college English teaching
Zhao, Huimin
Flipped classroom teaching mode in college English education based on constructivism
Zhao, Weiliang
Narrative Strategies of Documentary in New Media Era
Zhao, Xin
The research and practice of the Graded teaching mode of the the public mathematics course in Colleges and Universities
Zhao, Xin
The Research and Practice of Applied Undergraduate Professional Tutorial System
Zhao, Yang
An Analysis of the Characters in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
Zheng, Le-tian
Optimization Of Cruise Tourist Orbit For Multiple Targets On GEO
Zhong, Pingyan
The Recessive role of Part-time Teachers in Ideological and Political Education in Higher Vocational Colleges
Zhou, Linwang
Study of University Ideological and Political Education under the New Media Background
Zhou, Shutao
A Training Program For English Majors' Pragmatic Competence Based on Speech Act Theory
Zhu, Jiayi
Analysis of US Agriculture Market with a New Fama-French Three-Factor Model
Zhu, Yan
On the Innovation of Real Estate Corporate finance and Sales
Zou, Xiaoyu
The risks and legal advice of NFC payment