Proceedings of the Fourth Prasasti International Seminar on Linguistics (Prasasti 2018)

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Applying the Cultural-conceptual Translation Model in the Commercial World of Tourism Promotion

Mohammed Zain Sulaiman
Following criticism against translated tourism promotional materials in the last few decades, scholars in the field of Translation Studies have attempted to address the issues involved and propose solutions. This study, which is an extension of the author’s earlier work on the practices and misconceptions...
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The Terms of Wedding Tradition in Minangkabau Isolect in Nagari Pariangan and Its Development

Nadra Nadra
This study aims to describe the terms of wedding tradition used in Minangkabau isolect in Nagari Pariangan. Nagari Pariangan is located in Pariangan sub-district, Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatera Province, Indonesia. There are series of events in the wedding tradition. Each of these events is different...
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Language and Values: Angkot and Bus Language Decoration in Ranah Minangkabau

David Reeve
Visitors to West Sumatra are immediately charmed and struck by the passenger vans (angkot) in the city of Padang and the buses of the province of West Sumatra because of their extensive decorations, a combination of words and phrases together with symbols and pictures. These are mobile works of art and...
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Multimodal Branding of Indonesian Online Promotional Discourse in Hospitality Industries

Diah Kristina
This study aims to look closelyat the branding values and semantic ties of the Indonesian online promotional discourse of hospitality industry and eventually to recognize their generic patterns, social implications and interface verbally and visually. 15 online promotional texts of flight, hotel, and...
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Japanese Honorific Language in Various Domains

Ely Triasih Rahayu
Language belongs to human. In a communication, human as language owner may position themselves as messenger (speaker), message recipient (interlocutor) or as a person who is the object of speech (object of conversation). In Japanese speech community, human must implement their position in communication...
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Language and Identity: Promoting Dolly's Community Identity through Language Use

Adi Suryani, Soedarso Soedarso, Setiawan Setiawan
One of several language functions in social communication is expressing an individual’s self, revealing who an individual is or how is his/her possible personality/character. Within wider context, language may also convey a certain community identity. Language becomes a means for community representation....
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Structures of Teen-Lit Stories Written by Indonesian Teenage Authors

Agus Hari Wibowo, Djatmika Djatmika
This article talks about the exploitation of disourse units performed by Indonesian teenage writers in constructing teen-lit stories in bahasa Indonesia. Ten narrative texts in various genres were selected as the focus of discussion. They were analysed for types of discourse units selected by the authors...
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The Phenomenon of Culture Shock on Western People in Senggigi, West Lombok

Atmy Rese
This study aims: (1) To describe the underlying cause of culture shock on western people in Senggigi (2) To describe the impact of culture shock on western people in Senggigi. This research is a research using descriptive qualitative approach. Source of data obtained through words and actions, written...
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The Role of Ergative Clauses in Developing Narrative Genre: A Case Study of A Detective Novel Entitled Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Bayu Dewa Murti, M.R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, Tri Wiratno
This research examines how ergative clauses develop phases and stages in narrative genre in detective novel. As we all know that ergative clauses expose or sometimes hide the additional agent what Martin et al called as extra causer. In their nature, the extra causers derive roles in the clause such...
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Evaluating Attitudes in News Text: Appraisal in Critical Discourse Study

Chalimah Chalimah, Riyadi Santosa, Djatmika Djatmika, Tri Wiratno
The discrimination in religious affair has become a global problem which is very essential to be noticed in a linguistic way, especially for conflict between Israel and Palestinians on Gaza which keep on happening for many years. This study contributes in critical discourse study by interpreting the...
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Vulgar and Obscene Terms in Indonesian Song Lyrics (The Reflection Language Creativity)

Dewi Kusumaningsih, Djatmika Djatmika, Riyadi Santosa, H.D. Edi Subroto
Language is dynamic, social, complex, and multimodal, patterned and purposive just as all these kids of behavior. It is characterized from the language creativity emerging in the society as both linguistics and social phenomena. This article brings out the phenomenon of vulgar terms used in Indonesian...
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Prepositional Phrase in Javanese: an X-bar Analysis

Dewi Norma Utami
This paper aimed to examine prepositional category followed by other elements as objects or modifier to form a prepositional phrase. There are some types of preposition in Javanese, however the writer only focus on manner, spatial and temporal preposition. Besides determining its structure, this paper...
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A Study on Code Choice by Female Chief of Village

Diyah Atiek Mustikawati, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Tri Wiratno, Dwi Purnanto
The paper aims to discuss the result of qualitatif research about the use of code choice done by women head village. As a result, the researcher proves that choice of code in their communication consist of some types of coding even inter-language and extra-language. It also influenced by some factor...
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Teacher Non-Verbal Behaviour as Part of Multimodal Interaction to Children With Autism

Djatmika Djatmika, Agus Hari Wibowo, Sugini Sugini
The paper discusses non verbal behavior performed and exploited by a teacher of children with autism as part of multimodal interaction in transferring knowledge. Data were collected from one teaching session carried out by a teacher and five children with autism. Data in the forms of body language, facial...
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Suprasegmental Phonology Used in Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Movie on Implying the Characters' Purpose and Emotion in General EFL Classroom

Dwi Astuti Wahyu Nurhayati
Suprasegmental plays important role in learning English sounds, especially pronunciation, but it is very different when they are used in some fantasy, action, and sci-fi movies. The stress and intonation sometimes are pronounced out of the types of suprasegmental theories. This present study was intended...
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Influence of Societal Factor on the Emergence of Language Variants: the Study of Indonesia Language Use in Javanese Society

Dwi Atmawati
Language is part of national culture that can be used as living recording media. In social life, the use of language is influenced by societal factor. It has emerged language variants. They can be met such as in Javanese utterance society. Dealing with that, the researcher reviews the societal factor...
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Language Choice in Female Dormitory of the Boarding School of Islam Al-Mukmin Ngruki

Eka Susylowati, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Wakit Abdullah, Sri Marmanto
Al-Mukmin Ngruki Islamic Boarding School is multilingual community. The aim of this study is to find out the language choice that used by students in the female dormitory Al-Mukmin Ngruki Islamic Boarding School. This study is belongs to Sosiolinguistics that belongs to with qualitative research approach....
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Parikan in Ludruk's Kidungan (An Ethnolinguistics Study)

Ermi Dyah Kurnia, Setyangga Achmad Ferdianto
Ludruk is one of the traditional arts in East Java. In ludruk, there is a unique song (kidungan), and it is accompanied by the Jula-juli song. This song is in the form of parikan. Social, political, economic, and cultural issues are portrayed in ludruk through satire, criticism, humor, and more human...
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The Japanese Numeral Quantifiers: An Error Analysis of Student Writings (Sakubun)

Gede Satya Hermawan
During language acquisition process, the learner will do try and error of the learning language. In Japanese class at the elementary level; the first-year student at first semester, they learned vocabularies, hiragana, katakana, and sentence patterns. For six months they learned and absorbed Japanese...
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An Analysis on Forms and Context of the Word "When" in Japanese Language

Hartati Hartati, Anggita Stovia
The purpose of this research is to figure out the forms of the word “when” and describe its contexts in Japanese language. This descriptive-qualitative research employed a writing technique while the data are analyzed using a distributional method. The data consist of sentences containing the word ‘when’...
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Pitch Movement of Javanese Language Use: Lesson Learned from People Acrross-Generations in Yogyakarta Municipality

Henry Yustanto, Chattri Sigit Widyastuti
Intonation, the accurate high-low tonal speech of presentation, serves a very fundamental role in a language speech community. This intonation shows pitch movement as well as intonation contour of a speech. Speech intonation within a language society is varied from one generation to the next. Such differences...
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Language Transitivity of Angkola Farmer

Husniah Ramadhani Pulungan, Riyadi Santosa, Djatmika Djatmika, Tri Wiratno
An Angkola farmer is a farmer from Angkola, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The Angkola farmer has an interesting transitivity to be examined when viewed from the underlying culture. The farmer studied was 68 year old farmer. The selection of the farmer is done because the more senior means...
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Adults' Representations of Balinese Universal Quantifiers

I Nyoman Aryawibawa
Balinese universal quantifiers have not been explored, particularly, by Indonesian scholars. The main purpose of current study is to investigate how Balinese adults represent the meanings of universal quantifiers in Balinese. The study employed picture selection tasks and involved thirty-seven Balinese...
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The Types of Sentence in the Essays of Grade VI Elementary School Students in Bali Province: A Syntactic Study

Ida Bagus Putrayasa, Dewa Putu Ramendra, Ida Bagus Putra Manik Aryana
In written communication, the sentences used by students tend to be less varied. The lack of variability appears in the types of sentences used in the essay, such as: the content of the sentence, the number of clauses, the predicate formers, and the nature of actor-action relationship. Based on this...
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Visualization of Spiritual Values on Relief Kunjarakarna at Jago Temple, a Visual Semiotics Study

Ika Farihah Hentihu, Sahid Teguh Widodo, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Wakit Abdullah
Jago temple is one of the most complete temples with reliefs among other temples in East Java. Jago Temple Relief brings the most disturbing questions related to the symbolic meaning it carries. Based on the description, this research tries to show symbolic manifestation and symbolic meaning in Relief...
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Is There A Correlation Between Propaganda and Radical Actions?: A Critical Diiscourse Analysis

Inike Tesiana Putri, Sulis Triyono
In this era, the function of the language is not only for communication with each other but also can influence the views or thoughts of others to come with our thoughts. This case can be called by propaganda. Sometimes propaganda conveys a true and objective message. However, the message is often misleading...
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Passive and Antipassive Voice Ergative Type of Nusantara Language

Invandri Kusuma
This study aimed to describe the correlation between voice, which are passive and antipassive, and ergative language in Nusantara. This research is a qualitative research with Agih Method (Descriptive Method) which is to explain facts and with permutation technique support. To obtain data and data sources,...
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Code Mixing in the Student Presentation of PBSI UNIPA Surabaya

Ira Eko Retnosari
This article intends to (1) describe the mixed form in the student presentation of PBSI Unipa Surabaya, (2) describe the type of code mix in the student presentation of PBSI Unipa Surabaya, and (3) describe the code mixed background in the student presentation of PBSI Unipa Surabaya. This research uses...
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Stylistic Pattern in Padmini Bannerjee's "the Goose Thieves" Short Story

Iva Riyadhus Sholichah, Widyastuti Purbani
Stylistics is not a new term in language research. It is closely related to style. The research object of stylistic is style, language which is used in a particular context in a particular language. This research investigates some language pattern found in The Goose Thieve short story which aims to elaborate...
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Feminism in Roald Dahl's "Lamb to the Slaughter": A Semiotic Analysis

Jeanyfer Tanusy
Literary works have been shaping how people see the world around them for hundreds of years; they have become a medium for portraying and/or criticizing a certain society in a certain period of time. One thing that has never ceased to appear in literary works is gender role and representation, which...
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The Variation of English Verb Phrases in English Cookbook

Kadek Ayu Ekasani, Ida Bagus Putra Yadnya, I Ketut Artawa, Ni Luh Ketut Mas Indrawati
This writing is entitled “The variation of English Verb Phrases in English Cookbook”. The discussion is focused on the variation of English verb phrases in Cookbook. The variation of verb phrases here is some complements that follow a verb. The data used in this study is taken from English cookbook entitled...
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Reading Ability Analysis of Mandarin Language in Pontianak Junior High School VIII Grade Students

Lily Thamrin, Reni Marlina, Yokhebed Yokhebed
Reading ability is one of the skills in mandarin language. High using of mandarin language leads to mandatory and additional subjects, ranging from kindergarden to vocational schools in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Indicators of reading mandarin language are measured in the form of vocabulary...
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The Strategy of Avoidability in the Skill Based on Students Participants Study Program for Educational Languages and Literature Indonesia PGRI University Adi Buana Surabaya

Luluk Isani Kulup
The avoidance strategy as part of a communication strategy is the effort of the language user in realizing what he thinks of when avoiding either some or all of the information that it deems inappropriate to choose a simpler form by providing sufficient information to make communication work smoothly....
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The Study of Sub-Genre Initiation in Indonesia Lawyers Club Discussion

Malikatul Laila
The article examines the moderator’s initiation in Indonesia Lawyers Club (ILC) discussion within the framework of genre analysis. The term sub-genre initiation is one of folded discourses in ILC discussion. The study of the sub-genre initiation is aimed to leverage the audience’s response for giving...
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Lexical Bundles in Indonesian and English Undergraduate Thesis Abstracts

Maria Caroline Samodra, Vincensia Dian Ratna Pratiwi
The present study investigates Indonesian and English lexical bundles (LBs) used by Indonesian learners in their thesis abstracts. It aims to examine (1) the most common lexical bundles in the Indonesian and English undergraduate thesis abstracts, (2) similarities/differences in terms of form and functions,...
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Thai and Indonesian English Students' Problems in Pronouncing English Fricative and Affricate Sounds: A Case Study in IAIN Kediri

Moh. Khoirul Anam
This study aims to see the phonological problem deviation of English fricative and affricate sound produced by Thai and Indonesian English learners. This sound is interesting to study since the fricative and affricate sounds system among English, Thai and Indonesian are different. Moreover, some English...
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Verbal Abuse in Multiracial Communication: a Sociolinguistics Perspective

Muhammad Al Hafizh
Humans are naturally born into the world in a variety of different races and tribes. Diversity and difference is one form of cultural treasures of a nation if the people live collectively in the frame of tolerance and mutual respect for each other, thus avoiding various social conflicts. One of the factors...
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Gay Language in Bali (Sociolinguistics Study on Homosexual and Bisexual Men in Bali)

Ni Kadek Ary Susandi, Ni Putu Rusanti, I Putu Gede Sutrisna
In community, people may use different language variation accordance with their age, gender, education, profession, ethnic origin, etc. (Holmes, 2013). Many homosexual and bisexual men in Indonesia speak a language variation that they call Bahasa Bencong/Banci or Bahasa Gay (Gay language), a linguistic...
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Toponyms and Identity of Canggal Temple Area in Eco-linguistics Perspective

Niken Wirasanti
Naming a place (toponym) is a reflection of settlement area which is embodied in the language. Toponyms based on physical environment, biological, and cultural represents the interrelation between language and the environment. Exploring toponyms of a certain area can explain a lot of things such as the...
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The Phonetic Adaptations of Russian Loanwords in Мир ФанTасTики (Mir Fantastiki) for the Cinematography

Novita Laily Fariana Isada, Nia Kurnia Sofiah, Njaju Jenny Malik
Language contacts occur because of the interactions between language communities, which creates opportunity for the process of borrowing words between languages. This process takes place in both spoken and written registers, including the fantasy genre, whose popularity in Russia is evident in their...
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Debating A Minimum Marriageable Age for Girl in Indonesian Marriage: A Semiotic Study

Nurina Azyyati
Issue of child marriage in Indonesia has always been a debate particularly since the rejection of a recent judicial review of the 1974 Marriage Law to raise a minimum marriageable age for girls by Constitutional Court. The judicial review was instigated by the association of women’s and youth organizations,...
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Spiritual Quotient of Tingkeban Tradition in Javanese Culture

Nurpeni Priyatiningsih
Tingkeban is a traditional custom of Javanese people conducted in seven month gestation. Through this tingkeban traditional custom, people have expectation and belief in the security of baby that will be born. Tingkeban traditional procession includes: determining the day, determining the time, providing...
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The Local Wisdom Behind the Intelligence of Javanese Sexual Text in Traditional Javanese Literature (An Ethnolinguistic Review)

Prasetyo Adi Wisnu Wibowo, Sundari Sundari, Aloysius Indratmo
The traditional Javanese literature consists of sexual education. This research will reveal the intellectual of Javanese community with sex education that is contained in the data source of Tembang ‘traditional song’ as Javanese literary such as Serat Wewadining Palakrama, Serat Asmaragama, Serat Pangawikan...
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The Option Pattern of 'Ngrasani' (Gossiping) Code by Javanese Women in Social Interaction

Prembayun Miji Lestari, Djatmika Djatmika, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Dwi Purnanto
The present study discusses the option pattern of ngrasani ‘gossiping about someone’ by rural and urban Javanese women when involved in social interaction called rewang ‘taking part in other’s event’, arisan (a regular social gathering where a lottery is conducted), and positive relation among neighbours....
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Grammatical Cohesion in article "A Student Activist Gives Jokowi A Yellow Card"

Raden Rosyda, Rosaria Mita Amalia
This study analyzes grammatical cohesion in article of Indonesia. it aims to find grammatical cohesion in article of Indonesia entitled Ini alasan Ketua BEM UI Acungkan Kartu Kuning Ke Jokowi. This research employs Halliday and hasan’s theory. The type of this research is descriptive...
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The Development of Indonesian Syntactic of Role Children Severe Hearing Impairment Preschool Age

Rahayu Pujiastuti
Aim of this study to describe the development of Indonesian syntactic role of language children severe hearing impairment of preschool age. This study was conducted longitudinally on three subjects. The subject is children with severe hearing impairment preschool age (5;0) who go on group A TKLB-B (nursery...
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The Use of Discourse Markers in EFL Students' Essay Writing

Ribut Surjowati
This paper is aimed at investigating the use of Discourse Markers (DMs) in the essays of high grade and low grade Engllish Department Students of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya University. As writing becomes the skill that the students have to master, it has become the main concern for lecturers including the...
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Jenkin's Lingua Franca Core and Autistic Children's EFL Speech Sound Production

Rida Wahyuningrum
This paper is trying to give a description of autistic children’s EFL speech intelligibility in terms of segmental sound production viewed from Lingua Franca Core proposed by Jennifer Jenkins as published in her book entitled The Phonology of English as an International Language (2009). It was the modification...
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A Multimodal Analysis of Students' Commercial Copywriting

Riesky Riesky
Meanings in nowadays digitally based communication have been increasingly exchanged in a more multimodal form. Messages, which were once dominantly conveyed in verbal texts, have transformed into a variety of appearances that include the combination of different modes, such as texts, sounds, images and...
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Transitivity of Personification Clauses in the Novel 'And the Mountain Echoed' by Khalled Hosseini

Rini Yuliana, Riyadi Santosa, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Tri Wiratno
This research is about “Transitivity Personification Clauses Found in the Novel And the Mountain Echoed”. It applies SFL theory from Halliday that focuses on transitivity specific in personification clauses. The data are taken from novel And the Mountain Echoed by Khalled Hosseini. Research method is...
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Rimpu and Symbolization of Female Identity in Bima Community

Risca Ariska Ramadhan
This study discusses about the symbolic meaning of rimpu as a symbol of female identity in Bima community. The study focuses on Bima community especially in Donggo village. The subjects of the study were religion leaders, society leaders, and native people of Bima community. The data are collected through...
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Assimilation Process of Prefixes in the Sasak Language (Study of Generative Phonology)

Rizky Mega Susanti
This research discussed the rules of regional language in Indonesia, namely Sasak language. It described the phonological study that emerged from the daily speech of Lombok people, using Sasak language. The phonological study here discussed the assimilation process of prefiks that occurs in the Sasak...
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Mayor's Puns on Instagram: Classification and Function of Puns in Ridwan Kamil's Instagram Account

Shafa Firda Nila
Many government officials use Instagram as a means of communication. In Indonesia, one of them is Ridwan Kamil, the mayor of Bandung City who has more than 7 million of followers on Instagram and has shared more than 4000 posts. A lot of his posts contain such hilarious wordplay, for example is puns....
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Ujung Tradition in Nuclear Family: Linguistics Expressions and Cultural Meanings Inside it

Sigit Haryanto, Djatmika Djatmika, Wakit Abdullah, Dwi Purnanto
One of the spoken Javanese culture heritages that still carried out annually is ujung tradition. This tradition has close relation to lebaran day (ceremonial after fasting in a month). At that day or event, young, adult and old people celebrate happily. Ujung, really, is a part of a big tradition of...
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Assesing Speech Production Based on Interference Picture Naming and Games for Children

Siti Eka Soniawati
This study aims to determine the ability of vocabulary production of children in Bekasi. The method used is using image naming interference and picture guess games. Picture-naming is one method of latency between images and semantic meaning with unrelated spangles (Starreveld, 2016). This is done to...
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Analyzing the Structure and the Texture of Japanese Advertisement (A Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach)

Sri Aju Indrowaty, Djatmika Djatmika, Dwi Purnanto, Tatang Hariri
Advertising is a form of communication that discloses information or messages and promotes the speaker's intent to his or her opponent. The language used in advertising is the language that is easy to understand and persuasive so that the opponent can speak as the speaker means. This paper discusses...
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Language Education and Education Challenges in the Mondial Era

Sri Budiyono, Gunawan Budi Santosa
The term mondial has the same meaning as the global term, comprehensive, universal, global, spatial. In its development this term can be interpreted as "world-wide". The statement can be interpreted or drawn a conclusion that the term mondial is something that is related to the things that are new and...
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Reflex Proto-Austronesia to Ambelau in West Central Maluku Group: the Effort to Test the Hipotesis Collins (1981)

Sumarlam Sumarlam, Dwi Purnanto, Burhanuddin Burhanuddin, Hujaefa H. Muhammad
Historically, the language of Ambelau is classified into the West Central Maluku Group with Buru, Sula and Taliabo. This study intends to explain the Proto-Austronesian (PAN) reflex into Ambelau language as a first step in testing Collins's (1981) hypothesis. To achieve this goal, the PAN etymon was...
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Address Terms Across Cultures: A Sociopragmatic Analysis

Surono Surono
In daily communication, the use of address terms is very common and natural to communicants. They are required to use the terms appropriately in terms of some aspects and points of view. The wrong use of the terms may disturb the social relationship among the communicants. Address terms can be used among...
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The Grammatical Structure of Discourse in the Notary Text

Dwi Purnanto, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Sutji Muljani
This study aims to (1) know, describe, and explain the grammatical structure of discourse in the notary text from aspects of the use of grammatical markers; (2) to describe the grammatical marker dominating the grammatical structure of discourse in the notary text; and (3) explain the characteristics...
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Analysis of Types of Ecolexicon Expression in Conservation News Text in Mass Media: Ecolinguistics Perspective

Tommi Yuniawan, Fathur Rokhman, Rustono Rustono, Hari Bakti Mardikantoro
The objective of this research was to analyse the types of ecolexicon expression in conservation news texts in mass media. The conservation news texts contained language expressions of events or conservation written in accordance with the idea of the vision of conservation-based university (UNNES). There...
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Psychoacoustic Study: Mapping of Language Deviation in Down Syndrome Children

Tri Wahyu Retno Ningsih, Ichwan Suyudi, Dyah Cita Irawati, Sunarti Desrieny Tambunan
Down syndrome is an underdevelopment physical and mental condition in children caused by chromosomal development abnormalities. Signs that show from down syndrome may vary from the invisible, slightly visible to a typical sign of down syndrome. The most typical sign of children with Down syndrome is...
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Local Knowledge and Wisdom in the Javanese Salvation of Women Pregnancy ‘Mitoni’: An Etholinguistic Perspective

Wakit Abdullah
Mitoni ‘a lifecycle salvation ceremony of the seventh month Javanese women pregnancy’ culturally well preserved and passed from generation to generations as an ethnolinguistic phenomenon. It is a descriptive and qualitative exploratory approach of the ethnoscience perspective. The data collection is...
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Barodak and Construction of Sumbawanese Women

Wilda Nurhayatun
This paper discusses symbolic meanings of tools, materials, and the processions in Sumbawanese Barodak events. For this purpose, Koentjaraningrat’s symbolic values are used in order to analyse the symbolic meanings behind the tools and the materials used in the procession. The data of this study are...
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Inserting Spoken Language in Grammar Teaching Material Based on Interactive Mulimedia

Yuli Tiarina, Hermawati Syarif, Jufrizal Jufrizal, Yenni Rozimela
Despite of asking whether to teach grammar or not, this article, a part of dissertation entitled Developing Basic English Grammar Teaching Material based on Interactive Multimedia at University Level, presents optional conditions for over teaching of grammar in digital era. Since effective teaching material...
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The Russian Morphosyntax of Loanwords in the Automotive Magazine ''Моmоэксперm'' (Motoekspert) December 2017 Edition

Yusuf Firdaus Ramadhan, Nia Kurnia Sofiah, Njaju Jenny Malik
Loanwords have become a common phenomenon in many languages. As a language develops, loanwords can be found both in written and spoken texts. Loanwords can be found in print media such as magazines. The data of this research is Motoekspert, a popular automotive magazine in Russia, and taken specifically...
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The Phenomena of Brown and Levinson’s Politeness Strategies Implemented by the Tourism Actors in Kuta Beach Bali

Anak Agung Ayu Dian Andriyani, Djatmika Djatmika, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Ely Triasih Rahayu
Tourism domain requires its actors not only to well communicate using foreign languages but also understand the proper politeness strategies. Thus, the purpose of this qualitative research is to figure out the best tourism actors’ linguistic politeness strategies to the Japanese tourists in Kuta beach....
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Bombongan: Expressive Speech Act Ethnic Java of Panaragan in the Art of Reyog (An Etnopragmatic Study)

Alip Sugianto, Wakit Abdullah
Ethnic Java of Panaragan is an ethnic group in Ponorogo society. In Ponorogo society has a customary figure named warok, in the art of reyog, warok as the leader of the reyog community. As an art that requires courage, many warok use expressions speech act to express a flattery as an appreciation of...
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Liability of Negotiation in the Procurement of Art Entertainment Services of Javanese Karawitan Tradition in Surakarta

Eko Joko Trihadmono, Djatmika Djatmika, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Joko Nurkamto
The objective of this research is to describe various strategies of linguistic politeness used by entertainment service users (penanggap) and performers in negotiation for Javanese karawitan art entertainment service procurement in Surakarta region. The politeness strategies employed by the penanggap...
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Politeness and Impoliteness in Javanese Speech Levels

Farida Nuryantiningsih, Wiekandini Dyah Pandanwangi
Linguistic Politeness is the act of a person in speaking which respect others according to the prevailing norm in the society. In Javanese society, a person is categorized as polite speaker when the person can use degree of Javanese speech correctly. The ability of a speaker using the degree of Javanese...
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Analyzing Address Forms in Chinese and Javanese: A Comparative Study

Fenty Kusumastuti
Chinese have their own language system to address other people in their society, and so have Javanese. The different forms of addressing terms are significant because it is the most vivid way to reveal the social relationship of the people in their society. The different ways of using address forms can...
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Speech and Politeness Disclosure Take Repentence in the Interaction of Students-Teacher

F. X. Sumarna, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Riyadi Santosa, Wakit Abdullah
This study aims to describe the form and function of speech acts values in student-teacher communication, both in the classroom when the learning activities take place or in the school environment that is outside the classroom. This research was conducted by using qualitative descriptive approach. From...
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The Speech Acts of Suggestion by Islamic Preachers (Da'i) in Dialogic Da'wah in the City of Surakarta

Miftah Nugroho, Sri Samiati Tarjana, Dwi Purnanto
This article describes the realization of speech acts suggestion expressed by the Islamic preachers (da’i(-s)) in responding to the questioners' (mad'u) questions. The data were obtained by employing the methods of nonparticipative-observation and recording method. The data analysis used the method of...
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Complaints of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong to Their Husband Behaviors

Netty Nurdiyani, Djatmika Djatmika, Tri Wiratno, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Riyadi Santosa
Complaints are all utterances that are born out of misery. Therefore, the complaints of IMWs in HK are intended as utterances that show the sorrow of the IMWs. The aim of this research is to find out forms of complaints shown by the IMWs relating to the behavior of their husbands who are staying in Indonesia....
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Pragmatic Skills of Sasak Language Speakers: A Case Study in a Sasak Speech Community

Nur Rizky Sukmawati
This study discusses pragmatic skills of Sasak language speakers. It also studies the way the Sasak society present speech acts such as greeting, requesting, thanking and complaining in their daily interaction. For this purposes Ishihara & Cohen (2010) elucidate these speech acts tend to follow regular...
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Speech Characteristics of Indonesian Caregivers Towards Elderly in Japan

Putu Dewi Merlyna, N. L. Sutjiati Beratha, Made Budiarsa, I Nengah Sudipa
This study aims to find out the speech characteristics used by caregiver when serving elderly patients. The usage of appropriate speech related to selection of appropriate vocabulary and language. And also related to the use of speech level in Japanese, whether using keigo or futsuukei. This study also...
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Responses to Caring Speech Acts: The Politeness Strategies of Indonesian Students in Academic Activities

Ratna Susanti, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Djatmika Djatmika, Muhammad Rohmadi
This study aims to identify the forms of language-based politeness when interacting with lecturers and other students in academic activities. The basic theory used in this research is the theory of speech acts according to Searle and the theory of politeness according to Leech (2014). This research includes...
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Gender Bias in Textbooks and Test Items of English Language Learning in the Indonesian Context

Suhartono Suhartono, Diah Kristina
This study projected the aim at focusing on the analysis on gender bias in textbook tasks and test-items in printed national examination documents as well as the students’ perception toward the bias. This study provides information about two issues: data sources and data analysis. The data were taken...
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Speech Act Analysis on Walt Disney Film Entitled 'Frozen' (A Pragmatic Study)

Sukasih Ratna Widayanti, Kustinah Kustinah
Film as one media of communication can deliver message to the audience. It has various genre which becomes interesting subject to investigate. The utterance on the film, especially children genre, which is used by the character can influence the language acquisition on children when they watch the film....
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The Fulfilment of Student's Deficiency Need by Teacher's Directive Speech Act Strategy

Sumarti Sumarti, Mulyanto Widodo, Iing Sunarti
There are many studies on directive speech act from politeness perspective. However, those studies only focus on speaker’s perspective such as the form of speech, speech act strategy, and contextual influences on speech act choices in interpersonal relations.The attention which is relatively less given...
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Adjacency Pairs and Implicature of Utterances President Joko Widodo in the Episode of Di Balik Dinding Istana of the Mata Najwa TV Program

Tri Wiratno, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Ratna Susanti
A conversation made by two people is known as dialogue. It is structured by means of adjacency pairs that may be analyzed under the umbrella of pragmatics (Yule, 2006). This study was aimed at: (1) identifying the structure of adjacency pairs in the dialogue between President Joko Widodo and Najwa Shihab...
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Expressive Feedback Functions in the Conversation of the Radio Visitation Programs

Wiwik Yulianti, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Muhammad Rohmadi, Agus Hari Wibowo
Radio broadcast (broadcast) or better known as radio is one means of electronic communication used by the public to obtain information, send information and obtain entertainment that is auditive (Onong, 1990, p. 18). The purpose of this study is to know the type of expressive speech acts contained in...
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Phatic Advice Giving of Javanese Youngsters in Friendship Domain as A Politeness Strategy to Tie a Union

Yuli Widiana, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Sri Marmanto, Dwi Purnanto
Javanese speech community is culturally a collective society. Togetherness to maintain a social bond could be performed by giving phatic advice as the expression of sympathy by applying Javanese politeness principles (Gunarwan, 2007). Kinds and strategies of giving phatic advice in Javanese youngsters...
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Google, Translate This Website Page-Flipping through Google Translate's Ability

Bayu Budiharjo
Google Translate is one of the most universally used Machine Translations in the world. This Machine Translation is claimed to be equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology in performing translation between a range of language pairs, enabling it to produce “translations that are usually more accurate...
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The Optimal Relevance of American Dream Metaphor Translation

Dwi Aji Prajoko, M.R. Nababan, Djatmika Djatmika, Tri Wiratno
In successful communication, the listener believes that the utterance speaker communicates has optimal relevance, namely the utterance that needs minimal processing and gives maximal contextual effects (Sperber & Wilson, 2005: 360). It is getting more interesting when Gutt (in Venuti, 2013: p. 71) applies...
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Translation and Semantic Issues (A Translation Study of the Metaphor Text)

Endang Purwaningsih, Djatmika Djatmika, M.R. Nababan, Agus Hari Wibowo
The translation process is concerned about transferring or rendering a text from source language into target language. The process involves not only the language but also regards to semantic aspects referred to by the source language that is translated by translator and read by reader. Our paper studies...
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Strategies in Translating Minangkabau Cultural Words in the Land of Five Towers 'Negeri Lima Menara', Fuadi's Novel

Erlina Zulkifli Mahmud
This paper aims to discuss the translation of Minangkabau cultural words in Fuadi’s novel The Land of Five Towers ‘Negeri Lima Menara’ viewed by Baker’s translation strategies. Baker’s strategies are used as these strategies are categorized as strategies used by professional translators for the case...
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The Impact of Translation Technique on Politeness Strategies in Giving Advice

Havid Ardi, M.R. Nababan, Djatmika Djatmika, Riyadi Santosa
Giving advice is a common speech act but potentially problematic as it may threaten the face of the hearer. The speaker will use politeness strategies to mitigate face threatening act in giving advice. Politeness strategies as mitigation are not only appeared in real conversation but also in fiction....
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Meaning of Terms in the Translation of Animal Science Texts

I Gusti Agung Istri Aryani, I Nengah Sudipa, Ida Bagus Putra Yadnya, Ni Made Dhanawaty
Equivalence of meaning is the essential part in the translation of animal science terms since it involves with target readers understanding of the target language. In this case, source language (SL) and target language (TL) should be easily understood. Science translation, especially dealing with animal...
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Translating Indonesian Notarial Documents into English: Issues and Its Strategies

I Wayan Ana, Ida Bagus Putra Yadnya, I Made Budiarsa, Ida Ayu Made Puspani
Notary deed is an authentic deed drawn up by or before a notary. As a legal document, notary deed is drawn up using Indonesian legal language. Due to many foreigners entering into notary deeds in Indonesia, translation of notary deeds into foreign languages (particularly English) is indispensable. This...
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The Loan Translation Adaptation of the Character Names in the Novel ?"арри ПоTTер и Филосо?"ский Камень (Garri Potter i Filosofskij Kamen’) into the Russian Language

Khaerunisyah Risma Handayani, Nia Kurnia Sofiah, Njaju Jenny Malik
Loanwords are common in language processesing. One example of language processing is translating foreign works to bring in new words that enter and enrich the recipient language (Baugh and Cable, 2002). Loanwords include proper nouns in translated novels, and the adaptation of proper nouns as character...
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Demetaphorization in the Translation of Meditation Text

Made Susini, I Nengah Sudipa, I Nyoman Suparwa, Ida Ayu Made Puspani
This study deals with demetaphorization in the translation of meditation text from Indonesian into English. Meditation text whose goal is to persuade other people to some extent conveys its persuasive meaning in metaphorical grammatical constructions. Drawing Halliday and Matthiessen’s (2014) transitivity...
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Meaning of Invitation and Prohibition Modality in Quran Translation Texts and Their Connection with Character Education

Markhamah Markhamah, Febriarni Fatiha Falahallaily Futih, Atiqa Sabardila, Abdul Ngalim, Muhammad Muinudinillah Basri
This research aims to describe the meaning of invitation and prohibition modality in Quran translation texts and their connection with character education. The subject of this qualitative descriptive study is Quran translation texts containing language ethics. The object of research is the meaning of...
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The Strategies for Minimizing the Linear Dislocation between Arabic-Javanese Translation of Islamic Moral Ethic Books

Muhammad Yunus Anis
this research will elaborate the Theme and Rheme in Arabic Javanese translation, especially in Islamic Moral Ethic Books. The construction of Theme and Rheme had been related dominantly with textual equivalence between Arabic language (L1) and Javanese language (L2). There are two basic problems in this...
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Collocation Errors by Indonesian EFL Learners: Types of Errors, Translation Techniques, and Causes of Errors

Ni Luh Putu Setiarini
The limited exposure of English causes the production of collocation errors by learners of English as a foreign language (EFL). In addition, the arbitrary characteristics of collocation and learners’ lower linguistic level result the errors. This study aims to investigate the types of collocation errors...
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Techniques for Medical Dictionary Translation

Ruben Dharmawan, M.R. Nababan, Djatmika Djatmika, Riyadi Santosa
The paper is an embedded-case study approaching medical dictionary translation techniques that requires specific skills from the translator. The purposively selected sources of data consist of tropical medicine related entries of the 31st Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary human and web translations,...
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French Narrative Discourse and its Translation in Indonesian

Sajarwa Sajarwa
The main issue in translation is the equivalence between the source text (ST) and the Target Text (TT). This equivalence relates to the message. Equivalence is both a negotiation and transaction. This is also present in the translation of narrative discourse of novels. There are two types of narrative...
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Translation of the Sense and Form of the Language Play in R. Dahl's James and the Giant Peach

Trisnowati Tanto
In the process of translation, ideally speaking, translators have to put into consideration both the form and the sense of the words. The form deals with the style or the construction of the words in the target language, while the sense deals with the content or the meaning of the words. Problems may...
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Translation Quality of Expressive Speech Acts : An Implementation of Bald on Record Impoliteness in the Translation Novel "The Silkworm"

Yoyok sabar Waluyo, M.R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, Djatmika Djatmika
This study reveals how expressive speech acts representing an impoliteness strategy used in the novel. In many cases impoliteness used in speech acts is to make a disharmony relationship, but not in bald on record impoliteness strategy. This strategy explores some other ways to express the speaker’s...
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The Evolution of Booster on the Assertive Speech Act Used in Two Decades Version of Translation

Ilham Ilham, M.R. Nababan, Diah Kristina, Tri Wiratno
We often use booster in daily activities, especially in assertive speech acts that indirectly the resulting booster expression and it is no exception in a work of literary novel The ABC Murder (1936) by Agatha Christie which has been translated many times until to two decades, so that any booster can...