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Analysis of Building Energy Efficiency and Wall Heat Preservation

Zhaoxia Han
Rapid development of economy speeds up the pace of China's urbanization. The gradual increasing of structures increases energy consumption. In order to adapt to the development of our country's economic society, the attention to environment protection is strengthened in our country. The energy consumption...
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Design and Research on Examination Performance Assessment System for College Student Course

Shuwen Chen
In the process of designing college student course examination performance assessment system, with the current algorithm to design examination performance assessment system, only based on the theoretical view to assess the quality of qualitative course examination scores, results in the passive situation...
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Mobile terminal 3D image reconstruction program development based on Android

Qinhua Lin
During the study process of mobile terminal three-dimensional reconstruction program development based on Android, due to the adoption of the current algorithm for 3D image reconstruction program development, the definition of established model is low, leading to the problem of poor fidelity for 3D image...
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Implementation of UCDOS Font Interface Based on QT

Jian Huang, Qian Zhao, GuoMing Li
After analyzing the interface work principle of the lattice font supported by QT and UCDOS font feature,It is found that the open source QT is lack of the lattice font more than 16*16 size. For this shortcoming, the UCDOS font is combined with the QT seamlessly. Thus, the QT can use any font in the UCDOS...
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Electricity communication transmission network risk calculation model design and management system achievement

Hailong Xiao, Chunyu Liu, Yongsheng Zhang
Electricity communication transmission network is the key support network of the power grid. Its security has direct significance to the stable operation of the power system. The article brings out a re-definition of risk. According to the threat of natural disasters, equipment and human resources in...
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The motion simulation of three-DOF parallel manipulator based on VBAI and MATLAB

Zhuo Zhen, Chaoying Liu, Xueling Song
In order to truly reflect the object situation of catch and place of the three-DOF parallel manipulator based on machine vision, and on the basis of the modeling of the trajectory and mechanical structure, this paper mainly focuses on the analysis on the manipulator system by using the co-simulation...
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The Electric Power Communication Transmission Network Risk Assessment Index System Research Based on AHP

Chunyu Liu, Jinyu Luo, Yongsheng Zhang, Jie Zhang
By studying the SDH equipment of EPCTN, and the principles and methods of building the index system, combining with the actual situation of electric power communication operation, this paper establishes the index system of EPCTN risk assessment which includes target layer, rule layer, and index layer....
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2-D DOA Estimation for Acoustic Vector Sensor Array Based on Greedy Block Coordinate Descent Algorithm

Jie Hu, Wei Li, Shaojun Zuo
This paper presents an approach for the estimation of two-directional (2D)direction-of-arrival (DOA) using Acoustic Vector Sensor array based on greedy block coordinate descent(GBCD) algorithm, which can achieve faster convergence rate and better estimation accuracy. Moreover, a weighted form of block...
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Structure Analysis of Transmitter Coil in Electromagnetic Launch Interceptors

Liangming Zhu, Yanjie Cao, Weibo Li
This paper introduces the composition and working principle of, electromagnetic emission interceptors, establishes the three-dimensional model of transmitter coil, analyzes magnetic - structure coupling of the transmitter coil, gives the transmitter coil magnetic field and stress field distribution and...
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A Novel Personalized Recommendation Method in E-business Based on Kansei Image

Guangqian Zhang, Enshui Yu
Personalized recommendation technique is an important technology to solve information overloaded in e-commerce. But recently new commodities are emerging constantly, so it is required to recommend commodities that consumers aren’t familiar with but interested in. Consequently our study proposes a method...
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A Generalized Weighted Closed Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm with Item Interval

Haitao Lu, Shuo Li
The algorithm of this paper inserts pseudo items which are converted from item interval to obtain equal extended sequence database; it defines item-interval constraints, which are relative to the item weight, to prune the mining patterns. Through doing this, the algorithm avoids mining the patterns which...
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Relations between the solutions to matrix equations AXA=B and CYC=D

Jing Wang
In this paper, we present some results on the relations between the solutions to matrix equations AXA=B and CYC=D, where B and D are Hermitian matrices.
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A CM-based model for 802.11 networks security policies enforcement

Karl Mabiala Dondia, Jing Ma, Feng Tao
In recent years, networks based on the 802.11 standards have gained a prolific deployment. The reason for this massive acceptance of the technology by both home users and corporations is due to the “plug-and-play” nature of the technology and the mobility. The lack of physical containment due to the...
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Solutions for a coupled system of nonlinear fractional differential equations with integral boundary conditions

Yunhong Li
In this paper, we investigate a coupled system with integral boundary conditions of nonlinear fractional differential equations. Using Leggett-Williams theorem, the existence of solutions is obtained. An example is given to illustrate our result.
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Discovery Algorithm for Network Topology Based on SNMP

Yun-ting Zhou, Mao-lin Deng, Feng-zhu Ji, Xiao-gang He, Qi-jie Tang
Since computer network has become the basis of the information society, network topology has also become an important part of network management. The theory foundation of the network topology algorithm based on SNMP has been introduced in this paper, and the algorithms of network topology discovery based...
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Network Security Situation Assessment Based on FAHP

Feng-zhu Ji, Yun-ting Zhou, Qi-jie Tang, Fang-xiang Hu, Shao-feng Ma
In order to solve the problem of methodology subjectivity, long modeling time and low classification accuracy in the information security risk assessment, a network security situation assessment model based on FAHP has been proposed in this paper. Via building a network security index system, using the...
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A Label Extended Semi-supervised Learning Method for Drug-target Interaction Prediction

Jie Zhao, Zhi Cao
Computational methods for predicting the new drug-target interactions are more efficient that those experimental methods. Many machine learning based methods have been proposed but most of them suffer from false negative problem. In this paper we extend the original label matrix and adopt weighted lose...
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Cluster lag synchronization of complex networks with nonidentical dynamical nodes via Adaptive control

Shuguo Wang, Haitao Cao
In this paper, synchronization analysis is investigated for an complex networks with time delay. It is assumed the nodes in the network to be nonidentical. In order to achieve cluster synchronization, this paper uses an adaptive controller on each node, by utilizing the Lyapunov stability theory, a new...
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Assessment and prediction system of sustainable development

Yixuan Han
In this paper, an effective model is constructed to discuss the sustainability of a country. We define Coordination Coefficient (CC) to measure the sustainability of a country or a policy and use the value of CC to define how and when a country is sustainable or unsustainable. To consider all the possible...
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A fast SPIHT algorithm based on the end scan threshold

Changhua Liu, Xiaole Xu
A fast set partitioning in hierarchical tree (SPIHT) algorithm based on the end scan threshold is proposed in this paper. Because the coding process of the SPIHT needs repeat scanning and sorting, so it takes a lot of extra time and storage space. In order to save the time and space overhead, the end...
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A Palmprint Recognition Method Based on Gabor Wavelet and Local Direction Pattern

Mianshui Yu, Xiaomeng Xie
Palmprint recognition is an emerging biometric technology that identifies a person based on the hand image. In this paper, a novel palmprint identification method based on Gabor wavelets and Local Direction Pattern (LDP) techniques has been proposed. The Gabor response images at different scales and...
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Study on the Impact of Big Data on Radio and Television Ratings

Jianping Chai, Xingyi Pan, Fulian Yin, Juanfang Chai
For problems, such as the low accuracy and easily polluted data of the traditional sampling ratings index calculation method, we conduct research on the ratings of big data. Firstly, we argue the effect of the amount of data on the accuracy of the ratings, and do experiments using real data. By sampling...
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The Study On A Decision Tree Based On The Classification Preference Ratio

Jing Lin
The decision tree is an important data mining method for classification. Granular computing has been applied to the decision tree, then a new decision tree based on the classification preference ratio of attribute is proposed. This decision tree is a hierarchical granularity tree. In information systems,...
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Research on Small Satellite Formation Scheme for Earth Observation Task

Zheng-yu Zhao, Yuan-wen Cai, Yi-bin Zhao, Yan Li
The demand of earth observation data is increasing currently and the demand of observation data accuracy, real-time, and continuity is improving continually. Aiming at this problem, the small satellite formation scheme for earth observation task is researched. The significance of the small satellite...
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The Method of Multi-attribute Target Recognition Based On Laser Detection

Jian-biao Chen, Hua-yan Sun, Yong-hui Zheng
Ideal result of target recognition can’t be obtained just with single attribute. In order to improve the performance of target recognition and reflect the physical attributes of the target, some attributes are extracted from the high range resolution profile of the unknown target to form an multi-attribute...
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Smooth Test for Multivariate Normality

Yan Su, Ya-Ping Huang
Based on the smooth test for uniformity on the surface of a unit sphere , a new test for multivariate normality is presented. The test statistic does not depend on the parameters in the multivariate normal distribution. We obtain the asymptotic null distribution of the test statistic. The test procedure...
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A Fusion Method of Rocket Launchers’ Testing Information Based on the Improved D-S Evidence Theory

Yi-bin Zhao, Zheng-yu Zhao, Xiao-chen Xing, Guo-feng Xu
In order to make more effective decision level analysis on the testing information of rocket launchers, this paper analyzes the existing disadvantages of evidence theory, draws into the concept of weight coefficient integrated with existing improved method, proposes new improvement of the combination...
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The CFD Numerical Simulation of H-Boat

Weimin Yang, Yanna Zhang, Shujiang Li, Caixia Shi
Using commercial software CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis of fluid to simulate the H-Boat. Based on the numerical methods, use the VOF (volume of fluid) method to simulate the free surface, and use RNG (Renormalization-group) model to close RANS (Reynolds Average Navier-Stokes) equations...
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Design of Analysis Platform Used for Studying Soft Error Characteristic of 3D SRAM

Peng Li, MinXuan Zhang, ZhenYu Zhao, Quan Deng
This paper designs a novel 3D SRAM soft error analysis platform. It is used for studying the soft error characteristic of 3D SRAM stacked by multi dies and guiding the radiation hardened design for 3D SRAM. This platform integrates simulation tools including Geant4, TCAD and Nanosim, data recording and...
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A Semantic Approach towards Multi-Agent Choreography in Clinical Decision Support

Haifeng Chen, Liang Xiao, Jingbai Tian
A distributed environment, medical decision-making process is becoming increasingly complex, and it usually needs more medical roles to complete the diagnosis and treatment of one complex disease. However, these medical roles typically distribute in different work environments, so the organization and...
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A Precise Model of TSV Parasitic Capacitance Considering Temperature for 3D IC

Quan Deng, Min-Xuan Zhang, Zhen-Yu Zhao, Peng Li
As the technology of three dimension integrated circuit (3D IC) develop quickly, through silicon via (TSV) plays a basic and important role. In consideration of real working environment, factors as temperature and working voltage are studied by TCAD simulator. And the contribution of physical sizes and...
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A Feature Extraction Method for Hardware Trojans Detection

Zhixun Zhao, Lin Ni, Shaoqing Li, Yubo Shi
Recently Hardware Trojan has been widely studied for its threat to IC security. The method based on power side-channel information is an effective one in various Hardware Trojan detection methods proposed at present. However, there is a problem that Hardware Trojan power is difficult to be distinguished...
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Scene understanding based on Multi-Scale Pooling of deep learning features

DongYang Li, Yue Zhou
Deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have recently shown impressive performance as generic representation for recognition. However, the feature extracted f¬rom global CNNs lack geometric invariance, which limits their robustness for classification and detection of highly variable objects .To improve...
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Multiobjective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for S-box Optimization

Guanjie Qin, Xuemin Cheng, Jianshe Ma
Substitution box (S-box) is an important nonlinear component in block cipher algorithms. Evaluating the cryptographic properties of an S-box requires attention to criteria such as nonlinearity, differential properties, and diffusion properties. In this paper, Artificial Bee Colony algorithm was introduced...
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Real-time study of remote highway snow warning technology

Huaqi Zhao, Changyong Xiang, Guojing Li, Bin Wang, Shijie Zhang, Dazhi Wen
Snowfall directly affects the traffic safety and a lot of accidents happened every year because of the snowfall. If the traffic department can timely detect the thickness of the snow on the highway and clear the snow in time, the rate of traffic accident will reduce and won’t make much trouble for people....
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Effects of Soft Information Quantization Precision on LDPC Performance for NAND Flash Application

Changlai Song, Haozhi Ma, Liyang Pan
(17664, 16512) LDPC code is simulated under AWGN channel. The simulation is led on FPGA platform, with Layered Normalized BP-Based decoding algorithm. The shifting of measurement point is under consideration, where the soft information for decoding is inaccurate. LDPC performance under different situations...
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Computer vision feature recognition method based on Improved Wavelet arithmetic

Lili Liu
in the process of studying on computer vision feature recognition method, with the current algorithm for feature recognition, the amount of calculation is large, and noise is strong, recognition rate is low. For this, a computer vision feature recognition method based on Improved Wavelet arithmetic is...
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Analysis of mathematical modeling in particular clustering process of mixed data

Yuanyuan Xu
the analysis method of mathematical modeling in particular clustering process of mixed data is of great significance for improving the ability of data analysis. The traditional method for specific clustering process mathematics modeling of mixed data is based on K-Means clustering algorithm, it is easy...
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Research and Simulation on effective classification model of nonlinear data

Fenglin Tang, Min Chen
in the classification process of nonlinear data, due to large amount of the data of nonlinearity, the correlation between nonlinear data is reduced, resulting in the classification results of nonlinear data is not ideal. Therefore, this paper proposes a fast clustering algorithm based on improved quantum...
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Modeling Analysis for the effect of night environment on athlete’s psychological intervention

ChunSheng Liu
the analysis of the effects of night environment on athlete’s psychological intervention has a momentous significance for promoting the performance of athletes. The traditional algorithm not fully considers the instantaneous and disorder of night environmental psychological change, resulting in the reduced...
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Study on design method for anti-collision in large scale network control software

HuanLiang Li
the anti-collision problem of large network control software is studied. With the increase of the control task amount of large network control software, the randomness for network control is enhanced, the traditional anti-collision design algorithm is hard to establish the accurate anti-collision model...
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Simulation analysis of peak period income estimation model in tourism scenic of minority Areas

DongYan Sun
in the process of peak period income estimation in the tourism scenic of minority areas, the estimation results obtained by traditional estimation methods are affected by the mutability of tourist amount, existing local optimal problem, causing bigger error. Therefore, this paper proposes a method of...
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Study on effective detection method for specific data of large database

Jin-feng Li
in the process of detecting specific data of large database, when the traditional detection method is utilized for detecting specific data, it is vulnerable for interference of mass information, which makes the specific data detection process time-consuming, and of low efficiency. For this, an effective...
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Simulation on optimized complex process modeling based on XML

Ting-yan Ren
in the XML complex process relationship design problem, in multidimensional dynamic list scheduling algorithm, for the defect of platform (Group) selection caused by static priority of platform, an optimized priority calculation method is designed based on XML complex process modeling, during the process...
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Research and Simulation of classification storage technology under the cloud computing environment

Ting Li
classification storage technology under the cloud computing environment is studied to improve the performance of data management. In the process of data management, how to process classified storage for data effectively, has become the core problem in the data field. How to carry on the management for...
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Optimization design of effective management model of large construction project

Xiao-li Liu
in the management process of large construction projects, the related factors and the influenced parameters are various. A mathematical model of construction project management is complex, it is difficult to form effective project management measures. In the traditional architectural engineering project...
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Statistical analysis of the spatiotemporal characteristics of loess landslide in Qingyang area of Gansu province

Binwei Zhang, Wanfeng Liu, Xiao Yang, Yue Wang
according to the present situation of loess landslides in Qingyang area through frequent field visits, and statistical information analysis, for the "seven county and one area" administrative division in Qingyang area, the distribution curves and statistical characteristic diagram is established, to...
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Study on detection method for mixed network structure robustness in 4G network

Hui-min Chen
detection method for mixed network structure robustness in 4G network is researched. BP neural network algorithm is utilized to detect mixed network structure robustness in 4G network, because the 4G network reflects the exchange of information between individual and individual, randomness factors of...
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Simulation and analysis of Hotel optimal guest stream evacuation model in the tourist season

Bo Wen
During calculation process of hotel guest stream evacuation in the tourist season, the genetic algorithm is used to constantly generate optimal method, based on the theory of "survival of the fittest" to operate unlimited reproduction for the better method, which makes the algorithm premature convergence,...
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Study on the method of fast mining for intelligence data in a library database

Yu Jie
The fast mining method for intelligence data in library database occupies an important position in the field of data processing. With traditional algorithm to dig intelligence, when encounter the interference of characteristic similarity, fuzzy rules are utilized to establish mining association rules,...
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Study of Vehicle Handing Stability Based on ADAMS/Car

Yuguang Li, Changfei Liang, Shufen Wang
Vehicle handling stability is an important factor which affects vehicle safety. In order to study Vehicle handling stability, we established a dynamic virtual prototype model of a car in ADAMS/Car software, and make simulation of the single lane change on different velocity and steering angle. And we...
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Risk Management Theory Application in national information security risk control—Analysis of the relationship between classified protection and risk management

Maning Bi, Yuan Jing
The risk management theory has been applied in information technology area for many years. And it has been regarded as an effective information security solution and approach. With the full expansion of information classified security protection implementation, persons are puzzled by the relationship...
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Design of College Students English Contest System Based on NET Platform

Chun Jin, Ruonan Xing
With the development of information technology, the Information Management System of the English Contest for College Students is presented to strengthen the Management Information. By analyzing the management content and workflow of the English Contest for College Students, integrated network technology,...
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A Software Testing Optimization Method Based on Negative Association Analysis

Lin Wan, Qiuling Fan, Qinzhao Wang
Association rules mining oriented to software defect data plays a significant role in exploring the relationship between software defect data. What’s more, it can provide guidance for software developers and testers. What negative association rules describe is mutually exclusive relationship between...
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Application of J48 Decision Tree Classifier in Emotion Recognition Based on Chaos Characteristics

Chun yan Nie, Ju Wang, Fang He, Reika Sato
Physiological signals are external manifestations of emotions. Mood swings can be expressed by the change of physiological signals. Because these performances are not controlled by the individual subjective consciousness, the conclusions are more objective and true. The method based on the statistical...
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Extraction and Analysis of Chaotic Characteristics about Multiple Physiological Signals under Different Emotions

Chun yan Nie, Ju Wang, Fang He, Reika Sato
We extract the chaotic characteristics of multiple physiological signals in this paper, and the relevant algorithms for extracting chaotic characteristics are given respectively. Based on different algorithms we respectively calculate four kinds of chaotic characteristic parameters from multiple physiological...
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SVM and wavelet analysis method for hydraulic pump fault of rock drilling

Jian-hua Liu, Wen-bin Ma
In order to looking for the fault of rock drilling hydraulic pump, the data of pressure and flow can be collected, from which wavelet analysis was used to find characters of the fault. So a new rock drilling pump fault diagnostic model by SVM was based on the energy value of the data deal with wavelet...
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Discussion on reaction mechanism of enoxacine-terbium complex

Weiwei Bian
In the buffer solution of pH=5.80, bilirubin can remarkably reduce the fluorescence intensity of the enoxacine - terbium (Tb3+) complex at =545nm and the reduced fluorescence intensity of Tb3+ ion is in proportion to the concentration of bilirubin. The influential factors were investigated. The reducement...
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The Design of Facial expression recognition system based on the LabVIEW and MATLAB mixed programming

Ju Wang, C. Hong Mei, Chunyan Nie
It has a very important role that emotion to coordinate the relationship between people in the numerous and complicated social life. Expression is the most important characteristics of emotion, it is indispensable means of information communication and emotional communication in interpersonal communication....
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SOC Estimation Based Combined Model For Vehicle Batteries

Dongyuan Gu, Xiaojie Fu, Dongyong Yang, Jin Lu
Batteries play an essential role in electric vehicles, In order to achieve an optimum operation of systems with batteries it is necessary to estimate accurate of the state of charge (SOC). In this paper a combined model for SOC estimation in Vehicle Batteries, based on extended Kalman filter (EKF) is...
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Research on Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Ying Zhang, Junhai Jiang
Aiming at the solar photovoltaic characteristics and the lower transformation efficiency problem in grid-connected photovoltaic power generation, a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm is put forward. According to the changes of amplitude and frequency of power-grid voltage, the proposed algorithm...
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The Design of Low Pass Filter with Active Filter based on Complex Surroundings

Changhai Li, Su Ye, Song Sun, Yuantao Yu
Because of the effects of the wind-noise, sound-noise, strong electromagnetic interfere, sensor itself, and the magnified circuit etc. at the survey spot, the received transducer signals often include noise signals of multi-frequency disturbance. Under serious circumstances, such noise signals would...
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Semi-blind Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems Based on Received Signal Reconstruction

Weijia Cui, You Zhou
Blind channel estimation for MIMO-OFDM systems was discussed, and a subspace based blind channel estimation algorithm by re-constructing the received signal and its simplified one were proposed. The algorithm changed the channel matrix of the transfer function into a block Toeplitz high matrix exploiting...
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The Analysis and Research of Gear Surface Machining

Rong Zhang
Through the analysis of the surface of the gear machining program, describes the characteristics and applications of various processing methods, the view of the article describes have a guiding role in the design and processing gears.
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Private Cloud based Solution for the Implementation of a Virtual and Personal Learning Environment

Jimin Gao
Online learning is a learning way to use online education platform for learners. It could let the learners start learning at anytime from anywhere by removing the traditional education's time and space limit. As the online learning style becomes more and more popular, its main base environment has gradually...
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Expert S-plane Control of Underwater Vehicle

Chunmeng Jiang, Lei Wan, Yushan Sun
Study of motion control of underwater vehicle is deeply undertaken here. S-plane control is verified to be effective and validity in the control of UVs, but there are still problems in steady precision and parameter adjustments. To obtain higher steady precision, intelligent integral method is brought...
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Study of fiber Bragg grating reflection spectrum signal denoising

Dandan Zhu, Manyi Huang, Meiying Chen, Sibo Xi
Using WDM technology to solve the problem of the reuse addressing the fiber grating sensing network, the system USES a reference grating for temperature compensation, the reference grating was put in the same temperature field as the measuring grating array, but does not suffer the effect of strain,...
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sampled fiber grating dispersion compensation technology based swarm optimization algorithm

Dandan Zhu, Lin Hu, Haohao Shen, Sibo Xi
Reflective spectrum of sampled grating was analyzed using transfer matrix method. Dispersion compensator was designed by selecting the length of sampled grating, sampled period, sampled rate, chirp coefficient and some kind of appropriate parameters. In multi-channel dispersion compensation simulation...
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The Simulation Research On The BLDC Stator Resistance Affected By The Temperature Increment

Tiejun Fu, Zhongliang Pan, Liangliang Yang
This paper changed temperature conditions to simulate by finite element software. We can observe the simulation results of the BLDC (brushless director current motor) stator resistance. Then we applied formula to calculate the BLDC stator resistance. At last, measuring the stator resistance of different...
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Research on Real-time video multiple hops relay transmission in Wireless Ad Hoc Network

Tao Yang, Youfeng Gu
The transmission of real-time video need a stable link and is also very sensitive to delay and packet loss, this is a huge challenge to wireless ad hoc network[1,2,3] which has dynamic network topology and limited bandwidth. In this paper, a method to transmit video streams in multi-hop network is proposed...
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The Designation of Bio-Inspired Intrusion Detection System Model in Cloud Computing Based on Machine Learning

Yufei Ge, Hong Liang, Lin Chen, Qian Zhang
The paper proposed a new model by applying bio-inspired theory into intrusion detection system in cloud computing. Dendritic Cell algorithm (DCA) based on Danger Theory get involved in the model designation in allusion to the existing problem, high false negative rate, low detection efficiency, low real-time...
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Online Detecting Method for Transformer Winding Deformation Based on Current Extraction

Ning Zhang, Meng Zhang, Yuan-yuan Zhang, Yong-li Zhu
Transformer winding deformation is common in transformer faults. Offline monitoring is mostly used in diagnosis of winding deformation, which has some limitations. So an online detecting method based on extraction of current is proposed. The method increases the higher harmonic of the current that flows...
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Research on Collision Detection Algorithm of Tankin Virtual Battlefield

Aobing Guo, Qinzhao Wang, Xiaolong Li
In order to solve the contradiction between real-time and accuracy of collision detection in virtual battlefield, we divided the terrain into three types according to its average curvatureand different matching algorithms were used in different types of terrain. In virtual battlefield, collision detection...
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Improved Fuzzy Evaluation Model of Military Supply Chain Performance Based on Variable Weight

Heng Zhang, Qiang Lin, Zhi guo Qu, Kun Zhang
According to the characteristics of military supply chain, we design the indicator of performance evaluation based on the key factors of supply chain strategy in this paper. When talking about estimating performance evaluation, in order to materialize the punitive or stimulant request that decision-maker...
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Optimization of massive data retrieval performance based B-tree index

Lihua Geng
With the rise of the Internet Web 2.0, the paper studies a use of B-tree index technology supported by Oracle 11gin mass data retrieval. B-tree index scanning mode use the index selectivity, histogram etc to select the best execution path to improve query performance. Put forward the solutions to avoid...
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Circuit design for measure cable breakpoint location range based on AT89C52

Youguo Wei, Fei Hou, Xuezhi Zhang, Xiaokang Tang, Yongshan Ma
the development of electric power and communication technology promotes the apply of cable widely, the trouble of cable become more and more. establish the measure cable breakpoint location range system to locate the breakpoint rapidly, the location of cable breakpoint can be calculated by the interval...
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Spectrum sensing performance analysis based on primary user probability access/leave model

Song Chen, Shuainan Gu, Ke Li, Peng Dong
In cognitive radio system, secondary user’s self-sensing properties to the spectrum occupy is the start and basis of the whole cognitive process. The classical analysis of self-sensing properties has the hypothesis that the Primary user signal occupies the whole sensing slot. However, in the actual,...
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Study on the method of test and control system for low speed wind tunnel

Yueming Yang, Kai Luo, Xingrong Bao, Yuankai Li
The wind tunnel test control is the key to the wind tunnel tests. This article Studied 0.75m × 0.75m With backflow wind tunnel measurement and control technology, through the transformation of the wind tunnel motor to improve the stability and uniformity of the airflow and reduce turbulence degree; through...
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Numerical Investigation of Hypersonic Slip Flow

Kai Luo, Yueming Yang, Hua Liu, Xuewei Xin, Xuewei Liu
Rarefied gas effects have to be considered when doing the research and design of hypersonic flight vehicle in near space, in which accurate prediction of flow field and surface properties such as pressure, shear stress and heat flux are needed. Research on the mechanism of hypersonic slip flow must consist...
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The Design of Network-based Virtual Laboratory

Yong Li, Guangming Li
Virtual laboratory is a practical teaching assisted instruction with high efficiency. This paper analyzes the characteristics, classification of virtual laboratory and the design of virtual instrument. It discusses the construction and system structure of network-based virtual laboratory. This paper...
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Dynamic characteristics of a spur gear transmission system for a wind turbine

Xin Zhao, Changzheng Chen, Jie Liu, Lei Zhang
A nonlinear dynamic model of a spur gear transmission system is developed with consideration of gear mesh stiffness, backlash, internal and external excitation. Lagrange equation is used which is derived for the vibration of the drive system differential equations. Time process diagram, frequency spectrum...
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A new practical teaching system to cultivate application-oriented innovative talents majoring in materials science and engineering

C.Q. Zhang, L. Shi, Q.L. Sun, K.G. Liu
Materials and the related manufacturing industry involve every area of the economy, and the corresponding talent demand ranks in the forefront of all industry professionals. However, the defects of current talent training mode and curriculum system limit the quality of talent training. In this paper,...
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PID and Neural network decoupling control system for special shape pipe automatic welding machine

Wen-bin Ma, Jian-hua Liu
In order to solve special shape pipe automatic welding problem,a new decoupling control system has been introduced,which is constructed on PID and RBF neural network.Input data is from non-contact displacement sensor and angle sensor,and output data has been used to control servo motor which always used...
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Research on Evaluation Model of Equipment Support Logistics plans in Wartime Based on Topsis

Fan Yang, Zhanbiao Zhao, Tianyuan Jiang, Yucai Dong
Evaluation of equipment `support distribution `plan in wartime scientifically and accurately is crucial to improve the efficiency of distribution and meet the demand of war timely. In this paper Topsis is adopted to conduct comprehensive evaluation of the equipment support distribution plan at war time....
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Program Design for the dynamic detection of servo system based on Keil Mu Vision3

Youguo Wei, Xuezhi Zhang, Xiaokang Tang, Cun Xie, Yongshan Ma
As the device in general inspection maintenance, can only carry on the system static parameter measurement, and dynamic performance of the system only can be judged by qualitative observation. In this paper, we adopt modular design scheme and the method based on synchronous sampling and real-time data...
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Ground penetrating radar in crack detection to the forward research

Yi Lin, Zhengping Liu
The ground fissure is hidden hazards of ground deformation.Survey work to crackisthe basicofcontrol measures. Geological radar detection as an emerging technology has advantages of rapid, continuity and visibility; according to a practical example of the detection mechanism of landslide cracks, summed...
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Research on The Dynamic Characteristics of Relaxed Static Stability Control Aircraft

Jicheng Zhang, Duo Wang, Kai Luo, Yueming Yang
In this paper we analysis aircraft dynamic characteristic on relaxed static stabillity control from the concept of active control technology point of view, and calculate the dynamic characteristic of longitudinal. Through calculation, further reseaerch on the influencing of relaxed static stability on...
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Application Research of PulsON@ 410 UWB Module on Accurate Locating in Substations

Wei-wei Miao, Shi-dong Liu, Wei Li
Based on the analysis of problems encountered by PulsON@ 410 RCM modules when used in substation accurate locating, such as automatic discovery of beacons, a self-organizing protocol is put forward to support the creation, maintenance of beacons network. Also solutions from different aspects are presented...
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Development of an engineering simulator for armored vehicle

Tang Fang
This paper illustrates the main features and structure of the armored vehicle engineering simulator (AVES). Considering high cost and long cycle development problem of the traditional armored vehicle design, the AVES has been developed for purposes to test rationality of design, to investigate different...
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UVA) Bionic Wing Design and Performance Analysis

Hua Xin, Qin Shuo, Kai Luo, Weihong Liang
Key problems in view of the urgent long-endurance uav, the research of the application of bionics to no one wing design. With the wings of a certain unmanned aerial vehicle as the research object, is good at gliding gull for bionic prototype. Design imitation airfoil seagull flat wings and wing tip winglet...
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Method of estimating the state of charge of a battery electric vehicle based on RS-SVM

Guocheng Niu, Bongmei Hu, Jing Bai
Charging, discharge, maintenance and energy management technology for electric vehicle power battery is relatively backward, An advanced and reasonable method is presented for battery state of charge( SOC ), used simple rough set attribute ,simplified battery charging related parameters, the simplified...
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The Research of Order Prediction Model for Textile Machinery Manufacturing Enterprise Based on Customer Demand

Xixing Li, Shunsheng Guo, Lei Wang, Zhen Li
With the development of information technology, textile machinery manufacturing enterprises (TMME) are facing the new situation of “Two Integration”, in order to better responding to market customer demand (CD), the order prediction is becoming more and more important. The background of product model...
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(paper withdrawn) Simulation of multiple proton implantations field stop IGBT

Renfa Huang, Dongqing Hu, Yu Wu, Yunpeng Jia, Shikai Zou
Based on a new buffer layer, the characteristics of multiple proton implantations field stop IGBT ( MPI-FS-IGBT) were simulated and analyzed Different from the conventional field stop IGBT (FS-IGBT) which has an abrupt thin buffer layer and grade-doping field stop IGBT(GFS-IGBT) whose buffer layer was...
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A method of three-dimensional subdivision of arbitrary polyhedron by using pyramids

Ji-Bo Liu, Zhi-Hong Wang, Yue-Guan Yan
The key research of this paper is the algorithm that using pyramids to divide the arbitrary polyhedron. The core idea of this algorithm is as follows. Store the vertices of the outer boundary surfaces of the polyhedron anticlockwise, and store the vertices of the inner boundary surfaces clockwise. When...
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A Novel DOA Estimation Based on State Space Balance Method and Its Performance Analysis

Hong Xiang, Jun Wang, Zhaotao Qin, Hai Jiang
Considering the high speed space targets, the real time processing is required with only a few snapshots. Meanwhile, the algorithm based on state space method performs well in the parameter estimation. In this work, we present a novel Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation based on state space balance...
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A real time power line detect system based on stereo vision

Xingang Mou, Wei Luo, Xiaoliang Zheng, Xiao Zhou
In recent years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) is widely used for power lines patrol. While it's more efficient than manually patrolling, the UAV may easily collide with power lines. So measures must be taken to detect the distance between UAV and power lines. This paper presents a real time power line...
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Key Tasks of Research on Agricultural IOT Technology and Service Innovation

Jifang Liu, Jianhua Zhang, Shuqing Han, Fantao Kong
The application of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other modern information technologies in the transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain of agriculture is of great significance to accelerate the development of agricultural information and modernization....
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Capability Assessment Model for Software Outsourcing Service Providers Based on Interval Evidential Reasoning

Sheng-Qun Chen
An enterprise may benefit from software business outsourcing depending on the suitability of the outsourcing service provider. This research addresses the assessment of the contracting capability of software outsourcing vendors and proposes a decision-making model based on Interval Evidential Reasoning...
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Selection of Supply Chain Partners for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises

Tongjuan Liu, Lanqing Yang
Supply Chain Partnership means a strategic relationship which is reached a long-term cooperation agreement between upstream and downstream entities in the same supply chain. Establishing a good supply chain partnership help to reduce the cost, shorten the reaction time and create the new market value...
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The Applied Research of the Network Coding Technology in the Transmission Mode of Multi-point to Single point Wireless Signal

Yue Li, Zuhua Peng
Nowadays, the biggest problem that has influenced the using effect of wireless networks is that the transmission signals are easy to be affected by the external factors as well as the hardware equipments which are easy to be damaged, which lead to the phenomena like bad performance of transmission signals,...