Proceedings of the 2013 the International Conference on Remote Sensing, Environment and Transportation Engineering (RSETE 2013)

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Research on FMCW Radar Signals Processing

Bin Li, Xiaodan Yu
Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave radar or FMCW radar has obvious advantages on its low emitting power, strong resistance to inference signals, compact in size and high precision, therefore it is becoming widely used for distance and velocity measurement. The resolution of the FMCW radar is largely...
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An Algorithm of Filtering InSAR Interferogram Based on the Combination of Wavelet Transform and Sigma Filter

Guolin Cai, Aoli Zhang, Song Zhuo, Dejun Feng, Meiling Sun
In order to enhance the quality in filtering InSAR interferograms, this paper proposes and constructs a Wavelet-Sigma filter (WSF) in view of the respective merits of wavelet transform and Sigma filter. The WSF and its computer program are developed to remove interferogram noise. To validate the proposed...
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Location of air-borne SAR imagery without GCPs and error analysis

Ning-jun Fan, Ling-jun Zhao, Gang-yao Kuang, Ying Cui
A latitude-longitude positioning-method has been developed to determine the location of air-borne SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar) imagery without GCPs(Ground Control Points) based on the F.Leberl Model by using GPS(Global Positioning System)/INS(Inertial Navigation System) system and errors caused by the...
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Evaluation of Energy Efficiency with a Viewpoint to Urban Sustainable Development

Gao Yujie, Wang Zhuoyu, Yin Yanhong
This paper proposes a quantitative method to evaluate the energy efficiency of individual consumption behaviors. Energy consumption is determined by consumption of three kinds of goods: composite goods, car trips and mass transit trips. A model is developed to estimate the individual daily consumption...
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An Empirical Method for Soil Salinity and Moisture Inversion in West of Jilin

Li Yang-yang, Zhao Kai, Ding Yan-ling, Ren Jian-hua
Soil salinization has been known as a world wide problem. It is a chemical process that causes soil degradation particularly in arid and semi-arid agriculture region. There both advantages and disadvantages of optical and microwave remote sensing in the recognition of salinization soil. In order to retrieve...
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Analysis of Posterior Probability Uncertainty for Classification of Hyperspectral Images by Support Vector Machines

Sun Xiaoxia, Li Liwei, Zhang Bing, Yang Ling
This paper analyzes the uncertainty of classification posterior probability of support vector machine (SVM) using urban hyperspectral images. The hyperspectral images in Zhangye are selected as the study zone, and the sample parameter data were acquired based on the high resolution images and the ground...
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Analysis of Charging Demand of Electric Vehicles in Residential Area

Chen Tsai-Hsiang, Liao Rih-Neng
Electric vehicle (EV) in Taiwan may have the opportunity to popularity, the grid will recharge large number of vehicles, the planning and design of the power generation, transmission, and distribution capacity will also propose new specifications and requirements. EV charging on the grid are caused by...
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Preliminary research of water classification from TM images in Yangtze estuary

Runyuan Kuang, Yunxuan Zhou, Fang Shen, Xing Li, Yuanfeng Zhu
Classification of water body helps to understand relationships between different properties inside a certain class and quantify variations between different classes.The paper concentrates on studying classification of water in Yangtze estuary based on in site investigations of spectral reflectance propertiesand...
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Analysis of microwave polarization difference index characteristics about different vegetation types in northeast of China

Li Yang-yang, Zhao Kai, Zheng Xing-ming, Ren Jian-hua
Microwave polarization difference index (MPDI) has great potential in soil moisture content and biomass inversion. Passive microwave remote sensing can be used for inversing surface parameters such as surface temperature, vegetation water content. Different terrain types have different polarization effects...
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Coastline Remote Sensing Monitoring and Change Analysis of Laizhou Bay from 1978 to 2009

Sun Weifu, Zhang Jie, Ren Guangbo, Ma Yi, Ni Shaoqi
Coastline of Laizhou Bay was affected by natural and anthropogenic factors and changed severely in the last 31 years. It has great significance to monitor Laizhou Bay coastline change for coastal zone protection and utilization. Based on the extraction of coastline information by selecting 8 remotely...
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The monitoring and analysis of the Moye Island seas using situation based on remote sensing Island seas using situation based on remote sensing

Shan ChunZhi, Wang Juan
Sea Island is important marine resources, which play important role in promoting the development of ocean industry, but with the violent development of island resources, original natural ecological and ocean environment of the island were destroyed. In order to protect the island, the high resolution...
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Application analysis of the recovery fresh air heat pump units in the public building in the cold and serious cold regions

Aoxue Chen, Chunyu Ran, Hailong Liu
This article analysis the running conditions and existing problems of air conditioning system for existing public buildings in the cold and serious cold regions in winter,and compares analysis of the solution of the anti freezing measures for the fresh air unit,introduces the recovery exhaust energy...
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Dyanmic geomorphology characteristics Research near the tidal flat of the Liangduo River Gate, Jiangsu

Jun Chen
The study area is the tidal flat of the Liangduo River Gate, which is located on the Jiangsu coast. It uses the field measurement data and the remote sensing data to analyse the dynamic geomorphology and development characteristics. The results show that the tidal current is strong and the suspended...
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Characteristics of Mining Geological Environment and its Effect on Prospecting in the Deep of Dachang Orefield

Qin-yi Ye, Jinfu Lin, Xin Chen
Mining development has resulted in resource destruction which as the representative of the destruction of land resources, landscape destruction in Dachang tin-polymetallic orefield , total size of destruction of land resources have exceed 90hm2 ,geological hazards caused by the performance of surface...
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Extraction of farmland areas on different row directions with SAR image based on texture feature

Ren Jian-hua, Zhao Kai, Zheng Xing-ming, Li Yang-yang
Discrimination of farmland areas on different row directions from SAR image is very significant to the selection of the optimal row direction for the cultivation and the yield. In order to reduce the effects of the speckles and improve the accuracy, the paper put forward a method which extracts the farmland...
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The Coastline Extraction for Fujian Province Based on Long Time Series of Remote Sensing Image

Lin Liangzhao, Pan Zengdi, Xiao Kang, Ye Na
In order to study the impact that land reclamation had on coastline of Fujian Province, three phases of Landsat TM/ETM+ image, spanning 15 years, were used to monitor the coastline change. The entire coastline was extracted from preprocessed Landsat TM/ETM+ images based on edge detection operator-Canny....
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Microbial communities of apple orchard soils receiving long-term copper fungicides

Wang Quanying, Zhou Dongmei
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of long-term application of Cu-based fungicides on soil microbial communities using profiling of phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs). The results showed that the total PLFA, Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, fungal PLFA contents, and fungi/bacteria...
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Climatology of aerosol radiative properties over East Asia in spring

Kang Na, Ma Jia, Yu Xingna, Mao Zhiyuan
The knowledge of aerosol properties on a regional scale is important in understanding of the global climate change and radiation forcing. In order to understand aerosol radiative properties in East Asia, 8-year measurements were conducted during 2001-2008. In this study, the aerosol radiative properties...
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Generating DEM of Very Narrow Baseline Stereo Using Multispectral Images

Xu Yusheng, Ye Zhen, Li Lingyun, Liu Shijie, Li Tianpeng, Tong Xiaohua
Traditional digital elevation model (DEM) is extracted from a pair of stereo images with a wide baseline. But wide baselines may increase the likelihood of occlusion problems and the difficulties of image matching. In this work, a method that generates DEM from multispectral images with very narrow baseline...
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Feature Extraction of Buildings Based on Vehicle-borne LiDAR Data

Sheng Lin, Wang Shuangting, Zhou Gaowei
Vehicle-borne LiDAR is a new technical means to quickly obtain high precision three-dimensional data for the city modeling and digital city construction. But the data are discrete and no topological relations. So this research is focused on the vehicular laser-scanning system to obtain the feature lines...
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An Explorative Study on Ecological Designs of the Landscape of River Channels

Lu Man, Chuanyue Wang
As urbanization accelerates in China, the construction of urban river channel receives increasing attention. The problem is how to effectively apply the principle of ecological design in river channel landscape designs so that ecological landscape design can be put into practice and gradually become...
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Estimating impervious surface percent in plain river network regions using a refinement CART analysis

Yuanjian She, Xiaoning Li
The rapid expansion of impervious surface has become a major factor affecting ecosystem health of the high density river network. In this paper, the ensemble learning of CART analysis was used to estimate impervious surface percent(ISP) through Variable Precision Rough Sets (VPRS). First, Landsat TM...
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A new method for SAR image coregistration from interferometric coherence modeling

Cheng Haiqin, Chen Qiang, Liu Guoxiang, Yang Yinghui
A new method on single-looking complex SAR images coregistration from interferometric coherence modeling is proposed to accurately seek homologous points. The set of Doppler, slant-range and ellipsoid equations are employed to compute the coarse matching position. The mathematical model of spatial coherence...
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Urban Land Use Early Warning System for Shenzheng City

Renrong Jiang, Hao Wang, Hongga Li, Lin Liu, Xiaoxia Huang
Land is a sustainable renewable resource important for its huge influence on environment, society and economy. In this paper, a new framework was put forward to building urban land use spatial early warning system. In the proposed approach, system dynamic model (SD), cellular automata model (CA), temporal...
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The biological quantitative reduction experimental research on aerobic excess sludge in papermaking wastewater

Liu Jing, Li Guiju, Zhang Haiyang
This paper research aerobic excess sludge come from A / O process in sewage treatment plant of a paper mill in Shandong, china. The content of TCOD, SCOD, TSS, VSS, P043--P and NH4 +-N in this sludge is studied ,while, the feasibility that aerobic excess sludge and papermaking wastewater in the same...
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A Research of Yield Estimation on Jiangi Early Rice Using MODIS Land Product

Yan Liushui, Gao Xuehui, Huang Shu-e
The conventional multiband data need a lot of processing before application in rainy area. MODIS land products synthesis algorithm reduces the influence of cloud, aerosol and other factors in the greatest degree. MODIS vegetation index product was directly used to estimate total yield production of early...
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Soft Computing for Vehicle Side Slip Angle Based on Kalman Filter

Qiuyun Sun
To solve the problem that vehicle side slip angle in vehicle control process is too difficult to measure on-line, soft computing for vehicle side slip angle is established with Kalman filter and driver-vehicle closed-loop system, based on parameter soft sensor theory and discrete signal filtering theory....
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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls in sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants of Kunming City

Li Xiaoming, Zhao Shimin, Yang Xiaoxia, Wang Daowei, Li Shigang, Pan Xuejun
In this study, the concentrations, distribution and sources of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and 28 polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) insewage sludge samples from wastewater treatment plants of Kunming citywere investigated. The total PAHs concentration ( PAHs) varied from 1941 to3635ng/g,...
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Analysis on Evaluation of Ecological Security Based on Remote Sensing Data

Caige Sun, Kaiwen Zhong
The eco-security of Dongjiang watershed was evaluated in 1988, 1998 and 2007 separately after the eco-security index system establishment, which included three first-class indicators and eighteen second-class indicators based on P-S-R model. The eco-security dynamic degree was built to analysis the temporal...
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Correlation between salinity and crack characteristic of saline soil in Songnen plain

Ren Jian-hua, Li Xiao-jie, Zhao Kai, Li Yang-yang
Effective improvement of saline-alkali soil is very significant for the yield and the ecological environment, thus accurate parameters of different saline-alkali soils are deeply required. In this paper, the areas and perimeters of different soil cracks are detected in a non-contact, non-invasive online...
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High speed data acquisition and processing system for precipitation detection based on linear CCD

Jiang Zhidong, Gao Taichang, Zhao Shijun, Liu Zhitian, Zhai Dongli
In order to realize automatical observation of Precipitation, Optical precipitation auto-measurement system is designed based on linear image sensor. Considering the mass acquisition data which are inconvenient for transmission and processing under continuous operation, real-time binarization and encoding...
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Real-time Remote Sensing Imagery Streaming over Peer-to-Peer Network

Xia Huiyu, Meng Lingkui, Xu Feiran
Motivated by the widespread use of real-time video streaming techniques over peer-to-peer networks, we propose a design of a peer-to-peer solution for real-time remote sensing imagery browsing. In this paper we firstly identify the characteristics of image browsing and mapping them to P2P-based streaming....
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Oil Energy Exploration

Xu Dayou, Wei Wei
Faults play an important role in the complex fault-block reservoir. Fine fault interpretation and combination matters a lot. Aiming at the difficulty of the complex fracture system and fault interpretation, this paper bases on the union of wells and seismic, make full use of spectral decomposition, seismic...
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Experiment of hydraulic structure s effect on pollutant transport and dispersion

Liu Huaixiang, Lu Yongjun
Hydraulic structures have caused many environmental problems in recent years. Structures such as spur-dikes are effective in river regulation but also a threat to river ecology. Therefore, in this paper artificial wetland is considered in spur-dike engineering practice for river restoration. In order...
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Object-Oriented Remote Sensing Image Classification and Road Damage Adaptive Extraction

Liu Xiaoli, Li Xue, Li Jinggang, Wang Qiuliang
Quick road extraction from earthquake disaster area is very important for the earthquake emergency and rescue. For taking advantage of the multiple data sources and complexity of the contextual environments, an automatic model on the road detection is created by using a number of feature descriptors...
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Analysis of spatial heterogeneity based on fractal dimension on Nanjing

Meisi Xie, Chen Zhao
Spatial heterogeneity, by applying the index of fractal dimension, can quantitatively analyze the ecology function and quality of different landscapes in different scales. In this paper, the road-region vegetation ecosystem of Nanjing urban roads was studied by means of semi-variogram analysis, fractal...
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Streamflow and soil erosion simulation using SWAT model in Lower-Middle Reaches of Lancang River

Liu S.L., Wang C., Liu Q., Deng L., Dong S.K., Zhao H.D.
Using SWAT model, the soil erosion and streamflow in the watersheds of Lower-Middle Reaches of Lancang River were assessed. The dam effect on the streamflow in the inlet and outlet of the watersheds was evaluated. At the same time, we explored the impacts of land use change on soil erosion by calculating...
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Application of Mini-UAV in Emergency Rescue of Major Accidents of Hazardous Chemicals

Li-li Wang, Wang-ping Zhou, Shi-lin Zhao
The major accidents of hazardous chemicals always occur suddenly and result in rapid proliferation, wide range of damage as well as grave consequences. So that quick, accurate and effective response to the situation after the accidents is the most crucial part of the rescue. Meanwhile, the timely information...
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Study on Urban and Rural Ecotone Vehicles Acceleration Interference Model

Yan Li, Xiansheng Li
In this paper, the status quo of urban and rural ecotone road accident-prone, through the analysis of changes in vehicles acceleration feature, choice of three-direction acceleration interference as road safety indicators. Three-direction acceleration interference models are established based on acceleration...
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Remote Sensing Monitoring and Effect Evaluation on Ecological Restoration of Heidaigou Coal Mining Area

Dan Huang, Qingsheng Liu
With the rapid development of society and economy, the increasing demands of coal resources not only caused the over-exploitation, but also damaged the ecological environments. So it is important to restore the mining areas, which largely means vegetation restoration. This paper takes Heidaigou mining...
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Numerical investigation of the impact of mesoscale air-sea interaction on atmosphere

Liwen Huang, Yijun Ge
Using the mesoscale coupled air-sea model, Typhoon Winnie (1997) is numerical simulated to investigated the impact of air-sea interaction on atmosphere. Compared with uncoupled model, the simulated results of typhoon intensity from coupled model become more realistic, with decreases in central pressure...
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Ultimate bearing capacity of existing heavy haul railway concrete simple double-T girder strengthened by anchoring assisted steel beams

Long Weiguo, Li Li, Jiang Lizhong, Chen Lingkun
Based on the failure mechanisms analysis of the strengthening method of anchoring assisted steel beams of the existing heavy haul railway concrete simple double-T girders, the plastic ultimate bearing capacity analysis method are presented in this paper, the calculation formula of the strengthening of...
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Spatio-temporal Changes of Land Use from 1989 to 2009 and Its Driving Forces in Jiangsu Coastal Areas, China

LI Bing, Wu Haisuo, WANG Shui, TIAN Ying, QU Changsheng
The spatial distribution and dynamic change of land use and land cover are analyzed over a 20 years span based on multi-temporal satellite data from 1989, 1995 and 2009. During the period from 1989 to 2009, built-up area and water body increased, whereas agricultural land and mudflat decreased. Urban...
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The Simulation of Vessel Traffic Flow Based on Congruential Generator

Zheng-bin Liu, Yu-hui Fu, Ye-sheng Cong
In order to adapt the rapid development of port, to solve relative problems, this paper made a fundamental simulation of vessel traffic flow. Based on the congruential technology, combined with vessel traffic flow, vessel speed, interval between ships and ship turning information, the Ship Produce Model...
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High-resolution Remote Sensing-based Method for Determining the Changes of Loss Risk from Earthquake-induced Geohazard-chain

Qi Wenhua, Su Guiwu
Taking the year 1979, 2008 and 2010 as the representative reference periods, the vulnerabilities and loss risks of hazard-affected bodies from Wenchuan Earthquake-induced geohazard-chain and its temporal-spatial changes in Qingping country have been analyzed mainly through GIS, high-resolution remote...
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Effects of Cu2+ on the photosynthesis of Hydrocharis dubia (Bl.)

Shang Haiyan, Liu Kan, Wang Bo, Ma Xing, Quan Junjiao, Lu Xiaoping
The shortage of water is extremely severe in China and the situation is growing worse because of the water pollution by heavy metal ions which is difficult to be removed with conventional methods. The precipitation of heavy metal ions makes the elimination even more difficult. Hydrocharis dubia (Bl.)...
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Landscape change under the surface water allocation in Ejina oasis, northwestern China

Yu Cao, Yuhuan Wu, Yangjian Zhang, Jie Tian
Exploring the relationships, which are strictly influenced by water resource conditions, between oasis landscape pattern and hydro-ecological process in arid area, becomes the hot topic and difficult challenge in arid landscape ecology and one of the most important issues in arid areas ecological protection...
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Extraction and Inversion of deciduous broad-leaved forest Based on HJ-CCD Remote Sensing Data

Yan Wang, Qingjiu Tian, Yan Huang
In this paper, Chuzhou area in Anhui province was taken as the study area, and deciduous broad-leaved forest as the study object. The NDVI was obtained based on HJ-CCD remote sensing images acquired on April 1,2012 and May 4,2012 when broad-leaved forest was respectively in leaf expansion and flowering....
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Using High-Resolution Imagery Acquired with an Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Urban Construction and Planning

Ma Lei, Li Manchun, Wang Yafei, Tong Lihua, Cheng Liang
In developing country, most of cities are expanding rapidly, and many projects of infrastructure construction are implementing. Hence, the remits of regional planning and monitoring are growing steadily. Planning data and status information need to made available in ever more up-to-date form and with...
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Analysis of change characteristics in Chinese mainland surface climate elements during 1961-2010

Dan Zhou, Bo Zhang, Mei-ling An, Jing Luo
We drew on data of annual mean temperature, the minimum and maximum temperature, annual extreme minimum and maximum temperature from 468 meteorological stations during 1961~2010 of China, analyzed the variation characteristics of climatic factors in recent fifty years by using the linear regression,...
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Applications on Ocean Monitoring Based on Airborne SAR Data

Cui Lulu, Dong Liang, Bie Jun, Jiang Xuhui
In this paper, the ocean goals, including ships, coastline, using of sea area, islands, oil spell, sea ice and green tide ,are monitored based on Airborne SAR data. We analyze the principles and advantages of the use of airborne SAR data to monitor these seven targets. The experience has shown that the...
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Analysis on Correlation between Land Use Change and Vegetation Index by TM image data

Shiquan Hou, Zhiying Wang, Yun Liu, Chunlei Li
This paper selected Changping District located in suburban area of Beijing as a case study, based on Land sat TM image data in 1998 and 2009 for extracting the information about vegetation index and land use. It analyzed the relationship between land use change and vegetation indexes for providing the...
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The research of road extraction from high-resolution remote sensing image based on optimized watershed algorithm

Cai Hongyue, Yao Guoqing
Recently the major methods of extracting road from remote sensing image are manually. It becomes a hotpot to realize automatic information extraction of road according to the feature of high-resolution image and the characteristics of road. In this paper, an improved approach for road extraction based...
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A New Wind Vector Retrieval Algorithm for C-band Airborne SAR

Kong Yi, Liu Wenjun, Zhao Xianbin, Chen Xi, An Hao, Bai Heng
A new ocean wind vector retrieval method is proposed that the wind speed and direction are estimated simultaneously using the normalized radar cross sections detected from different angles and geophysical model function according to the sounding characteristics of airborne SAR. The wind direction ambiguity...
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Study on the Factors of Energy Consumption of Highway Transport Passenger Station

Li Fan, Xiao-xue Tian, Sheng-chang Wang
As the key position in the road transport, passenger depot is the enterprise of high energy consumption. Passenger depot should set the energy conservation standard, take effective measures to reduce the energy consumption. In the paper, factors related with energy conservation are extracted by analyzing...
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Applications status and prospects of remote sensing technology in geographic national conditions monitoring

Xie Hongquan
Remote sensing technology has been widely applied in many fields, in recent years with the advance of geographical national conditions monitoring pilot, remote sensing images has become an important part in geographic national conditions monitoring system, is an important data acquisition means. In this...
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Forgery Detection in Meteorological Facsimile Maps via Intrinsic Features

Xiaotong Wang, Guanlei Xu, Da Yang, Yue Ma
This paper discusses the forgery detection problem in meteorological facsimile maps via the intrinsic features of these maps. Meteorological facsimile maps are of much importance to navigation in ocean. Once the meteorological facsimile maps are tampered, the safety of ships will be possibly greatly...
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The Research Method of the Vegetation Cover Change effecting on Runoff

Jianzhong Yin, Zhengwei He, Fenqin He
Researching the law of runoff has the important scientific and practical significance for the sustainable using and planning the water resources. Studying the relationship between changes of vegetation cover and runoff, it is important to regulate the water resources. Vegetation regulation of runoff...
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Butyltins Contamination in Surface Water in Three Gorges Reservoir Region, China

Ke Zhang, Jun-min Gao, Bin Zhou, Jin-song Guo, Fen Jin
In order to know the occurrence of butyltins in water environment in Three Gorges Reservoir Region (TGRR), China, surface water samples from Chongqing to Yichang in TGRR were collected in March 2012. All water samples were extracted by solid phase micro-extraction (SPME) and measured by gas chromatograph...
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Design and implementation of Entermorpha Prolifra reflectance spectra database system based on VC++ and Access

Sun Hua, Xie Hongquan
The Enteromorpha spectral characteristics is the basic foundation of remote sensing, which can provide an important foundation data for real-time remote sensing monitoring and early warning of Enteromorpha disasters. Through the combination of the VC programming language and the Access database software,...
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Soil Water Content Change in Coal Mining Subsidence Region of Mao Wusu Sand Land

Zhou Ruiping, Wu Yanru
Soil water content in a region is closely related to plant growth. Coal Mining subsidence gives rise to a change of soil property in Mao Wusu sand land.This study investigated the relationship between the soil water content and the subsidence region of Coal Mining. In different depth in the ground samples...
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Spatial Distribution of Rice Sowing and Heading Dates in Southern China

Wang Lin, Li Ting, Jing Yuanshu
In this paper, we analyzed the spatial distribution of rice key phenology (sowing and heading) dates and the effect of critical temperature (10oC and 20oC). Agricultural critical temperature was extracted from daily climate data. Spatial distribution characteristics of rice sowing and heading dates were...
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Vector Data Acquisition Methods Based on the Spatial Data Sensitive Crawler

Mingjun Wang, Mengjun Kang, Qingyun Du
This paper discussed the expression of vector data under the Web environment, introduced a spatial data sensitive crawler (SDSC), and tested the novel technique to collect vector data in real cases. Furthermore, a defect reduction model has been improved so that the level of confidence of different vector...
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Research of Carbon Emission Mechanism Coupling Model and Empirical Case---A Case Study of Beijing

Jin Jianyu, Shen Xiaoliu, Duan Lifeng, Cao Ting
At present, CO2 emissions in China has been ranking second in the world, 75% of it coming from energy consumption. Effective control of CO2 emission has become an urgent problem, and analysis on the impact of factors affecting CO2 emissions will inevitably become the primary solution to this problem....
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Application of evaluation indicators for assessing the influence of reservoirs on downstream water temperature

Tang Wang, Zhou Xiaode, Song Ce, Yuan Bo
To research the water temperature cumulative effect of the power station cascade development, taking the upper reaches of the Yellow River from Ningmute to Maerdang as an example. In the paper, the water temperature impact evaluating indicator was used, combined with three-dimensional model to simulate...
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Research and application of Object-oriented remote sensing image classification based on decision tree

Dou Peng, Zhai Liang, Sang Huiyong, Xie Wenhan
The paper mainly introduced the basic principle and method of Object-oriented classification technology and made studies and research on decision tree classification technology. In addition, the remote sensing image was classified with Object-oriented way by using C5.0 algorithm, and compared with the...
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Lateral Offset Based Analysis of Traffic Features at Urban Bottlenecks

Zhaocheng He, Licheng Zhang, Wenbo Sun
There are a lot of vehicles changing its lane unobservantly when passing a traffic bottleneck in China, which may affect other vehicles that drive according to the rules.Even the traffic features on the road may also be influenced. Based on the data that collected from the road, this paper firstly proposes...
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Daily maximum and minimum temperature variation in Xiliugou basin for the period 1969-2010

Zhang Nan, Jiang Hong, Huang Kui, Du Kai
The paper presents an analysis of daily maximum, minimum and annual average diurnal temperature range. Three stations in XiLiuGou basin are analyzed to detect significant daily time trend from1969 to 2010. The homogeneity of the series is tested by means of the Standard Normal Homogeneity, the Buishand...
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Using Multi-temporal RS Image and Landscape Metrics to Map Urbanization Process

Yetao Yang, Yingying Wang
Multi-temporal remote sensing imagery is widely used to map the urbanization-caused landuse temporal dynamics, which mainly appears as built-up growth. Remote sensing integrated with landscape metrics is also used to quantitatively describe the landscape pattern of the urban area in recent literatures....
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Preparation of a Concentrated Coal Water Slurry Dispersant Incorporating Sulfomethylated Alkali Lignin as a Raw Material

Chen Xiaomei, Liu Minghua, Liu Yifan
Dispersants in coal water slurry have received considerable attention over the years with regards to their use in enhancing the properties of CWS. This paper focuses on the preparation of the low-cost, high-performance CWS dispersant. The novel concentrated coal water slurry dispersant was prepared by...
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Regional Urban Area Extraction Using MODIS data and DMSP/OLS data

Lv Ying, Liu Huiping
Regional urban extraction is an essential process in analyzing urban agglomeration based on GIS and RS.Urban agglomeration will become the main form of urbanization of China in the future .In this paper, we present results from efforts to map urban agglomeration built-up land at 500 m spatial resolution...
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Neural Network Application Based on GIS and Matlab to Evaluation of Flood Risk

Lirong Song, Shiwei Zhao, Weilin Liao, Zhaoli Wang
In order to test the Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in the applicability of flood risk assessment, this paper applies the traditional BP neural networks (BPNN), radial basis function neural networks (RBFNN) and probabilistic neural networks (PNN) to establish flood risk assessment model using MATLAB...
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Correlation Analysis between Sea-level Change of China's Coastal Areas and the Mass Change of Antarctic Ice Caps

Shi Yingjie, Wang Weian, Chen Wen
Impact of sea-level change on coastal areas has long been a concern of the world, especially the coastal countries. It is an important part in the research of the marine environment. Sea-level change is caused by various social and environmental reasons, among which the contribution of the Antarctic...
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Optimization Strategies of Intersection Based on Non-motor Vehicle Priority in Old City

Du Lin, Jiao Pengpeng, Wang Honglin
The development of traffic in old city, with the background of green traffic, is paying more attention to environmental protection. The public bicycle system is very appropriate for the development of old cities, and the order and efficiency of non-motor vehicles at the intersection are the key issues...
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Ground Penetrating Radar Exploration for Ancient Mausoleum at Mangshan Area

Sun Wei, Huang Xiaobo, Yan Hui, Wang Xianqiu
Ground penetration radar (GPR) is a geophysical method that is commonly used in archaeological and forensic investigations, including the determination of the exact location of mausoleums. In this paper, a GPR case history at archaeological site is presented. The results show some very successful studies...
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Application of Equivalent Numerical Relational Degree for Groundwater Environmental Quality Evaluation in Coal Mine

Li Fanxiu, Gao Wenmin
a general methodology for equivalent numerical relational degree evaluation is developed and illustrated with a case study of groundwater status assessment for Sang Shuping coal mine. The results of the assessment are in concordance with other evaluation methods. Compared with the other evaluation method,...
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Landscape Dynamics in Hulunbuir Grassland of China

Wang Zhiliang, Wang Zongming, Zhang Bai, Lu Chunyan, Ren Chunying
Hulunbuir Grassland is one of the world famous steppe. Along with global climate change, the beautiful mosaic landscape of grassland-wetland-desert is getting unstable under huge demographic and economic growth pressures. From 2000 to 2010, the total area of water reduced by 396.52 km2 grassland by 234.71...
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Expanded Granular Sludge Bed (EGSB) Reactor Treating Actual Domestic Wastewater: Temperature Influence

Dong Chunjuan, Geng Zhaoyu, Wang Yanxia
To demonstrate the feasibility of using expanded granular sludge bed (EGSB) reactor as the single reactor for the treatment of domestic treatment when the temperature fluctuates between 15 (winter) and 26 (summer), the effects of operation temperature (15 , 26 ) on the performance, methanogenic activity...
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Meteorological Risk Assessment in Large-scale Bridge Construction Based on Multi-source Information and Downscaling Techniques

Shi-cheng Huang, Jia-ling Zhou
This is a study to improve the pertinence and accuracy of bridge-construction meteorological risk assessment. The multi-source information including meteorological observations, the disaster information, and the meteorological conditions of construction unit were used. Taken a large-scale bridge construction...
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Prediction and elucidation of algal dynamic variation in Gonghu Bay by using artificial neural networks and canonical correlation analysis

Wang Heyi, Yang Xuchang
This paper describes the training, validation and application of recurrent neural network (RNN) models to computing the algal dynamic variation at three sites in Gonghu Bay of Lake Taihu in summer. The input variables of Elman’s RNN were selected by means of the canonical correspondence analysis (CCA)...
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Morphological changes of Dachan Bay in Pearl River Estuary based on RS and DEM

Ji Rongyao, Lu Yongjun, Wang Zhili, Mo Siping
The surrounding area of the Dachan Bay in the Pearl River Estuary has one of the highest economic development rates of China. Rapid industrialization and urbanization has resulted in extensive changes in land use, including the tidal flat reclamation and harbor construction. For the analysis of the morphological...
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Modeling the Monthly Variations of Urban Heat Island in Beijing City with MODIS Surface Products

Ji Zhou, Xu Zhang
As a climatic phenomenon, the urban heat island (UHI) obtains intrinsic variation characteristics at different temporal scales. However, investigations on the intra-annual variations of UHI in mega cities are still rare. In this study, high-quality LST time-series datasets of the Beijing municipality...
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Research on Land Use and Land Cover Change. Yining, Xinjiang region for nearly 20 years

Jiang Ye, Hanhu Liu
This paper utilizes TMETM remote sensing images of Yining, Xinjiang from 1990, as well as RS technology to revise and enhance the images and improve images fusion. On the basis of field surveys, remote sensing image interpretation signs of the study area were set up. We extracted information from the...
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Comparative Analysis of Conventional and Waste Polyethylene Modified Bituminous Mixes

Khurshid Muhammad Bilal, Ahmed Sarfraz, Irfan Muhammad, Mehmood Sajid
Increase in road traffic in combination with insufficient maintenance due to shortage in funds causes rapid deterioration of the roads. To alleviate this process, several measures may be effective, such as, use of better quality materials, use of cost-effective construction methods, dedicated funds for...
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A numerical inversion method for CCD side-scatter lidar

Tao Zongming, Liu Dong, Xie Chenbo, Ma Xiaomin, Meng Xiangqian, Hu Shunxing, Wang Yingjian
Using a CCD as the detector, side-scatter lidar has great potential application in the near range atmospheric detection. Side-scatter lidar equation is different from backscatter lidar in terms of atmospheric transmittance and atmospheric scatter coefficient. A new inversion method is proposed for side-scatter...
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Development of Near Sea Surface Air Specific Humidity Retrieval by Satellite Remote Sensing

Jiang Zhuhui, You Xiaobao, Yi Xin, Zhang Wei
Sea surface air specific humidity is important in the remote sensing of the Earth from space. First, the progress of satellite remote sensing near sea surface air specific humidity is studied, then, the principle of near sea surface ai specific humidity retrieval is illustrated; further research is suggested...
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Estimating impervious surfaces by linear spectral mixture analysis under semi-constrained condition

Zhu Honglei, Li Ying, Fu Bolin
Impervious surface played an important role in monitoring urban sprawl and understanding human activities. Linear spectral mixture analysis (LSMA) is commonly used to estimate impervious surface due to its simple structure and clear physical meaning. But previous researches found that LSMA seems to overestimate...
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Identifying of Noise Type and Estimating of Noise Level for InSAR Interferogram in the Wavelet Domain

Guolin Cai, Guoxiang Liu, Aoli Zhang, Meiling Sun, Jiafa Tang, Shuaiyi Zhang
In order to identify noise type of the InSAR interferogram and facilitate more effective interferogram processing, especially for interferogram filtering based on wavelet transform, a novel methodology for identifying noise type and estimating noise level was reported. This methodology combined a wavelet...
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Forest restoration assessment based on NDVI from MODIS image under different burn intensity in the burned blank in discontinuous permafrost area of Northeast China

Li Zongmei, Zhang Zengxiang, Zhao Xiaoli, Wang Xiao, Wen Qingke, Zuo Lijun
based on the characteristics of MODIS image, the author studies change of NDVI in different level burn intensity in burn blanks in one year and between years in discontinuous permafrost area of Northeast China. In this paper, the method based on relations of NDVI changes was set up. The study shows that...
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Area changes of Nam Co during 2000-2011 based on remote sensing study

Xu Rong, Zhang Zengxiang, Wen Qingke, Zhao Xiaoli
Using MODIS satellite data of different periods, the change in water area of Nam Co during 2000-2011 is analyzed based on geographical information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) techniques. The results show that the Nam Co expanded continuously in recent 11 years with an average increase rate of...
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Inversion of Soil Moisture from Backscattering Coefficient Using LS-SVM

Cheng Zhihui, Zhang Qinhe, Li Jianing, Lu Wei
Inversing soil moisture from remote sensing data is difficult for the problem is usually nonlinear and ill-posed. To enhance the accuracy of this inversion problem and reduce the effect of surface roughness, a least square-support machine (LS-SVM) based inversion approach is used to retrieve the soil...
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Improved Velocity Estimation Algorithm for Traffic Surveillance Radar Using Autofocus Technique

Xu Yanhui, Li Yong
This paper is about an interesting application of the Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar system for the traffic surveillance. By introducing a novel monitoring mode, it is designed to provide synchronously the velocity measurements of all the vehicles within the radar footprint. To achieve...
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Biological Vision for Urban Vegetation Detection in Color Remote Sensing Imagery

Xu Fang, Jiang Weiwei
Urban vegetation, which scatters in gardens, settlements and streets etc., appears small, often fragmented, linear patches. Automatic vegetation detection in color remote sensing imagery is useful for obtaining more timely and accurate information. In this paper, a new biological vision methodology based...
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Urban road network matching method based on stable stroke hierarchical structure

Yang Lin, Wang Run, Yan Han
Road matching plays an important role on road data integration. The geometric similarity matching often become invalid when the calculation is considered only in local level, this paper excavates stable calculation space from the urban spatial structure, and makes full consideration of stable hierarchical...
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Feasibility Study of INS for Upper Wind Measurement

Ye Tao, Shijun Zhao
Upper wind data is the basic data for meteorological services and military supporting missions, and balloon-tracing method is the most commonly used method in meteorological operation. In this paper a balloon-tracing and wind measuring method bases on inertial navigation systems (INS) is proposed accounting...
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Forest ecologicla importance classification based on ecosystem services assessment

Qu Kaiyue, Zhang Chunyu, Qian Jinping, Zhao Huan
To effective use forest ecosystem services, forest classification management is applied in forestry. Through a case study, based on ecosystem services assessment with the support of GIS, we proposed ecological importance grade (FEIG) to assess forest ecological importance, and compared the spatial distribution...
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Linear Feature Extraction from SAR Images based on the modified LSD Algorithm

Xi Tan, Lingjun Zhao, Yi Su
This paper proposes a new approach for linear feature from SAR images based on the modified LSD algorithm. This approach consists of three steps: computing the information of the edge, extracting the lines and the validating the lines. First, the ROEWA detector and the Gabor filter are used to extract...
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Study on Hyperspectral Models in estimating Chlorophyll Content of Corn Based on Hyperspectral measured data and HJ-HSI

Tian-tian Shao, Kai-shan Song, Bai Zhang
Chlorophyll is one of the most important pigments for plant photosynthesis as a proxy of health of vegetation and photosynthetic capacity. In this study, estimation of chlorophyll content of corn of western regions of Jilin Province is conducted based on both the measured hyperspectral data and the environmental...
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Status and development trend of 3D laser scanning technology in the mining field

Gu Fengyun, Xie Hongquan
3D laser scanning technology to a complete and high-precision reconstruction scan physical and quick access to the raw survey data, the most important feature is high precision, fast speed, approaching the prototype, has been widely used in various fields of mapping and other. In this paper, based on...
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Hydrogen and oxygen isotopes characteristics in various types gold deposits in Jiaodong peninsula, China

Tong Jinggui, Yan Yutong
The Jiaodong Peninsula is the largest gold district in China. There are three types of gold deposits which are recognized as quartz vein, fracture-altered and interlayer slippage type in Jiaodong. The paper studied hydrogen and oxygen stable isotopes from three different types gold deposits in Jiaodong....