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Risk Factors of Post-earthquake Fire for Constructions Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach

Hsiaomei LIN, Chingyuan LIN, Juicheng KO, Yushiang WU
Urban area is always gathering huge population and different kinds of activities. Once there is any disaster, it would be very possible to have unrecoverable damage. For the post-earthquake fire in constructions, it would caucus damage not only in civilians' lives but also property. Therefore, it becomes...

Use of Multimedia Learning Technology Based Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Chandra Anugrah Putra
Recently, teachers have various problems when implementing the learning in the classroom. Learning problems are caused because the teachers do not understand the characteristics of learners with learning content. Multimedia as a new product of modern technology seeks to involve all the senses, including...
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A Prebiotic Surface Catalysed Photochemically Activated Synthesis of L-Cysteine

Ethyne forms a weak charge-transfer complex with surface catalysts such as Mg.porphin in which the ethyne group has a net positive charge (0.08), and the conjugated porphin has a negative charge. This neutral complex is polarised and undergoes a nucleophilic addition reaction with ammonia at the carbene...
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Development of Alarm System Based on Speech Recognition

Qingsong Zhu, Hongzhao Li, Ruyan Ye, Meide Xu, Fayue Zheng
Aiming at the burglary, fire and the safety and health of the elderly in current living quarters, a kind of alarm system based on speech recognition is developed. The video monitoring device can be triggered by the voice alarm signal which is sent to the mobile client at the same time. Monitor people...

Research Progress on Dialectical Treatment of Cold Coagulation Type Primary Dysmenorrhea of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Huifang Zhu, Dongjie Wang, Guifeng Lu, Hang Sun, YuJing Zhao, Lihua Niu
At present, there are few studies on the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea of cold coagulation type primary dysmenorrhea with traditional Chinese and western medicine at home and abroad. The study of blood deficiency and cold coagulation type of primary dysmenorrhea are alpine stagnation with qi and...
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Methods of Collective Intelligence in Exploratory Data Analysis: A Research Survey

Piotr A. KOWALSKI, Szymon Lukasik, Piotr KULCZYCKI
This study contains a brief presentation of the basic tasks for Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), namely: classification, clustering, reduction of data dimensionality and number of data instances as well as detection of outliers. Herein, solutions to the aforementioned problems incorporating a wide range...
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Sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR Super-resolution Imaging Method Based on 2D-FISTA Algorithm

Ming Zhou, Peng-Cheng Xu, Zhao-Hui He, Qing-Hua You
The traditional Sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR imaging method has the problem of low imaging quality and large computational complexity. In view of the above problems, this paper studies a sparse Chirp Stepped-frequency ISAR imaging method based on two-dimensional fast iterative shrinkage threshold...
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Intrusion detection method based on cloud model and semi-supervised clustering dynamic weighting

Liping Wang
Aiming at the problem of low detection rate and high false positive rate of intrusion detection system, a cloud model semi-supervised clustering dynamic weighting intrusion detection method is put forward. As the attribute contributes to the classification difference, the cloud was near relative degree....
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Farmers' Will to the Treatment of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Pollution ??Survey from 447 Farmers in Hunan Province

Mu-Rong Bin, Kong-Liang Wen
Farmers are the main participants involved in livestock and poultry breeding pollution control, whether they are willing to control the breeding pollution by the mutual influence of many factors. Based on the field survey data of 447 households in Hunan Province, the Logistic regression model and the...
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Research on Lateral-Directional Dynamic Characteristics and Control for Large Envelope Flight of Modular Aircraft

Wen-Xin Zhang, Li-Xin Wang, Ting Yue
The linear parameter varying (LPV) system model of the lateral-directional dynamics for large envelope flight of modular aircraft including various configurations was built. The validity of the aircraft LPV model was verified by the comparison of dynamic simulation between the LPV model and the nonlinear...
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Multi-quality characteristics optimization of WEDM for IN-625 by applying Taguchi DEAR technique

Sachin Sonawane, M. Kulkarni
To manufacture quality products at lowest cost in industries, optimization is an effective technique which can be applied to find out the best manufacturing conditions. The objective of this research work is to examine the effect of control factors and to choose the correct settings of these factors...
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Coupling and Analysis of 981 Deep Water Semi-submersible Drilling Platform and the Mooring System

Xudong Wang, Chaodong Luo, Xiaomei Zhu, Liqin Qian, Jianwen Sheng, Dayong Wang, Feng Yang, Haotian Bai, Fan Yang
With the increasing water depth, semi-submersible platform mooring system weight has increased rapidly. Because the coupling of the platform and mooring system will directly affect the safety of platform location, the mooring system must use the design of multi-component mooring line. The paper introduces...
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Optimal Design for Matching Network of L-band Low Noise Amplifier

Yisong Zhang, Fumin Lin, Liuxing Zeng
This paper introduces a matching network composed of lumped elements and transmission lines, which is more accurate and compact compared to the traditional one. Meanwhile, the added microstrip lines is used for bonding pads and connection lines on printed circuit board (PCB), and the dimensions of these...

A Multivariate Asymmetric Long Memory Conditional Volatility Model with X, Regularity and Asymptotics

Manabu Asai, Michael McAleer
The paper derives a Multivariate Asymmetric Long Memory conditional volatility model with Exogenous Variables (X), or the MALMX model, with dynamic conditional correlations, appropriate regularity conditions, and associated asymptotic theory. This enables checking of internal consistency and allows valid...
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Design and Realization of City Tourism Interest Geographic Information Data Collection System

Xiao Zhou, SHuai Zhu, Lan Yao, Xu Li, Haoyi Zhang, Wei He
City tourism contains plentiful data information, but not all the information is interested by tourists. Relying on tourists' interests, this paper designs and develops city tourism interest geographic information data collection system. Take Zhengzhou urban sight spots as an example to collection data...
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Optimization of an organic solvents tolerance lipase expressed in E.coli

Ren Peng, Chun-Mei Tong, Ming-Qing Lin
Owing to the safety consideration and improvement of lipase productivity, the genes of lipase and its cognate foldase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa CS-2 was co expressed in E.coli BL2 (DE3) and the optimization of expression condition was investigated in the paper. The recombinant strain entered the stationary...
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Perfection of the Programming Design for Medical College Internship Files with the Utilization of Android Mobile Phone Client

Xiaomeng Liu, Changguo Xu, Ju Wang, Xiaolin Hu, Seng Li
This paper describes the design of the medical intern students' file program, which utilizes the universal application of Android mobile clients to solve the hard problems from the collection of the students' files after they enter the internship places, mainly including the three aspects: the program...
Proceedings Article

Calculation and Analysis of Transformer Transient Over-Voltage in no-Load Switching

Fengyun Quan, Jia Chen, Yu Liu, Yu Wang, Wangling He, Xishan Wen
Transformer no-load closing may result in various types of over-voltage, which may affect the stability of power system. To analyze this problem, a 500kV transformer no-load closing model in Bailianhe Pumped Storage Power Station is built by EMTP/ATP, the closing over-voltage on primary equipment is...

Research on Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Pinna Li
China is a country with a long history. The working people have created a lot of cultural wealth in the long history of development and left a lot of intangible cultural heritage for us. The intellectual property rights protection is an effective means to ensure the dissemination of intangible cultural...

On Marshall-Olkin Extended Weibull Distribution

Hanan Haj Ahmad, Omar M. Bdair, M. Ahsanullah
Pages: 1 - 17
In this paper, we introduce a new form of distributions called ”Marshall-Olkin Extended Weibull distribution” MOEW. We study some of its structural properties and the shape of its hazard rate function. We provide some methods of point estimation for the unknown parameters and discuss its asymptotic properties....

The Inspiration of Transformation——The Creation and Aesthetic Appreciation of Ice Engraving

Yang Li, Hai Ping Sun
Ice engraving is a special form of prints. Its medium is ice, while it is inherits traditional painting-creation techniques. Ice engravers are also boldly trying new concepts and methods of expression. Their selection of material has completely stepped out from the traditional ways, which enables it...
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Analysis on Complex Target Electromagnetic Scattering Features based on Improved Finite Element Boundary Integral Method

An Xu
Computational electromagnetic has been more and more mature after development for dozens of years. Domestic and foreign scholars have proposed many methods especially when it is used for solving 3D complex target numerical value questions. Traditional methods include moment method, finite element method,...

A Reflection of Comprehensive Evaluation Matriculation in Universities from the Perspective of Educational Equality

Chun-Lan Guan
In recent years, China has paid more and more attention in multiple university matriculation institution, which encourages the appearance of Comprehensive Evaluated Matriculation. Meanwhile, educational equality has gotten increasing attention from Chinese people. On this premise, discuss the educational...

The Political Culture of Debutant Voters (Analysis Study of Political Culture of Students as Debutan Voters in North Sumatera University)

Adil Arifin
Based on the fact that the debutant voters is one of the potential voters in every election and it have a big number of vote in this present democratic era. So the debutant voters is one of the main targets in any kind of political campaigneither for political party or the candidates leaders in the election,...
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Method of Locating End Points of Insulator Strings Based on Minimum Enclosing Rectangle

Jiawei Hu
In the algorithm of extracting end points of insulator strings by image technology, we propose a method to find the Minimum Enclosing Rectangle (MER)of the target by using the the principal axis method based on the combination of the vertex chain code and the discrete Green theorem.Then the binary image...
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Room temperature ultrahigh pressure extraction in big beautiful crape myrtle leaf 2-α hydroxyursolic acid

Xia Qin, Xiao-Yan Ren, Hong Li
On the basis of single factor experiment, orthogonal test method for 2-α hydroxy for optimizing the extraction technology of ursolic acid, choose L9 (34) orthogonal experiment was carried out to 2-α hydroxy yield of ursolic acid as index, at room temperature (25 øC) under ultra-high pressure, holding...
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Resonance of Open Ring Frequency Selective Surface Arrays

Xiao-kun Chen, Jia-ao Yu
In this paper, the resonance of open ring frequency selective surface arrays is studied in particular. The new resonant cells are greatly reduced in dimensions and very compact in structures, so it is possible to realize the lower frequency selective surface. Simulation and measurement are basically...

Modeling Academic Writing for University Students

Aunurrahman Aunurrahman, Fuad Abdul Hamied, Emi Emilia
A good piece of academic writing is achieved through hard work and dedication. The hard work and dedication require the academic writing basic knowledge mastery. Yet, this is not an easy task for university students. This conceptual paper proposes how to model academic writing for university students...

The First Digits Analysis Until the Fifth Benford Law in Financial Statement

Teguh Sugiarto, Amir Indra Budiman, Iin Rosini
research aims to explore if there is fraud in a financial statement, use the Act stated that Benford's distribution number the first digit until the fifth will follow the trend of lower number. Research methods-in this case study authors use the first digit until fifth of the analysis of the numbers....

Dynamic Impact of Carbon Emission Trading on China's Macro Economy--- Based on CGE Model

Haolong Ding, Zhengliang Min
As the economy develops at a speed in China, the emissions of carbon dioxide also increase on a growing basis, which result in the continuous rise of the seal level and frequent occurring of extreme climates, and become of one the major obstacles impeding the economic development in China. One of the...
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Accuracy of Parabolic Equation Method for Modeling LF Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

Zaojun Zhou, Dandan Wang, Yurong Pu, Xiaoli Xi
The parabolic equation (PE) method, based on the split-step Fourier transform (SSFT) algorithm, has been used to model low-frequency (LF) electromagnetic (EM) wave propagation owing to its efficiency. However, the PE method is derived under the paraxial approximation so that its accuracy is guaranteed...

A research on influencing factors of lottery buyer fatigue

Shan Liang
This paper puts forward the concept of lottery buyer fatigue on the basis of gamblers fatigue, and studies the phenomenon that lottery holders produce adaptability - adjusting the behavior of purchasing in the process of buying lotteries. Through correlation analysis and comparative analysis, this paper...

The Design of the Endowment Space in the Perspective of Behavioral Psychology

Ying Xu
Space, in the common sense of people, is planning and limited three-dimensional place, provide the necessary activities for people with a particular environment. Closely linked to space and human behavior: space, behavior. Individual character space character behavior, special environment make special...
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Analysis and Improvement of Identification Method for Critical Unit in Transient Process of Multi-generator Power System

Wenyong Li, Hongsheng Su
The extended equal area criterion (EEAC) is one of the most important methods to identification the stability of Multi-generator Power System, and the key of this method is to correctly identify the critical unit. However, critical units of the existing recognition methods exist some problems, such as...
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Preliminary study on determination of reasonable ratio of spacing to diameter of double tunnels under earthquake

Yongqiang Zhou, Qian Sheng, Xianlun Leng, Xiaodong Fu, Nana Li
For determining the reasonable ratio of spacing to diameter of double tunnels, the criterion is often only for the excavation, and does not take into account the earthquake situation. In order to ensure the stability of surrounding rock masses, safety and economic rationality during construction and...

Physical Assessment of Barangka Tugurara Towards Volcanic Hazards of Gamalama Volcano

Estuning Tyas Wulan Mei, Djati Mardianto, Evita Pamudianti, Dwi Yanti Amalia
Gamalama volcano is an active volcano located in Ternate Island. Besides volcanic ash and lava, lahars is one of the volcanic hazards threatening the Island. One of the rivers being susceptible to lahars flood is Barangka (River) Tugurara. The downstream of this river is very densely populated creating...

Modern Lines of Education in the Field of Culture and Art in the Context of Globalization

Igor Hriptulov
In this article, the analysis of the tendencies of development for profile education in the sphere of culture and art in the Russian Federation and assessment of their influence on the state cultural policy is carried out. Relevance of the conducted research consists in assessment of a role of profile...

Research on the Main Research Topic Teaching Model for Environment Art Design Major

Ding Liwei
The cultivating objectives of the Environment Art Design Major are the application competence of social practice and designing ability for environment design. The expert teaching models are confronting with the new challenges for many years and the original teaching model cannot suit for the requirements...

Computing Literacy as a Foundation for Digital Learning

A.Z.R Langi
Computing literacy is fundamental in future learning, as human learns to have smart living in a society and environment where computing is pervasive. As we are approaching a singularity point where the intelligence of computing entities exceeds that of humans, we need to transform ourselves to have favorable...

Investigation and Thinking on the Middle-elementary School Teachers-training with Case-study

Hong-Guang Ha, Xiao-Ping Xiang
To have a proper probe into the current situation of teachers training in Ankang, with the help of the theories of pedagogy in teaching, we made a research into the training process and had the statistics in the training. When the detailed analyses are done, we put forward the new ideas and some strategies...
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Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Interaction of Cationic Imidazolium Porphyrin-Anthraquinone and Hsp90

Muhammad Arba, Rahmana Emran Kartasasmita, Daryono H. Tjahjono
Hsp90 is involved in the progressiveness of cancer cell through the activation of oncogenic client proteins, including Her2/ErbB2, Akt, Raf-1, and hTERT. Thus, targeting Hsp90 is considered as one of promising strategy in anti-cancer drug development. In the search of new potential Hsp90 inhibitors,...
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The Visualization Research of User Observation and Quantitative Information

Xin Zhang, Hai Fang, Fei Hu
User observation is a significant method for user research. Researchers collect information by field observation. Information collecting and analysis to information observed effects structure analyzing and innovative design of products directly. It visualizes the research results, eliminates interference...

Fresh Agri-Food Supply Chain Retailers and Suppliers Price Game

Qian Tong, Xiaoxi Tong, Yuanyuan Li
In the supply chain of fresh agricultural foods and food safety, participants for each activity are making their efforts to obtain the maximize benefits, and every interests owners are playing the maximizing benefit Game. As the main parts in the supply chain, suppliers provide their Optimal order quantity...

Study on the Computer Aided English Instruction from the Learning Perspective of Constructivism

Lei Liu
Constructivism, one of the core development modes of teaching, receives certain external environment support and is extensively accepted and applied in the computer aidedEnglish instruction under the premises of rapid development of computer technology and constant innovation of college English instruction...
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3D Simulation Model of Lunar Crater Based on Single CCD Image

Junlin Wang, Jiaqi Li, Binbing Liu, Zhankai Li, Xiaolin Tian
The paper gives an algorithm to simulate the crater topography from a single Charge Couple Device image. Refer to the Oren-Nayar reflectance model, several parameters of the lunar crater and constraint conditions have been added to this new algorithm, also the small craters have been enhanced in the...
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Effects of Stack Position on the Optimum Performance of a Thermo-acoustics Refrigeration System using ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Stack Material

Ida Bagus, Wisnu Hendradjit
In this paper, the optimum thermo-acoustic stack position was investigated. Two types of parallel-plate stacks made of celluloid negative film and ABS materials were selected and investigation was carried out over three working frequencies. The ABS stack revealed that the farther of the stack position...
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A Comparative Diagnosis Approach on Transformer’s Insulating Oil

Ming-Jong Lin
The immersed oil power transformer is so vital equipment in power system that maintenance-engineers take more cautious on transformer’s insulating oil as the criterion of maintenance. The dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is known for an effective technique to detect transformer’s incipient faults. In this...

The Contribution of the Vocational Teachers’ Professional Competence toward Vocational High Schools’ Performance

Abdul Haris Setiawan
This research aims to determine the contribution of the vocational teachers’ professional competence toward the Vocational High Schools’ performance. This research is ex-post facto. Statistically, based on the data and analysis techniques, this research is descriptive quantitative. The population was...
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Design of Security Monitoring System for Geological Data Library of Hainan Province

Min Sun, Binwen Huang
Geological Data Library is an important component of Land and Environmental Resources Department of Hainan Province, which is responsible for the collection and management of Hainan province's regional geological data, such as geological survey data, solid mineral geology data, petroleum geology data,...