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Research on the measurement of static friction force of bamboo root soil

Ling Chen, Yunwei Zhang, Dalong Wang, Yong Yu, Xiangyi Zeng, Yangyang Fan, Zhan Wu
Root soil maximum static friction play as an important parameter to measure the effect of soil reinforcement.Accurate measurement of it has the higher application value and research significance. this paper takes the bamboo root bamboo developed as the researching object ,and uses a self-made device...
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Chinese Spam Filter under Adversarial Impact

Yaqing Zhao, Yan Xu, Xiaodan Zhao
Machining learning techniques have achieved great success in anti-spam area. But because of the limitations of these techniques, classifiers derived from them often get attacked by spam senders thus posing a threat to the whole Spam filtering system. This article briefly describes the type of attacks...
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Preliminary study of the thermoelectric power generation theory

Bin Wang
Thermoelectric power generation technology has many advantages, no medium leakage, no wear, no noise, small size, light weight, convenient movement and high reliability. It is also not limited by temperature, so it shows great superiority in the recovery of low grade heat source utilization. This paper...
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Stress Response Analysis of Metallic Thin-walled Stiffened Structure under Thermo-acoustic Loadings

Yundong Sha, Xiaoning Tang, Jian Wang, Jinzhuo Jiang, Fengtong Zhao
For the realization of the aircraft to reduce weight and improve efficiency, thin-walled structure is widely used in aerospace vehicle. Thin-walled structure under the extremely harsh environment- high temperature and high acoustic loading- can cause strong nonlinear large deflection vibration characteristics,...
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The Expression and Significance of Nerve Growth Factor Receptor in Ovarian Cancer

Lihong Bao
NGF and its receptor are expressed in multiple nervous system and tumor of the non-nervous system, which also participate in tumor proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, angiogenesis and other biological behaviors. In this paper, it takes the interpretation of nerve growth factor (NGF) as the breakthrough...
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The applications of computer simulation technology in tennis serve technique

Guo-dong Wu, Xing-jian Jiang, Li-jun Lin
This article made Computer Simulation Technique to analysis the relationship of the different heights of hit tennis and serve’s effect in the course of tennis serve. The results show that with the increase height of hit tennis the effective area of tennis serve also increased significantly; the success...
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A Mining Algorithm of Frequent Items in Data Streams Based on Apache Storm

Weihua Hu, Ziang Guo, Mingzhong Chen
Frequent items in data streams refer to log items appeared in numerous data streams that are over specified thresholds. Under data stream model, data streams are continuous, and the algorithm can only scan data once. Furthermore, data streams are unlimited, while the available storage space is limited....
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The Monitoring and Feedback Analysis of the Vault Slope Deformation for the Permeable Rib Double-Arch Tunnel

Ze-cheng Chi, Xiu-he Chen, Fei Wang, Fei Yu, Shan-xiong Chen
Based on the features of the structure of double-arch permeable rib tunnel and its spatial deformation mechanism, a corresponding construction monitoring and measuring program was demonstrated in this paper. The reasons of the vault slope deformation and cracking which was the main risk during the construction...
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Construction Technology of Permeable Rib Double-Arch Tunnel

Ruijun Song, Fei Yu, Shanxiong Chen, Xiuhe Chen, Fei Wang
The permeable rib double-arch tunnel is a new type structure of tunnel adjacent to mountain, a better way to solve the problems of engineering stability and environmental protection of highway adjacent to mountain in mountains area. For the environmental geological problems of the tunnel adjacent to...
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Joint Bilateral Filter and Multi-Scale Cost Aggregation in Stereo Matching

You-ping Ye, Hong Zheng, Hao Chen, Yu Yang
Dense correspondence is a key problem in binocular stereo vision. The existing solution for this problem can be divided into local method and global or semi-global method. Bilaterally weighted patches matching is a classical local method, while it is computationally expensive and its accuracy need to...
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New Method for Accident Causation Analysis of Complex Socio-technical Systems

Jianwei Feng, Song Wang
With the increasing structural complexity of complex socio-technical systems, which becomes also increasingly difficult to predict the catastrophic accident, the reason should be the existing accident causation theory incapable of modern complex systems accident analysis, spurned the system physical...
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Analysis on anonymity of P2P anonymous communication system

Chenfei Xu, Hua Zhang, Qiaoyan Wen
Most of existing anonymous communication systems adopt “mixes” nodes to encrypt and relay the communication messages. Extensive works have been done on this field to find methods that can effectively resist the attacks. However, the adversaries can perform the attacks through the relationship between...
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Study of tungsten deposited on amorphous Si, Si (111) and SiO2 using direct-current magnetron sputtering

Rui Zhang, Xiangquan Jiao, Hui Zhong, Yu Shi
Tungsten (W) commonly serves as the electrode layer or acoustic reflector layer for the highly columnar growth of AlN piezoelectric thin films used to fabricate film bulk acoustic resonators in power applications. The structure of W film directly influences the texture of AlN thin films above. Moreover,...
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Research on Elevator Energy Feedback based on Active Inverter

Zeyu He, Jinhu Liao
Aiming at reducing the elevator’s energy consumption, this paper analyses the energy feedback technology, and designs an energy feedback system used for elevator which can return the extra energy to the power grid in the generating state of the motor. The system adopts active inverter technology to achieve...
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A WiFi-based Positioning Parking Guidance System

Lingli Mei, Mingxi Cheng
With the development of economic and the growth of the city, the number of vehicles has also increased rapidly, parking problems continue testing the ability of the city's public services. To solve this problem, we hope to find a more accurate and more convenient program to find the car, so we propose...
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Radar Network Threat Estimation Based on Beidou

Limin Liu, Yan Song
Networking radar can make full use of resources and due to the advantages of single radar, making the detection, localization, tracking, identification, and other aspects of the threat of judgment performance has been greatly improved. With the gradual improvement of the Beidou system, powerful communication...
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Detection and tracking of multiple moving targets in complex conditions

Tao Xu, Chaobing Huang, Mengqiang Zhu
Detection and tracking of multiple moving targets in complex conditions has always been a hot and difficult problem, which mainly includes that the tracked target is occluded, the characteristics of target and background are similar, illumination and background are changing over time, etc. In order to...
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Research on Flight Grasps System of Four-rotor Aircraft Based on Vision

Zhennan Ma, Feng Yu, Xiaoming Feng, Bingbing Yan
In order to ensure interior target is grabbed by the four-rotor aircraft, the camsift algorithm of OpenCV is adopted, through the recognition of the target, at the same time, the positioning of the aircraft and alignment of target are conducted to achieve grab. The target object is placed on the ground...
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A Simple Method of Ship Dynamic Trimming Optimization

Qiang Zhang, Zhaoxin Zhou, Xiangxin Cheng, Na Jiang, Fanyi Kong
In order to cope"Guidelines for voluntary use of Energy Efficiency Operational Indicators( EEOI)", a simple method of adjusting ship trimming of a voyage has been attempted,which can minimize the energy consumption and economize cost.A method of ship dynamic trimming optimization base on loading computer...
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Research of Ship Maintenance Management Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Xin Liu, Qiang Zhang, Shouba Wang, Xiangxin Cheng, Junjie Tang
The digital management of shipping business information is an inevitable trend.Compared with traditional management mode, it’s more convenient, efficient and traceable. The maintenance management platform based on Cloud Computing manage the business information, providing platform service for other systems...
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Detection of Sensitive Behavior on Android with static taint analysis based on classification

Yayun Chen, Hua Zhang
This paper devotes to the APK sensitive behavior was studied by classification, and quantifies the APK sensitive behavior, finally after a quantitative APK sensitive behavior can be measured on the basis of the APK sensitive value, through the unique static detection method based on classification show...
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Vulnerability Analysis on the Cloud Network Topology

Ke Chen, Hua Zhang
In recent years, cloud computing is developping rapidly, and many companies put much effort to set up their own private cloud or public cloud. However, structures of cloud network topology are not of the same quality, and many network builders are tend to ignore the vulnerability of network topology...
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Research on a novel Dual-Base Transistor (DUBAT) in 0.5 m Standard Si-base CMOS Process

Yan Chen, Changlong Liu, WeiLian Guo
A novel Dual-Base Transistor (DUBAT) having a negative-resistance characteristic is presented. This device contains a lateral p-n-p Bipolar-Junction-Transistor (BJT) and a Hybrid-Mode Transistor, and is fabricated on silicon based 0.5 m CMOS process, compatible with the standard CMOS technology as distinct...
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Serial robots geometrical parameter identification using modified quantum behaved particle swarm optimization

Haomeng Tong
Knowledge of stringent value of the robot end-effector position is necessary in several industrial applications such as macroscopic structure measurement and assemblage. However, industrial robots cannot meet this challenge because of numerous errors. This paper presents a new method using quantum behaved...
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A Novel Approach of intrusion detection system design for computer network security

Julan Yi
With the development of computer networks, protecting the network information from a variety of attacks are becoming increasingly important as the fundamental purpose of network security. However, due to the diversity of computer networks linking having uneven distribution terminal and network openness,...
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The Design of Electronic Data Evidence Collection System Based on C/S Structure

Honghui Gong, Yanwei Xu, Ting Zhang
In the computer network crime and network security means defense technology escalating the situation, a growing number of technical and legal experts come to realize, is completely dependent on network security technology to combat computer-related crime can not be very effective, it must apply the law...
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The Key Technology of Electronic Evidence Collection Research Based on Cloud Computing

Yanwei Xu, Honghui Gong, Ting Zhang
A computer system for the new types of objects and tools of criminal activity gradually spread, combat and prevent computer crime has become the public security of the judiciary need to be solved. In this case, the digital forensics have come into being. Digital forensics collected electronic data is...
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Web-based Building Energy Consumption Monitoring and Conservation Service

Wei Dong
Building in operational use energy consumption including energy consumption of buildings in the course of the lighting, refrigeration equipment, power equipment and services, gas, water, elevators and the like. In energy-efficient buildings, not only to emphasize energy conservation technology, but also...
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Computer-assisted Three-Dimensional Sports Training System Analysis and Design Research

Li Zhou
sports simulation helps sports training, the transition from primarily based on the human eye's method to the traditional method based on anthropometric high-definition video capture and analysis; from experience-based training methods to the stylized sports science shift analysis method, leading to...
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An Exploring Research on Key Technology of CAN Bus Configuration for the Industrial Automation Applications

Xuexuan Zhu
Herein fieldbus control system configuration software is hardware platform, the first about the definition and development of domestic and international fieldbus, specifically discusses the characteristics and hierarchical structure CAN bus, followed by a detailed analysis of the development of the configuration...
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The Research on Wisdom City‘s Informatization System Design Based on Cloud Computing

Wei Tang
The information system construction has become the focus of the wisdom of urban construction. Multiple applications of information technology has formed the traditional property management, e-government. But between these systems independent of each other to form a plurality of data silos, resulting...
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The design and implementation of UML-based students’ information management system

Min Huang
Based on the background of the development of colleges and universities students’ information management system, this paper discussed the application problems of UML in this system modeling. The unified modeling language (UML) is adopted to carry on the modelling for the framework relation of students’...
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Research on the urban management monitoring and command center

Yunli Cheng, Huili Xue
In order to improve the level and efficiency of urban management in Heze, Shandong province, office of Heze urban management committee and the city construction information center want to build an urban management command center, to enhance the comprehensive law enforcement efficiency and the level of...
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(paper withdrawn) Simulation of multiple proton implantations field stop IGBT

Renfa Huang, Dongqing Hu, Yu Wu, Yunpeng Jia, Shikai Zou
Based on a new buffer layer, the characteristics of multiple proton implantations field stop IGBT ( MPI-FS-IGBT) were simulated and analyzed Different from the conventional field stop IGBT (FS-IGBT) which has an abrupt thin buffer layer and grade-doping field stop IGBT(GFS-IGBT) whose buffer layer was...
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A method of three-dimensional subdivision of arbitrary polyhedron by using pyramids

Ji-Bo Liu, Zhi-Hong Wang, Yue-Guan Yan
The key research of this paper is the algorithm that using pyramids to divide the arbitrary polyhedron. The core idea of this algorithm is as follows. Store the vertices of the outer boundary surfaces of the polyhedron anticlockwise, and store the vertices of the inner boundary surfaces clockwise. When...
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A Novel DOA Estimation Based on State Space Balance Method and Its Performance Analysis

Hong Xiang, Jun Wang, Zhaotao Qin, Hai Jiang
Considering the high speed space targets, the real time processing is required with only a few snapshots. Meanwhile, the algorithm based on state space method performs well in the parameter estimation. In this work, we present a novel Direction of Arrival (DOA) estimation based on state space balance...
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A real time power line detect system based on stereo vision

Xingang Mou, Wei Luo, Xiaoliang Zheng, Xiao Zhou
In recent years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) is widely used for power lines patrol. While it's more efficient than manually patrolling, the UAV may easily collide with power lines. So measures must be taken to detect the distance between UAV and power lines. This paper presents a real time power line...
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Key Tasks of Research on Agricultural IOT Technology and Service Innovation

Jifang Liu, Jianhua Zhang, Shuqing Han, Fantao Kong
The application of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other modern information technologies in the transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain of agriculture is of great significance to accelerate the development of agricultural information and modernization....
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Capability Assessment Model for Software Outsourcing Service Providers Based on Interval Evidential Reasoning

Sheng-Qun Chen
An enterprise may benefit from software business outsourcing depending on the suitability of the outsourcing service provider. This research addresses the assessment of the contracting capability of software outsourcing vendors and proposes a decision-making model based on Interval Evidential Reasoning...
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Selection of Supply Chain Partners for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Enterprises

Tongjuan Liu, Lanqing Yang
Supply Chain Partnership means a strategic relationship which is reached a long-term cooperation agreement between upstream and downstream entities in the same supply chain. Establishing a good supply chain partnership help to reduce the cost, shorten the reaction time and create the new market value...
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The Applied Research of the Network Coding Technology in the Transmission Mode of Multi-point to Single point Wireless Signal

Yue Li, Zuhua Peng
Nowadays, the biggest problem that has influenced the using effect of wireless networks is that the transmission signals are easy to be affected by the external factors as well as the hardware equipments which are easy to be damaged, which lead to the phenomena like bad performance of transmission signals,...
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Research of adaptive middleware based on context aware

Jing Zhang, Guangyu Wang, Xiaoli Wang
The limitation of mobile environment and equipment, brings the new challenges for pervasive computing. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the traditional middleware technology in pervasive computing, puts forward the necessity of adaptive mechanisms in middleware implementation. Through the...
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The Empirical Research of Demand Response on the Smart Power Consumers

Bin Yang, Wenjun Ran, Kun Shi, Dezhi Li
Demand response in power demand side management plays an important role. In this paper, we achieve the user electrical equipment monitoring through selecting of appropriate scale of residential customers, according to different power consumption behavior pattern, through the deployment of interactive...
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The Modeling and Design on Automatic Control System for Hydraulic Log-core Veneer Lathe

Guangming Xiong, Lijun Guo
The mathematical variable speed feeding model of the cutter is established in this paper, the curve of the cutter's feeding speed with the diameter of the log changed is deduced and a new-style hydraulic log-core veneer lathe control system is designed by the model. C8051F020 type single-chip becomes...
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The Effect of CuO addition on low temperature co-firing PZT ferroelectric ceramics in multilayer device application

Xiumei Shi, Tao Zeng, Hong Cui, Lijun Zhang
Low-temperature sintering of Pb0.995Cd0.005(Zr0.965Ti0.035)O3 ceramics was investigated using CuO as a sintering aid. Effect of CuO addition on the sinter ability, microstructure, and electric properties of PZT ceramics were systematically studied. The addition of CuO significantly promoted the densification...
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A New Agricultural E-commerce Model Based on the Information Transmitter and Pre-sale Strategy

Yufeng Zhuang, Hang Zhao, Chi Zhang, Zilin Di
In China, countless docking problem always exists in the agricultural production and marketing process. It often leads to blind planting and unsalable depreciated phenomena. Although the e-commerce is a good idea of exchanging supply and demand information and reducing the circulation cost, it faces...
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Using Förster energy transfer for fabrication of organic light-emitting device

Lishuang Wu, Huishan Yang
Blue fluorescent material combined with red uorescent dye doped into tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq) in multilayer organic light-emitting diodes(OLEDs) were investigated. Basis device architecture is indium tin oxide (ITO)/ N,N -bis-(1-naphthyl)-N,N -diphenyl-1,1 -biph-enyl-4,4 -diamine(NPB...
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Optimization Design of Car front Structure Based on Pedestrian Protection

Jia Yao, Mingjia Liu, Wei Lu, Jiyi Luan
For reducing the injuries of pedestrians when the collision accidents between pedestrian and vehicle occur, the design of car front structure has been proposed based on pedestrian protection, the design scheme includes a mechanical cushion structure of car bumper and a mechanical bounce device of hood...
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Optimization Design of Inner Structure and Material of Cars Front Bumper Based on Finite Element Method

Wei Lu, Jia Yao, Xiangdong Liu, Lei Xing, Xingwang Lv, Jing Yao
The ideal design of the bumper should take full advantage of the bumper plastic deformation to absorb most crash energy in automobile collisions. In the paper, the bumpers with different inner structure (circular cross section form and honeycomb cross section), different materials (Al alloy, structural...
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Exploration of Curriculum Reform of Mobile Communication Technology for Application-Oriented Universities

Yu Zhang, Qiaoyun Sun, Shuguang Zhang, Min Wang
Mobile Communication Technology is one of the most important professional courses of communication engineering specialty. Traditional teaching patterns from ordinary universities are not suitable for application-oriented universities. To improve the teaching quality of this course, unsuitable points...