Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Soft Computing in Information Communication Technology

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Research on the Detection and Tracking of Hot Event in Microblogs Based on the Analysis of Mood Features

Gaofeng Huang, Xueguang Zhou
With the widespread application of microblog, it has become a platform for people to publish their interest topics, to express personal feelings, to participate in a centralized discussion. Aiming at the tracking problem of hot events in microblogs, this paper proposes a new tracking method of hot events...
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Design and Implementation of Campus Real-Time Monitoring and Emergency Management System Based on GIS

Shengwu Duan, Sijun Jia
With the increasing number of undergraduates, the security problem of campus has been greatly drawn attention from the education world. This paper is based on the theories of campus security management combined with practical situation. It summary the database design, function design and spatial data...
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A Modified K-means Algorithms - Bi-Level K-Means Algorithm

Shyr-Shen Yu, Shao-Wei Chu, Ching-Lin Wang, Yung-Kuan Chan, Chia -Yi Chuang
In this paper, a modified K-means algorithm is proposed to categorize a set of data into smaller clusters. K-means algorithm is a simple and easy clustering method which can efficiently separate a huge number of continuous numerical data with high-dimensions. Moreover, the data in each cluster are similar...
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The Gray GM(1.1) Prediction in Wheat Production of Shandong Province Based on the MATLAB

Qianqian Zhang, Jie Yang, Yingchun Zhang, Mingchuan Ji
MATLAB is a kind of software which has powerful computing capabilities. This paper used the MATLAB software to computing the gray GM(1.1) prediction model, and establish the gray GM(1.1) prediction model based on historical data of production of wheat in Shandong Province. Through residual test, the...
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Human-Machine Interface: Design Principles of Interactive Waiting in Web and App

Minghui Hu, Peng Bian
This paper analyzed and generalized the content and characteristics of interactive waiting, which should care more about user’s psychological sense about waiting time. Based on the discussion, the article advanced several principles to help designer to do user-centered interaction design, such as put...
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An Organizational Strategy and the Application of Spatial Data Based on the Dynamic Grid System

Huimin Xu, Jun Yang, Dewen Ding
Data grid is the fundamental work of graphics drafting, scientific computing and the realization of spatial analysis. The paper uses dynamic grid system and assigning technology of spatial data to implement interoperability of multiple-sources data. Assign grid system has multi-attributes, which applies...
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The Design of Distributed-Server-Technology-Based Network Communication Software

Shunting Su, Nianfeng Li, Yinghua Lv
Given that the centralized-servers-technology-based network communication software like QQ and MSN are high on cost and limited on users’ control right, this thesis presents a designing scheme of the distributed-servers-technology-based network communication software. The design follows consistently...
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Game Analysis and Agent-based Modeling Simulation Model Design for the Regulation of Inside Trading in Stock Market

Shuo Liu
Since the stock market has become an important component of financial system in one country, it is very critical for the regulator to keep the market stability and avoid the illegal behaviors in order to maintain the national financial security. This paper analyzes the regulation of inside trading in...
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Optimal Hatch Filter with an Adaptive Smoothing Time Based on SBAS

Xiao Zhang, Pan Huang
The Hatch filter is a code-smoothing technique using integrated carrier phase observations. It is an averaging filter that can smooth pseudorange measurements with continuous carrier phase. It is well known that if the smoothing window is an averaging constant, the filter diverges because of opposite...
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Use of Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network to Predict Passenger Volume of Beijing Subway

Xiaoqing Zhang, Zhili Liu, Lan Li
This paper analyze different aspects of factors that affecting passenger volume of Beijing subway, then select fifteen key factors from four aspects: internal structure of the urban rail transit system, urban demographic features, economic development and urban transport structure. Firstly, SPSS software...
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MIMO-SAR Imaging Based on Double Frequency Slope Waveform

Xianglin Tan, Zhulin Zong
An imaging approach based on the Double Frequency Slope (DFS) waveform in multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is presented in this paper. Firstly the DFS waveform’s range-Doppler domain’s features after in range direction is analyzed based on principle of stationary...
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Research of the Books Localization Algorithm in Library Intelligent Bookshelf System Based on RFID

Yuanzhong Shu, Yannan Su, Xiaohong Peng, Mengzhe Mei
Under the currently trend of the library collection quantity increasingly, the book disordered problem became more common which caused the reader too hard to find a book that they want. To solve these problems, this paper design the accurate location algorithm based on RFID intelligent bookshelf, and...
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A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Solution for Insertion of Idle Time in the Jobs Scheduling

Chi-Yang Tsai, Yi-Chen Wang
This paper considers the use of insertion of idle time in the unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem with an objective of minimizing the sum of earliness and tardiness. An effective and efficient mixed integer linear programming formulation is proposed. For comparison, two models where the use...
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Review on the Autonomous Mission Planning System of Satellites

Jianbing Zhu, Jian Guo, Luyuan Wang
This The autonomous mission planning becomes a trend to satellites. For this reason, the autonomous mission planning system of satellites is reviewed in this paper. This review can guide the researchers to do more works of the autonomous mission planning system of satellites.
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Comparative Analysis of Three Typical Text Mining Software

Xiaguang You
Based on brief introduction of the functions of three text mining software named as SAS Text Miner, VisualText, and TRS CKM, this paper comparatively analyses the three text mining software from three aspects of features embedded in data preparation, data analysis and result reporting. It is found that...
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Wideband Bandpass Filter with Excellent Selectivity Using Anti-coupled Line

Liming Liang, Shulan Li, Yuanan Liu, Cuiping Yu
A simple anti-coupled line circuit configuration is proposed to design wideband bandpass filter with sharp skirt selectivity in this paper. Good skirt selectivity can be achieved with two transmission zeros near the passband. The location of transmission zeros and bandwidth of passband can be adjusted...
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Research on Security and Privacy Issues of NDN

Zengwu Zhang, Ke Zhang
In the study of the future network architecture NDN, security and privacy problem has always been a very important research topic. Aiming at this problem, this paper analyzes and discusses the security and privacy issues in NDN network security, content security and privacy, signature and credit management,...
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Batch Repowering Scheme in Rechargeable Wireless Sensor Networks

Wei Shang, Yijun Wang, Yuliang Li
Energy optimization of WSN is very important to prolong the lifetime of tiny and energy insufficient sensor nodes. Traditional LEACH-like energy saving approaches try to balance the load of every node, which prove to be very effective. Since, these approaches suppose that the sensor nodes are disposable;...
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Hybrid Energy-Efficient Clustering Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Shuo Chen, Maiying Shen, Qi Cao
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) with numerous spatially distributed sensors can accurately monitor a remote environment, such as humidity, pressure, distance, etc. and cooperatively send the data, combing from the individual nodes, to base station (BS). Energy saving is a great challenge for WSNs which...
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Analysis on the Security Monitoring and Detection of Mine Roof Collapse Based on BOTDR Technology

Shuai Wang, Lijun Luan
Mine roof collapse is always the top issue of mine security, and apparently traditional detection methods don't have a very good performance. In this thesis, the authors present the detection performance of BOTDR technology to mine roof. The authors bring up corresponding wiring technology and methods...
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DTNs Routing Protocol Based on Urban Public Transport System

Xuebin Ma, Xin Zhan, Zhenchao Ouyang, Jing Bai
Urban public transport networks are special types of Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) which consist of buses and other forms of transport. It is hard to establish an end-to-end link and maintain a stable network topology in this kind of networks. However, unlike other DTNs, the bus’s mobility in public...
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Unequal Distributed Spatial Correlation-based Tree Clustering for Approximate Data Collection

Maiying Shen, Shuo Chen
Dividing the networks into several unequal sizes of clusters and the nodes with similar readings and neighboring geographical location are in the same cluster is an effective way to prolong the WSN lifetime. Most applications in WSNs can tolerate certain accuracy loss of the sensor readings and we can...
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Pair-Wise Key Predistribution Using the Deployment Knowledge in WSN

Lingxiao Zhao, Ling Ye
Key management is one of the most challenging security issues in wireless sensor networks where sensor nodes are randomly deployed in a hostile field. Considering the limitations of power, computation and communication capabilities in wireless sensor networks, key predistribution is found to be a better...
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Debugging and Application Test for Integrated Navigation System

Zhi Li, Jinjiang Liu
We integrated the reality and the development of the navigation technology at home and abroad, considered the operating feature of underwater wheeled mining vehicles for mines and their poor working conditions, applied the laser gyro inertial autonomous navigation system advanced at home and abroad during...
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A Novel Approach for Efficient Route Request Flooding in MANETs with Directional Antennas

Long Qian, Huyin Zhang, Di Wu, Jing Wang
In recent years, using directional antennas to reduce the amount of interference and collisions in mobile ad hoc networks has become more and more popular. Due to the problem of broadcast storm caused by flooding route requests, a novel route request flooding approach called Hexagonal Flooding Strategy...
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A Cooperative Command and Control Model

Wenkai Xiao, Hangyu Wang, Zhangsong Shi
Command and control (abbreviated C2) is the key of integrated cooperative engagement, and directly decides the process and outcome of war. As the background of integrated engagement, in view of the analysis of several typical C2 models, based on synergetic theory and method, the definition of cooperative...
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Improving of Compound Modulation Signal Parameter Estimation Method

Ye Tao, Liping Wang, Ying Mu
Modern communication commonly uses the complex modulation signal in order to achieve Anti-interference. Most current signal parameter estimation uses the hypothesis of some of the priori information known, which has some special features. This paper describes the design of a low SNR parameter estimation...
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A High Spectral Efficiency Generalized Spatial Modulation Scheme for MIMO Fading Channels

Gang Li
The Multiple–antenna technique called MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) constitutes a key technology for modern and future wireless communications, which trade–off superior error performance and higher data rates for increased system complexity and cost. As an extension to the classical MIMO schemes,...
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Stereo Vision System & 3D TV Program Production

Zhenlong Zhang, Taozheng Zhang, Jianping Chai
Stereo vision is a strong-crossed subject, and it has been one of the most hot topics in the study of computer. In more than 40 years of development, it has formed its own method and theory. This paper systematically reviews the present situation of stereo vision research, briefly introduces stereo vision...
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Study on Information Release of Urban Rail Transit Passenger Flow Induced under Emergencies

Han Tang, Jie Xu, Jianyuan Guo
Urban rail Transit system is a dynamic, uncertain and complex system, it will seriously affect the traffic capacity of road network, and the convenience of people's travel in the event of emergencies. So the timely and accurate release of information is an important guarantee of the safe and efficient...
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An IoT Ant Colony Foraging Routing Algorithm Based on Markov Decision Model

Chao Cheng, Zhi-hong Qian, Guang Ji
This paper proposes a Markov decision ant colony routing selection algorithm based on the multi-parameter equilibrium. In this routing algorithm, five unit group Markov routing decision model based on IoT is build, network link quality, node residual energy and neighbor node number three aspects is considered,...
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Maneuvering Target Tracking with ESM Sensor

Hongwei Quan, Junhua Li, Xiaojuan Zhang
This paper addresses the maneuvering target tracking with a single ESM sensor where only the bearing and elevation measurements are available and used for the target trajectory estimation. In single ESM tracking system the maneuvers of observer platform are required for the observability. The maneuver...
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A Study on Performance and Characteristics of International Art Papers in 1998-2013--Based on SSCI and A&HCI

Jing Ye, Zeng-jie Cao
This paper studies the basic performance and characteristics of the papers on arts with the methodology of bibliometrics, taking the art papers from SSCI and A&HCI of Web of Science in 1998-2013 as samples. The study shows that, from the perspective of metrics, art papers in SSCI and A&HCI are stable...
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Implementation of GRE Over IPsec VPN Enterprise Network Based on Cisco Packet Tracer

Chong Wang, Jing-you Chen
Along with the increasing prominence of network security problem, VPN (Virtual Private Network, VPN) technology provides a solution of economic remote access for the enterprise. As the IPSec protocol is able to provide the highest level of security, using IPSec VPN to build security Intranet has become...
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Design and Implementation of A Content-based Gift Recommender System for Patient-visit

Yang Yu, YuHui Wang
When visiting a patient, it’s difficult to choose a useful gift for the patient. Moreover, we often send some useless gifts. This system is able to solve the problem. It can recommend gifts according to the doctors’ suggestions and the patient’s basic information. We created a mathematical model for...
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The Analysis and Recommendation in Dining of College Students

Kewen Tang, Zhenyu Liu, Hongwei Jia
Contemporarily, the diet in universities is so well-focused that we build up the system-“Clean-plate Movement”-to make the diet recommendation for the college alumnus. Born out of the conviction of nutriology and resembled user throng, our recommending system acquires the data and logs and then divides...
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The Application of DM in University Admissions Decision Making

Zaixun Guo, Liying Fang, Lei Yu, Hang Su, Zhifeng Liu
With the purpose of extracting potential knowledge from the vast amounts of data, as well as providing auxiliary information for decision making for college admissions departments, in this paper, based on SPSS 12.0 software clementine, it mainly uses C5.0 decision tree algorithm and association rules...
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Reconstructing Regular Shredded Documents by Similarity Measure

Cheng Le, Nanjie Deng, Xiao Jin
This paper describes a method to the problem of reconstructing regular shredded documents by similarity measure. Regular shredded document can be quantized as gray-level matrix or two-value matrix. So we can match the gray value of the edge of the shredded document, which is indicated as similarity value....
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A Novel Colored Time Petri Net Model for Policy Management and Context Awareness Procedure in MANET

Jing Wang, Huyin Zhang, Fang Xu, Ning Xu, Zhiyong Wang, Xuejun Zhou, Chen Li, Zhao Shen
Because the phases of policy management in Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) and the procedure of context awareness in cognitive wireless network are very unclear and complicated. We aim to provide a useful description way to analyze the mechanism of policy-based network management (PBNM) in MANET, the structure...
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Application and Empirical Research of Data Mining Technology in Decision Optimization of Chinese Publishing Enterprise

Shuo Liu
As the age of big data is coming and the market is becoming increasingly competitive, it’s important for enterprise to discover the knowledge and rules existing in big data for decision optimization. Publishing schedule and association of publications have become two important factors which must be considered...
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A Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Model Based on Yearly Difference of the Student Enrollment Number

Hongxu Wang, Hui Wang, Jianchun Guo, Hao Feng
A number of forecasting models have been proposed based on fuzzy time series in the past 20 years, and forecasting accuracy rate continues to increase. This paper establishes a fuzzy time series forecasting model based on yearly difference of the student enrollment number. The method uses the yearly...
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A Modified Method of Forecasting Enrollments Based on Fuzzy Time Series

Hao Feng, Hongxu Wang, Jianchun Guo, Fujin Zhang
In this essay, we propose a method of forecasting enrollments based on fuzzy time series which is improved by Saxena, Sharma& Easo. Some sections are improved, Such as the setting of universe of discourse, construction of fuzzy set and Inverse fuzzy number, and forecasting formula. We still used the...
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Detecting Syphilis Amount in China Based on Baidu Query Data

Geng Peng, Jiyuan Wang
Syphilis has drawn and is drawing more and more attentions globally because of its dangers and spreading speed, especially in China. Thanks to the development of search engine, a quicker and more accurate prediction of syphilis can be conducted. We collect the queries series on Baidu, a company providing...
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Highway Passenger Traffic Volume Prediction of Cubic Exponential Smoothing Model Based on Grey System Theory

Wenwen Liu, Yong Qin, Honghui Dong, Yanfang Yang, Zhao Tian
In consideration of highway passenger transportation system is a Grey system of incomplete information; this paper constructs a Grey model and a cubic- exponential-smoothing model at first. In order to avoid the shortcomings of a single model, it constructs a cubic-exponential-smoothing combination model...
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A Fire Spread Model Based on Cellular Automaton

Hongpo Wang, Hong Zhou
The Drum-Tower District is a historic site in the Inner place of Tianjin which represents the commercial culture, ecdemic culture, exotic culture and civilian culture of Tianjin. The buildings of this region are usually made of wood and other highly combustible materials. Once there be a fire, the influence...
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The Research on Chinese Word Segmentation System with Semantic Annotations Information

Xian-Yi Cheng, Wei Kang, Jie Zhang, Quan Shi
Chinese word segmentation technology is a very important basic work in the field of Chinese information processing. Aim to the existing Chinese word segmentation system only focus on grammar annotation, this paper will learning the rules of semantic annotation based on ID3 and feature selection based...
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Research and Design of Wireless Projection System Based on WLAN&3G

Ting-ting Wang, Li Zhang, Fang Wang
For large volume of existing projection device, active power, portable difficult issues such as the design of the wireless projection system based on WLAN and 3G. This paper achieved wireless transmission of projected information, supporting 3G wireless network connection, the formation of a wireless...
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Application of Fuzzy Clustering in Agricultural Disaster Insurance

Ting Zhang
Facing frequent occurrences of natural disasters in recent years, the research and practice of natural disaster insurance should be paid more attention and intensified in our country,In order to reasonably determine the agricultural insurance rate and premium, we use the fuzzy clustering analysis method...
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Feature Extraction of Frequency Bands Power Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition

Enxiang Du, Wei Wang, Chunlin Zhang, Jingjing Ren
Homing and control signal quality of certain missile is an important information which can reflect system performance and technical conditions of guidance system and it is one of core contents of guidance system detection. The method of feature extraction based on frequency bands power of wavelet packet...
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Establishment of Fashion Clothes Network Virtual Reality Mall

Pingping Meng
With the development of computer science and network virtual reality technique, the construction of the network virtual reality mall has come true. Clothes network marketing field puts forward the proposal of constructing the fashion clothes network virtual reality mall. Analyzed and researched establishment...
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A Method of SQL Processing Data in NoSQL

Wumin Pan
For data processing, there has been lot of work in that area. Most of the work intends to provide a simple or conducive way of processing (storing and accessing) the data stored in NoSQL stores. They aim to have a SQL like approach in manipulating the data, since most end users might find that way to...
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Design and Realization of the Modern Fishery Harbor Geographic Information System Based on SuperMap IS.NET

Shuo Xu, Yu Wang, Zhen-zhou Wang
With the sharp increase of fishery harbor’s scale, geographic information and developing information, a system which can manage all information is that necessary. This article introduces the design and realization of the fishery harbor geographic information system. This system is developed under SuperMap...
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Research of Patent Race of Mobile Publishing and Press Innovation

Hejie Chen, Qiang Yan
With the rapid development of wireless Internet and WIFI, mobile terminals have become an important media of content publishing. Mobile publishing ushered in the great development opportunity. But there is no authoritative definition of mobile publishing. This paper firstly presented a kind mobile publishing...
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Research between Technology Standards and Patents in Mobile Publishing

Hejie Chen, Qiang Yan
With the rapid development of wireless Internet and WIFI, mobile terminals have become an important media of content publishing. This paper presented our definition of mobile publishing. Then it described mobile publishing chain and participator's functions. The press provided the excellent contents...
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Overview of Linux Vulnerabilities

Shuangxia Niu, Jiansong Mo, Zhigang Zhang, Zhuo Lv
Various advanced key technologies can be effectively implemented on Linux cause its stability, high efficiency and open source nature. However, Linux Operating System(OS) itself and some of the services Linux-based inevitably have their vulnerability, namely Linux is not absolutely safe. This paper attempts...
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Reformation and Considerations on the Course of Computer Network

Yungang Wei, Jie Lin, Pengfei Tang, Xiaoming Zhu
The paper introduce in teaching of the course of computer network, in aspects of network construction, network agreement, as well as all service acts, how to utilize the sniffers’ scratch IP pack process, through their analysis, to understand every internet protocol construction. The aim of the treatments...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Political Education Based on Principles and Methods of Structural Equation

Jin Zhu
this paper, by means of structural equation modeling (SEM), and theoretical assumptions, uses exploratory factor and confirmatory factor to study the effectiveness of ideological and political education. The effectiveness of ideological and political education is an important issue that ideological and...
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Analysis on Status of Information Technology Cognition of Freshmen in Higher Vocational College- A Study of Tianjin

Shuzhen Du, Guangran Liu
The study carried out with research perspective from learners’ cognitive status quo of the computer, based on the hybrid research methods and used random cluster sampling. The author distributed an open and anonymous survey questionnaire to freshmen, who come from five higher vocational college of Tianjin,...
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Using Multimedia to Promote Teaching Effectiveness in the Classroom of China

Jing Li, Muyun Kang
With the rapid development of information technology and the urgent need for modernization of pedagogy, multimedia-centered teaching techniques have come into use for classroom instruction. The application of multimedia devices to classroom teaching helps enlarge the amount of classroom information,...
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Assessing the Relationship of Web-based Cooperative Learning and Adult Students’ English Learning in the Perspective of Interactive Hypothesis

Xiaomin Gan, Yuling Ma, Qinyi Tan
This study analyzed the relevancy between Web-based Cooperative Learning and the outcome of adult students’ English learning in the perspective of the Interactive Hypothesis by investigating 692 adult students in the fields of online learning time, online coursework score and posting frequency. It found...
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A Brief Discussion on the Motivation of ELT

Rui Fu
This paper focuses on a classroom research question within a certain teaching context about the reason that many students are not very motivated in learning English in their educational background. It is very useful in this teaching context and learning area to motivate the learners to regain their interest...
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Current Security Status and Development Tendency of Packaging Materials for Infant Food in China

Liyan Gao
In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy, people are improving their living standards day by day and paying growing attention to food safety. Food cannot be separated from packaging, and security problems caused by food packaging are increasingly serious. As child is a special...
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Design of Online Courses Based on Mobile Phone Learning

Guanqun Liu, Qiufen Yang, Rong Fan
In recent years, with the deveopment of mobile communications, the new learning mode – mobile learning gains popularity gradually as one important teaching carrier in modern remote education. Besides, it has attracted more and more educators engaging in various areas. When designing the online course...
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Application of Case-based Teaching in Higher Vocational Computer Courses—A Case Study of Delphi Programming

Guanqun Liu, Qiufen Yang, Rong Fan
The objective of higher technical and vocational education is to cultivate high-quality practical talents. During the teaching process of Delphi programming language, the author adopts the case-based teaching method with the student performance management system as an example, and leads the students...
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Explorations into “Elliptic Learning Orbit” Mode in Mobile Phone Learning

Qiufen Yang, Guanqun Liu, Rong Fan
The development of 3G technology and universality of mobile phones enable farmers in remote rural areas to learn on line at any time and any place. Based on “Application of Information Technology”, the paper puts forward the teaching mode of “Elliptic Learning Orbit” which is automatically generated...
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Probe to the Roles Played by Tutors in the Course of Agro-products Quality Control in the Distance and Open Education Pattern

Li Zhang
The teaching model of the distance and open education is to advocate the “learner centered”, from the traditional school education to the teaching teachers’ guidance and students’ learning autonomy, and the transformation in the teaching mode under the use of the coexistence and interaction between various...
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Introduction to Automobile Marketing Technology Curriculum Reform

Fang Zhai
This article around the automobile marketing technology core curriculum teaching reform, widely listen to the opinions of the previous graduates, in view of the poor teaching effect, such problems as theoretical teaching abstract improvement methods are put forward.
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On the Work-integrated Talent Training Mode of Computer Majors in Vocational Colleges

Hong Zhou
Since the development of computer requires high-skilled talents, computer major should combine professional training requirements with relevant vocational standards. A talent training mode---work-integrated learning which advocates “school-enterprise cooperation, integrated working and learning and simultaneous...
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Application of Task-Driven Teaching Model in Skill-Oriented Distance Education --Taking Windows Network Operating System as an Example

Canjun Li, Xinguo Liu, Liqin Xia, Song Fang
Thorough analyzing the problems of traditional skill-oriented distance education and taking Windows Network Operating System as an example, this paper applies the task-driven teaching method to reconstruct the content of the skill-oriented curriculum, which has achieved decent teaching efficiency. What’s...