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Impact of Defects Caused by Hot Charge Carriers on the Digital VLSI Parameters

G.A. Mustafayev, N.V. Cherkesova, A.I. Khasanov, A.G. Mustafayev, G.A. Mustafayev
The problem of establishing a contact between degradation at the instrument and the circuit levels while designing very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI) is of a great interest. Instrument and circuits sensitivity to the effects conded by hot carriers is different, which is determined by a large...
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Study of the Behavior of Gallium in Aqueous Solutions of Electrolytes

N.V. Nemchinova, A.A. Yakovleva, N.V. Nemchinova
Numerical values of the reaction rate constants and activation energies were obtained for the system gallium - aqueous solutions of electrolytes with respect to the nature of the electrolyte and aggregation state of metal. It is shown that dissolution in sulfuric acid media is characterized by low velocity...
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Instrument Requirements for Accuracy of Ionizing Radiation Measurement in Environmental Monitoring

L.K. Orlik, G.S. Zhukova, L.K. Orlik
The problem of radiation contamination makes the control relevant based on monitoring studies of large areas and large masses of the population. The issue of the development of measuring equipment base is relevant. The main quality indicator of radiation monitoring devices are random measurement errors....
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Models of Phase Equilibrium of Water in Ideal Models of Rock at Negative Temperature

N.A. Protodyakonova, A.V. Stepanov, O.N. Kravtsova, N.I. Tappyrova, A.V. Malyshev, A.M. Timofeev, E.G, Starostin, N.A. Protodyakonova
The article analyzes models of phase equilibrium of water in rocks, where a mineral matrix is treated as an assembly of particles with a determined effective molar mass, depending on dispersibility and surface properties of the mineral matrix. This provides an opportunity to develop a model of phase...
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Designing Mathematical Models of Geometric and Technical Parameters for Modern Road-Building Machines Versus the Main Parameter of the System

R.V. Mogutnov, P.V. Tikhomirov, A.V. Skrypnikov, A.I. Zavrazhnov, V.G. Kozlov, A.N. Belyaev, V.A. Zelikov, N.V. Mikheyev, V.G. Kozlov
Fleet equipping for toting auto road construction should be planned with the account of projected road schemes, regional peculiarities and target growth of labour capacity. The state-of-the-art IT solutions should be found for programming methods. It has been determined that application of the developed...
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Airborne Laser Scanning Technology in Archeology

D.A. Gura, M.V. Bykova, G.G. Shevchenko, D.V. Petrenkov, T.A. Romanova, N.I. Khusht, V.A. Brusilo, G.T. Akopian, D.A. Gura
The article touches upon the issue of the application of the technology of laser scanning in archaeological research of various monuments of architecture, culture and antiquity. The authors consider the principles of laser scanning, its main types (ground, mobile and air), as well as the global experience...
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Chemical Resistance of Cement Stone in Organic Acids

V.V. Nelyubova, I.V. Zhernovskiy, V.V. Strokova, M.D. Rykunova, V.V. Nelyubova
The article studies superposition of corrosive effects occurring at agricultural enterprises. When developing a durable building composite, it is necessary to take into account each type of corrosion to prolong resistance of the environment. The influence of long-term exposure of cement stone samples...
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Formation of a System for Predicting the Reliability of Structural Materials

N.G. Shakurov, N.G. Shakurov
As the complexity of the machines and equipment construction, the expansion of their use, increasing automation in the oil and gas sector, increasing loads and speeds the requirements for the reliability of technical facilities will continuously increase. This article resents the system of evaluation...
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Criteria for Modelling the Gravity Clarifier

R.N. Suleymanov, K.T. Tyncherov, A.S. Galeev, O.V. Filimonov, M.V. Selivanova, R.N. Suleymanov
This article contains a new approach to the problem of modeling devices for the sedimentation separation of two-phase systems. It is shown that, regardless of the separation forces of the phase (gravity, centrifugal), the separation efficiency decisive parameter is the velocity gradient of the carrier...
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Electrostatic Charges and Ion Implantation Impact on the MIS Transistors Parameters Degradation

G.A. Mustafayev, N.V. Cherkesova, A.I. Khasanov, A.G. Mustafayev, G.A. Mustafayev
Resistance to electrostatic charges is one of the most important problems limiting the very large scale integrated circuits reliability. Increased currents cause the degradation of the instruments characteristics, similar to the degradation that occurs when hot electrons stream passes through. In order...
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Solar Concentrator Engineering Design SWx 700-250

I.Yu. Loshkarev, A.I. Sterkhov, K.A. Petrov, I.Yu. Loshkarev
The article provides an overview of the effects and phenomena that can be used to accomplish the development of a solar concentrator, the choice of the given physical phenomenon (specular reflection) is presented. Further, technical solutions for this task are developed, the choice of a specific technical...
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Studies of Equipment Stability for Drill String in Oil Fields Development

L.B. Khuzina, A.F. Shaykhutdinova, A.Kh. Gabzalilova, L.B. Khuzina
The current development state of oil and gas fields is characterized by the share increase of hard-to-recover reserves, which leads to new technological solutions for bottom-hole layouts during construction of directional wells. The paper presents analytical studies of the oscillator-turbulizer, and...
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Estimation of The Wells Hydrodynamic Drag Level Based on Wells Geophysical Survey Data

L.S. Kuleshova, V.V. Mukhametshin, L.S. Kuleshova
Based on the generalization of different groups of fields of the terrigenous strata of the lower Cretaceous age of Western Siberia flooding experience, models are obtained that allow to assess the degree of hydrodynamic interaction of producing and injection wells, reflected by the maximum value of the...
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Sectional Centrifugal Pump with Air-Cooling Oil System

R.I. Suleimanov, M.Ya. Khabibullin, Re.I. Suleimanov, R.I. Suleimanov
The article considers sectional centrifugal pump (SCP) designed to pump liquids into the reservoir to maintain reservoir pressure. The article justifies the use of air-cooling of the oil system of the pump major nodes, which decreases the material and energy costs and reduces the repair time of the...
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Application of Optimization Technology During Performance Petrophysical Researches

A.V. Morev, V.A. Morev, A.V. Morev
Currently, in the methodology of petrophysical research there are quite serious problems that influence significantly the profitability of the process of obtaining analysis results. Improving the efficiency of laboratory tests is an important direction in the improvement of methodological approaches...
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Use of Mineral Sorbents for the Purification of Natural Environments from Petroleum Products in the Kolsky Northern Region

N.V. Fokina, V.A. Miazin, V.A. Miazin
The research was carried in order to study the effectiveness of using alumino-silicate vermiculite mineral of various modifications as a sorbent for the purification of environment from oil products. Thermally activated vermiculite with hydrophilic properties can be used to clean oil-contaminated areas,...
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Influence of Thermal Insulation on Temperature Mode of Multiple-Frozen Grounds Based on Main Gas Pipeline

А.V. Stepanov, V.М. Efimov, I.I. Rozhin, F.Е. Popenko, А.А. Stepanov, А.V. Stepanov
The paper examines the process of heat exchange of soil mass with a gas pipeline and mathematical modeling. It involves seasonal changes in heat exchange conditions on the surface as well as cyclical changes in the temperature of the transported gas. The mathematical formulation for dynamics of two-dimensional...
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Physico-Mathematical Model of the Effect of Ballistic Solid Fuel on the Reservoir of an Oil and Gas Well

K.T. Tyncherov, M.V. Selivanova, G.R. Igtisamova, I.A. Kalmykov, А.А. Olenev, K.T. Tyncherov
The paper studies mathematical modeling of effects by ballistic solid fuel pressure generators on the near-well formation zone. The research is of current relevance since no suitable tools for this type of the solid fuel can be found for hydrodynamic simulation of oil and gas wells processing. Which...
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Model of Effective Education Quality Management Based on the Introduction of Automated Systems

E.D. Alisultanova, N.A. Moiseenko, A.S. Dadashova, E.D. Alisultanova
The problem of effective management of the educational process through the automation of activities is most relevant in educational institutions in terms of both improving the quality of education and optimizing basic processes in general. Within the framework of this scientific article, the authors...
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Mathematical Methods and Computer Modeling to Predict the Formation of the Fill Grounds

A.V. Chelovechkova, E.N. Polyakova, Т.R. Zmyzgova, A.V. Chelovechkova
A method for predicting fill grounds used in landscaping of urban infrastructures is proposed. One of the measures to solve this problem is land remediation. New techniques of reducing economic costs are required. A program of a mathematical model has been developed with this objective. The mentioned...
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Biochemical Composition of Soybean Seeds of a Northern Ecotype Under Various Growing Conditions

U.A. Delaev, U.G. Zuziev, T.P. Kobozeva, M.M. Shagaypov, I.Ya. Shishkhaev, M.B. Khakonova, M.M. Salmanov, M.M. Kalmykov, U.A. Delaev
The article presents the results of the analysis of the quality of soybean seeds of a northern ecotype under various growing conditions. The following varieties were studied: Svetlaya, Okskaya, Magev, M-134 and M-52. The highest protein content was observed in M-134. According to the mineral composition,...
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Filtration Oil Treatment Unit of Screw Compressor

R.I. Suleimanov, M.Ya. Khabibullin, Re.I. Suleimanov, R.I. Suleimanov
The article is devoted to the oil treatment system of a compressor unit designed for gas transportation. There is a design of the oil treatment unit, located separately from the compressor in this article. The main elements of the system are considered, the conditions of their work and the operational...
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New Method of Extinguishing Fires in Oil Wells

N.D. Bulchaev, I.G. Gairabekov, A.Sh. Khaladov, R.Kh. Mollaev, N.D. Bulchaev
Due to various reasons, oil and gas there are accidents associated with open emission formation fluid with subsequent ignition. Such accidents sometimes have catastrophic consequences. Extinguishing gas wells is done by method of limiting oxygen access to the burning area. This method includes applying...
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Specifics of Environmental Problems of Mining Natural Management in River Valleys

R.O. Kalov, D.D. Kiloev, R.S. Elmurzaev, R.O. Kalov
Ecological consequences of prolonged mining natural management in the valley of the river Baksan are analyzed. Main sources of emissions of heavy metals compounds, the nature and extent of their pollution are revealed. Ecological indicators of the post-exploitation state of landscapes can be considered...
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Simulation of Fluid Movement Through a Gravel Filter

N.D. Bulchayev, A.Sh. Khaladov, I.G. Gairabekov, A.S. Abumuslimov, N.D. Bulchayev
Many oil companies have serious difficulties with complicating factors as the appearance of mechanical impurities in the production of wells, the deposition of asphalt-resin-paraffin substances (ARPSs) on the equipment walls, salt deposition, and corrosion of metals. The presence of mechanical impurities...
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Comparative Analysis of Oil-Saturated Fractured Reservoirs - Bazhenites Clays of Western Siberia and Khadumites of Eastern Caucasus

R.S. Dudaev, A.S. Elzhaev, S.S.-A. Gacaeva, R.S. Dudaev
The rocks of clay natural reservoirs present particular interest. On the one hand, they attract the attention of scientists from the point of view of oil content (they are enriched to a large extent with organic material), on the other hand - from the point of view of accumulation of radioactive elements,...
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Mathematical Modeling of Oil Reservoir Heating by Electromagnetic-Acoustic Field in Laboratory Conditions

G.R. Izmaylova, G.R. Izmaylova
This paper describes an experiment to study the combined effects of high-frequency electromagnetic and acoustic fields on the oil reservoir model. A mathematical model describing the physical processes occurring in the reservoir is given. By introducing an additional term, the heat conduction equation...
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The Ecological Assessment of Petroleum Industry Wastes

L.P. Kapelkina, M.V. Chugunova, T.V. Bardina, A.O. Gerasimov, L.P. Kapelkina
The ecological assessment of waste is an important indicator of industrial enterprise operations. The article discusses the results of research (type of environment, salt content, heavy metal and petroleum product content), encompassing ten types of different petroleum industry waste. During the research...
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Modelling the Injection of Spark-Ignition Fuel into Combustion Chamber in the Gas and Diesel Operating Process

I.А. Apkarov, G.I. Khanaliev, А.А. Mallaev, Magomadov I.Z. Magomadov, S.S. Serbiev, Kh.Kh. Aptaev, N.D. Aisungurov, R.А-М. Mamatsuev, I.А. Apkarov
This article studies the questions of reducing the consumption of diesel fuel via the gas and diesel operating process in small-sized internal combustions engines as well as lowering the amount of noxious substances in exhaust gases. Internal combustion engines (ICE) are the main consumers of petroleum...
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Oil Well Stimulation at Oil Fields of Groznensky Oil-Bearing District

A.Sh. Khaladov, N.D. Bulchaev, M.M. Bakraev, A.A. Umaev, I.I. Aliev, Z.Kh. Gazabieva, A.Sh. Khaladov
Among the objectives of the oil industry of the Chechen Republic is stable covering of requirements of the republic for hydrocarbons; attaining this objective significantly depends on acceleration of scientific and technical progress within the industry. It assumes increase in oil and associated gas...
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Investigation of Heat Exchange Processes in the Oil Well

N.D. Bulchayev, A.Sh. Khaladov, I.G. Gairabekov, R.Kh. Mollaev, A.S. Abumuslimov, N.D. Bulchayev
In the practice of pumping oil wells, thermo-boric conditions occurring inside the well are important. The neglect(or omission) of heat exchange processes occurring in the well may lead to a decrease in the performance of pumping equipment, reduced turnaround time and accidental failures of downhole...
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History of Oil Production in the North Caucasus (Second Half of the XIX - Early XX Centuries

A.A. Daukaev, L.S. Gatsaeva, A.S. Elzhaev, Z.R. Khamzatov, Z.Kh. Sulumov, U.T. Gayrabekov, Kh.S. Talkhigova, Y.A. Kindarova, A.A. Daukaev
The article provides information on the first oil wells drilled in the North Caucasus. It analyzes the role and importance of the oil industry in the North Caucasus at the beginning of the 20th century. Large foreign companies have shown great interest in oil resources of Chechnya. The main factors that...
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Automatic Winding Machine for Repairing of Wells with Electric Centrifugal Pumps

M.L. Galimullin, M.Y. Khabibullin, R.I. Suleimanov, M.L. Galimullin
The article deals with the results of field testings of the automatic winding machine for ECP cable in the process of down-lifting operations in the underground and overhaul repair of oil wells at the fields of Joint-Stock Oil Company Bashneft. During the overhaul or underground repair of oil wells equipped...
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Air Transport in Chechen Republic: Retrospective, Condition and Development Potential

A.L. Ustaev, L.A. Mukaeva, L.T. Soltakhmadova, A.L. Ustaev
The article sudies step-by-step development of air transport in the Chechen Republic. The urgency of resumption of both local and interregional flights is underlined. Besides, the article describes the impact of competition between airlines as well as cost related trends, the profitability of air tarnsportation,...
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Economical and Geographical Analysis of the Spatial Development of Regional Centers in Baikal Region

N.R. Zangeeva, V.S. Batomunkuev, B.O. Gomboev, A.G. Badmaev, N.R. Zangeeva
The twentieth century for Russia is the age of political, socio-economic and territorial transformations. Naturally, these processes are reflected on the spatial development. From this perspective, investigating the development of urban systems under conditions of global challenges is high on the agenda....
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Natural and Recreational Potential of Some European Regions

V. V. Rudskii, O. A. Mechkovskaia, T.A. Dugarskaia, I.V. Sidorov, P. S. Shevchenko, V. V. Rudskii
The natural-recreational potential of Eastern European countries is analyzed in this article. The potential for regional natural recreational resources use in order to develop an international tourism are shown, considering modern changes in the structure of tourists' demand and supply in the international...
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Climatogenic Dynamics of Lakes in the Russian Part of Daur Steppe According to Earth's Remote Sensing Data

I.L. Vakhnina, M.A. Goliatina, E.V. Noskova, I.L. Vakhnina
The use of Earth's remote sensing methods is one of the effective methods of monitoring. It allows estimating the areas of the water line of lakes and their quantity over vast and inaccessible territories. An analysis of the dynamics of basinal lakes in the Daurian steppe Russian part from 1989 to 2016,...
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Transformation of Groundwater Chemical Composition in the Zone of Influence of the Chita TPP-1 Ash Dump (Transbaikalia, Russia)

L.V. Zamana, L.I. Usmanova, L.V. Zamana
The filtrational leakages from the ash dump of the Chita TPP-1 led to the change of the natural hydrogen carbonate and sulfate hydrogen carbonate composition of groundwater to the sulfate and the hydrogen carbonate sulfate, and to the formation of the aureola of nonstandard drinking water with the excess...
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Geochemistry of Drainage Water of Darasun Ore Field Gold Deposits (Eastern Transbaikalia, Russia)

L.V. Zamana, L.V. Taskina, L.V. Zamana
The paper presents characteristics of chemical and microelement composition of drainage water in dumps and the septic tank of the tailing dump in three gold ore deposits of Eastern Transbaikalia localized in a single ore field in the rocks of base composition. The ionic composition of all samples contains...
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Prediction of Gas Exposure in the Conditions of the Oil Fields of the Volga-Urals

V.E. Andreev, A.P. Chizhov, Yu.A. Kotenev, Sh.Kh. Sultanov, V.Sh. Mukhametshin, L.S. Kuleshova, A.V. Chibisov, V.E. Andreev
Currently, the use of gas methods to increase oil recovery is underexplored. However, the experience of applying these methods, both in Russia and abroad, indicates their high technological and economic efficiency. The article takes the first step towards substantiating the use of gas methods in the...
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Estimating Maximum Water Levels During Winter Flooding at Some Segments of the Lena River

G.P. Struchkova, V.V. Timofeeva, T.A. Kapitonova, D.D. Nogovitsyn, K.I. Kusatov, G.P. Struchkova
The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) has a large territory that covers various climatic zones and a network of water bodies and thus is exposed to a wide range of natural emergencies. The most typical of them is spring-summer floods that cause flooding of vast territories, facilities and infrastructure, thus...
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Influence of the Natural Landscape Conditions of Northern Yakutia on Flood Formation on the Alazeya River

D.D. Nogovitsyn, N.A. Nikolaeva, Z.M. Sheina, D.D. Pinigin, D.D. Nogovitsyn
The article assesses natural landscape conditions for forming floods on the Alazeya river and their influence on the hydrological regime. Evaluation of the moistening mode showed that an increase in the water volume is caused by an increasing amount of precipitation. The factor determining variability...
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Physical and Chemical Modeling of the Composition of River Waters Affected by Technogenic Sources(Angara River, Baikal Region)

V.I. Poletaeva, M.V. Pastukhov, V.A. Bychinsky, V.I. Poletaeva
The model for mixing wastewater and river water was built using Selector software. Chemical analysis of highly mineralized wastewater from the Usolye industrial zone which is one of the main pollutants of the Angara river, and river water in the area before and after exposure to technogenic sources was...
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Rare Communities of the Desert Steppes of the Russian Caspian Sea Region and Their Preservation

I.N. Safronova, I.N. Safronova
The phytocenotic diversity of the desert steppes is preserved due to the presence of the Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky Nature Reserve and Elton Natural Park in the southern steppe subzone of the Russian Caspian Sea region. Steppes in the Trans-Volga region are more diverse than those in the Sarpinskaya lowland....
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Edaphic Growing Conditions of Tulipa Cenopopulations in the Black Lands Nature Reserve

N.C. Lidzhieva, T.N. Lyu, N.T. Onkorova, A.S. Ochirova, Zh.V. Ovadykova, N.C. Lidzhieva
The paper studies edaphic conditions of the cenopopulation of Tulipa gesneriana, T. biflora and T. biebersteiniana growing in the Black Lands nature reserve. These cenopopulations belong to rare and protected plants in many regions of Russia, including the Republic of Kalmykia. The soil profile cuts...
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Evaluation of Development of Advanced Remote Technologies for Sensing the Earth and Near Space Objects

A.A. Chursin, A.A. Chursin
The article studies current trends of global digitalization of all spheres of society, including economic activities. The author analyzes and substantiates the significant contribution of space technologies and knowledge to the development of the world economy. Information obtained from the space helps...
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Innovative Solutions for the Spatial Organization of the Road Network in the Republic of Sakha

A.I. Borisov, D.V. Andreev, A.P. Pesterev, S.I. Poiseeva, E.P. Arkhipov, I.N. Gabyshev, E.G. Kardashevskaia, V.M. Nikolaeva, A.I. Borisov
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), compared with the other regions of our state, is currently considered to be poorly studied in terms of introducing innovative solutions for the spatial organization of the road network. Today's financial constraints and the geographical location of the Republic of Sakha...
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Changes in the Trophic State Of Lake Valencia (Venezuela) from 2013 to 2019 According to Remote Sensing And Modelling Data

I.J. Govin, E.V. Stanis, E.A. Parakhina, I.J. Govin
Lake Valencia is the second most important natural freshwater basin in Venezuela. The expansion of industrial and agricultural activities and population growth over the past four decades has accelerated the process of eutrophication of the lake waters at such a rapid rate that it cannot be compensated...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of Geological Exploration Using Hydrocarbon Raw Materials within Terek-Caspian Trough

A.A. Daukaev, L.S. Gatsaeva, T.Kh. Bachaeva, S.S.-A. Gatsaeva, E.A. Abubakarova, Kh.I. Khamsurkaev, A.Kh. Usmanov, Z.G. Aidamirova, A.A. Daukaev
The article analyzes information on oil and gas deposits obtained by seismic exploration, geological and geophysical data compilation and reinterpretation for the western part of the Terek-Caspian trough. The tabulated data on morphological parameters (linear dimensions, amplitudes) of local structures...
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Distortions Introduced by the Cartographic Projection of Gauss at a Distance of the Construction Site From the Axial Meridian

I.G. Gairabekov, H.R. Gagaeva, I.G. Gairabekov
The article analyzes the distortions introduced by the cartographic projection of Gauss. The authors justify that modern high precision measuring instruments should be accompanied by qualitative methods of measurement results processing in the mountainous areas. It is shown that the operation of transfer...