Proceedings of the 2018 International Symposium on Social Science and Management Innovation (SSMI 2018)

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The Key Theory of the Design Planning of Creative Products and Its Applied Research

Bao Yan
At present, the creative industry has achieved rapid development, and the design planning of creative products is pivotal to ensure the sustainable development of this industry. A variety of key theories have been produced in the development of creative products, and to analyze these key theories and...
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A Brief Analysis of the Tourism Development and Application of Traditional Sports Culture Resources of Ethnic Minorities

Lei Li
sports tourism is a branch of tourism. In recent years, people has paid more and more attention to sports tourism. Traditional sports of ethnic minorities are also an important content in the development and utilization of tourism resources. It conforms to the concept of "returning to nature" in China's...
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Empirical Analysis of Cash Dividend Capability of China's Listed Home Appliance Companies based on Free Cash Flow

Ruocan Yuan, Xin’e Zhao
Stock Price of GREE Electric Appliance, Inc. fell sharply without cash dividends distributed in GREE annual report on April 25, 2018. Based on fee cash flow and surplus free cash flow, this paper presents the evaluation criteria of dividend capability. Using the detailed data of sampled China’s listed...
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Study on the Situation and Countermeasures of Power Supply& Demand in Sichuan Province under the Background of the Supply-Side Reform

Qiang Ye, Qian Chen, Yi Luo, Quan Tang, Zhichao Ren, Ruiguang Ma
Actively promoting supply-side reform is a major innovation for the country to initiatively adapt to and lead the new normal of economic development. It is the "13th Five-Year Plan" economic development action guide of China. First, the article briefly introduces the background and connotation of the...
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Algorithm Implementation and Research of Prospect Theory Portfolio Optimization Model

Mengying Chang, Yang Xu, Yulian Fan
With the continuous development of society, investment has become an indispensable skill for everyone. The research on portfolio optimization has received more and more attention from the public. This paper first introduces the Prospect Theory model developed on the basis of expected utility theory,...
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Research on the Healthy Development Path of Rural E-commerce Economy in the New Era

Darong Li
The establishment of rural e-commerce can not only make agricultural products have more sales channels, so that agriculture can keep up with the progress of the times and realize the modernization of agriculture, but also increase the employment rate of farmers and constantly improve their economic income....
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Factors Influencing Blood Purification Nursing Safety Management and Countermeasures

Xueyan Yang
objective: to analyze the factors affecting the safety management of blood purification nursing and find out the corresponding countermeasures. Methods statistics were conducted on the patients who came to our hospital for blood purification treatment. A total of 200 people participated in the statistics....
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Probe into the Problems and Standardization Countermeasure of Express Collection Industry at Present

Linfeng Wu
China's economy has shifted to the stage of high-quality development. Improving the efficiency and customer satisfaction of express delivery industry is the inevitable requirement of social development. This paper analyses the problems existing in the current express delivery and collection industry,...
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Exploration of Multivariable Financial Time Series based on Algorithm

Yixin Zhang
To explore the multivariable financial time series, first of all, the concepts related to financial time series are introduced. The phase space reconstruction theory is described firstly and then the methods for testing the nonlinear characteristics of financial time series are expounded, namely Hurst...
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Research on the Interrelationship between the Financing Structure of State-owned Enterprises and Their Transnational Investment Behavior

Yang Liu, Meng Zhang, Jing Cheng
The reform of state-owned enterprises and accelerated pace of "one belt and one road" construction led to the optimization of the policy system environment which have promoted the state-owned enterprises to become the main force of overseas investment. The preliminary formation of diversified financing...
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The Impact of RMB Exchange Rate and Stock Price on Short-term Capital Flow

Yanan Guo, Kai Sun
Recently, many hot moneys have flowed into our country, and the occurrence of the financial crisis has aggravated the uncertainty of short-term capital flows, which has attracted extensive attention from the government and academia. This paper uses step-by-step OLS method to empirically analyze the impact...
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Foreign Investment Strategy and Its Relationship with Transnational M&A Shares

Xuehang Liu
Since joining the WTO in 2001, the Chinese market has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and the competitive situation in China's domestic market has shown a “nationalization level” of competition. Chinese companies' competitors in the domestic market are not only competitors in...
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Research on the Path of Rationalization Suggestion to Enhance Project Value under EPC Mode

Cheng Qian
The EPC model is increasingly being valued as a general contracting model. Due to the characteristics of the EPC model, the contractor needs to bear most of the risks. The high risk should match the high returns, so the contractor often Rationalization suggestions are proposed through their own technical...
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Research on Improving the Benefits of Tourism Poverty Alleviation in Southwestern Ethnic Region

Congwu Xiang, Weilin Feng
Tourism poverty alleviation is an important measure and means for promoting poverty alleviation in Southwestern ethnic region. In the process of tourism poverty alleviation, there are some issues, such as shortage of the funds for poverty alleviation projects, "tourist enclave" effect, insufficient attention...
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Analysis on Optimization Model of Hongshuihe Longtan Coal Dump Transportation System

Xiaolei Liu, Bo Ma, Kai Luo
The Hongshui River is an important part of the southwest waterway to the mid-sea channel. It is the hinterland of the “two rivers and one river” in Guizhou, which is rich in resources. The downstream is a new industrial city such as guests and rivers in Guangxi. It has a prominent position in the inland...
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Analysis of Export Technology Complexity Structure of High-tech Manufacturing Industry in China and the US

Yumeng Hu, Xing Zheng
High-tech manufacturing has become the pillar industry of the world’s major countries. To a certain extent, the development of high-tech manufacturing determines the status of a country’s global value chain. China and the United States are both big high-tech exporting countries. Based on the description...
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Comparative Study on the Global Technological Competitiveness of China's Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry from the Perspective of Patent Citation

Jun Zhang, Yue Hu, Quan Zhang, Renyan Mu, Panpan Wang
Electronic information products manufacturing (EIM) industry holds the key to intelligent transformation against the backdrop of a new round of industrial revolution. With patent citation as a research angle, this paper collects and collates the patent data of 24 home and abroad leading enterprises in...
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Combined Throughput Prediction of Fujian Coastal Ports based on Grey Model and Markov Chain

Yu Wang, Zhiming Wang
The rationality and reliability of port throughput forecasting results directly affect the rational arrangement of port resources, which is of great significance to the formulation of future port development strategy. This paper collects decades of historical data of Fujian coastal ports, combines the...
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Analysis on Industrial Upgrading and Export Trade of Petroleum Equipment under the "the Belt and Road Initiative"

Zhuohang Lv
The economic globalization is an important trend in today's world; however, with the acceleration of world economic development, the development of the world economy is also facing the bottleneck of development, for this reason, China has proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, combines the ancient Silk...
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Analysis of Operational Benefits of Unmanned Retail Business Form based on DEA Method

Lei Zhao, Lefei Li
In view of the three business forms of unmanned retail in the new retail, this paper takes the financing level, the area effectiveness and the market share as the index of DEA, and uses the DEA method to measure and analyze the operational benefits of 49 enterprises in the three forms of unmanned convenience...
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Innovation Driven and Fiscal Support: Path Optimization of Wind Power Industry

Qiuxia Xue
The development of new energy industry is in full swing, among which the most representative wind power industry attracts much attention. The development of wind power industry in China has entered a stable stage from its initial stage. Inconsistency, imbalance and inadequacy in the process of industrial...
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Research on Financial Investment in Higher Education in China

Tian Tian
Higher vocational education has the dual functions of higher education and vocational education, and plays an irreplaceable role in cultivating high-quality laborers and skilled talents and promoting economic transformation. As the foundation of state governance, finance plays an indispensable role in...
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Improvement of the Legislative Provisions of the Patent Pledge Financing in P2P Online Loan Platform

Qiqi Fu
Patent pledge financing based on P2P network lending platform is an innovative way for small and medium-sized technological enterprises to transform knowledge capital into financial capital. Because the relevant laws and regulations are too rough, the operability is poor, and the limitation of the characteristics...
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Research on Pricing Model of Power Cable into the Pipe Gallery

Lingyun Li, Xinju Guo, Dapeng Li, Xuyang Li, Tiejun Zhou, Yongjie Li
The pipe gallery is an important content of future smart city construction. Scientific calculation of the paid service fee of power cable corridor can provide a basis for formulating the charging price of power cable corridor. This article studies the domestic commonly used comprehensive utility tunnel...
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The Orientation and Realization of Government Economic Management Function under Market Economy Condition

Yi Lin
with the continuous improvement of China's economic level in recent years, China has entered the market economy era. With the advent of the era of market economy, the government's economic management function has greater challenges. Naturally, it also has a new direction in orientation and is realized....
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Research and Analysis of Passenger Flow Constraints in Urban Rail Transit

Ziyuan Teng, Chao Wang
In order to overcome the constraint of large passenger flow in urban rail transit management, an innovative research idea has been proposed. The constraint conditions of passenger flow are analyzed and studied. First of all, the background of this paper is introduced in detail. The passenger flow data...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Executive Compensation in China's Listed Banks -- Based on Empirical Evidence of China's Listed Banks from 2013 To 2017

Yiming Cai
Based on principal-agent theory, managerialism theory and managerial power theory, relevant data of Shanghai and Shenzhen listed Banks from 2013 to 2017 are used to examine the influencing factors of bank executive compensation from the perspectives of bank scale, bank performance, bank governance and...
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A Study on the Influence of FDI on Wages based on the View of Generalized Virtual Economy

Yuping Li, Zeyu Zhou, Zhichen Li
At this moment, with the development of the generalized virtual economy, the society has stepped into the "humanistic economy" era which gives priority to the psychological needs, from the traditional economy era which satisfies physiological needs. Based on the background, we use the data of generalized...
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A Comparative Study of Labor Markets in Countries along “The Belt and Road”

Yaoli Wang
Nowadays, global economy is in a regional community and China’s economic development occupies an increasingly important position in the development of world economy. The promotion of the “The Belt and Road” strategy has achieved sustainable development with countries along “The Belt and Road” and expanded...
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The Effect of Cash Transactions on Corporate Tax Evasion

Ziliang Liu
This article analyzed the problems of cash transaction and the tax evasion of enterprises based on the sample survey data of the small and micro enterprises of 10 provinces in Southeast, using the method of multiple linear regression models. It’s found that compared with the sale behavior, the cash transaction...
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The Influences of Idol Effect on the Purchasing Decisions of Their Fans

Lvyin Zhuang
Thanks to the structural transformation of consumption stimulated by the domestic economic development and the high-speed growth of culture industries, the “idol industry”, as a branch of the culture industry, has been confronted with great development opportunities in recent years, along with the gradual...
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The Micro-service Architecture Design Research of Financial Trading System based on Domain Engineering

Xing Sheng, Shuangshuang Hu, Yihui Lu
The purpose of this article is to propose a domain engineering-based micro-service reference architecture for financial trading platform, which can solve the problems of high complexity and high maintenance cost of a real large-scale financial trading system and try to provide a general solution for...
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A Short-term Prediction about the Stock Price of China’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry based on Back Propagation Neural Network

Xiang Li
This paper applies Back Propagation neural network to make a short-term prediction about the average stock price of pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in the next 30 days after October 23rd, 2018. The results show that the price will generally increase; the frequency of price fluctuation will be relatively...
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Cost Management of Power Engineering Projects based on BIM Life Cycle

Lu Liu, Liang Shang
The whole life cycle cost management of power engineering refers to the enterprise considering the problem from the perspective of cost and cost, and scientifically controlling and controlling the project investment funds. The whole cycle of the project is characterized by a wide range of management...
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Consumer Privacy Protection of E-commerce

Guorong Zhong, Zhaoqing Wang
The advent of big data is putting our society opportunities as well as challenges. In fields where, big data is widely applied nowadays, e-commerce is undoubtedly one of the most significant, however, full of uncertainties and bad effects as well. This paper will examine current situation of consumer...
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Water Price Regulation Model Establishment &Influences on Urban Water Resource in Harbin, China

Yu Fan
Water price regulation is an effective way to adjust the water imbalance. In the study, Harbin residents and industry water price regulation models are established to study the effects of water price on water supply and demand with society developing in the future. Water prices of Harbin are predicted...
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Business Cycle and War: A Literature Review and Evaluation

Jianan Liao
Academic researches on the relationship between business cycle and war are particularly rich, all of which can be divided into two major categories. One is the relationship between economic rise and war, and the other is the relationship between economic recession and war. Through the simple description...
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Research on the Construction of Agricultural Logistics Park Information Platform Facing the Whole Industry Chain

Xiaolan Hu, Hui Liu, Jingjun Shu
Agricultural logistics parks have a series of functions, such as procurement, production, transportation, circulation, processing, storage, distribution, and distribution of agricultural products, and agglomeration of agricultural-related industries in a certain space. Whether or not an agricultural...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of New Media in Crisis Management in Universities

Xiaolin Liu, Ping Hu
In recent years, with the frequent occurrence of the crisis events, university crisis management is facing the unprecedented challenges. In this paper, we take the crisis incident of C University as the research object, and analyze the problems of using the new media in crisis management in colleges...
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Research on Supply Chain Finance Model based on Agricultural Logistics Park Information Platform

Hui Ye, Xiaolan Hu, Meie Xie
The difficulty of financing in agricultural production is a key issue that restricts the development of agriculture. As an integrator of agricultural supply chain, agricultural logistics park has advantages in resource integration. Based on the information platform of agricultural logistics park, this...
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Study on Agricultural Development in Torrid Region of Southwest China-A Case Study of Yunnan: Take Yunnan as an Example

Jianling Qi, Li Ding, Hui Zhang
The southwestern hotspot has superior climate and biological resources, and the resource advantages of the Yunnan hotspot are particularly obvious. This paper takes the Yunnan Torrid Region as the research object, and analyzes the current situation and existing problems. It is proposed that the development...
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A Long Run Risks Model with Rare Disaster: An Empirical Test in the American Consumption Data

Xiaoyuan Wang
Equity risk premium is a popular area of research in the past twenty years. Economists strive to find a model that can both explain the equity risk premium and achieve asset pricing. Long run risk model and risk model with disaster are two mainstream model for equity risk premium. In this paper the two...
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Corporate Advertising Spending and Corporate Profits ——An Empirical Study based on World Cup Sponsorship

Xinyi Yuan
This paper studies the influence of advertising and R&D expenditure on profits of the corporate which World Cup sponsors. By using the multiple linear regression model which is commonly used in econometric analysis, the empirical analysis was conducted based on the micro data of 143 sponsored enterprises...
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Rural Education Investment Ratio and Regional Economic Growth ——Based on the Panel Data of China from 1993 to 2014

Shu Wen
From the perspective of human capital accumulation, this paper analyzes the impact of urban and rural education investment on regional economic growth. Based on the multiple linear regression model and using the provincial panel data from 1993 to 2014. The paper thinks that in order to promote the balanced...
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The Influence and Mechanism of Supervisor Developmental Feedback on Employee’s Work Engagement

Kun Zhang, Xin Zhu
This essay constitutes a research model among supervisor developmental feedback, employee satisfaction, interactive justice and employee’s work engagement. Then empirical research is done through Multiple Linear Regression. The results show that supervisor developmental feedback has positive effect on...
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Research on Conspicuous Consumption in Travel Behaviors of the College Students

Kai Liu, Xiaoling Huang
This paper research the conspicuous consumption behavior of the college students during the travel through analyzing the personal, social, economic and cultural causes. Usually, the college students pursue self-fulfilling and vanity, under the impetus of “face” consciousness, they produce conspicuous...
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Research on the Implementation Dilemma of Knowledge Payment Platform in Colleges and Universities in the Era of Sharing Economy

Ran Wu, Luzhiqing Ye, Qiong Wu
In the era of "sharing economy", college students often play the role of consumers to pay for the knowledge they want, but they have little sense to become providers or creators of knowledge In addition, many students in campus do not have effective ways to obtain excellent experience of their peers....
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Analysis of the Influence of “Universal Two-Child” Policy on the Development and Investment of Preschool Education

Jiayue Yu
The implementation of the “universal two-child” policy is a key measure to deal with the new population normal characterized by low birth rate, low death rate and high aging rate in China, which is conducive to easing the structural contradiction between China's population age and the transformation...
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The Application of Fuzzy Decision in the Management for Undergraduates

Weiwei Xu, Shuxin Zheng, Zhongguo Zhang
In this paper, the computer professional students trained under the ‘embedded’ training mode in Jiangsu province is selected as research subjects. By introducing fuzzy mathematics theory, a series of subjective and objective factors in the process of cultivating undergraduate students were studied. Through...
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Forecasting Port Throughput Model of Tianjin Port based on Wavelet Analysis and Machine Learning

Bingchun Liu, Shaofeng Feng
With the development of national economy, the importance of port growing port is the national foreign trade portal, is the driving force for the development of the city, with the improvement of freight volume, how many directly affects the port cargo throughput of port layout planning, therefore, to...