Proceedings of the 2023 International Conference on Management Innovation and Economy Development (MIED 2023)

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Luiz Moutinho, Carlos Flavian, Rita Yi Man Li, Qiwei Zhou
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2023 International Conference on Management Innovation and Economy Development (MIED 2023) during 28-30 July 2023 in Qingdao, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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The impact of peer-induced fairness concerns on competitive manufacturers’ optimal decisions under C&T regulation

Jiayu Meng
As major economies around the world have proposed their carbon neutrality targets in recent years, governments and companies have gradually increased their focus on decarbonization. Cap-and-trade (C&T) regulation is widely regarded as an effective mechanism for reducing carbon emissions. This paper...
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The influence of international technology trade on enterprises' technological innovation ability

--Quantile regression based on the Shanghai Municipality data

Yingxiao Liu
With the rapid development of science and technology and the deepening of global economic integration, technology trade has gradually become an important factor affecting the ability of technological innovation. Therefore, this paper in Shanghai as an example, using the Shanghai -- 2019, 2010 panel data,...
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Impact of Social Responsibility Performance of Multinational Corporations on Corporate Value: Evidence from China

Yang Zhang, Yanying Mo, Jing Shen, Biyue Cheng
Under a centralized shareholding structure, the actual controller has dominance in fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR). Using a sample of Chinese MNCs from 2008 to 2020, this paper investigates the impact of CSR fulfillment on corporate value as well as the variations in impact across contexts....
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The Role of E-commerce Development in Promoting Farmers’ Income Growth through Digital Inclusive Finance: An Intermediary Effects Perspective

Fanling Liang, Lei Yang, Ziyan Zhou, Jing Zhang
This paper explores the role of e-commerce development in promoting the growth of farmers’ income through digital financial inclusion and verifies the existence of the mediating effect and its mechanism based on Chinese provincial panel data from 2014-2021. It is found that digital financial inclusion...
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Difficulties and opportunities for green finance to help rural revitalization

Yuanhan Sun
Over more than four decades since the initiation of China’s reform and opening-up policies, significant transformations have occurred in the dynamics between rural and urban regions. The process of industrialization and urbanization has given rise to a range of challenges in rural areas, including heightened...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing the Transformation of Strategic Emerging Industry Clusters Based on the ISM Model

Yu Tian, Lianjia Ren, Yaqing Yang
This article applies the co-citation analysis method and Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) to identify the influencing factors and hierarchical structure of the transformation of strategic emerging industry clusters. The study reveals that the fundamental factors influencing the transformation of...
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Spatial structure of central cities and economic performance of metropolitan areas at the urban regional scale: evidence from Hangzhou metropolitan area in China

Yang Zhang, Biyue Cheng, Jing Shen, Yanying Mo
Exposing the spatial structure of central cities and its effect on economic performance is crucial for promoting the sustainable development of urban regions in light of the continuous expansion of metropolitan areas around the globe. However, few empirical studies have examined how changes in the spatial...
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Exploratory Analysis of Multiple Labor Relations in China’s Internet Platform Economy

Charles Weizheng CHEN, Hongli LI, Dongmei HU, Yuling CHEN
The rapid development of China’s Internet platform economy has generated a multitude of employment opportunities for platform workers. However, it poses profound challenges to the human resource management of Internet platforms: (1) How can labor relations between platform workers and platforms be defined?...
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Research on the impact of science and technology financial policy on high-quality economic development

Xin Yuan, Yuxi Zhang
As a quasi-natural experiment, the pilot of “Promoting the Integration of Science, Technology and Finance” was implemented in 2011 and 2016 respectively. Based on the panel data of 276 cities from 2006 to 2019, this paper builds a comprehensive evaluation index system for high-quality economic development...
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Research on the Risk Contagion Effect between the Network Structure and Commercial Banks - Based on the Data of 25 Banks' Inter-bank Lending

Chongzhen Huang, Mingzhe Li
Based on the network structure model, this paper studies the risk contagion of central banks under malicious attacks. Based on this, we first select the inter-bank lending data of 25 commercial banks, use the matrix method to construct the inter-bank lending matrix and modify the matrix, draw the network...
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Prospects of Artificial Intelligence Application in the High-Quality Development of the Geological Exploration Industry

Yao Xia, Yan Feng
Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in facilitating the high-quality development of the geological exploration industry. Its applications span across diverse areas, including data analysis and interpretation, automated exploration processes, resource optimization management, risk assessment...
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Exploring Key Areas in Research and Development of Geological Survey Technology in the Modern Era

The research and development of geological survey technology in the modern era encompasses crucial domains, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and remote sensing technology, geophysical exploration techniques, remote sensing geochemical technology, digital geological survey methods, high-performance...
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Enhancing Strategic Transformation and Competitiveness of Geological Exploration Enterprises in the Context of Supply-side Reform

This paper proposes key measures to achieve these objectives, including strengthening technological innovation capabilities, expanding market development capacities, enhancing talent development, improving project management skills, and fostering a positive corporate culture. By introducing advanced...
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Key Technological Focus Areas for Geological Exploration Enterprises in the New Round of Mineral Exploration Breakthrough Strategy

In the context of the new mineral exploration breakthrough strategy, geological exploration enterprises have identified key areas of technological focus, including high-precision exploration techniques, multi-source data integration and interpretation, deep-seated resource exploration technology, environmentally...
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Exploring Economic Development Trends Through Entropy Analysis

Zhengjie Zang
This paper aims to explore the economic development trends by analyzing the potential information contained in entropy values. The study focuses on three industries and examines the timeline of entropy values to understand their development patterns. Initially, the GDP data of subsectors within the three...
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Exploration and Practice of Integrating Curriculum Ideology and Politics into Educational Management Teaching under the Background of "New Business"

Shuying He, Yanmei Cheng
The background of "new business" has brought new challenges to the cultivation of MBA talents. Ideological and political work is the lifeline of all work of the Party and the country, so colleges and universities should infiltrate ideological and political work into the whole process of educating...
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From Cultural Community Reunion to Multicultural Integration: A Quanzhou Economy and Industry Development Modality

Wenyu Wang, Yongjia Zhang, Qianyi Wang
Among the many grand narratives of pursuing prosperity, Quanzhou’s success has been always a unique legend. The currently article manages to reinstate the peculiar adventure Quanzhou underwent during the past 10-15 years from economical perspectives. By chronologically presenting the events that contribute...
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Digital transformation and investment decisions: A corporate performance perspective

Shiguang Li, Zheng Yang, Yixiang Tian
This research aimed to investigate whether digital transformation affects firms’ investment decisions and the mediation effect of investment decisions between digital transformation and corporate performance. We divide the investment decisions into research and development (R&D) investment and financial...
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Preliminary Investment Analysis and Feasibility Study on Comprehensive Tract Development Projects

-- Taking a Project in Wucheng District, Jinhua City as an Example

Yangzi Liu, Ailin Li
In the process of China’s urban development, the comprehensive tract development plays an important role, which is highly attractive in the current context and is increasingly becoming an important development mode for promoting new-type urbanization. The operation of comprehensive tract development...
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Practice and Reflection on the System of Responsible Planner from the Perspective of Whole Life Cycle

Space planning serves as the guiding ideology for national spatial development, providing a blueprint for sustainable development and forming the foundation for various development, protection, and construction activities. It is crucial to ensure that plans are feasible, implementable, and verifiable,...
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Specific Pathways for International Communication and Cooperation in Carbon Trading based on Ecological Civilization

Yan Feng
International cooperation in carbon trading aims to foster effective collaboration and knowledge sharing among countries and regions to address the challenges of climate change. This paper explores specific pathways for international communication and cooperation in the field of carbon trading, including...
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International Collaboration and Cooperation Strategy for Comprehensive Natural Resource Surveys

Yan Feng, Yao Xia
Comprehensive natural resource surveys play a crucial role in promoting sustainable development and effective resource management. This paper aims to explore the strategic vision for international collaboration and cooperation in comprehensive natural resource surveys, with a particular emphasis on the...
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Development of Comprehensive Natural Resource Survey Informatization based on Ecological Civilization

In the context of ecological civilization, comprehensive natural resource survey informatization is crucial. This involves establishing data platforms for integrating and sharing survey data. Uniform data standards ensure consistency and interoperability. Advanced data analysis techniques improve data...
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The Technological Change of Intelligent Manufacturing based on the Metaverse

Chi Zhang, Liyuan Liu, Xin Wang, Zhuxin Xue, Tong Zhang
To achieve international competitiveness, it is necessary to improve product quality, production capacity and seize market opportunities that increasing the production level of intelligence is the crucial method for the manufacturing enterprise. However, due to inadequate understanding of the conception...
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Feasibility and Importance of Geological Exploration Enterprises' Involvement in National Spatial Planning within the Context of Ecological Civilization

Maohua Yan
Within the framework of ecological civilization, the participation of geological exploration enterprises in national spatial planning is both feasible and imperative. Leveraging their technological prowess and dependable data, these enterprises can effectively drive rational land utilization, resource...
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Comprehensive Conceptual Framework for Strategically Transforming the Geological Survey Industry in the Context of Ecological Civilization Construction

Maohua Yan
Within the framework of ecological civilization construction, the strategic transformation of the geological survey industry is essential to prioritize environmental protection. This necessitates the timely reinforcement of the industry's holistic environmental consciousness, the elevation of its...
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Can AIGC help in Financial Technology? The Impact on Businesses and Consumers

Haiwei Wang
Financial technology (FT) has become a rapidly growing field, with the rise of digital payment, mobile banking, and online trading. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms has allowed FT to greatly enhance the speed, accuracy, and ease of service. This paper explores the...
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Design of Ecological Restoration Planning for Land Space under the Background of Ecological Civilization Construction

Guowei Liu, Yi Cao
As a crucial aspect of ecological civilization construction, ecological restoration of land space aims to achieve ecological environment restoration, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable land resource utilization through various means. To promote ecological restoration in a scientific manner, timely...
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Research on the strategy of smart logistics service system construction of colleges and universities in the new period

Runeng Zhong, Zhongli Sun, Ken Chen
The high-quality development of colleges and universities needs the support of high-quality logistics service system. In order to effectively solve the practical problem of the transformation of university campus service demand to high-quality and diversification, a new way of smart university logistics...
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Development and Challenges of Iran's Railway Transportation Infrastructure Based on The Perspective of “The Belt and Road” Initiative

Jin Li, Yang Lei
With a significant position of energy and transportation, Iran is an important corridor connecting Eastern and Western civilizations. Iran is also an important trade partner to China in promoting the “the Belt and Road” initiative in the Middle East. Infrastructure is a priority area for the construction...
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Research on antecedent configuration of digital transformation in manufacturing enterprises: a fuzzy-set QCA approach

Changchang Zhao
In the era of digital economy, digital technology continues to integrate with the real economy. How to effectively realize the digital transformation has become an important research topic. Based on a fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis of 62 Chinese manufacturing enterprises, we identify and...
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The Impact of Corporate Tax Burden on Total Factor Productivity-- Based on the Evidence of Small and Medium-sized Listed Companies

Jingxian Yu
Based on the data of manufacturing SMEs from 2013 to 2019, this paper empirically analyzes the relationship between total tax burden and total factor productivity of manufacturing SMEs. The research proves that the reduction of total tax burden of enterprises can promote the improvement of total factor...
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Research on the Impact of Financial Policy on Environmental, Social and Governance Performance of Enterprises under the Green and Low-carbon Development Goals

Evidence from the pilot project of "Comprehensive Demonstration City of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Fiscal Policy"

Kongchun Wang
The fiscal policy under the goal of green and low-carbon development is of great significance for promoting the environmental, social and governance development of enterprises. Taking A-share listed companies from 2009 to 2017 as samples, this paper analyzes the influence of the pilot policy of "comprehensive...
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Research on the Influence of Digital Economy on the Tax Burden Level of Enterprises

Bin Liu
Using entropy weight method, this paper calculates the development level of digital economy in 30 provinces (except Tibet) in China from 2011 to 2020, and empirically analyzes the influence and mechanism of digital economy development on corporate tax burden. It is found that the development of digital...
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Local Financial Pressure and Corporate Tax Stickiness

Yuee Xu
In recent years, China's various tax reduction policies have achieved remarkable results, but the economic downturn has increased the financial pressure of local governments, and enterprises still feel that the tax burden is too heavy. By exploring the relationship between local financial pressure...
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Research on economic risk management based on higher education group

Wang Xinyu, Sun Yubing
From the perspective of the whole society, higher education has an important impact on social, political, economic and cultural development. The rapid development of higher education has promoted social progress and development to a certain extent, but it has also brought some economic risks, which are...
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Research and analysis on the optimization of marketing strategies based on new market demands in the era of big data

Yuling Zhu
With the advent of the era of big data, modern information technology has been widely used in all walks of life, further promoting the rapid development of China's market economy. For marketing, in the context of the era of big data not only ushered in a new opportunity, but also brought certain...
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Analyzing influential indicators in sustainable development of Guangdong Province: The role of circular economy

Ali Hashemizadeh, Faezeh Zareian Baghdad Abadi
The rising difficulty of economic planning due to of different impacted aspects and aims needs a thorough examination of important economic development criteria. While few variables in economic investigations lead to unrealistic conclusions, five indicators are used in this study to represent the circular...
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Research on the effectiveness of import trade policy of wheat flour in Korea

Xing Wang, Aolei Hu, Yu Hong, Aijing Hu
This study uses data from 1992 to 2021 to examine the long-run and short-run analysis of Korea's foreign trade policy and wheat flour import trade, and finds that there’s a cointegration relationship between Korea's wheat flour import comparative advantage and import intervention policy. After...
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Investigation on carbon shadow prices based on data envelopment analysis: evidence from China

Yuanfeng Hu, Yixiang Tian
The shadow price of undesirable outputs is a useful measurement to assess the performance of environmental regulations. This paper makes a non-parametric estimation of the carbon shadow price (CSP) in China at the regional level during 2007-2020. By applying the non-oriented slack-based measurement data...
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The Impact of Establishing Free Trade Zones on Green Development

Jing Cheng, Hu Sheng, Lili Ma
The implementation of pilot Free Trade Zones (FTZs) is crucial for China's high-level opening up and high-quality development, emphasizing green growth and ecological protection. This study examines the impact of FTZs policy experiments on regional green development since 2013, revealing that FTZs...
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Research on the innovation mode of agricultural product circulation system under the background of the construction of a unified national market

Xiaolin li, Guofeng Dong
The circulation system of agricultural products is related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Problems in circulation affect people's livelihoods, increase farmers' income and hinder rural revitalization. China's agricultural circulation system currently has issues such...
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A new ESG Index Futures Contract Based on the CNI ESG 300 Index

Pengyuan Tang, Mucen Ni, Tangmingjie Tan
With the popularity and importance of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) concept in the global scope, more and more investors are paying attention to the ESG performance of enterprises to evaluate their long-term investment value and risk. However, there is a lack of ESG-related derivatives...
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An In-depth Comparative Analysis of Adidas’ Marketing Strategies and Market Comparison in the Chinese Market

Jiawei Chen
This comprehensive and meticulous examination dives deep into the core of Adidas's marketing strategies, majorly concentrating on its operations within the expansive Chinese market. The discourse breaks down and scrutinizes the multi-faceted components of Adidas's marketing paradigm, namely...
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Evaluation model and Measurement for Reducing Carbon Emission Considering Port Activities

Zhenhuan Jiang, Zhengyi Lin, Yao Yu
This study employs a "bottom-up approach" to analyze the unique characteristics of production activities at container terminals in Shanghai Port. The activities are divided into two processes: ship docking and in-port operations. The "emission factor method" is applied, where the...
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Studying the Growth of Heterogeneous Regions in China Based on Trading in Carbon Emissions

Xingyi Yan
This article provides a detailed discussion of the origins of carbon emissions and related pricing mechanisms. Using data, the article analyzes China's critical role in global carbon emission governance and its increasing reliance on carbon trading markets. In 2021, China launched the creation of...
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The operation strategy of rural library in Chengdu under the background of rural revitalization

Zefeng Chen, Wei Wu
The current dilemma facing Chengdu Rural library stems from the public's "rigid" understanding of the concept of "traditional rural library". Under the background of rural revitalization, Chengdu Rural Library should no longer be limited to this one-way concept, but should be...
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A Review and Outlook of Agricultural Electronic Commerce Research - A Visual Econometric Analysis Based on CiteSpace

Shuming Lu, Jiaying Chen, Wei Xiong, Yuqin Ren
As the Internet becomes more popular, electronic commerce and agricultural products are deeply integrated. The convenience and low cost brought by electronic commerce and its huge market demand help agricultural products get rid of the original difficulties of narrow sales channels and high time costs....
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A study on the trade complementarity and competitiveness of mechanical and electrical products between China and RCEP member countries

After the official implementation of the RECP agreement, it will provide more import and export cooperation opportunities and development space for China's trade in mechanical and electrical products. Using the UN Comtrade database, this paper collates the trade situation of mechanical and electrical...
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Application of Game Theory in Distribution Networks

Ting CHEN, En XU, Haowen WANG, Nian JIANG, Qian WU
Game theory has become a powerful tool for analyzing and optimizing the complex interactions among multiple stakeholders in various fields, including distribution networks. This paper discusses the basic concepts of game theory and the specific application of game theory in distribution networks, proposes...
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Analysis and Prediction of the Supply and Demand of China's Petroleum Products

Yuanqun Zhang
In the face of the changes in the operation of international crude oil prices caused by externality market factors such as the continuous fluctuation of international oil prices and the steady recovery of domestic oil product sales, this paper first analyzes the oil product market environment, and then...
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The Dynamic Evolution Law and Realization Path of Digitalization in Western Cities

Hongliang Zhu, Bo Shi
This paper analyzes the regional differences, dynamic evolution patterns and trends of the digital development level of cities in 69 cities in the western region using Dagum Gini coefficient, kernel density estimation and Markov chain methods, respectively.The digital development level of cities in the...
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A Study on Optimization of Statistical Indicator System for Railway Container Logistics Business

Tianrui Ye
In order to improve the statistical system of China's railway container transportation and improve the capacity and level of railway container logistics services, higher requirements have been put forward for the statistical work of railway container transportation. On the basis of analyzing the...
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The effects of age, size and management characteristics of university science and technology parks on the performance of science and technology conversion

Zhixiong Wang, Jiahang Tu
In the context of promoting high-quality development of university science and technology parks in the new era and accelerating the achievement of higher level of self-sufficiency and self-improvement, this paper explores which characteristics of university science and technology parks can effectively...
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Study on Legal Risks and Management Strategies of Data Application Based on Customer Data Protection

Jiayun Shi
This paper is based on the legal provisions of personal data protection and analyzes the possible legal risks in the use of customer data and corresponding management strategies. The paper analyzes the cases of customer data privacy protection in China and abroad, and draws on the experience of typical...
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Empirical Analysis of the Influence of Interest Income on the Operational Efficiency of Commercial Banks

Taiyue Chen
With China's interest rate liberalisation reform, the interest margin between deposits and loans in the banking industry has narrowed significantly. In order to maintain market competitiveness, more and more commercial banks are starting to reduce their dependence on traditional interest income...
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Problems and Improvement Strategies of Industrial Tourism Towns

--Take the new industrial park of Yili Group Jinchuan as an example

Zhang Ayuan
With the change of times and rapid social development, the people's living standards continue to improve, more diversified consumer demand, industrial tourism town came into being. This study, which is based on industrial integration, uses the new industrial park of Yili Group Jinchuan as a model,...
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Marketing analysis of sugar-free beverages based on Fogg's behavior model

Yihan Lin
In recent years the concept of a 'sugar-free diet' has been gradually incorporated by many people as an important part of their dietary choices and healthy living. The advertising and promotion of the concept by sugar-free beverage merchants has played a significant role in this. What are the...
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The influence of critical thinking and self-efficacy on employees' creativity: A case study of enterprises in Pearl River Delta

Xianjin Shi
With the rapid development of science and technology, the competition between enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. If an enterprise wants to remain invincible in the fierce competition, its competitiveness depends on its creativity. Creativity is the basis and premise of employees' innovation....
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A Study on the Factors Influencing Value-added in the Cruise Ship Value Chain Based on the DEMATEL-ISM Model

Sun Yan, Zhang Shenqing
Cruise value chain is to take the exchange of cruise products and services as the core within a certain spatial scope, and enterprises with core advantages within the industry or between different industries establish links according to certain technical and economic conditions, so as to realise the...
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Research on Financial Benefit Evaluation of Distribution Network Transformation and Upgrading Projects

Yongcheng Guo, Xiaoxia Zheng, Changzheng Gao
National policy documents such as the "14th Five Year Plan for National Urban Infrastructure Construction" and the "14th Five Year Plan for Modern Energy System" clearly support and encourage investment, construction, transformation and upgrading of power grids, distribution networks,...
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Research on the spatial effect of innovation factor flow on regional high-quality economic development

Yan Chen, Yingmei Yang
Based on the new development concept, the entropy weight method and the gravity model are used to explore the spatial characteristics of the flow of innovation factors and the level of high-quality economic development from 2004 to 2020, and a spatial econometric model is established to empirically analyze...
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Analysis of the Relationship between Financial Technology Attention and Capital Market Performance Based on VAR Model

Jingchen Wang, Jian Ma, Zixuan Shuai
Based on the VAR model, we use the daily data of Fintech Baidu Index and Fintech (code: 399699) industry sector closing price between January 2019 and June 2023 to dynamically identify.[1] The empirical analysis results show that the closing price of Fintech sector is the Glenmorangie distillery reason...
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Impact of Traffic Accessibility on Urban Economic Growth

Chengxin Wang
As an important part of urban planning and construction, improving urban traffic accessibility has an important impact on promoting economic growth within the urban area. At the same time, it also plays an important role in promoting economic exchanges with the neighboring important transportation cities....
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International Trade Conflict between China and the United States

Xinping Guo
This extract aims to provide a discourse into the academic discussion in the ongoing trade conflict between China and US and an economic analysis in its impact on the economic growth in China. It underpins the causes of this trade conflict and utilise the cotton factory as an exemplary to underpin these...
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Human Resource Management Strategy Based on Employee Loyalty Promotion

Luobu Danzeng
Lack of employee loyalty may cause problems, such as the outflow of enterprise information or core technology, and may also cause the stability of the employee team. Therefore, it is necessary to study the problem of employee turnover in enterprises. The improvement of employee loyalty problem of enterprises...
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The Application and Moral Considerations of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Social Decision Making and Public Management

Haoming Zhang
This article explores the application of artificial intelligence technology in social decision-making and public management, and analyzes the ethical issues and considerations involved. The application of artificial intelligence technology in social decision-making includes data analysis and prediction,...
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A two-level portfolio model based on expected values of corporate social responsibility

Xiong Deng, Yan li Liu
Modern economic theory believes that enterprises, one of the stock issuers in the financial market, serve as a fundamental "mechanism for resource allocation". The theory also holds that the mechanism can achieve the optimal allocation of the entire economic resources while simultaneously reducing...
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The Impact Study of E-commerce on the Regional Economic Development of Shandong Province

Zhe Tong
In 2022, the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce actively implemented the digital economy's "key breakthrough" action plan and adopted multiple measures to promote the high-quality development of e-commerce across the province, injecting strong impetus into the regional economic...
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Does Brand Value Always Increase Firm Value? An Empirical Study from China

Xiaolin Li, Yuhan Gao, Yixuan Wu, Ziyu Deng, Yutong Wang
The previous studies confirmed that brand value can increase firm value. However, most of the literature on this topic studied the firms of developed markets, which have different institutional and cultural environment from developing markets. This paper studied the effects of brand value by using China’s...
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Real estate price prediction in Nanning based on grey model

Hao Cheng, Jian Yang, Chengyuan Fan, Hengfeng Xiang, Wenli Zhou, Ren Lin
With the rapid development of society and economy, the development of the real estate industry has always been in a leading position, but the change of housing prices has led to housing problems affecting every Chinese people. This paper predicts the trend of real estate prices in Nanning in the next...
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Abenomics and Fiscal Issues in Japan

Yichun Zhao
We have observed that the Japanese economy has maintained a zero-growth trend since the 1990s. Despite this, Japanese society has not experienced any significant unrest. Surprisingly, speculators worldwide are investing in Japanese yen, a peculiar phenomenon considering that the yen does not constitute...
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Medium and long term market model of typical foreign electric power and its enlightenment

Qin L, Jun Wang, Kun Fan, Min Liu, Chuncheng Ga, Tengjian L
In the process of promoting the construction of China's medium and long term electric power market, the relevant theoretical achievements and practical experience of foreign typical countries have high reference value. This paper first analyzes the concept and functional positioning of the power...
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A three-pronged approach to road traffic safety management system driven by technology, management, and culture

Yang Pan, Jianguo Chen, Lizhuang Fang
In recent years, the number of road traffic accident fatalities in China has remained at a relatively high level compared to developed countries in Europe. The existing road traffic safety management measures in China primarily focus on assigning responsibility to individuals who violate traffic regulations....
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Research on Employee Engagement in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Take a company in Jiangxi as an example

Xiao Ye, Amer Hamzah Jantan
Staff engagement in small and medium-sized enterprises is a key goal of human resource management, which is of key significance to the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and the competition in various fields of enterprises. According to the present situation of employee engagement in a company...
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Equality, Diversification, and Inclusion Problems in Daily Management of Apple Organisation

Yanjin Li, Haiying Qiao
In recent years, high-tech companies have become more likely to raise issues of inadequate equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). However, the natural EDI issues for tech companies differ from what they claim. While U.S. internet tech companies often refer to 'diversity' when discussing corporate...