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The Design of Monitoring System of Smart Farming Based on IoT Technology to Support Operational Management of Tea Plantation

Nadia THEREZA, Iwan Pahendra A. SAPUTRA, Antonius HAMDADI
Indonesia is one of the seventh largest tea producers in the world. Certainly, tea is Indonesia’s export commodity that must be maintained. However, some systems of tea plantations, both monitoring and maintenance are also still run with conventional systems so the operational system is still constrained...
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Optimization of Underwater Image Objects with Noise Analysis Using a Gaussian Filter Selected Algorithm

Different types of images when testing will give different results. Between still images and moving images requires speed and accuracy in the computation process. This is due to the availability of time in processing which tends to narrow at any time along with environmental changes. Retesting of processors...
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Design Depth and Balanced Control System of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with Fuzzy logic

Ahmad ZARKASI, Endang Darmawan YUDI, Muhammad Al RAVI, Ilham Junias ANGKOTASAN
Underwater vehicles are the vehicle that can be moved and controlled in water by remotely. Autonomous Underw ater Vehicle (AUV) is one type of underwater robot that is being developed lately. Unlike Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) which can be controlled manually using the remote. AUV can move automatically...
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The Effect of E-Commerce Application Service Quality of Customer Loyalty Using Customer Relationship Management Approach

Ali Ibrahim, St Dhiah Raniah Napian, Arni Firanisa, Sartika, Ratih Dewi Sari, Meitiana Audya
The development of technology in the present is so rapid. More and more startups are emerging, resulting in increasingly fierce business competition. With the tight competition, companies must try to always achieve a competitive advantage. One of the efforts that can be made by the company is to increase...
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Application of Theory of Planned Behavior for Knowledge Sharing System Among Nurses

Annisa SEPTIANI, Rahmat Izwan HEROZA, Dwi Rosa INDAH, Rizki Dwi CAHYANI, Niffari Meirina BERNOVA
Nurses play an important role in the hospital because they give services and care to the patients. The world of health is increasingly developed, demanding nurses to keep adding and equalizing their knowledge, while they are still doing their job. So, it is necessary to share knowledge between nurses...
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Information Risk Assessment Model of Accuracy and Timeliness Dimensions

The low quality of data and information held by the organization can encourage the emergence of information risk. Accuracy is an important dimension for the quality of the information but would lose its benefits if it is delivered at the wrong time, so it needs a risk assessment that able to assesses...
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System Design of Iris Ring Detection Using Circular Hough Algorithm for Iris Localization

Iris is the part of the eye that can expand and shrink depending on the intensity of light entering the eye. Iris can be used as a feature or parameter that can be studied in terms of both health and information technology. Detecting the iris in this paper, are separated into two main stages: preprocessing...
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A Proposed Design of Realtime Patient Monitoring System Using Websocket as a Basis of Telemedicine

Telemedicine provides service which can monitoring patient remotely. Some requirements must be provided by telemedicine system, such system is able handling real-time communication, managing account, and medical record. WebSocket is one of the protocols that can we utilize for bidirectional communication....
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Knowledge Management Barriers in Higher Education: Strategic Issues at Private University

Faradillah FARADILLAH, Ermatita ERMATITA, Dian Palupi RINI
This study proposes The Knowledge Management Barriers for private universities, data collected in Palembang through an online questionnaire distributed to 131 of ABC University lecturers. The results showed that there were four factors with the same components extracted by Principal Component Analysis...
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Development of E-Government Trustworthiness to Increase Public Trust

The development of Electronic Government (e-government) has become a research topic of interest for researchers worldwide. Various government agencies in Indonesia, mostly, have adopted e-government technology in government management. But the tendency of declining public trust in government becomes...
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Implementation of Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution Method in the Selection of Integrated Islamic Elementary School

The process of selecting IIES is not a simple thing, parents must choose wisely and precisely which IIES will be a place for their children to get knowledge given that the learning routines and interactions carried out by children in the school will take place in no short time. At present, almost all...
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Analyzing the Improvement Process of Table Tennis Using the Game Refinement Theory

Li JIANGZHOU, Anggina PRIMANITA, Mohd Nor Akmal KHALID, Hiroyuki IIDA
Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. With a history of just over 100 years, table tennis has slowly become the seventh-largest sport in the world. However, it is unclear whether the improvement actually makes the game better or worst. As such, a consistent quantification approach...
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E-WS: A Novel Smart Information System Towards Smokers for the Outdoor Canteen Environment

Muhammad Ali BUCHARI, Kemahyanto EXAUDI, Clara Agustina HERAWATI, Huda UBAYA, Sarmayanta SEMBIRING, Osvari ARSALAN, Purwita SARI
The most critical component of the environment for living things is air. Poor air quality influenced by carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Cigarette smoke is one of the best contributors to carbon monoxide today. The habit of smokers does not heed the sign of no smoking in many places, for example, the Canteen...
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Optimization Naive Bayes Algorithm Using Particle Swarm Optimization in the Classification of Breast Cancer

Methods of data mining classification are used in various fields of research. Naive Bayes is one of the most used algorithms of data mining classification, especially in the medical science because Naive Bayes is considered good method for the data concerned with a statistical diagnosis. Optimization...
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Analysis of Line Application Deployment Using Customer Relationship Management Approach to Customer Loyalty in GO-US

Madyus Randika, Nesa Aulia Andestra, Suci Inayah, Dina Mayang Sari, Annisa Raidatul Jannah, Ali Ibrahim
Competition among online cab service providers in Sriwijaya university (Unsri) now is getting tougher. Line utilization of social media can be one strategy that could be used by the service provider. Go-Us is an online cab service provider who actively utilizes customer relationship management through...
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Multi-Document Text Summarization Based on Semantic Clustering and Selection of Representative Sentences Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Oktefvia Aruda LISJANA, Dian Palupi RINI, Novi YUSLIANI
Information in the form of online news texts has become one of the most important in this information age. There is a lot of online news that is produced every day, but this news often provides the same contextual content but with a different narrative. This makes it difficult for readers to get complete...
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E-Marketplace Printing Services Using Mobile-Based Application with Customer Relationship Management Approach

Ali IBRAHIM, Hedi YUNUS, Dedi RAMADHAN, Ifan SETIAWAN, Agil Furqaan Nur RAYYAN, Gusti BARATA, YUSMANIARTI is an E-Marketplace application of mobile-based printing services that implements up-selling and cross-selling strategies with the purpose of increasing printing sales. This research used descriptive qualitative method that described the level of relationship between Customer Relationship...
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Image Processing of Hand Gesture for Augmented Reality Systems

Sri Desy SISWANTI, Robbyansyah ASMIR
Advances in HCI technology have an effect on user interaction with AR system. The hands are the limbs that are often used for interaction. In this research make hand detection system for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) on system between user and object. In this study focused on image processing for...
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The Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process as Supporting Systems of Decision-Making in Individual Tuition Fee of Students of Universitas Sriwijaya

Universitas Sriwijaya, as one of public universities in Indonesia, has already been implementing individual tuition fee from the beginning. To date, individual tuition fee in Universitas Sriwijaya has been calculated by using a certain application as a supporting system of decision making. Unfortunately,...
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Information System of Forecasting the Price of Beef Using Exponential Smoothing Method (Case Study: Dinas Perindustrian Dan Perdagangan Provinsi Sumatera Selatan)

Pacu PUTRA, Vivin YULIKA, Endang Lestari RUSKAN
Dinas Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Provinsi Sumatera Selatan is one of element in Indonesia government that having responsibility in trade areas, one of the areas is beef trading. The price of beef was having unstable fluctuation in every month hence it was difficult to predict the price of beef for...
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Improving the SMS Security and Data Capacity Using Advanced Encryption Standard and Huffman Compression

LAURENTINUS, Harrizki Arie PRADANA, Dwi Yuny SYLFANIA, Fransiskus Panca JUNIAWAN
The development of technology that increasingly rapidly has a significant influence on telecommunications. One feature of cellular telephones is SMS (Short Message Service). Still, this facility in the form of SMS (Short Message Service) has a vulnerability in the way of information leakage. Therefore...
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Handling Numerical Features on Dataset Using Gauss Density Formula and Data Discretization Toward Naïve Bayes Algorithm

Naïve Bayes is one of best classifiers in data mining. Naïve Bayes Algorithm either is used in some research areas. Besides having good performances, the algorithm can also handle numerical and categorical data values. This paper presents two ways of treating numerical features as a pre-process before...
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Modified Email Header Steganography Using LZW Compression Algorithm

Varian CAESAR, Rinaldi MUNIR
Communication by using email has become frequent nowadays and creates a new medium for hiding secret data. Email Header Steganography or HeadStega is a technique in Noiseless Steganography that utilizes the header part of an email such as subject, to, cc, etc. to hide secret messages. HeadStega does...
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Enabling Collaboration of CodeIgniter Framework and RESTful API for Utilize Web Mobile Interface Implemented on Final Project Management System

Bayu Wijaya PUTRA, Ariansyah SAPUTRA, M. Rudi SANJAYA, Dedy KURNIAWAN
The PHP framework is often used on medium and large scales but is also often used in the development of small-scale information systems. The selection of frameworks and database access methods became an important factor in developing information systems. CodeIgniter is a PHP framework that offers speed...
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Prediction Graduate Student Use Naive Bayes Classifier

Allsela Meiriza, Endang Lestari, Pacu Putra, Ayu Monaputri, Dini Ayu Lestari
Student graduation is important in the accreditation assessment process. Because student graduation there are standards that must be Achieved by the Study Program items, namely a four-year study period and a 3.0 GPA. Therefore we need a prediction that can Anticipate from the beginning of the graduation...
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Population-Based Ant Colony Optimization with New Hierarchical Pheromone Updating Mechanism for DNA Sequence Design Problem

MISINEM, ERMATITA, Dian Palupi RINI, Reza Firsandaya MALIK, Tri Basuki KURNIAWAN
DNA computing research in the last 20 years has attracted the attention of many researchers from various scientific disciplines. Many researchers have succeeded in demonstrating the ability of bio-molecules DNA computing to be used as storage media and biochemical tools as information processing operators....
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Design Heading Control for Steering AUV with fuzzy logic

Ahmad ZARKASI, Ilham Junius ANGKOTASAN, Muhammad Al RAVI, Endang Darmawan YUDI
Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) are a type of unmanned submarine robot that has many uses. The navigation system in an autonomous robot becomes an important point to guide the movement of submarine robots from one position to another through determining the position and direction of movement. Due...
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Performance Analysis of Parallel Processing on GPU for Simple Mathematical Computations

Mastura Diana MARIESKA, M. Ridho Putra SUFA, Adi WIDIANTO, Novi YUSLIANI, Rahmat Izwan HEROZA
Over time, more and more data being produced. We need high-processing computing to process this big data. One solution to this problem is to implement parallel processing using a Graphical Computing Unit (GPU). Theoretically, processing mathematical computation on GPU will always be faster than CPU,...
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The Statistics of Equatorial Spread-F and Effects on Critical Frequency at Chumphon, Thailand

Phimmasone Thammavongsy, Pornchai Supnithi, Watid Phakphisut, Kornyanat Hozumi, Takuya Tsugawa, Kallaya Bannop
This work presents the study of equatorial spread-F (ESF) characteristics based on the occurrence percentages and durations during the maximum solar activity of the 24th solar cycle at Chumphon station (CPN), Thailand. The statistics of ionogram data covering all months in 2014 are obtained from the...
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Clustering of Food Security Status in South Sumatera Using Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm

Dian Palupi RINI, Endang Lestari RUSKAN
Food security is defined as the condition of food to satisfy every society which reflected in the availability of sufficient food, a good number and quality, secure, equitable, affordable, and based on the diversity of local resources. According to data from BPS South Sumatera, the percentage of poor...
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Usability Testing to Measure Real Perception Generation Level in Introduction of Bengkulu University Building Based on Virtual Tour with 360° Object Modelling

The development of photography technology creates a 360 ° camera that carries an ultra-wide twin1-lens folded optical lens (a small double lens with a folding design). This technology can produce spherical panoramic images. Spherical panoramas are borderless and seamless image objects used to create...
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P2P Lending Sentiment Analysis in Indonesian Online News

Ryan Randy SURYONO, Indra BUDI
Fintech has improved from a few years ago and has put regulators under pressure to find a legal framework that allows fintech to operate in the formal financial sector and provide appropriate protection for customers. At present, many online news in Indonesia contain articles about Fintech, especially...
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Fair Network Optimization with the Cellular Network Traffic Management Model Using Lingo 13.0

This study aims to analyze the optimal internet pricing scheme model using the Cloud Radio Access Network (C-RAN) model by involving the Fair Network. C-RAN is a centralized radio access network, where the equipment used is connected to a cellular antenna to process signals and send them to the core...
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Author Matching Using String Similarities and Deep Neural Networks

Zaqqi YAMANI, Siti NURMAINI, FIRDAUS, M Naufal R, Winda Kurnia SARI
Author Name Disambiguation (AND) is one of the problems in the process of classification of publication data, where the introduction of the characteristics of each author is difficult to recognize because of the frequent changes in patterns in writing author names. In the world of publications, author...
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Text Classification of Cancer Clinical Trials Documents Using Deep Neural Network and Fine Grained Document Clustering

Jasmir JASMIR, Siti NURMAINI, Reza Firsandaya MALIK, Dodo Zaenal ABIDIN
Clinical trials are any research studies involve human participation with health safety outcomes. In clinical trials, there is the most important term called the eligibility criteria (eligible and not eligible). The eligibility criteria for clinical trials are usually written in free text, it requires...
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Implementation of Social Customer Relationship Management Using Instagram and Facebook as Songket Marketing Media

Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) is a strategy used by a company or organization to be able to create and maintain a good relationship with its customers and reduce the possibility of its customers moving to other products. By using social media applications. Mawar Songket Palembang is...
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Implementation of Fuzzy Logic in Determining the Value of Uncertainty Factors on Expert System

An intelligent system is a system that was built by imitating the ability of an expert in solving problems encountered. To adopt the ability of an expert in the system set forth in the form of rules that are usually in the form of IF.. Then rules. Each rule usually has a uncertainty value to declare...
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Introducing SOMA-DEF: An IT Service Requirement Engineering Model

Nabila Rizky OKTADINI, Putri Eka SEVTIYUNI, Muhammad Ali BUCHARI
To provide IT services according to the needs of users, the services provided should ideally go through a mature design process. Several studies that have been done previously explain the life cycle of a service. But until now there has been no research that explains how to identify the needs of IT services...
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Blowfish–RSA Comparison Analysis of the Encrypt Decrypt Process in Android-Based Email Application

Dwi Yuny SYLFANIA, Fransiskus Panca JUNIAWAN, LAURENTINUS, Harrizki Arie PRADANA
Email is a service that used to send text, message, or letter to someone electronically. However, addressing the email at network possibility to be intercepted, read, even modified by another side. As a result, there is no guarantee for confidentiality and accuracy of information. There is a way to deal...
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Implementation of Web-Based Customer Relationship Management at PT. Kimia Farma Trading and Distribution Palembang

PT. Kimia Farma Trading and Distribution is a company engaged in the trading and distribution of pharmaceutical products. This research uses the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) method as an effort to get new customers, increase relationships and maintain customer loyalty. The system development...
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Text Steganography on Digital Video Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Cryptographic Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm

Megah MULYA, Osvari ARSALAN, Latifah ALHAURA, Rendy WIJAYA, A.S. Syahrul Ramadhan, Christofer YEREMIA
The rapid development of the internet has increased the ease of sharing information to people around the world. However, this advancement also raises a distress about data manipulation when the data are sent by the sender to the recipient. Therefore, information security is a major problem in data communication....
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Implementation K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm in Searching Location Books in Library Statically Based on RFID

Ahmad Fali OKLILAS, Fajri Aulia RACHMAT, Purwita SARI
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology for determining an object using electromagnetic waves (radio waves) through a device called a tag. This identification is carried out using a reader, tag, and antenna. To maximize the performance of RFID technology in a room with a room scale that...
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Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Method for Lifting Control System on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

The AUV navication system can move autonomously in water using various methods. the implementation of lifting control system at AUV is needed to maintain the stability of the AUV when lifting under water. In this paper, the lifting process of AUV uses the fuzzy method. The fuzzy method is used for rule-based...
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A Procedural Model for the Design of Informatics Competency Proficiency Assistance Systems Based on Ubiquitous Learning

Rangga FIRDAUS, Basuki WIBAWA, Khaerudin
Many concerns from the world of work that the competence of graduates, especially in the field of informatics, is inadequate and not crucial to the needs of the workforce, because the performance of the learning outcomes of the curriculum is not synchronous between the world of education and the world...
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Data Integrity Checking for Securing Students Grades Lists Using the Hash Function

Megah MULYA, Hardini NOVIANTI, Des Alwine ZAYANTI, A.S. Syahrul Ramadhan, Rendy WIJAYA, Christofer YEREMIA
Presently, institutions should preserve the quality of teaching, services and resources to ensure the quality of the institutions. All information is presented in full, fast and always in accordance with existing developments. The use of computer technology has an impact on eliciting gaps by irresponsible...
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Decision Support System for Performance Appraisal Using Elimination Method and Translation Reality Choices (ELECTRE)

The development of a company can be seen and greatly influenced by the number of employees owned by the company. The big number of employees and the difference of each performance, making the company more difficult to see the performance of good employees and have high productivity that will affect the...
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Effect of Social Media “Instagram” as a Tool of Distributor Promotion of Oriflame Masayu Aliyah

Social media provides a place for people around the world to communicate with, share, comment, and also influence each other. In addition to facilitating communication, social media also can be used as a business tool such as utilizing social media for CRM, so that a new term appears in CRM, namely Social...
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Face Recognition Using Hyper Sausage Neuron Networks

Biometric authentication systems are generally utilized in different manners. One of the most generally utilized biometric systems is the face. The face is one path for every person to know one another and has their very own attributes or is extraordinary to every individual. The face recognition system...
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Mathematical Implementation of Circle Hough Transformation Theorem Model Using C# For Calculation Attribute of Circle

Hough transformation is a method or theorem is used in searching primitive object forms, such as lines and circles. Circular Hough transformation detection has high accuracy rate in the form of the circular object. There are several stages in performing the application of the mathematical model for circular...
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Latent GLM Tweedie Distribution in Butterflies Species Counts

Rezzy Eko CARAKA, Rung Ching CHEN, Toni TOHARUDIN, Isma Dwi KURNIAWAN, S Asmawati, Doni ROPAWANDI, Muhammad Fijar Rotul AKBAR, INDRA, Muh Fahmi RUSTAN
Background: The diversity of butterflies relies on the accessibility of food plants and the quality of their habitat. Methods: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the diversity butterfly based on latent GLM in 3 different Habitat. At the same time, we perform the step construction of Tweedie Distribution...